Saturday, December 31, 2005

My Perfect Major

You scored as English. You should be an English major! Your passion lies in writing and expressing yourself creatively, and you hate it when you are inhibited from doing so. Pursue that interest of yours!





























What is your Perfect Major?
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Coffee, bubble tea, a Bellini, Pho, Dragon Ball / December BBT Tally / Questions 2601-2650 of 5000

Why did it take me 2.5 hours to write up this entry?!

Finally, I'm back home! Went to the hockey game with Jon, Nathan, and Melissa: it turned out that one of the tickets Steph gave us from her workplace was refunded already (their mistake, not hers), so Nathan had to pay $35 to get another ticket! (what was he going to do for three hours to hang out?!) I was hesitant to go down the steps because of the lack of a railing.. going up was fine, though. It was a good game between the US and the Swiss... there were chants of "Let's go, Switzerland!" and "US sucks!" from the crowd at various times. Jon made up his own variations incorporating United Arab Emirates, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Dubai (apparently, a lot of people from his residence last year were from there), China, Russia, Trinidad and Tobago, and other countries. The Swiss won Nathan's heart ("I want Lindt chocolate after the game, yo!") by scoring two goals in the third to make the game score respectable at 2-2, although they couldn't really do anything off their forecheck. Lots of penalties, and the translation into French of the various calls were a cool touch. At least it was worth the $35 for Nathan, although of course it would have been better if it were free!

After that, we had dinner at Pho while Melissa met her friend Matt elsewhere, then we met at the Laughing Bean coffee shop for a coffee (iced mocha!) before going to church. Nathan decided to skip Fellowship, and the irony was that we actually got there on time instead of being late as usual. Jon went across the street to Dave's place for a dinner, while I went to Bible Study. There were only eight people anyhow, so I discussed a lot of stuff with Frances / Randal / Connie / Stella / Kevin / Ivan / Karen: weight-related remarks by relatives, turkey, brine, beer, tailgate parties, Bible Study stuff, grandmothers passing away / becoming Christians, funerals, Christmas, plans, our weeks, books, cooking shows (Martin Yan, Julia Child, Martha Stewart), etc. When Jon got there, Frances couldn't recognize his voice since he was slowly getting it back: people asked him what he was doing in Toronto, then moved from there to Kevin's health inspection stuff. It was good times, heh.

Then it was off to a surprisingly uncrowded Dragon Ball to meet Dave and a few more people: I had a Chinese pear bubble tea, while Jon mixed blueberry and yogurt together with grass jelly and THEN added his friend's mango with pearls into his existing drink. I think it's a good thing I tasted his drink BEFORE he started mixing things together, haha. The guys mostly discussed Ali G and his funny skits before switching to tomorrow's plans which involve a wedding and such. I don't know how I'm going to get to Eric's tomorrow for the hockey game / movies: maybe I'll call Chinese Eric when I get up, heh. Not sure I'll make it for movies with the girls tomorrow, but you never know. First priority: catch up, and THEN sleep! ;)

Jon called Steph: she, Vivian S., Melissa, her friend Matt, and Kenny were all at Milestones waiting for Terrence to show up. "We" decided to drop by and say hi, which took an hour. Ah well, I certainly didn't mind! My sister decided to introduce Matt to a bunch of family in-jokes, but at least she has a little more tact about it than certain other female family members of mine. When the Poo Help Doctor showed up, we explained that the Bellini they'd ordered for him couldn't be virginized because it was all premixed... for some reason, it went to me by default while Steph told everyone at the table about New Year's dinner last year at the townhouse. Then Terrence told the story of how he and Steph had met: by her very spontaneous invitation for him to go to her church since she was bored and listening in to others' conversations during class, haha. They apparently know some really rich dude who would bring caviar / smoked salmon / wine for them to try, and loaned Steph his wheels to go grocery shopping: of course she'd buy stuff for Terrence, but not tell the rich dude!

Oh, and apparently the dude was so sheltered (being raised by a Chinese drill sergeant of a father that didn't want his mind "polluted with sexual knowledge") that he didn't know what a maxipad or tampon was until the age of 20! This one time at Steph's residence, Terrence told people this joke: "What sucks blood and has wings, but doesn't fly?" My sister decided to give Rich Dude an object lesson, so she ran upstairs to get some maxipads and tampons for him. On the way down, she tripped and little wrapped packages went flying everywhere. The postman chose this inconvenient time to arrive, and my sister was SO embarrassed since he knew her face! (Mom sent her packages every two weeks or so) Afterwards, Rich Dude opened a package up and asked them if this wasn't a wetnap! Hahaha! We also discussed my mom's un-regiftable Christmas present to her last year of a bottle of Metamucil, plus Steph's converting some work manager to All-Bran by a casual remark about constipation! Good times, haha.

While I'm here, I might as well do a BBT tally for December:


strawberry @ Death By Chocolate (Wednesday, Nov. 30)
peach @ Death By Chocolate (Tuesday, Dec. 6)
milk tea @ Death By Chocolate (Friday, Dec. 9)
lychee @ Death By Chocolate (Tuesday, Dec. 13)
mocha @ Dragon Ball (Tuesday, Dec. 20)
pudding @ Dragon Ball (Friday, Dec. 24)
Chinese pear @ Dragon Ball (Friday, Dec. 30)

Got these questions from this QuestionClub LJ post by Arthurbulla. I'm going to post the survey in 50-question batches, like the original. No worries there! Five thousand questions and answers wouldn't fit as an entry, anyhow. :P

The only complete copy... you'll have to go around erasing answers.

2601. Do you think cell phones cause cancer? No.

Are cell phone users more likely to get into car accidents? Yes.

Do cell phones really interfere with a plane's navigation equipment? Maybe.

Are cell phones immune from computer viruses? No.

Can using a cell phone at a gas station spark a fire? No.

2602. What makes a guy see a chick as less of a cute little girl, and more of a woman? Maturity, certain physical characteristics, and maybe some emotional growth.

2603. What is it about football that makes people want to watch it? No idea.

2604. What is the best show on TV? No clue.

2605. Are you more of a tape dispenser or a stereo speaker, and why? Tape dispenser, because I can't control my giving impulses. :P

2606. What do you think is overrated? Celebrities, being overly cheerful, and bubblegum pop / "punk" music.

What is underrated? Metal, downtime, and food.

2607. Can spiders ump? No, I seriously doubt they have umpiring abilities. :P

Did you interpret that as "jump," "hump," "bump," or other words? No, I'm pretty literal. So it was "ump" as in "umpiring."

2608. What's the matter with adults today? We've lost the ability to be like children in a GOOD way.. wondering, spontaneous, and innocent.

2609. Have you ever worked "off the books"? No.

2610. Have you ever worked for a mean boss? No.

If not, do you think you ever will? Yes.

2611. Do men or woman make better bosses? Women.

2612. Do you believe that people should move up through a company, or that the higher up positions should be filled by people hired from outside the company? The first one.

2613. Why is it that no one seems to care about their job? Because the job's not satisfying.

2614. When I go into a store, why doesn't anyone know anything about what they are selling? Because they don't care.

2615. Have you ever seen those people that get that blank, lost expression when they go into a store and kinda shuffle along like zombies? Yes.

Do you wonder how they got up, dressed themselves, and made it to the store in the first place? Sometimes.

2616. Do you value college? Sure.

2617. When will Eminem stop whining about his bad childhood and move on?? He won't. (the original answer was way defensive of Eminem and his upbringing)

2618. I am drug free. Are you drug free? Yes.

2619. I have no tattoos or piercings. Do you? No.

2620. Can you REALLY say that your way is the right way? Yes, sometimes.

Maybe there is a different way for everyone? No.

2621. What do you think of the song Imagine? Original answer: "There are a lot of songs with that name." DUH, obviously the survey maker means the one by John Lennon! *rolleyes* My answer: It's a very good song, and I agree with it.

2622. Can you think of any reason I might have written this, other than I am bored with too much time on my hands? .... you want to give others something to do.

2623. What is the purpose of art? To express yourself.

How about movies? To entertain.

Music? To express AND entertain.

2624. Do you think that anything has lost its value because it's become too "commercial"? What? Christmas and other such holidays!

2625. Have you ever been promoted? No.

Fired? No.

2626. What do you call your private area? Does it have a nickname? My room, heh. No.

2627. What parts of your body are shaved? I refuse to answer this question.

2628. What is a peachclam? I don't think I want to know.

2629. What is the American dream? Work hard and have some kids.

Is it the same as your dream? No.

2630. Do you need to be right all the time? Not really, but it would be nice. ;)

2631. There was a sculpture that was supposed to be displayed for a week in the Rockefeller Center in NYC of a falling woman - designed as a memorial to those who jumped or fell to their death from the World Trade Center. It was complained about as grotesque, inappropriate, and described as "not art." What do you think? I can see that point of view.

It was taken down early because it was seen as "offensive." What do you think about that? Good!

The artist, Fischl, said in a statement: "It was a sincere expression of deepest sympathy for the vulnerability of the human condition. Both specifically towards the victims of Sept. 11, and towards humanity in general." Are people just too sensitive? Or maybe people are NOT sensitive ENOUGH to the idea that others may have different views from them (or from the majority)? You're right on both points.

Should these different, opposing, or offensive views be allowed to be expressed freely and openly? Yes.

