Saturday, April 16, 2011

Kayden, Justin, Isaac, Irina, reaction to coming out

Right when I finished having a late lunch, Teunis got up - we talked about thoughts and my sister for a while. When Henry called me, I was certainly ready to leave! He said that they'd watched the hockey game at Fellowship last night; NICE! When we got to church, I said hi to Golden and Daniel; I gave Chrystal her birthday present a little later. She seemed pretty touched by the chocolates and such, and said I didn't have to - well, a little late for that! Discussed my friend, not kicking people out, making sure I was okay (definitely), our weeks, travel plans, and more. When Melia got there, we talked in hushed tones about my sister and Angus watching hockey. (she was taking a study break - and told Sabrina that she sounded like her brother Edmond) I interacted with the kids Nathan (colors!), Irina, Ian, Harrison (who loves pressing elevator buttons), Rachel, Kayden and Justin (who are cousins and "always share and sit next to each other"), Amos, Isaac (birthdays), and others. (also said hi to Stanley, Rosenda, Mike K., Julie C., and others - UNCLE SAM WAS MODELED ON A REAL PERSON!)

John drove me home, and I saw my first ice cream truck this year; we also saw a car accident between an Accord and an SUV. When I got home, I called my sister; she can't hang out tomorrow because she's taking engagement pictures with Lisa on the Island. I asked her just how Mom and Dad reacted; she'd hung out with the lards yesterday, and waited till Big G had gone to sleep. She said that she had something to tell them, then started crying. Mom thought she had a boyfriend (complete opposite!), was pregnant, had been in a car accident, didn't want to go to church anymore, or other "extreme" scenarios. Then she said that it would be okay, so Steph told them what was REALLY up, and Dad walked out of the room before she'd even finished. She doesn't want to overwhelm them with engagement news (which is what I'd have advised her), so that's fine. Apparently, Mom's normal and has called her already to see how she is - Steph thinks she'll be okay, but WHO KNOWS about Dad. Not like he calls / emails us a lot anyway, but I won't talk to him about her for some time just to be safe. Oh well.

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Coming out, courage, birch beer, going to Jeremy's after all, and gradients

So... my sister had the courage to come out to our parents last night. I've just alerted Jon to this via phone message, since I know he doesn't check his Facebook religiously. Vanessa talked to me briefly on MSN about the Caribbean store in New West (she's going there today), the fallout, and birch beer. Eric called me later to say that Alistair is actually busy tomorrow, so he is actually going to the hockey game at Jeremy's - I asked if he would let Jer know, and he will do so now. I don't know why I'm so happy at this news (since I was going to be evil), but I am! Hahaha... must be the time spent with Nate!

You Are Playful

You are easygoing and carefree. You like to hang loose whenever possible.

Your natural state is to be relaxed. You think feeling stressed out is never worth it.

You often help others with their problems. You offer practical and workable solutions.

You have steady and unwavering energy. You are a person of great endurance.

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"It's Adult Movie Night, sponsored by the church! WHAT?!"

I should really read The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency (Alexander McCall Smith), especially since Teunis let me borrow it. When Eric called tonight to say he was coming, I didn't really have enough time to do everything before he did show up - that's always how it goes, so I'm not surprised. We were mostly quiet on the way to church, thanks to the hockey game! I did manage to get a mini-rant out regarding group work (EVIL) and Skeena Terrace, to which he responded that Raymond / Randal / Mr. Creep would be the group leaders and competing to get me into their respective groups... OH HELL, NO! We also talked about Sunday, Alistair, pie for dinner, Phil calling him, and more; by the time we got to church, it was 1-0 for the Canucks. I told him that I wanted to go with him inside, and he responded by taking the stairs - okay, I could deal with that, especially when I had to see Mr. Creep talking to Pastor Tom when we got up to the second floor! I should have just sat by Eric after saying hi to Harmony, because Mr. Creep eventually sat down beside me - I just got up and took the empty seat between Eric and Vicky. Honestly, I didn't care WHAT anyone thought since I had to protect myself... Eric later termed it "rude," but I said I didn't think he noticed.

