Saturday, June 11, 2005

Much Junk Food / Crash / Journal Scariness / Lost Homestar Runner Intro

Jon's not home yet.. why am I not surprised? :P

Darren and I would watch movies and eat cookies / candy / chips to excess if we ever got together! He says that he and his friend Morgan ate a lot of stuff his last night in Toronto: meat pies, candy, chips, pop, junk food in general. I have no doubt they got up to other activities too. ;) (the food part sounds like the "fat camps" my sister and her friends have occasionally... watch Steph, Cindy, Vanessa, Jackie, Fidela, Chrystal, Becky, Emily, Melia, and everyone else get fat! :P)

Corey says we should watch the 1996 Crash, not the 2004 Crash. (the director of the 2004 movie is called Paul Haggis, hahaha!) I know Steph wanted to see one of them with Jessica since it was critically acclaimed. She invited me to go, but I wanted to watch 2046 with Eric / Jeremy / Jon / Nathan instead. I've heard Jon say he wants to watch one of them with Phil on Monday night, but then Eric's also invited him to see Revenge of the Sith. Decisions, decisions... maybe I'll go with him too on Monday to do whatever. Time will tell. ;)

Lost Homestar Runner Intro... Eric will LOVE it! Thanks, Chris!

How Skary is YOUR journal?

You Were Actually Born Under:
You have both a fiery energy and a warm heart.
Your charisma and charm makes it easy for you to influence others.
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You Should Have Been Born Under:

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You tend to follow your whims, and it's hard for you to stick to one thing.
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Very intuitive, you tend to know what people are thinking before they say a word.

You are most compatible with a Dog or Tiger.

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Pot roast craziness, no Awana, 7-11, tunes, follow-up to stupid idiocy, lots of quirky quizzes

I'd be at Awana right now... but Michelle, Auntie Rebecca, and Sam have weddings and other stuff going on. Called Phil to see if Melia was home: she wasn't, but he gave me her cell number. After I explained the situation to Melia, she said not to worry about it. She thanked me for letting her know, so things are cool. :D

I might go to the 7-11 later, though... just to do something else other than sit in front of this computer all day. :P

Note: What really happened at LJ grad / LJ Photography Meme / The End of LJ World as We Know It / LJ Real World / LJ Truth or Dare / LJ Friends' Favorite Foods / Looking Into LJ Soul and Seeing Things blogquizzes. (by June and Ant)

Followup to Ceejay's story about whether West Virginia exists or not:

I just had to let you know I had a follow up encounter with the very same person just today. It's a very small story, doesn't even really qualify as one, but it is a good addendum.

Had a training class today in Communications - I was running a few minutes late, and so ran directly to the meeting from the car, no stop at my desk. I ran into the room and, out of breath, took a seat next to my favorite geography expert.

The meeting began at once, and I realized I didn't have a pen. I turned to her and asked if she had an extra.

She opened her bag and began to rifle quickly through it. Wallet. Keys. Kleenex.

She lifted her hand out and removed a perfectly straightforward, black plastic thin point pen. You've seen one. I mean, there is no mistaking a pen like this. It had no squishy foam ergonomic sheath. No fuzzy troll head on it - no disguise whatsoever. I mean if you saw this thing, you wouldn't even give it a second look. You would think "a pen," and immediately pick it up and write something with it. A check. A novella. Maybe an Op/Ed piece for the local newspaper on the semi-existence of a certain overlooked mid-Atlantic state.

Instead of tossing it to me, she paused, only for a fraction of a second - ACTUALLY REMOVED the pen cap and said aloud:

"Is this a pen?"

~slaps forehead~

Maybe it's funnier when you're me. But knowing her track record, I damn near split my side.

Uh... er.... um... eep! Aiya, haha. o_O

You're a Café Mocha!
You're a Café Mocha!

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Meriadoc Brandybuck has an insatiable bloodlust.
Peregrin Took has complete simple-mindedness.
Samwise Gamgee has insomnia.
Gandalf Grayhame shirks responsibility.
Elron Halfelven has PMS. (and Elron's a male! o_O )
Haldir is egocentric.

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Vomit / drunk stories

These are "vomit stories" in my post.. no "drunk stories," at least not yet. ;)

GJ RQ1 thread.
GJ RQ2 thread.
LJ RandomThought thread.
Personal LJ thread.
Personal GJ thread.
Subwoofer forums thread.

