Saturday, October 24, 2009

"Is Job dead yet? Was the earth red before?" - oh, Jordan and his laughs!

This thing just restarted again! At least I threw a bunch of stuff away, transferred addresses to a new notebook, and had dinner. Also looked at the Staples website to determine that the nearest store closes at 6 on weekends. I also saw that the blank paper isn't as expensive as I thought it might be (even in reams of 500), so it's all good as long as I stick to copy paper (NOT computer paper!) since that might be a bit more economical than refill paper, and better quality too. :D

Ada and John picked me up, and the kids said hi... it was cute how Ian prompted his brother Sean to do it. The kids played some game involving monsters, and smacking each other with a rolled-up poster board. I told them that they didn't want to do that TOO hard, or check out eyeballs either. When I told Ian about Jeas Town eating crayons and candles, he thought that was gross. Discussed dim sum lunch and other things with Ada, too. Got to church, and saw Rosenda with her sons Ian and Gabriel. When I said hi to the kids, they each gave me a hug... I asked Gabriel how he was, and he said "Good!" Hahaha, so cute. I also gave Rosenda a REALLY late birthday card (her birthday's in August), which she definitely wasn't expecting!

I talked to Auntie Vivian, Chrystal, and Bob about snack distribution. Auntie Vivian got the Dare Bear Claws from Wal-Mart when they had a huge special on, and Melia wanted to have a package just to see what it was like! I told her that I'd had one when there were actual leftovers from giving them to the kids, and they were really good. When Emily was sharing a very abridged and simplified version of the story of Job with the Sparks, Jordan wanted to know three things. "Is Job dead yet? What year did he die? Was it like 1990-something? Was the earth red before?" Hahaha! Interacted with Nicholas, Hannah, Amanda, Esther, Kimberly, a cute Awana baby sibling, Annie, Joshua, and some other kids - I helped a girl buy a bookmark from the Awana Store, too. Asked Matthew Ma #2 whether he remembered what my name was - at first, he thought it was Rebecca, but then remembered the correct name. Yay!

The top round thing of my pale lavender hat fell off after Awana, so I decided to see what Mom thought of it. I asked Dad (at the front desk) where Mom was, and he pointed down the hall. When I opened the last office door and called her by name, I apparently scared her, hahaha. There was nothing to be done with it, so I decided to throw it away along with the "Every Day Happy!" notebook cover (I kept the paper) and some other junk. On the way home, Ian taught his younger brother some things about his new blue Hiker handbook - it was good to listen to it, haha. Also discussed drinking juice, dinner, monsters, and more. After some searching when I got home, I found a pink one just like it in my room, so that's good at least even if it isn't my favorite color. (Mom may have bought me three of these, but I don't know where the third one went...)

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Dream: Grandma, Darren, records, fits, and crowded staircases / Twelve phone calls!

Had a dream which featured (among other things) my grandma dying from having fits on the floor of the old church building! Luckily, there were a lot of people around to help support us. Chrissy (argh4itchytasty) made an appearance in this dream as someone who kept repeating the date "August 17" to any other person she encountered. Darren C. also was there, having earned a record, and having the sports card and multiple writeups to prove it... he had 1117 points in one hockey season alone. Everyone congratulated him for that. Then we were directed to an epic thread on the bad baby names forum, where there were at least 1038 posters! For some reason, the posters were on a long (and therefore VERY crowded) staircase! I posted something just for the sake of being included in the EPIC THREAD, and I instantly joined the thronging / jostling crowd. Woke up soon after that, which was fine by me. No idea why I had the dream - I haven't even been to that message board in a few months!

This morning seemed to be one of phone calls galore, once I actually got up from that dream! I noted that Auntie Ying had apparently called me again, so I decided to call her back after I took a shower. (and a telemarketer had called me TWICE!) First, I called my mom to see what the plans were for this afternoon. I told her that I couldn't bus over because I had to take a shower (very true) - she agreed to have Steph pick me up, thank goodness. Said that she'd be dropped off at church REALLY EARLY for Zion Fellowship, and wanted to know if I would like that too. I don't care if SHE doesn't mind going hours earlier, but I already had a ride! Hahaha! Decided to take the shower before calling Auntie Ying back - she wanted to know whether we should invite little Esther's mom to the lunch tomorrow. Sure, why not? Then she said that she'd called the twins' mom (Linda), who said that the entire family had been sick since Tuesday. Yup, the flu is going around, that's for sure! She wanted to know if Jon and Harmony might like a couple of lunch tickets since she apparently has some left over, so I said I'd call them and see what they said.

Tried Jon's cell, with no answer - so left a message instead. I found the house number, and tried THERE with no answer. Then Harmony called me back to see what I wanted. When I told her about the ticket offer from Phil's mom, she seemed interested, but wondered if you had to go to the AGM - she wasn't staying - to be eligible! (she didn't even know there WAS a lunch, much less tickets!) Judging by what Auntie Ying had said about giving them to her care home elderly people, I didn't think so! She said that it should be okay, and thanked me for the offer. Hey, we'll see each other tomorrow for sure! (and yes, I'm going - it helps to have people she knows other than Jon, I'm sure!) So then I called Auntie Ying back to tell her what Harmony had said - she thanked me, which was good.

Almost immediately after that, Henry called to inform me that he had the flu and wouldn't be going to Awana today. Very sensible precaution - REST! I said I'd call Ada, and hoped he felt better soon - he thanked me, at least. Then I called Ada's house with no answer, so tried her cell. That worked, and she can pick me up at 3. I guess I should remember to tell Ian and Sean about my own upcoming hot pot meal, hahaha! (since they had one last week) Then Steph called to say that Mom was at the thrift store (why am I not surprised?), and they'd pick me up at 1 instead of 12:30. Fair enough, as long as I can be home by 2:45 or so!

Guess I really DO have no time to buy blank paper today! Probably it would be better to do so before Thursday, or maybe even Monday before dinner! Who knows... hey! I found a yellow star / bead necklace in my knapsack while figuring out how many notebooks I really need! I'll probably wear it, haha!

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FINALLY talked to Chinese Eric - he's dating again! / Poo Around The World

I saw Chinese Eric on MSN, so I had to talk to him! He says he's dating now, since his mom's friend introduced him to her daughter. (she lives a 20-minute bus ride from him: not bad at all for dating!) "Do you think with my looks, I could get a hottie by myself?!" Hahaha. Apparently, Gena Chan is a real hottie, smart, articulate, graceful, cultured, and all-around amazing. I will never be that, I'm sure! Reminded me about his computer friend, who says he can build a whole new Lenovo laptop - I'd almost forgotten about that, actually! It's been THAT LONG since we talked, haha. Eric hopes that the friend's China-related project will end and the friend can find time to build it BEFORE Eric goes back to Canada. ("I can help out MY GOOD FRIEND, LA!") I'll tell Jon when I see him next, that's for sure. We also discussed addresses, Nathan, being busy for the last three weeks straight on an assignment, and partying it up in Hong Kong before he signed off.

For some reason, my mom called me past midnight to invite me to lunch with her and Steph tomorrow. Well, I have to be HOME before 3 - I never did get that shower in, and I refuse to do it NOW. Perhaps I'll be in for it, but I hope it goes okay. Not a fan of awkward meals, which might explain why I prefer to be by myself, hahaha. Corey's also trying to use "reverse psychology" on me about Mr. Creep by saying that I'd see the error of my ways then. Um, nope... an uncomfortable feeling is NOT going to go away! He also gave me the latest on the Balloon People: they knew it was a hoax all along, and such. Not surprised. It's taken me from 7:45 till NOW to be at least halfway calmed down about Mr. Creep - emails and such are still going out, though! :P

Poo nugget for this weekend: Doo You Know? - Poo Around The World - The amount of stool expelled per day varies from country to country. The average weight of stool in England is 106 grams per day, while South Asians unload nearly four times that amount. This difference is largely due to the higher fiber content in the average Indian diet.

