Saturday, April 25, 2009

Boxing and pharmacies

Bingo of the day:

DEFLATING (75 points) - against Terry S.

High-scoring words of the day:

BOXING (475 points; two 5W), DEFOAM (140 points; 5W, 2W) - against Linda B.
EXPANDS (320 points) - against Mai N. [two 4W]
HOURI (233 points) - against Alice P. [two 5W, hook off PORN to make PORNO]
PURIFIED (130 points) - against Jennifer H. [5W]
ROVER (288 points; 2W, two 4W), AX (104 points; 5L on X used twice, hook off ISLE to make AX) - against Jan S.
ROSEMARY (860 points) - against CJ N. [5W, two 3W] {a good deficit-erasing word!}

Unexpectedly home again - no Awana for me! This thing just restarted, too!

Leslie's just got their Gambling Name. I just got my Gambling Name. It's Leslie 'Bet The Pot' Ng.

Facebook quizzes taken from Kelly, Gretchen, and Billie:

Leslie completed the quiz "What is your Pharmacy IQ?" with the result Pharmacy PhD! You are a pharmacy master! You know your drugs and dosages, and are well suited for a career in medicine or at least well prepared to be Dr. Mom or Dr. Dad at home! A true resource for medicinal knowledge within your circle of friends and family! (Har har. I still don't think you should trust me with that kind of stuff...)

Leslie completed the quiz "What type of lawyer should you be?" with the result Criminal Defense Attorney. You're a pretty cool guy / gal, and you know how to have a good time. You don't sweat the small stuff. You've been pretty popular your whole life, 'cause you're a social person who is nice to everyone. You've got an addictive personality, so you have to be careful not to partake in too much of a good thing, or you'll find yourself locked up along with your clients. You either drive a fast car, or you appreciate extreme sports, or you are very physically athletic. You are probably a Libertarian or a Democrat, but if you're a Republican, you're still very socially liberal. You think that the government should stay out of our private lives. You consider yourself to be a patriot, because you're the biggest champion of the American system of justice. You want to be a judge someday so you can wear the robe, but if you become a judge, you'll probably go commando underneath.

Leslie completed the quiz "What flower are you?" with the result Rose. You are beautiful and delicate. People love you and your natural beauty. You are popular and make a good impression on everyone that surrounds you.

Leslie took the Are you really a Supernatural buff?? quiz and the result is Supernatural-not-so-know-it-all. Meh... you watch a couple of episodes here and there, but aren't obsessed. You may only like the show because of the characters (Ahem... Sam and Dean are gorgeous...!), or because your friends watch it. (I've actually never watched this show - of my friends, only Mandy D. watches it, as far as I know!)

Leslie took the quiz What kind of writer are you? and the result is William Blake: One of the most creative minds there has ever been.

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The anatomy of sharts / BIG TURK

High-scoring words of the night:

CHIA (105 points) - against Katherine C. [5W, 2W] {a good deficit-erasing word!}
CABLET (240 points) - against CJ N. [5W, 3W] {a good deficit-erasing word!}

On the way home, Eric tried telling me that I was looking at inappropriate things on Nathan's computer: I don't even look at stuff like bare-bottomed men on my OWN machine! Then we discussed my laughing noisily post-midnight in Nathan's neighborhood, the ANNE OF GREEN GABLES prequel, Harmony being in town soon, French accents, his brother Kieran's birthday, WOW characters, Danielle's party, "reading inappropriately" as "breathing inappropriately" (and how could he tell that from the other end of the room?!), and other such stuff. Guess I know that I'll be at church early on Sunday because my brother is helping to lead worship!

At home, I talked to Donnie about gay bars, and to Corey about crazy stuff like Beau Jo's Pizza. "Check that place out. I don't know if you can tell a lot from the website, but that place is awesome. The crust is super-thick, almost like bread... normally, I don't care for that, but they have honey in the crust, and it's really good. All their stuff is really thick and piled high with toppings. :P Colorado only, so HA HA."

[02:37:48] Corey: there's a USA vs. Canada thread on SA now, and it starts with someone talking about some Canadian candy that's really good that we don't have, but people used examples other than candy or anything I could send in the mail to defend the USA :P
[02:38:07] Corey: someone posted yet another Nestlé bar we don't have here, called the Big Turk
[02:38:19] Corey: I never knew we were missing so many Nestlé products :P
[02:39:54] Flami: learning about martyrs: THE BIG TURK! I HAVEN'T HAD THOSE IN A LONG TIME!

Facebook quizzes taken from Steve L.:

Leslie completed the quiz "What Personality Disorder Do You Have?" with the result Avoidant. You have Avoidant Personality Disorder. You are so obsessed with what people will think about you that you just avoid interacting with people altogether. You maybe have one or two close friends, and you are constantly asking them for approval. You want to be liked so bad that you come off as awkward and anxious in social interactions, which usually turns other people off.

Leslie completed the quiz "Which Jedi are you?" with the result Luke Skywalker. You are reckless, but also have a keen sense of right and wrong. You always can see the good in people. You can forgive them for the wrong they have done.

Poo nugget for this weekend: Sneak Attack - Sharts! Sharts (farts that are accompanied by a surprise) result from the presence of liquid stool in the rectum, the antechamber where stool is stored before expulsion. Distention of the rectum (by stool or air) causes the urge to empty the rectum's contents. Normally, solid stool is easily kept inside the vault, but in the setting of significant and watery diarrhea, stool can inadvertently escape when the anal sphincter opens to release gas. (POO OF THE MONTH!)

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Friday, April 24, 2009

"Are your parents still alive?" - HAHAHA!

Sam picked me up at about 7:05, and after a quick confirmation phone call to Eric, we were on our way. We talked about school, exams (two on one day and back-to-back?!), going to church during family vacations (rare), going to eat in Richmond after Fellowship for once, and the bad experience I'd had with Billie at Fish on Rice recently. When we got to the church, the parking garage was closed. Mike did not prove helpful, so I suggested that Sam call Jon instead. Jon seemed surprised to see me in the car, because he raised an eyebrow. Hey man, it's easier to use Sam than to figure out the bus route to Nathan's! "So you used Sam to get to Vancouver, so you can use Eric from church to get to Nathan's?!" Sounds about right to me!

I took in some of the worship practice in the fellowship hall, and had to answer some of Teresa's weird questions when she came in. She asked what everyone's names were (Jonathan and Margaret were there), how long I'd known Eric, why Jeremy wasn't there, and other things. Later, Eric and I were amused by her correlations on the way to Nathan's. "So your sister must have learned self-defense... does she get a lot of money? Eric, you were driving for eleven years! Does it get boring? Leslie, are your parents still alive? [HUH?!] If your sister makes a lot of money, she must give it to your parents!" Very interesting ride, for sure!