My brother once vomited inside a box at Coles bookstore.

The family had gone to the local Knight & Day restaurant for lunch, and then decided to go to the mall since we had to do some shopping. My brother appeared fine when we all split to go our separate ways. Some time later, my sister spotted me in the mall. She seemed very anxious to tell me something: "Guess what! Jon just threw up in a box at Coles!"

The food at the restaurant definitely didn't agree with him. Luckily, the box was empty.. but the cashier did give him a strange look!


Although I will now tell a story on myself, even though the place may not seem strange at first.

I was about ten at the time, and my uncle's family was in town from Hong Kong. We were all walking downtown to go eat dinner at a fancy Chinese restaurant. Suddenly, I felt like I had to throw up.. so throw up I did, on the sidewalk. (in the middle of all this pedestrian traffic) Luckily, I didn't hit anybody.

Since we had to go to dinner anyhow, everyone cleaned me up before we went on our way. Later on during dinner, I felt the urge again. I was drinking some hot and sour soup at the time (yes, I liked it even then), and promptly managed to control my vomitus to the bowl of soup and my place setting.

And that is the strangest place I've ever vomited, my friends.. in a bowl of hot and sour soup at a fancy Chinese restaurant with the extended family looking at me in horror and concern.

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Reformatting computers, curiosity, Europe trips, cruises, food, Congee Noodle House, toner, deeds

Jon and I went to Nathan's before Fellowship started so they could get some worship practice in. Nathan definitely appreciated my gift of ginger ice cream, saying he'd been craving it for a long time. After some time, we took his mom's silver Cadillac to pick up Jen and Danielle so that he wouldn't have to drive illegally should it come up. Nathan likes his car better, but Jon loved the heated seats! Jon called Danielle to tell her that we were nearby, but we couldn't find any parking. "You know what your mom always told you about not jumping into strangers' cars that have the door open? Disregard that!" Jon also did an imitation of an old lady, which led to Danielle asking him whether he was sick! *laugh* Nathan also kinda burned Danielle by remarking that she looked ready for motherhood... now he has to buy her dinner! (he definitely got in trouble from Citrus, heh) Jen was also telling us that her computer had problems, so Nathan suggested a movie / computer reformat night sometime this week to take care of the problem. Eric and Citrus were suggested as people who would know about that kind of thing... I hope things go well with that!

When we got to church, I discovered that my Saturday ride wouldn't be going tomorrow because of a wedding.. oh well. I went to the Pho place to have something to eat; Silvester saw me there, and joined me. We talked about how my sister got interested in forensics / chemistry in the first place. He didn't want to know the exact details (which I couldn't provide), and hopes that he won't need her services after he dies! Some of that can be pretty gross, for sure! Later, we had a very challenging speaker covering the hunger for God that places like China / India / Vietnam have. I can't imagine going to Bible school in caves, not bathing, and being tortured regularly by the police! They have such a hunger there in those countries, while we Westerners just take it for granted or have too many distractions to properly devote our time to religion! As I said later to Nathan, I'd like to commit my life to God. But I also know that if I can't make a full commitment (whatever that means for me), I should just take the time to think things through. I should change my life accordingly, even with all these creature comforts. That was a very thought-provoking message, at any rate!

I told Randal, Sheena, Connie, Melia, Emily, Phil, Jason, Janette, and others about my cruise. (I also told Phil and Randal about The Assassin's Cloak... very interesting diary snippets from people's lives!) Helen K. told me that she was three months pregnant... more babies! It'll be funny if her kid's born on her due date / my brother's birthday (Nov. 25), since her best friend Lauren's son Matthew was born on my sister's birthday. (Feb. 16) That's quite the quirky coincidence! If Helen's kid is born on Jon's birthday, we joked that the baby would HAVE to be named after him! (it doesn't matter if it's a boy or girl :P) She and her husband Danny can't agree on names yet, since she doesn't like the names he does and vice versa. Sophia said that she already had a name picked out for her baby: Olivia. (yes, she knows it's going to be a girl) Her husband John likes his music on loud, and people were wondering if it would affect the baby. I told them about this person I know who likes to have HIS music on extremely loud, but that's semi-partially to muffle the noise of six to eight people tromping around upstairs! Good thing John and Sophia don't have that problem, haha!

