Saturday, April 12, 2003

Jon berating Ty, bubblegum martinis, ERL, and Brit expressions

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BARBARA! Hope you have a good one today, wherever you are. :) Lots of school-related memories of you.. like the time I overheard Bill, Jesse, and some of the other guys calling you "Bra".. you certainly kicked their butts hard. (my only regret is that I didn't get Jesse's birthday at all.. hell, I had this mad crush on him for a bit, so I should have.. ah well)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MARK! Hope you have an awesome one today.. in fact, I know you will. ;) May you have all the love and blessings you deserve this year.. luv ya!

Last night was certainly fun.. on the way to church, I listened to my brother playfully berate one of his friends via cell phone for not bothering to show up to see a friend of theirs talk about a missions trip that night. Apparently, the dude's excuse was that he either had to go study / play X-Box / entertain his friends over at his place. It was definitely funny listening to him, and I even supplied some words for him to say. "That was my sister laughing.. she says you're a typical gwei loh.. and she says you're a perfidious blackguard.. no, I don't know what it means, dude.. look it up!" I really should have told Jon to tell Tyrone he was meretricious.. after all, it was all in fun, and nothing serious was meant by it. Oh well.. too bad I didn't think of that till after Jon had ended the call. Next time, perhaps.. or I'll simply tell Jon to use the word whenever he wants to scold him. ;)

Later on after Fellowship, trying to get everyone to leave so we could go eat (when some of us hadn't eaten since noon) was the usual fruitless exercise. (especially where my brother was concerned) Once we actually did get to Boston Pizza, we had to spend at least 20 minutes waiting for a table. (Brian said it was Sean's insistence on having all 13 of us sit together, when we could easily have split the tables.. could have been, too.. ya never know with that guy :P)

I saw a bubblegum martini being advertised on the specials sign, so decided to have one since they looked interesting. When it came to the table, Danielle wanted to smell it.. so I let her and Citrus both smell it. (Citrus and Nathan both said Danielle liked to smell strange things) It was SO bubblegum blue, and tasted really good. (those of you who have had bubblegum ice cream will know the approximate color I'm talking about)

When the discussion turned to sports, Danielle was heartily tired of it: she'd heard it on the bus / on the way to church / in church / on the way to BP / in BP / and on the TV in BP. But then we got to discussing Citrus' MSN names, which lately have all sounded like dodgy pick-up lines (that was my opinion, and it was funny to Nathan and Eric). He says there was this day that he changed it 8 or 9 times, but somehow we all missed it. I'll probably list some of them here later.. no real time to do so now.

All in all, a fun night out with friends. (definitely what I needed) I went to bed later than I should have, thanks partly to an email I received that I somehow had to answer at 2 AM. (and an entertaining MSN convo) But it's all good.. now to prepare for more fun times tonight!

This morning, I got an offline YM message from E (yes, the same E I was ranting about earlier).. says he's sorry for being out of communication for so long, that it was a longish story (no bloody doubt, if it's the story I'm thinking of), that he's back in action now (um.. yay?), and that he hopes I'm not mad. Hmm. Don't know on the last part, really. Not sure I'm MAD.. no accounting for taste, and the hope that they'll find each other meretricious still is strong in me. (as well as the one about it fizzling out eventually) But I have no idea.. right now, I don't know if I can deal. So I'll just leave that one in abeyance temporarily. (I will tell him stuff maybe.. we'll see) Bubble wrap therapy rules. ;)

Aiya.. I just got an email from him as well, titled "Where I've Been." Believe me, I know quite well where he's been.. probably exercising his option to not have taste by getting it on with Ms. Dissy Chick. Eh.. might as well take a look at it. Remember: drama-free zone! (affecting me a bit much, I know.. weird how strong feelings come to the surface when you didn't know you had them) Trying to let that be my mantra, hahaha. At least he's trying to explain.. I'll give him that much, even if I don't think much of his "girlfriend." (and maybe I've been letting that consume me for far too long)

