Saturday, September 10, 2011

Gigs and back to school

Jon has a gig after Wednesday's dinner, which is fine by me!

You Are Colored Pencils

You let yourself escape whenever you need to. You don't think there's anything wrong with a little daydreaming.

You dabble in creativity as often as you can. You are a major doodler.

You are a natural writer of all sorts. You are equally suited writing essays, journals, and fiction.

You always have a lot of color in everything you do. No one could accuse you of being boring.

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Friday, September 09, 2011

Brent Stabbed Last was stabbed to death! / Promoting Greek food at the BBQ

While I was trying to catch up with FFAF, I asked Teunis which date worked better for him because of the Lemonade Pork Chop Extravaganza - the 22nd (a Thursday), apparently. Kaili's set up a weekly old-school RPG thing on Wednesdays (which isn't THAT important, come on!), but meh. Eric also buzzed me, bugging me about the BBQ and wanting me to censor myself. Fuck that, man! On the way to church, we mainly talked about "what made me learn to cuss" (nothing!) - it's all good with me unless it's directed at me or people I love! Raymond held the elevator door open for us - awkward, but I was embarrassed when I mistook Vicky's boyfriend for Wes. UGH! Talking to Jeremy and Mark about Wednesday, Greek food, furniture warehouse sales, delivery, the 6.7 earthquake earlier today (which I didn't feel AT ALL!), transit, lighting, vending machines, UBC forest, and more made me feel better, though!

I had a beef burger and a salmon burger while telling Vivian that I'd have invited her for Wednesday, but it was a school night. Deb says that she and Dylan could come since he doesn't have to fly out to Chicago for work anymore! Apparently, Paul gets notified every time someone posts something to his Facebook feed, hahaha! (and he doesn't know what "WTF" means... WTF!) Phil and Christon have to attend an ESCC meeting on Wednesday, but can probably do something on Friday after Fellowship; guess I'll have to risk being bored to get something good out of it later! Noticed Mr. Creep, but stayed well away from him by talking to Connie and ignoring the "different" woman Teresa when she asked about dying because I'd told Connie that I wasn't good at MARIO BROTHERS since I died all the time! (RPG things are better for me in that sense!) Talked to Amanda, Mike K., Chris T., Cindy, Andrew L., Pastor Tom, Deb, and others about life / birth / pregnancy / hospitals. Chatted to Eric about NOT giving up games or catching up online, pop, lemon chips, gas prices, Chinese Eric's health, and more on the way home.

Yeah, you read that right... Brent Stabbed Last was stabbed to death! (and his nickname was Brent Good Dagger!)

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Taiwan mooncake and fried chicken / The Hummingbird Test

[2:35:01 AM] Corey: I am back... I have to leave again in like 40 minutes for another three hours of classes, though....... bleh. Fridays are really busy
[2:35:17 AM] Leslie: stop scaring me! :P
[2:35:26 AM] Corey: the Moon Festival is Monday, though, so I get the day off
[2:35:45 AM] Leslie: I defeated Baramos while you were gone, but now have to defeat the Master Archfiend Zoma
[2:36:00 AM] Leslie: hah - no wonder I see mooncake for sale in the local shops :P
[2:36:08 AM] Leslie: actually, I should eat some now
[2:36:38 AM] Corey: my students just finished telling me not to since it's so fattening, it's like drinking cooking oil
[2:36:51 AM] Corey: I told them to go home and eat moon cakes, they said that's bad :P
[2:38:16 AM] Leslie: haha... yeah, there IS that
[2:51:04 AM] Corey: bleh... I don't want to go to my business class. there's not much to talk about in there, and alnost no students, either... and it's late... it ends at 9:40 PM
[2:53:24 AM] Leslie: yeah, that wouldn't be appealing to me, either... but at least you get a long weekend after
[2:55:25 AM] Corey: and I can go buy SanQ fried chicken or something after :P KFC is across the street, but the local stuff is way better
[2:56:05 AM] Leslie: haha, there you go - LOCAL FRIED CHICKEN!
[2:56:19 AM] Leslie: I have decided on Greek food for my birthday!
[3:00:16 AM] Corey: I don't think I have that here :(
[3:02:34 AM] Leslie: no, I would doubt it

You Are Focused

You know what you want, and you know how to go after it. You feel equipped for whatever may happen.

You are good at putting things together and following directions. You stay focused.

You lay the groundwork for months or years before you act. You like to be completely and totally prepared.

You are a late bloomer, and you may be coming into your own right now. You're still figuring out who you are.

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Stressful laundry = NO QUARTERS! / Priscilla, Siobhan, Robin, Shelley, Scott W., and Corey

While doing laundry, I was very annoyed and stressed: the good dryer's coin slot was stuck, so it wasn't accepting any money! The other dryer took quarters only, so I had to go to the pharmacy next door and request change for a toonie! Seriously, putting my clothes in the dryer would have only taken a minute, not TWENTY when all I wanted to do was play more games! UGH!

