Saturday, July 07, 2012

Omega Mk. II room EXIT CLOSED?! / Fabul monk dancer is a MALE!

Mom called to say I should be waiting for them at 1:15. Eddie and Eunice's wedding starts MORE THAN TWO HOURS later, but I guess if they have stuff to do, and it takes ages to get to West Van anyway... *grumble* Oh well, it's not like I can get out of the Omega Mk. II room for some reason; a door which SHOULD be open is now SHUT TIGHT! (and this with only ONE monster left... I GIVE UP! The game is just fucking with me...) She said stuff about shortening my pants (yes, get on that!) / giving me some of Grandma's handtowels, facecloths, and bath towels (er...) / some barbecue for Dogwood Lodge families when they'll be in Russia / visiting Ayler briefly. Of course I know I should replace my towels and cloths every so often: WHY DO YOU THINK I BUY NEW ONES SOMETIMES?! Ugh.

OH MY GOD! This "female" dancer in Fabul's castle of monks is actually a male! (FINAL FANTASY IV ADVANCE)

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Heart of Ronka: Stones in treasure chests!

Thank goodness that Eric didn't bug me tonight; I could focus on more important things, such as MY GAMING!

The Heart of Ronka in the Sealed Temple has a treasure chest puzzle (similar to that in Ghido's Cave) where you have to move these heavy stones in order to get doors to open for you. "Nrrrgh! Cripes, this is heavy!"

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Friday, July 06, 2012

Interdimensional Rift, Shinryu, trees, Exdeath's evil influence

It only took me ten minutes to defeat Shinryu, using the Masamune-Hermes Sandals-Berserk strategy! Talked to James a bit later; I think things may be improving a little, perhaps.

Hey, there are trees in the Interdimensional Rift! This is a sign of Exdeath's evil influence over the Void, since he was born in the Forest of Moore, and transformed himself into Krile's splinter.

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FINALLY defeating Omega: Mirage Vests and Thundaga Spellblade!

After much frustration over three hours, I managed to defeat Omega by using the power of Mirage Vests (IMAGE STATUS) / Coral Rings (fire protection), and a pre-emptive strike! I used it to power up my blades with Thundaga Spellblade, then used Rapid-Fire on Faris... I think it was a fluke! The game started to lag for the first time in a couple of days, so I quickly saved it before I had to restart the computer. WOOYEAH! (and this is only ONE of the superbosses, and I'll have to face a whole room of them in the Sealed Temple's Tomb of Memory later!)

Note to self: Do not ever play FINAL FANTASY V ADVANCE or FINAL FANTASY VI ADVANCE ever again.

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Thursday, July 05, 2012

Ribena, Metamucil, syringe trends, glittery postcard, and lip balm

Steph said that Mom had a horrific experience, but I think Grandma had it more since she was the one who fell, sustaining an apparently ugly bruise. Of course she's depressed if she's at the nursing home! I went to visit her today, although she spent most of the time sleeping / in the washroom cleaning; busing back wasn't too bad at all, and I could do this maybe every other day if I wanted! Mom got me some Ribena, says Eunice and Eddie's wedding is at 3:30 (but we have to leave at 2 for some Jon-and-Harmony-related reason), thinks Holly will have to feed baby Ayler with her finger and syringe ("you don't know why this new trend is here? but you know everything!"), invited me for lunch tomorrow with Steph / Lisa / Grandma (but I'd have to bus to the restaurant - not the doctor's appointment), and said stuff about books. After making Grandma tell me who I was (testing her memory), I was outta there - I just missed a Cambie bus, ugh! Went to London Drugs, where I took the plunge and bought some on-sale Metamucil (150% the size of the regularly-priced ones) of my own, along with noodles and soy milk and four different kinds of on-sale juice. (Minute Maid's orange juice, Minute Maid tropical orange juice, Nestea lemon iced tea, and Five Alive citrus juice)

Siobhan got my glittery Vegas postcard and Canucks lip balm from London Drugs, which she says tastes fruity! It took her two weeks to check her mailbox, but that's okay since she had other things (like sickness) going on:

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Famed Mimic Gogo / Dragoon Kain resemblance

I finally actually defeated Famed Mimic Gogo at the bottom of the sunken Tower of Walse by using the Dragoon / Dual-Wield x4 strategy! It was pretty tricky since I wasn't sure that all my characters would survive at least five Meteor attacks, but two of them did! Got garbled text as part of the bugged fight, too... "Dragged into another dimension! Odin: All right, that's far enough! Turning to stone... Can't escape! Countdown to Pestilence... 4 KO'd! Countdown to Eruption... 5 KO'd! Level halved! KO'd!" :D

FINAL FANTASY V Bartz as a dragoon looks just like Kain from FINAL FANTASY IV:

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Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Reese's hazelnut gelato (dream) / Walking on water!