When it came time for the group work after we were reminded about what Skeena Terrace did and our proposed events, I asked Eric what he was doing. He was going to go with the group who wanted to do a progressive dinner; since Mr. Creep was also in that group (and asking some inappropriate questions about the kids and teens and families!), I elected to go with the group who wanted to plan an outdoor movie night like what SERVANTS did last summer. (Randal was in that group, but I figured he was the lesser of two evils) Tracy told me and Vicky the score of the game (3-1, okay; 3-2, NO; 4-2, insurance; 4-3 final; PHEW!) - GOD BLESS TECHNOLOGY! Alan made a few jokes, and Kevin (of all the people!) came up with a classic line about "adult movie night - NOT the kind of thing you/re thinking of!" Of course, Mr. Creep said he'd be all over that - EW!

We stayed around for a brief time later, so it was good that I'd warned Eric about my "dinner" earlier. Jeremy said that he'd bought 12 pounds of chicken wings, and had the Chinese ladies at the supermarket give him looks of disbelief! HAHAHAHAHA! He won't be at church on Sunday since he's doing the Sun Run, so he and Eric talked about training while I tried to shield myself from Mr. Creep! On the way home, we discussed the post-game show / Chris Higgins / Jannik Hansen / Daniel Sedin / sound on Sunday / not changing his mind about Easter breakfast / Pho on Sunday / gas prices / a gas pump not being a gas tank. At home, I had barely gotten my stroganoff dinner out of the microwave when Teunis returned... I decided just to let him be. Talked briefly to Vanessa as well - now, it's bedtime. :D

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Friday, April 15, 2011

Nacho chips, Swedish fish, Ikea, Skor, Sephora, Friday Five, leather jackets

Apparently, the lemon-lime meringue pie looked like "nacho chips with frosting" to my sleep-deprived mind. GO FIGURE! I met Vanessa at the clinic, and then we were off to the mall so she could spend a fortune on stuff at Bath & Body Works (lots of smelly candles like pumpkin / lemon gelato / fresh lemon!) and Sephora (Fat Girl lotion?) - it was pretty busy since it was lunchtime! She vented about work (selfish people and drugs), how she'd be glad to leave here on Tuesday, drivers, and more. We also discussed homemade chili, Teunis, Krista, Kaili, Alicia, Scott, exes, priorities, inappropriate stuff, the lunch special at Specialty Chicken and Wonton House, cuttlefish balls, beef, iced coffee, Wayne, Newfoundland wine, homebrew, the liquor store, jam / bath mats / pitchers / Daim (like Skor candy) / Maynard's Swedish fish / a little blond kid named Mattias at Ikea / other things. It was certainly fun! Got home to find out that some random person had requested to add me to Facebook - NO!

The name of...

The 30th song in your playlist: Rancid, Situation.
A city that starts with C in your state / province / etc: Coquitlam! (although I did not know there was a city named Calgary in BC...)
Your boss' (or favorite teacher's) name: Mr. Fromager / Plu Dorcey.
The second book on your bookshelf: #13 All-Purpose Bathroom Reader.
Your 7th LJ friend: angelcerv25

You Are a Black Leather Jacket

You are a simply happy person. You feel fortunate to have so much light and laughter in your life.

You are sometimes unprepared, and you're fine with that. You prefer to remain open and flexible.

You know how to have a good time. You have something to smile about every day.

You are good at getting people to let loose. You are the fun one in your group.

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Alex Burrows, meat pies, pomegranates, Afghanistan, and BIOSHOCK 2

Teunis got back shortly before 3, and said his lunch with Rhiannon was good; she paid for Pho, which is good. Discussed Tim Horton's, reality TV, the election, citizenship, the AGE OF PERSUASION, milk, sugar, snow, an Alex Burrows piñata, his laundry plans, Jordan, online friends, rice with frozen veggies, (meat) pies, Mormons, morals, MORTAL KOMBAT, concentration, KISS, accounting, Brandy, weird news, the past, Kansas, and Rush. Conversed about worry, his to-do list, badass protesters, HARRY POTTER, LORD OF THE FLIES, being social, riots, stress / overload, pomegranates / Afghanistan / heroin / conspiracies, BIOSHOCK 2, and more. Vanessa buzzed me on MSN to ask me some stuff, and then said she'd be in Richmond tomorrow for a quick test. I'm up for lunch at Specialty Chicken and Wonton House, for sure! (slightly better financial situation)

