Friday, December 17, 2004

Candlelight service, welcoming people home, desserts galore, screw-ups, LOTR:EE, jokes

I had a good time tonight at the candlelight service.. it was a first for me. Eric joked around with me, as usual.. he told me not to be too aggressive when I hugged my sister next week, said he should have bonked me on the head with his water bottle instead of just pretending to, and then wondered why I was cackling. Gotta love that guy! :D

We hugged Dave to welcome him back home, and we said hi to Wayland and Becky since they'd also just gotten back from the holidays. Fidela, Megan, Jon, and Steph will all be back within the next few days.. I have missed my friends and siblings! Tracy thinks that Jon's a popular guy since Maxine wanted him to help tonight without knowing when he'd be back.. too true.

According to Christon, Justin bought $150 worth of desserts since he was really worried that there wouldn't be enough.. there were plenty of leftovers later on! The almond cheesecake wasn't too popular, but it kinda reminded me and Christon of different Chinese desserts. That Chinese grapefruit was good.. it's NOT a butt, however! ;) Someone had made mocha shortbread, which was interesting.. but the mocha overpowered the shortbread! Christon was already on a sugar high since he'd eaten a lot of cheesecake and other sweet things, anyhow! (and predicted he’d be up for a LONG time tonight because of it, too!)

Jackie sang O Holy Night at the service.. she sang a little too high in the first verse / chorus, so then made a very noticeable mistake in range. Eunice, Nathan, and I were discussing it with her later on: that could trump Erin's long-ago screwup! (Erin and Eunice were singing solos in the church kids choir once: Erin sang Eunice's verse instead, so they were laughing throughout the entire song afterwards.. Erin's brothers were making faces at her from the front row to start with, which didn't help!)

Some people were discussing a LOTR:EE get-together at Nathan's on Monday.. I asked Eric whether he'd give me a ride if he were going. (I need to get out of here, and do stuff with my friends) His answer was a joking: "Well, you're not anyone!" I asked Nathan about it, and he said anyone could come.. so then I gave Eric a LOOK, and he laughed it off. Ah, what can you do?

Finally got Phil's MSN name.. Eric, Phil, and I were discussing MSN and Trillian for a while. Chrystal said that she hadn't read anyone's blog yet, but had kept the email I'd sent her.. sounds good to me! Eric and I were discussing fetal kidnappings, music, Sunday plans, and my mom's weird ideas on the way home.... definitely love spending time with good friends! :D

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Goodies in the mail, Crappy Gift, Naughty or Nice, The Quiz of Threes

I got more goodies in the mail today: Christmas cards from the Bakers and Andrea Benson, my 2005 bus pass, and chapstick with caffeine in it from Richie.. thanks so much! Also, Mrs. Fields cookies rock! :D

Note: LJ College Life, by highfivejunkie.

You Are Socks!

Cozy and warm... but easily lost.
You make a good puppet.

You Were Nice This Year!

You're an uber-perfect person who is on the top of Santa's list.
You probably didn't even *think* any naughty thoughts this year.
Unless you're a Mormon, you've probably been a little too good.
Is that extra candy cane worth being a sweetheart for 365 days straight?

The Quiz of Threes

1. Leslie.
2. Sarne. (don't ask :P)
3. Les.

1. Flamsterette_X
2. AlenaBrolxFlami
3. Tatiana

1. Helpfulness.
2. Friendliness.
3. Loyalty.

1. Tendency to overanalyze / overreact.
2. Taking things out on other people who don't deserve it.
3. Being overly critical.

1. Chinese.... CHINA POWER! ;) (as Nathan would say)

1. Escalators.
2. Losing the love of my good friends.
3. Being off-balance.

1. Talking to Corey or my good real-life friends.
2. Food.
3. Music.

1. Undershirt stolen from my sister.
2. Underpants.
3. Glasses.

1. Alexis on Fire
2. Matthew Good
3. the Boredoms

1. Matthew Good's In Love With A Bad Idea
2. Alexis on Fire's White Devil
3. Snow Patrol's Run

1. Listen to GWAR / Lords of Acid, and learn to love it like Corey does. :P
2. Buy baby gifts for Helen and Lauren myself.
3. Appreciate people more for who they are, rather than what they can do for me.

1. Honesty
2. Communication
3. Loyalty

1. I love reading humorous books.
2. I enjoy being around my friends, no matter what.
3. I have a million dollars in my bank account.

1. Smile.
2. Eyes.
3. Hair.

1. Save money.
2. Be around someone who always puts others down and lies.
3. Dance.

1. Reading.
2. Music.
3. Wasting time on the computer, hahaha.

1. Win a whole whack of money in the lottery.
2. Be with certain people who I've not seen in ages.
3. Finish Nathan's Classical Chinese Literature book, so he can have it back!

1. Daycare helper.
2. Office worker.
3. Writer. (as if I were any good at it!)

1. France
2. Hawaii
3. Australia

1. Gloria
2. Sebastian
3. Eric

1. Have someone truly love me for who I am, no matter what.
2. Meet certain good online friends in person.
3. Understand what makes people tick.

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Three letters / Quizzes

Dear You,

I am not very happy with you right now. You should call when you say you will... you know I get paranoid, with good reason!

Dear You,

Where are you when I need you?

Dear Self,

Stop this impossibility!

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* Scaredy cat! Scaredy cat! Hahaha! (You scored 1)

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Thursday, December 16, 2004

Shoppers Drug Mart has me in its hold....

I got a cute Christmas card from my friend Maryann today.. yay!

Just got in from buying up another crapload of stuff at Shoppers Drug Mart.. I'd heard of this promotion on Sunday from my mother, but there was no way I'd help her with her points-gathering spree. If there was anything of that sort going on, it would be on MY card. :P

When I tried doing this yesterday, I was less than $4 short of the $100 before taxes that you needed to get the points and savings. Pity that the clerk I had yesterday didn't tell me that! Today, I witnessed another clerk telling a family that they were $15 short of $100... why didn't that clerk tell me yesterday that I was only $4 short?! I would have been richer today, and not gone out! I wanted to stay strong and resist the temptation to go out and do that today, but I have absolutely no willpower. This is the night owl conversation Corey and I had at 2 AM yesterday about that.. he's going to kill me if he reads this. :P

AlenaBrolxFlami: I missed the $100 mark by $4 today! I could have picked up one extra card before my transaction went through.. picked up 13,000 bonus points too!
mrptptpt: bonus points?
mrptptpt: spend $100 to save $25? that's not really a very good deal :P
AlenaBrolxFlami: yeah, but you get a squillion points on the card.. normally, you get 10 points for every dollar you spend.. so that's like saving $1200 or something (math is bad, calculate it yourself :P)
mrptptpt: you are not :P you're still wasting a bunch of money to save a lot less than what you spent
AlenaBrolxFlami: so what would be a better deal?
mrptptpt: well, if you got something without having to spend $100 to get it...
mrptptpt: if you've already spent $100 and you want to do that again... you'll have spent $200, and you'll get $50 worth of points... I guess that's good if that's all stuff you actually need or would buy anyway.. but if you're just buying stuff to get the points... that's a horrible deal :P
AlenaBrolxFlami: no, I was $4 short of it, and didn't realize it till everything had cleared :P I'd probably buy that stuff anyhow at some point :P but we'll see what happens..
mrptptpt: they don't put stuff on sale or give deals because you get a good deal that way.. they do it because they'll make MORE money from doing it... now, if everyone is actually saving so much from that, how is it that they make more money? :P
AlenaBrolxFlami: by jacking up the prices of certain other things in the store..
mrptptpt: if they do that people won't buy those things much :P
AlenaBrolxFlami: so then give me your theories on it
mrptptpt: it's just to get people to spend $100 because they think they're getting something :P you ARE getting something, but would you spend $100 otherwise?
AlenaBrolxFlami: probably not
mrptptpt: there you go :P they make more money because you go spend more than you normally would
AlenaBrolxFlami: eep
AlenaBrolxFlami: yeah, that is probably true.. why was I so strong last year to resist it?
mrptptpt: stuff like this was on my marketing test that I just took :P it's just an incentive to make you buy more stuff.. it makes the offer look better (and it is better) but it's not a deal for you unless you'd normally spend that much :P
mrptptpt: I need to get to bed now though...
AlenaBrolxFlami: yeah, that's true enough.... yay for that
AlenaBrolxFlami: and so do I.. didn't quite realize it was this late :P good night and talk to you later :)
mrptptpt: goodnight.. talk to you later :P

So now I have a crapload of chocolate, greeting cards, cookies, candy, and the newest Ann Rule book in paperback. (Kiss Me, Kill Me.. gotta love the true crime!) But when I finished spending $150 (and $250 in two days) at that shop, I experienced a craving for "white food." I'd had Chinese food yesterday, and had not gone out to eat at a Western restaurant since last Saturday. (I'm Chinese, deal with the racial food groupings! :P) So I went to Milestone's for some steak.. WHY the expensive taste, I don't know. (I had steak at the Cactus Club on Saturday!)

Oh well... I am definitely NOT spending any more money unless I have to, this holiday season. I should have gone to the bank first to get some cash, because it was closed by the time I got out of Shoppers.. aiya, I don't know how I'm going to fund my bubble tea on Saturday. Starting my brother's trip back home with owing him money is probably not going to be a good thing, but it'll happen if it absolutely has to. :P

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My brain is apparently floating on the wind... :P

Very amusing quiz! :D

Shmokin!  It's floating on the wind!
Shmokin! It's floating on the wind!
Take Where's your Brain? today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Personality Test Generator.

