Saturday, May 12, 2012

Disabling background layers / Burstingly pregnant Harmony

Note to remember: To disable background layers for hidden passages and such in Visual Gameboy Advance, go to Options ---> Video ---> Layers ---> uncheck BG0.

Harmony, at nine months pregnant and bursting with child, is still lighter than me / Jon / Steph / Lisa! Amazing!

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Dream: Candy, Chrystal, Chinese Eric, and children

I ate some Tomato Alfredo for lunch; I haven't bought that stuff since November?! Also spent some time uploading some 2005 Alaska Cruise photos to Facebook, which meant that I had to tag others! (despite Billie telling me that she'd had a bunch of notifications) Had to restart FINAL FANTASY II: DAWN OF SOULS because of glitches, too - SO ANNOYING!

I dreamed of Chrystal handing out Halloween candy at church to a bunch of kids, and I was typing everything up on the church website. Chinese Eric was hanging around and interacting with the children while waiting for me to be finished so we could go to the fair. Interesting; I guess I really should call them both so I can get some FRIEND TIME in before Vegas, haha! I just hope Baby Dragon is born at some point, since I'm waiting for that to happen...

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Slight colds, naps, seven deadly sins

White Eric tried calling me this afternoon, then sent me an email to say he wouldn't be making it out to Fellowship tonight since he has a slight cold. Oh well, more time for gaming it is! Actually, I ended up taking a much-needed nap from 8 PM to 11 PM; I have a feeling that even if I had promised a phone call to Chinese Eric, he of all people would understand being really tired! I'll have to do that another day... at this rate, I'll end up not calling him till Baby Dragon is born! *sigh*

More Fun Quizzes at

My deadly sin is GREED. (seven deadly sins...)

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Friday, May 11, 2012


Got up at about 8 because it was too sunny outside; discovered that Itamar had left a link to a BIG BANG THEORY scene on my wall, contending that SETTLERS OF CATAN was indeed geeky. WHAT DID I TELL YOU?! (penis jokes and "excessive" laughter aside...) Dad dropped off my purse at 11:15 this morning, so of course I had to thank him for doing that. Also got Steve L.'s contact info before he deactivated his FB account, so that's a good thing! Did a bunch of FB photo organization; Itamar and Jesse both said that everyone got notified of the time changes! SHIT, I HAD NO IDEA ABOUT THAT!

Decided to just "leave" ONTD by not having it on my page; if we can't have video game screencaps in a FREE-FOR-ALL post, then what CAN we have?! Those are some really crazy rules! No more "weekly tradition" for me! I'm sure Eric will be happy about that, haha. :P Besides, I haven't been feeling it lately.

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Nine months pregnant; STILL the lightest of us!

Steph and Lisa picked me up in the evening, and we talked to Jon and Harmony about stuff on the way over to the townhouse. We had salmon, summery salad, sushi, spot prawns, Greek orzo pasta, chicken drumsticks, strawberries, coffee, dark chocolate and goji berries, dragonfruit, kiwi, cheese, some beer, and German sausage since a new business in Steveston sells homemade sausage and salami without preservatives, or filler. Talked about pregnancy, the new baby being here VERY soon, Timothy's, Grandma's memory issues, Grandma actually HAVING sushi, translating for Lisa, Harmony's parents calling her separately to see if she's given birth yet (they'll KNOW when the time comes), Chinese Eric having a standing invite to these dinners (which I didn't know about), Fred, Eunice, signing cards for Mom's birthday / Mother's Day / Mom and Dad's anniversary / Dad's birthday, baseball, Chelsea and Transcendental Meditation in Iowa (she's coming back next week!), Kate's wedding, Vegas, TIME magazine's cover of a four-year-old breastfeeding, the Blue Jays / Vladimir Guerrero.

Then we walked to Timothy's for frozen yogurt - BLACKBERRY FOR THE WIN. We also weighed ourselves in Steveston since we saw an outdoor scale; Harmony is STILL the lightest of us even at nine months pregnant! We figured that the moral of the story tonight was to escape from doing the dishes by walking out of the house to get a treat, hahaha! (Dad did them all) Discussed hilarious Mom stories, inducing labor by jumping around (NOT a good idea!), teasing me about Eric H., new businesses in Steveston, the Tapenade Bistro, the CRAB KING restaurant, Pajo's at Steveston, the Original Sausage House, the Sweet Spot, Cora's, Bellingham today, walking a lot, groin issues (I don't want to know, little brother!), piggyback rides, Gudrun, my saving money to spend and pay back the parents, budgeting, sports, nephews, and more. Walked back to the townhouse and discussed Captain Morgan's spiced rum, Mom's "firecracker" almonds / walnuts, Billy / Tony / Eddie / Stella / age gaps, Eunice, Grandma not going to bed yet at 9:30, one-pound oranges, leftovers, baby toys, vans, and more. Got home after 10, and realized I forgot my purse at the lards' place; Steph called to tell me about that right when I did. At least Mom can drop it off tomorrow morning before she goes to work!