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Word Facts for Apr. 9-15, 2011

Word origin for the weekend of Apr. 9-10, 2011: Deadhead - The term for a devotee of the rock band Grateful Dead dates to 1971, though as two words: "Dead Head." It first shows up on the liner notes to the band's album Live Dead, announcing a fan club for the group. The band might have been chagrined to learn that the word had another sense dating to the early nineteenth century: a "deadhead" is someone who enters a performance or conveyance without paying the admission fee.

Word origin for Apr. 11, 2011: a hard row to hoe - Tough soil, as farmers know, makes for tough tillage and backbreaking work with the hoe. This folksy American expression refers to any daunting task. Because most Americans are a few generations off the farm, the saying is often misstated as "a hard road to hoe" - which would indeed pose a difficult job.

Word origin for Apr. 12, 2011: gargoyle - The fanciful creatures called "gargoyles" found on Gothic cathedrals and other buildings serve a useful purpose: they disguise downspouts that enable rainwater to drain quickly from the steeply pitched roofs. The downspout openings are in the gargoyles' mouths. The name comes from an Old French word that means "the sputterer," for the sound an overly full monster would make.

Word origin for Apr. 13, 2011: dribble - In soccer, a "dribble" is a series of short kicks that moves the ball along the field. Taken metaphorically from the fitful issue of water that comes from an uncooperative pipe, the word is a variant of "drip," which itself is onomatopoetic. Basketball borrowed the soccer term to refer to a movement made with the hands, not the feet.

Word origin for Apr. 14, 2011: grass station - A coinage from 2006 that first turns up (naturally) in California, a "grass station" is a place at which to procure biofuel - vegetable oil, say, that can burn in a modified automobile engine. The phrase is a play on "gas station," which first turned up in American common speech in the 1920s and eventually replaced the once more widely used "filling station."

Word origin for Apr. 15, 2011: pony up - The term "pony up," meaning to pay someone, has nothing to do with betting on horses. Instead, it is believed to derive from the Latin legum pone, which denotes obeying the law, the law in question being to pay one's workers. The full phrase, taken from the Latin version of Psalms, is Legum pone mihi domine viam iustificacionum tuarum. "Teach me, O Lord, the ways of your laws."

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Random research trumping downtime and a 4 PM hockey playoff game?!

Before Teunis left, we discussed grocery shopping / Team 1040 static / Linux vs. Windows / lunch with Rhiannon - yes, she DOES work nearby, which makes things easier! Nathan says that the location for his random research Chinese heritage thing will be at Jer's on Sunday after "a random lunch of Pho" and before the Sunday Dinner / hockey game. Thanks for considering your friends' downtime needs, Nate! *sarcasm* Of course, since the game is in Chicago, it'll be at 4 PM here... I bet Eric will probably want to stay out. It used to be that I could pretty much count on him going home and then coming back, but now? Who knows, with his "friends" and such! I'll figure it out with him tomorrow, hopefully.

You Are Empathetic

Whenever there is an emotional situation, you're usually the first to laugh or cry.

Emotions are your domain, and you tend to use them for good.

You will go to great lengths to make your partner feel adored. You are doting.

While you sometimes tire of it, people always turn to you for advice.

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2-0 playoff wins are AWESOME! / Glow-in-the-dark toilet paper?!