Shmokin! Your brain is floating on the wind! Ah, the ones who try to achieve that higher consciousness and wisdom via substances. Though you guys are incredibly funny, everyone is worrying about you, you know why? Enlightenment under false pretenses really isn't getting enlightened. Don't take the quick fix, rather, set down that crap and open the door somewhere else, before you fall out a window. :P

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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Conversations with Erik: December 1 to 15, 2004

Session Start (Yahoo! - flamsterette_x:aryk29): Wed Dec 01 15:08:02 2004
*** NOTE: This user is offline. Your messages will be received when he/she logs into Yahoo! Messenger.
flamsterette_x: Note to self: "Dude" is probably not going to cut it as a generic name, for obvious reasons. Think of something else, please.
Session Close (aryk29): Wed Dec 01 15:08:34 2004

Session Start (Yahoo! - flamsterette_x:aryk29): Wed Dec 01 17:30:46 2004
aryk29: I will, gimme a day or two. :)
flamsterette_x: ???
Session Close (aryk29): Wed Dec 01 17:30:54 2004

Session Start (Yahoo! - flamsterette_x:aryk29): Wed Dec 01 17:31:05 2004
aryk29: "Note to self: "Dude" is probably not going to cut it as a generic name, for obvious reasons. Think of something else, please."
aryk29: ;)
flamsterette_x: I was talking to myself, in your messenger window.
Session Close (aryk29): Wed Dec 01 17:31:22 2004

Session Start (Yahoo! - flamsterette_x:aryk29): Wed Dec 01 17:31:26 2004
aryk29: :D
aryk29: Got new birthdays for the list.
aryk29: KellyM is 1/22/69 and tailake is 10/26.
flamsterette_x: Stalker. :P
aryk29: [rolleyes] :D
aryk29: I mean . :D
aryk29: After all, if you're going to do something, do it well, no?
flamsterette_x: hang on
Session Close (aryk29): Wed Dec 01 17:36:35 2004

Session Start (Yahoo! - flamsterette_x:aryk29): Wed Dec 01 17:38:53 2004
aryk29: wb :)
flamsterette_x: argh
Session Close (aryk29): Wed Dec 01 17:39:00 2004

Session Start (Yahoo! - flamsterette_x:aryk29): Wed Dec 01 17:39:48 2004
flamsterette_x: There, all better now. ;)
Session Close (aryk29): Wed Dec 01 17:39:59 2004

Session Start (Yahoo! - flamsterette_x:aryk29): Wed Dec 01 17:40:36 2004
aryk29: :)
*** Auto-response sent to aryk29: I take my clothes off whenever it suits me.. line from song, I'm not ROIMU now!
aryk29: What is ROIMU?
Session Close (aryk29): Wed Dec 01 17:42:18 2004

Session Start (Yahoo! - flamsterette_x:aryk29): Wed Dec 01 17:42:36 2004
flamsterette_x: I told you before... the line's from Matthew Good Band's Flashdance II!
Session Close (aryk29): Wed Dec 01 17:43:08 2004

Session Start (Yahoo! - flamsterette_x:aryk29): Wed Dec 01 17:43:19 2004
aryk29: You could address me as w kora and only those who speak Greek would know what it means. :p
*** Auto-response sent to aryk29: I take my clothes off whenever it suits me.. line from song, I'm not ROIMU now!
aryk29: I don't remember what ROIMU is.
flamsterette_x: I'd say I wouldn't call you by a girl's name, but given recent events, I might have to one of these days. ;)
aryk29: How about mon ami?
flamsterette_x: Might do...
aryk29: Is there a suitable vocative neuter second person pronoun in Chinese?
flamsterette_x: What?!
aryk29: (Maybe UA or umop would be preferable, never mind.)
*** You have been disconnected. Wed Dec 01 17:45:56 2004.
*** "aryk29" signed on at Wed Dec 01 17:48:24 2004.
flamsterette_x: My brain needs small words, it's tiny.
aryk29: Voc a tive? ;)
*** Auto-response sent to aryk29: I take my clothes off whenever it suits me.. line from song, I'm not ROIMU now!
aryk29: Indeed.
aryk29: Ever drink a can of soda, then a glass of milk, then the CO2 makes its way up? EEEYUCK!
flamsterette_x: Whatever.
flamsterette_x: Eww.. why would you drink milk right after drinking some pop?
aryk29: Cuz I had chicken fried rice, and the soy sauce was really salty. It was easier to handle that stuff back when I used to put milk in my coffee instead of powdered cream. Something about the potassium in the milk.
flamsterette_x: Chicken fried rice?!
aryk29: Yeah, we had a packet of some storebought fried rice stuff (has vermicelli in it, whatever that is... looks & tastes like little mini spaghetti worms) and we had some chicken, so.... there's supper. Not as good as the real thing, but it's food.
flamsterette_x: You are going to make me break, I tell you. :P
aryk29: ?
flamsterette_x: Vermicelli = fun see. Good stuff!
aryk29: Spaghetti larvae. :p
flamsterette_x: No, it's GOOD.
aryk29: Umm, okay. I don't like spaghetti either, FWIW.
flamsterette_x: I should get you up here so you can try it for yourself.. then again, if you don't like spaghetti either... you are a lost cause. ;)
aryk29: Had to endure too much of that stuff once and got permanently burned out on it. Although I will sometimes take a raw spaghetti stick and chew on it.
flamsterette_x: Ah yes, I can understand that. Um, ew?
aryk29: No, it's good. I slide it between my teeth and the stuff flakes off and makes a paste. No, I would not dare bite down on it. (Yup, I'm weird.)
aryk29: (Spaghetti larvae. That one could go in my sig!)
aryk29: Ya know what's good, pasta shells cooked in margarine and covered in parmesan.
flamsterette_x: I am going to do something to you.
aryk29: Uh-oh.
aryk29: What is it?
flamsterette_x: Not quite sure.
flamsterette_x: But if you keep mentioning food, I'm going to have to eat. Or something.
aryk29: Okay then, I will mention cats. Cleo was just playing with the laser pointer.
flamsterette_x: Nice.....
aryk29: Wonder if Viper would feel silly about calling me Umo.
flamsterette_x: Maybe...
aryk29: But if he calls me Uma, I'll use the head smack smiley! :p
flamsterette_x: That could be a great new name for you... Uma Gagnon, Astronomer Extraordinaire. :D
aryk29: :whap:
aryk29: :D
aryk29: Besides, then my initials would be UG. :p
flamsterette_x: So? We call my brother that all the time! ;)
aryk29: Am I being whooshed? ;)
flamsterette_x: No, because it's the truth.
flamsterette_x: Proof.
aryk29: Okay. Hey, I noticed if you take the letters CB and UA, they form an anagram of Cuba.
aryk29: *clicking the link*
flamsterette_x: Cuba Gooding... all right, I shall call you that then. :P
aryk29: :p
aryk29: Did you see the Create Your Own Snowflake thread?
flamsterette_x: So what do you think of the proof?
aryk29: I saw your anonymous reply, but don't know how that relates to crazymadscientist's post.
flamsterette_x: She's my sister, "the ug" is my brother, and Jerk is our friend Dave.
aryk29: oic
flamsterette_x: No, I've not seen the thread.
flamsterette_x: Got your wish.
aryk29: Well, don't link to it! :p
aryk29: there's the link to your flake, FTR. :)
flamsterette_x: I didn't link to it.. don't accuse me of stuff I didn't do.
aryk29: I was being facetious.
aryk29: #226916 is by Antigen. Funny number coincidence... look at SDMB threadid 226916
flamsterette_x: Link, please?
aryk29: that's from memory so lemme know if it doesn't work.
aryk29: 16 snowflakes are by me. Talk about getting carried away. :p
flamsterette_x: Your point?
aryk29: Got carried away and made 16 snowflakes.
flamsterette_x: No, what was your point about the thread?
aryk29: It's a long-running one with a high view count. Fitting that such a thread should share its number with a Doper's snowflake. :D
flamsterette_x: I don't get it, but whatever.
aryk29: Maybe it isn't such a grand coincidence. :)
flamsterette_x: Hate is still prettier in person.
aryk29: ?
flamsterette_x: Line from song. [Matthew Good Band's Flashdance II]
aryk29: A pretty face don't make no pretty heart. I learned that right from the start. [Robert Palmer's Bad Case of Loving You]
aryk29: (Another song. :D )
flamsterette_x: Take the rope to my heart and fall
You may just be the last before you
See the black tangled heart fall [Silverchair's Black Tangled Heart]
aryk29: A real tough cookie with a long history of breaking little hearts like the one in me. [Pat Benatar's Hit Me With Your Best Shot]
flamsterette_x: The trouble comes from everywhere
It's a little more than you can bear
I know it will be hurt
I know it will break your heart the way things are
And the way they've been
And the way they've always been [Natalie Merchant's Break Your Heart]
aryk29: And you may say to yourself Where does this highway go to? And you may say to yourself How do I start this large automobile? And you may say to yourself Am I right or am I wrong? And you may say to yourself My god, what have I done!? [Talking Heads' Once In A Lifetime]
aryk29: The mist is lifting slowly I can see the way ahead And I've left behind the empty streets that once inspired my life [Moody Blues' I Know You're Out There Somewhere]
aryk29: (Ooh, gonna play that one right now!)
flamsterette_x: Go right ahead.
aryk29: Y'know what? UMa is the abbreviation for Ursa Major. The big dipper. Why did I not think of that before!? #-o
flamsterette_x: Maybe it's coz you're a diphead? :D
aryk29: Yup. :D
aryk29: There ya go, you could call me diphead. Or knot head. :p
aryk29: Diphead could be pronounced dye-feed, and knothead could be no-theed. :D
aryk29: There is a name common in India, Shithead, which is pronounced shi-THAYD.
flamsterette_x: Ah, that one again.
aryk29: But it's a guy's name, so that one's out. :p
aryk29: Sorry, had to show Mom how to use Opera to save a web page.
flamsterette_x: Hey, is TAILAKE one of.. um, er.. uh?
aryk29: ?
aryk29: Thai lake? Tail ache? I dunno. :D
flamsterette_x: You know who I'm talking about?
aryk29: Yeah, the 10/26 Doper.
aryk29: I don't know what the username means.
flamsterette_x: No, I asked you if he / she was one of .. uh.. er...
Session Close (aryk29): Wed Dec 01 20:04:03 2004