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Friday, October 23, 2009

WHY THE FUCK IS A CREEP IN OUR GROUP?! aka "Had to bus home because I can't deal with Mr. Creep!"

I left the apartment early so I could get some things at London Drugs. Found some cucumber-melon hand sanitizer, and then immediately thought I should have purchased the grapefruit instead. I don't think you can return that kind of thing, so I'll just live with it not smelling as alcoholic as I'm used to, haha. Saw some that was specially designed to fight against H1N1, with 70% ethanol... apparently, it was the official supplier to the 2010 Olympics! (some souvenirs caught my eye, but they were a bit expensive...) Also got an Aquafina citrus-flavored water, an on-sale writing pad, a huge mouthwash container, some cappuccino packets, and a 140-page black coiled Hilroy notebook that was on sale, and I noted that the notebooks without coils were more expensive. What's with that? They take AWAY something, and you have to pay MORE for the product?! RIPOFF! I should have just gone home after going to London Drugs, man... or at least spent the evening at Superstore instead!

When I got out of London Drugs, I had JUST missed a 410. Since I'd noted last week that the 405 also goes to Cambie / Jacombs, I took that when it appeared. The route was a little different, but it got me there in the rain! I saw Eric waiting at the school in his car, so I thought that maybe I was really late despite leaving London Drugs at about 6. According to his clock, I was only four minutes late - not too bad. Eric started in by referring to the 405 as "evil" because it came less frequently than the 410 - well, I didn't really have too many other alternatives!

We were random, and he said I was insane... I said I was being RATIONAL, though his logic would have it that I was being IRRATIONAL. He was in a Pho mood for dinner instead of Subway, which suited me just fine. The gas price was 106.9 and there was bad traffic for a bit, both of which he blamed me for. Um, I have not been consuming gas at a high rate by making explosives or C-4 or anything like that! Then he told me that gas wasn't used in explosives or C-4: I bet Corey would use this as another example of why I wouldn't give my kids a chance because I'd teach them all kinds of crazy things.

At Pho, we talked about Steamworks / my being at Billie's (it was NOT a wifely sleepover! :P) / calling Christon, Jen, and Richie about receipts. Also discussed the hockey pool - although he's doing better than my sister, 11 out of 15 isn't exactly top of the leaderboard! He believes that Christon holds that position... better him than a certain other person, haha! Told him about the Sunday Dinner, too - for some reason, he didn't get that email. Large #10s RULE, especially with the hot sauce!

Before we left, he got two orders of spring rolls for the group to share, which sounded like a good idea at the time. When we got to church, it was so windy that when I opened the door, his receipts started blowing around inside the car. Went inside the church where an event of some kind was going on, which I guess I'll ask Henry about tomorrow. Saw Pastor John, Katherine, and was about to say hi to Kevin when I noticed Mr. Creep going up the stairs. Since I wasn't sure where Eric was since he'd gone off somewhere (likely to the kitchen to get a dish for the spring rolls), I went up the stairs myself, then stopped, then went up them again. Yes, I probably looked like an idiot...

I said hi to Vanessa and Danielle while watching to see what Mr. Creep would do. When I saw him go into the revamped lounge, I knew I couldn't stay. WHO THE FUCK THOUGHT IT WOULD BE A GOOD IDEA FOR HIM TO BE IN A BIBLE STUDY GROUP?!!!! I lingered outside the door, hoping to catch Eric as he came up the stairs. When I saw him, I grabbed him and asked if he believed in premonitions or a sixth sense. He said no... I was about to ask whether he KNEW ABOUT THIS BEFOREHAND because he'd joked that Mr. Creep would make a surprise visit earlier. I said that I couldn't deal with being in the same room as Mr. Creep, so I was busing home. Total time spent in the church building: maybe two minutes as opposed to my normal three hours. One of the Nancys (I think) waved hi to me on her way in and my way out, so I nodded back.

While I was walking to Rupert Station, my sister saw me from her car. She wondered where I was going, so I said that I was going home, and said exactly why. It's true that I didn't have to TALK to him, but I didn't even want to have him LOOK at me! The Skytrain took longer than I expected to get to Waterfront Station. I did get to interact with a little kid who thought the train smelled like teeth, but he liked that and the lights, haha. Actually, I thought I was going the wrong way (and I might have been), so I got off at Commercial Station, and heard my name being called. Wondered if people had somehow managed to follow me HERE, but it was only Joyce and Cordia. They asked where I was going, and I said I was going home... this was met with a "YAY!" from Cordia. I asked where they were going - seems the 99 B-Line got stuck or stopped at every single stop along the route, so they were taking the Skytrain instead. Good idea! I told them why I was going home, and warned them against Mr. Creep - Joyce said that she thought she'd seen him around. Well, don't talk to him, and you'll probably be fine!

On that train, I observed a family's interaction. The dad worked for the Olympic Village or something - at least, he had a Vancouver 2010 construction team jacket on. There were two younger kids (a boy and a girl), and an older boy who looked to be about 13 or so. The kids were very active, for sure! I got off at Braid (after being amused at a station's name: PRODUCTION WAY / UNIVERSITY) because I thought I was going the wrong way. I went out of the station and looked at the map - no, I wasn't. UGH. So I got on the next train, and waited - it did indeed bring me to Waterfront, but after about half an hour or something - I think the Canada Line spoiled me! Went on the Canada Line, and it was a good thing that there was still a 407 waiting outside Brighouse! That got me home earlier than I would have been, I'm sure.

Got home at about 9:45, and was in the middle of putting away my stuff when the phone beeped. I looked at the Caller ID to discover that it was Eric. Waited till I was finished putting things away before calling him back - seems he wanted to make sure I got home okay. Hey, he had the timing for it, since I'd gotten home five minutes before he called. I wanted to know whether Mr. Creep had suddenly died of a heart attack (bad, I know) - he had not done so during the course of the evening, Eric said. Of course Eric was concerned since I was traveling alone at night, but it wasn't like I was going to King George Station, where I hear the crime rate is INSANE! Still, I appreciated his concern even as I told him that the travel was worth not being in the same small room as Mr. Creep. I asked if my sister were still there since he was still at church - yes, and we'd talk about stuff later. Good idea!

Called my sister, who said that she was in fact standing next to Eric at that moment, so had heard his side of the preceding conversation. I told her EXACTLY why I'd left (and there weren't any kids for him to possibly victimize!), and she said that I shouldn't be so judgemental and unwelcoming. I'm hoping that my attitude will drive him from the community, haha. She suggested that if I felt so strongly about it, I should communicate with Johnny and get him to move me to a new group. The only problem with THAT would be the two perfidious blackguards, who I think are in each of the other two groups. Maybe I can get Johnny to move Mr. Creep instead, since that would be great - I like the group as it was before, even if Lesley DOES have practically the same name as I do. UGH, SO ANNOYING! I could email him, but I don't think we have any Bible Studies between now and the next Committee meeting on November 2, so it could wait until then. Steph says she'll tell Johnny to expect some form of communication from me, and said I'd missed a good Bible Study. It wouldn't have been good if he'd been in the room, TRUST ME! I feel WAY TOO UNCOMFORTABLE around him! Maybe I'll ask Christon on Sunday how Mr. Creep found out about the church, haha.