Why or why not? Because there IS a right to free speech within reason, and this doesn't transcend those boundaries.

2632. What letter's sound do you like the best? S.

2633. What is the last movie you watched? Syriana.

2634. Do you act the same when you are alone as you do when people are watching? No.

2635. Why is everyone so obsessed with superheroes? No clue... we all want to be like them.

2636. What clichés do you hear over-used the most? Too many to list.

2637. Do you handle inconveniences well? No.

2638. Are you a fan of Jackie Chan? He's okay.

2639. Is a promise a big deal? Yes, a huge deal. For me.

2640. What is your place in the universe? Don't know if I have one.

2641. Once, some scientists dug up a woolly mammoth, frozen in ice. It was still completely whole, not rotted or fossilized. The scientists decided to have a dinner party. It was a very posh affair. They served roast woolly mammoth steaks, the rarest meat in all the world. So, if you were invited, would you have eaten it? That would never happen. But if it did, I'd probably take pictures and post 'em up online. Maybe I'd eat it, heh. Or not, depending on my mood.

2642. What are 3 things you DON'T want to know? Graphic details of people's sex lives, how people can be so uncaring in the face of terrible world disasters, and how sausages are made.

2643. It seems to me that a lot of people don't value their lives, or life in general very highly. Why do you suppose that is? Because theirs sucks.

Are you like that? I hope not.

2644. Do you celebrate the harvest moon? Not really.

2645. Do you believe in out-of-body experiences? Yes and no.

2646. Why does so much depend upon a red wheelbarrow glazed with rainwater beside the white chickens? ... o_O

2647. Why do so many people get jobs that they dislike? Because that's the only thing they CAN get.

2648. Do you think that in THIS world, being creative is a handicap? No.

Why or why not? Because it's a good thing!

2649. Do you ever get chills or shivers during movies? What movies? Yeah, usually when there's something climactic going on.

2650. Do you believe in the collective unconsciousness (that people are like onions.. the outer layers are individualistic, and the deeper you go, the more similar we all are)? Sure, to a certain extent.

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Friday, December 30, 2005

Christmas cards, dinner, Zulu, and plans

I got Christmas cards from Nyssa (giggles_19) and Rachel (cynicalsiren) today! Rachel included a very cute Hello Kitty drawing with her card... my mom would be ALL over it (since her name is Kitty and all), but I'm not letting her touch it or even know about it! (she tends to be a bit... weird... about these sorts of things... :P)

Currently having an MSN conversation with my brother: it's the optimum way to talk if you've lost your voice like he has! ;) He wanted to go to Zulu Records this week, but since we're meeting Nathan and Melissa at 3:30 PM at the church to go to the US-Switzerland World Juniors hockey game, it's a bit out of the way. Ah well, as long as we can have a ride home from white Eric (although Jon says we'd probably be welcome to hang with him and his Toronto friends) after Fellowship, I'm good to go. Thank goodness we can eat after the game, which should end at 6:30-ish. We get about an hour or so to do that, so joy for having cash! :D (I am NOT a food addict! :P )

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Questions 2551-2600 of 5000 / A-Z Meme / Bah, Humbug! / Cat Breed

Note: LJ Star Wars / LJ Pirate Voyage 1 and 2 blogquizzes. (by Darcie and Jen)

Got these questions from this QuestionClub LJ post by Arthurbulla. I'm going to post the survey in 50-question batches, like the original. No worries there! Five thousand questions and answers wouldn't fit as an entry, anyhow. :P

The only complete copy... you'll have to go around erasing answers.

2551. What is your favorite song or artist that is:

jazz: Charlie Parker.

metal: Pantera.

rock: Everclear.

new wave: the Police.

psychedelic: Frank Zappa, if he counts.

2552. What are your feelings about:

Picasso? Good artist.

Van Gogh? Same as Picasso.

Michelangelo? Same.

DaVinci? Same.

Einstein? Did a lot for the world.

Tesla? Same.

2553. Who else can you think of that made a MAJOR contribution to art or science? Blaise Pascal.

2554. Who can you think of that made a major contribution to modern thought? Original answer: "Um. Eminem." I don't THINK so! My answer: Derrida.

2555. Why is it called "Coca Cola"? Because one of the original ingredients was cocaine, which comes from the coca plant.

2556. Would you ever buy a Ford car? Probably not.

2557. Donald Duck or Daffy Duck? Daffy.

2558. What is the most memorable thing about Pee-Wee Herman? That incident in the porn theatre, heh. Not even counting Pee-Wee's Playhouse, which I used to watch all the time.

2559. Lease or buy a car? Buy.

2560. Have you met Real Talkin' Bubba? No.

Do you love him to death? If I haven't met him, I can't do that. :P

2561. Have you ever been in a situation where you weren't sure if you were seducing or being seduced? No.

2562. Can you "pinch an inch" on your belly? Yes.

2563. Have you ever been to:

a temple? Yes.

a bar? Yes.

a massage parlor? No.

2564. Would you ever want to visit Thailand? Maybe...

2565. What culture are you fascinated by? Exotic stuff... Japanese? heh.

2566. Have you ever worn a cape? Don't think so.

2567. What is the difference between "nude" and "naked"? "Nude" is for artsy posing purposes, and "naked" is just your everyday state of déshabillé. ;) Of course, there IS the part of "naked" that encompasses things such as sex / porn / whatever else gets people off these days, but let's not go there. *blerk*

2568. What can you get for a dollar? Whatever's priced at a dollar in the dollar store.. candy, I guess.

2569. What makes you who you are? My penchant for weird stuff, haha.

2570. How do you search for meaning in life? Talking about it with people.

2571. If your partner collected Internet porn pics of celebs she / he thought were hot, would that bother you? Yes.

2572. You are alone with your lover's diary. What do you do? Diaries can be private things, so I'd try to resist the temptation to look at it. ;)

2573. You read some and find out that a whhhiiillle back your lover had a crush on someone else, but you two were together. You both still hang out with this person. What do you do? Ask him if he still has feelings for that person.

2574. Are you an old fart? I hope not.

2575. What were your favorite things to do in the yard as a kid? Pick at the wood on the old picnic table, swing, look at the grass, imagine things...

2576. Why don't people have more fun? Because they're too busy.

2577. Have you ever wanted to have a pet skinned and turned into an article of clothing? Never.

What pet?

What article of clothing?

2578. Do I come off sounding normal, mildly irrational, blatantly insane, or completely certifiable? Completely certifiable, heh.

2579. Did you ever feel that you were unable to function in society? Yes.

2580. Is it naptime yet? No.

2581. Do you have to have the space next to the door, or can you walk from the other end of the parking lot and still be okay with the world? Man, you're confusing. Both.

2582. Do you like trains? No.

2583. What's in Hungary? Exotic foods that I haven't tried yet. :P

2584. Have you ever felt like you were holding someone else back? Yes.

Has someone ever held you back? Yes.

2585. What do you think of the term "organized religion"? Original answer: "Church." It's not what you think of WHEN you see the term, girl. :P My answer: It's pretty much accurate.

2586. What do you think of the name Orson? I wouldn't name my kid that, for sure. The only two people I associate with it are Orson Scott Card and Orson Welles. It's kinda weird, heh.

2587. What frustrates you? Too much stuff to list here.

2588. Winkin, Blinkin and Nod, one night, sailed off in a sea of dew... ... and this is a question, HOW?!

2589. Is ten dollars a good price to pay for one lipstick? No.

Does anyone else remember when lipstick was, like, 2 or 3 bucks? Not really.

2590. Are you ill? No.

2591. Where were you the night of..... oh hell, last night? I was at home.

2592. Do you pronounce the 'er' sound at the end of words "lookER" or "lookA"? Original answer: "Yes." (man, Kathryn Rose is REALLY impressing me... NOT!) My answer: "LookER."

2593. Do you drink only 100% juice? No.

2594. Do you remember the bills you have to pay... or even yesterday? Yes. Reminds me, I need to pay my hydro bill.

2595. What duck? The one in my bathtub.

2596. Do you collect coins? Yeah, sort of. Pre-1970 coins, "special" coins, post-2000 coins, US / foreign stuff... and I've set a limit of 10 on each different type. That reminds me, I need to do an entry on that since I've been meaning to for the longest time. Maybe when I'm done with this survey, haha.

How about stamps? Not really, unless you count the Spanish / Russian ones that came with my holiday mail. :D

2597. What's the best way to learn a new language? Take a course, and then immerse yourself in that culture if possible. This could possibly explain why I don't do well at this kind of thing, heh.

2598. Is God in you? No... but I want to be more like Him. Does that count?

2599. Are you in God? We are all God's children...

2600. Do you know which fork to use at a formal table setting? Probably not...

A - Accent: Can't tell if I have one or not, so I probably don't.

B - Breakfast Item: Me, breakfast? HAHAHA.

C - Chore you hate: Cleaning the bathroom.

D - Dad’s Name: Alan.

E - Essential everyday item: Music.

F - Flavor ice cream: Mint chocolate chip.

G - Gold or Silver?: Gold.

H - Hometown: Vancouver, BC. (I lived there till I was 2)

I - Insomnia: At times...

J - Job Title: CEO of the Universe. ;)

K - Kids: I don't know that I'll have any.

L - Living arrangements: Me, myself, and I... couldn't ask for better. :D

M - Mom’s birthplace: Somewhere in China.