Session Start (Yahoo! - flamsterette_x:aryk29): Wed Dec 01 20:04:14 2004
aryk29: Mole people?
*** Auto-response sent to aryk29: I take my clothes off whenever it suits me.. line from song, I'm not ROIMU now!
flamsterette_x: NO!
aryk29: Ailurophobes?
flamsterette_x: No. What is one common thing with you and Kelly M?
aryk29: Oh, okay. No I don't know.
aryk29: (Assuming you mean also Eve and Lazz and phraser and maybe odaran)
flamsterette_x: Eve, I knew about. Don't know two of the last three.
aryk29: Lazz doesn't post much, and I haven't seen phraser around much. I think they are both F2M's. odaran posted to say s/he isn't sure.
flamsterette_x: I'm not trying to say you people are freaks, because you're not... But I just can't say IT yet.. although I know you want to be that way. "One of THEM" sounds freak-ish. And yeah.. I'm going to shut up right now.
aryk29: Why do you think... OH!!! Because I mentioned tailake and KellyM at the same time? No, I was going over the December list corroborating with your post, and...
aryk29: I understand. Hey, believe me, I still haven't come to terms with the word myself!
aryk29: I saw tailake in there but said waiminnit, lemme check, and sure enough I had accidently put him / her in December instead of October. The number 10 threw me.
aryk29: (Oh and do I want to be TS? No, it would have been much easier to be born with the right, umm, equipment. :p )
aryk29: :D
flamsterette_x: Yeah, it would have been...
aryk29: I grew up hearing the word on shows like Jerry Springer (no, I don't watch that... my mother does) so that's the image that's stuck in my mental dictionary. But I've heard that shows like Jerry Springer are not informative sources.
aryk29: So for that reason, I didn't identify with that part of the community. The people they showed might be women and dress like women and act like women, but they looked and sounded to me like men - my opinion - and that's why my hesitancy with the word.
aryk29: Then I found an essay written by an Icelandic M2F and could really identify with her. It is the story of her trip to Thailand to have surgery. Saw something of myself in her. And to me, the story could only have been written by a gal; I can't for the life of me picture her as a guy.
flamsterette_x: I see.
aryk29: Come to find out there are soooooooooo many facets to the T* community, and some have little in common with others.
aryk29: And some of these people, you would never even know to look at them, especially the F2Ms.
flamsterette_x: Really? That's something to keep in mind.
aryk29: Lemme dig up a web page here...
aryk29: Look at the men on this page.
aryk29: Women (4 pages of pics)
flamsterette_x: k
aryk29: I mean, can you believe that?
flamsterette_x: most of them look okay
aryk29: It amazes me, really.
flamsterette_x: Yeah..
aryk29: I was just looking at the women's gallery... hadn't seen it before. :D
flamsterette_x: I see.
aryk29: So anyway, they're nothing like the regular talk show material.
flamsterette_x: That's good.
flamsterette_x: Not that I would take my serious info from talk shows, but... yeah.
aryk29: IOW, they're nothing like what I don't want to become. ;)
flamsterette_x: Eh.........
aryk29: I think the responses @ OurPlace to my various hints demonstrate that for the most part, people would do their best to understand (especially the moderating staff, heh heh), but still think it's waaaaaaaay too early to say anything. That high heeled car thread? Could we have been more obvious? And nutty thought that was funny. :D Still, I'm gonna wait a while.
aryk29: brb
flamsterette_x: Good idea.
aryk29: Have we nothing in this place to drink!? There's milk, coffee, off-brand cola, and diet 7-Up. Blech. I want a Red Bull. Maybe just drink the last of the milk. Sorry, just venting.
flamsterette_x: Water?
aryk29: Let's keep the conversation limited to stuff I'd actually consider potable. :p
flamsterette_x: No vodka?
aryk29: Southern Comfort.
flamsterette_x: Have that, then.... unless I'm encouraging underage drinking, in which case... DO NOT have that. :P
aryk29: I'm 23, you know that! Unless you mean figuratively. :D
aryk29: Anyway, a glass of 70 proof would not only not quench the thirst - in fact, quite the opposite - but it would make things very, umm... interesting. :O
flamsterette_x: How is that?
aryk29: One, I'd be soused out of my mind. Two, I'd be sick tomorrow, and three, I'd have a lot of explainin' to do. A glass is like 8 ounces, and that much whiskey doesn't just up and vanish in one night around here. :D
flamsterette_x: Ah yes. Not good. Forget it then.
aryk29: One ounce, maybe, if I weren't so darn thirsty, but not 8. :D
aryk29: I heard a story once about someone who drank 23 shots of Ouzo in one sitting. That's almost a whole bottle.
flamsterette_x: Ouch.
aryk29: She was sick for 3 days.
flamsterette_x: I can imagine.
aryk29: When my parents were younger - long before I was born - they would sometimes spend a night at the bar and then find they can't stand up from their seats.
flamsterette_x: That does tend to make you wobbly-legged.
aryk29: Yeah. They said it relaxes ya, and the muscles don't want to work.
flamsterette_x: But what about your siblings?
aryk29: I'm not sure if my sister drinks, come to think about it.
flamsterette_x: I knew you had a sister
aryk29: Yeah, she's much older than me and has a different mother. So that would have been after she was born, but before I came along. :D
flamsterette_x: Makes sense.
aryk29: During that magical decade plus that I would have liked to have been around in. Although from what Maryann posted not too long ago, I suppose lots of us wish we'd been born sooner.
flamsterette_x: Really.. ?
aryk29: Yeah it would have been great to live back then. But apparently it's not uncommon to feel that way, no matter when one was born.
flamsterette_x: Yeah, I guess.
Session Close (aryk29): Wed Dec 01 21:44:48 2004

Session Start (Yahoo! - flamsterette_x:aryk29): Wed Dec 01 22:11:11 2004
flamsterette_x: As you can see, I've resorted to calling you CB. Hope you don't mind much.
Session Close (aryk29): Wed Dec 01 22:11:43 2004

Session Start (Yahoo! - flamsterette_x:aryk29): Wed Dec 01 22:11:54 2004
aryk29: Well, I even said so in my sig! :D
*** Auto-response sent to aryk29: I take my clothes off whenever it suits me.. line from song, I'm not ROIMU now!
aryk29: Yes, yes, for the third time, you take your clothes off when it suits you. I get it now. Still don't know what ROIMU means.
flamsterette_x: That's an auto-response. :P
aryk29: Remind me to configure Yahoo with an auto-response.
flamsterette_x: It's cool.
aryk29: I was just reading OurPlace.
flamsterette_x: And?
aryk29: Posting there instead of chatting. :p
flamsterette_x: That's fine.. I noticed your posts.
flamsterette_x: I'm posting there, too.. one of my favorite people is off taking a shower, so can't talk to him.
aryk29: 10 cups of bubble tea. :p
flamsterette_x: Uh... no, thank you!
flamsterette_x: You can have it if you like.
aryk29: Don't know what it's like. Have to try it first.
aryk29: Tell ya what I'm picturing, though.
flamsterette_x: Okay.
aryk29: It's pink and tastes like bubble gum. Either that or it's iridescent, is mostly air, and tastes like cotton candy. :D
flamsterette_x: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
aryk29: I've had jasmine tea, is it anything like that?
flamsterette_x: Nah. Hang on.
flamsterette_x: Google search results for "bubble tea."
aryk29: So IE throws an exception and the window just sits there... it died and doesn't know enough to lay down. :p Trying it in Opera...
flamsterette_x: Find the right browser.
aryk29: Wow! Must try that stuff sometime.
aryk29: (It probably helps that tapioca pudding is one of my favorites.)
flamsterette_x: I'm sure they have it in California.
aryk29: What about Nevada? :p
flamsterette_x: Um.. possibly.
aryk29: ;)
aryk29: g2g back in a few... c ya.
flamsterette_x: k
Session Close (aryk29): Wed Dec 01 22:48:37 2004

Session Start (Yahoo! - flamsterette_x:aryk29): Thu Dec 02 15:16:55 2004
*** NOTE: This user is offline. Your messages will be received when he/she logs into Yahoo! Messenger.
flamsterette_x: I bet you didn't get my "Don" reference! :P
Session Close (aryk29): Thu Dec 02 15:17:11 2004

Session Start (Yahoo! - flamsterette_x:aryk29): Thu Dec 02 16:18:08 2004
aryk29: No I didn't, but we should ixnay on the Ender referencesjay. ;)
flamsterette_x: What Ender references?
aryk29: n/m.
*** "aryk29" signed on at Thu Dec 02 16:18:51 2004.
aryk29: I mean we should cut out any reference that is not ambiguous.
aryk29: (re: the Don thing)
aryk29: brb
flamsterette_x: So you want all ambiguous references? Got ya.
Session Close (aryk29): Thu Dec 02 16:20:41 2004

Session Start (Yahoo! - flamsterette_x:aryk29): Thu Dec 02 16:28:10 2004
aryk29: Yep.
flamsterette_x: Are you trying to confuse me?'
Session Close (aryk29): Thu Dec 02 16:28:26 2004

Session Start (Yahoo! - flamsterette_x:aryk29): Thu Dec 02 16:28:41 2004
aryk29: No, I'm trying to get this f@#$% thing to work...
flamsterette_x: So what, then?
aryk29: Just a minute...
*** "aryk29" signed off at Thu Dec 02 16:29:11 2004.
Session Close (aryk29): Thu Dec 02 16:29:42 2004

Session Start (Yahoo! - flamsterette_x:aryk29): Thu Dec 02 16:30:07 2004
aryk29: LaunchCast is being a PITA.
*** "aryk29" signed on at Thu Dec 02 16:30:15 2004.
Session Close (aryk29): Thu Dec 02 16:30:43 2004

Session Start (Yahoo! - flamsterette_x:aryk29): Thu Dec 02 16:31:36 2004
aryk29: Okay, where were we?
flamsterette_x: Ambiguity!
aryk29: Yes. BTW, what was the reference?
flamsterette_x: Don.
aryk29: Don Henley? Don Quixote? Don' mess with Diocletian?
flamsterette_x: You sounded like the Mafia, so I gave you the most respected Mafia title. *shrug*
aryk29: Lemme revisit the thread...
flamsterette_x: K
aryk29: What, THAT!?
flamsterette_x: YES
aryk29: I was cussing at my unreliable internet connection between others' requests to help them figure out what the computer was doing.
aryk29: (I am going to KILL Launchcast, too.)
flamsterette_x: And that has to do with the thread, HOW?
aryk29: How is anybody's tone affected by their mood? ;)
flamsterette_x: Trust me, it is.
aryk29: Exactly. :)
aryk29: Don't know why it is, but this song that I never really liked sounds so catchy all of a sudden.
aryk29: Been a bit touchy lately in the mood department.
flamsterette_x: Me or you?
aryk29: Me.
flamsterette_x: Oh, and you don't think I am either?
aryk29: Well, given the trend I noticed in those quiz threads... :p
flamsterette_x: Oh, shut up. :P
aryk29: :D
flamsterette_x: Those were just quizzy results. :P
aryk29: Now see, here I'm laughing and being silly, and a minute ago I was cussing. :D
aryk29: (And I *love* this song!)
flamsterette_x: Which song?
aryk29: Look @ my status text. ;)
aryk29: DSL bites.
aryk29: It was Enya - On My Way Home.
flamsterette_x: I never pay attention.
aryk29: Styx - Come Sail Away is good too.
*** "aryk29" signed off at Thu Dec 02 17:05:30 2004.
flamsterette_x: True
Session Close (aryk29): Thu Dec 02 17:05:32 2004