Then after that, I called Auntie Ying back. She wanted to invite me to the Esther Fellowship lunch - but you needed a ticket! If she was treating, I was game! We discussed toddler Sunday School, the kids' birthdays, Richard, Conor, Emily, Mike, Harrison's parents finding out about the church from the website ("from looking on the computer"), birthdays, Esther the kid, Mr. Creep (she'll pray that I'm not too scared about him - it's not THAT so much as feeling uncomfortable), stickers, Rachel's grandma being sick, Bible passages, blank paper (she'll pay me back if I buy some), and more. Now THAT was a nice phone call, and I hope maybe it'll be a weekly ritual, haha. Called my mom: upon hearing that Auntie Ying was treating me to the lunch, she said that I should pay her back. I said "Yes, Mom..." to forestall questions as to why I wouldn't - I just won't tell her about the paper thing, either. Should have told her that I'd gotten a ticket for myself! Honestly, AUNTIE YING OFFERED... it's not like I bugged her so much into offering SOMETHING for me! Man, Mom can be CLUELESS sometimes!

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Why would they make NON-ALCOHOL hand sanitizer?! WHAT A WASTE!

Eric called about an hour ago, and told me that my ringer was off - yes, I was fully cognizant of that fact, thank you VERY much! After I got some randomosity in about red magma / lava globules and things like that, he asked if I were going to Fellowship tonight for Bible Study. I figured that we were at the church, and referenced that idiot at Subway the time we went to Vanessa's. Sure, I was up for meeting him at the usual spot at 6:30 - he had cash for dinner, so all was good.

He'd called right when I was going to take a shower and go out maybe to London Drugs / Shoppers Drug Mart for an address notebook (to replace the one Randal gave me, eventually) and some alcohol-smelling hand sanitizer. The foaming SoapPopular stuff I got at London Drugs in June is actually alcohol-free... WTF?! D'OH! WHAT AN ANNOYING WASTE! (I like my hand sanitizer to smell of alcohol) So maybe I'll give it away... ;)

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Hamilton near New Westminster / Spooky or Kooky / Horror movies

Got up to discover that both Auntie Ying and Barry had called me. I got no answer at Auntie Ying's, so called Barry back instead - he said that the Hamilton area was near Annacis Island. If it's the area I'm thinking of now, it's near New Westminster; oh yes, I remember having to wait a LONG time for transit out there with Grandma when I'd go to Uncle Michael's house out in the boonies of Richmond. No wonder the suite is renting for only $500 a month if it's all the way out THERE! There's a $675 suite at #4 / Francis, which is definitely more central. Maybe I'll have to get someone else to see it with me, though. Set up an appointment for shopping: next Thursday at 12:30 works for me, I would hope!

I just realized that there's a church meeting before the "casual" Sunday Dinner at Jon and Harmony's. Maybe I will mention that to them later, haha. It's not like we haven't done the "church-meeting-Sunday Dinner" thing before (at Jeremy's and Nathan's, most notably), but it is perhaps something to consider! Nathan sent me his address: it makes me think of the C28 bus, and Raymond. TOO CLOSE!!!!!!!!!!!

You Are a Zombie Movie

You are the type of person who is well prepared for the apocalypse. Whether it's nuclear war, a mass virus, or zombies... you have a plan.

And half the fun of watching a zombie movie is thinking about how you would try to survive.

You are a bit of a loner, and you do think that eventually it will be you against the world.

Your ideal movie pulls no punches about the end of the human race. You like films like Dawn of the Dead, 28 Days Later, and Resident Evil.

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You think Halloween has gotten a bit too sugary these days, and you don't mind injecting a little fright into things.

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If you have irritable bowel syndrome, you may have fructose intolerance instead!

Hmm. Either Teresa re-friended me, or Facebook decided to add her back on my list. Strange! I *so* want to forward the poo fact below to a couple of people, but it wouldn't be appropriate in the case of one person whose brother apparently just died or something. Still... must... resist... UGH! (I hate that, haha)

Facebook quiz taken from Darren:

How Sexy is my Name?
Name: Leslie Ng
Sexiness Score: 4.25/10 (Not that sexy!)
As Sexy As: Miley Cyrus
(Uh, thanks...)

Poo nugget for Friday, October 23: Soda Poop - Fructose intolerance is a condition characterized by abdominal cramping and diarrhea, which is caused by deficiency of the enzyme that breaks down fructose. Symptoms range from mild to severe, and typically occur after consuming products high in fructose. (fruit juices, soda, etc.) Some patients go months to years being misdiagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome until the fructose intolerance diagnosis is made with a special breath test.

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Andrea unwell, but still willing to meet up with me quickly!

I called Andrea at 7:45 (while discussing BEATMANIA / piano / violin / lessons with Corey) to see whether she was still up for having coffee tonight. Turns out she was driving when I called, so best not to answer the phone then. When she called me back at 8, she mentioned that she was starting to feel a bit unwell, but she didn't mind meeting up with me quickly. Of course she didn't want to stay out too late because of her scratchy throat - all these little things are going around, for sure. Before you all castigate me for making her go out when she's sick, she's generally healthy (like me), and it was just the start and not something full-blown. She says she was going to call me last night, but got distracted. That's fine, since I was chilling with Billie and her parents last night in Coquitlam!

She came by about an hour later, and we had trouble deciding where to go: Blenz? Boston Pizza? White Spot? Somewhere else? Finally, I decided on Boston Pizza - I like that place, haha. Ordered a chocolate lava cake to share, and a spinach salad (also with eggs / bacon / mushrooms) for myself. We discussed some impatient idiot (who apparently looked like a hardcore biker dude) she encountered at City Square, who told her that not knowing how to use stamps was a sign of mental illness! (the validation people were all standing around with blank looks on their faces when her stamp wouldn't apply properly the first time...) She told him that impatience was also a sign of such... afterwards, the jabronie still looked at her and said something about how people needed to get home to their families. Right, like ONE SECOND would have made a difference, Mr. Key-Tapper?! I'd probably have done the same thing as she did - stupid people!

I told her exactly how I felt about Mr. Creep, and why - she says it's good that I love the children and am concerned about newcomers. No, I don't feel that way about certain other people - they are NOT icky, and I think I can trust them! She told me a new bit of information: his family's supposedly in Langley, so he can't come every Sunday... GOOD! I DON'T WANT TO SEE HIM! Discussed Bible Study, Richie, grandmas, Jon / Harmony, her and Chuck's wedding date being the day before Jon and Harmony's anniversary, the Sunday Dinner combined with the Oilers game, Chuck's mom, my feeling awkward if I were to join the women's group NOW even if it was at Karmie's, my teaching Sunday School, Auntie Ying's limitations, mice, money, the Canada Line, her refusing to let me pay, Eric listening to my ranting on various subjects (what a gift!), her and Chuck's wedding planning, and Elaine and Matt in agricultural China.

Elaine knew that it would be the last time she'd see her grandfather, so made sure to spend lots of time with him before leaving, saying her final words and suchlike. Andrea says the funeral was pretty good - a celebration of his life, and not too sad. His friends at the Thunderbird Centre sang AULD LANG SYNE in Mandarin or something, haha. When I got home, I figured that I should start preparing for Sunday School. Then I heard firecrackers outside in the rain.... great, the Halloween madness starts now. Yay.

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If you're THAT stupid with grammar and status reposts, I'll block you!

I've unfriended / blocked Brian W. since he's changed profile pages, and I'm too lazy to add the new one, haha. He had a lot of grammar / spelling / punctuation issues AND reposted his status a LOT (thus clogging up my news feed), but he did help find a missing person recently...

Facebook quizzes taken from Leigh and Kaitlin:

Leslie completed the quiz "What should your parents have named you?" with the result Cody. Okay name for girls and boys. You should have been named this because you love sports!!!! (Actually, Cody is NOT an okay name for girls! NO WAY!)

Leslie completed the quiz "What type of Love are you?" with the result Eros. Eros is passionate, physical, lustful love - the kind that gives you butterflies in your stomach and a tingling in certain other places. Romantic love that has tremendous passion, physical longing, deep intensity, and intimacy. (WTF?!)