THE CANUCKS WON 2-0! This would be a good birthday present for Teunis, except he doesn't care about hockey... oh, the humanity! Roberto Luongo was AWESOME in goal, as usual! (yay for posts!) Teunis got home at 12:25 AM, phew - at least from the thunder point of view. Discussed pub noise, Cat (adding me on Facebook), tattoos, sushi near Metrotown, Edmonton, beef sashimi, the frozen yogurt, being open-minded, Melissa, Stephen Harper, aid to Africa, exes, that Canucks video, exploration, behavior, being close to people, boundaries, and politics. Also talked about going to bed, his friend Ana finding glow-in-the-dark toilet paper (!), the best responses to obnoxious Facebook misspellings, PEOPLE ARE STRANGE by the Doors, Queen's INNUENDO, Meredith Brooks' BITCH, William, Sean and Citrus flirting with each other (much to Danielle and Adela's chagrin!), his meeting Rhiannon for lunch tomorrow so she can give him mail (er...), and Jordan / Scott / Alicia / running jokes / "spurning people" / flirtation / proposals.

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Finally getting to meet Cat with playoff hockey in the background - DOUBLE YAY!

While I was listening to the pre-game stuff on Team 1040, Teunis and Cat (catmcroy) came by to get some tea - sure, I was up for chai! Yes, I'd finished the milk before I reposted something! (repost = muhahaha!) They were apparently in traffic out of Surrey for a LONG time, and didn't pass a grocery store to get milk or sugar. She noticed my BABY NAME COUNTDOWN book, and started leafing through it while wondering where "Stephanie" (her daughter's name) would be. It's still common, but not TOO popular. She said there were four Lindsays in her high school grad class, and at least two of them had the last initial of G... oh my! Needless to say, we had a spirited discussion about naming - if your girlfriend is pregnant, at LEAST have a couple of names as options, OR have an opinion on the names she picks other than "I don't know"!

We also discussed the radio volume, Kaili, Kaili's father (who gives Cat the creeps - and reminds Teunis of Mr. Creep), alcoholics, poker, Asperger's, autism, Teunis' bad ex-roommate (his brother's best friend - Matthew didn't listen to Cat's story at ALL!) who used his autism as a "special needs" excuse for why he couldn't pack and leave in six weeks, Facebook, online games, urban shamanism, mice, Mike and Chris from Hundred Mile House / aggravation, her kitten, her fiancé, Jordan, quitting FarmVille cold turkey, and more. He's glad that we finally met - I think we'll get along, haha. Teunis said that he was going to make birthday pie, but his brother invited him out for dinner at a restaurant - yes, there IS a time limit for sure! (I could have gone to Jeremy's, but decided not to) While we were talking about Jordan and Matthew living near each other / the church, I wanted to know whether he would go to the Easter Sunrise Service and breakfast. He thought about it for a bit, and then said he would - NICE! (must reserve TWO $5 bills instead of just the one - maybe I can pay Phil on Friday) Then he said something about playing a small RPG called CHANGELING here in the future - just him, Cat, and Kaili. Should be doable, I suppose - as long as he lets me know when they're all coming over and stuff so I can leave, hahaha!

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NO, I AM NOT AVAILABLE ON SATURDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!! / Fear the Canucks FANS!

Woke up at 10:40 because the apartment smelled like eggs for some reason! (I figure that the birthday boy had just left) Then I noticed that Uncle Andrew's office had called me while we were out yesterday, so I called them back. Turns out that Sean isn't available on my original appointment date, so it's now May 10 (Tuesday) at 2. The receptionist - not the one I'm used to - asked me THREE TIMES whether I'd be available on Saturdays, despite my telling her "no" EACH TIME SHE ASKED! I haven't done Saturday appointments since I was still living with my parents, and I refuse to do those now.

I managed to figure out my can of compressed air properly. Without the little straw they give you, the air looks amazingly like liquid nitrogen! I know, I know - it's compressed air (or gas - according to the can) with a bitterant to discourage inhalant abuse. Hahaha! Also, I AM BETTER THAN A CERTAIN PERSON - I beat her to EVERYTHING! I have heard from Scott and Vanessa as well, so YAY for that!

You Are Decaf

You are a patient and compassionate person. You understand that we're all human.

You are one of the most determined people around. You can dig deep when you need to.

You are good at putting things together and following directions. You stay focused.

You are proud of what you know how to do. And you know that you're improving every day.