Got to Nathan's and said hi to Johnny / Dylan / Deb / Nate. Ordered pizza (Eric later paid my portion since he still owed me money - that's all square now) and said hi to Vanessa and Cindy when they came in with grapes / carrots / raisin cookies. Of course, I liked Vanessa's shirt which Fidela had sent her - it was COOL! Played Apples to Apples, and it was plenty of fun! Some of the words and adjectives were pretty hilarious, haha. (meat cleavers can be deadly...) Talked briefly about a UGM service project and Lesley's school event next Friday, as well. Everyone left after 10:30, but I'm still at Nathan's because Eric wanted to play some NHL 2009 - not a problem, since of course I can still hang out online! I noticed his new computer keyboard from NCIX - a Saitek Eclipse, which can glow RED - very impressive! Discussed passwords and 24 as well - no illegal stuff here!

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Crazy laughter for the non-adult misfits!

Bingo of the day:

NONADULTS (70 points) - against Laurie S.-M.

High-scoring words of the day:

MISFIT (750 points) - against Bryan K. [two 5W, 5L on M]
ZIPS (302 points) - against Jan S. [4W, two 2W, hook off IDEAL for a plural]
FAZES (104 points) - against Mary S. [4W]
FROGLET (138 points) - against Yaht Z. [3W, hook off SIR to make SIRE] (a good deficit-erasing word!)
KEYING (250 points) - against Kim M. [two 5W]

David L. added me again, since his old FB account was disabled - I'd been wondering what happened! Had a gamut of Eric-Ivan-Sam phone calls just now: studying, Fellowship, Nathan, Chapters, worship practice, church, dinner, and more... oh my! Then there was the one where I called Eric BACK and hadn't gotten some crazy laughter completely out of my system yet; oops.

Facebook quiz taken from Becky:

Leslie took the Which Big Lebowski Character are you? quiz and the result is Walter Sobchak. The Vietnam Veteran. You are the opposite of Smokey. This means that you are a horrible bowler and fairly conservative in your views. Your experiences from 'Nam and a failed marriage have made you prone to violence, but make you the ideal person to enforce whatever rules and regulations that may be in place in any circumstance.

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Vitamins, dragons, magic, and literature!

I'm pleased that Jennifer L. (tehgreenfairy) tried her first bubble tea in New York's Chinatown - coconut isn't my thing, but it's cool. But on the flipside, I'm feeling sad for Jennifer J. (fate_envies_us) since she just lost her dad. :(

Teunis just called to see if I was going to make it to Alicia's birthday thing - unfortunately not, but maybe next time!

Facebook quizzes taken from Morgana:

Leslie just took the "what fantasy creature are you?" quiz and the result is dragon. The dragon is a huge creature, with the ability to turn living creatures into ash with its fiery breath. Yet it is not a violent being. Its long lifespan means that it is very wise. The dragon spends much of its time wondering about the mysteries of the universe. If your result was dragon, then you enjoy learning about ancient history, and you're full of interesting facts that you've learnt over the years. You also love to feel the wind around you, and imagine what it would be like to fly high above the earth, your fingers touching the clouds. However, you can be quick to anger, because of your fiery personality, and people often take a step back when you have one of your mood swings. (OH YEAH, BABY! :D)

Leslie just took the What is your unknown talent? quiz and got the result: An academic quality. An academic quality: You may be really good in math or science or maybe even literature... even if you don't yet know it!

Leslie completed the quiz "What Magi are you?" with the result White magi. You are a good person. People feel your positive, warm aura and love pouring from your soul through their hearts. Some may call you a saint, while others just remain silent and think of you as a good person. You rarely have enemies, except maybe only those naturally felonious individuals, and those who like to make fun of good and honest people. Either you are a TRUE Christian, or you have a philosophy of your own. You may have natural healing powers or hidden telepathic skills that you haven't yet revealed. Share your love with the World. It needs people like you badly!

You Are Vitamin A

You see the world vividly. You are a very visual person, and you pay special attention to colors.

And while you appreciate a sunny, beautiful day - you also like the subtle visuals of night.

You are youthful both in appearance and spirit. You are likely healthier than average.

You shine brightly and are best in small doses. Too much of your company can be overwhelming and even dangerous.

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Cloth or disposable diapers?

High-scoring words of the night:

CAPTIVE (824 points) - against Bryan K. [two 4W, 5L on C, 3L on V, hook off LA to make LAP]
HAZY (207 points) - against Sherry B. [two 3W]
ZIPS (116 points) - against Raymond C. [4W, hook off XI for a plural]
CONNED (100 points) - against Christina C. [2W, 5W]
TAX (166 points) - against Helga S. [2W, 5W] {a good deficit-erasing word!}
ZEST (150 points) - against Candice N. [5W, hook off CABERNET for a plural]
AQUAVIT (168 points; 2W, 4W), YARROW (896 points; two 4W, two 2W) - against Charlotte T. {good deficit-erasing words!}
BROWN (236 points) - against Elaine D. [two 4W, hook off RAY to make BRAY] {a good deficit-erasing word!}
GIROS (319 points) - against Miranda C. [two 4W, hook off THESP for a plural]

Poo nugget for Friday, Apr. 24: Cloth or Disposable? - While many parents cringe at the thought of using cloth diapers (you have to wash them), there are two significant benefits. First, they are more eco-friendly... disposable diapers are the third-largest consumer component of landfills. Second, because cloth diapers are less absorbent, babies wearing them tend to sense wetness sooner and become potty-trained faster.

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Thursday, April 23, 2009


I decided to mail Corey's things before I went to Oakridge, which turned out to be a good decision. Hopefully he enjoys the Milo / Toblerone / Tim Tams, and the Lindt chocolate bunnies! Went to the dentist appointment, and had NO CAVITIES! This was a good thing to hear: despite all the crap I eat, I don't have any! Still, I should limit myself when it comes to that stuff, haha. When I went to White Spot for a chicken / mushroom salad, I SAW ALEX LEE! I hadn't seen him in YEARS, and there was a good explanation for that: my good friend had moved to HONG KONG! He's only back here for two weeks because he's going to help his mom move to Richmond, and we spent some time catching up. (Billy and Stella plus kids, Lee and Lily plus kids, Vernon, Sarah, Jon, Harmony, Steph's new line of work, E. Free's new building, Facebook, email addresses, etc.)

That was a good highlight of the day - SO CRAZY! It must have been a sign from God or something, man! Who would have thought, eh? I found myself being conscious of how I looked for some reason, heh. Oh well, it's ALL good... I'm sure he didn't notice the imperfections I did. Of course we had to hug goodbye - it was GREAT! Went to Richmond Centre afterwards to get a birthday present, then tried to get stuff done on Facebook at the library. It wasn't working... oh well.

Leslie just took the How Organized Are You Quiz and is A Little Bit Organized. I am A Little Bit Organized. You are a little bit organized, but your life is far from controlled. You can try to get a little bit more organized by picking one task a day to get yourself more organized, and focusing on it. (No, that's okay. I thrive in mess! :D)

Facebook quizzes taken from Gretchen:

Leslie took the Who is your dream Twi-guy? quiz and the result is Edward! OMG! Your perfect Twi-guy is Edward! A caring, deviant, hot, fantastic guy is all you ask! He will help you through the hard times, and will keep you strong.

