Saturday, January 02, 2010

Spelling and vocabulary / Sweat glands!

Your result for The Spelling and Vocabulary Test...

You scored 90 Literacy!

I awarded 10 points for each correct answer with a possibility for 100 points. The final question scored 1 point for 3 out of the 4 answers because they were all correct definitions. The correct answer was "all of the above," which scored 10 points.

Thank you for taking my test and I appreciate any feedback you may be willing to give.

Take The Spelling and Vocabulary Test at OkCupid

Trivia fact for Saturday, Jan. 2: What part of the human anatomy has more sweat glands than any other? The sole of the foot. Each foot has about 3000 sweat glands per square inch, for a total of approximately 250,000. The palms of our hands also have about 3000 sweat glands per square inch, but cover a smaller surface area.

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Blank comments on LJ, Billie, Teunis, Nirvana song titles, my past life as an animal

How to make a blank comment on LJ: < b > < / b > with no spaces.

Talked to both Billie and Teunis earlier tonight. This is a good thing, believe me. ;)

which Nirvana song title tells your life story by nightr_rider
Favorite Color
Nirvana song title that tells your life story:Hairspray Queen

Your Past Life as an Animal by Saesun
You were aDog
Your gender wasMale
You died byTripping over your feet
Your home wasThe Beach
Your friends wereOthers of your species
Your enemies wereA potato named Earl
You liked toTry and read human writing
You hatedYour eyes
You were in love withA male of your species

Male in love with a male, eh? Stranger things have happened...

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Left thumb vibrating? / Dream of poop water, ripping dividers, and posters with Jewish laws

This thing restarted again! Maybe I should get that eMachines computer like Corey was telling me - only $200! Before I fell asleep, I noticed that my left thumb was vibrating involuntarily. Didn't get anything on Google which wasn't related to condoms / vibrators / Reiki and the like. HMM! I just heard that the Canucks won 3-1 against Dallas earlier today... sweet!

Had a weird dream which was more like fragmented images: I was in a mall and had to deal with brown poop water in the toilet, then found myself ripping out these manila divider pages out from a blue binder - I also ripped out some cheap lined paper as well. After that, my mom tried getting me to keep an eye on the time by giving me this green watch, and saying that it was an hour off. Apparently, she had to eat food at a certain time because of this Jewish law - while I was doing that, my friends and I had to help her design this poster. It was about people helping others, and we had outlines and everything. We had red, blue, and other bright colors in mind - a person we drew looked like he was being helped up by an older lady, but oh well. That was all I remember - weird, man!

You Take Yourself Seriously

You see yourself as a thoughtful and introspective person. You are very intelligent.

You think other people see you as friendly, happy, and charming. You tend to get along well with everyone.

You want to see yourself as ingenious and clever. You'd like to be a quicker thinker.

You identify as a compassionate and accepting person. You pride yourself on being forgiving.

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It feels strange not to do the poo facts! / Vampires, personality, and Sasuke

It feels strange not having the poo facts to do - and I still say I should have asked WHY people (dis)liked the poo facts in those polls. Oh well. *sigh*

If You Were a Vampire on Forever Knight by hearts_blood
Your Masteris Javier Vachon.
Your Mortal Enemyis Janette DuCharme.
Your Loveris Tracy Vetter.
You like to hang outat the precinct.
Your blood of choiceis cow. Drinking human blood is evil.
Your greatest desireis to be independent. No strings on me!

Your personality based on your name by NotxaxLesbian
Others think you are...Annoying
You see yourself as...Someone who always makes the right choices
You are very...Talented
You could be more...Hygenic
You are ___ likable

There's so much WRONG with this one!

Sasuke, Gaara, or Neji? by DigimonGoddess15
Who likes you?Sasuke
Does he tell you?Yes
Who gets jealous?Sasuke
Do they fight?No ma'am
Who wins?Sasuke
Does someone else there like you?Maybe! ;)
What's your ninja name?Cherry
The 3 guys think you're...Cute!
Who do you make out with?Sasuke

So Sasuke gets jealous of himself, and fights with himself? HAHAHA, SO WRONG!

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Friday, January 01, 2010

LENORE characters and champagne bubbles!

Your result for Which Lenore Character are you test?...


40% Lenore, 10% MrGosh, 40% Pooty, and 11% Ragamuffin!

Hey, You are a cute little dead girl. Sometimes you are unaware of the kitty and mousey carnage you leave behind you, but that's okay... your friends love you anyway. You have a tendency to be forward, imaginative, and creative in your thinking... though, again, your daydreaming can sometimes lead you into trouble.

Take Which Lenore Character are you test? at OkCupid

Trivia fact for Friday, Jan. 1: Approximately how many bubbles are there in the average bottle of bubbly, according to champagne maker Moët and Chandon? 250 million.

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Banned Twitter Passwords

I managed to avoid the family lunch by sleeping through it, as I thought I would - hell, I went to bed at 5:15 AM! Missed calls from both my mom and sister, but it didn't really matter even if it WAS salmon! For once, I don't care if the columns below aren't even!

The following 381 things are not allowed as passwords on Twitter:

  • 111111
  • 11111111
  • 112233
  • 121212
  • 123123
  • 123456
  • 1234567
  • 12345678
  • 131313
  • 232323
  • 654321
  • 666666
  • 696969
  • 777777
  • 7777777
  • 8675309
  • 987654
  • aaaaaa
  • abc123
  • abcdef
  • abgrtyu
  • access
  • access14
  • action
  • albert
  • alexis
  • amanda
  • amateur
  • andrea
  • andrew
  • angela
  • angels
  • animal
  • anthony
  • apollo
  • apples
  • arsenal
  • arthur
  • asdfgh
  • ashley
  • asshole
  • august
  • austin
  • badboy
  • bailey
  • banana
  • barney
  • baseball
  • batman
  • beaver
  • beavis
  • bigdaddy
  • bigdick
  • bigdog
  • bigtits
  • birdie
  • bitches
  • biteme
  • blazer
  • blonde
  • blondes
  • blowjob
  • blowme
  • bond007
  • bonnie
  • booboo
  • booger
  • boomer
  • boston
  • brandon
  • brandy
  • braves
  • brazil
  • bronco
  • broncos
  • bulldog
  • buster
  • butter
  • butthead
  • calvin
  • camaro
  • cameron
  • canada
  • captain
  • carlos
  • carter
  • casper
  • charles
  • charlie
  • cheese
  • chelsea
  • chester
  • chicago
  • chicken
  • cocacola
  • coffee
  • college
  • compaq
  • computer
  • cookie
  • cooper
  • corvette
  • cowboy
  • cowboys
  • crystal
  • cumming
  • cumshot
  • dakota
  • dallas
  • daniel
  • danielle
  • debbie
  • dennis
  • diablo
  • diamond
  • doctor
  • doggie
  • dolphin
  • dolphins
  • donald
  • dragon
  • dreams
  • driver
  • eagle1
  • eagles
  • edward
  • einstein
  • erotic
  • extreme
  • falcon
  • fender
  • ferrari
  • firebird
  • fishing
  • florida
  • flower
  • flyers
  • football
  • forever
  • freddy
  • freedom
  • fucked
  • fucker
  • fucking
  • fuckme
  • fuckyou
  • gandalf
  • gateway
  • gators
  • gemini
  • george
  • giants
  • ginger
  • golden
  • golfer
  • gordon
  • gregory
  • guitar
  • gunner
  • hammer
  • hannah
  • hardcore
  • harley
  • heather
  • helpme
  • hentai
  • hockey
  • hooters
  • horney
  • hotdog
  • hunter
  • hunting
  • iceman
  • iloveyou
  • internet
  • iwantu
  • jackie
  • jackson
  • jaguar
  • jasmine
  • jasper
  • jennifer
  • jeremy
  • jessica
  • johnny
  • johnson
  • jordan
  • joseph
  • joshua
  • junior
  • justin
  • killer
  • knight
  • ladies
  • lakers
  • lauren
  • leather
  • legend
  • letmein
  • little
  • london
  • lovers
  • maddog
  • madison
  • maggie
  • magnum
  • marine
  • marlboro
  • martin
  • marvin
  • master
  • matrix
  • matthew
  • maverick
  • maxwell
  • melissa
  • member
  • mercedes
  • merlin
  • michael
  • michelle
  • mickey
  • midnight
  • miller
  • mistress
  • monica
  • monkey
  • monster
  • morgan
  • mother
  • mountain
  • muffin
  • murphy
  • mustang
  • naked
  • nascar
  • nathan
  • naughty
  • ncc1701
  • newyork
  • nicholas
  • nicole
  • nipple
  • nipples
  • oliver
  • orange
  • packers
  • panther
  • panties
  • parker
  • password
  • password
  • password1
  • password12
  • password123
  • patrick
  • peaches
  • peanut
  • pepper
  • phantom
  • phoenix
  • player
  • please
  • pookie
  • porsche
  • prince
  • princess
  • private
  • purple
  • pussies
  • qazwsx
  • qwerty
  • qwertyui
  • rabbit
  • rachel
  • racing
  • raiders
  • rainbow
  • ranger
  • rangers
  • rebecca
  • redskins
  • redsox
  • redwings
  • richard
  • robert
  • rocket
  • rosebud
  • runner
  • rush2112
  • russia
  • samantha
  • sammy
  • samson
  • sandra
  • saturn
  • scooby
  • scooter
  • scorpio
  • scorpion
  • secret
  • sexsex
  • shadow
  • shannon
  • shaved
  • sierra
  • silver
  • skippy
  • slayer
  • smokey
  • snoopy
  • soccer
  • sophie
  • spanky
  • sparky
  • spider
  • squirt
  • srinivas
  • startrek
  • starwars
  • steelers
  • steven
  • sticky
  • stupid
  • success
  • suckit
  • summer
  • sunshine
  • superman
  • surfer
  • swimming
  • sydney
  • taylor
  • tennis
  • teresa
  • tester
  • testing
  • theman
  • thomas
  • thunder
  • thx1138
  • tiffany
  • tigers
  • tigger
  • tomcat
  • topgun
  • toyota
  • travis
  • trouble
  • trustno1
  • tucker
  • turtle
  • twitter
  • united
  • vagina
  • victor
  • victoria
  • viking
  • voodoo
  • voyager
  • walter
  • warrior
  • welcome
  • whatever
  • william
  • willie
  • wilson
  • winner
  • winston
  • winter
  • wizard
  • xavier
  • xxxxxx
  • xxxxxxxx
  • yamaha
  • yankee
  • yankees
  • yellow
  • zxcvbn
  • zxcvbnm
  • zzzzzz

  • You Are Vitamins

    You are the type of person who hardly ever gets a hangover. You aren't likely to drink, and you especially aren't likely to drink too much.

    You're the type most likely to try to take care of yourself if you're hungover. And to be honest, hangovers are a huge reason you don't drink all that much.

    You consider being hungover to be a bad sign. It means something in your life is going very wrong. Hangovers make you feel unhealthy.

    You wish you could take a pill and make a hangover go away. And right now, vitamins are the closest thing you've got.

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    Watched Manos: The Hands of Fate (bad), Howard the Duck (bad), and Once Upon a Time in the West (good and subtle) at Nathan's with Christon, his brother Clement, Jon, Harmony, Isabel, Jeremy, Eric, Jen, and Randal for BAD MOVIE NIGHT 2 / New Year's. Eric picked me up, and we discussed a certain email and assorted other things - he thought I was hyper, OR had eaten a lot of brandy beans prior to leaving the apartment. May have been hyper, but no brandy beans! I'm glad Mr. Creep didn't come - it would have been VERY awkward! When we got to Nate's, nobody was there yet - Eric thought that maybe the family friend would let us in, and he did. Went upstairs to see what could be done; when everyone else got there, the unwrapping of the 26-inch LCD TV started. Christon gave us a stack of movies to look through for our "good" choice - LOTR trilogy, BIG FISH, FROST NIXON, UP, ALIEN WORLDS (20 BAD ones!), and more. Jeremy mentioned that he'd only seen the first two of certain trilogies - MATRIX, STAR WARS, LOTR... hahaha! I noticed the Trinity "emotions" magnet on the fridge, and started playing around with it to change emotions - it was too funny, and reminded me of the "Have a GOOD night!" poster on Nathan's bedroom door, with all these happy faces displaying various emotions!

    While we spent time making the whole-wheat spaghetti and sauce (and Jen had a power nap), Harmony said that Mom had mentioned having a lunch tomorrow. Not sure if I really want to do that, but probably - although now it looks like I'll sleep through the meal, as my computer clock says 4:33 AM. Jeremy said that he'd had a good time in Kelowna with his family, and Jon called Dave to invite him over even if he was having a quiet night with the parents and Tiffany. Discussed how Nathan's dad had canceled the cable, so we wouldn't be able to watch the countdowns - Christon discovered that the TV in Daniel's room worked for NBC. Then we reminisced about Y2K - "hey, the world didn't end in London!" Eventually, we got to the beer and aged cheddar / blue cheese while watching MANOS - it was SO bad and random, plus it seemed to skip the beginning of the movie! It had these scenes with two students making out which had NOTHING to do with the plot, and we found the sinister stuff really funny! (plus, it didn't really seem to have any editing done at all... let's cut out all the redundant dialogue!)

    Then we watched HOWARD THE DUCK - 1986 was better than 1966, and we could tell it was made in the 80s for sure because of the music. This duck gets catapulted from his home planet to Earth, and then gets embroiled in all these adventures - at least this one's plot was a little better, what with dark overlords and such. After that, we decided to eat since the sauce had finally simmered enough ("CORNSTARCH!") - Clement kept to himself, and I noted that his voice was really high compared to Christon's. We decided to keep an eye on the time once we started the third movie - it was subtle, and well done with sparse dialog. A psychopathic character annihilates an entire family, and it's about the widow and vengeance - bloodshed is fairly high in this movie. "Is he worth the bullet? Remember, bullets cost $10,000 in those days, which was a LOT of money!"

    When it was almost midnight and time to pause the movie, we decided to crowd in Daniel's room to count down the last seconds of the old year, then we toasted the new one outside the room with champagne! Jeremy hoped that this decade would be better than the last for music AND politics - oh, I agree! The rest of the movie got interesting with more violence, some sex, a mini-massacre, and THE MOTIVATION! After that, we had to pack up and leave - Christon had to leave fairly quickly as he had to drive his dad downtown at 5:30 AM, yikes! Got home (Eric brought up Raymond on the way there!) to find that Billie had left me a New Year's wish - since she was still up, I talked to her in between catching up on a lot of stuff. Her birthday party is on the 8th - Friday - at 5 at her place. COOL STUFF, and I should be able to go if this weather continues!