Gobshite and gor blimey! (to use two amusing Brit expressions I never do in real life) He's caught up on this blog.. aiya. Says he gets into a hermit mode sometimes.. now that's something I might not do, since I've got certain "important parts of the computer" to talk to. ;) Apparently, it's more than "oh, I found someone and want to spend all my time with her to the exclusion of all else." Certain other family-related reasons apparently come into play. Said some other stuff too, attempting to explain. (like how his "girlfriend" doesn't recall any past history.. I'll give her that, as it's been some time) Eh.. I'll reply to it now (civilly, mind you!) so I don't have it hanging over my head when I go out later. (and if he's reading this.. YOU HAPPY NOW?!?) Working it out, indeed.. might take time, but we'll see what happens.

P.S. Cornholio rocks! "I need more TP for my bunghole!" Sugar and caffeine overload, indeed... ;)

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Friday, April 11, 2003

Smokers and their oral fixation / Getting rid of a bunch of change / G and Kempy

Well, if I ever needed confirmation that smokers have some sort of oral fixation thing going on.. this afternoon confirmed it for me. I was waiting for the bus just now, and this teen girl was beginning to smoke a cigarette.. the bus pulled into the stop, and the girl had to put her smoke out. Now, I don't normally watch what people do on the bus (at least, not obsessively), but this girl sat right in front of me.. she must have eaten at least 20 pieces of candy in a bus ride that took maybe 10-15 minutes! (and I got off before she did, so I have no idea if she ate even MORE)

Today, I also got rid of a whole bunch of change.. always a good thing to NOT have such a heavy wallet or pocket. :) Also got myself a whole bunch of bubble wrap to play / de-stress with. Kind of an impulse purchase, but then again, I'd been eying it at the post office for a few days.. bubble wrap therapy, here we come!

I've been wondering to myself over these last couple of days how G and Kempy were doing... once I got to my brother's, I decided to find that out! G's working from home with a vengeance, and Kempy seems to be doing just fine. Nice to be updated, for sure! :)

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Flammington and Bubbles as nicknames

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAVID! Hope you have a great one! :) It's been awesome getting to know you these past few months at church.. take care!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MILLI.. hope you have a good one! :) Plenty of school-related memories of you.. hope you're happy.

I got two new nicknames today.. surprisingly, they didn't come from my usual sources of such. ;) TLD called me "Flammington," which I guess could be derived from the Paddington Bear stories. Then later on, Brian Drake called me "Bubbles".. no idea where he got that from (Powerpuff Girls, maybe?). But I know they were joking sorts of things, and not anything malicious. (definitely not with those two!)

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Thursday, April 10, 2003

25th Birthday Scrapbook

Okay, so my sister thought she'd be a sneaky ninja and present me with a scrapbook with friends' wishes in it for my 25th birthday. She also thought she'd sneak a surprise party past me... um, I found out about it because of Cindy Y. :P

In the interests of posterity, this is what people wrote in the scrapbook:

Steph: "HAPPY B-DAY! You're 25! Leslie's B-Day book with birthday wishes. Hey Leslie! Wow, it just feels strange calling you by your 'real' name! SARNY! Happy 25th Birthday, from your 'loving bayneefdic sis'! Now you know why I had those (or these) gelly pens at the AWANA orientation. I normally am more practical and just buy plain ballpoint pens! But I thought you'd like something really thoughtful, so I hope you enjoy all the 'entries' from your friends. Happy Birthday, and I hope I 'out-do' your birthday surprise! Love, Stephanie! You love me and you know it! As Mum would say, SISTERS ARE FOREVER!" (she included some photo from what I assume is a family dinner)

Melia: "Wowzers! A milestone! 25!! That's like the best age! I'm so glad to have gotten to know you better. Yay! AWANA sissy! Mmwha! I luv ya! Happy B-Day! TTYL! Love, Melia."