N - Number of significant others you’ve ever had: None.

O - Overnight hospital stays: I went to the hospital once in Gr. 9 for some operation on my hips that was supposed to make me walk better... riiiiight.

P - Phobia: Escalators, certain insects, stupidity, etc.

Q - Queer?: .... um, no. I'm happy being straight, thanks so much. :P

R - Religious Affiliation: Evangelical Christian.

S - Siblings: Jon, 24... Steph, 22.

T - Time you wake up: Lately, it's been 1:45 to 2:45. I want to change it back to 11 to 1, for obvious reasons.

U - Unnatural hair colors you've worn: None.

V - Vegetable you refuse to eat: Bitter melon.

W - Worst habit: Too many to list here.

X - X-rays you’ve had: Probably my hip and teeth.

Y - Yummy: Italian / Mexican food.

Z - Zodiac sign: Virgo.

What do you do when carollers drop by?
Do you drink:
Do you wish others a Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays?
Do you like dolphins?
Chances you are a poo-flinging monkey:
Chances you are a Scrooge:
Chances you think this was a waste of time:
Chances you have of becoming a fish:
Chances of your becoming allergic to dolphins:
You ARE a dolphin:True
$ you'll spend redecorating your house ocean style:$169,699
You took money froma little kid who was buying ice cream. They run home crying, and you have to skip the country because their dad is determined to kill you now.
Fun Quizzes by Jen at BlogQuiz.Net
Taurus Horoscope at DailyHoroscopes.Biz

You are a Ragdoll! You are known for your laid-back
attitude. You are the ultimate in
low-maintenance. You'd rather hang out around
the house all day than seek adventure.

What breed of cat are you?
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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Poo on social interaction!

Dinner with Jon, Terrence, Melissa, Terrence's friend Kenny, and my parents was okay... my mom needs to learn tact and not tell me that I need to be taught things I already know! (like it being polite to chip in for parking: gee thanks, Mom: I would NEVER have known that if it weren't for you telling me! *rolleyes* ) She should also quit bringing up certain family in-jokes in front of others, which also goes for my brother. Teasing because they love me: you should know if it makes people UNCOMFORTABLE! Too much of that tonight for my taste... if you really loved me, you wouldn't tease me! :P

Too bad Jon lost his voice, though... Melissa was saying that last night at the hockey game, he'd open up the text message function to type whatever he wanted to say to her, then hold it up. That works, heh.. and apparently Nathan's going with us tomorrow to the US-Switzerland hockey game, so that's cool. Terrence has this loud laugh: we were saying that he and Steph should have a contest to see who was actually louder, haha. He discussed being quarantined in this little house on campus at the height of SARS paranoia: the people in charge didn't give him any food! Steph and people from church gave him what he needed by leaving it on the doorstep, ringing the doorbell, then running away! Jon says he'll email me to make plans for tomorrow: that sounds better than Mom just TELLING me (under the guise of "asking") what to do! I don't react well to that, and she should know. (of course, knowing her, she'd probably dismiss it as my being "cranky"... whatever!) So yeah.. poo on social interaction, especially with certain people. :P

This is the newest icon I added to my collection: thanks, Amy! It definitely fits this post, as well. ;)

Image hosted by

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Taking excess skin and fat off chicken in dreams / Old Spaghetti Factory ultimatums / quizzes

I dreamed about taking the excess fat / skin off raw chicken, just like I used to do when I lived with my parents. Very weird, but I'm not going to tell them about that... I know better, haha.

I checked my email just now: apparently, what I told Corey at 5:30 AM about "rumors of dinner" is true. Thank goodness, since it's more my speed. It doesn't get me away from certain people, but I guess I can't have everything! I presumably need to bus over there before 5:30... eh, I'll figure something out. ;) ("Mel has gone downtown shopping for the day... and if you're not here before 5:30, I guess you won't be going"... did I ever mention I hate that kind of thing?! :P)

Guess I'm off to take a shower....

In the year 2006, I resolve to:

Forget my New Year's Resolution.

Get your resolution here

Haha, sounds good to me! ;)

WAAAAAHH!! Your inner Bombshell is the zany
Lucille Ball! You like making people laugh, but
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You are: Insecure / Semi-Spontaneous / Literal / Orbigid

The test tracks 4 variables, which are as follows:

Insecurity v. Self-Confidence (the social sphere; please note that self-confidence is not a measure of self-esteem)

Spontaneity v. Structuredness* (how one arranges activities in daily life)

Symbolic-ness v. Literal-ness (way of looking at stuff and, particularly, expressing oneself)

Orbigidity v. Banaciousness (way of dealing with information, particularly in the social realm)

Most of those are pretty straightforward, I think, except the last. I couldn't find the perfect words to describe what I was trying to measure with that variable (my good friend was of no help), so I decided to make up new words because I am better than the English language. Basically... orbigidity is the tendency to look closely at everything, to make sure things are thorough, to investigate and often over-analyze people and situations; banaciousness, which we shall call the opposite of orbigidity, is a carefree acceptance of most things without meticulous examination. If, for example, you'd spend hours writing an OKCupid test only to spend more hours going back and checking for typos or any other possible reason the test-takers might think you are stupid or pretentious, then you are probably more orbigid than banacious.

*If your spontaneity score is an uppercase letter ("S" for more structured or "P" for more spontaneous), then it means you take an extreme on one end of the spectrum. The lowercase "sp", however, denotes a way of life that is neither extremely organized / structured / planned, nor extremely impulsive.

Yep. So thanks for taking my test and stuff.

My test tracked 4 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:
free online datingfree online dating
You scored higher than 7% on self-confidence
free online datingfree online dating
You scored higher than 5% on spontaneity
free online datingfree online dating
You scored higher than 69% on symbolic-ness
free online datingfree online dating
You scored higher than 77% on orbigidity
Link: The Better Than Myers-Briggs Test written by foreignlump on Ok Cupid, home of the 32-Type Dating Test

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Thank goodness we won the Nashville hockey game! / Questions 2501-2550 of 5000

We won 4-3 against Nashville tonight, so I guess it was a good game for Melissa and Jon to attend... the only thing was that the Coyotes scored 38 seconds into the game. There was a great flurry around the Vancouver goal near the end of the game, but thank goodness Morrison took the puck out of that zone! Now the Canucks face a tough test of mettle: 14 out of the next 18 games are on the road, starting with the NYE affair against Minnesota... which we hope to watch at Eric M.'s place. The three stars were Jovanovski, Bertuzzi, and Marek Zidlicky.

Note: Happyquiz6 / which of my LJ friends love me blogquizzes. (by Jen and Allison)

Got these questions from this QuestionClub LJ post by Arthurbulla. I'm going to post the survey in 50-question batches, like the original. No worries there! Five thousand questions and answers wouldn't fit as an entry, anyhow. :P

The only complete copy... you'll have to go around erasing answers.

2501. What image, scent, memory, etc. would you take with you into the dark / light, the land of the dead, heaven, infinity.....? The memory of talking with Nick, Paul, and others during Band / lunch breaks.

2502. Who is the most annoying musical artist EVER? Way too many to list.

2503. Snow, Vanilla Ice, N'Sync, New Kids on the Block, Backstreet Boys, or Milli Vanilli... if you HAD to go to one of the following concerts, which would it be? They're all kinda dubious choices, but I'd pick the New Kids on the Block / Snow.

2504. Do you believe in manifest destiny? Sure, I guess...

2505. Have you ever fallen for an email forwarding hoax (send this to 13 people and Old Navy will send you a $200.00 gift card)? Do you ever think: "well, maybe..." and actually forward those damn things? Back in my "Internet newbie days," yes... not anymore, though.

2506. Let's say there are 2 schools: one for boys, and one for girls. They are both supposed to offer the same facilities so that the girls and boys get equal education. Would you take this to mean that the same courses should be offered to both girls and boys, or that the same amount of money should be spent on each school? The same courses should be offered to both girls and boys.

Imagine that in the boys' school, fifteen boys sign up for calculus. In the girls' school, only five girls sign up for calculus. Should the girls' calculus class be dissolved and replaced with an easier one? No.

2507. Would it bother you if you found out that the fruits, vegetables, and meat that you eat is genetically altered (in lots of cases, it is!)? No, I hope they make sure it's safe to eat and everything FIRST! Although I guess you never know...

2508. What does this world need? More love and understanding.

2509. Is there anything you do just because you want to, even though it has no redeeming social value? At least half of this online journal, haha.

2510. If you drink, what kind of drunk are you? Hyper and funny.

2511, Do you ever "conveniently" forget something you don't want to remember? No, it's hard for me to forget anything. Especially bad things that I want to forget. It's hard to.

2512. If you have any cousins, are you close? No.

2513. Are you in love with yourself (your beautiful self)? Sure.

2514. What was the first movie you got on DVD? Spider-Man 2 for David S.

2515. If you're sexy and you know it, clap your hands. Did you clap? No.

2516. Have you ever called a:

psychic hotline? No.

suicide crisis line? No.

sex line? No.

dating line? No.

2517. Have you ever placed a personal ad anywhere? No.

2518. Do guys look good in makeup? Depends...

2519. What are five things you don't care about? Makeup, shoes, reality TV, pop music, and chemistry.

2520. What are you going to do until you die? Live.

2521. What "issue" do you think your opinion is so right about that you end up trying to sway others to your point of view? Rock music being so much better than pop. :P

2522. What age do you hope to live until? At least 88.

2523. Do you like to tie others down during sex? I wouldn't know.

Have you ever been tied down? No.