Session Start (Yahoo! - flamsterette_x:aryk29): Mon Dec 06 00:12:17 2004
flamsterette_x: Hey!
Session Close (aryk29): Mon Dec 06 00:12:28 2004

Session Start (Yahoo! - flamsterette_x:aryk29): Mon Dec 06 00:12:35 2004
aryk29: Hi!
aryk29: 'Tsup? :)
flamsterette_x: I was talking about Chapters dumps earlier. :P
aryk29: Bombing?
flamsterette_x: Yes.
aryk29: Yeah, I almost messaged ya to say "eww!?" :D
flamsterette_x: "EWW!?" ???
aryk29: Yeah... your status message you had a few minutes ago.
flamsterette_x: Y'mean "POOP" ??
aryk29: Yeah, that. I swear, it's my mother's favorite word.
aryk29: To hear her, you'd think all our cats are named POOPIE! :p
flamsterette_x: Hahahaha, you should see the transcript of the chat I had earlier then!
aryk29: Uhh, no thanks.
flamsterette_x: Seriously! I'm like two seconds away from sending it to you / posting it in RQ!
aryk29: Post it in RQ so that way I won't go read it. :p
aryk29: Or maybe I will, haha.
aryk29: So did you have an ulterior motive for linking to the SDMB from Our Place? ;)
aryk29: brb
aryk29: (had to get me a nice cold Pepsi)
flamsterette_x: Mmm, cold beer.
aryk29: Uck, I hate beer.
aryk29: Rather have a margarita or a peppermint Schnapps.
flamsterette_x: No, not me.
flamsterette_x: Just reminded me of the Viridian Room.
aryk29: What did, the IMVironment?
aryk29: People react differently to me since I put up that avatar at that other message board.
flamsterette_x: No, not the IMVironment. Can't even see that one.
flamsterette_x: ?? Why is my font the same as yours?!
Session Close (aryk29): Mon Dec 06 00:32:04 2004

Session Start (Yahoo! - flamsterette_x:aryk29): Mon Dec 06 00:32:26 2004
aryk29: Cuz your chat client is crazy! :D
flamsterette_x: sldkfjslkdfjsldkjf.. good, back to normal.
aryk29: So yeah, people treat me differently over there now.
flamsterette_x: You were expecting something different?
aryk29: Haha, no. It's just interesting to see it in effect. :) They're friendlier, interact more, and I think they let me get away with more... but I also encountered a totally new and unfamiliar social situation.
flamsterette_x: Which is?
aryk29: I started a hangman game thread, my puzzle got solved, and a few games later, OtakuOverlord was right about to solve. He got one letter wrong and then, silly me, I guessed the letter right. So the solve went to me, but I deferred to Otaku to do a new one. Then...
aryk29: when I had figured out all but one word of his puzzle, TeaElle went and solved. I pointed out that an omitted letter threw me, otherwise I'd have got it, and he seemed to take it really badly that he had left off a letter in the puzzle...
aryk29: I think maybe he is trying to be overly nice and apologetic because he is upset about the earlier puzzle.
aryk29: Last several posts in this page if you're interested.
flamsterette_x: Eh... you can never tell what will set people off.
aryk29: So I am trying to keep a positive attitude about it.
flamsterette_x: That's all you can do, I guess.
aryk29: (Ain't that the truth, though.)
aryk29: Well, it's a whole new angle on interacting with people, and not something I learned to prepare for growing up.
aryk29: Live and learn though, eh?
flamsterette_x: Guess so.
flamsterette_x: Oh, and where did I link to the SDMB on OP? I know I may have done it before when you weren't around.. but..
aryk29: Think Dopefest photo.
aryk29: ;)
flamsterette_x: That was a bloody PHOTO.
aryk29: Well, if it's any consolation, I am the least photogenic person on the planet. So's another friend of mine.
aryk29: So anyway, it's not a bad photo. :)
aryk29: Oh, you sent the chat thing. It is loooooooooooooong!!!! I'll read it later today. :p
flamsterette_x: Eee, I did link to the Dope. You were right.
flamsterette_x: Oh well. :P
aryk29: Hey, maybe that's the best way... let 'em find out for themselves. ;)
aryk29: Besides, if any new familiar usernames should start turning up over there, that could be a good thing. :D
aryk29: Going to soon.
flamsterette_x: Yes, of course I sent the chat thing. I told you I would. :P
aryk29: I'll read it later. I think this seasonal change is getting to me. You've heard of S.A.D.?
flamsterette_x: Yep.
aryk29: I think it's starting to affect me, but only with feeling bored / tired a lot. Hafta try getting up earlier to catch more daylight hours.
aryk29: It's like all of a sudden, it's getting dark at 5:00!
flamsterette_x: Before that, even! I *swear* I saw it starting to get dark at 4?
aryk29: I believe it!
aryk29: Every night, there's 3 hours where it feels like 8 or 9 o'clock.
flamsterette_x: Yeah!
aryk29: Oh, lemme look up something quick...
flamsterette_x: Sure.
flamsterette_x: It's not like I'm going to say: "NO. YOU CAN'T. YOU'RE A LONG WAYS AWAY FROM ME, BUT I WON'T ALLOW YOU TO." :P
aryk29: This thing says sunset will be 4:09 PM today in Vancouver, BC... now lemme reset it back to Vegas...
flamsterette_x: Ah.
aryk29: 4:21 PM. Not much difference!
aryk29: You are at 49° latitude?
aryk29: I'm at 36°
flamsterette_x: No clue.
aryk29: Well that's what my star program says. Anyway, if I get up at 9, that leaves... only 7.5 hours of daylight!
flamsterette_x: Yay.
aryk29: Indeed. :(
aryk29: So I'm calling it a night. bcn ya. :)
flamsterette_x: Going to bed now, night!
Session Close (aryk29): Mon Dec 06 01:13:21 2004

Session Start (Yahoo! - flamsterette_x:aryk29): Tue Dec 07 15:24:47 2004
flamsterette_x: You think DSL is TEH SUXXOR?
flamsterette_x: TRY HAVING A LDR.. THAT IS HORRIBLE. (and I'm only half-kidding)
aryk29: Yeppers.
*** Auto-response sent to aryk29: one year since car accident
aryk29: What is LDR?
aryk29: DSL succors teh, at fifty five. :D I don't know what LDR is.
aryk29: Oh.
aryk29: ic now. Sorry to hear that. :(
flamsterette_x: (why am I typing in all caps? eek)
flamsterette_x: Yeah, thanks.. I can give you links if you want, but I'm sure you don't want to hear about my love life. :P
aryk29: It isn't really any of my business unless you need to vent. :)
aryk29: (new status message, teehee)
flamsterette_x: Here you go.
flamsterette_x: that status message needs a translation
aryk29: Word for word or gist? ;)
aryk29: OH!!!!!!11111oneoneoneone Reaibn is Steve! Duh!!!!
flamsterette_x: I TOLD YOU BEFORE.
aryk29: <- me being dense, sorry. *Takes out pencil and psyche pad to make mental note* Reaibn, Viper = same first name. Got it.
flamsterette_x: Haha, no worries.
aryk29: :)
aryk29: Our cellphones frequently experience intermittent signals. Sometimes it sounds like the other person is laughing when they're not... occasionally, they'll go out completely and drop a call... this is with both of them in a city, the same city, and local numbers. Dunno, phone service seems about as reliable as DSL. :p
flamsterette_x: Ha, yeah... I mean, I don't want to accuse him of anything since he could very well be telling the truth.
flamsterette_x: And well... I don't know what to do anyhow.
aryk29: Me neither. *shrug* Exchange emails?
aryk29: So, translation..... "the Odysseus from the Troi he comes." As in he's returning from there, not that it's his home or place of birth. It's a line from the Odyssey.
flamsterette_x: HA. HE NEVER ANSWERS THEM.
flamsterette_x: Ah, thanks.
aryk29: WTF!? Who the heck never answers emails?
aryk29: Sure. :)
flamsterette_x: Him, of course.
aryk29: Hmmm...
aryk29: I dunno... fill his inbox with forwarded jokes and stuff. :p
aryk29: Never reaching the end...
flamsterette_x: Of?
aryk29: Just singing along to Launchcast. :D
aryk29: I guess Trillian doesn't insert a "xxx has changed their status message to" thing in the middle of the chat?
flamsterette_x: Ha, oh. :P
aryk29: It's changed twice since then, but yeah. :)
flamsterette_x: Haha, sorry. Been answering questions.
flamsterette_x: And no, it does not.
aryk29: ic
flamsterette_x: But yeah... did you know that I appreciate your friendship?
aryk29: Same here! :)
flamsterette_x: Is it just me, or is the Net in general slow?
aryk29: I dunno... I'm reading OurPlace. There's a thread in Serious Talk that I'm looking at the replies to, and so far am favorably impressed...
aryk29: Maybe my Launchcast is eating up all your bandwidth. Sorry. :p :D
flamsterette_x: It better not be. :P
aryk29: Why, what are ya gonna do about it? :D
aryk29: Uh-oh.
aryk29: :D
flamsterette_x: So watch out.
aryk29: Was just keeping up with this thread.
flamsterette_x: Well, it can't be found. :P
aryk29: Board being slow?
flamsterette_x: " cannot be found"
aryk29: Yup... that'd be because Supertramp's Goodbye Stranger is playing. :p Lemme check something quicklike...
aryk29: Yup... board works okay for me.
flamsterette_x: Argh.
aryk29: Do like a programmer and try it again to see if it does the same thing. :D
flamsterette_x: :P
aryk29: :D
flamsterette_x: Yup.
aryk29: It's still not working!?
aryk29: It's running slow over here...
flamsterette_x: Nope, it's not.
aryk29: Now it's down here too. :(
aryk29: Nope, just reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally slow.
flamsterette_x: Yeah, it's a bit slow.
aryk29: Here, I'll turn off Launchcast. :D
flamsterette_x: Ha, that might help?
aryk29: Probably not, but the last couple of songs were whiskey tango foxtrot. :D
aryk29: Umm, over.
aryk29: :D
flamsterette_x: Sure, whatever you say.
aryk29: They weren't any good. I was thinking Whiskey Tango Foxtrot is this rhymes with cite. :p
flamsterette_x: Um, sure.
aryk29: brb
aryk29: Needed to fill an imitation Coke can with Pepsi.
flamsterette_x: hm
aryk29: Drank a can of imitation Coke (store brand, red label) and forgot we have a bottle of Pepsi. So I decided it was time for a refill... :D
flamsterette_x: I see.
aryk29: *sigh* nighttime again. 5 o'clock at night. BLECH!!!!!
flamsterette_x: Yeah, I know.
aryk29: And it's slow right now... nobody's posting to ANY of my boards. :(
aryk29: Ever do a search for someone's posts just to read what they have to say and try to know more about them?
flamsterette_x: Occasionally.
aryk29: Good, so I'm not a creep. :D
flamsterette_x: And I am?!
aryk29: No, silly, if I'm not the only one who does, then it isn't weird. ;)
aryk29: brb
aryk29: (telephone.) So anyway I's just being silly. :)
flamsterette_x: Haha, okay then. :)
Session Close (aryk29): Tue Dec 07 17:29:52 2004

