Saturday, February 26, 2011

"When you're 48 or 50, would you go to Sleep Country or the hospital?"

Ada and her family picked me up at almost 4, and I talked to Ian about the snow / hail / rain for a bit. He was concerned that we'd be late, but his dad and I told him that it would be okay because of the weather. At church, I said hi to Chrystal (who's going on a Mexican cruise with her parents for the next two weeks - NICE!) and Golden, then helped Daniel count loonies / toonies / quarters. Said hi to Joshua, who waved back as he was more interested in looking at the Awana store display items - a toy football, a lightsaber, a Lite Brite toy, a huge soft stuffed animal, and more! Auntie Vivian liked my red toque, and Auntie Rebecca said hi to us. Aaron told me that he was feeling better, which is good. The kids were having fun with games, and Gerard told me that he could feel the wind through the doors. I went up to the window to get a closer look at the falling snow myself!

Saw Grandma on my way out, so said hi. On the way home, we discussed the hospital / Sleep Country and other bedding stores / age and sleep tests / wires / no privacy / feet being wet / gas / thirstiness / being QUIET so Ada could concentrate on driving / Hong Kong toilets or holes in the ground. At home, I just discussed stuff with Teunis: what food we were in the mood for, porkchops, fake ads for tequila, grilled cheese sandwiches, EVE ONLINE having its own stock market, and more. Chinese Eric popped on MSN to say that he's taking a break as his mom suggested - resting a lot at home because you're very tired is a good thing to do! Says working in Hong Kong was a real test of human character, both professionally and personally. I also think it's a good thing that he's leaving his ex alone - CRAZY GIRL!

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Snowy weather is BAD for driving - are you INSANE?!

I checked Facebook, and found this as Jenny's status: "In the span of one block on No. 5 & Westminster Hwy: 2 cars in the ditch, 2+ car collisions, and 4+ cars on the side with 4-way lights on. Oh, and an ambulance." Yeah, I don't think I'm going out alone today if I can help it, which is what she highly recommended! Called Steph to see if she could give me a ride to tomorrow's dinner (which I assume is still on), and she said she could. She accidentally called me "honey," which was embarrassing because Lisa was around, haha! Teunis called Jordan to see what was up - he's actually SKIPPING tonight's gaming / eating session unless people call to say he should come out (which will take him an hour), which is good in view of the weather and bad drivers! Then I called Henry, who is actually still in Winnipeg till tonight; accidental long-distance calls are AWKWARD!

Called Ada, who said she's planning to make it out to Awana today - well, as long as she picks me up and such, it should be fine. Nobody's called to say Awana has been cancelled, after all... then Teunis called someone who really tried convincing him to make it out to gaming / eating - apparently, this person doesn't think that the weather should be a problem because HE drives really quickly and won't need 90 minutes to make it out.

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SKY HIGH, ENCHANTED, and skiing / sledding / skating / snowboarding

I updated my recap entry while Teunis put on SKY HIGH last night - I remember watching that at Erik's, and it IS better written than the cadaver movie, haha! Had him help me with opening the jar of raspberry jam, and then had a nice simple meal of a sandwich and chicken noodle soup. I saw that the lip balm is on sale at London Drugs, so I can go there if there's no snow... I should just give Martin a birthday card since his birthday is coming up on March 1, haha. Then Teunis put on ENCHANTED - movies as background noise is cool! I just checked the weather outside, and it's snowing lightly - DAMMIT!

This just in from Spoz: If you hate the new photo viewer on Facebook? Hit the F5 key after the picture comes up and it will return you to the old way of viewing the photo, and remove the black box around it. Pass it on!

You Are Sledding

You are a very self-aware person, but you never take yourself too seriously.

You have an ironic view of life and yourself. When things get tough, you can get philosophical.

You are easygoing and easy to please. You love to break out of your comfort zone.

You are too much of a generalist to specialize in anything. There are many fields you dabble in.