Leslie took the What P!NK song is the anthem of your life? quiz and the result is Don't Let Me Get Me. I never win first place / Don't support the team / Can't take direction / and my socks are never clean. / Teachers dated me / My parents hated me / I was always in a fight / Cuz I cant do nothing right. / Every day I fight a war against the mirror / Can't take the person staring back at me, / I'm a hazard to myself. / Don't let me get me / I'm my own worst enemy / It's bad when you annoy yourself / So irritating... don't wanna be my friend no more / I wanna be somebody else.

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Anthrax and spiders, plus empty savers

Heard an interesting version of Queen's We Will Rock You just now... darn that Rick Rubin for almost giving me a heart attack! :P

And this thing restarted RIGHT when I was going to check Translink for the next bus out of here... great! :P

High-scoring words of the day so far:

SAVERS (200 points) - against Ursula P. [two 5W, hook off LINK to make SLINK]
EMPTY (400 points) - against Wendy S. [two 5W]

I had a dream where Billie invited me over to her house, but my parents had issues with that. While we were in our Mazda MPV van (which we haven't had for at least fifteen years!), they told me that it wasn't very good to go along with that, because I didn't know if there were vampires lying in wait to decimate me. Apparently, they'd seen this on a poster near a graffiti-filled wall. Billie's parents then decided to invite my parents over as well, so Mom and Dad could see that nothing of the sort was going to happen. They accepted the invitation for some odd reason, and were perfectly fine with things after that. However, I wanted to stay over a second night. The dream ended with Dad telling me that it wasn't a good idea, and trying to reason with me on this. Weird!

Facebook quizzes taken from Karla, Kaitlin, and Morgana:

Leslie completed the quiz "What is your greatest fear?" with the result spiders aka arachnophobia. Eight-legged terrestrial arthropods make you tingle, and they produce horrific nightmares. You often find yourself scared to go into a wooded area because you fear a tick bite and contracting Lyme disease. Your childhood consisted of neighbors placing Daddy Long Legs on your shoulder so you could send a blood-curdling scream into every home on the block! You would walk across glass, watch Friday the 13th, and even sleep with the lights out, but you would never hike in the woods.

Leslie completed the quiz "Which race would you belong to in Middle-Earth?" with the result Ents. Ents! The Ents are humanoid trees, shepherds of the forest. You were awakened by the elves to help protect the forests. Ents are very peaceful creatures, but are very tall and strong with the ability to tear apart rock and stone. Careful and protective, you never say anything unless it's worth taking a long time to say.

Leslie completed the quiz "Which infectious disease are you?" with the result You are anthrax. A person dies from you after inhalation of your spores, or through eating or coming in contact with animals who have ingested you. Once contaminated, you quickly multiply and kill your host by producing two lethal toxins. Death can take from two days up to a month from the cold-like symptoms, which then lead to serious breathing problems, shock, and the eventual fatality. Large amounts of antibiotics have been shown to be able to stop you. A vaccine is available, but you are also known to show up as an antibiotic-resistant strain. You're so popular that an American band adopted you for their name, and military researchers make gobs of money figuring out how to effectively spread you around.

Leslie took the What Lord of the Rings character are you? quiz and the result is Gollum. You are GOLLUM because you are rather obsessive and single-minded, especially when it comes to precious possessions. You may need to get some therapy. Seriously, think about it! On the up side, you are very determined and can be quite clever. Don't make the mistake of constantly plotting revenge. It doesn't pay. (... what the heck.)

Your Spicy Score: Medium

You enjoy letting loose and having fun, but you don't go overboard.

You know that a little spice can go a long way. You keep yourself in check.

When things are too boring, you really know how to bump up the temperature.

When things are getting hot and completely out of control, you know how to pull back.

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LITTLE TERROR icon, and Earth Day quizzes

I found a new Matthew Good icon (Little Terror) courtesy of the Crazy Exes community:

High-scoring words of the night:

CALZONES (226 points) - against Kathy H. [three 2W] {a good deficit-erasing word!}
BOOT (133 points; 4W, 3W, hook off EACH to make TEACH), TYPING (262 points; 3W, 4W, hook off SEX to make SEXY) - against Vanessa S.
VAULTIER (167 points; two 3W; a good deficit-erasing word!), LEARNER (147 points; 5W, 2W; a good deficit-erasing word!) - against Itamar R.
PAJAMA (340 points) - against Anthony G. [5W, two 2W]
FLAGS (144 points) - against Ursula P. [two 4W]

Great. I just started bleeding from the fingernail area again, like I noticed on Saturday right after Awana. Yikes... yay for bandages on fingers? Just found that there is a post office at Oakridge (downstairs Bay at TicketMaster), so I might as well mail Milo / Lindt bunnies / Toblerone / blank card to Corey before my dentist appointment... or afterwards, depending. Also need to buy notepads and maybe other stuff for Hannah W. at Safeway / the bookstore, so we'll see.

Leslie's just got their Earth Name. I just got my Earth Name. It's Dahlia Breeze.

Leslie just took the How Green Are You Quiz and is Quite Green. I am Quite Green. You are quite green. Well done for helping to do your part to make the planet a better place for all of our children. Make sure you share your knowledge of how to be green with your friends.

Poo nugget for Thursday, Apr. 23: Doo You Know? - Why Are The Bathrooms Always Full After Lunch? - The need to make a bowel movement after eating a meal - a "postprandial" poo - is dictated by the gastrocolic reflex. When the stomach is distended (as occurs after eating a meal), a reflex is triggered causing activation of the intestines. As the intestines contract, stool is propelled along until it gets to the rectum. The rectum then fills up with stool, signalling our brains to quickly find the closest loo so we can evacuate the stored contents. Need proof of this biologic truth? Check out the bathroom stalls at work about half an hour after lunch.

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Creating fire inside the microwave! / How dare you ransack my bathroom?!

I just accidentally tried microwaving foil from the BP garlic bread bag. Thank goodness the microwave emitted annoying noises that I couldn't stand anymore after about ten seconds! Creating fire is probably not something I should attempt to do, accident or not.

These are from my copy of America's Dumbest Dates: Over 500 Tales of Fumbled Flirtations.

Undercover Investigations

"Gary had so much sex appeal that I was unable to think of anything but sex in his presence. My brain was muddled. I couldn't talk, focus, or think. My only hope was to get it over with and have sex with him. Once the sex was over, I could be normal again. For a while, anyway." - Jane, age 23.

"It was the first time we went to bed together. I took off my clothes and lay down on the bed. He lay down beside me and whispered, "You're so beautiful." I glowed, basking in his appreciation. Then he continued, "You have the body of a twelve-year-old boy." " - Helene, age 31.

"We were in bed, his place, first time. I reached my hand under the pillow, and guess what? He still sleeps with his little blue blankie." - Paula, age 26.

"When I first reached my hand into Ron's pants, I found a sock. The man had wrapped his penis in a sock. What? To keep it warm? To make his pants bulge? To cradle it? To soak up stuff in case it leaked? What?" - Carolyn, age 24.

"For weeks, I'd been moving in on Darlene, and I mean she had some body. But when I finally got my hand inside her blouse, I got a fistful of cotton. I was a little mad; I felt she'd been dishonest with me. Set up false expectations." - Daryl, age 24.