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Naan with sesame is a good thing, but I'll hold the feta cheese, thanks...

Chilled in Billie's room for a bit - saw her yearbooks and discussed staff blunders. Washed-out photos, weird mistakes with names, photo mixups (a Gr. 11 in with the Gr. 12 grads?), and more! OH MY. Decided that she'd want to get to school early (woke up at 8:30), so we went to bed at around 12:30. Talked about parents, being quasi-Japanese, HOLLABACK BOY, weird songs, and things like that, as well. Went downstairs for breakfast to find that Tara had made us sesame naan, feta cheese, and scrambled eggs with hot tea and orange juice. Discussed dreams, philosophy, religion / cults, busy weekends, Richmond movies, Mass, Catholicism / the United Church / Presbyterians / Protestants / Baptists / Methodists / Lutherans / Anglicans / the Pope, studying / stress / midterms with her dad as well. He offered us a ride to Coquitlam Station, which we took. Better than waiting for the C28, for sure!

I had to wait a while for the 160 to Vancouver, but it was certainly faster than taking the 97 B-Line! Translink proved to be on crack once again since I didn't have to get off at Howe / Pender, but instead stayed on till Richards / Seymour! Went to Harbour Centre for a bit to see if they had a bank machine - they did, but it didn't work. There were also no elevators (only escalators) to the downstairs part of the building - man, it was just DESIGN FAIL, haha. (I did get to see the SFU bookstore, though) Encountered fare checkers at the Canada Line, which was okay. Took cash out for this weekend, too. I got home at noon due to waiting for the 407 for twenty minutes or so (during which I went for a honeydew bubble tea at Tazza) - not too bad! After I catch up, I'll pass the time by doing busywork till Andrea calls me for coffee, heh. (it's probably still on, haha... and if it is, I'll tell HER about Mr. Creep!)

You Are Not Crazy for Halloween

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Start your own anti-Halloween movement. If it worked for Valentine's Day, there's sure to be some takers for Halloween!

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You may not be the most superstitious person, but you do think that all the freaks come out on Halloween... and you love it!

Poo nugget for Thursday, October 22: Fartman - TV / radio show host Howard Stern first launched the character Fartman in 1981. Using his amazing power of flatulence to fight treachery, Fartman would appear on the Howard Stern show and place calls to "evil" leaders from places across the globe, including Iran / Iraq / Lebanon. Fartman's popularity quickly spread to the world of comics and books, leading Howard Stern to trademark the character in 1992.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Coquitlam sleepovers rule! (Comixed, Not Always Right, Once Upon A Win, and more!)

Finally got to Billie's at around 4:30 or 5, and told her that the West Coast Express was fairly comfortable, even if it did only go one way. Means I'll have to take the 160 tomorrow, but that's fine. She was amused by the gifts I gave her (#20 Bathroom Reader / CITY OF BONES / AN ECHO IN THE BONE), and said her brother Bahman would like the habanero hot sauce - he did, actually. Apparently, it has great flavor, haha. Also gave her some mooncake - all that made my knapsack less heavy, which is good!

Bahman made some homemade pizza, which totally rocked. It was indeed more user-friendly, as advertised by Billie yesterday on the phone. Talked briefly to her parents, and showed Tara (mom) the wedding photos from Jon and Harmony's nuptials right before she went to bed. Showed Billie the pictures of Grandma / Great-Aunt / Cousin Eric, too. We watched random TV shows, but mostly Friends and Seinfeld on the W Network. Also watched Futurama (Fry is his own grandfather?!) and a rerun of a Simpsons Halloween special featuring paintings and scary stories.

Of course, we surfed the Internet too: Facebook (pirate language! / status comments / quizzes and results / stupid new groups layout / deleting people or unfriendings / notifications / groups arbitrarily changing their name so I left it / photos), People Who Always Have To Spell Their Names For Other People, LJ, glitches, Comixed, Once Upon A Win (Epic Wins from Childhood), ROFL Razzi, Not Always Right, InsaneJournal, Blogthings, a Facebook Choir video, and more. Discovered that Teresa had unfriended me or deleted her account again - it's happened before! Talked about the broken E key on her laptop keyboard, her friends Sean, Patrick, Riley, Matt, Samantha, Fuji (who's half-Japanese), and others. Discussed Shaina, Megan, Austin being a "douchefag," poor Rodrigo, perverted Chris, Nexopia, Ryan, Allan, Jairus, MSN conversations, emails, and other people she knows too. I told her that Nathan was actually in London now, and of course she was jealous!

You Are Yellow

You are the brightest person in the crowd, and you stand out every place you go. You are incredibly charismatic.

You are truly joyful, and people like to be close to your happiness. You have a strong, positive effect on others.

You are very memorable. A lot of people know you, and even those who you haven't seen you in years remember you well.

You are often as happy as you seem, but sometimes you fake it a little bit. You know people are counting on you to lift them up... and you don't want to let them down.

"Facebook choir" video

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Xing, Yaqui, Yule, and Zachary

Off to Coquitlam soon-ish... yay for sleepovers with Billie! (sianparis) I will take the West Coast Express for the first time, too....

This is from What Not to Name Your Baby by Joe Borgenicht.


Xing (zhing) - A neutral name. From a popular Chinese surname meaning "born of women." A punchline. The child will most likely crave cream-filled, frosted snack cakes.

Xion (ZIE-on) - Underground dance club and headquarters for humanity in the future.


Yanni: Greek form of John. One who plays woodwind instruments and sports long, chemically curled hair.

Yaqui (YAH-kee) - Not good. Nicknames will include "yucky," "icky," and "sticky." Most likely a nose picker. Also, a fine Japanese dish.

Yeager (YAY-ger) - Slang for "time to get drunk." Popular in bars and fraternities.

Yoder: The New England pronunciation for Yoda, the ancient and revered Jedi master.

Yogi: A person of the Yoga persuasion. Also, overweight from eating too many peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Smarter than the average bear.

Yule: A gaudily-decorated chunk of dead tree burned during the Christmas holiday. Families with the surnames Log or Tide should avoid this name entirely.


Zachary / Zack: All variations of "wacky" will be used to describe this child. Toward puberty, it will take on a meaning other than "silly."

Zann: Street slang for a prescription anti-anxiety drug. This child will be afraid of nearly everything.

Zebediah: Child will be plagued by a big ego over the literal definition of his name ("God's gift"), but confounded by a low self-esteem over the fact that nobody else knows what it means.

Zebulon: In the Bible, a son of Jacob and Leah. He was the forebear of one of the tribes of Israel. A planet within the fourth Centauri nebula.

Zed: The sodomy-enthralled pawn shop owner from the Quentin Tarantino film Pulp Fiction. The child will most likely have a proclivity for choppers (as opposed to motorcycles), and is likely to associate with dirty cops.

Zeeman: Uh-huh. You said "Zeeman."

Zeke: Early English form of "search." "Zeke, and you shall find."

Zelig: Depression-era man made famous for his chameleon abilities to become like those he is with. Exception to the rule: If Orwell's prophecy comes true, name away.

Zephyr: The west wind. A fart, as in "Did you rip that Zephyr?"

Zeppelin: From the famous musicians of Led Zeppelin. A large, rigid blimp filled with hot air.

Zeus: Greek god of the heavens. Ruler and most powerful of the Olympians. A name better used for large guard dogs.

Ziggy: A bald, bulbous-headed cartoon character with self-esteem issues. A pot-smoking member of the reggae genre of music.

Zindel: A failed blend of purple grape overshadowed and beaten to market by its less Jewish cousin.

Zippie: Prone to rapid-fire flatulence. Often called a pinhead.

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Unexpected call from Billie = a good thing... yay!