Ty had this "Fear the Canucks fans - not the players!" picture, so of course I had to steal it:

foryoursake08 had this cool video:

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Canucks devouring Blackhawks, Dutch greetings, cooking wine, and compressed air

Teunis and I went out to Save-On (discussed perfume while getting juice / bottled water / unbleached flour / eggs), City Fresh Market (fish balls / cooking wine / sausage / dumplings), and Staples (hard drive / two cans of compressed air / printer paper) - got home and discovered that he should have bought some milk, too! Good thing I did some shopping yesterday since it was PACKED! Discussed pretty vases, environmental impact, animals such as reindeer / elk / moose / foxes / cats / sizes up north / deer / wolves as a garden predator (I believe it from what Flora has to say!) / grizzly) bears, BUFFY VS. TWILIGHT, Communism and his family, healthy snacks, Maxine and a baby girl, fresh air, posting Facebook notes, anarchists, Spain, politics, fresh air, and evil mommy business cards.

Also talked about vanilla ice cream containing beaver anal gland, Dr. Pepper containing antifreeze, peanut butter containing flies, his stepdad being okay out of surgery, and Kaili / her friend Gwen / Jordan / Cat. Conversed about chopsticks / emperors, boiling / frying dumplings with Chinese sausage, his needing to leave at 9:30 tomorrow, copying Linux files to the new hard drive (which looked like the MATRIX), advance happy birthday wishes, and all the Dutch versions of HAPPY BIRTHDAY that I found on Planet Pals. (says that his mom might get a kick out of it)

Dutch-Antwerps: Ne gelukkege verjoardach!
Dutch-Bilzers: Ne geleukkege verjoardoag!
Dutch-Drents: Fellisiteert!
Dutch-Flemish: Gelukkige verjaardag! or Prettige verjaardag!
Dutch-Frisian: Fan herte lokwinske!
Dutch-Limburgs: Proficiat! or Perfisia!
Dutch-Spouwers: Ne geleukkege verjeurdoag!
Dutch-Twents: Gefeliciteard met oen'n verjoardag!
Dutch: Hartelijk gefeliciteerd! or Van harte gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag!

Ty had this "Canucks devouring Blackhawks in the playoffs" picture up, so I had to steal it:

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Krakatoa, nuclear power, Eric and Randal, psychotic Hypnoid test

Teunis and I discussed volcano eruptions (Krakatoa / Mount St. Helen's), nuclear power / reactors, showering, running errands, milk, foods, India, fear-mongering news, weapons, errands, juice, and more. He apologized for waking me up, saying he'd tried keeping things down - hey, at least I wasn't awoken at 5:30 AM when his interviewers called him, but I'm also running on less sleep! When Teunis went out to go do stuff, I called Eric up later to see if he was going to Jeremy's tomorrow. He wondered why I was reading an email from Randal (again) - I was just reading it so you know what's happening, dude! He griped about the Western Conference playoff scheduling / people not sending things to the email address he uses most often, and eventually figured that he'd pass on Wednesday's game while going to Sunday's. Sounds good to me!

Later, Teunis came back with a scanner which he got from Memory Express (at first, I thought he got it from Kin's Farm Market, hahaha) - also had on-sale noodles and other supplies from Yaohan since he was there. Discussed lots of driving, appointments, Kaili finding him BIOSHOCK 2, birthday pie, meringue, Hundred Mile House calling him, Japanese candy, the packed mall / dollar store locations, Chinese buns, Chinese doughnuts, and more.

A psychotic test I got from Matt T., AKA Yaymatt:

You have a poetic sensibility and an ability to see beyond the day to day. You often seem to be living in a higher realm, or to be not-of-this-earth. Occasionally, you imagine interior lives for friends and associates that are near-complete fabrications based on your fears or hopes for the future. You are often not aware of your own feelings. You have a strong sense of right and wrong, and because of this are often disappointed. Despite what can sometimes be a destructive inward-turning anger, you are very gentle. You are sometimes a bit out of touch with the ebb and flow of modern life. If your behavior is out of synch with your moral values, a severe psychic disturbance can result. Because connectivity is so important to you, you can become quiet and sulky if you feel that others around do not understand your point of view.