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Sin and wrath, Cattle Café, and B-movies

Eric picked me up and started bugging me about the snow, but not before he returned Jen's phone call about worship. We talked about Mr. Creep, my "paranoia," hockey, Team 1040, gas prices as they related to current events in Libya (126.9), Mohawks, why I "shouldn't" have disturbances in my psyche (too bad!), the ENEMY, snow angels, and more. Got to the chapel, and Kevin observed that he hadn't seen me in a while on Fridays - hey, I now dislike that since I do my own thing. Borrowed Deb's Bible for the talk on Ephesians 2 - it was way too heavily weighted on sin and wrath for my taste! Kevin, Eric, Cindy, Christon, Martin, and I tried figuring out what to do for Small Group Outing next week: Christon thought hot pot might be an idea (EXPENSIVE!), Cindy suggested doing something for Pastor John (already done), Kevin suggested bowling (I wouldn't go with such a program) and brought up Gloria and Vicky (they're not regular anyway...), I reminded people about budgets, Cindy suggested "sharing and caring" (too positive), and Martin suggested doing something for Pastor Edward since he's retiring soon. I had almost no reservations with that, unless it was scrapbooking.

Christon suggested working on a gift basket at the church, which sounds okay in theory. Talked to Cindy about her students, who behaved better this week. Martin said we could go to the Cattle Café, since there was one in Richmond - I said that it wasn't far at ALL! Christon then said maybe not for me and Eric, but for everyone else... hey, as long as we don't have to go too far at first! We talked to Wesley, Darren (he feels appreciated!), and Andrea before leaving - sports bar stuff is good! Later, Eric and I drove Jon home - we discussed the talk (too religious), Mexican mole (they'd made some at Jon's yesterday - WHY DIDN'T ERIC TELL ME?), Jeremy being sick / having little energy, and more. Afterwards, we discussed the gas cap / snow / Mason Raymond / plans while listening to Team 1040. Got home and thought about last year, lip balm, and more while discussing FOOD and bad writing in B-movies (THE LOST SKELETON OF CADAVRA) with Teunis.

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Friday, February 25, 2011

Unconventional childhood, DORA bubble bath, Eric and weddings, clinginess

Teunis and I discussed his unconventional childhood, multiple languages, Dolly Parton, philosophy, games, building up confidence, communication, literature, blonde bimbos, Brandy acting like one when she's really very intelligent, gaydar, alchemy, disturbing movies, Terry Gilliam / John Cleese / MONTY PYTHON / LIFE OF BRIAN, a radio show on being Canadian, and not seeing most TV till he was 11. We also talked about Nicolas Cage / Keanu Reeves / Clint Eastwood (no romantic interests!) having wooden expressions / acting, IMDB, Tom Waits / Johnny Depp / Colin Farrell / Jude Law in THE IMAGINARIUM OF DR. PARNASSUS, THE CURSE OF THE GOLDEN FLOWER, WASABI, Laura Ingalls Wilder / LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE, Disney Princesses / Dora the Explorer / Spider-Man / TOY STORY Pixar bubble bath, tall tales involving the devil, and more prior to his taking a bath last night.

When I finally COULD go to sleep at 8 AM (blah), I had a dream where I was in this mall with a Sears and a dollar store in the same space. My friend and I bought a LOT of chocolate-covered raisins, and broke two small Ziploc bags with the weight of the candies, which were scattered all over the black conveyor belt. The cashier handed us a medium-sized bag and told us to make do with it. We eventually did, and this old guy who'd been watching us all the time said that he was happy we'd managed to do it, but added that he'd better not add any more comments. I fixed him with my blackest look and said he'd better NOT, then we left posthaste to meet white Eric, who was driving me to Karen and Jason's wedding the next day. We were at the wedding and banquet from 10 AM to midnight, and then we got to do it all over again the day after that for church and other things. The banquet was especially fun since we got to do things with the white tablecloth! I woke up (at 5 PM) when Eric was driving me from the homey restaurant in the rain. What the?!

Discussed paperwork, white Eric's dietary restrictions, the fruit, the Police being punk (I thought it was new wave!), the Madness song OUR HOUSE being punk, Australia, US citizenry, my "I never repeat myself, so listen carefully" mug, headaches, Sarah McLachlan, Internet radio, oil, fried eggs, aspirin, artificial sweeteners, chemicals, pancakes, his kitchen, and such with Teunis. Christine got on FB chat to say that apparently (according to her dad) we can expect 15 cm of snow... YIKES!

You Are Not Clingy

You couldn't cling to someone even if you tried. You're too busy being independent.

You're perfectly happy to do your own thing, and to be honest, relationships mess up your groove.