"Her bedroom shelves were lined with X-rated magazines and sex toys: handcuffs, dildos, some halter-type things with chains attached. I didn't know what half the stuff was. Didn't wait to find out." - Hector, age 23.

"She apologized that she was technically a virgin and intended to stay that way until she got married. I was thinking, Oh no... I don't want to mess with her if she's so innocent. Then she took over and did things to my body that no woman had ever done. But she's still a virgin. Technically." - Chris, age 24.

"He moved closer to me and whispered, "I've never been to bed with a black woman before." As far as I know, he still hasn't." - Jade, age 28.

"We're going to bed for the first time, and he whispers in my ear: "I don't prefer intercourse." What does that mean? I'm thinking, He likes bondage? Strangulation? What? The first time, you never know what you're getting into, who the guy is. I'm thinking maybe he's a serial killer, that he "prefers" murder. I'm trying to figure out how to get away, or how to grab the phone to dial 911 when he continues. Turns out he likes oral sex." - Stacey, age 23.

"First date, dinner at his place - a studio apartment. There were about a couple dozen condom wrappers in the wastebasket. Not that I counted them. But, having seen that, trust me, I wasn't inclined to add any more trash to the pile." - Andrea, age 26.

"Not even 6 AM, we're in the act, and his phone rings. It's a business call from some guy who has a meeting later that day. Paul takes the call, talks about faxes and reports, and cites statistics without losing his rhythm or pausing for a beat. I guess business really turns him on." - Ginger, age 36.

"When he left the next morning, I went into my bathroom to take a shower. It looked like Attila the Hun had just ransacked it, a tornado swept through it, a bomb had gone off in it. I'm not talking about the toilet seat being up. I'm talking about water everywhere - or other liquids. On the toilet seat, all over the countertops. Soaking towels and washcloths all over the floor, hair in the soap, stubble and spit-out toothpaste in the sink. And the worst part is that he used my razor and my TOOTHBRUSH. They were lying on the counter in a puddle of soggy tissues." - Naomi, age 27.

"After we'd made love, James thanked me and said he'd been afraid he might be gay. He hadn't been with a woman in two years, and then it had been awful. Lately, a gay guy had been hitting on him and he needed to find out for sure if he was straight or not. He thanked me profusely for helping him figure it out. But, come to think of it, he didn't tell me WHAT he'd figured out." - Sunny, age 23.

"Dottie had tattoos all over her body - well, all over the part that didn't show when she was dressed." - C.J., age 23.

"Lying next to me in bed, she bragged that she'd had just about everything tailored. What did I think of her breasts - didn't they seem natural? And her tummy, and her thighs? She suggested I call the guy, to get the bags removed from under my eyes." - Keith, age 48.

"There was nothing about this woman that was original. I mean, her body was a testament to the wonders of modern science. Still, you had to wonder what the kids would look like if you got serious." - Jake, age 28.

"She explained that she only went to bed with younger men, and that she was only interested in a sexual relationship. She'd only go with men between the ages of 19 and 30, at the peak of their sexuality. She wanted beef. For companionship and conversation, she'd rather hang out with her woman friends." - Marty, age 22.

"Ed slept in a nightgown. It wasn't lacy or anything like that. It was flannel. And only to mid-calf. But still." - Ellen, age 32.

"Julie's mother called while we were in bed. She not only answered the phone, she talked to her mother while we were in the act. And she managed both activities quite well. It was a little disappointing, though, to hear her tell her mom that nothing was new and she wasn't doing anything special." - Walter, age 28.

"Doug worried about his body. Was his stomach flat enough? Was his back too hairy? What about his abs? How did he compare to other men I'd been with?" - Greta, age 35.

"Rita wasn't just passive. I had to wonder if she was dead, or just waiting for it to be over. I didn't worry that I was keeping her awake - I wasn't." - Moe, age 34.

"John never took his socks off. Ever. Well, maybe when he was alone. He must have in the shower. But, in my presence, he refused to bare his feet, even when everything else was swinging in the breeze. He said they got cold. But I wonder: Does he have six toes? Webbed feet? Foot fungus? What?" - Doreen, age 29.

"Mitch told me that he had a low sperm count, so I didn't have to worry about getting pregnant. He was very proud of the fact that, without using birth control. none of his forty or so former girlfriends had ever gotten pregnant. That was about it for our sexual relationship." - Jennifer, age 28.

"Let's just say that there were things he wouldn't do. In fact, if the man could have found a pair of rubber gloves, he would have worn them to bed." - Taiesha, age 28.

"He breathed in my ear that he'd like to kiss anything that bends, that he liked the feeling of flesh closing around his mouth. He asked if he could nibble the inside of my elbows, kiss my wrists. When I told him to get away from my armpits, he smiled and asked if maybe he could travel down behind my knee?" - Gwen, age 29.

"As we were in the act, Roy asked if I'd ever had sex using food. He said he'd been to the farmer's market and had great veggies. He seemed disappointed when I turned him down." - Lois, age 43.

"After we made love, he told me that he was relieved because he hadn't had sex with a woman before. What did that mean? That his other partners had been males? Animals? Inflatables? What?" - Helene, age 37.

"When he asked me out the third time, Doug said, "You know what I'm REALLY asking, don't you? I mean, this will be our third date. And you know what THAT means." I suspected that I did, but I didn't want to, and I made sure that I never would." - Tobi, age 31.

"We're in the act. The first time. Suddenly, just as I'm about to come, he rolls off me and says, "No. This shouldn't be happening. In fact, it isn't happening. Neither one of us had an orgasm, so it's like it never existed." And he bounces out of bed, gets dressed, leaves me lying there on the verge. I was ready to kill him. When he gets home, he calls and says if I'll give him another chance, this time he won't take advantage of me. I'm wondering what's going on? Hello?" - Serena, age 30.

"She has animals - a cat, a dog. The cat sleeps on her pillow, the dog on her feet. There's no room, really, for me. I tried to carve out a spot, but it was scary. They're very territorial." - Eric, age 27.

"He called it Edgar, like it was a different person, and he wasn't responsible for it in any way. "Edgar wants to talk to you." He'd wake me up and say, "I didn't do it - it was Edgar." It was cute at first, but then it got pretty schizy." - Antoinette, age 30.

"When I asked him to stay over, Robert told me that he didn't do sex, that he'd personally overcome his sexual drives and achieved a higher plane. He hoped we could attain a pure, clean relationship at that level." - Connie, age 46.

"Her dog watched us when we made love. Like a jealous boyfriend. It was more than a little inhibiting." - Derek, age 37.

"Jim was sound asleep, snoring on my sofa - until he missed the last train home. Then he was suddenly wide awake, frisky as a pup. And horny as a ram. I told him to stay on the sofa, and I had to lock my bedroom door. He told me I was cruel. When I got up in the morning, he was lying under a sheet, showing me how it resembled a tent, held up by a stake in the middle." - Kimberly, age 30.