2524. Do you own any "toys"? No.

Do you ever use them? N/A.

2525. Have you ever been spanked in that sexy way? No.

Have you ever spanked anyone else? No.

2526. Do these questions make you uncomfortable? No.

Do you like that feeling? No.

Does it turn you on? No.

2527. You know those ___ for dummies books (Computers For Dummies, Golf For Dummies, Surfing For Dummies, Wicca For Dummies, etc.)?

Which one do you need to read? Cooking For Dummies, heh.

2528. What do your socks look like? Not wearing any socks.

2529. Which of these really famous music artists started their career as a mime? Alice Cooper, David Bowie, Bruce Springsteen, Moby, Jewel, or Frank Zappa? No clue.

2530. Does love float away if you let go? Possibly.

2531. Do you think that most people in today's society are:

kind? No.

calm? No.

humble? No.

peaceful? No.

helpful? No.

happy? No.

spiritual? No.

creative? No.

friendly? No.

independent? Yes.

intelligent? No.

having fun? No...

coming up with new ideas? No.

able to think for themselves? No.

able to really connect with others? No.

If you answered no to any of the above, why do you think that is? Because people are screwed.

2532. Do you believe that every action has a sexual motive (think Freud)? No.

2533. Speaking of Freud, did you know he was on drugs (think cocaine)? Yes.

2534. Do you trust psychology as a valid science? Maybe in some respects.

2535. ID: In Freudian theory, the division of the psyche that is totally unconscious and serves as the source of instinctual impulses and demands for immediate satisfaction of primitive needs (sex, food, aggressive behavior, drugs, alcohol, yelling, anger, fighting).

SUPEREGO: In Freudian theory, the division of the unconscious that is formed through the internalization of moral standards of parents and society, and that censors and restrains the ego.

So, which one do you express more... your ID or your SUPEREGO? Probably my id, heh.

2536. Do you think that people who are alone and depressed are depressed because they are alone, or alone because they are depressed? Alone because they're depressed.

2537. Can you complete any of the following lyrics?

I stop and I stare too much, afraid that I care too much... Depeche Mode's Sweetest Perfection.

You're a new and better man, he helps you to understand. He does everything he can, he's.... The Beatles, Doctor Robert.

Took the needles from my arms and put them to the sky... Moby, Machete.

Top Gun shut down your Firm like Tom Cruise.... Busta Rhymes, Woo-Hah! Got You All In Check!

Don't you take it so hard now, And please don't take it so bad.... Guns & Roses, Don't Cry.

2538. How about these?

From around the way, born in '73, Hardcore B-boy named... Eazy-E, Eazy-Duz-It.

And this feeling shivers down your spine, Love comes in colors I can't deny.... Smashing Pumpkins, Gish.

Before he hung up the phone, he took a deep breath, stopped, and replied.... Insane Clown Posse, Dirt Ball.

When I want you in my arms, when I want you and all your charms, whenever I want you all I have to do is... The Everly Brothers, All I Have To Do Is Dream.

Silly games that you were playing, empty words we both were saying... Spice Girls, 2 Become 1.

2539. Have you ever been to see a ballet? No.

2540. What is the difference between Satan and Pan? No idea... I know Pan was in Greek mythology and was also an instrumentalist. Does that count? heh

2541. What should a poem be or do if it is a successful poem? Speak to people and let them relate to the sentiments within.

2542. When you interpret a poem, can each line mean anything you want it to? I suppose...

2543. Are you an orgasm addict? HAHAHA, nice Buzzcocks reference! But no.

2544. Are you a sugar junkie? Not really...

2545. WHAT are you DOING? Taking this survey, listening to GWAR, talking to Corey about various world records and the SWEET book deal I lucked into.

WHY aren't you marching in line with the rest of them? No idea. I guess I'm unique. :P

2546. Do you only hear what you want to? No, I hear everything... or else I wouldn't be so damn sensitive.

2547. Are you anal-retentive? Not really. Only in matters of spelling and such. :P

2548. In and Out, Over and Under, Around and ??? Through.

2549. What was the last thing you returned to the store? A book that I decided I didn't want, after all.

2550. Why ask why? Because you learn from it.

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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

50% off Guinness AND Ripley's books?!

This afternoon was spent making plans with Jon. I eventually showed Melissa how to get to the 98 B-Line bus stop JUST in time to catch a bus. She didn't mind going to the coffee shop to meet Jon before the game on her own, which was fine with me.. she'll be sleeping over at my parents' tonight. Then I went to the mall and got Ripley's Believe It Or Not: Planet Eccentric! and the newest Guinness World Records book for 2006... both were more than 50% off! :D

I figured that if my own mother doesn't listen to me about what I want (or promises it, then doesn't deliver... and this hasn't been the first time, either: I remember the "pooping jellybean moose being less expensive than the Guinness 2003 book and you'd like it more" excuse), I might as well give myself the gifts I've wanted. :P

Afterwards, I had some sushi for a late lunch before going home. I got Christmas cards from Darren and John, which further put a cheery stamp on the day! Now to relax and do some reading...

The Fiery Cross

You scored 71% Outlander Points!

You've read the Books, probably more than once. Either that, or you
have a very good memory. You've probably decided that Jamie is your
dream man and you've kept an eye out for stone circles in your travels.
While not obsessed, you know what's good. And that's Jamie.

My test tracked 1 variable How you compared to other people your age and gender:
free online datingfree online dating
You scored higher than 0% on sassenachpoints

Link: The Diana Gabaldon's Outlander Test written by sassenach on Ok Cupid, home of the 32-Type Dating Test

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Broke four million points in Bookworm! / Questions 2451-2500 of 5000

Earlier tonight while Melissa was doing a bunch of book reflections as homework / studying, I attained a new Bookworm high score: 4,091,740 / Level 41 / Bookworm Supreme / 3:11:20 on Tuesday, 12.27.05!

Note: LJ Happy Holiday / LJ Love Triangle blogquizzes. (by Maya and Rachael)

Got these questions from this QuestionClub LJ post by Arthurbulla. I'm going to post the survey in 50-question batches, like the original. No worries there! Five thousand questions and answers wouldn't fit as an entry, anyhow. :P

The only complete copy... you'll have to go around erasing answers.

2451. Do you roll your eyes a lot? Not really.

2452. Do you prefer B-sides or remixes? B-sides!

2453. What makes the world go 'round? Love and money.

2454. Is Blink-182 punk or pop? It's not real punk, and I don't think it's rock... so maybe poppish new punk. *puke*

2455. Do you remember Fat Albert? Yes.

2456. Do you take things slowly, as they come? Depends.

2457. Are you laid-back or tense? Depends.

2458. Are you insecure? Sometimes.

2459. Imagine you are working in a soup kitchen. You are supposed to give each person on the line a half-cup of soup. When hungry people come up to you, do you just end up emptying the cabinets for them? No.

2460. Why can't we give ourselves one more chance? Because we think we don't deserve it.

Why can't we all just get along? Because there's something known as personality differences.

2461. What bands do you want to see live that you have never seen? Way too many to list.

2462. Do you like raunchy songs? No.

2463. Do you think that the Beatles are still the Beatles without John Lennon? Yes.

Would you want to see the Sex Pistols without Sid Vicious? No.

Did you think that the members of Nirvana were smart to reform as the Foo Fighters instead of trying to stay Nirvana after Kurt's death? It wasn't all the members of Nirvana... it was just Dave Grohl, and he WAS smart to make that move. Kris Noveselic went on to do something else.

2464. Do you like the band Squeeze? I guess so...

2465. When you are angry or upset... do you know you're being irrational, but you can't really stop? Yeah... I get that from my parents.

2466. Is there room in your life for one more trip to the moon? Not a personal one.

2467. Where are they now?

Your first best friend in elementary school? Don't know where Brandy Whibbs is.

Your first crush? No idea where Stephen Hagemoen is...

your first boyfriend / girlfriend? Dunno.

your first love? Never had one.

your first lover? Never had one.

2468. Do you have a lot of self-pity? Kinda.

2469. Have you ever had something really good come out of something really bad that happened to you? Yeah.

2470. Do you like magnetic poetry? Those magnets are cool, dude. :D

If you could make a magnetic poetry set:

What would be the theme? Music.

What would some of the words be? Music, notes, guitars, trills, instruments, songs...

2471. What is one of your secret delights? If I told you, it wouldn't be a secret anymore! :P

What gives you a cheap thrill? Lords of Acid, heh. Gonna switch the Misfits to that when they finish, now that Melissa's asleep... she claims she can sleep through a lot, so no worries! ;)

What is your biggest guilty pleasure? Ice cream and a good book.

2472. Have you ever misinterpreted song lyrics in a funny way (I used to think that "wake me up before you go, go" was "wake me up and buy me cocoa")? Ooh, mondegreens. I love those, heh. Yeah, I have... I used to think "Dirty enough / I got me a love" (from the Matthew Good Band's Hello Time Bomb) was "Didn't even know if I got me a love."

2473. What are the most popular / overused diary names? No idea.

2474. Are you under pressure? All the time.

2475. How well do you know yourself? Pretty well.

2476. Is "soul" such an old-fashioned word? No.

Is "love"? No.