Make sure you make enough space to have someone else in your life ... even if you're single right now.

A little clinging can be nice in small doses. Try it sometime!

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Word Facts for Feb. 19-25, 2011

Word origin for the weekend of Feb. 19-20, 2011: playing with a full deck - This phrase, which first appears in about 1930 in a detective story by Dashiell Hammett, is almost always used in the negative: someone who is not "playing with a full deck" - of cards, that is - is missing something needed to negotiate the game of life. The phrase is used less commonly now than more recent expressions such as "a taco shy of a combination plate."

Word origin for Feb. 21, 2011: the only thing we have to fear is fear itself - With this resounding phrase from his first inaugural address in 1933, President Franklin D. Roosevelt encouraged Americans to look with confidence to the future, never mind the uncertain economy and world picture. His speechwriter deserves applause for the sentiment, though he borrowed it from the Duke of Wellington, who defeated Napoleon Bonaparte at the Battle of Waterloo and remarked afterward, "The only thing I am afraid of is fear."

Word origin for Feb. 22, 2011: boomeritis - Sad to say, at least for them, but the baby boomer generation - roughly those born between 1946 and 1962 - is getting older. The word "boomeritis," formed from "boomer" and the suffix meaning "inflammation of," refers to injuries suffered by aging boomers playing the sports of their youth, straining muscles and such. The word dates to about 2005.

Word origin for Feb. 23, 2011: leviathan - In its first appearance in the Old Testament - in Psalms - "leviathan" is the word for a sea monster that God slays and distributes as food to the hungry. The word later came to be applied to the largest animal in the sea - the whale - and then, following the usage of English philosopher Thomas Hobbes in his book Leviathan, to any huge organization, particularly the government.

Word origin for Feb. 24, 2011: flight - The act of flying has become a noun with other uses, as in "a flight of skaters" and "a flight of wine." The first sense has a clear connection with the verb "to fly," since skaters move as if on air. The second use is less clear, but the term "a flight of wine" means a series of glasses of wine being compared in competition.

Word origin for Feb. 25, 2011: yuppie - This slightly outmoded term, meaning "young urban professional," was introduced into the newspapers by way of demographic jargon in the late 1970s. It first appeared in print in 1980 alongside a variant, "yupper," which has completely fallen out of usage.

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Russell Stover, Josh Groban, Worcestershire sauce, and more!

Went out in the chill this afternoon to get on-sale Valentine's Day gourmet jellybeans / on-sale mouthwash / pads from Shoppers Drug Mart, and on-sale Valentine's Day Reese's peanut butter cups / five bottles of on-sale ginger beer / actual milk (coconut milk is apparently too sweet in hot chocolate) / on-sale Russell Stover chocolates from London Drugs. Got home and discussed stuff with Teunis: my purchases, cravings for cheese sauce, Worcestershire sauce (he can wait for that), an Asian Al Bundy at the Vancouver Public Library (Steph uploaded the picture!), military history, CBC DISPATCHES, hot and sour soup noodles, eggs, LJ private messages from spammer bots, comedians, Josh Groban, eating sausages, water / the environment, poker, toast, opening bottles of Genesis Juice, getting distracted, multi-tasking, a legend / guides for the chocolates, banning of bottled water, FUNNY auto-correct texts, and more.

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Guilds, can openers, tattoos... WILMA!!!!!!!!

Teunis got home at about 12:35 AM, and we discussed Tori Amos being relaxing / listening to words in songs / guessing his gender from writing style / online people's genders and preferences not really mattering / hot chocolate with soy milk or coconut milk / sugar / Neil Gaiman / fuel / his DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS characters / electromagnetic fields / can openers / US currency / walking to the bank sometime / this being HOME / Krista's friend Wilma / Kyle / a guild.

You Should Get a Tattoo on Your Neck

You're the type of person who lives a very alternative and interesting lifestyle.

You can get tattooed (and pierced) to your heart's content. It's not like you're planning on working at Starbucks!

You are daring and decisive. You may seem to act impulsively, but there is a method to your madness.

You think body art is beautiful. You couldn't imagine not having your own unique tattoo.

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Weather warnings, server frustration, good tunes, SHE'LL FIND YOU AND KILL YOU!