Vanessa: "Big surprise, EH! Hee hee! Well, happy 25th birthday! I hope you had a good time! :) This time, we're the ones to hold a party for you! Hee hee! Oh, thanks for all those times you gave me a birthday card! :) You're so thoughtful! Love, Vanessa! :) "

Emily: "Leslie!! :) Wow!! So I guess you're pretty surprised, eh? Hee hee. So good! :) Anyhoot, you deserve the bestest 25th birthday EVER! Yay! You da bestest! Awaner dis year is gonna be F-U-N! Yippie... Anywayz, have an awesome burfday, dudette! Love, Emily." (she drew a teddy bear and a farting animal *BOOOOOT*, haha)

Fidela: "Leslie!! It's your birthday, it's your birthday, it's your birthday! :P Wow, the big QUARTER CENTURY! Hee hee, don't worry - it's not that old... *ahem* Well, it's not like you can help getting older - sorry 'bout that. Love, Fidela. Now I'm gonna do the funny circle thing! :) I'm so excited for you! I'm sure you are too! We all look up to you and you have been such an encouragement to all of us! :) Have an awesome birthday and hope it lasts the whole year. God bless! 'For I know the plans I have for you,' declares the LORD, 'plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.' Jeremiah 29:11 " (she drew a cross, squiggles, and a few flowers!)

Priscilla: "Hey Hey Leslie! Happy 25th B-Day. Hehe, yup... have a great year and God bless!! :) Love, Priscilla."

Karen Lew: "Happy 25th birthday!!! And so... it's another year. Isn't it hard to believe? Just last year, we went to San Francisco!" (she drew a turtle)

Vania: "Leslie! Thank you for always giving me cards for my B-Day! It's appreciated. :) May God bless you in all you do. Luv Always and forever, Vania." (she drew stars, a flowery border, a flower, and a cute mouse)

Larry and Sandra: "Happy B-Day, Leslie! Having already been there, I can tell you that being a quarter-century is a lot of fun! I hope that this new year in your life will be filled with new adventure! May God continue to work in your life and show His will for you! In Him, Larry and Sandra. :)" (they did some of it in a "25" formation, heh)

Cordia: "Happy Birthday, Leslie!" (in very tiny writing...)

Quan: "Hey Leslie! Happy Birthday! Have fun!" (she drew flowers and a border)

Sam: "Hi Leslie. Happy B-Day! :) Hope you have a great year! Sam. :)"

Joey: "Hey Leslie. Happy B-Day."

Mike K.: "Well! It's time for ME to say Happy Birthday to You! So, uhhh... Happy B-Day!"

Daniel: "Leslie, may the love of the Lord encompass you as you grow in Him and follow Him faithfully. As the waves crash into the sea, as the sun and moon set and rise, so too will His love surround you forever. Happy Birthday!" (he drew a weird face, haha)

David M.: "Hey Leslie! Surprise... this time, I will write something. So what would you like me to write about... How about all the times you remembered my birthday with all those unique cards that you can make. Well, it's a quarter-century for you, and another to go. May God continue to Bless you, and bless other through you. Happy Birthday!!"

Natalie: "Leslie, Happy Birthday to you! I think you deserve an exciting and fun time because you are LESLIE. I want to THANK you for being such a kind person, and for being so thoughtful. I really appreciate how you remember everyone's birthday, and present them with a BIRTHDAY card. God Bless you, Leslie! Love in Christ, Natalie."

Auntie Ena: "Leslie, Happy Birthday to you. I thank God that you are growing in Him daily. My prayer for you is to love Him more dearly and Him known. Have a very blessed birthday party."

Michelle: "Leslie, Happy Birthday! Wow, 25! So much older and wiser than little ol' me. I hope you have the best birthday of all birthdays this year. May God be with you all of your days, and shower you daily with blessings! In Christ, Michelle."