Session Start (Yahoo! - flamsterette_x:aryk29): Tue Dec 07 18:04:40 2004
aryk29: Almost time to eat... cu l8r

*** Auto-response sent to aryk29: one year since car accident
flamsterette_x: k
*** "aryk29" signed off at Tue Dec 07 18:04:51 2004.
Session Close (aryk29): Tue Dec 07 18:04:56 2004

December 10

flamsterette_x (2:31:16 PM): Yo.
aryk29 (2:31:39 PM): Well, you're just having all kinds of bad luck with that LDR, from the sounds of it. :(
flamsterette_x (2:32:18 PM): Yeah, I know there's something going on. There might not be, but... you've heard the story.
aryk29 (2:32:39 PM): I heard what you told me, yeah.
flamsterette_x (2:33:20 PM): I did link you to what I posted, right?
aryk29 (2:33:32 PM): The LJ post? Yeah.
flamsterette_x (2:33:53 PM): I didn't happen to link you to what was said the other day, right?
aryk29 (2:34:02 PM): Umm... no.
flamsterette_x (2:34:56 PM): Wait, I can't do that either. It's filtered. Maybe I'll email you instead.
aryk29 (2:35:04 PM): k

Session Start (Yahoo! - flamsterette_x:aryk29): Fri Dec 10 14:39:07 2004
aryk29: wb :)
flamsterette_x: hold on
Session Close (aryk29): Fri Dec 10 14:39:59 2004

Session Start (Yahoo! - flamsterette_x:aryk29): Fri Dec 10 15:02:43 2004
flamsterette_x: Sorry, took longer than expected, but now you have it.
aryk29: I'm halfway thru it
flamsterette_x: And if you email it back to me, I am going to do something to you. :P
aryk29: So since he moved, there haven't been any problems?
flamsterette_x: Since he moved, there shouldn't have been any problems. But there was this one time two weeks ago where I randomly called him to say hi, and he claimed it was his battery. Fair enough, whatever.
flamsterette_x: Then last week when I did the same thing, something happened with either phone that caused it to cut out within 30 seconds. When I talked to him about it, he claimed it was my phone, but I was on the church phone, which of course has no problems with LD calls.
aryk29: Hmm, that's odd. I don't know enough about phone service to say for sure if he's telling the truth. I'd give him the benefit of the doubt. Keep in mind too that if he is up to something and knows you're on to him, he probably won't try the same thing twice.
flamsterette_x: Of course, he's always said that there are lots of connections and hookups between us, which could be true.. but then why have I not had that problem with my other LD friends? Hmm?
aryk29: Dunno.
aryk29: Do you have any other friends in that part of the continent?
flamsterette_x: Everyone HOPES he's telling the truth, as do I. And no.
aryk29: Hmm...
flamsterette_x: Guess we'll see what happens.
*** "aryk29" signed off at Fri Dec 10 15:22:46 2004.
Session Close (aryk29): Fri Dec 10 15:27:21 2004

Session Start (Yahoo! - flamsterette_x:aryk29): Fri Dec 10 16:18:10 2004
aryk29: Sorry, my DSL cut out again. Synchronicity, I suppose.
flamsterette_x: Eh, it happens.
aryk29: There's a thread over in MPSIMS about saying unfamiliar names, and on page 2, it's started going off on people who have funny names.
flamsterette_x: So... how YOU doin' ... Mr. (?) Gag-nohn? ;)
aryk29: Better Gagnon than Fonda Cox! :P :D
flamsterette_x: Haha, true.
flamsterette_x: Posted.
aryk29: I still don't know how to pronounce that, you know. ;)
flamsterette_x: Which?
aryk29: Last name.
flamsterette_x: Haven't I told you before? :)
aryk29: Nope.
flamsterette_x: Ng.
flamsterette_x: Think of the NHL goalie. ;)
aryk29: Have you forgotten who you're talking to? :P
flamsterette_x: You.
flamsterette_x: Why?
*** "aryk29" signed off at Fri Dec 10 17:26:47 2004.
flamsterette_x: Never mind.
Session Close (aryk29): Fri Dec 10 17:29:01 2004

Session Start (Yahoo! - flamsterette_x:aryk29): Fri Dec 10 18:21:45 2004
aryk29: It did it again. Oh well. Food's gonna be ready soon; bcnu. :)
*** Auto-response sent to aryk29: I am not here... I am elsewhere...
*** You have been disconnected. Fri Dec 10 20:41:45 2004.
Session Close (aryk29): Fri Dec 10 22:45:00 2004

Session Start (Yahoo! - flamsterette_x:aryk29): Sat Dec 11 20:16:46 2004
aryk29: Testing 123... (Link: C:\Program Files\Trillian\users\default\cache\ca_hwy.png)New file received, click to save (C:\Program Files\Trillian\users\default\cache\ca_hwy.png)
flamsterette_x: ch a thing?! :P
aryk29: Can you see the picture?
aryk29: Or is it just a hyperlink?
flamsterette_x: @$$@#(*&$@( NWPUS...
flamsterette_x: I see a hyperlink.
aryk29: Shoot! :(
aryk29: Oh well. So we checked out Las Vegas' equivalent to Chinatown today! :D
flamsterette_x: Woo.
aryk29: It's several blocks of all kinds of E. Asian restaurants and sundry other businesses. First place we went to, they were pushing carts of food around and we didn't know what the food was. We got them to give us a menu, but there didn't seem to be anyone to take our order. So we left there and found a little hole-in-the-wall type place up on the second story. The food was great!
aryk29: I had the Szechuan chicken. At most places I've had this, it was chicken coated in a spicy hot sweet sauce. The way this place made it, they just fried the chicken in spices and buried it in dried chili peppers. The waiter warned me it was very hot, and sure enough the peppers have a lot of bite to them, but the chicken itself was easy enough to eat. (Then again, I'm someone who will bury a tamale in jalapeno salsa!)
aryk29: Dad wanted to get his usual beef fried rice but the way they served it was just the beef and veggies with the rice separate. Our only complaint was Mom's sweet & sour pork - it was mostly bone and very little meat. But overall, we had a good meal.
flamsterette_x: Awwww.. you missed out on greasy dim sum! They tell you what the food is at those places, you know!
aryk29: Ah well, the first place.... there was, shall I say, a language barrier. What is dim sum?
flamsterette_x: Ooooooooooooooo! Deep-fried Chinese chicken in spices! I ALWAYS do that.. freaked out my cousins once by eating a WHOLE BOWL of the mini-peppers!
aryk29: :O
aryk29: I ate one of those things and promptly finished my soda!
flamsterette_x: Only one piece of chicken? Lightweight. ;)
aryk29: No, one chili pepper. I shoulda saved them for you - I had a whole plate of 'em.
aryk29: Almost took one with me on my way out though. :D
flamsterette_x: Oh, one chili pepper. Haha, you probably should have. Hahaha!
aryk29: Yeah, now I'm wishing I had. Oh well. So dim sum is the stuff they carry around in the carts? Is it like assorted appetizers?
flamsterette_x: Dim sum is the whole experience.
aryk29: oic. Well, we'd never been in that kind of restaurant before, and my parents and I were unsure what to expect.
flamsterette_x: Google Search results for Dim Sum.
flamsterette_x: Eat everything! haha.
aryk29: Haha, I was just about to pull up Wikipedia to look for info, and you send me a Google search! :D
flamsterette_x: Just Google it.
aryk29: IE just went bonkers. Lousy web browser. Hang on, I'll pull it up in Opera...
aryk29: Oh, okay.
flamsterette_x: Yeah.
aryk29: So basically, sample everything and leave when full? :D
flamsterette_x: I guess.
aryk29: I see.
aryk29: (A whole bowl of dried chilis! Whew. :D My mother gets squeamish if I eat just one. )
flamsterette_x: Eat a whole bowl and really freak her out.
aryk29: And set my mouth on fire! :O Suppose if I just keep a napkin handy (tends to affect the sinuses - TMI) and ride out the pain, it could be fun just to be a brat about it. :D
flamsterette_x: Haha, maybe.
aryk29: I have eaten an entire dish of horseradish. The trick is to not breathe out through your nose. :D
flamsterette_x: Hahaha, that reminds me of the time that I walked downstairs at church to find Alan daring Sean to ingest horseradish from the bottle.
aryk29: Did he?
flamsterette_x: Of course he did.
aryk29: And...? :D
aryk29: (I'm imagining either he knew about the exhaling trick or else got a big surprise - unless it was that sissy Horsey sauce they serve at Arby's.)
flamsterette_x: No, this was a bottle of wasabi.
aryk29: *AltaVista-ing for "wasabi"* ah, okay.
flamsterette_x: AltaVista!
aryk29: OH!!!!! This is the stuff a friend of my parents' was telling us about many years ago!
flamsterette_x: AltaVista?!
aryk29: Yeah, believe it or not, I don't Google. :p
flamsterette_x: No... I mean... they told you about AltaVista?!
aryk29: No, he told us about wasabi.
aryk29: All I remembered was that it does that flash-fire and then it's done. No lingering burning.
aryk29: (And you know I *had* to play BNL's One Week just now. :p )
flamsterette_x: Ah, wasabi.
flamsterette_x: Why the BNL?
aryk29: 'Cuz the song goes "hot like wasabi when I bust rhymes..." :D Just reminded me of it is all.
flamsterette_x: Sure, whatever.
aryk29: I used to Lycos. Then before that, I Infoseeked. (Infosought?) It all depends on which search engine has a functioning Advanced Search - for a while, some of 'em monkeyed with their setup, and I'd keep switching. But AltaVista has been a good engine for a while now, and I've not needed to switch.
flamsterette_x: Fair enough.
aryk29: Besides, a googol is ten to the hundredth power. I don't have enough bandwidth or disk space for a googol search results.
aryk29: I don't think there was an AltaVista back when we knew this guy... we certainly didn't have internet access yet.
flamsterette_x: That's just the name of the site.
aryk29: I was making a pun on it, though. :p
flamsterette_x: Yeah, yeah. Go take my quiz.
aryk29: Where?
flamsterette_x: The usual place.
aryk29: oic... haven't been there in a couple days. I think the new guys signing up are making a certain member nervous and she's taking it out on me with that :whap: smiley. :P
flamsterette_x: Who would that be?
aryk29: I'd rather not say. OMG, separate ladies' and gentlemens' tests? You *know* I have to take them both! :p Still sure you want me to do this? ;)
flamsterette_x: All right, fair enough.
flamsterette_x: Did I say you had to take them both? :P
aryk29: No, I did. :D
flamsterette_x: I'd tell you to pick just one, but do both. Doesn't matter to me.
aryk29: The questions are almost the same, but it's giving me different results.
flamsterette_x: Post 'em up. You know you want to.
aryk29: :D
flamsterette_x: Unless you think that would let more people in on your, er, secret.
aryk29: What secret? I don't want them to get stressed out about it. Otherwise, the world could know for all I care. :D
flamsterette_x: Well.... um... you know... that THING we were discussing a few weeks ago.
aryk29: Yes, I know what you are talking about. :)
aryk29: Okay, I posted.
aryk29: Changing my username was, you see, just one step in my plan to gradually ease into letting them know. :D
flamsterette_x: Yeah, I know. No worries.
aryk29: While I'm here, I'm also reading up on other poll threads.
flamsterette_x: Sure.
aryk29: So I'm an anarchist, a rainbow, ...
flamsterette_x: !!!
aryk29: Yeah tell me about it!
aryk29: Euterpe...
flamsterette_x: Uh, sure.
aryk29: Muse of music, invention, and everybody being happy!?!? Of course that's me! :D
flamsterette_x: Okay then.
aryk29: Shoulda known Psalm69 would be Lust! :p
flamsterette_x: Ha.
aryk29: I was uneasy when I saw his welcome thread, but his introduction put all my fears to rest. :D
flamsterette_x: Well, that's good.
aryk29: Whew... okay, that's all the quizzes with new posts. :D
flamsterette_x: I really should hang around there more.
aryk29: What, the quizzes forum or OurPlace in general?
flamsterette_x: In general. I hang out at the quiz forum enough.
aryk29: ic. Well, I suppose when one is registered on enough message boards, one tends to phase in and out between them.
aryk29: Just a couple days ago, I was the #1 poster on one board, with >50 posts during that day. Right now, I'm #2. A little over 3 weeks and >280 posts.
flamsterette_x: Haha.
aryk29: On another board, I accumulated 94 posts since February, and the admin wouldn't change my account name, preferring me to register a sock instead. So now I have 3 posts, a registration date of this month, and it'll take a while to reach that 100th post and no longer be called a newbie.
aryk29: AND, tonight I found yet another board.... one that is about, umm, *that* subject, so maybe I'll join.
flamsterette_x: Haha.
flamsterette_x: Ergh. My email is down, so I might as well hang out.
aryk29: ic
flamsterette_x: Haven't checked it for more than 20 hours.
aryk29: :yikes2:
flamsterette_x: Hahaha! Do you know what that shows up as, in here?
aryk29: No, but just pretend it's the OurPlace smiley, okay? :D What does it shows up as in here?
aryk29: Guess you'll have to tell me later. SNL is starting in a few minutes. bcnu! :)
*** "aryk29" signed off at Sat Dec 11 23:27:14 2004.
flamsterette_x: ikes2:
Session Close (aryk29): Sat Dec 11 23:27:29 2004