Dianne told me, Connie, and Randal about her more-or-less spontaneous decision to go to Europe with a few friends in July and August. They plan to go to France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, the Czech Republic, and a lot of other places. As Randal said, she's not going EVERYWHERE. No Luxembourg, Belarus (best known for upsetting Sweden at the 2002 Winter Olympics), Poland, or other places! Sounds like a great fun trip, nevertheless! I tried some green apple sparkling water, and asked Eric about his week. He said it had been all right, and asked if I'd met anyone interesting online: of course I told him about the board games night on Tuesday! We ate a lot of refreshments, but still went out to eat. Apparently, there's a Revenge of the Sith night on Monday / an Ultimate game on Sunday. I have no idea what I'll do on Sunday, but odds are that I might just follow my brother around. :P Good thing that I don't mind that TOO much: Connie even marvelled at how relaxed I was just doing whatever he did. It's true that I could have gone home with Eric, but I chose to hang out with Jon and Nathan instead. Nathan was checking his cell phone to see if his mom had called him to pick her up from the airport yet.. no calls.

Erin, Jessica, Karen Grace, Ryan, Derek, and others decided to eat at the Congee Noodle House. I definitely remembered the time that I ate a bowl of spicy mini-peppers at a family lunch, freaking out my Hong Kong cousins and uncle! There was the time that Sean didn't want to order rice there because then rice would be coming out of his butt! (we had to translate faan for Eric, and jokingly suggested he get liver and kidney congee!)

Then there was the time that Nathan, Jon, Sean, Adela, and I went to the restaurant after Fellowship in January 2003. What to say about Sean? Well, he's usually sort of dorky, and says things the rest of us wouldn't dare to say. During the course of a late-night dinner / snack, we learned (among other things) that:

* he doesn't know much Chinese (asking for "one lot tea" instead of "one cup of tea") [then he wanted to ask for a plate of tea, a cup of soya sauce chicken, etc.]
* he wants "a hot mama" who will bear him thirty children
* more specifically, the "hot mama" in question will need to bear him these thirty children in ten years
* then, when we told him that it was impossible to bear these hypothetical children all in ten years (triplets every year? we think not), he came up with this gem: "Well, my sperm is very powerful, but I don't want to exhaust the system of the ovaries..."
* since he's lactose-intolerant, Adela (his then-girlfriend) should "lay off all the cheese, cheddar, and mozzarella" in her romance talk to him
* he's the one embodiment of true love (yeah, right!)

Mind you, this all comes from the guy who once cleared an entire table at the Cactus Club with his proclamation of: "This Caesar salad's so good, I'm having an orgasm!" He tried denying most of what he said ("I wasn't talking about ovaries, I was talking about poetry!"), but we told Adela what really happened when she got back from the washroom. Very hilarious time out... hahahaha!

On the way there, Nathan decided to see who had called him in the middle of the message. It turned out to be his friend Andrew asking about what toner / facewash was good. Jon and I laughed at that, and made fun of him for asking about girl products. One of his friends is so frustrated that he'll switch teams if he doesn't get a girlfriend in a year or so! We asked jokingly if Andrew was still a man, or just gay. That was a funny conversation, since he had no idea who was in the car with Nathan!

Jon saw his friends Jackie and Dave there, so talked to them instead. That was okay, though... Erin said she'd invite herself over to the townhouse and eat the food that Mom made us if we weren't going to! I'll be home more than Jon, but I won't cook much. We talked about work, cooking, church, and pharmacy work. (Choice and true quote from Nathan: "I'll become a good father and husband... wait, that's not the Biblical way! I'll get married first and be a husband BEFORE fatherhood!") Emily won't get here till Wednesday, which is when "Reformat Jen's Computer and Watch Chinese Movies Night" is tentatively planned. She hasn't contacted either me or Jon, even though Steph gave her our contact info... we figure the ball's in her court if she needs a ride from the airport or something! She'll stay with me... but I won't have time to get her any spare keys... I *knew* I should have done this a LONG time ago. Aiya.