Billie called me quite unexpectedly, so we talked about Austin being an ass / people who aren't really nice although they fake it / Mr. Creep / school and the "dumbing down" of education, AIM / MSN / U-Pass for school / Douglas College / more. I even said hi to her mom, who says that they'll surprise me with some food tomorrow. Sounds good to me! We talked on MSN, too!

Decided to make a Parmesan Pesto Sidekick as breakfast tomorrow, and took a chance on some curry instant noodles which were expired as of July 22. Google told me that it would be okay, heh.

Jon sent us a "Casual Sunday Dinner" email, and it'll be at his and Harmony's place. We can also watch the Canucks exact revenge against the Oilers for yesterday's loss, haha. As long as he doesn't invite a certain person, I'm in! :P

Have decided to abandon Blogger right now - too many limits and such lately. I'm unwilling to copy and paste about 900 posts to another blog. I'll use Gmail for drafts and such. Joey has unfriended me on Facebook - I'm guessing he's deleted his account or something!

Poo nugget for Wednesday, October 21: Dr. Stool Says - Relax! - The tapering appearance of a cone-shaped Dunce Cap Poo can be attributed simply to pushing too hard while sitting on the toilet. The narrow ending is a result of your combined straining and the pinching motion of your external anal sphincter, like squeezing the last bit of icing out of a pastry bag. Plagued with one too many Coneheads? Try relaxing on the toilet. Resist that urge to contract your abdominal muscles in order to more quickly expel the log. Find a quiet, isolated stall where you won't feel pressured to quickly finish the deed. Still finding yourself tensing up at the wrong moment? We recommend reading a good book about poo to help you "loosen up."

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I pride myself on almost never abandoning accounts, but I may have to do it to this one, after YEARS of work on it! UGH! Stupid 5000-post limit... and I am unwilling to spend a squillion years copying and pasting almost 900 posts over to another blog. :P

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Weird dream of Frances, Mel, stuffing, and hot pot ingredients

WHAT THE HELL. I dreamed that my friends and I were getting together for a rather lavish meal, which included stuffing made by Mel's mom. It looked like rice, but it was really very good. We were having a good time just talking and such when Frances suddenly got up from the table and announced that she was going upstairs. Somehow, we knew that she was doing this to allow herself a peaceful death, as much as strangling yourself could be considered so. Mel went after her a minute later (we were all shocked!), but was too late. Afterwards, we went outside to the market - there were two shops selling hot pot-related ingredients. There was plenty of raw beef, veggies, cilantro, fish, mushrooms, and more. One shop even had dessert items with almost-essential ingredients left out of those: think cookies without butter! Helen C. then said that Mel at least had a vacation to France planned in ten weeks. We all thought he'd be busy with other things, but the vacation would maybe distract him a bit. Then I woke up...

No idea why I had this dream. I know I was looking stuff up on Wikipedia last night, such as sukiyaki and hot pot (wanted to know what I'll be getting at Posh next week), and looking at Josh's France Vacation photo album on Facebook. The articles had pictures of typical hot pot / sukiyaki ingredients, so maybe that sparked THOSE things. But death, or suicide?! AIYA!

Facebook quizzes taken from Tryggvi, Michael M., and Veronica:

Leslie just took the "which teenage stereotype are you?" quiz and the result is Chav. You're a chav, the worst of the worst, hated by all other stereotypes, likewise you hate anyone different than you. You are probably seen hanging around McDonalds or any shop front, or causing damage to your community because you are "hard." You like to wear tracksuits or G-star jeans that are half way down your arse. You also like to do everything and anything that is against the law, such as criminal damage and smoking illegal drugs. (What the hell?! NO!)

Leslie completed the quiz "Where were you from in a past life?" with the result ITALY. You were from ITALY!!! Do you still dream of conquering the countries around you? Do you still dream of fighting the lions? Or of killing your brother to take his wife? WOW, I hope not!!! Well, either way, you are still very strong-hearted, strong-willed, and up to date on the latest fashions in both lives!

Leslie took the quiz "Who were you in a past life?" and got the result: A husband and father in 1912! You were a male, a father and husband in 1912 from Southampton, England. You came from a wealthy family, and had all the luxuries of the 1900's. Your wife's name was Molly, and you had one child, a girl named Marjorie. You were a designer who had worked on the Titanic since the idea of the ship was first conceived, but you were also among the many souls who perished when the ship sank. Your wife and daughter were able to be saved, although your wife never got over your passing, and went into a depression. She did her best to raise the daughter you had together. You looked down on them for many, many years before re-entering the world you now know.

Your Autumn Sense is Touch

You are a very tactile, physical person. Your favorite fall activities revolve around doing something.

Whether you're going for a hike, cooking Thanksgiving dinner, or decorating for Halloween, you like to keep moving.

You like the feel of crisp fall air as well as the feel of a roaring fire at night.

You like invigorating mornings, perfect afternoons, and cozy nights. Whatever feeling fall brings to you, you embrace.

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Letters I wrote to Mr. Creep, but of course will never send

October 13.


I have never been one to put too much stock in FEELINGS and VIBES that people get from others. After meeting you officially last Friday, I think I'll have to revise that opinion. What kind of a FIRST-TIME VISITOR to a church program signs up for a service project involving KIDS?! That is just very ODD, and instantly puts me on PEDOPHILE ALERT! I also felt icky after I shook your hand later on - I wanted to wash my hands right away! EWWWW! The only reason I spoke to you after the program had ended was to verify your name from what my brother told me last Sunday... NOT to shake your hand! Don't you know that shaking hands can actually be unhygienic?! Not that I have anything against shaking hands, but that was really not my intent. Even when you wanted to sit in the empty chair beside me, I should have told you that it was taken. I don't like you or trust you, and that's a bad sign.

My friend thinks I have pre-conceived notions about you, and that I shouldn't judge you based on your looks (you ARE ugly!) or your social awkwardness. I have friends who may be socially awkward and not the best-looking people around, and that probably describes me as well... so it's not that. I just get this ICKY feeling about you, and I'm going to tell the pastor about it when I see him next!

Also, I'm going to get my sister to look your name up the next time she's at the detachment. Ah, the perks of having a cop in the family... :D

- One whose name I hope you forgot!

(note: some first names have been somewhat modified, but the tags have not)


I am watching you very carefully, especially when the children just happen to be near you. You may not have any bad intentions towards them or my friends, but I don't KNOW that, do I? Eric says I don't have to trust you - well, he's right. I don't trust you at all. That doesn't mean I'll just let things go with the flow especially if you are in my church. Who knows why you have that bright blue jacket. It might be to attract the children - okay, maybe not. But still... my dad thinks I should just let the matter go with those emails I sent to the pastors. He doesn't know me very well - I will not rest even if an eventual police check clears you. I will ALWAYS be watching you!

When the four kids were running around, I was watching you. I even tried to get one of them to stay nearer to me and his parents and their friends! Yes, of course the kids' parents are nearby, but I am ever watchful of these precious resources! No, I'm not the one to teach these toddlers about "stranger danger" or whatever they're calling it these days, but you never know. I was also worried for baby Matthew when you passed by within a few inches of him on Friday night, even though he was in his father's arms!

Eric thinks I don't need to be worried since it's a crowd in the fellowship hall anyway... he says I only have cause to worry if you approach children in an alley. He doesn't know what I know - children CAN be taken from crowded situations! Corey says that I should talk to you personally for a few minutes and give you a chance. Um, no. I would rather give Raymond and Randal a chance, and that's saying a lot! (although my ex would not be given a chance either, for good reason!)