Lisa and Jon with beer before eating:

Walking off a bit of dinner so we can get frozen yogurt at Timothy's!

Mom saw this notebook and bandages with skulls on them in Bellingham today, and thought I'd like them because I'm evil... o_O

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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Finishing FINAL FANTASY I again!

I finished FINAL FANTASY I again, and here's the proof:

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Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Kenny, Guy Level 99 Magic glitch, and Against Me!

Talked to Kenny for a bit last night via Skype messages about transgendered people, ROLLING STONE links, Against Me! (the punk band's lead singer Tom apparently wants to be a woman named Laura?!), his being happy to be a man with the requisite parts, and implicit sexual behavior on his part. None of my business, but it's good to talk to him once in a while! Time to do my laundry now...

Why do Guy's first eight spells all require 99 MP to cast? This is a glitch for sure, since it should be ONE point as it is for the other eight!

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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Penotti Duo Hazelnut Vanilla, anger, evil, slander

Did anyone else ever notice that if you remove the first and last letters from the names of the 3 NY / NJ teams, you get Anger, Evil, and Slander? (stolen from the NHL page)

Realized that I had to go out and get milk at 2 because all eight of my pasta Sidekicks require it! Should have got it last week at Price Smart while I was with Vanessa, but I didn't think of it at the time. DAMMIT! I got McGavin's bread, soy milk, plus a Penotti Duo hazelnut and vanilla spread at London Drugs. None of these things were on sale, but the spread sounded appealing enough to try! At least now the weather's warm enough to go out SANS jacket if I feel like it! Got home and saw that Marie had added me to Facebook, too.

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Pastor Bob Canada divorce laws (dream)

I had a dream that Mom and I were taking a class at a local school; Harmony was going to join us, but she couldn't make it. Christon and others showed up with a bunch of food, and announced that Pastor Bob was leaving the church because he disagreed with the congregational committee's stance on Canada's divorce laws. Pastor Bob and his wife Amy were there to explain their views, but the first thing I thought was "GOOD! SERVICE WILL GET BACK TO NORMAL!" Then Jordan showed up, screaming about a dead body. It was true... Jason had died! Everyone else came from the gym bleachers to discuss these developments. The dream ended when people were writing things down on huge white sheets of paper. Triggers: talking to Christon about Pastor Bob on Sunday, Christon's "life timeline" exercise on Friday, seeing Jordan on Sunday, talking about pastors leaving the church on Friday, and Harmony not being able to make it to church on Sunday. WEIRD!

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Weird thoughts Whisperwind Cove / Charlie Brown Grammar Nazi

I'll have to go through Whisperwind Cove AGAIN tomorrow.... the things I do for a 100% bestiary. :P

"I've been having these weird thoughts lately..." - random kid in Whisperwind Cove. Me too, kid, me too...

Kevin G. reminded me of this amusing "Charlie Brown and Snoopy" comforting Grammar Nazi cartoon:

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Monday, May 07, 2012

Wanting Canary, WITH THE QUICKNESS, and Dancing Girls!

I heard Bad Brains on the Fox today: WITH THE QUICKNESS is a good song!

Here's a FINAL FANTASY 9 reference to a fictional play called "I Want to Be Your Canary" in the Dancing Girls level of the Lifespring Grotto! Other girls make a reference to the Tantalus Troupe from the same game, too.

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Sunday, May 06, 2012

Berenstain bears ransacking, ASTERIX brawls, water all over, and bad James (nightmare)

I got up from a much-needed nap at 8:05. Good thing, too... this is what I remember from the nightmare:

* James told me what he had to tell me AGAIN (Damn subconscious hammering it into me... I GOT THE MESSAGE WHEN I GOT HOME, THANKS! I DON'T NEED IT AGAIN!)

* there was water all over the bathroom floor because the showerhead wouldn't work properly, and this was a problem which couldn't be solved since the toilet tank was somehow related to this (don't ask - I don't know)

* everyone was Berenstain Bears; Mama and Sister Bear ransacked the local fisherman's house looking for fish bones and beef (as proof that they were living beyond their means - they found out, and there was an ASTERIX-like village brawl)

* the purple stickers with googly eyes on the bedroom door were haunted

* Mother called to see if I wanted to pretend to be her for government documents starting at 10 AM, and she laughed about it!

