Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Awana, church, birthday doings, and more!

The last few days have been so busy that I haven't really had the time to blog - amazing, I know. On Saturday, my computer decided to die - Eric came over and thought it was the motherboard. He did some stuff to it while I was out at Awana, which was pretty chaotic due to it being the first day of the club year. I thanked Henry for calling me earlier in the afternoon to see whether I needed a ride: he'd lost my number over the summer due to someone stealing his phone (oh no!), but had fixed things. On the way home. I had an interesting conversation with Ian: we discussed superheroes, eating diapers, wearing diapers on your head, sun visor as a toy ("baby") Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle's home, seeing his brother Sean's eyeballs, chicken, treasure tasting like candy or the moon, etc. That kid has quite an imagination!

Talked to Jeremy, Margaret, Randal, Andrea, Jen, Nathan, Dawn, and others about my Evite on Sunday - little Amos was the only one in the toddler Sunday School. Greeted Andrew with a smile, and he told me about this girl he used to like - I'm sure he doesn't want to see her in the one class they do have together this year! Dodged a bunch of the kids playing Evil Tag - thanks, Samantha / Rosanna / Ryan / Ethan / Rachel / Wilson / Christal! Decided on Hollywood Café for lunch with Dylan, Nathan, Jon, Steph, Jeremy, and Eric - we read "roti canal" (a menu item) as "root canal," and figured they were pretty cheap at two for $5, hahaha. Nathan had strawberry bubble tea with really old wrinkled pearls (ew!), and I had mango bubble tea with slightly better (middle-aged?) pearls. Discussed Jeremy's ZION shirt, movies, Videomatica, birthday dinners, church stuff, and more. Called Chrystal, who couldn't make it to my birthday celebration - too bad! I told her that I'd miss her if / when I moved, and informed her what THAT was all about.

On Monday (my birthday), I decided that I wasn't having a very good one and took some time out of the apartment. Went to Minoru Park and read part of a book, then went home. K and I had a discussion about certain things, then I got the sweetest birthday present ever: MY REPLACEMENT BUS PASS! Someone thought I was bipolar since I'd seemed really sad before this, and then was really happy. Heh, I can feel opposite emotions at the same time!

Later on, white Eric called to see how we were getting to the renovated Boston Pizza - CHINESE ERIC, who took us to London Drugs since K wanted to get a few things. Sheena and Chalaine couldn't make it, but everyone else did. We discussed Marilyn Manson, Akon, Jeremy's feeling feverish, music, bubble tea at Pearl Castle, hockey, four large pizzas, birthdays, "short and sweet just like Leslie," work, the COUGAR shirt, 1990s music like Len / Lou Bega / Gin Blossoms' HEY JEALOUSY, Rihanna, Beyonce, pictures, presents, etc. Got a cookbook from Eric and Fay, RAM to be coming from white Eric, pastel M&Ms from Vivian in a matching mug, lotions and such from Dawn, books and games from Nathan, Chapters gift cards from Citrus / Danielle and Andrea / Chuck, and hugs almost all around. Randal also promised his present later, so I thanked him. The day turned out to be pretty good, even if I didn't get much sleep from being keyed up.

Today, K and I went to #9 restaurant with Mom for lunch. It went pretty well, and then I received some even better news later in the afternoon. I'm happy K made the decision that he did, although of course I didn't want to pressure him! He talked to his cousin on MSN about Chilliwack / Stream / Greyhound while I called TransLink and got our directions for Thursday. (I'm going with him since I want to spend time with him and such) I'll be so tired on Friday at my afternoon dentist appointment, hahaha. Says he'll be here till Monday or something - meh, I'll survive! When he described me to Eric as a "typical woman" ("she wants me to go to Chilliwack and not to Kamloops"), Eric came back with "You're a typical woman?! I thought you were an extraordinary man, haha!" Good times, and I hope our relationship will only grow from here!

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