Called Steph to ask about the Wally's Burgers deal; it is just today (and she was there with Lisa at the time), but she thought I wouldn't come out because of the weather warning, which I hadn't heard about! If it's snowing / going to snow, I'm definitely not going out anywhere unless I absolutely HAVE to... thank goodness there IS food here! Told her about Teunis' prospective Maple Ridge trip - she recommended bottled water and good tunes for the long drive. He has the latter, but he and the former don't get along so well - at least he has water in general, haha! Maybe I can go hang out with them for lasagna dinner at some point - I'll see her at Neptune Restaurant on Sunday for Grandma's birthday dinner!

Teunis and I talked about some Canadian pop song titled SHE'LL FIND YOU AND SHE'LL KILL YOU - oh my! Also discussed Brenda's realistic "spaghetti and meatballs" cake, stress, weird videos, Bullying Day, there being no dance class tomorrow, Tori Amos, Emilie Simon, a Valhalla song, his "oddball music" playlist, the RAINN fan club, and Neil Young getting sued by Geffen for not sounding like "himself." Discussed Collective Soul, multiple personalities, jellybeans, mail time from Hundred Mile House / Kamloops, abuse, copying server files, damage, David Bowie covers, extreme frustration, being tired / hungry, mango aloe drinks, aloe vera lotion / plants, CD-ROM drives, the Cotard delusion (which Kaitlin liked!), and more. He says he'll celebrate upon his return home by ignoring the world as he plays video games... sounds about right to me for a de-stressing technique!

Hien also told me about this Justin Bieber parody by "Rustin Hieber" - Never Say Never, indeed!

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Raspberry swirl cheesecake cupcakes / Milkshakes!

Teunis and I discussed an epic ONTD "COMMUNIST" post (which of course got deleted), talk shows and a Peter Gabriel song, burgers, raspberry swirl cheesecake cupcakes (fat!), a PENTHOUSE-like email by Rich Cronin, Mandy (a_phoenixdragon) calling him a goofball, playing two characters at once, holiday cinnamon / fresh mint Tic-Tacs, birthday cakes, and more prior to sleeping at 4:30 AM. Got up to discover that he has to drive to Maple Ridge to drop off the Hundred Mile House server; from my days talking to Shae (Nemesis) on ICQ, I know that is one long-ass trek! [he lived in Burnaby, but his sister / parents / best friends lived in Maple Ridge]

You Are a Vanilla Milkshake

You connect easily to other people. You have found your place in the world.

You feel both intensely alive and totally at peace. You are grateful for this life you've been given.

You are a joy to be around, and people love you for being exactly who you are.

You can be protective and stubborn, especially when it comes to your friends and family.

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Gelatin and Worcestershire sauce / Taiwanese students are frustrating! / Steve B.

Steve buzzed me on YM to say that I needed to respond to a particular Our Place thread - oh my. Turns out it has something to do with certain diaries - HA, SO DONE! Teunis and I discussed Viking sagas (the equivalent of the Old Testament), Norse religious texts which seem like the equivalent of Proverbs at first, oyster mushrooms which had gone bad, gelatin, the cranberry cheesecake (finish it today!), spinach noodles, kimchi, TROGDOR / polka, kobolds in DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS with high-pitched voices and a resemblance to a lizard (eating rats), "OOH! SHINY!" (HAHAHAHA!), and fixing the Hundred Mile House server. We also conversed about Steph and Lisa being at the hockey game tonight (we lost 3-2 to the Habs), the Chinese language, being restless, Worcestershire sauce, British pronunciation, cheese sauce, and more. Also talked to Corey for a bit, but discovered that Trillian is still messed in that it doesn't think we're on each other's contact lists!