2477. Name a person you love: Andrea.

How do you love them? She's always encouraging me, she's there for me, she knows my inner demons (to an extent)...

2478. Does your place have a lawn gnome? No.

2479. Do you ever wonder "Why me?" Yes, of course.

When? Lots of times.

2480. Is rap a form of poetry? Probably.

2481. What's the difference between a player and a baller? Not sure.

2482. What imagery do you get from the words "woodsmoke and herbs"? An aromatic healing fire, baby!

2483. How many days until your birthday? 102.

2484. Have you ever MEANT to hurt anyone? Yeah.

2485. What are 3 things you don't know? My future, how people will die, and quantum physics.

2486. Do you usually feel physically well or unwell? Well-ish.

2487. Would you ever submit your picture to be "rated" on one of those "hot or not" websites? No, probably not.

2488. Why are there hardly ever any fat people in movies? Because Hollywood is biased. :P

2489. Is there any difference between what's real and what's for sale? Probably not.

2490. Are you funky? Sure.

2491. Do apologies always make things all better? ... no....

2492. Let's just say that there is a huge-ass bomb that can blow up the whole planet.. it is set to blow up in 100 years. You can push the button to stop it, but if you do, you will die. You only have this one chance to stop it. Do you stop it? My life to ensure future life, basically. Yeah.

2493. Let's say someone else found the button to stop it instead of you. Do you think it is their moral obligation to save humanity at the expense of their own life? No, but the person should...

2494. What's the silliest name you can think of? TweezleButt. (it's 1:23 AM :P)

2495. It's the middle of the night and you are home alone. Someone knocks on the door, says their car broke down, and asks to use your phone. What do you do? Tell them no. I'm concerned for my own safety in this dodgy society...

2496. If a cop pulled you over and asked if he could search your car, what would you say? Yes. I have nothing to hide... or I hope not, anyhow.

2497. Are you meek or nasty around cops? Original answer: "no." Just pick one! :P My answer: meek.

2498. If you were me and I was you, then where would we be? That would be a pretty kettle of fish, indeed!

2499. What has been the greatest invention so far? Electricity.

2500. We are at question 2500. Do you REALIZE what this MEANS??!!! Yeah, I'm halfway done! :D

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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Everything is closed today! / Downtown plans / How I should improve in 2006

I called my mom this morning, and she insisted that she'd called Melissa yesterday even though it didn't register on her cell phone. Most weird... she also said that Terrence had called her, and we might get together on Thursday. Steph apparently suggested that Mel and I go to the Foggy Dew Irish Pub near my place to watch the hockey games... that might be fine if the games today were actually interesting, and if Mom didn't call Foggy Dew "Fogg n'Sudds" to me! (hahahaha...) Then again, Dad is cutting short his Hong Kong trip by two days to be home tomorrow... I wonder what his reaction will be if I characterize Candy's hockey books as the best gift of the year. It's not about the money, it's about the thought involved! ;)

Melissa and I tried going out later to see things in Richmond, but the stuff we wanted to see was closed today since Christmas was on the weekend. We did walk around the Richmond library, which has changed a lot since the last time I was there. (I should really get around to paying things there, heh) At least we had lunch at White Spot, and went to an ATM so she could change her $50 bills to $20 bills! We passed Shanghai Wind, and I told her about that... there was a Dollar Max nearby, so she told me that she thought of my mom every time she saw a dollar store. Heh, I wouldn't be surprised!

When we got home, I found that Jon had emailed us about tomorrow: his plans are better than my mom's, which consist of taking Melissa to the townhouse by 5-ish tomorrow before they go to the Canucks-Predators hockey game. Since he's planning to go downtown tomorrow and do stuff, it works with Mel's plan of meeting her local friend at his coffee shop workplace. Apparently, Mom got a new cell phone.. that works with Melissa not doing the whole long-distance thing, heh. So we'll see what happens tomorrow: meeting up in the actual area before the game works for us, and doesn't have the stamp of HORROR all over it. ;)

How Leslie should improve for 2006:!

Watch all the Futurama you can, then quote it at random

Take this quiz at

Oh, and apparently Melissa should "read something other than the tabloids." Haha.

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Tentative plans / Questions 2401-2450 of 5000

Through a bunch of Googling / looking through the SuperPages, Melissa and I have some ideas of where we should go tomorrow. My mom wants to have lunch with us, but I could definitely use the break... we'll see. ;) Melissa wants to see a Vancouver Holocaust Museum that she found online, but she couldn't find it at my place. So I Googled it, and it turns out that it's closed during all the time that she's in town.. oh well.

Ideas include the Richmond Art Gallery / Museum / Cultural Centre (SO near here!), the UBC Museum of Anthropology, the Lonsdale Quay, the Nitobe Memorial Gardens also at UBC, and stuff that's generally near here / readily accessible by transit. Admission by donation is a good thing, but not if the place is only open from 10 to 2:30! (we'll be up by then, but not have much time to tour the place)

Note: LJ Justice League / LJ New Year's blogquizzes. (by Aubrey)

Got these questions from this QuestionClub LJ post by Arthurbulla. I'm going to post the survey in 50-question batches, like the original. No worries there! Five thousand questions and answers wouldn't fit as an entry, anyhow. :P

The only complete copy... you'll have to go around erasing answers.

2401. Does love come from the brain, the heart, or elsewhere? The heart.

2402. Have you ever given a shot? Nope.

If not, do you think you could give one to a loved one if you HAD to? No!

Do you think you could give one to yourself? No.. thank goodness I don't have diabetes.

2403. Can you lick your elbow? No.

Come on, did ya try? Nope, because I already know it's impossible.

2404. If I was going to be talking to you for 10 minutes, what would be something really interesting we could talk about? Something that you know a little bit about, but would like to know more? Twins, triplets, quadruplets, and more! :D

2405. If today was a holiday, what would it be? Apparently, it's National Fruitcake Day... bleck!

2406. If you were making a mix tape, what would you HAVE to have on it? Probably Matthew Good's Indestructible.

2407. What do you think of the Sopranos? Dunno.. never watched that show.

2408. Can you name three good things about the society you live in? Friendly, helpful, and caring.

How about three bad things? Quick to blame others, stupid, and self-absorbed.

2409. Have you ever had a crush on your teacher? No... well... sorta...

How about your boss? No.

2410. What is the difference between acting like someone in high school and acting like an adult? Maturity.

2411. What is the difference between a whopper and a whopper Jr.? The size of the thing.

2413. Do you like:

Moby? He's okay.

Run DMC? Not really.

the Cure? Yes.

Shakira? No.

Blink-182? Not really.

the Pet Shop Boys? Yes.

Weezer? They're okay.

Red Hot Chili Peppers? Yes.

Nick Cave? Yes.

The Pixies? Yes.

KRS-One? No.

The Juice Crew? Never heard of them.

2414. Have you ever seen a movie in 3-D? Yes.

2415. How difficult do you think it is for immigrants to come into your country? Too easy, at times.

How difficult is it for them to become citizens? Very.

2416. Do you have what it takes to go live in another country, maybe for years, where you don't speak the language as your first language? Depends how proficient you are at learning the language.

2418. Have you ever died in your dreams? Probably.

2419. Do you like:

Douglas Adams? Eh, he's okay-ish.

Kurt Vonnegut? He's all right.

Tom Robbins? He's okay-ish.

Philip K. Dick? He's okay-ish.

Orson Scott Card? Never read his books.

2420. What clothing size are you? None of your business. :P

What size do you wish you were? Dunno... 10?

Did you know that Marilyn Monroe was a size 12, and lotsa people think she's HOT)? Yes.

2421. Does science leave room for faith? Not really.

Does faith leave room for science? Not really.

2422. What book should our political leaders read, and why? No idea.

2423. Why and under what circumstances are people more likely to buy brand names rather then their generic counterparts? I read "generic" as "genetic." I think I need more sleep... but probably because the people trust the brand names more and think they're an assurance of quality. Of course, the people COULD just be very status-conscious... :P

2424. What is your favorite glass object? Crystal.

2425. Do you like to window shop? Kinda...

2426. Have you ever loved someone so much it just turned to hate? Yes...

2427. What is arrogance? Overbearing pride evidenced by a superior manner toward inferiors.

2428. Are you more liberal or conservative? Conservative.

2429. When there is a presidential election in the USA, why do we never hear anything about the third-party candidates? Do you even know who they were last time? Don't know, and no idea.

2430. Are you more likely to buy one really nice expensive outfit, or a couple of cheap outfits? A couple of cheap ones.

2431. If you could... would you wear everything once, throw it out, buy something new? Probably not, but that's an entertaining idea. :D

2432. Do you believe that people have a responsibility to be:

good to other people? Yes.

good at their job? Yes.

helpful to the earth (not litter, so recycle)? Yes.

aware consumers (not buy animal-tested products, not buy products that were made in sweatshops, etc.)? Yes.

non-wasteful (not spend their money frivolously when they could save it to help others)? Yes.

charitable (donating money, volunteering)? Depends.

Which of the above are you? Good to people, good at job, charitable...

2433. How do you feel about the Internet? I love it, but there's too much porn... and too many viruses / pop-up ads / pop-under ads.

Should there be laws and censorship on the Internet? Yes.

2434. Can you think of any questions that aren't already on this survey? No.

2435. Does sleep seem like a little death to you? No.

2436. Have you ever seen (and if yes, what did you think of it?):

Joy Ride? No.