After eating, we went to Shoppers since Nathan wanted to buy some toner. Jon and I didn't mind going along for the ride, haha. Outside the store, we saw a man who just wanted food: it was refreshing that he didn't want money at all! ("ONLY FOOD... HAPPY TO EXPLAIN") Nathan has a "food, not money" philosophy when it comes to helping those less fortunate: he has a can of Chunky Soup in the backseat of his car in case he sees someone who's in need, or they approach him. That plan usually works, since that's what most of them want. If not, then we know what they REALLY wanted. We decided to buy the dude some iced tea, nutrigrain granola bars, and some candy. Malcolm was very appreciative, and explained that he'd been in a motorcycle accident last week which broke his hand in two places. "Bless you three... I'll remember you, and pay it forward!"

After that, we went to Nathan's again to watch The Life Aquatic and Chinese TV shows. It's been a challenging, yet fruitful day.

P.S. The theme music for The Life Aquatic rocks!

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Friday, June 10, 2005

Timezones, famous female ruler, the WOMAN test

Note to self: Subtract three hours from the displayed computer time, otherwise you'll be up at some weird hours. :P

Note: LJ Child Stars / LJ Presidential Cabinet blogquizzes. (by Ant)

Elizabeth, Red Rose of the House of Tudor
You are Elizabeth I. Need I say more? You are majestic and strong. Even though you play games with people, you stand by what you believe in. Elizabeth never married, yet fooled the court into thinking she was considering. That's what I meant. Friends mean a lot to you, and so do the arts. You understand what it is like outside of where you are. You live life to its fullest.

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Dream Girl
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Link: The WOMAN Test written by monkeyonfire on Ok Cupid

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Mississauga weather, pie quiz

My siblings and I were checking out the weather in Mississauga this morning: 28°, but it feels like 38! Man, everyone's gonna broil in the grad hall with no air conditioning if that keeps up!

Key lime PIE
You scored 52 childishness and 33 evilosity!

Sweet and tangy, you're fun and a little bit naughty. You're generally home by midnight, and you've generally remembered to mask the smell of booze with a refreshing mint or some such.

All possible kinds of people PIE:


Mushroom PIE

Chicken and leek PIE

Steak and kidney pudding

Broccoli and asparagus PIE

Spinach and ricotta PIE

Fish PIE

Shepherd's PIE

Apple PIE

Key lime PIE

Pecan PIE

Chocolate and cardamom tart

Cherry PIE

Lemon meringue PIE

Banoffee PIE

Mississippi mud PIE

My test tracked 2 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:
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You scored higher than 66% on childishness
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You scored higher than 25% on evilness
Link: The what kind of PIE am I? Test written by gronksnorf on OkCupid Free Online Dating

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Three bubble teas in three days... plus free desserts!

Jon, Steph, Erin, Vivian S., and I went for bubble tea at the Estea Beverage Club earlier tonight. Vivian knows a few of the family themes and in-jokes, especially since Steph showed her certain videos she posted online. When I put on some hand sanitizer in the car, Erin thought it was perfume! Nah, it's just that the smell is kinda strong. :P

At the bubble tea place, we noticed that "ladies" got free cakes on Thursdays after 6 PM. The quotation marks were on the menu, so we jokingly encouraged Jon to act gay. There were mousses, tiramisu, cheesecakes, and black forest cake which would normally cost $3.40 to $4.30. We definitely took advantage of the deal, and even tipped more later on because of it! (although they didn't have pudding slush with pearls, or raspberry / strawberry mousses) Jon ordered some red bean soya pudding tea with pearls... it looked kinda like barf, but it tasted good! I had some pudding pearl milk tea, and Erin's bubble tea didn't taste as good as she thought it would. (so I got some of that, plus a metric buttload of pearls!) We had mango cheesecake, blueberry cheesecake, tiramisu, and another dessert while talking and playing Big Two. (actually, I watched them play)

We put on nasal Quebecois French accents / Homestar Runner voices while talking (in French / English / Franglish) about everything from card games to whether this was one of THOSE dodgy bubble tea places that allowed smoking inside. (even though you're technically not supposed to do that) Vivian said that Steph was teaching her Cantonese and Mandarin, and even some simple characters! I remember when Becky taught that to Steph a couple of years ago: very good times! (like the time when they were calling JACK-FM "Jah-Lo FM" and taking five minutes to drive down a small block because they were laughing so hard! :P)