Vanessa asked me how last night's dinner with the ASS at White Spot was, so I told her on MSN. Took a nap, and dreamed that Steph and I discovered Reese's hazelnut gelato (among other great flavors like TRIPLE MANGO) at the store! We figured that we shouldn't take a whole pint (on sale for $2.69), otherwise that would be too fattening. Wish that really existed... and maybe it does!

Hey, look! My party can walk on water! (a graphical glitch due to codes)

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Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Psychotically?! / Caleb, Marissa, Connor, Carol, Stuart at WHITE SPOT

Talked to Vanessa on MSN about ONLINE DRAMA before I tagged 1000 screenshot pictures and left for White Spot. For some reason, I decided to price out hats at Coast Mountain Sports... $31.99 for a hat?! OH, MY LORD! It wasn't too bad busing from Vancouver City Centre to that White Spot - thank goodness I saw it out the window! Unfortunately, that asshole Stuart (he IS very British) was there, but I did what I said I'd do, and ignored him all evening. (I'm very good at that) I had the Bishop's Curry - we discussed hockey news, Zach Parise, the Detroit Red Wings, the Bruins-Canucks Cup final, the Nashville Predators, Caleb / Marissa / Connor / Carol, Facebook people, Ayler photos, towing cars, baseball / cricket / football, losing Salo and Rome, Connor meeting Pekka Rinne, Seattle, Denny's, rides to the Canada Line station, and more. I played with Connor a bit, speaking into his mouth as his dad held him upside down. Got home at 9, and promptly started some much-needed laundry. Now I hear from Carol that Stuart thinks I'm a sweet lovely person because I was respectful and courteous while participating in what conversation I could?! Crazy times!

"And Ghido the Sage is calling Krile... like, psychotically?" HAHAHAHA!

Meeting Caleb and Marissa at the Georgia White Spot:

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Before I left, Lisa's cousin Lindsay finally added me to Facebook - nice! I was ready to go at 5 when Eric called, after defeating an Adamantoise boss... but I almost went out with my pants on backwards, though. FAIL! I had to apologize to Eric since I was late even by my standards - yes, that WOULD be a kindergarten faux pas! Didn't discuss too much on the way over (he did wonder about Eric Ho since it's football season), although he did say that I had to be drunk - nope! Went to CHOICES to get some collard greens, and I had a rant about some guy who claimed he was ahead of us in line despite being BEHIND us - YOU ARE STUPID! Got to Jeremy's - eventually saw him, Mark, Sarah, Christon, Jen (OF COURSE), Quan, Gino, Eric M., Connie, Lesley, Cindy, Jon / Harmony / Ayler, and some friends of Randal's. Good thing the baby was there - when I got tired of normal adult conversation, I could always spend time in the spare room with the baby, who was in his roomy playpen moving about and making sounds! Yup, I also held him as well, trying to support him as best I could! I talked to him about a bunch of stuff, and telling him "it's okay, baby - I'm here!" if he started fussing. Gave Randal his card and almonds, and talked to him later about aging (grand)parents / screenshots (as Gino did) / his brother / Port Moody for a while.

Had fried chicken, Chinese-style chicken, rosemary chicken, beans, salad, collard greens, SCOTCH, juice, Quan's mango pudding, carrot cake, black forest cake, cookies, chocolate cake, cherry cobbler, cherries, and more food. I was going to save a plate for Harmony since the baby decided he was hungry, but Jon said she'd already asked him - he did say I was very thoughtful, however. Talked about Steph and Lisa's wedding photos (which Jeremy DID get to see), games, Deb, church stuff (bleh), teaching, plans, stupid baby names ("-ayden" ... Cindy wouldn't call them stupid, but I WOULD!), and baby care. Later, a few of us stayed to see Christon's England / Scotland photos: Isabel! Sheep! Nathan's cramped dorm room! Hostels! Morbid stories and graveyards! HAGGIS! ACCENTS! It was all pretty interesting, for sure!

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Monday, July 02, 2012

Crew Dust / Dhorme Chimera Karnak warnings!

Talked to Miriam on AIM briefly today when she wondered who I was, hahaha.

This character in the FF V ADVANCE town of Karnak (in the house left of the wall steps where you can get the Flame Rod) warns you about the Crew Dust enemies in the Fire-Powered Ship, and their ability to use the Blue Magic spell of Flash to inflict Darkness status on your party:

After you defeat the Liquid Flame boss in the Fire-Powered Ship (and witness the Fire Crystal shattering - despite the werewolf!), the guy has a new warning for you: this one's about the Dhorme Chimera in the western desert!

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Tacky singing / Skits / Tule perverts!