"It was not an excellent indicator when, right before we went to bed for the first time, he said: "It's not the size, right? It's what you do with it. Right?" " - Laurie, age 29.

"All of a sudden, Andrew screamed - this piercing, pained shriek, right in my ear. I thought someone had stabbed hi, or maybe he was having an attack of some kind. Turned out it was just a climax. But I was afraid to go to bed with him again. I didn't want to shatter an eardrum." - Caryn, age 25.

"Donna and her girlfriend had some kind of phone signals when they went on dates. So, starting about 10, the friend started calling to make sure Donna was okay, and she called every fifteen minutes. Donna didn't answer because we were busy in bed. After the fourth or fifth call, the friend panicked and rushed over to Donna's, using a spare key. She and two of their pals came flying into the room. There we are, butt naked. They started screaming. Donna started screaming. Scared the living hell out of me." - Dave, age 27.

"Eugene explained that he believed that romantic love could only be achieved through celibacy. He asked if I'd meditate with him to achieve spiritual unity." - Joellyn, age 32.

"Kyle kept pawing me anyplace we were in public. Like he was telling the world, "Look what I'VE got." He wanted to make love in parking lots, movies, the public library. When we were alone, he didn't touch me." - Sally, age 24.

"Bob told me that doing it in his car made him feel like he was back in high school. It gave him that excitement of doing something naughty and dangerous. So there we were: oldies on the radio, the steering wheel in my ribs. Just like in high school. And the cops came. They busted us, just like in high school." - Wendy, age 25.

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Shaving and waxing

High-scoring words of the day:

UNSAFE (161 points) - against Catherine R. [3W, 5W, hook off VIDEO for a plural] (a good deficit-erasing word!)
WALERS (210 points) - against Christina C. [5W, 4W, hook off FRAT for a plural] (a good deficit-erasing word!)
JANES (225 points) - against Beverley H. [two 3W, 2L on JANE, hook off NOVA for a plural]
ERRANCY (100 points) - against Hanna M. [5W] (a good deficit-erasing word!)

Interesting rack of the day: JOANERRS (against Beverley H. - read that as "Joan errs")

Facebook quizzes taken from James and Diane:

Leslie's just got their Japanese Name. I just got my Japanese Name. It's Yukari Kawashi.

Leslie just took the What type of lover are you? quiz and got the result: You are an Obsessive lover! ... OMG!.. You are an Obsessive lover! ... OMG!: You are obsessed! Isn't that self-explanatory?? Your life revolves around your partner. If she / he is in the same city, you want to spend 24 hours (or more!) with him / her. If he / she is somewhere far away, you text him / her every few minutes. That still doesn't include the emails, calls, chat messages, FB wall posts, etc. Obsessive lovers believe that only the person they fixate on can make them feel happy and fulfilled. (Only with good reason.... but I'm not really like that. Otherwise, I'd KILL them!)

You Are a Burrito

You're not a picky person. You're able to go with the flow and really enjoy life.

You have a taste for the exotic, and you're quite adventurous. You're willing to try almost anything.

You're very low maintenance. You don't mind getting a bit messy if it means having fun.

You aren't superficial or easily impressed. Someone has to be the real deal if they're going to impress you.

Poo nugget for Wednesday, Apr. 22: Anal Cosmetics - Shaving, trimming, and Brazilian waxing are all techniques used to clear the anus area of hair. Anal bleaching is a process in which the perineum (which darkens over the years) is lightened for a more youthful appearance. This practice has been linked to anal incontinence and other health problems.

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Canucks have their first-ever franchise sweep!

Redrum is here... yay. :P

Facebook was borked earlier, but I prevailed! However, this computer restarted yet again. I have yet to find a way to avoid THAT.


Leslie just took the How Feminine Are You Quiz and is You Are Feminine. I am You Are Feminine. You are feminine. A well-rounded balance of all that is female without going over the top. Give yourself a pat on the back. (What the heck?! I only checked off the stuffed animals and soap questions! I'd rather NOT be ALL FEMININE!)

Facebook quizzes taken from Jasmine, Gretchen, Arctic Sapphire, Diane, Chantelle, and Daniel:

Leslie took the What species of pathogenic bacteria are you? quiz and the result is Yersinia Pestis! Dark, misunderstood, and maybe a bit old-fashioned... you are Yersinia pestis! The causative agent of the Black Death, you plagued (ha!) generations of Europeans until the 1700s, eventually killing an estimated 75 million people. But hey, it's not your fault the superstitious fools couldn't figure out you were being spread by fleas. And if it weren't for all of those new trade routes, the Plague wouldn't have spread nearly so far. They had it coming. (I don't know what this is, but it has a pretty name. :D)

Leslie took the how old will you be when you have your first child? quiz and the result is 17-20. You're an okay age. It's not that bad, but try to enjoy your life a bit first. :D (The Netspeak in this quiz made my brain bleed! *sad face* Also: Seventeen to twenty years old?! Good to know it's in the PAST!)

Leslie took the what X-Men person are you? quiz and the result is Storm. You seem nice and sweet on the outside, but on the inside, you will stop at nothing to get your way.

Leslie just took the Are you Still in Love with your Ex? quiz and got the result: Nope, You're Over it! Nope, You're Over it! Ex? Ex who? You've totally closed out that chapter of your life. It's great to have a clean break and move on from a bad situation. However, if he / she was a perfectly nice guy / girl, and you just got bored (or were never in love to begin with), make sure you take his / her feelings into account. Assuming you ended things diplomatically, it's good to avoid contact and not give any false hopes if you're over him / her. Just don't go overboard by bad-mouthing him / her to mutual friends, or dating one of his / her best buds. It's best not to add insult to injury! (It didn't take me long to be over an abusive JERK, no... :D)

Leslie just took the "What do girls think about you??" quiz and the result is Future Husband. You are everything a girl needs. You are sweet, kind, and caring. Keep it up, and you will be very happy.

Leslie took the What Eastenders Character Are You? quiz and the result is Stacey Slater. You like to dress in revealing clothes, and don't care what other people think of you. You weren't a whiz in school, and you get into trouble with your reputation, but you generally are a good-hearted person.

You Live an Exciting Life

You are anything but a bore. You make sure that life is full of excitement.

You have an adventurous spirit, and you don't like to sit still for too long.

If you feel like doing something, you don't think about it. You just do it.

There's no way you could ever live a boring life. There's too much to do and not enough time.


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Finishing the sentence for fecal henbits

Bingo of the late night so far:

SPARKING (83 points) - against Claire M.

High-scoring words of the late night so far:

FECAL (375 points) - against Steve B. [two 5W]
HENBITS (120 points) - against Mary D. [2W, 4W]

Turns out that Auntie May gave me some black pudding with sesame on it. I know there's a name for this thing (since I had it in childhood), but am not having much luck finding it!

Facebook quizzes taken from Daniel:

Leslie took the What Southern City Should You Live in? quiz and the result is Charleston, SC. Let's face it. You love antebellum history and you even have a bit of lingering pride over that victory at Fort Sumter. Nothing could be better than sitting on the leaning porch of a southern mansion, drinking a mint julep or sweet tea mojito, and enjoying the view across the harbor.