There were a bunch of Honger guys at a nearby table, and they'd appeared to leave without finishing any of their bubble teas. (one bubble tea was hardly even touched!) We were jokingly debating about going over there and taking them: Erin even made a move to do so, but the people came back from a smoke break. Erin's family and my family have known each other forever: our dads were high school friends. So we were telling Vivian about all the escapades Erin's known for, haha! Afterwards, we jokingly wondered if Vivian was kosher since she's Jewish. (we aren't anti-Semitic, really! :P)

Good times indeed! Now I must sleep, since we go for lunch tomorrow before dropping the lards off at the airport. Then Jon and I will go to Nathan's a little later on before English prayer meeting and Fellowship.. we're having a guest speaker in, which should be interesting!

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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Nighties and strippers... oh my!

I didn't go for dinner, so I'm going for bubble tea later.

Here's a typical MSN conversation between me and my sister:

[20:32:03] steph: packing (again!!!): ho ho! ho ho! (8) keeping it real, keeping it real (8)
[20:32:04] steph: packing (again!!!): check out the video on my xanga. HOHOHO!!!!!!!!!
[20:32:04] steph: packing (again!!!): you would love it
[20:32:23] Flami: green slime woman: I checked it out yesterday... *kills you with an axe*
[20:32:30] steph: packing (again!!!): HOHOHOHO
[20:32:39] steph: packing (again!!!): i'd rather die by the axe than by the gaseeems
[20:32:43] steph: packing (again!!!): btw, i'm 3 days regular! hoho!
[20:33:14] Flami: green slime woman: I don't even want to know what that means :P
[20:33:43] steph: packing (again!!!): hoho! i bombed 3 days in a row!
[20:33:45] steph: packing (again!!!): it must be some record
[20:35:02] Flami: green slime woman: don't do it on the plane tomorrow :P
[20:35:13] steph: packing (again!!!): HOHO
[20:35:19] steph: packing (again!!!): OH, i had lots of grapes
[20:37:19] Flami: green slime woman: no wonder
Session Close (steph: back to torsauga): Thu Jun 09 20:43:00 2005

Session Start ( back to torsauga): Thu Jun 09 20:48:37 2005
[20:48:38] steph: back to torsauga: hoho.
[20:48:38] steph: back to torsauga: yes. now its 4 bombs in 3 days
[20:49:10] Flami: green slime woman: !!!!!!!!!!!!!
[20:49:17] Flami: green slime woman: You just went to the washroom?
[20:51:44] steph: back to torsauga: yest!
[20:51:48] steph: back to torsauga: while erin did the dishes. hoho
[20:51:58] Flami: green slime woman: bad!
[20:53:05] steph: back to torsauga: welch.
[20:53:21] steph: back to torsauga: did yaz expect me to leave a mess all over the kitchen floorsd?
[20:54:25] Flami: green slime woman: ..... then you could lick it up?
[20:54:35] Flami: green slime woman: haha, just kidding
[21:05:28] steph: back to torsauga: Yaz is ug!
[21:06:16] Flami: green slime woman: so are you!
[21:08:01] steph: back to torsauga: anyway, we're waiting til jon comes back until bbt
[21:11:42] Flami: green slime woman: cool, I haven't changed yet
[21:11:47] Flami: green slime woman: or packed
[21:13:54] steph: back to torsauga: oh wells
[21:14:03] steph: back to torsauga: hoefully flime will be feeling nice enough to drive you back to get yaz stuffs
[21:14:07] steph: back to torsauga: YOu haven't changed???
[21:14:13] steph: back to torsauga: do you plan on going bbt in your nightie???????
[21:15:38] Flami: green slime woman: I've been sitting here in my underwear for the past hour :P
[21:17:28] steph: back to torsauga: AIYA
[21:17:31] steph: back to torsauga: good thing erin is downstairs
[21:18:30] Flami: green slime woman: what's she doing?
[21:22:27] steph: back to torsauga: well, she's here now. hahaah
[21:25:16] Flami: green slime woman: oh :P um.. should I just sleep over or what? :P
[21:26:47] steph: back to torsauga: well, erin is sleeping over. so if you dont mind the office
[21:27:57] Flami: green slime woman: I don't really care.
[21:30:19] steph: back to torsauga: welch, comes if yaz wants! :D
[21:31:38] Flami: green slime woman: I guess I should tone down the stripper mode, ahaha.
[21:31:58] steph: back to torsauga: erin just read that
[21:32:04] steph: back to torsauga: now what do you have to say for yourself???
[21:32:13] steph: back to torsauga: and i just showed her the video of mum singing to you.
[21:34:04] Flami: green slime woman: Hey Erin! We're all weird!
[21:34:36] steph: back to torsauga: GO CHANGE!@@@@!!
[21:34:43] steph: back to torsauga: jon will be home soon.
[21:36:27] Flami: green slime woman: Fine, fine. Maybe I'll pack too.
[21:37:17] steph: back to torsauga: we're coming to get you now
[21:37:21] steph: back to torsauga: JON JUST CALLED.
[21:37:23] steph: back to torsauga: SEE YOU SOON
[21:37:25] steph: back to torsauga: BYE