Too bad my sister can't or won't abuse her authority by looking your name up on the police computer. I can understand why, if people find out about it - invasion of privacy and all. However, I don't believe a creep should be given rights like that. It still doesn't change my feelings about you. If you even approach me on Sunday or any other day, I am going to tell you EXACTLY what I think of you, no matter who is around. Eric tried to verbally warn me when I referred to you as "Mr. Creep" in his hearing last Friday night, but I don't care if Chris knows what I think of you. It's probably better that way! I am going to tell people, so you better watch out. It would be good if you left my church without fanfare, but due to people being TOO welcoming, I don't think that's going to happen. I don't get a bad feeling about Chuck, Rick, or Josh... or about Jenny. They're all good people, and I would rather shake their hands or hug them any day! (at least, if it's not too weird for them or me...)

Don't you even LOOK at me, or try insinuating yourself with MY friends, or my family! I had better not be the only one who gets a CREEPY feeling about you! I hope to talk to my sister-in-law and others about it... I should have brought it up last Sunday night when Chris said stuff about you in conversation! However, I am glad that my email alert has resulted in stronger precautions being taken next Saturday at Kids Night / Halloween. THANK GOODNESS! I don't think you'd be at the church if there wasn't Fellowship or Sunday School going on, but you just NEVER know! Oh, and you should NEVER have spoken up at our meeting two Fridays ago. YOU WERE A NEWCOMER, and the meeting was about a Fellowship update! Not to say that newcomers can't have good things to say, but it's NOT A GOOD THING if you strike someone as being "off" from the first time that they meet you! I should have told you a bunch of this last Sunday, but the future will be good enough. Thank goodness I don't have to see you till Sunday!

And no, I will not refer to you by name, to you or anyone else. You've ruined that name for me. In fact, I think I'll go around correcting people if they refer to you by name. "Daniel..." "Oh, you must mean MR. CREEP!" Ha ha ha. :D

- That girl who always seems to be watching you

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Sukiyaki, no Mr. Creep till Sunday, Beer Name, Dunce Cap Poo

Called Jon briefly at 10 to tell him of the venue and time for Steph's dinner, and told him who was going. He says Harmony may want to go since they're in Richmond anyway because he's teaching (and won't be at dinner till 7:15), but she may also want to have dinner with her parents. We talked about Bible Study, our group meeting at church because off-site locations weren't really working out for us (which means I don't have to see Mr. Creep till SUNDAY!), Chilliwack, and some other stuff. Good to be brief, haha.

Leslie's just got their Beer Name from Name Generators. It's Rolling Rock Extra Pale.

Poo nugget for Tuesday, October 20: Dunce Cap Poo - While the ideal defecation is a long, soft, pliable cylinder that is uniform in size, some begin with a thick base and then scale down to a point. While the discharge of this poo may offer some satisfaction, you are left longing for a poo of more uniform distribution. Synonyms: Coneheads, Cylinder Poo, Tapered Wafers, Biggie Smalls.

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Monday, October 19, 2009

Storage lockers, laundry money, no robbery prevention, Pearl Castle, free cards, and more!

The manager asked me whether I had a storage locker outside - um, nope! I also was a good girl and put the laundry away immediately, instead of procrastinating. Figured out how to work my magma lamp by myself, too! Went to the bank and put the $300 away, and then got $60 in loonies and quarters for future laundry purposes. The teller thought it might be raining outside - nope, I just get cold easily, haha. (I know there's a Robbery Prevention Program in place, where you remove your hats / hoods / sunglasses, but...) At least this laundry money withdrawal is from this month's money and not next month's, haha. I just checked my account balance online, and everything is as I wanted it to be... good.

Went to the Bay to see what an average pillowcase would cost, and concluded that I might be better off at Sears or (with permission) my mother's linen closet! I also saw Christmas trees and Christmas cards in the store - the Christmas season starts now, I guess! Yikes! Got birthday cards for Billie and Deb at Carlton Cards, then was advised that there was a promotion on: buy three cards and get three free! So I got six cards for just over $10, which I thought was pretty sweet. When I paid, I thought the man next to me was asking if they had any grow-op cards because of his accent, haha! Saw that Pearl Castle is now open until 11 every night. Seems the $600 suite might be already rented, pending a reference check or two - DAMMIT! But at least I accomplished a lot today! :D

Facebook quiz taken from Kaitlin:

Leslie just took the "What element do you control?" quiz and the result is Wind. You control wind. Not very much is known about this element and its controllers. You are a gentle person, and you travel at great speeds. You usually get what you want, but sometimes you'll just have to go with the flow.

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Posh, Sukiyaki, SCOOBY DOO, getting married, and Chinese food

Fielded an email from Steph about reservations... Posh is an interesting restaurant name, heh. SUKIYAKI! Gotta do laundry today, too... and go to the bank. No, I don't really like carrying too much crap around, that's for sure! Threw away a pillow since it was kinda getting old. :{

Facebook quizzes taken from Subena and Gretchen:

Leslie completed the quiz Which member of the Scooby Doo gang are you?" with the result Daphne. You are Daphne, the femme fatale. You pride yourself on your looks, and underestimate your other qualities at times. You are much more comfortable in a group than working independently, which sometimes causes people to wonder exactly what you can contribute on your own. (I mean, really, did Daphne EVER solve a mystery? She was always off with Fred "looking for clues" ... !) But, I'm sure there's more to you than meets the eye. Or not.

Gretchen took the "When Will You Get Married, And To Who?" quiz and got "You Will be 17, And The Person's Name Will Begin With J." When you are 17, you will marry your first true love, whose name begins with a J. You will die in each other's arms. (HAHAHAHAHA!)

You Are Egg Rolls

You are outgoing, lively, and a ton of fun. You enjoy social gatherings of all types and sizes.

You love to joke, laugh, and tell stories. You tend to be the center of it all, but you never call attention to yourself.

You tend to order liberally and non-discriminately off the menu of life. You'll take a little of everything, and enjoy every bite.

You're the type of person who parties hard without any regrets the next morning. If anything, you're ready to get up and do it again.

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Various name generators like Village Idiot and SMALLVILLE

Found out that Rachel B. unfriended me from Facebook. Oh well... *sigh*

Leslie's just got their Romance Novel Character Name from Name Generators. It's Carly Huntington.

Leslie's just got their Anne Rice Vampire Name from Name Generators. It's Avicus.

Leslie's just got their Smallville Character Name from Name Generators. It's Oliver Queen.

Leslie's just got their Village Idiot Name from Name Generators. It's Fronglunk.

Leslie's just got their Halloween Ghost Name from Name Generators. It's Spyro the Blushing Ghost. (That's not even remotely scary! :P)

Leslie's just got their Halloween Character Name from Name Generators. It's Elvira, Mistress of the Dark.

Facebook quizzes taken from Kenny:

Leslie took the "What the FUCK is wrong with you?" quiz and got "You're dead and remembering this." Take comfort in the fact that no one else cares that you're not actually alive.

Leslie took the "The Hardest Quiz Ever: You will not get a 100" quiz and got "20%" ... FAILED! Haha, you failed because you are not God, and you suck at life. (My grammar is better than the quiz creator's, so I am automatically better than he or she is. :D)

Poo nugget for Monday, October 19: Doo You Know? - To Sit or Stand During the Cleanup? - A study found that most people in North America wipe while sitting. Some claim that sitting allows for better separation of the cheeks.

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Valiant, Veikko, Wex, and Worley

Computer restarted just when I was in the middle of editing stuff. UGH!

This is from What Not to Name Your Baby by Joe Borgenicht.


Va Loy: A fabric hybrid with the strength of metal and texture of velour.

Vachel (VAY-chel) - A small French cow. Also, a Russian transvestite.

Valgene: A fast-acting cream used to treat yeast infections.

Valiant: A brave prince destined to a life of bowl cuts.

Valno: An industrial oil-cutting solution used in fast-food restaurant grease traps.

Van: A boxlike motor vehicle, the white windowless variety being the conveyance of choice for kidnappers and miscreants.