Leslie took the Are you a nerd??? ;D quiz and the result is You could be. I don't know! You could be if you wanted to. Just don't go and buy taped glasses or anything! ;)

Leslie took the What Action Movie Hero Are You? quiz and the result is Universal Soldier. Not too smart, and can't go for long times without ice... but if he gets on a roll, get out of his way! Who needs guns when your fists can do the killing for you? Thunder, lightning... this man's got all the moves.

Leslie took the What Boxer are you?? quiz and the result is Sugar Ray Leonard. You're a speed-style boxer that doesn't think about what punch he's throwing.

Leslie took the What Godfather character are you quiz and the result is Vito Corleone. You're Vito Corleone. You're a quiet leader; you like doing favors for others, but you make sure they don't forget it. You love your family. (NICE!)

From Janina via Facebook note:

It's your turn. You know the drill... tag me and ten others.

1. My ex....... is nothing but a memory.

2. Maybe I should be....... rationing the chocolate, or giving more of it away.

3. I love....... my friends, especially if they're humorous!

4. People would say that I....... make them nervous.

5. I don't understand....... why some things have to happen.

6. When I wake up in the morning, I....... get CRANKY!

7. I lost....... my sense of sanity a LONG time ago!

8. Life is full of....... interesting surprises.

9. My past taught me....... NEVER to NOT be TOUGH!

10. I get annoyed when....... people exclude me from things, because I'd LIKE to have OPTIONS, y'know! :P

11. At a party, I....... gravitate towards the people I know and trust.

12. I wish....... people would be more loving toward fellow world citizens.

13. Dogs....... are okay, but I had to be authoritative toward the ones I encountered last year at the "party house" in Chilliwack.

14. Cats....... are better than dogs - I didn't mind feeding the ones I encountered at the same place as the above sentence!

15. Tomorrow....... is another day.

16. I have a low tolerance for....... bad spelling and grammar, and Netspeak.

17. If I had a million dollars, I....... would put it in the bank!

18. I'm totally terrified of....... ESCALATORS; NEVER put me on one, or I will hold it against you FOREVER!

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Holidays with orbs / Serial killers / Semisolid poo

High-scoring words of the night:

HOLIDAY (102 points) - against Athene C. [2W used twice, hook off MUD to make MY] {a good deficit-erasing word!}
ORBS (270 points) - against Laynie P. [two 5W, hook off ACHIEVE to make ACHIEVER]
OXO (110 points) - against Catherine R. [2W, 5L on X] {a good deficit-erasing word!}
SIZE (144 points) - against Shelley R.-B. [5W, 2L on Z, hook off CARD for a plural]
KEEF (128 points) - against Jennifer H. [4W, 5L on K]

I found out that Nestlé Noir makes the chocolate with polyphenols, if their hot chocolate is any indication. Must get both those items, haha. These Lindt bunnies are VERY chocolatey!

Leslie's just got their Royal Name. I just got my Royal Name. It's Duchess Leslie the Beautiful. (HA! VERY NICE!)

Leslie just took the How Romantic Are You Quiz and is Quite Romantic. I am Quite Romantic. You are quite romantic. You know how to turn on the charm, and do so quite a bit. You are a good catch for someone looking for romance with a down-to-earth edge.

Facebook quizzes taken from Kaitlin:

Leslie completed the quiz "which serial murderer are you?" with the result Ted Bundy. You definitely like the "ladies," and nothing will stop you, even if it means going the extra mile by wearing a fake cast, or brandishing a puppy to gain the sympathy of an unsuspecting nurturing victim. You don't mind rolling up your sleeves and getting your hands a little dirty. You leave your mark everywhere, even if it is a bite mark!

Leslie completed the quiz "What Saved by the Bell Character are you?" with the result You are Kelly Kapowski. You are the "cute girl next door" that is always full of smiles, hugs, and a ray of sunshine.

Poo nugget for Tuesday, Apr. 21: Dr. Stool Says - Middle of The Road - The desired semisolid consistency of stool is formed by a careful balance of fluid secretion / absorption and intestinal transit time. Perturbations in this system can result in the extremes of the stooling experience, from bowel-breaking constipation to torrential watery diarrhea.

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Monday, April 20, 2009

A trap was very narrowly avoided with seconds to go!

HOUSE wasn't on, as it turned out I was watching an episode of BONES about funerals and machinations about a poisoned dead body instead. Oh well.

So I guess Tony became evil on last week's 24. He killed Larry Moss and stole a bioweapon. A few people were a little upset... you may have heard something about it.

This time, Tony is busy shooting himself through the gut in order to make it appear that he and Larry were attacked. Renee is devastated to learn about Larry's death, but is forced to assume command of the FBI and personally head out into the field. Jack wants to go with her once he finds out about what happened, skipping out on the guy who was handling his debrief transcript. The imminent arrival of the FBI throws the plans of Galvez, Tony's accomplice, into disarray; he's still trapped on site with the bioweapon. Tony assures him that he's got a plan to get them out.

Meanwhile, Jonas Hodges' attorney gets ready to head over the White House, but in a bizarre twist, she's gassed and switched out for a lookalike. The Fake Lawyer confronts Jonas in his cell, chastises him for nearly jeopardizing a much larger conspiracy, and leaves him with a choice: either he ingests a pill that will induce cardiac arrest, or something really bad will happen to his family.

Jack and Renee arrive at the site, and meet up with Tony. Tony's fake story about being shot doesn't quite jive with reality, but Jack is too busy dying of the pathogen, and Renee is too busy looking at Larry's dead body to really notice the warning signs. What they don't know is that Tony and Galvez have got a plan to lure as many FBI agents as possible into an abandoned building, then blow them all up. Galvez kills an agent and uses his communications device to gather everyone into the building. Jack deduces it's a trap, and warns the FBI just seconds before the building explodes, barely giving Renee and the others time to escape.

Still meanwhile, Kim Bauer prepares to fly home to Los Angeles. Her boyfriend / husband telephones her, and is incredulous that Jack is refusing treatment. Kim says she couldn't talk her father into letting her help him, and couldn't bring herself to tell him about his granddaughter Teri. Jonas is also on the move, on his way in an armored vehicle to the FBI for interrogation. He takes the pill and his heart attack is underway, so he gets redirected to the hospital. The Fake Lawyer confirms to her superior that Jonas has been taken care of, and expresses confidence that Tony will be able to deliver the bioweapon.

Jack manages to locate Renee in the blown-up building, alive and well. Galvez bloodies himself up and pretends to be injured, giving Tony a pretext to help him out of the building and into an ambulance. That's when Jack puts it all together... whoever blew up the building knew the FBI's protocol. His suspicions are confirmed when he calls the FBI and learns that Vincent Cardiff, the man Tony allegedly tortured and killed, is alive and under arrest. Jack confronts Tony and holds his gun on him, but Tony spins a cover story and accuses Jack of becoming paranoid due to the effects of the pathogen. It doesn't really matter, because Jack suffers a seizure at that moment, so Tony steals his medication and slips away. And Galvez hijacks the ambulance, and takes off with the bioweapon...