Session Start (Yahoo! - flamsterette_x:aryk29): Mon Dec 13 15:42:53 2004
flamsterette_x: BOO?
Session Close (aryk29): Mon Dec 13 15:43:01 2004

Session Start (Yahoo! - flamsterette_x:aryk29): Mon Dec 13 15:43:07 2004
aryk29: Hi!
flamsterette_x: Just wanted to let you know that things are okay now. :)
aryk29: What things are okay? :)
flamsterette_x: Er.... the situation I was describing to you last week.
aryk29: Ohhh, that! Good, glad to hear it! :)
aryk29: So, you know who I was talking about with reference to the whap smiley?
flamsterette_x: Carol?
aryk29: Umm, which one. :p
flamsterette_x: Ha, you are learning, my young pup. VERY impressive! :D
flamsterette_x: Nutty.
aryk29: ;) :D
aryk29: Gettin' scary over there... place always leaves the back of my head sore! :p
aryk29: Methinks I might drop her a PM, saying go look at my sig at the SDMB, and that I've been dropping hints on the board. Is it OK to say you're in on it?
aryk29: Or maybe an inner sanctum OP instead of a PM, but then everyone'll see it...
flamsterette_x: What do you wish to accomplish with this?
aryk29: I'm not sure.
flamsterette_x: Do you just want her to know, or the people who have access to the Inner Sanctum?
aryk29: Just the people who would accept it, of course. :p That rules out the Sanctum, though.
flamsterette_x: *whap* Not everyone is going to accept this, you know. ;)
aryk29: *applying opintment to back of head* Yes, I know.
flamsterette_x: But of course I can understand why you'd want people to accept it.. I would, too!
aryk29: Yup.
aryk29: I guess when they say things like "upside down man," I keep thinking they are going to feel so silly if they ever find out. It's not a title I ever felt right about anyway. Plus, I think the community expects its members to insist on being acknowledged...
flamsterette_x: Well, what did you think they were going to call you, with a name like that?!
aryk29: Just "upside down" would be okay. :D
flamsterette_x: Acknowledged, how?
aryk29: As who / what they are. Pronouns, etc, although I'd be happy just wording sentences so as not to require pronouns.
flamsterette_x: So is that a good thing or a bad thing?
aryk29: Probably a good thing cuz it gets me away from the lazy momentum of "I've always been called this" and into "am really that."
flamsterette_x: Plus, I think the community expects its members to insist on being acknowledged... <----- good or bad?
aryk29: Proabably good, because it's natural to be reluctant to go with something that you're not used to or taught was incorrect. There's a lot of that reluctance with me, and the community is very much of the "come plunge in and don't be afraid to be a part of it," probably for that reason.
flamsterette_x: Exactly! Just jump in and post anywhere you feel comfortable!
aryk29: *mindset. They are of that mindset. This is me carrying out two conversations again. :D
flamsterette_x: Hahaha, you should have been here a few nights ago when I was carrying on at least four conversations at once! :D
aryk29: I mean the T* community.
flamsterette_x: Ah.
flamsterette_x: Well, I don't know anything about that.
flamsterette_x: So what are you going to do?
aryk29: I'm not sure. The ones who can accept it have a right to know, I think, and those that don't... well, maybe I can just get them to not refer to me by my gender. :D
flamsterette_x: True... maybe send a PM to nutty? Unless you don't care who knows it in the IS.
aryk29: That's what I was thinking. She'd tell Viper (I wouldn't feel right sending it to him directly!) and they'd tell Phoe, etc.
flamsterette_x: I can understand why you wouldn't want to just make a thread in the IS declaring all that stuff.
aryk29: Definitely not declaring. Even a post just to say "hey folks, check out my sig @ the SDMB" would still be too direct for that wide an audience.
flamsterette_x: Yeah, you never know. So what do you want from me?
aryk29: I wasn't sure whether to tell them that you know.
aryk29: I won't, howzat? But since they know you post @ the SDMB.
flamsterette_x: They know that.
aryk29: So anyway, I'll think about it a while.
flamsterette_x: True, best not to act on impulse.
aryk29: Yup.
aryk29: Ever play Assassins on LJ?
flamsterette_x: Let me know when you do, eh?
aryk29: I'm playing it on another MB, actually. :D
flamsterette_x: And no.
aryk29: It's kinda fun.
flamsterette_x: What do you do, go around and kill people?
aryk29: You have a target, and you try to strike them up in conversation to get them to say their kill word.
flamsterette_x: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
aryk29: Or, if you think you know your assassin and kill word, you have 3 chances to guess it. Guess wrong 3 times and you're out.
flamsterette_x: Reminds me of certain radio contests... ah, the good ol' days!
aryk29: Hey, you're right I hadn't thought of that. :D
aryk29: My target started flirting with me a couple days back, so I played along. :D
flamsterette_x: Haha.
aryk29: My first target was guessed by her target, and became the second casualty of the game.
aryk29: I think a float for a parade just drove out of here!
flamsterette_x: Are you insane?
flamsterette_x: What sort of parade.... oh.
aryk29: It's an older model car, looked to have been repainted recently, towing a trailer covered in white Xmas lights with a red sled on top.
aryk29: (not the kind of trailer one can live in)
flamsterette_x: Hahaha, no. That reminds me of a blogpost.
aryk29: Link? :D (Anyway, you say insane like it's a bad thing... :p )
flamsterette_x: Effective Advertising on Dave's blog!
aryk29: Meow, meow, meow, meow; meow, meow, meow, meow; meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow..... ;P
aryk29: :p
aryk29: So anyway, it's an eye candy bus. :D
flamsterette_x: Meow?!
aryk29: Meow mix. :)
flamsterette_x: Meow mix, we'll deliver!
flamsterette_x: Nathan always says that! :D
aryk29: I don't get it.
flamsterette_x: Meow mix?!
flamsterette_x: Old commercial, I think... used in AUSTIN POWERS, maybe.
aryk29: Oh. I never saw Austin Powers.
aryk29: I remember 10 or 11 years ago though one of the postal companies ran a campaign "we'll deliver for Yule." :D
flamsterette_x: Hahaha! My brother's predicted he might have an MSG addiction / Pho addiction!
aryk29: Guess he likes the soy sauce as much as I do! :D
flamsterette_x: Maybe.
aryk29: Seriously, I bury my fried rice in that stuff when we have it at here home. *yum*
flamsterette_x: Haha, that reminds me. Sean's mom used to buy a lot of that stuff... wonder if she still does?
aryk29: Maybe. :D
flamsterette_x: Eh.. maybe I'll ask her sometime.
flamsterette_x: Time to email Chrystal!
aryk29: Good on you! :D
flamsterette_x: Yeah, we were discussing blogs and such yesterday.
flamsterette_x: (and I know I'm telling you all this like you know the people involved :P)
aryk29: 'Sokay, you know how I am with names. :D I'll just invent personas to represent them.
aryk29: g2g meal time... bcnu. :)
flamsterette_x: Haha. Okay then. See ya.
Session Close (aryk29): Mon Dec 13 17:22:29 2004