    You Should Celebrate Friendship

    It may have been a good year or a bad year, but no matter what, your friends helped get you through it.

    And you can't imagine celebrating New Year's Eve without your closest friends around.

    You are always happy to catch up with old friends on this night, and you're hoping to make some new ones too.

    So this year, raise a toast to old and new friends. They make every day of the year a little brighter.


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    Thursday, December 31, 2009

    XS Cargo, Tapioca Express, Mr. Creep NOT HERE, good blessings, December 2009 BBT Tally

    Vanessa was waiting for me when I got out of here, and we discussed family / friends / alcohol / Victoria / stupid drivers / White Spot on the way to Tapioca Express. I got a milk tea (coconut jelly!) with some spicy stewed beef noodles - Vanessa marveled at the spiciness, haha. Talked about guys, Krista, Teunis, other people, the HST, our holidays, free stuff, roommates, autism, Kyle, plans, friends, and other things. Then we went to XS Cargo so she could get some TV antennas; we looked around there, and I saw a desktop computer for $200. Will have to wait on that, heh.

    Got home and sifted through 120 emails, which were mostly poll answers. David W. had written on my Facebook wall to thank me for my birthday wishes, which made me less annoyed than I had been previous to going out. "Les! You're my most prolific wall writer! Hahahaha! Thanks for the love and blessings, good sister!" *thumbs up* Hey, that's only because Christmas and his birthday are so close together, hahaha! Checked my physical mail, to find a card from Farrah - SO COOL! (featured a cat with reindeer antlers - it did NOT look impressed, haha) Called Eric and left a message; he called back to say he'd be by around 4. Sounds good to me, especially since he also referenced the recycling centre!

    While checking my email, I discovered that my evening / night just got a whole lot better: Mr. Creep isn't coming tonight! He says he's "too wasted from work," and he somehow managed to screw up the spelling of those simple words. WHO DOES THAT?! Seriously, his original spelling made my brain weep... Unless he has underlying issues like dyslexia or whatever, I don't think there should be any excuse for that! Anyway, at least I can truly celebrate... although now he knows my email address because I did reply in that whole exchange. However, I won't reply to everyone saying that now my evening has been made more awesome, hahaha. I'll just save that for Eric on the way to Nate's - and he just called to say he's leaving his house. Excellent entry timing. :D [and Corey just wished me "a Happy NUDE Year"... *smacks him*]


    mocha @ Dragon Ball (Friday, December 18) [good hanging out with Darren C. and Fidela!]
    milk tea @ Tapioca Express (Thursday, December 31) [good hanging out with Vanessa!]

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    2009 Recap: Chocolate, PEACEFUL, fire oil, and more!

    This is the 2009 Recap. Fitting for the last day of the year, no? Vanessa just called, so I need to leave. Yay for having done this in draft form!


    * Watched Family Guy Presents Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story and Fargo at Nathan's with Jeremy, Jon, Nate, white Eric, and Christon for New Year's. Good thing Raymond couldn't make it! (way too much snow, as well...)

    * Finished Blogger tagging, FINALLY! YAY! :D

    * Went to Elaine and Matt's wedding reception. It was cool enough, but it was too bad I couldn't also make it to Jon and Harmony's engagement party at the Alibi Room! Heard the beer there was EXCELLENT! A few days later, I hung out with my brother's future family - it was FUN, unlike some other times I could name! :P

    * Watched BLADE RUNNER / DR. HORRIBLE'S SINGING BLOG with Teunis, Erik, Erica, Kaili, Scott, Alicia, and Kyle. Quirky stuff, AND morbid... yay for death via eyeball-gouging! :P

    * Watched the premiere of 24 with Nathan, Jon, Steph, Eric, Vanessa, Phil, Grace, Jeremy, and Christon.

    * Watched BATTLESTAR GALACTICA and the first nine episodes of ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT at Nathan's - Jon, Nate, Phil, Grace, Jeremy, and I had a good time! Also discussed DIM SUM / DUMPLINGS... good times!


    * Teunis made it out for a Fellowship potluck - good times!

    * Got a package of sixteen movies and some Mongolian fire oil from Corey: that rocked!

    * Celebrated my sister's and grandma's birthdays within a week or so of each other. Met sister's friend Jonathan into the bargain, too.


    * Sent Corey and Janina some Tim Tams, and Corey got a bunch of other stuff too: Mars Bars, Aero bars, shredded pork, shredded salmon, Mirage, Wunderbars, Maltesers, and Coffee Crisp! I bought on-sale (dark) chocolate for myself, too: Guylian, Lindt 99% Excellence, Lindt cherry coulis-chili Creation, 90% chocolate, Aero bars, Mars Bars, Aero bars, Mirage, Wunderbars, (original / classic dark / chewy caramel) Tim Tams, and more!

    * FINALLY got together with Billie for dinner. I could justify skipping Bible Study for once, but couldn't do the same for ONE ordered Alaska roll that turned into FOUR! (not to mention how we didn't get any miso soup despite also ordering it... never going back to Broadway's Fish on Rice AGAIN!)


    * Celebrated Vanessa H.'s birthday with her friends, including Kyle. Nice to see him again, and I said more than two words to him!

    * Celebrated Mom's old-style birthday, then watched CITY OF LOST CHILDREN at Erik's - good times!

    * Began going to the old Green Village a lot with Alan and Polly. Man, they are obsessed with that place. :P

    * Saw ALEX LEE at Oakridge, of all the people! It was SO GOOD to see him! :D


    * Celebrated Danielle's birthday / grad at Melia and Angus' place - this was most notable because someone found a box full of USED CONDOMS in the pool room when we were cleaning up! EWWWWWWWWWW!

    * Celebrated Erik's birthday at his place with Teunis, Kaili, Alicia, Kyle, Scott, and other people. Watched SWEENEY TODD later on, too - that was great!

    * Raymond decided to end our friendship - what a perfidious blackguard!

    * Went to the townhouse for Spoons / Steveston Pizza / Timothy's frozen yogurt with Steph, Jon, Harmony, Vivian S., Gabriel, Karen, Lincoln, Richie, Christon, Daniel, Michelle, Vanessa, and Melia.

    * Went to Harmony's bridal shower, Guu at Aberdeen for dinner, and Leisure for shaved ice afterwards with the girls. Good to see Holly and Brittney again, despite parking debacles!

    * Got stuck in Metrotown's back corridors with Billie - interesting!


    * Jon and Harmony got married... family weddings are strangely surreal, haha.

    * Megan had her bridal shower - I was determined to make it out to this event since I couldn't make the actual wedding. It was much fun! (met Bryant's girlfriend Shirley, too!)

    * Terrence came to town for a few days, and mostly stayed at my place. We had sushi a lot, watched Up, had $12 steak at Hamilton Bar & Grill in Yaletown, went to Shoppers Drug Mart / London Drugs / Pearl Castle / IHOP, added each other to Facebook, and watched a bunch of Food Network TV.

    * Alan and Tracy got married... I couldn't make it to the wedding, but did get to give them my congratulations in person soon afterwards.


    * Was finally determined to move out - I couldn't live with the stupid mice anymore! Krista had a nice offer for me, YAY! Unfortunately, her dad put the kibosh on it, citing "winter jobs" - PAH!

    * Finally hung out with Chrystal in Richmond! Boston Pizza, London Drugs (Fit-Overs!), and Shoppers (scents!) was a good time! Then I went to the townhouse to see Rachel and Lisa, and their mom.