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Hurt, anger, standing out in a complicated world, 9 AM being 6 AM

Teunis and I discussed religion, Kaili, Cat, Krista, dating, emotions, poly, hurt, choice, contracts, my caring a lot about my friends (this comes out in passion and such), Robert Heinlein, books, hot chocolate, chips, the past, standing out, culture, and complicated stuff. We also talked about cables, scanners and their compatibility with operating systems, job applications, his being recognized in such diverse places as Australia / the Middle East / Calgary / Japan / South Africa, the Icelandic game EVE ONLINE being in Russian, racism, being sneaky, and other things before he tried for sleep.

I got up at 7:30 AM (even earlier than church days!) thanks to hearing noises from the other room. Turns out the interview was at 6 AM our time; ugh! At least he's not terribly attached to it, given that it IS in Toronto. Who knows if I'll fall back asleep; this is good for Easter Sunrise Service, but I'll still grumble about it just because. We discussed nuclear reactor news and suchlike, too.

You Are a Quick Shopper

You're a speedy shopper and a speedy cook. You value efficiency above all else.

You don't want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen... or in the grocery store!

You buy a lot of convenience foods, and you've got making quick meals at home down to a science.

You know what's cheap, healthy, and easy. You don't need a lot of fuss to eat well.

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Monday, April 11, 2011

Ketchup chips, Crispers, Blackjack Cherry frozen yogurt, Half-Baked, and kimchi

After Teunis left, I decided to go out myself and cash my cheque. After that, I got a blueberry bubble tea from Big Orange before going to Shoppers. I bought ten on-sale Sidekicks, Post-It notes as a quirky birthday gift for Mike K. in August since he mentioned that he liked them on the weekend at Awana, on-sale Cadbury mini-eggs for me / Teunis / Chrystal, Lays ketchup chips (Shannon put the idea in my head), and on-sale toilet paper. Went to the liquor store and got a Dead Frog mint chocolate beer as a treat, haha. Then I went to Save-On Foods and got on-sale pads, a tub of malt eggs for Teunis, Ben and Jerry's (Teunis has never had it... I got Half-Baked), Chapman's Blackjack Cherry frozen yogurt (the 4L ice cream was $2 cheaper - but what if I can't open it when Teunis isn't home?), ranch / All-Dressed Crispers (Hung put the idea in my head), green tea soy milk, light vanilla soy milk, noodles, and some bananas.

Got home, put stuff away, and discussed Cat / soup / kimchi / old standbys in terms of food / price comparison / T&T / going to an Asian market tomorrow / offices / stress with Teunis. I also gave him his birthday present, complete with card - he thanked me for it, and that was fine. Later, I finally got the chance to talk to Chinese Eric again - he says that his computer automatically connects to the Internet / MSN, and sometimes he just wants to chill when it's on, so doesn't get messages! Talked about hanging out, Nathan, Jon / Harmony, watching the salt intake, foods, his health, not wanting to leave half an hour into a hangout, playoff hangouts at his place, finding someone who WILL integrate smoothly into the family, SLB, driving people, and more. It was SO NICE to talk to him once more, haha. :D

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Creationism, Älymystö, Cold Chisel, no more LITTLE STEVEN'S

Teunis got home at 9:10 last night, and told me about some funny Bloc Quebecois attack ad - apparently, the worst thing they can come up with is Stephen Harper is a Creationist. HAHAHAHA! He also apparently heard too much about the Royal Wedding - Nathan and Eric can sympathize with that! (and Obama isn't invited) He called his mom, and mentioned a Surrey interview - good luck with that! Discussed the news, Kaili, the snow in Fort St. John NOW, Siberia, my not enjoying the climate there, the old-time radio shows, hearing, Creationism, creation stories, pizza, LITTLE STEVEN'S UNDERGROUND GARAGE seemingly not being on the radio for the past month, Easter Sunrise Service, coffee / doughnuts every day, diabetes, hot chocolate, "floating," Cold Chisel, Älymystö, caffeine, coffee / cigarettes being an unbreakable dual addiction, Tuesday, working as security, and tea / crumpets.