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What's (post-) Easter without a few chocolate bunnies?

This thing just restarted on me!

I decided to go to my local London Drugs (fueled entirely by two squares of Lindt chocolate) to see if I could find Tim Tams there, after I threw away my old sponges and steel wool. As you may recall, I was thwarted yesterday on Broadway, so of course I wanted to go where I actually had found some. I was thinking that I missed parts of last year: maybe the going out and doing stuff, but nothing else really. The store had all three flavors that I've come across there: Original, Classic Dark, and Chewy Caramel. I got two Classic Dark (one for myself OR for Billie, and one to share at Fellowship when we go to Nathan's to play games) and two Original - one's for Corey, and the other one is for myself. Now I have both Tim Tams AND hot chocolate, which was my objective yesterday... I will dip the Australian stuff in the drink later on, as it's too warm out now to contemplate doing it in the afternoon. Got a Ritter Sport bar, since I've never tried them - extra fine dark chocolate it IS!

Since I noticed that the Toblerone bars were on sale, I got four of the smaller ones in dark chocolate. The bigger ones were obviously on sale too, but I think the smaller ones will be easier to eat, even if it's cheaper to get two big ones than four of the reduced size! (my mouth is NOT able to accommodate a HUGE thing, thanks...) I also noticed Lindt Easter bunnies were on sale (they have bells!), so I got a white / dark / milk set each for myself (well, two :P), Ian, and Sean. If they don't like it or if it's too much chocolate... well, that's why they have parents! :D

I'd have gotten the really mini bunnies for some other kids, but I really don't want to get accused of favoritism. Also wanted to get a blank card for Corey to go along with his stuff (bunnies wouldn't fit in his envelope), and one for Stanford to encourage him in light of his Easter sharing, so did that as well. I should ask Calla when his birthday is - maybe through EMAIL! One of the blank cards was the same green-and-black "night vision" one that Erik gave Krista over Christmas. I liked the text on the front: "If I could, I'd find a fairy godmother with a magical wand and combat boots - so that she could grant your wishes and kick the crap outta anything that tried to get in the way of your happiness." Not sure whether that would be appropriate for Stanford, but a blank one with multiple smiley faces being the other choice? Hmm... must think! (and now Corey's trying to convince me that dark chocolate hot chocolate has more antioxidants that destroy the Tim Tam demons which can watch you sell your soul in the ancient ritual of combining Tim Tams with hot chocolate dark enough to blacken your soul for eternity!!!!)

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Dream of colored towels / Santorum anniversary

I remember the weird part of my dream last night, and it surprisingly didn't have anything to do with death! Jon and Harmony were squished together in the driver's seat of a car, and they drove a bunch of us to a store. We decided to get $11 towels in green, blue, and red - they were great for a certain time of the month! Then we went to a stage performance of the Awana kids in a play they'd made up themselves; something about mixed-up Bible stories and things. I also dreamed that I was looking at myself in someone's mirrored shower, and realizing that I had to go up and down his stairs a million times in order NOT to be considered fat. Very odd! (Billie and I aren't on for tomorrow, but extenuating circumstances are a factor since her grandma's coming back from Iran tomorrow, and she has to pick her up at the airport. D'OH! But we ARE meeting next Friday - May 1 - instead, which should be fine!)

Facebook quizzes taken from Silvester and Jane:

Leslie completed the quiz "What School of Philosophy Best Describes You" with the result Modern: Empirist. You love David Hume, and think experience is the most important element in philosophical thinking. You believe in reason like the your rationalist peers, but you do not believe it is supreme. You are primarily concerned with epistemology in that you see experience to be the only source of justifiable knowledge. You utilize sensory experience and see the mind as a blank slate. You also fully embrace scientific advances and the scientific method. You are in line with Aristotle.

Leslie completed the quiz "How Black Are You?" with the result You're Just White. You do your taxes, listen to pop music, rock, country. You can go to the mall and find fascination in things you probably won't buy.

Leslie completed the quiz "What hair color should you have?" with the result Brunette. You are kind and beautiful, and you are calm and collected in a crisis. You are serious about school / your job, and you are quite intelligent. Everyone loves you and your personality.

You Are a Dreamer

You are primarily concerned with possibilities. You tend to be a fanciful person.

All of the world's opportunities sometimes overwhelm you.

You are obsessed with ideas and tend to be a big thinker. Theories interest you greatly.

You crave intellectual stimulation. You are drawn to a philosophical way of life.

Poo nugget for Monday, Apr. 20: Santorum - On April 20, 2003, Senator Richard Santorum caused a controversy when he described homosexuality as "deviant" in an Associated Press article. This was not his first dustup, and his behavior in the Senate prompted Senator Bob Kerrey to proclaim: "Santorum - that's Latin for @$$hole."

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On-sale body wash and chocolate, 3-0 lead, Roy, and mustard glaze

This morning, my brother invited me to a Sunday Dinner TONIGHT, so I said yes even if I was half-asleep. On the way to church, we mainly discussed certain aspects of his wedding - I thought that I had to change the RSVP to Andy and Megan's wedding, but my brother thinks Awana will understand. True, but I already have to take a week off six weeks prior, AND took an unscheduled week off a couple weeks ago! We'll see what happens, haha. (also discussed Helen and Joe, Helen and Danny, Lauren and Warren, Mel and Frances, Anita and Jeff, plus more of my friends / their kids) Saw Jeremy on our way into service, which was pretty good - we were late, but the three of us got enough room to sit in a pew up front! Shared amusement, especially when Phil telescoped the words "desire" and "serve" into "deserve (to serve in this congregation)" - hahaha, it could happen to anyone! Noticed Raymond in the row behind me, which is good. Margaret wasn't there to receive her new membership since she was in the Sun Run - I don't think Jonathan would be an accurate representative to replace her!

Later on, I went straight to the fellowship hall to discover that someone had made lemon-walnut cookies. Talked to Helen and her sons Nicholas (who thanked me for some stickers I gave him, and told me about his cousin Faith) and Cory - baby Cory smiled at me! Discussed coconut jelly, grapes, and more - noticed Karmie inviting people to a dinner, but I know I wouldn't be welcome, so didn't ask. Besides, I like my downtime too. Confirmed Eric's non-attendance at the dinner with him while also saying that I wouldn't spoil the kids with the cookies, so told my brother that I'd figure something out later; I'd told my parents that I'd go to lunch at the old Green Village with them and their friends Alan and Polly.

Said hi to Jen and Silvester (!), told Cindy about the RSVP issue, greeted Adam and Andrew, and tried resolving the RESTAURANT CITY thing with Stanley. I was right about the reason he took me off his Facebook list, but that doesn't explain why I still appear on his list for the game! I reiterated that I had NEVER played the game before (though I did just get an invite from Olivia yesterday), and Olivia told me that sometimes Facebook was glitchy. I know this, especially if I'm getting comments on months-old links which have nothing to do with a bored person going back through pages of stuff! Raymond told me about seeing Yoda on TV with lightsabers, Terry, this week's Sunday Dinner being WAY TOO short notice for him, healing rooms being closed, Harrison Ford in THE FUGITIVE, and some more stuff: always good talking with him! (I was patient in waiting till Andrew finished with him) Saw Jeff walking his daughter Allison in the foyer (she had Daniel's keys), so spent some time interacting with her - I think she smiled at me, or Julie! She looked happy, at any rate.