    * Went to the Jazz Festival with Jon, Harmony, Jen, Shally, and Jeremy - FUN TIMES! Sound Gallery was very cool!

    * Had a good "last hangout" at California Café in Lansdowne with Chinese Eric just before he left again for Hong Kong. Nathan and I had a good time joking about wieners, and then being serious when we gave him advice about a certain situation. Then Eric hung out at my place, and I showed him the wedding pictures. Good to hug him goodbye for now!

    * Megan and Andy got married... wish I had a man for these occasions, heh.

    * Started the LOCATION project... going back through all my entries was challenging, but it had to be done!

    * Got together with Krista and a bunch of her friends - yay for seeing her back in Tsawwassen from Fort St. John! Saw Kyle, Vanessa, and Teunis again... very good for that! Finally met Teunis' friend Wolfie, AKA Jazmin. Interesting!

    * Hung out with Krista and Erik at Bubble Queen (at the old Fair Bee location), Future Shop in Lansdowne, and at Erik's to watch Coraline. Good times!

    * Got together at the townhouse to celebrate Dad's SIXTIETH birthday!

    * Hung out with Billie at Liu's Taiwanese Restaurant and Richmond Centre.

    * Saw Brüno with Krista and Vanessa - the air conditioning was really nice in the 33° heatwave!


    * Edmond and Alysia got married... why was summer 2009 the WEDDING TIME for everyone?!

    * Hung out with Billie at Richmond Sushi and other places, then she slept over - yay for killing that significant memory dragon!

    * Looked after Grandma for two weeks while the parents were on a cruise with Alan and Polly. Man, she has memory problems, and issues with impatience / being rude!

    * Went to the 2009 Grad Banquet - yay for catered food! Nathan's HOLY MO-FO trailer was HILARIOUS! The beef jerky underpants were an interesting touch... o_O

    * Jon and Harmony took me and Grandma out to Chen's for dinner, which was nice.

    * Steph took us out to Kisamos in Steveston for dinner... Grandma was actually positive about the food, sort of.

    * Grandma took me and Steph out to Timmy's Kitchen in Steveston for dinner. Later, Steph and I went to e.tea on Rupert with Steph, Karmie, Maxine, Grace, Harmony, Sheena, Connie, and Jen. Good times, although I hear matcha kept Maxine up ALL NIGHT!

    * Two days later, Grandma took me / Jon / Harmony out for lunch at the same Timmy's Kitchen. At least it was a different meal... we later had Timothy's gelato as dessert, then waited while she bought prawns on the dock.

    * Had a homemade ramen / dumpling Sunday Dinner at Jeremy's - Wesley and Lincoln were new additions! I got so discombobulated when I got to Jeremy's that I went up the wrong set of stairs, and actually sneaked into Apartment 206! Luckily, nobody noticed... that would have been AWKWARD! Took the Canada Line (in operation for almost a week by then) for the first time in order to get home - quite nice!

    * Met up with Teunis and Jasmine at the Oakridge White Spot - good seeing both of them!

    * Erin and Ben got married - yay, weddings! Jon and Harmony had their housewarming on the same day, too! It was especially fun after 7:30, because that's when a certain person LEFT!

    * Saw FM for the first time in YEARS - SO GOOD!

    * Went to the Richmond Night Market with Jon, Harmony, Dallas, and Nathan. Good times with lamb skewers, dragon's beard candy, curry fish balls, and weird DVD / knife displays!


    * Had the Awana orientation session - pretty good times, for sure.

    * Celebrated Eric's birthday at Rocky Mountain Flatbread Company, and then at Millennium Karaoke near Aberdeen. It was mostly fun, but there were too many Chinese songs! Stupid person who shouldn't have been there... *grumble*

    * Erin and Ben had their Vancouver wedding reception - good times!

    * Dylan and Deb got married in Bellingham: too bad Johnny had to miss both that AND my birthday! Awana also started on the same day, so I had to miss the wedding. That was okay, though - time with the kids went FINE!

    * Nathan had his farewell since he went to the UK the day after my birthday. Too bad Danielle invited a person who shouldn't have been there! Good thing he didn't show up! Brian, Calla, Michelle, Daniel, Brent, Danielle, Jen, Eric M., Christon, Stanford, Jon, Steph, and I had lots of fun at Kishu Star and Dragon Ball!

    * Celebrated my own birthday at Kelsey's in Ironwood with Teunis, Billie, Jon, Harmony, Steph, Christon, Andrea, Jeremy, and Eric. Teunis then came to stay for a few days - ah, the peripatetic life with TUBS of stuff!

    * Had a Sunday Dinner, and finally saw Dallas again. Met Jeremy's new roommate Ryan, as well. Yay for Hungarian vegetable recipes and good times!


    * Went to Jon and Harmony's to watch the Canucks-Flames season opener with them and Christon. Jon left birthday wishes for Jeremy, and we looked at their extensive tea collection, heh. Too bad we lost 5-3!

    * Went to Posh for dinner with Steph, Chantal, Jon, Harmony, Chelsea, Karen Grace, Margaret, Ryan, Vivian, and Gabriel.

    * Got to meet my great-aunt (who gave me $200 total!) and my mom's cousin Eric for the first time ever. Yee Poh stayed longer than we thought she would, and Grandma decided to go to Hong Kong with her!

    * Started to see a CREEP around MY church. Discussed things a LOT with both Erics, Danielle, Harmony, Jon, Christon, Jeremy, Jen, and other people.

    * Grandpa Marr died. :(

    * I finally got to sleep over in Coquitlam with Billie! YAY!

    * Managed to get a lot of candy over Halloween weekend - yay for Kids' Carnival and 50% off candy at Buy-Low at Kingsgate Mall before a Sunday Dinner at Jeremy's!


    * Had lunch at Peaceful Restaurant with Danielle, Jon, and Harmony. Quite a good time!

    * Went to Women's Group at Karmie's for the first time ever, and liked it enough to keep going!

    * Started to get Christmas cards and things from the awesome people at and on my friends list! So good! :D

    * Hung out with Vanessa once she was back from Victoria for a few days - good seeing Kyle again too, for sure.


    * Parents went on a Singaporean cruise, then to Hong Kong for Gordon's wedding - and then picked Grandma up. I just housesat for them, which was a good mini-vacation from the MICE and CRAPPY MANAGEMENT!

    * Was invited to the Women's Group cookie exchange - I was going to not show up since I can't bake, but Grace said that others faced the same dilemma. So I just bought an assortment of Voortman's cookies, haha.

    * Had dinner with Jon, Steph, and Harmony at the PEACEFUL restaurant - it was good times. :D

    * Dessert night and bubble tea - yay for seeing Darren and Fidela!

    * Saw Grandma back home again - YAY!

    * New Year's Eve - hanging out with Vanessa H. at Tapioca Express, and then going to Nate's with Christon / Jon / Harmony / Eric / Jen for BAD MOVIE NIGHT II.

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    2009 Bolding Survey: Surfing in California, and swimming with dolphins!

    This year, I have...

    Graduated High School.
    Smoked cigarettes.
    Got so drunk I passed out.
    Been on every ride at an amusement park.
    Collected something really stupid.
    Gone to a rock concert.
    Helped someone.
    Gone fishing.
    Watched four movies in one night.
    Gone long periods of time without sleep.
    Lied to someone.
    Snorted cocaine.
    Failed a class.
    Smoked weed.
    Dealt drugs.
    Taken a college-level course.
    Been in a car accident.
    Been in a tornado.
    Done hard drugs (i.e. ecstasy, heroin, crack, meth, acid).
    Watched someone die.
    Been to a funeral. [if a viewing counts, sure...]
    Burned myself.
    Ran a marathon.
    Seen my parents got divorced.
    Cried myself to sleep.
    Spent over $200 in one day.