Vane: A blade attached to a shaft that is moved by fluid. The inclusion of "shaft" and "fluid" in the definition should dissuade you from this name.

Vanoy: An Australian boxlike motor vehicle. "That's my van, oy!" See also Van.

Vegas: A town full of sinners and whores. Child will be plagued by the saying, "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas."

Veikko: A Finnish activist in the anti-apartheid movement. Not as effective in Finland as he could have been in South Africa.

Vekvek: Artificial wood used for exterior decking.

Vernal: Utah desert area well known by fossil hunters as the home of Dino the pink dinosaur.

Verv: Energetic and exciting. Destined to be a male cheerleader or Broadway dancer.

Victor: Winner. Also, effective stage name for male impersonators.

Vinyl: A flexible, shiny faux leather used to make unattractive furniture and clothing. See also Pleather and Huggy Bear.

Vincent: That great scary voice from the haunted house at Disneyland.

Viper: A poisonous, legless, belly-crawling reptile with bad eyesight, whose only purpose in life is to eat rodents and procreate.

Vladimir: A fifteenth-century Slavic ruler known for impaling and brutally torturing thousands of his subjects. He is also widely believed to have been a blood-sucking ghoul.


Wade: To walk in or through water, from the Old English for "river crossing." Isn't afraid to wear capri pants.

Wagner: Maker of fine power tools and paint sprayers.

Waldo: A bespectacled, wool-hat-and-striped-shirt-wearing character. A child with this name will be driven insane with taunts of "Where's Waldo?" Known to often wander off.

Walker: A Texas law enforcement officer, played most convincingly by Chuck Norris. A child with this name will feel compelled to wear ten-gallon hats and enormous belt buckles. Also may be drawn to the martial arts.

Wayne: To gradually decrease or deflate, as in "My interest in him is Wayneing."

Wex: A New Age exercise for developing biceps and triceps. Wex on, Wex off.

Wilber: A talking pig with an affinity for spiders.

William / Willy: Also known as Slick, a child with this name will not be able to duck comparisons to the forty-second president of the United States or an angry, animated, Scottish groundskeeper. Later in life, women will say this name with a questioning upward lilt and a wink.

Wisely: With wisdom. You might as well name your son Teacher's Pet, considering how the kids at school will react every time the teacher says his name.

Wolfe: A carnivorous mammal related to the dog. As a teen, a boy with this name will only feel comfortable dating in groups. Later in life, he will be drawn to seedy nightclubs.

Wolfgang: A somewhat effeminate chef, and a composer with a creepy German accent.

Woodrow: British slang for an erection. Avoid any names with "wood."

Woody: While marvelous in one-on-one encounters, embarrassing in most group situations. Also, a small red bird that pecks on trees and has an annoying laugh. British slang for an erection.

Worley: An Old English name meaning "an erection." A pubescent rite of passage where a nerd's head is placed in a toilet and repeatedly flushed, giving his hair a swirled appearance.

Wouter: An electric woodworking tool. Also a Sears hardware department manager recognized for top sales in wenches and skwew dwivews.

Wright: Correct, Mr. Wrong.

Wyatt: A member of Wild West law enforcement remembered for a shooting incident at the OK Corral. Will have difficulty obtaining a concealed weapons permit.

Wyclef: A Y-shaped facial deformity generally found around the eyes. Often corrected by surgery, this defect encourages men to grow unibrows.

Wylie: A haggard coyote. This child will have remarkable drive, yet be prone to failure. Also, good with kids.

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Kayden and Harrison?! Really?! Oh, parents...

This thing restarted while I was out! Before I left, I put a whole bunch of paper in the teacher workbook for "prep during service" purposes. Bad, I know. It's not BLANK paper for drawing on like Conor would want, but I'll get that tomorrow along with two birthday cards. My mom was being her usual self today, but at least she did alert me to the fact that I'd somehow worn my sweater backwards - very useful. For some reason, she was talking to Harmony about Jon's underwear - weird, haha. (I later told Harmony that I'd wondered about it, haha) She also told me exactly why Dad liked a certain kind of boxers - it's not the color, people! No such thing as TMI in our family, man! Wesley sat beside me, which was cool - Mom later told me that she thought he was RAYMOND, of all people! Why would we sit by each other now?! She KNOWS Wesley, Chris, and their parents!

While I was out of the sanctuary, I spotted Kevin, so asked if he got my email - yup! Then Auntie Ying wanted to know if I wanted to sing with the children during their presentation - sure, why not? That went pretty well - I directed a bunch of negative energy toward Mr. Creep once I located him in the congregation, haha. "You come near these kids or even LOOK at them, and there will be HELL to pay!" Uncle Edwin later gave me an ouzo candy because he thought I was coughing - hahaha, not really. (and if I were, it wouldn't help since it wasn't a cough drop!) I asked if he were on Facebook since it keeps suggesting I add him as a friend, but apparently he doesn't know how to work it. Fair enough, I guess!

Greeted Brian and a few others while making my way to the fellowship hall. Told Jen that I was glad she was going to be on Committee this upcoming year, but I didn't tell her the REAL reason, haha. Said hi to Hannah and Natalie, and asked if they wanted some candy - ended up giving them the entire huge Ziploc bag full of Fuzzy Peach and Sour Patch Kids! Told them to share with Gladys and their other friends, and admired Natalie's deviousness when she said they should take all the Fuzzy Peach candy out first for themselves, hahaha. Watched Mr. Creep VERY carefully, especially when he was around the kids! Joshua, Keenan, Benjamin, and Noah were chasing each other around (even around me) - I know Billy, Stella, Tim, Maxine, and Cousin Calla were very nearby, but still. I talked briefly to Tim, Billy, and Stella too. (Maxine at Harrison Hot Springs yesterday for a conference?! HOW REFRESHING!)

Keenan was pulling on Tim's hand, so I said that he'd pull Daddy's fingers off, but he seemed quite adamant that it wouldn't happen. Haha, I was just joking around! I asked where Keenan wanted to take Daddy, and he said he didn't know - I bet he wanted some more snack food, but it looked like he had enough cookies and 100% fruit snacks! Eric came up to say hi to the kids, and asked me what Noah's name was - yup, he is getting big! Billy told the others to be careful around Noah since he's small - boys will be boys, of course! Said hi to Adam, Andrew, and others on my way out of the fellowship hall and upstairs. Of course, I got distracted by Mike, Julie, Allison, Jeff, and Anita - Allison just stared at me when I said hi, haha.

There were two new kids this morning, both with what I'd consider to be less than acceptable names: KAYDEN and HARRISON?! Really?! Harrison seemed polite (except when he was throwing a used paper towel across the table), and Kayden seemed quiet - that's fine. Esther actually talked to me in English, Conor read stuff out of his Hang Glider Awana handbook to me and Auntie Ying, Amanda was brought upstairs by Uncle Patrick (Nathan said we had an incoming person), and Amos / David / Evelyn played a lot. When the kids' attention seemed to be flagging, I hastily delegated Auntie Ying to say a prayer, haha. She thanked me afterwards, and I said that I'd heard she had called my parents to figure out my number. (they gave it to her - my mom thought I'd screen my calls, but of course I do!)

Conor's parents said that he really wants to learn that handbook, since his brother Sean is farther along than he is. Of course, Conor's only in kindergarten while Sean is two years older, but the drive is definitely there! Heck, he really wanted to wear his Awana uniform today, too! David wanted to take something home with him, so we explained why he couldn't do that. He was crying a lot, but I did say bye to his twin Evelyn, who actually waved and said BYE back! I told David that he could come back next week (which isn't that far off) and play with the toys then! Maybe the kid needs a "countdown" device, haha. Perhaps I'll look it up!