Ghost World? No.

Monsters, Inc.? No.

Queen of the Damned? No.

Office Space? No.

2437. At what age did you find out that Santa Claus wasn't real? Nine or ten.

2438. How many pairs of shoes do have in your closet?: Five.

Do you like to wear the same shoes every day, or do you like a variety?: Same shoes.

2439. How many lovers have you had? Not many.

2440. Have you ever had surgery? For what? Yes... my disability.

2441. What puts you in the mood for sex? Certain triggers. ;)

2442. Have you ever been on alcohol or drugs while at school or work? No.

2443. What do you think of Martha Stewart? Ew.

2445. What do you think of:

British people? Reserved, but I love their accents!

Australians? Very laid-back and cool... those accents are KILLER!

Americans? Eh, they're all right... but kinda egocentric. =/


Mexicans? Eh, I'm neutral.

French people? Cool culture and everything!

Germans? They're cool.

2446. What do you do to cure the hiccups? Drink water.

2447. What is the FIRST thing you do when you come home from school or work? Go online, haha.

2448. Are you a slob? Too much so, sometimes.

2449. Do you have a good work ethic? I'd like to think so.

2450. Are you a pack-rat? Yeah, most of the time.

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Monday, December 26, 2005

Hockey and plans

Lost 2-1 to the Calgary Flames tonight.. now they're 0-8 against teams from Alberta, and 0-5 so far in this six-game homestand. Kiprusoff's best friend was the post / crossbar, heh. Three stars: Kiprusoff, Jovanovski, and Jordan Leopold. But at least Canada beat Finland 5-1 in the World Junior Hockey Championships!

Melissa and I are trying to figure out what to do on Tuesday / Thursday that's both cost-efficient and interesting. She'll visit a friend at his coffee shop workplace, get her hockey games in, and might want to go to museums and such... I invited her to Eric M.'s NYE hangout to watch the PPV Vancouver-Minnesota game in the afternoon (then movies or such later), but we figure she'll do whatever Steph does. (and that will be figured out when she gets back!) Eric H. is going to that hockey thing, and I think I will too. Now, to look up stuff online that meets our guidelines...

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Melissa here, hockey games, sneaky gift-giving, downloading the Internet

Well, Melissa's finally here: too bad Jon's still not feeling well with a fever! I think we won't go shopping today, as there's too many crowds and such at the mall. I think today will be mostly spent chilling: two hockey games on the radio / TV later! (gotta thank Eric H. for making my TV picture green, haha... and I can blame the apartment management for the TV's state of non-workingness, heh) Let's see... Finland game on at 4 (TEAM 1040) and the Canucks-Calgary game at 7 on CKNW. I can always get those Guinness / Ripley's books at a later date, haha... I need to get cash from the bank at some point to pay my sister back for the US-Switzerland tickets, anyhow. Terrence is in town as well, but we'll see what happens with him after everyone gets settled. It'll be cool. :D

Ooh, Chris' mom is SNEAKY... I loaned her a Bathroom Reader a while ago, and I didn't think anything of it when she gave it back to me yesterday. Then I looked at it just now: she'd also given me a card, a lovely velvet bookmark with my name on it in gold (plus a golden heart), and a pretty mitt ornament. Very unexpected, heh. Then again, my sister is sneaky, too... she emailed me a while ago "out of curiosity" to ask if I had (read) The Book of Lists, The Canadian Edition: The Original Compendium of Curious Information. Guess what was in my present from Melissa's family... they also gave me a $20 Chapters gift card, too. So I gave her a notebook and a book in return, hee.

Downloading the Internet

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Download progress / Questions 2351-2400 of 5000

I need to get more progress done on this Arrogant Worms download: it was barely half done in 12 hours, sigh. Thank goodness for pausing / resuming downloads! I'll see what I can get done tonight while I sleep, heh.

Note: LJ Santa Capture Caper, and Christmas at LJ blogquizzes. (by Aubrey)

Got these questions from this QuestionClub LJ post by Arthurbulla. I'm going to post the survey in 50-question batches, like the original. No worries there! Five thousand questions and answers wouldn't fit as an entry, anyhow. :P

The only complete copy... you'll have to go around erasing answers.

2351. Imagine you are in a writing class. You have been split off into groups. Each group must write an essay and read it to the class. When one group reads, you recognize their essay as being plagiarized from the Internet, but the teacher doesn't know it. Do you say something? Yes.

2352. Let's say you decide to wait until after class and tell the teacher in private. The teacher tells you he cannot change the grades of the plagiarizing group because he has already entered them into his grade book. They got the highest grade in the class on this assignment. How do you feel? Like I've been cheated, and like it's really unfair.

What do you do? I tell the vice-principal and maybe he can do something about it.

2353. Imagine that all of your friends at school (or work) have a mutual friend, Ash. One day Ash gets really drunk, throws on a ski mask, and robs the school club treasury (or work petty cash). The next day you hear from friends what Ash did. The principal (or boss) is trying to find out who did it because now there will not be enough money for a senior prom or trip this year (yes, you and your friends are seniors). You know you will lose all of your in-school friends if you rat out Ash. What do you do? I probably wouldn't rat him out, but I might if it could be done privately / anonymously.

2354. If you ran over an animal, would you get out of the car to try and make sure it was okay? Yes.

If it was someone's cat (collared with address), would you knock on their door and apologize, for running over their cat? Probably not... you never know what people will do these days. I might leave an unsigned note, though...

2355. What places do you get energy from? Nathan's! haha

What places drain you of energy? Any place where my mom is, heh.

2356. There is a kid in high school who is horribly teased, picked on, and made fun of. If this teased person sues the people who made fun of them, who should win? He should, for his pain and suffering.

2357. Do you have an interest in:

guns? No.

explosives? No.

Marilyn Manson? Not really.

trench coats? Not really.

the Mafia? Kinda...

death? Sorta...

Satanism? No!

Nazis? Kinda... but the only kind of Nazi I'll ever be is a spelling / grammar Nazi. :P

that Doom game? No.

2358. If some kids shoot up their school because they were made fun of, whose fault is it (the teasers, the kids who shot up the school, the shooters' parents, all, other, etc.)? The teasers, because they drove the kids to take drastic action.

2359. Is sex an act of magic? Probably not...

2360. Why do we drive on the parkway and park in the driveway? No clue.

2361. When do you get your most peaceful and satisfying sleep? When I don't have to get up at a certain time, when I'm not being bothered by worry, etc.

2362. What gets you going in the morning? Knowing something nice will happen.

2363. Are dreams messages? Sometimes.

2364. Do you get along better with guys or girls (as friends)? Guys, probably.

2365. Technology or simplicity? Simplicity.

2366. Just because we can do something in science, does that always mean that we should do it? No!

Is there anything you think we should NOT do? Cloning, stem cell research, etc.

2367. How many points is the letter Z worth in Scrabble? 10.

In your computer, what does RAM stand for? Random access memory.

In poker, which hand is better: four of a kind or a straight? Four of a kind.

What is the official language of Australia? English.

On what continent would you find British Columbia? Original answer: " *shrug* " I have NO words. The answer, of course, is North America. :P

2368. Do you trust your government? Not really.

2369. I am now going to ask one of the hardest questions in the history of the universe...

How are you? I'm good because I'm talking to Corey, and I'm bad because I've had enough of certain situations / people.

2370. What promise could you never keep? I couldn't keep the promise of NOT telling anyone if my friend was going to commit suicide.

2371. No cat has 8 tails. Every cat has one tail more than no cat. How many tails does every cat have? Nine.

2372. How do you feel about green and purple ketchup? Cool, dude.

2373. Why are movie plots so superficial? No idea.

Would you prefer a movie with great character and story, or great special effects (don't pick both, that's cheating)? Great character and story.

2374. Will you marry me? No... you'd have to do something a lot more stupendous than a 5000-Question survey to get my hand in marriage, even if same-sex marriage IS legal here.

2375. You like shopping in the antique store, don't you? Not really.

How about the used book store? Those are awesome!

2376. Use a simile to describe yourself: Leslie is like a solitary plant in a new field of grass.

Good. Now use a metaphor: Leslie is a house in a hurricane.

2377. Say hello to Mr. Praying Mantis outside my window. Uh.. hi?

2378. I have to know... what is the difference between the potty and the loo (I always thought that potty was a common nickname for toilet.. and I thought that loo was the same thing)? The loo is the bathroom, and the potty is the actual toilet.

Also, what are fingerboards? A mini-skateboard for your fingers.

AND what is with "skirts you can't see"? I have absolutely no idea.

If you can't see them, then are you allowed to wear them in school? Of course not!

One more thing. What does it mean when someone is "just wet"? I don't think I should disseminate this information here, since it's of a sexual nature. Go Google it if you're curious. :P

2379. Have you ever experienced culture shock? No.

2380. In one half hour from when I type this, it will be the anniversary of 9/11. Imagine you were trapped in one of those burning buildings or on a hijacked airplane. Maybe you are lucky enough to have a cell phone with you. Who would you call and what would you say to them in those last few minutes? If I had a last few minutes, I'd try to make sure my survival instinct was still extant. But if not, I'd call my family to tell them that I loved them and to tell my friends the same thing...

The people in that building were not aware that terror would strike on such an average seeming day. Anything can happen. Maybe you should tell people how you really feel now.. just in case.... Okay...