Corey: I don't know what's wrong with your stuff, but it's still really messed up... you just sent a message, and it says you're offline, and it won't let me reply to you. but.... you're on my list right here... if you send me messages, it's in another window
Flami: um... so I'm guessing the new laptop didn't solve things in that area :(
Corey: that must be because you're using Yahoo (or Trillian?) instead of MSN... or you should use Trillian in MSN mode instead of Yahoo mode, or something
Corey: that's a program / configuration problem, not something weird with your computer
Flami: I'm using Trillian, yeah... I haven't downloaded the individual programs
Corey: try making it use MSN instead of Yahoo for me, then.. I haven't used Trillian in a long time, so I don't really remember how to do that, but you can
Flami: I actually have no idea how to do that... it says you're a Windows Live Messenger contact for me, so..
Corey: you have the Yahoo logo under your name
Corey: Yahoo can talk to MSN now
Flami: so then what can I do?
Corey: I'm sure it's in the settings somewhere
Corey: or I guess it still works like this... you send a message, then I close it and open a new window and reply (once I do that one time it seems to keep working from there :P)
Flami: haha... let's do it the second way since I apparently need to create yet another account to access the Trillian bug database :P
Corey: I have to go in about 45 minutes... I have to go talk with kids that won't even listen to anything I'm saying about student loans (now there's an exciting subject for kids) for two hours...
Corey: that class sucks so much. I teach adults, not kids, but all these 12-year-olds and stuff go to that class and they don't talk... they CAN talk, very well, but they won't do anything in class, and it's pretty damn boring if I just ramble on for two hours...
Flami: HAHAHA, um.... student loans?! Hahaha... what kind of engaging subject is that?
Corey: other classes have people that like ask questions and stuff
Corey: and talk to me
Flami: ooh, ouch
Corey: it's a different article every two days... they're not all great ones :P
Flami: well, no... I didn't think so... this student loan article just seems like one of the lesser ones
Corey: in a good class, the subject doesn't matter at all, they'll just ask me about the vocabulary, how to use the words, other words that sound similar.... but these people will be silent the whole time, and it's my longest class....
Flami: sounds frustrating... I assume you try to make it as interesting as possible
Corey: there's a new guy that came last time,... he talks. lately, there have been at least a couple people that talk, so I just teach them and let the kids stare into space or whatever they feel like doing until it's their turn to read a line in the article
Corey: there's a lady that was there for a while, but she must be taking a break
Corey: Chinese New Year basically ruined all my classes since everyone takes a month off during that time
Flami: oh man
Corey: so all my normal people (well, a lot of them) disappeared, and a bunch of quiet young students showed up instead (the old people I like more were at home taking care of kids that had no school for a while)
Corey: then school started again and the students went away (yay!) but the old people are still gone, so the classes are small and boring now... lots of good people that talk a lot aren't there
Corey: I need them back :P
Flami: well, CNY started on the 3rd, so maybe you'll have them back in a couple of weeks?
Corey: most of them took February off, so I think I should see some people back in March, which is soon... but that won't fix my night class.. the annoying kids drive away almost any adults that come in, plus there are TWO classes at the same level at the same time, by a much more experienced teacher... he has tons of students... too many, actually... I would hate to be in a classroom with that many people :P
Corey: but anyway, I think all the regular people just go to his class, and some kids that don't want to actually do anything go sit in my class
Flami: what do they do that's so annoying?
Corey: they don't talk! then they get bored, because they're not talking
Corey: I can ask them questions, and they just sit there and look at me
Corey: I regard them as useless zombies
Corey: I talk to people that will talk to me... if you want to be a zombie, then I won't waste my time on you
Flami: sounds about right
Corey: these people have been studying English for years and years, and are in a fully English class
Corey: but, most of them are still too nervous to really use it
Corey: even adults, not just these stupid kids
Corey: why bother learning anything if you're too afraid to even use it in a CLASS?
Corey: in schools here, they'll be yelled at if they get anything wrong, though, so they're afraid to make mistakes
Corey: they're even more afraid of other students hearing them make mistakes
Corey: they're pretty much a lost cause unless theere's only one person in the class... then they'll try talking
Corey: if you push them
Flami: well, YOU aren't going to yell at them if they make a mistake... but if other people might hear them making mistakes and then think they're stupid or whatever... yeah, I dunno
Corey: school here is total garbage
Corey: they study for like 12 hours a day
Corey: this class ends at 9 PM, and it's the end of the school day for most of those kids
Corey: they're burnt out by then, and I don't blame them for that part....
Flami: neither would I
Corey: but anyway, they study and study and study, but it's all memorization and they're really just wasting their time
Corey: that's how they work here, too
Corey: Taiwan is incredibly inefficient
Corey: but they THINK they're great
Corey: they think because they study and work so much that they're really smart....
Corey: doesn't really work that way
Corey: you have people that have been studying English for 10+ years that can't have a simple conversation with a foreign person in English... they're probably able, but they're afraid of it, so they refuse
Corey: meanwhile, I know just a tiny bit of Chinese, but I still go out and use it almost daily....
Corey: or when I studied Japanese... we had native speakers that spoke no English talking to us in our first semester.... if we clammed up and refused to talk to them, we'd look like idiots
Corey: actually trying is how you look like an idiot here, though... nobody seems to laugh at someone when I ask them a question and they refuse to even acknowledge that I said anything to them...
Corey: I'm going to get in trouble for kicking someone in the face when they do that one of these days
Corey: you can complain to them about it, but they just go into zombie mode and ignore it
Corey: I don't know why those idiots keep coming to class
Flami: ugh, sounds bad... when do you come back again?
Corey: come back where?
Flami: home
Corey: after my class? to the US?
Flami: US
Corey: I don't know
Corey: I have a ticket to use within a year (of when I went back for Christmas)
Flami: that's handy