Session Start (Yahoo! - flamsterette_x:aryk29): Wed Dec 15 16:05:29 2004
aryk29: Boo! :D I see you're idle, just wanted to point out Elenia28 is now Anaamika. Time to update the list for Nov 30, 1975.
*** Auto-response sent to aryk29: I am not here... I am elsewhere...
Session Close (aryk29): Wed Dec 15 16:40:05 2004

Session Start (Yahoo! - flamsterette_x:aryk29): Wed Dec 15 16:53:48 2004
flamsterette_x: Thanks! Just got home from spending time with the family.. always a dicey proposition. ;)
Session Close (aryk29): Wed Dec 15 16:54:19 2004

Session Start (Yahoo! - flamsterette_x:aryk29): Wed Dec 15 16:54:33 2004
aryk29: You're welcome! :)
flamsterette_x: This is a bad habit.. leaving everything connected when I go out. :P
aryk29: I shut my computer down when going anywhere. Can't have fire hazards in an RV. :O
flamsterette_x: Ha, no.. that's perfectly understandable.
flamsterette_x: Now, the question is... am I crazy enough to go to a different Shoppers Drug Mart and make sure I spend $100 more before taxes?
aryk29: $100 more for what? :O
flamsterette_x: This stuff.
flamsterette_x: I went in there just now and was $4 / one card short. DAMN.
aryk29: Somebody got a D- in their Java.
aryk29: Oh, okay... different stuff... Xmas gifts for friends?
flamsterette_x: What's wrong with the page? It looks fine to me, but then I'm not a programmer. :P
aryk29: It gave me a Javascript error. :p
flamsterette_x: Yeah, mostly stuff for others.. chocolate and cards, most likely.
aryk29: ic
flamsterette_x: Funny. I didn't get anything like that.
aryk29: Maybe you have it set up to not show Javascript errors. Programmers tend to have all manner of MS developer tools installed on their PC *raises hand, waves* and some of them integrate with IE.
flamsterette_x: Well, I'm using MF, so that may be part of it?
aryk29: Mozilla Firefox?
aryk29: Or MFD as in ROTFFLMMFAO? :D
aryk29: *the D is a typo
flamsterette_x: Considering I have almost NO idea what the last means... yes, Mozilla.
aryk29: Eh, maybe it's better I not say what I think it means. :p Anyway, yeah Firefox more than likely doesn't give Javascript errors and I guarantee it doesn't integrate with MSDEV tools. 'Course I haven't used Firefox, but if it's anything like Opera...
aryk29: Food's here.
flamsterette_x: Haha, okay.
flamsterette_x: Talk to you later then.
Session Close (aryk29): Wed Dec 15 17:06:38 2004

Session Start (Yahoo! - flamsterette_x:aryk29): Wed Dec 15 17:06:58 2004
aryk29: B4 I go...
aryk29: This could be Nutty... :D
aryk29: bcnu
flamsterette_x: That doesn't mean it's the same person!
flamsterette_x: But now that I read the post, yeah. Probably is Carol Baker.
Session Close (aryk29): Wed Dec 15 17:08:49 2004

Session Start (Yahoo! - flamsterette_x:aryk29): Wed Dec 15 17:15:51 2004
aryk29: It's her, trust me. ;)
flamsterette_x: I know.. as soon as I read the line about her grandson being killed in a freak accident. ;)
aryk29: ic
flamsterette_x: How did you know?
aryk29: Just a minute...
aryk29: (trying to find a rum ball recipe, @ Mom's request...
flamsterette_x: Sure.
aryk29: Okay, umm... I knew because... I have my ways. :D
flamsterette_x: Riiiiiiiiight. Let me guess: you PM'ed her instead.
aryk29: Let's just say she *knows*. :)
aryk29: brb
flamsterette_x: She KNOWS?! Um.... are we talking about something else now that I don't know about?
Session Close (aryk29): Wed Dec 15 17:25:41 2004

Session Start (Yahoo! - flamsterette_x:aryk29): Wed Dec 15 17:26:07 2004
aryk29: Nope.
aryk29: (Sorry, cat was being rowdy & throwing his weight around the other 2)
flamsterette_x: So........
aryk29: We didn't just simulpost again, did we?
aryk29: (You got my message about the cat?)
aryk29: So, she says the board is all about diversity.
flamsterette_x: Yes, I got your message about the cat. :)
aryk29: :)
aryk29: So should I decide to post, it sounds like things will be okay. Not ready to do THAT just yet, of course!
flamsterette_x: So how did you tell her?
aryk29: PM
flamsterette_x: Yeah, I figured THAT. :P What did you tell her?
aryk29: Aren't we nosy! :p I linked to the SDMB, like I said I would! :D
aryk29: Her initials are CB?
flamsterette_x: Well, you didn't have to tell me if you didn't want to! :P
flamsterette_x: Yes.
flamsterette_x: You knew that.
aryk29: True, I didn't have to. :) Cool Beans! Seriously, how cool is that. No wonder they wanted to call me that. :D
flamsterette_x: Cool Beans, City Boy, Carol Baker..... seems like we're on a CB kick today. ;)
aryk29: Pun intended. :D
flamsterette_x: Haha, I knew that too. :P
aryk29: Citizen's Band, He203)... :p
aryk29: Lousy coding error
aryk29: Hex (203)
flamsterette_x: That's better. The other one came out with an emoticon in the middle.
aryk29: Yup.
aryk29: So now I know x ( is . Neat thing to have memorized.
flamsterette_x: Indeed!
aryk29: Why do programmers mistake Halloween for Xmas?
flamsterette_x: Is this some joke I won't get?
aryk29: How would I know? ;)
aryk29: Oct 31 = Dec 25.
flamsterette_x: Seems too familiar.
aryk29: Maybe someone posted it at OP. Seems to me someone posted it somewhere not too long ago.
flamsterette_x: I'm not searching for it. You can, if you want. :P
aryk29: Me either. Anyway, octal 31 is decimal 25. It's funny 'cuz it works. :D
aryk29: So I compressed some of my music...
flamsterette_x: And?
aryk29: This works especially well with classical, if you compress the dynamic range so that the quiet stuff becomes loud, you get to hear stuff you haven't heard before even if you're familiar with the song. :D
flamsterette_x: Um....... sure...............
aryk29: I call it deranged music. :D Anyway, it's handy when you have to keep the volume down, cuz then you can hear the whole thing without keeping a finger on the volume control knob.
flamsterette_x: Ooh, deranged music sounds just like what I'm listening to now. :P
flamsterette_x: Alexis On Fire... look 'em up. Though they're not QUITE as weird as Melt Banana / Merzbow / the Boredoms / other noise music.
aryk29: Maybe I will, a little later.
flamsterette_x: Sounds good.
flamsterette_x: Or I could TRY sending you the two Merzbow songs I have on here.
aryk29: I suppose...
aryk29: Lemme send ya a deranged audio sample...
flamsterette_x: Hang on.
flamsterette_x: I swear I knew how to send files in Trillian before..
aryk29: k
flamsterette_x: It worked with someone else last week or so..
aryk29: Can you receive okay?
flamsterette_x: Hmm.. I apparently can't send you files over Yahoo Trillian. Hold on.
Session Close (aryk29): Wed Dec 15 18:13:27 2004

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GWAR costumes! / Quizzes

Corey and I have been discussing GWAR on and off tonight.

People who made their own GWAR costumes.

The real thing, for comparison purposes.

Take the quiz:
What Discipline Are You?

You and your mates all think you are perfect, but you can brag a lot and bore people a bit quickly.

Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

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* Dressage (You scored 2)
* Show-jumping (You scored 0)
* Cross-country (You scored 1)

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What Hardcore band are you? (revised)

You are Refused. You hate capitalism. You want to revolt against the bourgeoisie every chance you get. You also are Swedish. You also shouldn't have broken up.

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All of the possible quiz results for this quiz:

* Hopesfall (You scored 1)
* Converge (You scored 0)
* Dillinger Escape Plan (You scored 0)
* Refused (You scored 2)
* Poison The Well (You scored 1)
* The Blood Brothers (You scored 1)
* The Locust (You scored 0)

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What horse are you?

Barnaby is a pony who doesnt like being in, but doesn't like being out either! He will eat grass for days on end. but unfortunately he is prone to laminitis, and must have restricted grazing.

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All of the possible quiz results for this quiz:

* Sam (You scored 0)
* Cotty (You scored 0)
* Paddy (You scored 1)
* Suki (You scored 0)
* Misty (You scored 0)
* Della (You scored 0)
* Barnaby (You scored 2)

Which Sailor Senshi would you be?
by Katski
Celestial BodyMars
Senshi ofTime
Special SkillStrength
Fuku ColourPink

Take the quiz:
Are you as crazy as me?

Not At All Crazy
FORGET IT.... NOT EVEN CLOSE... Maybe you are one of those people that are totally NORMAL or crazy in your own way.

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* Not At All Crazy (You scored 7)
* Nearly Crazy (You scored 7)
* Completely Crazy (You scored 0)

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What is your Identity Crisis?

You are June Woo.
You have a kind heart which makes it easy for people to take advantage of you. You are a little confused about life because you believe that bad things are always going to happen. But don't worry... if you put more effort into things, maybe they will turn out to be good. You are also very Asian because you listen to your mother and have the cursed ability to play the piano.

Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

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* You are June Woo. (You scored 2)
* You are Waverly Jong. (You scored 0)
* You are Lena St. Clair. (You scored 0)
* You are Rose Hsu Jordan. (You scored 1)
* You are Jean Valjean. (You scored 2)

Hey, the Joy Luck Club! Cool stuff!