Auntie Cathy: "Time flies, Leslie! You're growing up too fast for Auntie Cathy! May you continue to grow in wisdom and grace as you continue in your walk with God. May you be more and more Christlike. In Christ, Cathy." (she drew three cats)

Tracy: "Leslie, Happy B-Day! Halfway to 50! Haha, just kidding! Hope you have a blast on your birthday with all your friends! Love in Christ, Tracy."

Vernon: "Hi Leslie! Just wishing you a happy birthday and thanking you for all your encouragement and spiffy emails throughout the year. My hope is that you continue to grow in the Lord this year. :)"

Dylan: "Hey Leslie! Happy 25th! You're been really nice extending a warm welcome to me when I first came to the church. I hope our friendship will come to bless in this new year! God bless!"

Eunice: "LESLIE! Happy Birthday, my lifelong friend! Enjoy the Greek... too bad there isn't any A-1, baby! Maybe there'll be some pootine. LOVE, Eunice."

Cindy: "Hi Leslie! Happy 25th Birthday! It's your special, special day!! I wish you all the best this year and the years to come! You deserve all the best wishes because you are so nice and sweet! I'm so glad we're friends. God Bless."

Eddie: "Hey Leslie. Woohoo... it's your birthday... I'm totally encouraged by your constant love for people. May God continue to bless you, because you ROCK! Love ya!"

Winnie: "Hello, Leslie! Happy Birthday!!! I am and have been so encouraged by you and your super warm smile every week. I am so touched by your cards! I have kept every single Christmas and birthday card you've given me. I really do hope you have a wonderful birthday! Love always in Him, Winnie. :)" (she drew a stick figure, a birthday cake, and a nice vase of flowers)

Alan: "Happy Birthday! :) Where's my present?"

Sophia and John: "Happy 25th Birthday, Leslie! We're so glad we can celebrate this memorable milestone with you! Hope you have a good one! Friends, Sophia and John."

Brian: "Hey Leslie!!! :) Happy Happy Happy Birthday! You deserve it! :D" (he drew a face with hair and ears)

Elaine: "Happy 25th Birthday! I am so happy to be able to share this with you! Love, Elaine."

Calla: "Hey Leslie! Happy Happy Happy BIRTHDAY! So... did you know about the surprise? Isn't it so cool? WE ALL LOVE YOU! You're so smart and cool. Awesome, dude! Anywayz, I hope you enjoyed yourself! With love in Christ, Calla." (she drew a couple of hearts and a cross)

Andrea: "Dearest... LESLIE... Happy Birthday! Thank you for always being ready to listen, to care for those around you. I am always so encouraged by how thoughtful you are - remembering everyone on their birthdays and uplifting them when they need encouragement. I look forward to witnessing our friendship grow as we learn to walk together in the light and love of Christ. LOVE YA!" (she drew a bunch of flowers)

Nathan: "Leslie! Ahh... Toe again... Now you can SEE MY CAMEL in its FULL FLUORESCENT GLORY!!! YOU DA BEST! HAPPY CAMEL BIRTHDAY!!! Meow! The Wacky Toe, Nathan! (That's Me!)" (of course he drew a camel, with two people sitting on it... plus a piece of paper and a wacky face) ["Superman and Super-Leslie! Your CRAZY long email in paper form!"]

Chrystal: "Hi Leslie! Wow... you're 25! That must be some special age, huh? I hope you have an awesome birthday! I'm so glad that all of us can share your birthday with you... it's so exciting, isn't it? HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Have a super-duper year and I'm really happy that we're serving in AWANA together! Oh yeah, you DO spoil David (sometimes :) ), but that's okay coz he's so cute! :) "

Phil: "Dear Leslie, I know you told me to 'not even try' to calculate your age... but Steph already told me. :) Happy 25th Birthday! The last three or four years of getting to now you have been really enriching. Your honesty is always treasured. May God give you the most joy you've experienced this year!" (he drew a path with grass on it with a person headed for the horizon / sunset / rainbow)

Stella and Billy: "Leslie... HAPPY BIRTHDAY! We're so happy we can celebrate your 25th birthday with you. You've been such an awesome and thoughtful friend, Leslie. I hope that we can be at least half the friend you've been to us. We love you lots, and we pray for lots of joy and blessings to come your way this year. Love, Stella and Billy." (they drew wacky faces too!)