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Dinner, O'Clock Meme, Videogame Villain, Anime Character Looks, Homestar Valentine

I'm bored, but Erin's picking up for dinner at the townhouse! Whee!

Note: LJ Villainy Memegen by Wolfbaronxylo.

Which Videogame Villain Will Kidnap You? by Bishie_Stalker
Favorite Power-up:
Your Videogame Genre:
Who kidnaps you?Dracula (Castlevania)
Why?It was that, or their parents would have grounded them.
For how many days?28
Who rescues you?Garnet Til Alexandros (Final Fantasy 9)
Quiz created with MemeGen!

What would you look like as an anime character?
by Jix
Hair colourGreen
PowerNinja Skills
Quiz created with MemeGen!

A Homestar Valentine! by jeudijoli
Your date is ...Pom Pom
Your date gives you ...CHILDREN!
You go to animal rights convention
Quiz created with MemeGen!

CHILDREN?! Oh my... o_O

O'Clock meme.

01. Reply with your name and I will write something I like about you.
02. I will then tell what song / movie / icon reminds me of you.
03. If I were to apply an o'clock to you, I'll tell you what it would be.
04. I will try to name a single word that best describes you.
05. I'll tell you the most memorable moment I've had with you.
06. I will tell you what food item you remind me of.
07. I'll then tell you something that I've always wondered about you.
08. Put this in your journal.

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Seabus crowds, economic realities of Chicken McNuggets, crowded buses

I love losing myself in the crowd after I get off the Seabus. That might be crazy, but some crowds are fine with me!

There are better ways to spend $5.08 than on ten chicken McNuggets to go. For approximately the same amount of money, you can get a large bowl of noodles at the Pho place three doors down from church. Too bad there aren't any Pho places at Lonsdale Quay: I'd gladly miss a Seabus sailing (except the very last one :P) for a bowl of the steaming goodness that is Pho. Yeah, I know... I just had some on Sunday. :P

I hate being on crowded buses when I have no easy access to the bell pull. Sure, I can ask people to ring it for me (as I did this afternoon), but I'd much rather do it myself. :P

There was a lady at the bus stop that recognized me, and asked where my grandma was. Seizing the opportunity to practice my very bad Chinese, I told her that Grandma was in Hong Kong. No, I haven't a clue when she'll be back home. (She had to have surgery of some sort, and needs at least two months to recover. It was expensive, but it's a good thing Uncle Michael has a lot of money!) I asked her where she knew her from: church, and she'd apparently been to the townhouse to visit her. This reminded me of when I met Mrs. Ho (Michael's mom) at the bus stop. Inexplicably, it also reminded me of this encounter with Grace Tang and her boyfriend, who are both "special." (if you know what I mean :P)

I might change this blog's layout. I'm not sure. :P

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Shannon's rationalization about the painting / Woodland Creature Quiz

This morning at breakfast, Shannon apologized for her mother getting mad over the painting. Well, it was YOUR fault! She even tried to rationalize it...

"Sorry for my mom getting mad. I think she was just in a bad mood anyways. She took it off the wall herself.. it's not that hard to do! The painting was safer outside than it was here!"

Uh, yeah. Talk about totally missing the point. :P

137% Beast
You are popular and have a large group of friends. You probably feel most at home in a dark night club surrounded by people.

My test tracked 1 variable How you compared to other people your age and gender:

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You scored higher than 99% on variable 1
Link: The What Woodland Creature Are You Test written by dustyowl on Ok Cupid

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