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hannah and Priscilla experience loss / Gregor the Strong / Arabic Name

I received an email from my dad, saying that Hannah and Priscilla's great-grandma / Wai-Mui's grandma died the other day (?), and that the funeral is on Saturday. Since I have Awana, I don't think I can make it! Teunis and I talked about interesting Norse / Viking / Icelandic sagas about a badass named Gregor, haha. We also discussed beef jerky, the origin of the word "glamor," outlaws, setting houses on fire, and more.

Your Arabic Name is Basimah Faizah


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Monday, February 21, 2011

Snow, legit Linux torrents, 50 random questions

Apparently, it's snowing a bit here - HA! Teunis and I discussed showers, legit torrents for server versions of Linux, the walk-in clinic, stress, English as a relatively context-free language, cravings for grilled cheese sandwiches, warts, amusement, easy stuff, changing light bulbs, and more.

50 Be Honest Random Questions Survey from

What is your name? - Leslie.
Do you have any siblings? - Yes... Jon and Steph.
What is your age? - 34.
What month were you born? - September.
What is your zodiac sign? - Virgo.
Do you have a favorite food? - NOODLES!
Are you a tad bit crazy like me? hahaha!! - DEFINITELY!
Are you friendly? - Yes.
How many bff's do you have? - Not sure.
Do you curse a lot? - Yes.
Do you laugh a lot? - Yes.
What is your favorite holiday? - Easter.
What is your favorite type of chip? - BBQ.
Have you ever been in love? - Yes.
Have you ever had surgery? - Yes.
Are you a male or a female? - Female.
Are you close to your family? - Meh.
How long have you been on the computer today? - A few hours.
Do you like veggies? yummmmm!!! - Depends what they are.
What is your favorite drink? - Not sure!
Do you like polls? - Sure.
Do you have a boyfriend / girlfriend? - No.
Do you get along better with the opposite sex? - Yes.
Have you ever heard of the store Deb's? - No.
What is your favorite store? - COLES.
Have you ever written a poem? - Yes.
Have you ever had a poem published? - No.
When did you find out Santa Claus was not real? - About eight.
Do you like Twilight or New Moon better, or neither? - NEITHER!
Are your parents still married? - Yes.
Have you ever watched the show Everybody Hates Chris? - No.
If I wrote you a letter and did not sign it, but wrote "you know you want to open this," would you? - Maybe.
What is your favorite subject in school? - It was Band.
Who is your favorite author? - DIANA GABALDON.
What is your favorite book? - OUTLANDER.
Do you like our current president? - No opinion.
Have you had a tough life? - In some aspects.
Are you old enough to vote? - Yes.
Do you like to wear socks? - Depends.
What is your favorite candy bar? - Too much choice!
Have you ever done anything illegal? - Maybe...
Have you ever been to court for anything? - No.
Do you love to look in your stocking at Christmas? - Meh.
Do you like shopping at Old Navy? - Meh.
What is your favorite boy name? - Sebastian.
What is your favorite girl name? - Tatiana.
Do you plan on having kids? - Meh.
Do you want to get married? - Meh.
What time do you wake up every morning? - 11...
Who is your favorite actress? - Dunno.
Who is your favorite actor? - Dunno.
What is the worst thing you have ever tasted? - DURIAN.
It's question 53... you can say what you want because it is the last question... bye-bye. - LAME.