Frances: "Dear Leslie, Happy 25th Birthday! I hope you enjoy this surprise birthday party. SURPRISE! Surprise!! Surprise!!! It's been great having you in my Bible Study group and praying together. Your sister in Christ, Frances." (she drew flowers and a weird face)

Jon: "Sarne! Chup Chup Chup... I hope you enjoy this monumental milestone in your life. A quarter century? Whoda thought your booty would survive to get to this point? Say hi to Wong Kee for me.... keep the production high and don't eat too much Butterball Turkey in the future!"

Maxine: "Dear Leslie, It's been great to meet you. Keep smiling, and thanks for your happy nature!! God Bless!"

Tim: "Leslie - Great to get to know you this year, and I hope that we can continue to grow in Christ together. Thanks for opening your home to our prayer meetings. Happy B-Day."

Anita: "Dear Leslie, Happy 25th birthday! It's great to have a friend who's as caring as you are! Thanks for all your help in AWANA - you're great! Hope you have a very happy birthday! Love, Anita."

Keith: "Happy B-Day, Leslie! Welcome to the quarter-century club! You are now officially old! Just kidding."

Lesley: "Leslie, Happy happy happy birthday! :) Leslie, you deserve the best. I've been privileged to have known you all these years. Thanks for always being so encouraging with your cards. Never once have you forgotten my birthday! On this very special day of yours, I want to extend my deepest and warmest wish to a great sister in Christ. May the years to come bring us closer to each other. Love, Lesley." (she drew a heart)

Chung: "Dear Leslie, Congratulations on your 25th birthday. I'm sure GOD has touched your life and you've touched a lot of lives! May GOD continue to bless you in your walk with Him! In Christ, CHUNG YAN."

Dianne: "Surprise! Happy 25th Birthday! I can't believe you're half of half a century year old! Hee hee... anyhow, wish you the very best and like I said, KEEP PARTYING! Now some pics for you! Love, Dianne!" (she drew a heart, with weird faces featuring hair and freckles that she named Moe / Joe, heh)

Vivian: "Dearest Leslie, Since Dianne and I got a little lost on the way to your party.... SURPRISE! :) Happy Birthday! I wish you the PEACHIEST 25th birthday! From church choirs to road trips to A-1 steak sauce, I'm happy to be your friend! :) God Bless, Vivian." (she also drew a heart)

Nina: "Leslie... SURPRISE! Luv your B-Day. May your birthday be full of love and joy and be surrounded by family and friends. May you have many birthdays to come. You are a true and honest friend. I cherish your relationship, your friendship. Luv, your dear friend Nina."

Yazmine: "Surprise! Happiest 25th birthday. I hope you are having a wonderful time. Thanks for being such a good friend. I wish you happiness and joy always. May God bless you and guard you always. Forever, Yazmine." (in HER case, "forever" lasted until late May 2005! :P)

Jocelyn: "Dearest Leslie, Hope you were surprised and happy today! Thanks for being a great friend and so sweet all the time! I know the sun in shining in your heart coz everyone is smiling! Luv you lots!!! :) " (she drew a heart)

Connie: "Dear Leslie, Hope you had a great time at dinner! Thanks for being a cheerful person to talk to, and I hope that we'll have more opportunities to fellowship together soon! HAPPY B-DAY! Love, Connie."

Joe: "Dear Leslie, Happy Birthday! Much happiness and blessings in your future. By God's Love, Joe."