He woke up today because of a job interview on Skype, which meant that *I* woke up soon after because I heard talking from the other room! (he has another phone interview at 9 AM tomorrow) Jeremy emailed us about playoff parties this week; I'll have to figure out if Eric is up for going to these or not, hahaha. Says the first game is Wednesday (means the second game is Friday), and there will be a Sunday Dinner / game night combo on Sunday. Sounds good to me! Discussed being unable to sleep after being woken up, Cat, Kaili, Chinatown, exes getting along, being on a road trip with the person you JUST broke up with (AWKWARD for most!), and relationships. Also discussed V FOR VENDETTA, an LJ friend from Slovakia, the past / school, coffee, the AKIRA soundtrack, stress, smoking, FB security, Trent Reznor / royalties, Napster, weird food combos, Britney Spears, Holtz's THE PLANETS, back pockets, pants on backwards, mail, loans, paying phone bills, card stock for business cards, tax credits, Surrey / storage locker, recycling stuff, testing Rhiannon's TV, secrecy, and more.

It just so happens that Rock 101 is NOT airing LITTLE STEVEN'S UNDERGROUND GARAGE anymore! Turns out the BITCH suspended my precious entry - of course, all I have to do is remember that I am much better than she is because of her choices, and things will be awesome again! :D

You Are Open-Minded

You don't get too caught up in how you think things should be. You know there's not much you can control.

You are accepting and broad-minded. You think the world needs more tolerance and understanding.

You are intensely passionate, especially about causes and people you believe in.

You couldn't be someone else even if you tried! You're simply you - and thank goodness for that.

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Sunday, April 10, 2011

White people and their pronunciation of "Joseph" drive me INSANE! / Yay for brunch!

When Eric called to pick me up this morning, I realized that I put my pants on backwards - of course, fixing this (since I didn't want to go around all morning like that) and getting things ready only created a further delay! I apologized for this when I got into his car, and he wondered whether my pockets or the pants material would provide a clue! The pockets did, and that was what prompted me to check just before leaving! We talked about our respective Saturdays (he said he'd ask Denise whether I were drunk), the wings night at Jeremy's, Dylan / Deb / Jon / Harmony / Christon, Randal as my "good buddy" (I DON'T THINK SO!), his catching Vicky's cold (WHY DO PEOPLE GO OUT TO A NON-ESSENTIAL FUNCTION WHEN THEY'RE SICK?!), the Masters, golf, football, Team 1040, the hockey playoffs, the Dallas Stars, SLB scheduling (Randal is NOT getting invited since I don't approve of him!), and more on the way to church. We saw Randal's red Hyundai Accent while walking to the building from the daycare, so Eric had to bug me about that!

By the time it got to the sermon, I was cringing and saying "ouch" each time Pastor Tom said the name "Joseph" because he mispronounced it in the same way John Auxier did - it's NOT "Yozif," people! I communicated this to Eric via a note on my bulletin; in turn, he bugged me by writing "I believe in the power of Yozif and I" on his own bulletin. NO!!!!! BAD ERIC! But Pastor Tom did remind me of an olden method of torture / execution: tearing people limb from limb by using horses! When I laughed at that, it was Eric's turn to call ME bad! Hey, he KNOWS that I'm morbid! At the end of service, he wrote to tell me that he was counting offering, then leaving early for De Dutch - NICE! (he also drew a smiley face - trying to get ME to smile ain't gonna work!) I said hi to Harmony while Cindy was trying to get my attention: she had a Ziploc bag for me with mini stickers featuring music notes / dogs / hearts / happy faces / stars - so sweet!

On my way out of service, I said hi to Grandma (who was on her way INTO service), then Dad said that I had to look for Mom since she had stuff for me. Found Mom soon enough, and picked up my bag of toilet paper and books, plus one for Jon. (I promptly gave that to Harmony while I took a cookie from the snacks table - unlikely to have been touched by Randal, haha) On my way back from there, Eric caught me to ask whether I were going to Sunrise Service, so I asked HIM the same thing - seems like he is, and he told me that Randal had asked whether I were going. (for breakfast purposes, I guess) Since I didn't want to tell him in church not to be a shit-stirrer (I saved that for OUTSIDE of the building :P), my resulting answer of "He did NOT!!!!" could apparently be heard all over the church according to Eric later on. (I don't think so, but there IS the NG lungpower!) Unfortunately for me, Randal came up behind us right at that moment and gave me a strange look - hey man, speak of the devil, and he will come! (Eric on this later on: "Randal isn't the devil!" HEY, IT'S A COLLOQUIALISM!)