Went downstairs to thankfully find Mr. Creep GONE from the fellowship hall and presumably the building! I had noticed Phil talking to him earlier, and felt like I wanted him to be excluded! Well, we'll see. Jon, Jeremy, and Eric were setting up for a worship meeting or something - Amanda definitely wanted some of their Panago pizza lunch, haha! Went to the usual place with Alan and Polly - Mom had almost gotten my hopes up this morning when she said they'd found a new restaurant. It's by the bonsai place, but seems very small. They discussed Fellowship stuff, Auntie May, Steph's work / upcoming trip / townhouse, a shooting near Alan and Polly's place, and more.

Then Dad and I had to wait when Mom went into Zellers at Lansdowne to take advantage of some sale. We talked briefly about Mr. Creep - Dad thinks that I should leave it at those emails I sent various people. Well, isn't it ODD when he attends a fellowship for younger people?! Maybe eventually he can work with kids - I hope NOT! There's something that strikes me as OFF about him, for sure... don't know what it is, but I don't want the kids around him - even my friends! Too late for that, I suppose... and I refuse to refer to him by name. He's ruined it for me! Got a new pillow / instant coffee (Mom seems to think I consume the stuff) / a rolly suitcase, however. I didn't bother telling Mom that there IS no "Garbage Day" as such when you live in an apartment complex. Oh sure, the garbage collection does come on a few select days a week, but it's not like you have to set your bags out by a curb or anything! Called Steph later to tell her about Citrus being featured in a Chinese paper. Discussed hot pot, overtime, and other things as well - home at 8 AM?! YIKES, GET SOME SLEEP!

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Creep may not be a pedophile, but he's ODD! / Dream of roses and characters named Henry

After all, what self-respecting 48-year-old man tries to hang out with people half his age? Other than pedophiles and rapists, of course. This is a PERFECT (albeit modified) line to describe Mr. Creep - thanks to Unsent Letters! Honestly! No wonder my radar is going off! If he talks to my friends (even including Randal for now), fine... but if he goes anywhere NEAR the kids, I'll be ever watchful even if he ISN'T a pedophile! You gotta watch out for the kids, and I definitely plan on doing that today even if their parents are in the vicinity!

Once I finally got back to sleep, I had a weird enough dream. My sister and I went to Safeway in a mall to buy some flowers. We were complaining because the parking lot was full of puddles, and one side of it was all full already despite it being early in the day... was there a weird sale going on or something?! Steph got out of the car, and determined that it would be snowy the next day because it was so cold and wet. I laughed it off, but figured she might be right. We went into the Safeway, and promptly bought several dozen roses and such. The flower delivery person offered to drive us home in her van, so we accepted, even if we were unmindful of our own vehicle in the lot.

As soon as we got home with the flowers, we went downstairs to put them away. We saw a dead mouse in a trap near our grey couch, and saw toilet paper on the stairs and all over the place. When we saw a big blue Bible featuring females in its stories, we were transported into the world of a character biography that I was reading. This was a chronology of the character Henry's life - he married someone named Margaret because her 12F boobs looked super in a purple outfit she wore one night. He figured that she should have more than just those to recommend her, and was even a little abusive toward her.

They managed to have five kids: Sam, Henry Junior, Cassandra, Hannah, and Julia. Henry Senior died in 17737 (not a typo), right when his namesake was going to have another kid with a bleached-blonde bombshell whom he wanted for himself. Death cheats another person out of his wants, AGAIN! I woke up when my alarm went off, and still felt kinda refreshed despite my crazy sleep schedule. No guarantees for later this afternoon, haha. Not sure why I had the dream, either. Oh well. As far as I know, the boob size of "12F" does not exist!

Your British Name Is Tabitha Esme

Bloody brilliant!

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The balloon people made a rap video featuring their kids?!

Corey also has an update on the balloon people:

[01:13:21] mrptptpt: the cops said it's highly likely the balloon people will be charged with crimes, but they're not satisfied with the severity of the crimes they can get them on, so they're looking into getting federal organizations and / or the FAA (since they interrupted airline travel for a while, and sent up a craft without a license)
[01:13:33] mrptptpt: they searched their house with a warrant tonight, too
[01:13:43] mrptptpt: so apparently, this isn't going as planned for these people...
[01:15:46] AlenaBrolxFlami: I do hear Mandarin at church since we have a Mandarin congregation, but I know very little of the language myself
[01:16:23] AlenaBrolxFlami: as for the balloon people... HAHAHAHA! don't people THINK before trying to set up something for free publicity?!
[01:18:53] mrptptpt: now there's a rap video, clearly made by the parents, full of the kids swearing and something like "a big faggot in the tree tried to pee on me! so I picked up a rock and threw it at his cock (except they just growl in place of "cock" and the rock is thrown at a picture of a chicken......)"
[01:19:21] mrptptpt: in an interview, the dad is asked about this, and he says it's Falcon in the tree, not faggot :P
[01:19:36] AlenaBrolxFlami: I don't think I wanna know...
[01:19:39] mrptptpt: except Falcon is down on the ground with the other kids throwing rocks
[01:20:12] AlenaBrolxFlami: well, way to parent
[01:20:21] mrptptpt: oh, and the song is about "pussification"
[01:20:51] AlenaBrolxFlami: ....... WHAT?!
[01:21:13] mrptptpt: these people just keep getting lovelier and lovelier :P
[01:24:05] mrptptpt: he defends the swearing in the house by saying they like to be positive, and hang trophies and awards in the house. which has nothing to do with the question :P
[01:25:27] mrptptpt: "yeah, except I was asking about the language and swearing by the kids" "oh"
[01:25:35] AlenaBrolxFlami: uh... yeah...
[01:56:06] AlenaBrolxFlami: is that TOILET PAPER the kid is throwing around?!
[01:56:29] mrptptpt: uh. probably, I don't remember.
[01:56:56] AlenaBrolxFlami: oh dear

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Hot pot, blazing it up, dreams of birthday boxes and Uncle Albert, Mandarin

Earlier, I told Corey that I wanted hot pot - thank you very much, Ian! He responded a while later with "go blaze it up, then!" He knows I don't mean marijuana! Then I decided to sleep at 10:30 because I'd been napping early, but got up at around 12:45 AM. Had a weird dream where my mom asked me whether I'd seen Dawn's dad Uncle Albert at church recently, but I said the building was so big that it was even more impossible to see people around! Then Emily T. was teaching a group of kids how to be silly, and I helped her. Later, I was delegated to look in someone's personal fridge space for Emily Lee's birthday wish in a box. There were shrimp crackers, peanuts (which I thought was so not the thing to have in a fridge when everyone was thirsty already), and numerous jelly packets. I couldn't find the box, so we all (parents / brother / friends) went to a chic diner instead. My sister was the waitress, but she was from the 1980s. The real version of my sister was with us, and loved the black lamps. Woke up when we were trying to figure out the mystery of present AND past bodies there at the same time!

I have no idea why I had the dream - I know I was talking to Emily T. yesterday, but that shouldn't make that much of an impression on my subconscious! Haven't been thinking of THE TIME TRAVELER'S WIFE, Dawn's dad (although I did see her status update involving him), a packed fridge, or Emily Lee recently either! I don't think anyone's asked me that question about Dawn's dad because he's in HONG KONG! Yikes!

Corey says that Jane and her niece were teaching him Chinese earlier tonight, and the five-year-old is REALLY impressed that he can speak Mandarin! I said that the equivalent of huo guo is da bino, and he told me that the niece just jumped around on the bed in the background saying the word he was supposed to say over and over, mostly just yelling it. Sounds crazy to me, even over webcam! Why were they teaching him "hot pot" tonight? Don't know, but he was helping with her English homework, pronouncing words. Jane was having trouble with L sounds, so then she moved to Chinese - when Corey got it right the first time, she said it wasn't fair. Hahaha!

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