Siobhan says she can't come to the birthday event because of passport issues, Scott W. has courses to take which conflict with the time, Shelley says she can't because she's only in town for a friend's doctor appointment, and Robin says he CAN come since he shouldn't have any problems getting there. I'm going to have to go to the BBQ tomorrow, if only to promote my birthday event, har har. Priscilla also added me to Facebook, haha. Corey messaged me on Skype about emulators, CASTLEVANIA, NINJA GAIDEN, abusing save states, CONTRA, a "30 lives" code, MEGA MAN, and more.

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Thursday, September 08, 2011

Kalamata Birthday Celebration, Danielle, pizza, Corey, Chrystal, Billie, and Teunis

Decided to go to Kalamata Greek Taverna for my birthday after reading various reviews, and this will successfully kill the "bitchy Yazmine over 50 cents" memory dragon, too! Paul responded right away to say he'd make it... with Facebook event RSVP etiquette being the way it is, he probably won't, haha. Billie can't since she has school and work the next day (and needs her sleep) - meh, at least I let her know like I said I would! Teunis says he's already booked a week ahead, but I note that he's willing to go to "penan" gaming (whatever the fuck THAT is!) with Kaili on one night's notice... *shifty eyes*

At least I can finally shower and do laundry now that the elevator is working again! Danielle emailed to tell me that she's actually flying out to Toronto that day, so obviously can't make it to dinner! Oh well, it's been a long time since I've seen her! I called Chrystal to invite her since I know she never checks her email; at least she already knows where the restaurant is, and will be there! Hahaha, she says it sounds good!

Corey, on my problems with various emulators: "Weird. I've never had trouble with Nestopia. That's what I usually use. Nesticle doesn't even work on modern computers - it's a DOS program... it hasn't worked since before Windows XP. :P It's also really, really old... used to be the best, though."

You Are a Tokyo Pizza

The world fascinates you. You maintain a childlike curiosity about everything.

You have a wild spirit. You are attracted to excitement above all else.

You find almost anyone to be a bore over time. Very few are exciting enough for you.

You love to experiment and try new things. You have offbeat and interesting tastes.

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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

DRAGON WARRIOR 4 codes, KHL crash, emulators, being too nice

Extensive DRAGON WARRIOR 4 code list!
Another one, courtesy of the Internet Wayback Machine!

I was complaining about emulators to Corey via Skype messages: "Nestopia gives me a CPU jam whenever I walk into a swamp or barrier in DRAGON WARRIOR games (NOT acceptable), FCEUX refuses to recognize my codes, the sound on JNES when people talk to you sounds like one big long BEEP (very annoying), Nintendulator / Nester / NesterJ / Nesten / NESticle don't meet my needs...."

Just heard about the Lokomotiv plane crash which killed Pavol Demitra, Brad McCrimmon, and others! Still in shock! This hasn't been a good summer for the hockey world at all... :(

You Are Not Too Nice

You are nice, but not too nice... and you understand the difference between the two.

You are cheerful, polite, and kind to almost everyone. But you also never hesitate to stand up for yourself.

You say "no" freely and often, but you always say it with a smile. You are good at taking care of yourself.

You've learned that you can be assertive without being a jerk. You use humor and charm to your advantage.

Some people want me to be too nice, but they can't keep the bitch in me DOWN! :D

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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

The Back to School Fashion Test

You Are Moody

You are very compassionate, and you offer comfort to those around you. You take care of people.
When you get in a dark mood, watch out - it's very hard to get you out of it. You tend to spiral sometimes.

You are concerned about the world. You always feel like you could be doing more to help.
You are often a bit hard on yourself. You find failure difficult to take.

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Monday, September 05, 2011

Paul, elevator NOT working, fire alarm, creepiness by parting with yourself

Paul added me to Facebook, which is fine. I'm ignoring a call from my parents, since I was so close to finishing DRAGON WARRIOR 2, and I was out for a long time yesterday! (sarcastic thanks to Eric for that...) Sonya also reinstated her account, which is good! I finished DQ2 at 1:20 PM! Time for a shower... unfortunately, the laundry will have to WAIT because the elevators aren't working AGAIN! WTF, Amacon?! Then there was a fire alarm just after 8 PM, which the firemen said was caused by somebody cooking / burning their dinner - I guess tomorrow will have to be my downtime day since safety is very important! However, I did see a couple of little boys who were excited about seeing fire trucks / fire fighters / the moon, hahaha!

"You're going to part with FLAMSTER, correct? Ooh, that's creepy! You can't part company with yourself!" - this DRAGON WARRIOR 3 eatery line is still funny, even after 15 or 20 years!

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Elk / bison / pork chipotle sausage, and more real life than you can handle!