Said hi to Julie M., Wesley, Nathan, Billy, his son Benjamin, Auntie Catherine, and more people; I also let Auntie Ying know that I wouldn't be there to help with the toddlers. Jonathan asked Yvonne when her wedding was: in two and a half months?! We DID meet her around the summer of 2009, NOT 2005 like Jonathan was trying to say! While I was having a roaring good time talking to Enoch about life (he has three siblings, and is happy school is almost over - he and his classmates will probably SLEEP for days afterward!), Mr. Creep was approaching us. I excused myself to Enoch, and inserted myself into a conversation among Mary / Stanley / Hien. Apparently, Stanley was making "short" jokes at the girls' expense, so I told Hien to yell at him! That didn't work, but at least I tried! I was going to ask Jon about Easter dinner / SLB dinner scheduling, but had to leave when Mr. Creep was headed in my direction... maybe later. Noticed Mr. Creep talking to Jeremy, so I resolved to balance the universe by talking to Jeremy myself later - he said wing night had gone well, but there would probably have to be multiple batches if more than six people were there at a future wing night! Hahaha, sounds fair enough! He wondered where I'd been, so I explained about the pub invite.

When Eric finally showed up, I thought we could leave - they were setting up for Sunday School anyway. But no... he had to spend ten minutes talking to Raymond and Cindy about stuff. I know he likes Cindy or whatever, but if you need to GO FOR BRUNCH... *sigh* The "different" woman Teresa asked a bunch of us about any interest in her pouches or beads - nope! I said hi to Chrystal and wished her a happy early birthday, too. We FINALLY got going at 11:45 or so, and discussed issues / acceptance / Easter Sunrise Service and his not wanting to speak for me (he might as well in this instance since I'm NOT spending Easter morning with my parents!) / Australians / strangeness on our way into Richmond. Then he wondered whether I were going for lunch with them - since I'm not one to pass up a free meal (except under certain circumstances), I said sure.

Ron, Veronica, Eric, and I discussed maintenance for the Sunfire, birthday discounts, coupons, cruising, family stuff, the hockey game last night, Dutch pancakes (which ARE just like what Teunis cooks here), cheers for Eric's temporary work during the election, golf, tennis, Quizno's, and more. Of course I thanked them for the meal! Eric dropped me off at 1:20 after saying that I should tell Teunis to get me drunk for his birthday (NOT what you're thinking!) - NO! I was able to discuss Jordan showing off GUILDS OF WAR on Andrew's computer at MIDNIGHT (which wasn't unpacked yet) / the POO game / age differences in relationships (a 49-year-old with a 22-year-old, AND they have a four-year-old daughter?! CREEPY!), Kaili, spinach noodles and kimchi in a pot (to take with him in the car?!), radio shows, and more prior to Teunis leaving. At least I'll see him later! Noticed that Peter unfriended me AGAIN, and that Carley added me on another account - also, I got a few amusing messages from Jasmine. Hey, if we aren't friends anymore, I see no reason to protect your stuff - it's laughter city that she took four months to notice her CORRECT name! HAHAHAHA! (but I will protect Yolande's stuff since she asked)

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Martini Color

At least I saw Teunis at 4 AM while I answered something, haha - so much for "coming home early," har har. I knew he was probably doing something else, or maybe just way too much "visiting" with people!

You Are a Green Martini

You're proud of who you are. You're living life on your own terms, even if others don't agree.

You make the most of your experiences. You want to squeeze as much as you can out of every moment.

You have a good sense of irony. Sometimes you just have to laugh at life.

You know how to express your truth. It may not be anyone else's truth, and you're okay with that.

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