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Helen and birthdays

I got a nice email from Helen yesterday night.. she thanked me for sending her a list of Fellowship birthdays (she asked for it, and she got it). She also said that I should be on the Care committee, because I care enough to even remember people's birthdays with my good memory. I seriously don't know about being on the Care committee or having a good memory in general, but it's nice to know that other people appreciate what you try to do. (I do try to care for people and help them.. don't really know if I succeed most times, though)

That tangentially reminds me of a brief exchange that I had once with Alan, Dianne, and Cindy once before church service. They were talking about how hard it was to remember birthdays.. I couldn't help but overhear their conversation as they were sitting right behind me. So I turned around and said that it wasn't hard at all. Alan said, "Not for you!" while Cindy and Dianne wondered how I did it. Simple: memory, calendars, and lists (especially my BootyBase).. but mostly memory. ;)

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Naming affected by war

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, FAIZAL.. RYAN.. AND ZITA! Hope all three of you have a good day today! :) I have all these school-related memories of you all: band class, music stuff, and (for Faizal) math class, Though there were the times Ryan and I were in a bunch of classes together, and the after-school stuff in the band room.. those were good times! ;)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AUNTIE GLORIA! You've been a very good influence in my life, and I hope you have a great day! :) I hope to give you a call later on today at a more reasonable time. Thanks for everything.

I was just reading something earlier today about how naming and fashion could be affected by war / dictator situations.. like, are there going to be any kids named "Saddam" or people with that kind of mustache after this current conflict is over. These days, you definitely don't see kids named "Adolf" or "Stalin" / people with those styles of mustaches around much, if at all. (that's my interpretation of the words I read, at least)

That reminded me of something I read in Uncle John's Absolutely Absorbing Bathroom Reader (#12):



Adolf Hittler is alive and well. But probably not the guy you're thinking about. Unlike the Nazi leader.. this gentleman spells his last name with two T's. disdains fascism, and never aspired to take over the world. He's a 61-year-old retired school bus driver from Landeck, Austria.. and doesn't like to be teased. "My whole life, this has been a problem." he says. "Just try checking into a hotel with my name.. But it is in part my choice. I decided not to change my name. I thought it would be an insult to my parents."

Hittler's problem is rare. Only about 2% of German men before World War II were named Adolf.. and during his reign, Hitler forbade Germans to name children after him.

These kinds of stories are fairly interesting to me, anyways.. I don't know about the rest of you. :P

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Wednesday, April 09, 2003

DRAGON WARRIOR 3 Enemy List, #1-139

LJ equivalent on August 13, 2012.

This is a complete enemy list for DRAGON WARRIOR 3. This walkthrough helped when I was playing the game, plus this enemy list and this enemy area document helped as well. Chronological Order: 3, 1, 2.

ZOMA CASTLE STAIRWAY: If you search the floor above the right throne (three squares up and one square left of the throne's seat), you will find a set of stairs.

Notes to remember: The Staff of Force uses up your Magic Points at a rate of 3 MP per attack! DON'T USE IT IF YOU WANT TO CONSERVE MAGIC POINTS! The Wizard's Wand (Noaniels or Samanao) is your best bet.

The Phantom Ship can be found near Romaly or Assaram. You can get the Sword of Illusion from Sabrina in Portoga after defeating Baramos... just go to the south side of town. The BeDragon spell works well for the Wizard in the final battle against the Master Archfiend Zoma.