    Flown on a plane.
    Cheated on someone.
    Been cheated on.
    Written a 10-page letter.
    Gone skiing.
    Been sailing.
    Cut myself.
    Had a best friend.
    Lost someone I loved.
    Shoplifted something.
    Been to jail.
    Had detention.
    Skipped school.
    Got in trouble for something I didn't do.
    Stolen books from the library.
    Gone to a different country.
    Dropped out of school.
    Been in a mental hospital.
    Watched the Harry Potter movies.
    Had an online diary.
    Fired a gun.
    Gambled in a casino.
    Had a yard sale.
    And a lemonade stand.
    Actually made money at the lemonade stand.
    Been in a school play.
    Been fired from a job.
    Taken a lie detector test.
    Swam with dolphins.
    Gone to Sea World.
    Attempted suicide.
    Voted for American Idol / Australian Idol / X Factor.
    Written poetry.
    Read more than 20 books a year.
    Gone to Europe.
    Loved someone I couldn't have.
    Wondered about my sexuality.
    Used a coloring book when I was over age 12.
    Had surgery.
    Had stitches.
    Taken a taxi.
    Seen the Washington Monument.
    Had more than 5 IMs / online conversations going at once.
    Had a drug or alcohol problem.
    Been in a fist fight.
    Suffered any form of abuse.
    Had a hamster.
    Petted a wild animal.
    Used a credit card.
    Gone surfing in California.
    Did "spirit day" at school.
    Dyed your hair.
    Gotten a tattoo.
    Had something pierced.
    Received straight A's.
    Been on the Honor Roll.
    Known someone with HIV or AIDS.
    Taken pictures with a webcam.
    Started a fire.
    Had a party while your parents weren't home.
    Gotten caught having a party while they were gone.

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    Spaghetti, Bible storybooks, proctologists, hiccups, and champagne

    HAPPY NEW YEAR'S EVE! STAY SAFE! At least it isn't a snow dump like last year!

    Christon says we start at 4:30 tomorrow at Nate's, and we'll have spaghetti for dinner. Called Auntie Ying, who said stuff about prayer / Bible Study Fellowship / movies / Abbotsford people / Cantonese and Mandarin / my mouse problem / sharing / Bible storybooks for kids / email / movies / her being glad I call / Sunday School. I just realized that I forgot about the worksheets for the kids on Sunday, but hopefully I remember for THIS week! Can't believe it'll be a new year in less than 24 hours - I know a lot of people REALLY want the year to be over, and so do I. BLAH to the "final" feeling! Let's have it be all fresh and new, haha!

    Poo nugget for Thursday, December 31: If Tonight's Champagne Gives You The Hiccups, Call A Proctologist - Although benign, hiccups can be a nuisance. While most experience hiccups for a few minutes at a time, there are instances where individuals hiccup every two to three seconds for days or weeks. One physician, Francis Fesmire, MD, recently reported on a novel treatment for this condition: the rectal exam. Employing what he calls a "digital rectal massage," accomplished by inserting his finger into the affected individual's rectum and moving it in a "slow, circular motion," Dr. Fesmire was able to cure patients of their intractable hiccups. (I can't believe the year in poo facts is now OVER!)

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    Wednesday, December 30, 2009

    Tapioca Express, MANOS and Mystery Science Theater 3000, Caveman Name

    Called Vanessa H. earlier tonight, and we have plans for tomorrow. I don't mind tagging along if she goes to XS Cargo to get some stuff, and she mentioned London Drugs as well. As long as she calls me after 10, this is okay - Tapioca Express opens at 11, she says. It should be good, even if I have to sacrifice sleep since I never get to see her otherwise. After nine weeks, she'll have to do a practicum... good luck to her, I say! Discussed wine, gift cards, champagne, our holidays, and other things too.

    Corey says we should watch MANOS, but we should make sure it's the Mystery Science Theater 3000 one, or we're missing out. Mike and the robots heckling it makes the movie a lot more entertaining; even they get pretty damn bored, though. I sent that one off to the BAD MOVIE NIGHT group, and Jeremy's just replied to say that he tends to agree since we probably can't get any funnier than this. WOOHOO! Ellen also added me to Facebook - YES!

    Leslie just got their Caveman Name. Their Caveman Name is Bort.

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    Laundry, mushroom soup, the Oatmeal, misspellings, visiting, and poems

    Agenda for today: laundry, making some mushroom soup, calling Auntie Ying later, and eating spaghetti leftovers from Mui's.

    Ten Words You Need To Stop Misspelling - HAHAHAHA!

    Meme from Bill (theferrett), of all people: If I came to visit you and you could request anything of me, what would you like to do together? Be specific -- you never know, it might be possible!

    Heather C. (catgoddess) mailed me a Christmas card with a cute Dr. Seuss character on the front (she says she got my card about a week ago), and Kelli E. (neonrose5) added me on Facebook... cool, heh.

    You Are a Sonnet

    There's no way we would write a whole sonnet for you

    So you'll have to just believe that our love is true

    You are a romantic at heart with a beautiful spirit

    You should embrace who you are and never fear it

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    What I gave for Christmas 2009

    What I gave for Christmas 2009

    * lots of cards and stuff for my real-life friends! (Andrea, Christon, David W., Dylan and Deb, Cindy and Dianne, Vivian and Karen, Jen, Jeremy)
    * toddler Sunday School - cards and candy canes
    * Henry - Christmas card and Cashew Roca
    * John, Ada, Ian, and Sean - Christmas card, Almond Roca, and candy canes
    * Auntie Ying - Christmas card and Cashew Roca
    * Rachel's grandma - Christmas card and Almond Roca
    * Eric's family - Christmas card and Almond Roca
    * Yee Poh - Christmas card and Vancouver postcard
    * Nathan T. - Christmas card and Vancouver postcard
    * Eric H. (lddude) - Christmas card and Vancouver postcard
    * Marie S. (reebee) - Christmas card
    * Sheryll T. (sheryll) - Christmas card, two Harry Potter bookmarks, and ten Richmond Public Library bookmarks
    * Nyssa E. (giggles_19) - Christmas card and a Harry Potter bookmark
    * Billie E. (sianparis) - Christmas card
    * Julie S. (julie709) - Christmas card
    * Corey T. (dwcorey) - Christmas card
    * George and Candy - Christmas card
    * Gema S. (dont_deny_me) - Vancouver postcard
    * Krista G. (geek_dragon) - Christmas card
    * Teunis P. - Christmas card
    * Alessandra P. (dru_it) - Christmas card
    * John A. (snooooopy) - Christmas card and Vancouver Canucks bookmark
    * Kaella C. (scapegoat) - Christmas card
    * Jane K. (justsurvive) - Christmas card and stickers for Leila
    * Bryan A. (weaponx2032) - Christmas card
    * Sara H. (thegirlsheriff) - Christmas card
    * Elizabeth P. (bethie_p) - Christmas card
    * Janina P. (mrshannibal) - Christmas card
    * Farrah F. (lilaznffairy421) - Christmas card
    * Mandy D. (a_phoenixdragon) - Christmas card
    * Jennifer L. (tehgreenfairy) - Christmas card
    * Katie J. (touchofgr3y) - Christmas card
    * Deborah G. (devils_sidekick) - Christmas card
    * Becca C. (heyfashion) - Christmas card
    * Heather P. (swingthevote) - Christmas card and a couple of RPL bookmarks
    * Karine G. (karineinthepool) - Vancouver 2010 postcard
    * Torey D. (rubbished_chico) - artsy postcard
    * Kirsten F. (jambosana) - Quatchi 2010 Olympics postcard
    * Kelli E. (neonrose5) - Vancouver 2010 postcard
    * Heather L. (mileena) - Christmas card
    * Diane S. (the_fuzzy_bunny) - Christmas card
    * Heather C. (catgoddess) - Christmas card
    * Jonne B. (jonne_bunny) - Christmas card
    * Kadri K. (bad_habit) - Christmas card
    * Amber K. (randomlancila) - Christmas card
    * Steve and Carol B. - Christmas card