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Bizarro World church service? Not sure if I want this...

When Eric picked me up this morning, we discussed the usual subjects like my being "drunk." As non-religious as I might be these days, I have enough respect for that setting to NOT do that, thank you very much! He said that I was going insane, but I took exception to that. Talked about my Friday mistakes, our future plans, THE WALKING DEAD "zombie music," and more when we weren't just being quiet. When we got to church, I asked Edwin about Jane and baby Rebecca before he had to do Communion prep with Alan and Brian (but he did thank me for asking); asked Auntie Rebecca when she'd be leaving (there's a farewell dinner on Canada Day); said hi to Edmond and Alysia; and changed my seat to sit nearer to my friends. Jeremy updated me on Mark's new job on the Island, transportation, environmentalists, tanks, unusual work weeks, and more.

Church service was really BIZARRE! The order was all switched around and mixed up: the tithes and offering was SECOND, the announcements were in the middle, and the sermon / Communion were AT THE END. I made a note to ask Christon about this later, of course. Someone's cellphone kept going off, so Jeremy joked to me that we'd overlook such a minor offense (applying current sermon material on conflict!) - I had to tell him about Sophia and John's wedding, where one went off during the VOWS! Jeremy showed me his Bible's translation of the "speck in your eye" verse: "having a log in your eye" is even funnier! We also discussed Jon's picture in the bulletin: it COULD have been from before Jer met him!

After that descent into Bizarro World, I went to look for Grandma as I usually do. She wanted to know where I'd been (not there!), and accepted Auntie Paula's help of an arm to get her to church service. Went into the fellowship hall, where there were actually tables set up - FINALLY, AFTER THREE AND A HALF YEARS! Alan gave me a bunch of invitations for Jon / Harmony, my parents, and me to attend Eddie and Eunice's wedding in July. I talked to Andrew about his writing (DEATHS AND GENRE!), to Lincoln about Steveston, to Gino about Friday night / Facebook / rambling / the "different woman" Teresa / that Mafia game, to Sam about his Richmond job, to Emily L. about life and the Cattle Café picture, to Auntie Catherine about a future get-together with the kids, and to Hannah and Gavin about piggybacking. Also said hi to Mike K., David M., and Adam L. (Karen and her son Marcus were at the window - she says he loves stuffed animals, and calls them all "dogs," haha)

Saw Jessie (who'd assumed I just leave early all the time - I'll let her think that!), Shira, Ada, James, Mattias, Ashley, Ramen, Wesley, Emma, Denise, Lanie, Natalie, Danny, Jesse, and Anastasia in Toddler Sunday School. Gave Ashley and Jonathan their Easter candy, said hi to Natalie's mom / Auntie Bessy / Uncle Patrick when they came in, and played the role of "kiddy bathroom attendant" again with Mattias. Lifting him wasn't too bad, I guess. Discussed bread, rolls, toys, different types of food, coloring, buttons, water, and more. Looked for Eric later on, while Grandma asked if we'd be having lunch with them. Mom said that Auntie Anita had free Koinonia lunch tickets, so I bugged Eric about them when I did see him.

We ended up going to lunch and talking to Christon / Alan / Jeremy / Randal about the mixed-up weird service (maybe only on Communion Sundays?), ESC initiatives, church website meetings, BBQ food at Alan's, Jon's last-minute dinner, tongue and other ingredients, Canucks stuff on sale now (Harrison had something like that), the Alpha course, Mike T. and Emily C., cross-border shopping, and other religious stuff. On the way home, Eric and I discussed bestiary stuff / TROGDOR [HOMESTAR RUNNER] and LINK [ZELDA] references in DAWN OF SOULS / Van Halen / my not doing anything wrong / Pastor Bob having unfortunate initials / WORLD OF WARCRAFT stuff / effective ads for prostate cancer ("IT'S OUR TIME! .... to talk about it") and Teunis likely not wanting to pay attention to ads / spending time with people (TOO MUCH!) / my "non-existence." When I got home, I called both my siblings to update them on stuff, and got a ride from Steph for Thursday's dinner. Now, hopefully time for a nap!

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Devil accepting God's unwanted children / KINGDOM HEARTS character

Woke up before 7 AM for some stupid reason; WTF? UGH! Spoz linked this "evil" humorous 9GAG conversation on his Facebook; I love it! "God didn't want humans to have critical thinking so we could be thought-slaves for eternity, and the devil accepts God's unwanted children unconditionally" - HAHAHAHA, SO TRUE!


You Scored as You are Riku

You are strong and cool!

You are Riku
You are sora
You are kairi
You are Roxas!

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