2381. Do you ever go to school or work when you feel like you do not look your best? Yeah, all the time.

Does doing this affect your whole day? Not really.

2382. What makes someone a patriot? If they're really gung-ho about their country.

Do patriots agree with everything their government says? Possibly.

2383. What's the most interesting object in the room with you? The postcards that I got from Charlotte recently. :D

2384. Do you believe that everyone who doesn't believe in your religion is going to hell? No, that's wrong.

2385. What is the best thing about winter? Being able to have an excuse to stay indoors.

2386. Would you ever shovel your neighbor's walk to be nice? Yes.

2387. If you don't say what you are thinking, isn't that a form of lying because you aren't showing your true self? No.

2388. Have you ever looked back at someone you loved and wondered, "What attracted me to THEM?" HAHA, oh yes!

2389. What do you think of Drew Barrymore? Eh, she's certainly gone downhill.

2390. Is there anything you don't do? Smoke, do drugs, have sex, eat pork uteri, tell people how I really feel, etc.

2391. Do you think people see you who you are, or what you are? Who I am... at least, I hope!

2392. Is this survey getting outrageous? Yup.

Truly, truly, truly outrageous? Yes.

2393. Pick 3 random letters: C, D, and Z.

Now think of the first 3 things that pops into your head that starts with each letter. Chinchilla, dovecote, and zirconia.

2394. Do you dress more revealing, or more covered-up? Covered-up.

a) If you dress more revealing, why do you choose to dress like that?

b) If you dress more covered-up, what do you think of people that are more revealing? I think they are sluts / pimps / skanks.

2395. What does it take to be a "real gentleman"? Opening the door for you, visiting you when you're sick, hold onto you when you walk, hold onto you in general, be protective and caring, communicate often, so much more

2396. Where would you go if you were going somewhere you don't usually go? Sean's place!

Who would you talk to if you were going to talk to someone you don't usually talk to? Danny.

What would you read if you were going to read a book that you wouldn't usually read? Probably some book about graphic sexual acts. :P

Why don't you try doing SOMETHING unusual for you, just to see what comes of it? Eh, nah. That would probably result in disaster. :P

2397. On the one-year Sept. 11th anniversary, the New York lottery's winning numbers were 9, 1 and 1. Do you believe this is fate, coincidence, or a conspiracy / plan? Fate.

2398. Did you know there is a lie in the middle of the word believe? Yes.

2399. When (and if) people (or animals) go to heaven... are they issued a harp and a halo? In other words, do they become angels? Yes.

2400. What is your most important body part? Eyes.

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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Dinner at Dave's / Winnie's email about Megan

Had Christmas dinner at Dave's.. it was all right, although I could have done without being away from home all day. Guess I'll have to get certain Guinness / Ripley's books for myself, since I didn't get them this year... but that's all right, my trust can be eroded further. :P

Oh yay... Melissa comes tomorrow! Guess I'd better pray hard that Jon feels well... ;)

Winnie emailed a bunch of us with news on her baby daughter Megan, and of their move. She attached cute photos of baby and parents..

MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and your family from our family!

Like many other new parents (or not) this year, we somehow ran out of time (and lacked the organization to write our Christmas cards and many thank-you cards!) and therefore, we are sending you our greetings by email instead. As many of you know, we have experienced a few big changes the past year.

First of all – we want to thank you all for your emails, cards, and gifts for the birth of our daughter, Megan Hannah, back in May, 2005. Many of you received the email announcement of her birth 05/05/05. She is doing well. We cannot believe how quickly she is growing. She is now 7.5 months old. She has outgrown many of her clothes. She has two bottom teeth now; she is eating solids; she is sitting on her own, standing with support, and trying to crawl but still doing face-plants. She is a lot of fun! We did have a rough first 3 months with her and with the advice and encouragement from many of you during that time, she is now healthy and thriving.

Secondly, for those of you who don't know – we have moved. Yes, we have left our condo in Vancouver (where we lived for over 4 years) and then decided (Winnie did) it was too cramped and noisy for our little girl. In October, after some renovations, we moved. Kenny's parents are living with us, and of course, the built-in babysitting is just wonderful.

Please email / write / call us and if you're in Vancouver – come visit anytime. We'd love to hear from you or see you!

We wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Love from

Kenny, Winnie, and Megan J

PS – We've attached some (very) recent photos of Megan (plus or minus parents).

The photos in question can be found here.

Santa Megan:

Image hosted by

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Is Christmas over yet?

Today went all right as far as things with my mom were concerned: Corey did tell me to try to survive her before he went to bed, so that was nice. :) I got up with just enough time to throw on some clothes, start a 240MB Arrogant Worms download (which will hopefully be done when I get home tonight), and brush my teeth / wash my face... that was pretty good for not setting an alarm, even! Maybe God wanted me at church, heh.

I had to wear the stupid object that she was going on about (I planned to wear it to surprise her, but she went on so much about it last night that I wasn't going to)... appeasing Asian mothers isn't easy. *sigh* A bunch of people noticed it, which is what I was afraid of... even little Nathan did, and said I looked weird... thanks, kid. My mother wanted me to have comments from people about it, but I didn't! (it's too embarrassing for me, but she doesn't understand... revenge / payback for the past?)

The baby dedication was cute, though: I like babies, but won't have one of my own till a LONG time from now! I gave Chung, Joe, and Rosanna birthday cards (and wished Julianna a happy birthday)... yup, their birthday is on Christmas Day! Then I gave Silvester and Hien birthday cards, too... theirs aren't till NYE and the day before, but whatever works! Joe / Helen / Nathaniel, Denise / Brian / Julie, and some others got Christmas cards too... Julie gave me some baked goods and a card from her and her siblings. (they do this every year, heh) Then at Sunday School, I got half a Chinese cake / a musical little teddy bear / some candy / a snowman plush. At home, my mom was regifting stuff like it was going out of style: oh well, I might do that too! She gave me pink gloves (NOT my color, which she thinks I like! :P), some "Porcelain Ornament of the Month" angel thing, a huge Toblerone bar, some special shampoo (yay...), and a notebook with a cat on it. (that last has great regifting potential, haha... only because I have enough of those things :P) She also gave me some cookies and cereal for Melissa, whom she characterizes as weird because "Melissa doesn't drink coffee, and she doesn't like eating that much... she'll have cereal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!" If that's weird, I can show her even more weird stuff... but probably won't, heh. I like my sanity intact, thanks so much. :P

After church, we went for lunch with Sam's family and others in this HOT crowded dim sum place! We were squished like sardines at a large table... thank goodness we can appreciate our heritage, or else we'd be horrified! I have an excuse to not go on some mini-vacation with the parents and Jon after New Year's, since Awana is starting again after a two-week break. (normally, we'd get three) My mom thought I was lying to get out of it, but then I wouldn't do that. Sam had no idea when we started again, but it's all right... I need my downtime, after all. ;) We had a LOT of food at lunch: crab, fish, veggies, noodles, shrimp, BBQ pork buns, and more. Thank goodness my mom's attention was focused elsewhere. :D

After a while, we're going to Dave's place for dinner: apparently, his mom has made turkey / hot and sour soup / who knows what else. Dave did confirm to me today that his mom was cooking up a storm... I'm not surprised! More... food.... can't.... take... it.... Then Melissa and Terrence arrive tomorrow, Jon's friends arrive the day after, and Kate arrives next week... it'll be interesting around here, to say the least!

Oh, and Steph said that Mom was out of it when they got home last night from bubble tea at Dragon Ball. Apparently, they woke her up when talking upstairs... she came out of her room and asked them whether they were leaving yet to go to church for breakfast! Steph's answer: "No, Mom... it's 1 AM!" Then they woke her up again this morning at 7:30 because Steph answered a phone call for Jon... aiyoh. She's losing it in more ways than one, haha.

Jazz and such to look up on torrents for my brother:

* Tim Berne
* Globe Unity Orchestra
* William Parker
* Evan Parker
* Matthew Shipp
* Susie Ibarra
* Boris

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Merry Christmas! / Candy's Christmas gift / Questions 2301-2350 of 5000

Had dinner tonight at Pastor Fulton's house... it was okay, as Jon / Steph / Sarah / Vernon and I discussed a bunch of topics. But I'm glad to be home finally. :) I'd talk to Corey more, but he's already gone to sleep... I should head that way, too. He says he'll tell me about any neat toys tomorrow... I hope I have the time to talk to him then!

Merry Christmas, I guess... I don't feel like doing much, but I have to. Darn being social. :P

Oh, and since it's now officially Christmas, I can open the present that my online friend Candy and her husband George sent me. (I did this last year with the perfidious blackguard Yazmine's shortbread / memo pad, and Rosanna's Almond Roca) Like I said earlier, it feels like a book... I hope it's not a DVD, as I don't have a DVD player! *unwraps gift* Hey, it's the Canadian Hockey Collection! Sweet! (Canadian Hockey Record Breakers, Weird Facts About Canadian Hockey, and Greatest Moments in Canadian Hockey all in one collection! Whee!) This is the best present this year! :D

Got these questions from this QuestionClub LJ post by Arthurbulla. I'm going to post the survey in 50-question batches, like the original. No worries there! Five thousand questions and answers wouldn't fit as an entry, anyhow. :P

The only complete copy... you'll have to go around erasing answers.