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    1993 to 1998 videos, Betty Boop socks, DRAGON on Singapore shirt, and more

    The computer just RESTARTED AGAIN! Had the usual family dinner - Harmony wanted to see OLD videos, so we did. Everyone looked SO YOUNG in various church things / God's Faithful Singers / concerts... Frances, Ellen, Emily, Eunice, Megan, Wayland, Vania, Vivian, Karen, Winnie, Fidela (so TINY!), Derek, Darren, Tracey, Sophia, Elaine, Dawn, Eric M., Scott, Andrew and Brian, Ellen, Erin, Melia, Phil, Sean, Trevor, Lucas, Clement, Chung, Rich, Justin, and other friends! Had turkey, Uncle Joe's almond stuff, champagne, coffee beer from Manitoba, Extra-Special Bitter, Amber Ale, non-alcoholic coolers, beets, good stollen, pineapple, and other things while reminiscing. Piano playing, Ellen and Nathan dating briefly, Mom and Steph's trip to Hong Kong (when Jon won an airline ticket), Cousin Eric, Great-Aunt, various relatives, violin performances, school concerts, Mr. Polson, Christine Magee, Auntie Deborah's niece ("I like Jonathan..."), God's Faithful Singers, different conductors, August 18 being THE birthday for seven people, Uncle Sam's mom, Auntie Ena, Uncle Andrew, Pastor Edward, Auntie Ruby, Uncle Sam, Auntie Susanna, Auntie Helen, Uncle Mark, Auntie Emily, Uncle Percy, Pastor Glen, Pastor Joshua, Uncle Reuben, Auntie Christine, baptisms, Auntie Paula, Uncle Albert, Auntie Betty, Uncle Eric, Auntie Brenda, Uncle Daniel, Uncle Michael, Auntie Leslie, Yvonne, Aaron, Lillian, Grandma's annual birthday parties, Uncle Peter, and more!

    At one point, Jon jokingly told Grandma to marry Nathan - she wasn't too impressed. We were surprised that she stayed downstairs pretty much till Jon, Harmony, and I left at 11:30! Apparently, she's a bit more pleasant to be around - Mom's cynical about that, of course. Steph was surprised that Grandma was observant of Harmony's beaded necklace - she went upstairs to get some of her own tiny beads that she kept in a Kleenex or two. Harmony tried convincing her to keep it, but when that didn't happen ("I'm so old!"), I said that a Ziploc bag would be the thing to keep those in so they didn't spill or get lost! Vivian S. is getting married next year, apparently.

    Steph is officially moving in tomorrow, so that'll be good for her. Mom gave me a bunch of stuff consisting of a Mott's Garden Cocktail drink, a microwaveable meal (Swanson's Rib-Style boneless pork), a Singapore shirt with a cool DRAGON on it, two storage boxes ("never used!" - yeah right!), 20 tealight candles, two buckle-style watches, two Betty Boop pairs of socks, two pink panties, a black throw, a white pair of socks (apparently from Cathay Pacific), 100g Toblerone Fruit and Nut, a Lindt dark peppermint package, Colgate Total clean mint toothpaste, and three moisturizing bath bars. Stopped by Harmony's parents' place to pick up a crystal plate and such, then talked about the pronunciation of "Arkansas" before they dropped me off. Checked my email to find that a suggestion for Bad Movie Night is MANOS: HANDS OF FATE. HAHAHAHAHA!

    Poo nugget for Wednesday, December 30: Penguins, Pressure, and Poo - The science humor journal Annals of Improbable Research awarded its 2005 Ig Nobel prize to the European scientists who calculated the internal pressures generated by a penguin's anus during defecation. It's sixty kilopascals, which (by the way) is higher than the pressure humans generate.

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    Tuesday, December 29, 2009

    Shiny Christmas stickers / Toy car dream / Leftover Christmas Blogthings

    This thing restarted overnight - ugh! The Internet also refused to connect properly, which was also annoying - but at least the monitor is all right for now, and the sound finally works again, which is excellent! I also have to take a shower before I head out of here for dinner. One family dinner is relative sanity... three dinners in five days is the very opposite, so I'm glad I did my own thing on Christmas and Boxing Day! Got shiny penguin / Santa / snowmen stickers, a souvenir card of a paddle wheeler on the Mississippi in New Orleans, and a Christmas card from Sheryll and Nyssa in the mail today - SO COOL! sheryll and giggles_19 are SWEET, man! Jon says that Nathan has let us borrow his place for New Year's Eve, but we have to stay upstairs since a family friend is staying downstairs, and Christon may have to let us in. Might be a bit weird, but we'll see what happens! As long as a certain person isn't invited, then all should be okay! Also talked very briefly to Billie (sianparis) over MSN - too bad I gotta bail for that dinner, haha.

    Had a weird dream in which I was in my old church building, and Pastor Edward let me use the computer in the sanctuary. When I was minding my own business, I noticed that my screen had changed. Lo and behold, Pastor Edward was teaching a well-dressed black pastor how to use the church system. I quickly got out of there to the downstairs part of the church, which looked like our present building does now... ODD! Played with the kids for a bit, then Eric decided to control word games and such using the overhead display. He told me to sit in front of him so he could stretch his legs around me - um, sure? Calla and Maxine were talking about how Keenan and Joshua were running toy cars against the wall - Keenan wanted Mommy to join in, so Maxine reluctantly did so. Hers smashed on contact - thank goodness it wasn't a real car with real glass panes! Almost no idea why I had the dream, although Harrison and Amos were playing with toy cars and running them up against the wall on Sunday - SO MUCH NOISE!

    Your Ideas Are Blue

    When you think, you tend to have very detailed, well thought out ideas.

    You take your time with your thoughts. You are a deep thinker who likes to explore every possibility.

    Your ideas tend to be very innovative and perceptive. It's amazing what your mind can come up with.

    Your mind is energetic and alert. You are "always on" and thinking of new things. It's hard for you to relax.

    You Are Santa Claus

    You are an optimistic and generous soul. It wouldn't be wrong to call you happy-go-lucky.

    It lifts your spirit to brighten someone else's day, especially if this person is a child.

    When it comes to helping others, you have boundless energy. And you admit that you sometimes put yourself last.

    You'll put in the time to make sure that everyone is happy and content. You don't mind working long hours to bring others a little joy.

    You Are Baking Cookies

    You are an indulgent and generous person during the holidays.

    It's important to you that everyone you know is taken care of... including yourself!

    You are always going that extra mile to make people feel loved this time of year.