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Flow, proofreading, subtle suddenness, energy, green jewels / time travel, and girls' names

Teunis and I talked about mouthwash, DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS movies (Blu-Ray), sourdough pancakes for dinner, cranberry cheesecake, organizing, kimchi, noodles, walk-in clinics, podcasts on writers / Byron's personal life, THE ILIAD, and more. Andrew popped up on MSN, thanking me for my proofreading job, and having sentence / commas / pride / Canadian identity / transition / "flow" / "subtle / sudden" questions - hey, it's what I do for these young friends before midterms! Decided to install Google Chrome again, haha. Had a dream where my friends and I were like Edward and Lucy in CHRONICLES OF NARNIA, had to let my parents and Auntie May into a house just before we were going to time-travel with green jewels, and went around a public market. WEIRD!

You Get Your Energy From Goals

You are a driven and results-oriented person. You always have an end goal in sight.

You bring a lot of purpose and meaning to your life. For you, small decisions and actions matter.

You feel like you are on an important mission, and you do your best not to lose focus.

For you, nothing feels better than accomplishment. You love being productive.

Facebook quiz taken from Susan:

Girls Names This Or That

Abigail or Alicia? Abigail.
Brenda or Bonnie? Bonnie.
Christina or Carly? Christina.
Dana or Destiny? Dana.
Eve or Ebony? Ebony.
Faith or Francesca? Faith.
Gabrielle or Genevieve? Genevieve.
Hannah or Holly? Holly.
Isabelle or Irene? Irene.
Jessica or Joanne? Joanne.
Kacee or Katherine? Katherine.
Lina or Lucy? Lucy.
Melissa or Madeline? Melissa.
Norah or Nicole? Nicole.
Olivia or Ophelia? Ophelia.
Petunia or Paige? Paige.
Rose or Rebecca? Rebecca.
Sara or Summer? Summer.
Thalia or Trina? Thalia.
Veronica or Valerie? Veronica.

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Pushing toys down slides is great fun! / $2 Wally Burger

I went out just in time to meet Eric, as I didn't want to wait in the chilly -1 weather! We listened to the Shell Busey Home Improvement show, and then I asked how Bible Study had been - he said it was good, to which I responded that Christon's email had sounded too religious in tone for me, haha. Eric wondered whether it was a problem in a Bible Study-related context... maybe it was my mood when I checked the email, I said. When we got to church, the sanctuary was pretty crowded - we managed to find seats, though. After service, I asked him whether he were going to the Newcomers Lunch - he could have told me LAST WEEK that he was going when I asked the same thing! Spotted Tim talking to Randal (ugh - he was the Scripture Reader, which is why I wished Eric were even LATER picking me up), so I had to wait - Tim said that there weren't any tickets for the event, so I told Eric to remind me later to save $5 for it next week. I spotted Grandma outside talking to her friends, so made sure to say hi to her. Auntie Catherine thanked me for buying the toy cars for little Mattias - I'm sure he loved them if he couldn't wait to open them, hahaha!

Said hi to Victoria, Vivian, Karen Lew, and Lincoln before heading over to say hi to Wesley - he was with Raymond (ugh), Enoch, and Eric. Talked to Hien and Hung about the Daniel girls' awards - pretty funny stuff, including the video! Then I noticed Jon (who said Jeremy was sick - no Mexican mole!) and Harmony talking to a new white guy; later (because he went to Pho with us before the meeting), I learned that his name is Paul, he comes from Toronto, has been here for seven months, and figures that "God led [him] to this church!" Oh dear, overly religious people who feel the need to insert "God" and "Jesus" every other sentence! :P [I have friends who do this - mainly via FB status - and I love them to death, but REALLY, guys?!] Later, I told Eric how I felt about that, and he (perhaps wisely) said nothing.

Got distracted by Helen and her sons Nicholas and Cory - the kids love babies, so wanted to see a lot of baby Marcus, who was being carried in by Dylan. Unfortunately, he didn't look too happy since he wasn't too entertained by me / Acer / his mom Karen I. / anyone else around. Eventually, I went upstairs to Toddler Sunday School - Ada, Margaret J., Mattias, Ashley, David, Evelyn, new kids named Andy and Anastasia, Ramen, and Shira were there for a pretty full class. (I saw Daniel on the way there, and asked where he'd been yesterday - turns out he went bowling with the T&Ts for fun!) Mattias grinned at me as he was pushing toys down the slide; he said "butter! chicken! bread! shoe!" to me, haha. During storytime, he took off his shoes and put them on his hands - we don't DO that, kid! Hahaha, he's still cute!