Eric called at 5:45... yup, I was pretty much ready to go! We discussed church, the screwed-up service order, Christon, tomorrow's plans (I'm game if he's gotta cook early), Pastor Bob, what I did today, the Great Banquet parable, his NOT going to Eunice and Eddie's wedding, Euro 2012, Spain beating Italy 4-0, and more on the way to Floata. At the banquet, we sat with Billy / Stella / Tim / Maxine / Chung Yan / Karen I. / Mattias / Marcus / Lanie. Discussed the crazy wedding that Phil and Grace had been to yesterday (fighting as "entertainment"), the very odd Chinese cultural thing of singing and skits [most of which went WAY over our heads since we don't understand!] to say farewell ("we should do our own tacky songs / karaoke IN ENGLISH when Phil leaves, so EVERYONE can understand!"), Eric saying that he might have a Chinese wedding if he decides to marry a Chinese girl if she wants one, job info, summer plans, the Vegas wedding, Benjamin / Noah / Joshua / Emma, baby Ayler, shrimp chips / chicken / soup / celery / tea, shark's fin soup, the Chinatown Night Market, and more. Said hi to Auntie Vivian, Mary, Reigan, Mike K. and Eric T. (who both liked the SILVER BLING necklace), Harrison (who hates Luongo and Schneider - he likes the Bruins), Andrew L., Hannah W. (who's now taller than I am), Victor, and more people.

I spotted Auntie Ying, so had to ask what she was doing on Facebook. Phil told her that she had to learn because then she can see pictures of Micah growing up, haha. Sounds good enough to me - tempt her with grandchild photos! Of course, she's still learning her way around an iPad, and I can't help her with that. Maybe we'll get together after Phil leaves! I also had to update Chrystal on recent events; things seem genuine, so we'll see. The farewell banquet was kind of like a wedding, as people were clinking on their glasses to get Pastor James to give Pastor Rebecca a kiss in front of everyone! (and there were photos in a certain order) When we went up on stage for our photo, I had to ask Jessica L. to help me down! Of course, I thanked her. On the way home, Eric and I discussed FINAL FANTASY / Irish accents / promotion for a TV show called SUITS / monks / knights / thieves / Mario's Gelati people NOT being happy / odd locations for Drunk Driving Counterattack (going INTO Vancouver instead of OUT OF there?!) / tomorrow.

Hockey-related WTF moments tonight, while Eric and I were listening to Team 1040 [FREE AGENCY DAY!] on the way home:

* Wait... why is Detroit in the Western Conference if they're across the river from Windsor?! (Eric says that this is because there are a lot of teams in the Eastern Conference already) Even I know my geography a bit better than that...

* I misheard "Tanner Glass" as "Canner Plax," and wondered just what kind of name THAT was! (I have a definite opinion on names in my spare time :P)

* Upon hearing that the Rangers (?) replaced someone with Aaron Asham (spelling?), I said: "They replaced him with AN AIR MATTRESS?! Nice! That's one of the weirdest sports transactions I've heard of..." Hahaha, poor Eric had to tell me that I was engaging in creative listening yet again!

This guy in the Tule pub is a pervert (looking at the onstage dancers) who tells us to get our minds out of the gutter!

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Sunday, July 01, 2012

Dead socks, venting with Billie, and BABY DRAGON for Ayler!


Of all the people, AUNTIE YING added me to Facebook... eep, hahaha! I'm also losing it since I thought a pair of socks on top of my DILBERT comic book was a dead animal... specifically, an animal that doesn't even exist in real life! (the Sword Rat enemy from FINAL FANTASY IV) Managed to check everything in fifteen minutes after getting up at 9:55 - YAY FOR NO CHURCH! :D

Met Billie at White Spot for our early lunch - of course, I brought some pictures of Ayler in a binder! She was late, but it was all good since I'd also brought a book to read. We discussed James, Chinese Eric, Scott, Sara, Aaron, Evan, NEEDING ALONE TIME AWAY FROM FAMILY AND OTHERS, Vegas, Jamaica, people who just DON'T GET IT when they're being assholes, communication breakdowns, her work stress, Dorna, growing apart from people, bills, the good feeling you get when you finally tell someone exactly what you think of them, forgiveness, burger cravings, burritos, North Vancouver, feelings for other people complicating things, Ken, artwork, ideas, Coke in the freezer exploding, Jeremy, Ryan, Matt, divorces, gossip, Jairus, Montreal, sex, Coquitlam, writing, ideas, and more. I told her what had happened right before Christmas with Teunis, what had happened at New Year's and a bit later with Korey and his stupid friend Amanda, plus what happened a couple weeks ago with Randal. YEAH RIGHT, I DON'T LOVE YOU ANYWAY! After that, I went into Zellers to see if they had cheap shoes - they were on sale, but I couldn't find any in my size, so left to go to Lansdowne instead. I finally found a spare pair in my size which fit, then went to the dollar store to get HUGE gift bags for the crystal plates / a stuffed red dragon for baby Ayler (I couldn't resist) / a farewell card for Auntie Rebecca. I'm normally opposed to giving out religious cards, but it works in this situation - besides, the blurb inside worked best out of the available selection for the occasion!

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