    From baking delicious cookies to picking out perfect presents, you do a better job than Santa himself!

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    Most people use computer monitors for a LOT longer than two hours a day!

    HAHAHAHA! My dad thinks that computer monitors should only be used for two or three hours every day, and tried to make me think that mine is failing because I use it almost every waking hour. Somehow, I don't think so! I told this to Corey, and he said "I'm pretty sure every company in the world uses them a heck of a lot more than that." EXACTLY! Productivity would go down EVERYWHERE!

    Poo nugget for Tuesday, December 29: Doo You Know? - Seven Years To Digest Bubble Gum? - A bezoar is a concretion or stone formed in the intestine, usually of indigestible matter. Examples of things that can form bezoars include ingested seeds, fruit pits, hair, medications, and, yes, bubble gum. While bezoars typically form in people who have slowed emptying of the stomach (the stuff sits around longer, and can congeal into a large bolus), consumption of large amounts of certain foods have been known to form bezoars, even in people with normal gastrointestinal function. Don't worry, chewing gum isn't one of them. A surprising culprit? Persimmon.

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    Monday, December 28, 2009

    Helga, Hestia, Imogene, and Isadora

    This is from What Not to Name Your Baby by Joe Borgenicht.


    Hana: Beautiful town on the eastern side of Maui that was destroyed by a tsunami. The best part about Hana is the road there.

    Hailey: A weather condition characterized by hard, frozen ice balls falling from the sky.

    Hallah Lujah: A name popular in the South. Exception to the rule: if she'll have a sibling named Amen.

    Halo: Angelic, often left behind, video game. Also, a Southern greeting.

    Hannah: Truly a name for a homely girl, somehow made popular in the '90s.

    Harlem: Manhattan neighborhood currently subject to extreme gentrification.

    Harlequin: Will have an unexplainable urge to wear skintight, diamond-patterned bodysuits and pointy shoes.

    Hebe: High-school nickname for many Jewish-American students living outside New York or Los Angeles.

    Hedwig: Currently immortalized as a not-quite-transgendered individual.

    Helga: Will wear a helmet with horns, and serve pitchers of mead to warriors.

    Heloise: Will annoy other children by offering unsolicited but helpful household hints such as how to deep-clean a kitchen sink with an old pair of pantyhose and white vinegar. Also used as a greeting for asthmatics.

    Henrietta: A small cat with a speech impediment and apparent domestic partner of X the Owl. [Mr. Rogers]

    Hereditary: What you name a daughter when your best friend picks your first choice, Genetic.

    Hestia: A virtual unknown in Greek mythology. If you're going to pick a classical name, why not pick a better-known goddess?

    Hilda: Will keep a small flock of goats and wear lederhosen. Also, has an inoperable facial mole.

    Hilary: Some will perceive her as assertive, others simply as a bitch.

    Honey: A sweet, sticky liquid alternative to sugar. Also, a pole dancer.

    Hosana: Subject of a popular pioneer song that speaks of western expansion.

    Hydra: In Greek mythology, a multi-headed water snake with a dog's body and the uncanny ability to regrow two heads in the place of one. Have "the talk" with this one early on.


    Icy: Frozen slushy drink available at discount stores. Stain is impossible to remove when it falls on car seats.

    Ida: A common contraction. "If Ida known you were coming, Ida baked a cake."

    Iman: Likely to be a famous model who married a rock star.

    Imari: A type of Japanese porcelain.

    Imogene: A popular entertainer who endorses denture adhesive.

    Isabella: A beautiful Italian actress whose film credits range from Blue Velvet to Roger Dodger.

    Isadora: Prone to wearing long scarves, riding in open convertibles, and interpreting complex emotions through the dance.

    Isis: Egyptian goddess and '70s female empowerment superheroine.

    Ivaloo: UK usage to explain that your house has indoor plumbing.

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    Drowning dream / Computer monitor out for 12 hours / Lunch at Lesley's / Alliance / Chocolate

    Last night, I dreamed that Auntie Brenda (Erin's mom) was showing blatant favoritism towards the boys on a road trip / bus tour, which included Chris T. The girls had to make do with a goat race, and if they didn't make it back in time, they had to be squished inside a train car. No idea what that was about! I also dreamed that I was drowning after I went to a bunch of stairs and wheels on a watery floor... I turned one wheel too far in one direction, and I was quickly overcome by the water! (I woke up after I left a trail of bubbles on the water's surface) Apparently, this means that I am being 'sucked into' something I would rather not be a part of. Or that I am overwhelmed by emotions or repressed issues that are coming back to haunt me. Or it denotes loss of property and life... or it invokes fear. Whichever way you take it, I don't think the interpretation is that great!

    This morning, I got up to find that the computer monitor had blinked out again - I had coffee and the last mince tart before Karmie picked me up. Talked about reading, Christmas, movies, and her kids before we got to Lesley's. Winnie P. was there already, which was fine... later, I discovered that Lesley had invited people I didn't know. It was fine getting to know Katherine and Connie - they had kid stories and Malaysia / Brunei stories to share. Deb contributed Singapore / Thailand stories (19-year-old girls in bars who had 7-year-old kids?!), before they all started talking about the strict structure of Bible Study Fellowship / Discipleship / the Navigators. Harmony was there, which was cool... I always enjoy seeing her! (Jon called her later to ask that she pick up some marjoram - she didn't know what it was, so she asked me. I told her that it was some sort of herb - she said I was a walking dictionary, hahaha!)

    Discussed reading, North Vancouver, the Alliance Church, kids, nannies, the parkade gate closing at church, matchmaking moms, the holidays, skiing, learning French, travel, Boxing Day, honeymoons, law, teaching, reading to kids, and more. Interesting lunch with a huge sub, butterfly pastries, grapes, Toblerone, wraps, and more - so full, indeed! Got home to see if the computer would work - yes, it FINALLY did! Karmie said something about the SECRET LIFE OF BEES, so I may look that up. Went to the Staples website, where it seemed computers were really expensive - good thing I didn't ask for THOSE from my team partner, haha. Still, I don't know what to do... :(

    Totally unrelated to the above: Jonathan just reminded me of this Jonathan Swift quote. "I have been assured by a very knowing American of my acquaintance in London, that a young healthy child, well nursed, is at a year old, a most delicious, nourishing, and wholesome food, whether stewed, roasted, baked, or boiled; and I make no doubt that it will equally serve in a fricassee, or a ragout." HAHAHA! Also heard that the Canucks beat Calgary 5-1 last night; Sonya and Richie weren't too impressed, haha. (Mason Raymond had a hat trick!)

    You Are Chocolate Truffles

    You are unpredictable and even a little zany. No one knows what to expect when you're around.

    You have a short attention span and need a lot of variety in your life.

    You are easily addicted to the things that you love. It's hard for you to only eat one chocolate from the box.

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    Reporting AMACON to the health department / Acid Poo

    Earlier tonight, I decided to report my management to the city health department, using this electronic web form. I could CALL the health department for sure, but I wanted to make sure I could write everything down without people interrupting me, haha.

    I have mice in my apartment, and my landlord (AMACON Property Management) won't get rid of them. They give me glue traps, but that isn't solving the problem. Pest control comes by only once a month for a very limited time, and has said that I don't know what I'm talking about.

    The manager did send someone in to block some of the holes, but that isn't enough since the mice are still getting in. When I call the management, they blow me off by saying that I should wait for pest control, and say that I complain "too much."