Afterwards, I went downstairs (briefly getting distracted by Sean and Conor S. poking each other) to find out what we were doing for lunch. While I was looking for something in my bag, someone slapped me on the butt! Of course it was my sister, with Lisa in tow! While I scrounged around for the candy conversation hearts, I told Lisa about the $10,000 wall - she seemed impressed by the church building in general. When I found the candy, Steph laughed at the messages on it: "Here's one for you that says MOM!" HA HA HA. Eventually (after I noted redrum's start :P), a bunch of us went to Pho since Christon said SushiHolic was full (partially because of the girls planning the Daniel guys' appreciation night) - they wanted to carpool by gender, but I refused to do such a thing. I am not a girly girl, after all! (not that Jen / Harmony / Deb ARE all such, but still...) Steph, Lisa, Grandma, and the parents went to Tsui Woo (of course!) - I noted that Grandma held the stair railing on her way to the sidewalk, so YAY!

I had to sit near Raymond at the restaurant (and beside him at the AGM!), AND next to the new guy (who was at some stage of sickness) - if I get sick this week, I'm blaming HIM! Since the consensus was that Raymond should pray for the entire table, I decided to ignore that in favor of starting on my food. For some reason, we talked about hitting deer (lots of venison!) and moose - from there, the conversation progressed to spotting black bears, brown bears, and grizzlies / climbing a tree / polar bears. I contributed that I knew a few people whom I wouldn't mind getting mauled by a polar bear (I know - very helpful :P), but that Enoch was NOT on that list! He was like "Yay!" hahaha. Then he DID ask me how it was going - Eric and I sympathized with his really busy life, and I genuinely meant it when I said it was nice to see him out. We were all set to jaywalk across the street again when Dylan called out to Jon: "But what about your sister?!" I responded half in jest, "He doesn't care about me... I thought this was well-established!"

At the meeting, I occupied myself by reading the annual report (what kind of name is VERNUS?!) and starting on the werewolf book. Since it ended earlier than I thought, this was good - I said hi to baby Joanna on the way out before Eric had to drive Cindy home. (they talked about how Eric should have a Cantonese name, teaching, Stephen Harper, education, health advisors, and more) Afterwards, Eric reminded me about that pesky 50% attendance requirement - I couldn't remember why I'd skipped the first Bible Study with the new groups, but have since looked it up. He also thinks I shouldn't have mental health days - TRUST ME, I NEEDED ONE! Then he bugged me about letting go of stuff, and being drunk and high - AS IF! At home, Teunis and I just talked about the Hundred Mile House server, Caller ID, feelings, radio songs, looking for stuff like a power adapter, and more. Then I called Steph, who told me about $2 burgers this week at Wally's Burgers in the plaza next to the respite centre. Nice - I could hop on the 430 for that! (she also says Mom and Dad are moving into an apartment since they can't handle stairs anymore - good luck with downsizing all the stuff in the townhouse!)

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Chinese Eric and "warm" walks / Disturbing elements / Travel Type

Chinese Eric showed up on MSN last night, so I decided to talk to him - he'd gone for some tests, but is still resting at home as I expected. He said it was a sunny day and warm - um, it was chilly when *I* went out! Then he said he went for a quick walk; no wonder, then! Told him about food shopping and Awana when he asked how my day was, to be sure! We also talked about the Canucks' 5-2 win over Dallas (Raffi Torres and Daniel Sedin each had two goals!) and typos. When Teunis got home, I still wasn't really asleep. Conversed about disturbing elements in his RPG party, Jordan and writing descriptive story, slow-moving storylines as far as levelling up was concerned, Andrew / Teresa, Scott's disturbing character with multiple personalities, his own chaotic evil mage character thinking he is lawful good, paladins, fruit, and more. Sounded amusing enough, hahaha! Energy drink time for me, what with the AGM later!

Your Travel Type is Cultural

Your perfect trip is enriching, nourishing, and taste-expanding.

You're looking to take in the best of what a region has to offer. You especially love the arts and history.

Of course, no vacation would be complete without some amazing shopping and dining.

And to top off the full experience, you'd love to stay in a historic or five-star hotel!

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