Eric didn't tell me that he planned to stay out all day till after lunch... UGH! On the way to church, we discussed Christian rock, emo fluff, 99.3 the Fox, ZELDA / MARIO / DARKWING DUCK / the BBQ / Mr. Creep / Raymond / Randal / the Fellowship retreat / BALDERDASH / ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT / Dave Wong / real life. When we got to church, I gave the Hardbite BBQ chips and notebooks to Emily / Nina / Gerard - I also talked to them about the summer and Awana. Got to my usual seat to find Mark and Jeremy there, so we talked for a bit about links, smoking cigars (flammable material?!), and tonight's menu - no Cuban cigar ashes on the burgers, please! Said hi to Nathan W., and enabled his laziness during handshaking time, hahaha! Calla gave me a birthday card (with a chocolate cake on it) and "HOPE" religious bookmark from Cindy - totally unexpected! (I should thank her for it later...) After service, I gave Eric his birthday card (30!) while talking to Jon / Mike T. (sick on honeymoon?!) / Denise (who got my birthday email - working that night!) / Auntie Ying (might get together at Metrotown?) / Grace / Micah / Marcus / Chung / Karen I. / Karen Lew / Paul.

Got upstairs since I tired of the BS easily, and played with Alexis / Esther / David / Evelyn / Ada / Ashley / Anastasia (I learned her dad's name is Danny) / Ramen / Shira / Mattias. Talked to them about toys, drawings, families (the lesson for the day), crayons, their family, Lego, cars, and more. I'd convinced Mattias to go with us to storytime, and was trying to set a good example when Jessie noticed that "my friend" wanted to say something... hah, I was actually expecting Eric to be earlier than that! Apparently, we were going for a Pho lunch again - sigh, I forgot my wallet this morning since SOMEONE was rushing me out of the house! David and Mattias followed me as I was going to the door, and they said bye to me - so cute and sweet, haha! Christon, Mark, Jeremy, Jon, Harmony, and Paul joined us for Pho - we were split up into two tables! Noticed that Paul was a messy eater, and had too many questions about the cuisine - JUST EAT IT! We discussed last names, Connie, Amy, coffee, my birthday dinner cuisine (Greek - no location yet), the Fellowship retreat, Bellingham, Shanghai River, Shanghai Wind, SLB, Christon not getting any sleep last weekend, ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT, bean sprouts, and more.

When Eric and I got in the car after lunch, I didn't approve of us being out all day and going straight there - there would be really nothing to do at Jeremy's, and I did need to catch up on things even if Sunday tends to be a little slow! After we got in via the underground parking with lots of bikes, Mark did put on a British comedy named BLACK BOOKS, which was acceptable! As it was, I had to watch / listen to three hours of DAY 9 STARCRAFT videos; I definitely didn't understand those! (Jeremy later said he couldn't, either - and he's PLAYED a bit of the original STARCRAFT!) Discussed limes, recipes, Facebook (I finally DID catch up), the buzzer number (Raymond had to ask me since everyone else was busy with onions / burgers - HA!), hardcore bands (Paul was shocked when I said that I'd heard of Bad Brains - hahahaha!), figs, Youtube videos, a band called BORIS, cleaning up, spelling simple words like "resistance" and "Syracuse," plans for tomorrow, recording, Shally's bridal shower, and more.

We had elk sausage, bison sausage, pork chipotle sausage, pina coladas with rum, good beans and rice, plantains, and hilarious times at dinner tonight... all for less than $10! After dinner, we watched more ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT and then made fun of Michelle Bachmann / Sarah Palin! "Some cultures are more equal than others / the French culture is diminishing / Muslim Catholics" - HAHAHA! We also guided Paul through responding to the BBQ Evite on the computer; Raymond and I separately answered his questions as to how to find people on FB, and why certain people would just show up on his profile page. (FRIEND SUGGESTIONS!) I noticed his grammar wasn't up to par, but I should remember that he didn't get much education! I'm half-joking when I say he should watch out because I'm the one who has heard of Bad Brains, muhahaha! Eric and I drove Jon and Harmony home, then discussed the usual stuff - he thinks I should be forced to experience real life. I want things to happen on MY OWN TERMS, and I just won't go to various obligations to show him who's boss! To set up an excuse, I called Auntie Ying later than I said I would - now that I've finished blogging, I still need to input codes and then play games!

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Sunday, September 04, 2011

Metal Babbles and Seven Metal Slimes! / Up way too early!

I defeated FOUR Metal Babbles last night! Same principle as Metal Slimes except ALL my characters can level up, haha. :D

I also encountered SEVEN METAL SLIMES on several occasions... IMPOSSIBLE!

Eric tried calling me a couple times past 11 PM, but I wasn't expecting it. I had my phone off as a defense, of course. He should know this by now, too! Why the hell am I up now when I finally fell asleep at like 2:30 AM, anyway?! TOO MUCH SUNNY WEATHER! Eric claims I wasn't online last night - why the fuck is Trillian logging me out of everything except Facebook?! Yes, I'm swearing to lessen Sunday's religious effect! HAHAHA!

You Are a Sitcom

You may be seriously talented, but you don't take yourself too seriously. You like to have fun.

You are self-revealing and emotionally honest. You have absolutely nothing to hide.

You are quirky and charming. You like to celebrate your uniqueness.

Whether you're up or down, you make everyone in your life laugh. You like to lighten up the mood.

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