    What should I do in this situation?
    (written Sunday, December 27)

    I should call 276-4000 if I have no response in ten business days, and I certainly will. It's only too bad that I never really thought to document a whole bunch of this stuff properly! I guess I'll see what happens... can't be too bad, I hope. Also listened to a radio version of It's A Wonderful Life, which was fine!

    Poo nugget for Monday, December 28: Dr. Stool Says - Acid Poo - It is well known that acid produced by the stomach can cause heartburn and ulcers. In one particular condition called Zollinger-Ellison syndrome, an excess amount of acid produced as a result of a tumor leads not only to these typical upper GI symptoms, but also to torrential diarrhea. Diarrhea occurs because the sheer volume of the acidic juices secreted by the stomach cannot be absorbed by the GI tract, and also because the acid destroys the pancreatic enzymes that normally help us to digest our food. The end result is acidic and fatty diarrhea. Symptoms can sometimes be controlled with medication, but surgical removal of the tumor is the only curative treatment.

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    Sunday, December 27, 2009

    I don't subscribe to your melodrama, thanks...

    This morning, splitting the difference seemed to work as I only had to wait maybe two minutes for my parents instead of ten! I pretended to be interested in what my mom was saying about stuff I forgot already, but did say hi to my grandma, of course. When we got to the parkade, we saw Darren C. and his cousin Jason H. from Edmonton - always good to see Jason, for sure! He's only back till New Year's Eve, but we spent time briefly chatting about Facebook / the Canucks / Tiger Woods, haha. Joked with Cordia that she was getting her exercise when she was walking around before service, heh. Saw Ben and Erin when they got to service late - they had to borrow my pens twice to write cheques, heh. Christon, Lesley, and Isabel's dad shared about stuff in service.

    Talked to Christon, Jen, and Connie about BAD MOVIE NIGHT, and found myself missing Jeremy - at least he has a few days of holiday this year! Gave Gladys a HUGE Ziploc bag full of candy - she gave some to Natalie and Nathan, of course. I later told Hien and Quan that they could have some from them - they thanked me for the thought. Discussed stuff with Jon and Harmony, and confirmed Karmie's phone number with her for tomorrow. Jon said that I could go to Belgian Fries with them since there was no adult Sunday School, but that wouldn't work since Auntie Ying had already seen AND talked to me! Besides, I'd feel bad bailing for the third week in a row. Thanked Deb for her Christmas card, and said hi to Auntie Catherine as well. Mom saw Mr. Creep in the fellowship hall, and asked me: "Is that the person you're afraid of?" Trust me, I'm not AFRAID of him... I just don't LIKE him! There IS a difference!

    I saw David enter the fellowship hall, so made a beeline for the doors. He gave me a big smile, and shook my hand in greeting: "Hey, Les!" Then I said that I had another card for him - when I found it and gave it to him, he said that now he felt bad, so he owed me a card. Hahaha, no need! I joked that he was lying about his birthday on Facebook, but he said that he was conforming on there - haha, sounds good! Got Eric to confirm that I remembered / kept track of everyone's birthdays, too. Used the kitchen to wash out my cappuccino cup, since the mix had milk in it... I later said hi to Karen and Lincoln.

    Saw some of the kids: Joshua, Keenan, Hannah, Nathaniel, and Abigail were so cute! Calla was holding a baby (and Stanford a baby carrier), so I wondered who it was: Winnie's new baby, Cameron, less than a month old. I said hi to Mattias (with a little animal), who just looked at me the entire time! When his mom Karen put him down so she could perhaps hold the new baby, he didn't like it and started crying! Asked Melia how things had gone on Christmas, and she offered me a box of random stuff that they gave to the kids: hahaha, no thanks! I got Eric's attention while saying hi to Yvonne - she definitely wanted weird Santas and stockings! Also discussed Christmas with Stanley, Sheena, Auntie Susan, and others.

    Went upstairs to toddler Sunday School, where Amos and Harrison tried convincing me that they weren't there by hiding under the tables. It's not going to work if they make noise or if I can see their feet sticking out from there! Gave Amanda a card, candy cane, and two sticker sheets - I stuck to a card for Amos since he said he couldn't eat peppermint. Never heard of peppermint allergies, but if he doesn't want to get in trouble, I won't give one to him OR Harrison, who cited the same thing. Rachel's grandma unexpectedly gave me a package of NO SUGAR ADDED chocolate chip cookies, which I thanked her for. The class went well, I guess - the kids seemed attentive for a few minutes, anyway.

    When I went downstairs, I said hi to Citrus / Vivian / her cousin Darren L. / Gabriel. Had to wait around for my parents to finish stuff - my mom told me that I was rude for asking where we were going for lunch while she was talking to someone else. Hey, I just wanted to know! While waiting, I talked to Ada about Christmas, and to her sons Ian and Sean about crackers and such - I noted that Sean's top had Engrish on it, hahaha. I deliberately delayed the parents when we were going to leave the church - I got out Steph's guestbook before putting my stuff in the car trunk. (it is called PAYBACK!) We met Steph at Mui's - apparently, the delivery people forgot about her bed, so she got free bedsheets and pillows out of it. Dad advised her to be more nasty next time, haha.

    Good thing I gave Steph her guestbook when I saw her, since she only had fifteen minutes for lunch before work! Mom thought that I could use the lunch leftovers of porkchops and spaghetti for lunch tomorrow since it would save me money. I didn't bother telling her that I had lunch plans already, since that would make her believe that Lesley was looking after me, and then cause her to give me a guilt trip like "People are SO NICE to you! You should be like that!" I prefer my sanity, thanks!

    We HAD to go to London Drugs so she could buy on-sale candy / Christmas items, and when I expressed impatience, she told me that I could walk or take the bus home if I didn't like it! Well, SOME people have to PEE, you know! Stupid woman... no wonder I want to decrease time spent with her. Then she got melodramatic when they FINALLY dropped me off: "Don't you miss your parents after not seeing them for FIVE DAYS?! Before that, it was TWO WEEKS! Don't you cry yourself to sleep? It'll be TWO WHOLE DAYS before we see each other again, and Mom will MISS YOU!" No, I don't cry myself to sleep! Finally got home so I could have RELIEF, in more ways than one!

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    Risotto and cappuccino for breakfast / Ex in dreams with white hair

    I'm splitting the difference this week - my parents are late at least half the time anyway... having vegetable risotto and cappuccino for breakfast. I had to update about my quasi-nightmare, in any event. Hope I see David at church, so I can give him his birthday card; I bet he'll be surprised, haha.

    It started out with me and Billie on a road trip somewhere - Steph called and gave us a warning. Apparently, my ex was also taking the same side tour which we were planning to attend! As soon as we hung up, we could see him being driven by his cousin - of course. He wouldn't drive ANYWHERE! Billie and I ignored the people in the car, but did notice that my ex now had white hair - we privately speculated that he was stressed out, but couldn't imagine WHY. Later, we called Steph to say that my ex's cousin drove like a MANIAC! They tried getting our attention on the tour boat, but we resolutely pretended that they didn't exist. Good thing that's all I remember about the dream, since I really have to go NOW!

    You Are Aggressive

    Your anger and cynicism have morphed into something more extreme: aggression.

    You find it easy to be annoyed, and it's almost as easy for you to lose your temper.

    While it does feel good to get out a little low-level anger now and then, aggression can be dangerous.

    If you can't control your temper, you could end up hurting yourself or someone else. Be careful!

    Yikes. I'm not THAT bad, man!

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