Revolving Tile Directions for the Tower near Kol: Head up the stairs to the second floor and go north. In the next room, you'll notice two rows of strange tiles. These tiles alter the direction of
your steps, so be careful. If you look closely, there are two different types of tiles: ones that are darker on the left and lighter on the right, and others that are lighter on the left and darker on the right. Walk east of these tiles to find another group of four. Stand on the bottom left tile and press UP, UP. You'll now be in the center of the floor. In order to get to the treasure chests above you, step on the bottom left tile of the big group and press RIGHT, RIGHT, LEFT, LEFT. This should take you straight up to the group of 4 treasure chests. Two of them are Mimics (the top right and bottom left). The other two contain a Full Moon Herb and 960G pieces. Now return to the center by standing on the far left tile and pressing LEFT, LEFT, RIGHT, RIGHT. There are four more treasure chests to the south, so stand on the far left tile of the southern group and press RIGHT, RIGHT, LEFT, LEFT. Open the chests here for some Acorns of Life, a Vitality Seed, and two more Acorns of Life! Nice! Now return to the center again by standing on the far left tile and pressing RIGHT, RIGHT, LEFT, LEFT. Now walk to the right side, and stand on the bottom left tile of the group of four. Press DOWN, DOWN to get to the other side and you'll see a staircase in the upper right corner. Take these stairs up to the next floor.

Head south on the third floor until you reach another set of stairs leading up. Take these and then walk north once you're on the fourth floor. Soon, you'll come to an area with some of those weird tiles on your left. Walk over to them and stand on the bottom right tile of the first group of six. Press UP, UP, UP to move to the left, and then on the next set, press DOWN, DOWN, DOWN to get to the treasure chest containing the Armor of Radiance. This is the best piece of armor for your Hero, so equip it on him.

Now fall down the pit and head south once you land on the floor below. Exit the large room you land in, and then go west down the hallway. Just follow this passage as it turns north and you'll find a treasure chest at the very top corner (careful, it's a Mimic). East of this chest is another group of strange tiles. The idea on these is to purposely fall off the edge of the tower to the north. So just step on the top tile and press RIGHT to fall off the edge.

This will place you right outside the tower on the first floor. Open the large door south of you and enter the tower again. Go west once you're inside and up the stairs in this room. Head east on this floor and cross both sets of tiles by pressing DOWN, DOWN for both of them. Once you're on the other side, walk up the stairs to the next floor and then up the next set of stairs. Now just walk all the way west to the last set of stairs to find yourself on the top floor.

Basement boulder puzzle guide (for the Vase of Drought) in DW3 Eginbear Castle.


Black Raven

Horned Rabbit

Giant Anteater



Masked Moth

Spiked Hare


Scorpion Wasp

Demon Anteater



Poison Toad

Deadly Toadstool


Army Crab

Gas Cloud

Killer Bee

Poison Silkworm

Rogue Knight



Avenger Raven


Man-Eater Moth

Demon Toadstool

Kandar Henchman [boss]

Kandar Tower of Shanpane [boss]

Vampire Cat

Wild Ape

Demonite, in Assaram

Infernus Crab


Mummy Man

Trick Bag

King Froggore

Man-Eater Chest





Heat Cloud

Avenger Jackal

Hunter Fly


Mage Toadstool




Kandar Baharata Cave [boss]

Man O' War

King Squid


Infernus Knight




Marine Slime


Hades' Condor

Blue Beak



Witch Doctor



Venom Zombie



Glacier Basher



Great Beak

Sky Dragon


Fierce Bear

Metal Slime

Avenger Beak

Slime Snaii

Lava Basher

Orochi in Jipang Cave [boss]

Orochi / Himiko [boss]



Old Hag

Lethal Armor


Voodoo Shaman


Elysium Bird



Terror Shadow

Boss Troll Samanao Castle

Minidemon, on Phantom Ship

Bomb Crag


Frost Cloud

Dancing Jewel


Metal Babble



King Tortragon

Stone Hulk

Snow Dragon

Evil Mage

Baramos [boss]

Red Slime

Salamander (dragon)


Granite Titan



King Merzon


Winged Demon



Gold Basher

Vile Shadow

Boss Troll, Alefgard


Troll King




Green Dragon

Voodoo Warlock





King Hydra [boss]

Baramos Bomus [boss]

Baramos Gonus [boss]

Zoma, form 1 [boss]

Zoma, form 2 [boss]

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