2301. Who is hotter, Trent Reznor or David Bowie? Original answer: "Who?!!!" What a flipping idiot! DUH. My answer: David Bowie.

2302. Have you ever been to the following diaries on If yes, what do you think.. if not, then based on the name, does it sound interesting to you?

I haven't been to any of them, so these are my impressions.

#¹ Me_Mone: Not interesting.

**PennyLane**: Maybe interesting if based on the Beatles tune... if not, I'll pass.

AngelofGod: Not interesting... probably all full of God stuff. :P

~*car_chic*~: EW, not interesting at all.

~*PunkRockPrincess*~: Might be all right...

~*thisismenow*~: Not interesting.

~<3Starry Eyes<3~: Not interesting.

Angelic Kitty: EWWWWWW, no thanks!

Atlas Shrugged~: Might be cool if based on Ayn Rand... otherwise not.

Bethany619: EW, not interesting.

ConejaDelSol: I dunno... maybe not.

DarkRogue: Could be interesting.

flowergirly: Yuck, no.

fullofshit: Uh, I'll probably pass on this one.

i wish i were a boy: Haha, I might look for laughs.

ILoveMyGuitar: Might be cool.

Jamez: No way.

lilpchez: Yuck, nope.

lolipopprincess: Ew, no.

Orange Avenger: Maybe...

pink~*~lemon: Yuck, no.

Returner: Probably not.

Shattered Peace: Might look.

spiffy's surveys: Might look.

Survey Slut: Might look.

the[rapist]: Might look.

Can you guess the one thing that all of these diaries have in common? These people are probably the losers of the Internet... hah.

2303. Do you ever get so nervous that you can't even think? Yes.

2304. Do you sing when there is no music? No.

2305. Is there really a difference between casting a spell and saying a prayer? Oh yeah.

2306. Why does the US dollar bill have a pyramid on it? No clue.

2307. Who was the best president in history, and why? No clue.

2308. What would you say about PUNK? Sentiment C.

A. I am punk.

B. Don't label me.

C. Punk is dead.

D. What the hell is punk?

E. Fructose!

2309. What would you say about the Sex Pistols? Probably C.

A. I love 'em.

B. I hate 'em.

C. They're dropping like flies.

D. Who are they?

E. Hot in here, ain't it?

2310. Do you own plaid? Sentiment C.

A. Yes.

B. No.

C. Yes and no.

D. I don't know.

E. F*ck.

2311. What would you rather do? Sentiment B.

A. Piss on you.

B. Yak your ear off about anarchy.

C. Hold hands.

D. Fly a kite.

E. Be able to lick my own genitals.

2312. Best groups? Choice A or C.

A. Sex Pistols or the Clash?

B. Avril or Blink-182?

C. Bowie, Morrison, Lennon, or Hendrix?

D. Disco, rap, or country?

E. Spice Girls.

Count up how many of each letter you answered for the last 5 questions.


B's: You are a wannabe poser... get a life, not a label

A's: You are a pretentious wannabe poser, which is worse than being a normal wannabe poser... get a life, not a label

C's: You know what's going on with punk. We are proud of you. (gold star) BUT you took this waaaay too seriously. It's a stupid online test. Relaaaax.

D's: You have been living under a rock.. which is good, because MTV hasn't fried your brain. We like that about you. Don't change.

E's: You did a GREAT job of not taking this test seriously. Good for you.

Disclaimer: I didn't write this punk quiz thingy. I just sort of borrowed it as filler.


What'd ya get? Mostly C's. Yay for me! :D

2313. What is your favorite flavor of schnapps? Raspberry.

2314. There are 2 types of people in this world. People who think there are 2 types of people in this world, and people who are too smart for that. Which are you? The latter.

2315. What do you have faith in (The answers "nothing" or "I have no faith" are unacceptable, so here are some possible choices in case you get stuck: life, myself, the world, human emotion, kindness, etc.)? I have faith in kindness.

2316. Do you:

Wait here or go there? Wait here.

Come in or stay out? Come in.

Be yourself or be someone else? Be myself.

Obey the law or break the law? Obey the law.

Be ambitious or be modest? Be modest.

Plan ahead or be spontaneous? Be spontaneous.

Decide for yourself or listen to others? Listen to others.

Save money or spend money? Spend...

2317. Are you:

Good or evil? Good.

wise or foolish? Foolish.

safe or dangerous? Safe.

satisfied or envious? Envious.

honest or deceitful? Honest.

faithful or perfidious? Faithful.

sane or mad? Mad.

strong or weak? Strong.

enigmatic or plain? Plain.

aggressive or peaceful? Peaceful.

brave or timid? Timid.

humane or cruel? Cruel.

critical or appreciative? Appreciative.

temperamental or calm? Calm.

sad or happy? Happy.

normal or unusual? Unusual.

2318. I am a black person.
I am a person who is black.

Are these two sentences saying exactly the same thing, or are they saying different things? Same thing.

How about:

I am a Christian person.
I am a person who is Christian. Same thing.

2319. Do you feel more connected to the sun or the moon? Moon... I'm a night person!

2320. Do flaws make people stronger? Yes.

2321. Do you think that people should be allowed to ask for money in exchange for granting an interview to the media (say a WTC survivor, for example)? I suppose.

2322. Would you think that it's inappropriate for a woman who is not married (we'll say she's in a relationship, though) to leave a note in a married man's car saying that she'll miss him when he starts working a different shift? Yes.

2323. Would you rather never have sex again, or have sex once with a walrus? Never again.

2324. Do you close your eyes when you:

sleep? Yes.

dream? Yes.

cry? No.

imagine? Yes.

kiss? I wouldn't know, since I don't do that.

Is this because the most beautiful things in the world are unseen? Sure, why not.

2325. Are you more kinky or vanilla (sexually)? If I had that kind of life, then I'd be more vanilla.

What is the kinkiest thing you've ever done? ... I can't answer that question.

2326. What good is a field on a fine summer night if you sit all alone with the weeds? No good at all.

2327. What is culture made of? Original answer: "Culture." Way to not answer the question. :P It's made up of people, the mores of society, and much more than that.

What things make up American culture? Music and guns, haha.

2328. What will the most common Halloween costume be this year? Pop princesses.

What was it last year? Martha Stewart, haha.

2329. Is love a choice, or something that can't be helped? Can't be helped.

2330. Wow. You look like you've lost weight. Have you? Probably not, with all the holiday food I've been eating and will eat.

2331. What is your preferred method of birth control? I don't need birth control, since I don't do anything that necessitates such measures.

2332. Is there someone you see everyday (or sometimes) that you would like to hug and talk to, but you just don't know them well enough? Hmm... certain online people, yeah.

2333. Are you or have you ever been in a band? No.

2334. Here are 4 statements about me. Only one of them is true. Which one is it?

A. I lost my mind doing drugs.

B. I've been arrested before.

C. I have 9 cats.

D. I have a children's book published.

Probably A... that would explain the horrible spelling on this quiz.

2335. What do you think of the Smashing Pumpkins? They were cool.

2336. Would you wear a thong bathing suit in public? No.

2337. Hello, I love you... won't you tell me your name? Yay for the Doors! Name's Leslie.

2338. If you had to be surgically attached at the hip for two years to either Britney Spears, George W. Bush, or an ugly creepy nasty troublesome nice troll... who would you pick and why? The troll, because you happened to have put the word "nice" in his / her description... therefore it would definately be better than George Bush and Britney Spears because those two would be dodgy. :P

2339. Let's assume that there is a "meaning of life": a reason for humans to be here on this planet. Would you give up both of your legs and one of your arms if it would mean everyone would learn the meaning of life? No, probably not.

Would you give them up if it would mean the world would become a perfect utopia, and everyone would be happy and no one would fight? Probably.

2340. If you could meet God and talk to him for 5 hours, *or* find out whether or not there is intelligent life on other planets and make contact with them... which would you pick and why? (Note: If you meet God, you will never find out if there is intelligent life on other planets, so you can't ask God if aliens exist. Also, you would get no proof that you had talked to him or HER. And finally, if God doesn't exist... then you don't get to meet him or HER!) Whoa... tough question. I'd probably choose to meet God.

2341. Would you rather have sex for five hours, or two minutes? If you're a virgin, would you rather have a lollipop or cotton candy? Cotton candy.

2342. Before you read this question, pick a person from your life, any person. (You have to be thinking about someone before you continue!) Would you rather have the ability to watch that person for one hour per day, or would you rather have that person watch you for one hour per day? Who is it, and why? (you pick the hour - they don't know that they are being watched - it's like there are invisible TV cameras following them around)? Probably I'd rather have the ability to watch Corey for an hour per day, because I just know I'm a klutz in real life!

2343. Would you rather be guaranteed to have your dream job, or never be heartbroken? Dream job... sometimes you can learn from heartbreak.

2344. Have you thought about death today? Yes.

2345. What is a continental breakfast? Muffins, waffles, food from all different places in the world.

2346. God help you if you are an ugly one...

Of course, too pretty is also your demise, because everyone harbors a secret hatred for the prettiest girl in the room. Which would you rather be? Pretty.

2347. What's Growing in Your Rectum? .... I don't want to know!

2348. Have you ever hit a stop sign or made some other dumb traffic move? No.

2349. Are you the life of the party? No.

Do you wish you were? No.

2350. Sdrawkcab daer uoy nac? Yes.

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