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What movie role would you best fit?

Musical Composer
You are the Musical Composer! You enjoy the arts and see beauty in the world.

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* Director (You scored 0)
* Producer (You scored 2)
* Star Actor (You scored 0)
* Extra (You scored 1)
* Cinematographer (You scored 0)
* Film Editor (You scored 0)
* Musical Composer (You scored 3)
* Costume Designer (You scored 0)

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Today's annoyances / Quizzes

I'm not doing one thing ever again, since it takes too long!

On another note: I was one card and $4 short... damn!

Take the quiz:
What type of person are you? GIRLS ONLY

Designer Diva
Wooo... How many designer clothes do you have? You love everyone around you, but your looks are more important. You are very nice and kind.

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All of the possible quiz results for this quiz:

* Loveable Lass (You scored 2)
* Designer Diva (You scored 3)
* Pretty Pal (You scored 0)
* flirting flick chick (You scored 1)
* popular peep (You scored 1)

Ha, I guessed right on the last question... SCORE! :D

Take the quiz:
What Summer Role Are You?

Late Nights
Hmm, could you be a bit of a more secluded person? You love to stay up late!

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* The Sun (You scored 1)
* The Beach (You scored 1)
* No School Sign. (You scored 1)
* Late Nights (You scored 2)
* Hot Hot Heat! (You scored 1)

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How nice are you?

You are the nicest person in the whole universe!
You are the nicest person in the whole universe. When you grow up, you care about your family and friends, and don't get in fights.

Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

All of the possible quiz results for this quiz:

* You are the nicest person in the whole universe! (You scored 2)
* Kinda nice (You scored 0)
* Sometimes this, Sometimes That. (You scored 1)
* Kinda mean (You scored 0)
* You are the meanest person in the whole world (You scored 1)

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Do you get mad too easily?

You're never mad.
Man, you better start standing up for what you want... or everyone's gonna walk all over you...

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* You get mad too easily. (You scored 0)
* Sort of. (You scored 2)
* You're never mad. (You scored 4)

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Your Method of Suicide

Slitting Wrist
Since you are so MORBID.... and DRAMATIC.... you wanna go a way people will remember.... if you're gonna slit your wrist, cut along the blue line... the vein.

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* Drowning (You scored 2)
* Slitting Wrist (You scored 3)
* Hanging (You scored 3)
* Pill Overdose (You scored 1)
* Gun (You scored 2)

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Are you obsessed with death?

Death is not your thing... you probably get grossed out by morbid poetry and / or blood...

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* Obsessive (You scored 2)
* Anti-Obsessive (You scored 4)

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* orange 1 (You scored 0)
* orange 2 (You scored 0)
* orange 3 (You scored 0)
* orange 4 (You scored 0)
* orange 5 (You scored 0)
* spoon (You scored 0)
* orange (You scored 0)
* orange spoon (You scored 0)
* potato (You scored 0)
* thinking of LSD (You scored 0)
* shh (You scored 0)
* hullo (You scored 0)
* mate (You scored 0)
* we (You scored 1)
* love (You scored 0)
* chicken (You scored 0)
* orange chicken (You scored 0)
* general (You scored 0)
* tso (You scored 0)
* mah (You scored 0)
* grape (You scored 0)
* is (You scored 0)
* so (You scored 0)
* damn (You scored 0)
* orange n (You scored 0)

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orange 2


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* orange (You scored 1)
* not so orange (You scored 1)

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Smiling Lips!
Whether you wear a dazed smile or a genuine happy smile, you are quite content with the world. =) We need more people like you!

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* Pursed Lips. (You scored 0)
* Rocker Lips. (You scored 1)
* Smiling Lips! (You scored 2)
* Bit Lips. (You scored 1)
* Wide, Yelling Lips. (You scored 0)
* Bared Teeth! (You scored 1)

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Silliness / Quizzes

I'm in a silly mood today! :D

I also must reread the the Outlander series... mmm, Jamie Fraser. ;)

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Hobbies For the Bored.

You thrive on food, literally and metaphorically speaking, so I bet cooking would be a great hobby for you! You know, there are sooo many types of cooking -- from ethnics to styles. Why don't you get creative in the kitchen sometime soon and test your skills? Make sure it's safe, though! ;)

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* Hiking. (You scored 1)
* Cooking. (You scored 2)
* Video Games. (You scored 2)
* Lacrosse. (You scored 0)
* Board Games. (You scored 1)

Uh, I'll burn stuff. No good there. :P

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7 Deadly Sins!

You're on the borderline
You're in the middle... it could go either way... your choice!

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* Hell is your destiny! (You scored 1)
* You're on the borderline (You scored 4)
* You're out of Hell's way.. For now.. (You scored 3)

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Are you loved by many?

Why do this quiz when you know you're not loved

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* You have loved a lot (You scored 1)
* You are loved, but not as much as your best mate (You scored 0)
* no way are you loved (You scored 0)
* Why do this quiz when you know you're not loved (You scored 2)
* Woooo... you're a very special person loved by many (You scored 2)

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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Cards / Uni / My Christmas Movie / A special dictionary meme / "End of 2004" questions

I got cute Christmas cards from Mary and Candy today! :D

You're second best, and you know it. Still, those
riding the crimson wave may be slightly
smarter, slightly more prestigious, but you
know you're hipper. I mean, you're not hip --
you're a nerd, for fuck's sake -- but you're hipper.

Which Ivy League University is right for YOU?
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Your Christmas is Most Like: How the Grinch Stole Christmas

You can't really get into the Christmas spirit...
But it usually gets to you by the end of the holiday.

A very "special" dictionary. by lily22
Look up:
Definition:To study like a madman the night before a test, only to find out the next day in class that the test has been canceled; in law, the crime of assaulting a teacher for no apparent reason while fellow classmates are celebrating the sudden lack of a test.
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Reflections on 2004

These questions took me way too long to answer, so read them! :P

1. What did you do in 2004 that you'd never done before? Travelled to the other side of the country, and used a phone card to call friends.

2. Did you keep your New Years' resolutions, and will you make more for next year? Didn't really make any, so there aren't any to break. I have enough disappointment in my life without that kind of thing going on, thanks. :P

3. Did anyone close to you give birth? No, but it'll happen next year.

4. Did anyone close to you die? No, thank goodness.

5. What countries did you visit? None.

6. What would you like to have in 2005 that you lacked in 2004? Money.

7. What date from 2004 will remain etched upon your memory, and why? January 11 (the date that Pastor Glen had to resign), April 3 (the date when Stephen and I both came to certain realizations about each other), September 8 (leaving both my brother and sister behind), and September 27 (finally getting the new computer from Vernon!).

8. What was your biggest achievement of the year? Being able to let go of certain past hurts.

9. What was your biggest failure? Relationships in general.

10. Did you suffer illness or injury? Not really.

11. What was the best thing you bought? The CD that I'm listening to! :D (Alexis On Fire's Watch Out!)

12. Whose behavior merited celebration? Toss-up between Corey and Eric Ho, for being there when I needed to vent / rant about my love life and other things.

13. Whose behavior made you appalled and depressed? Certain family members, Stephen, and certain people in church (especially after the aforementioned date in January).

14. Where did most of your money go? Food and books.

15. What did you get really, really, really excited about? The new computer! :D

16. What song will always remind you of 2004? Too many songs.. let's see. Probably Matthew Good's Empty Road, because that's what I'm travelling sometimes.

17. Compared to this time last year, you are:
i. happier or sadder? Happier, now that I have new friends and a changed outlook.
ii. thinner or fatter? Probably I've put on a few pounds.
iii. richer or poorer? Poorer, most definitely.

18. What do you wish you'd done more of? Spent more time with my RL friends.. oh, to drive!

19. What do you wish you'd done less of? Spent less money on stuff.

20. How will you be spending Christmas / Hanukah? Go to the CSC Christmas celebration at my church and help the Awana kids, then look after the kids while the service is going on. Go to some Chinese restaurant for lunch. Go home and maybe unwrap presents. Go to Dave's place for dinner with his family.

21. What was the most embarrassing thing that happened to you in 2004? Crying in front of a bunch of people I knew at church when I got emotional about January 11. (multiple times)

22. Did you fall in love in 2004? Jury's still out on that one.. I thought I did, at any rate. We'll see where this goes in the future and be cautious....

23. How many one-night stands? Zero.

24. What was your favorite TV program? CSI.

25. Do you hate anyone now that you didn't hate this time last year? Hmm... that's a strong word, but anyone who's wronged me or my friends horribly is SO on that list!

26. What was the best book you read? Jon's The Pitch That Killed. Out of all the books I've read, I choose a baseball book.. go figure!

27. What was your greatest musical discovery? Merzbow / The Boredoms... gotta love that weird Japanese noise music, because it freaks people out! ;)

28. What did you want and get? Someone to call mine. :P

29. What did you want and not get? Understanding from certain people, as they take certain things way too personally sometimes. :P

30. What was your favorite film of this year? Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.. LOTR: ROTK was long! :P

31. What did you do on your birthday, and how old were you? Turned 28, and spent the afternoon with Yazmine at Specialty Chicken and Wonton House / Richmond Centre. Bought books and a Bon Jovi CD for myself as a treat.

32. What one thing would have made your year immeasurably more satisfying? I would have LOVED to meet Candy and her family!

33. How would you describe your personal fashion concept in 2004? I didn't have a fashion concept, at all.

34. What kept you sane? The unconditional love of my friends. :)

35. Which celebrity / public figure did you fancy the most? Did anyone with a sexy accent and nice eyes make the news this year? ;)

36. What political issue stirred you the most? Possibly the US election, and that was because of Corey's rantings over the issue.

37. Who did you miss? Nina Sahota, where are you?

38. Who was the best new person you met? Randal gets the honor, because I have already loaned him one of my books.. you know it's a good thing when I do that within a few months of knowing the person. Andy would count, except I think I technically met him last year. :P

39. Tell us a valuable life lesson you learned in 2004: Don't assume you know what someone else is talking about or thinking.. you could be sorely wrong about it, and it could have serious repercussions for all the people involved. Friendships and relationships will suffer from it.

40. Quote a song lyric that sums up your year: My life ain't no holiday / I've been through the Point of No Return. / I've seen what a man can do, / I've seen all the hate of a woman, too. (New Order's Vanishing Point)

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