Sunday School was okay - one of the kids was a snot factory, and must have used up a third of a new Kleenex box! Amanda's sister Hannah said that she'd taken the monkey I gave her to church, and it was in the car; cool stuff! Talked for a bit with the guys in the fellowship hall (little Nathan told me that he'd get KFC for lunch after he finished waiting for his sister Natalie) before seeing where my mom was. My parents and their friends were making jokes about pictures and things like that. Before we finally left, I had a little conversation with Cindy's student Roy: he remembers me, and I think he's grown a bit since the last time I remember seeing him a few months ago... very cool! Lunch at Green Village was pretty good (listened to Alan and Polly tell my parents about their Australian cruise) - I love dark tea, man! After getting no answer from Jon on his cell, I decided to kill time - yes, I told my parents what I was doing!

Went to the Shoppers Drug Mart at Broadway / Commercial - I found that Softsoap body washes were more than $5 off, so I had to get one of each type! Milk and honey, pomegranate and mango, pink grapefruit splash, and ultra shea butter were added to my basket in short order since they were only $3 - you bet I'll use those! Got some on-sale Lindt chocolate (70% with squares of 85% and 90%) in hopes of sharing it, plus 200 plastic sandwich bags. After calling my brother again to see if Jeremy was home yet (nope), I killed time by going to the Safeway across the street to get Milo for Corey.

I also got some hot chocolate for myself, then decided to go to the new London Drugs location to see if THEY had Tim Tams. Went on the 99 Express B-Line after missing the 9 Alma since I stood at the wrong place, and I was able to be dropped off right in front of the store! They didn't have Tim Tams that I could see; since I was determined not to waste the few blocks of detour, I decided to get an on-sale Lindt chili chocolate bar. Saw a chili pepper on the front of it, so figured that this might be what I was thinking of when I got the one with cherry coulis. When I tried it later on at Jeremy's, it was indeed what I had been expecting with the other one - YAY! (I might go to my local London Drugs for more Tim Tams, and the local Shoppers for some body wash and stuff - perhaps not, but you never know!)

Went to Jeremy's, as it was starting to spit rain - I knew it was colder this morning, so I did put on a sweater! Good thing Jeremy and Ray were home at that time - I decided to sign various April cards for Andrea / Chuck / Chrystal / Calla / Karen Lew / Michelle / Jon's convocation. We talked about Jon buying salmon at Granville Island, Jon's grad and how long he'd been in school, smoking in front of kids (and kids smoking pipes in school!), Wayland studying in St. Louis, Jeremy's dad's drums (converted into a tower), more chairs from Kelowna (I thought they were from his store!), numerous beets (regular / golden / candy cane) and their greens, kale, Regent life / grad, the Anglican view on same-sex marriage, mustard glaze being like horseradish / wasabi, THE GREEN MILE (which I saw last summer), Jacob's Well, cocks (as in roosters :P), and more. Ray wore a Maple Leafs jersey under his "ordinary time" robe when he preached today at his church - interesting!

Christon, Nathan, two of Jon's female friends, and Aaron showed up later. We watched the hockey game through CBC's live streaming, which required Jeremy to drag the computer setup from his room to the dining room table. He swapped his Internet cable for Ray's, after which Ray felt free to cheer for St. Louis since they weren't Vancouver. Jeremy showed us that he could come from the future because the radio announcing was 45 seconds ahead of the "live" stream - when he showed us this, the first words out of John Shorthouse's mouth were something about Vancouver taking a 2-1 lead in the game. YES, LET US LIVE IN THE FUTURE!

After we watched Vancouver take a 3-0 series lead by winning the game 3-2, we watched various funny Youtube videos (Gary Glitter? William Shatner doing a spoken-word version of ROCKET MAN? Shad? LOOK AROUND YOU on germs?), Homestar Runner, plus something from Spike TV comparing old-school methods of death using today's science. The commercials for Stride gum got annoying, but at least I shared some chocolate! A samurai narrowly won against a Viking: the comparison of long, medium, and short-range weapons was very cool, as was the cinematic final epic re-enactment of a one-on-one battle! (halberd, yumi, kitana, and more!)

I liked the expert analysis, and the dummy they "killed" over and over - imagine dying by an arrow piercing your eye! This reminded Jeremy of a documentary he'd seen on execution methods and the death penalty: seems laughing gas was frowned upon because people should SUFFER under capital punishment before they did, and not be all euphoric. There have been botched lethal injections as well, so that method isn't necessarily humane or painless. I should look that up sometime, given my interest in the morbid! The salmon, salad, special beer, red and white wines, and five types of cheese were ALL well-received... it only cost $13 or so a person!

Discussed weddings, Jon possibly using his speech to offend a LOT of people ("your cars are NOT good for the environment or your carbon footprint!"), the guys' Victoria trip, similarities between my dad and Jeremy's, a possible exclusion of wine at the banquet not being a good thing, a marriage being annulled within a week and a half of the wedding, making sure you'd have a long list of reasons why the two couldn't marry each other (at least half in jest), "ugfart" and other unique family nicknames, Summer Conference worship being translated into Chinese for once (and the expense!), and joking suggestions of what (not?) to play at Jon's wedding banquet. Christon, Nate, and I told Aaron to play Britney Spears (especially FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY BROKEN HEART), N'Sync, Backstreet Boys, Celine Dion, and other things he doesn't like. It was good times on the way home - yay for Nathan being our chauffeur! Talked about moving out, being independent, Asian culture, Harmony's sleep issues, being really tired, and more. Good times!

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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Do zombies and mashing go together?

High-scoring words of the night so far:

REMEET (120 points) - against Alice P. [4W, 3W]
UNWOVE (600 points; two 5W), AZIDES (144 points; three 2W) - against Kate E.
QIS (156 points) - against Vanessa S. [3W, 4W]
TRAWL (145 points) - against Nick M. [5W, 4L on W]
WHOOPS (358 points) - against Nick M. [2W, two 4W, hook off TEEL to make STEEL] {a good deficit-erasing word!} (different game)
MASHING (124 points) - against Pat S. [2W, hook off QUEST for a plural]
FROTHS (132 points) - against Carol M. [5W, hook off SAC for a plural]
CABERNET (110 points) - against Candice N. [two 2W]
MYLAR (100 points) - against Laurie S.-M. [4W, 3L on Y, hook off WAY to make AWAY]

I played QIS off Vanessa's QIS: yay for quirky coincidences!

Corey found another KFC prank from the same Phone Losers of America people:

[19:33:15] Corey: you didn't save part 1 of the KFC prank, did you? well, I guess not, because I want the one from the channel of the people that actually did it... I saw it last night, and now it's been deleted.. I'm going through and saving everything else
[19:33:39] Corey: I have part 1 from the link I sent you, but the part 1 from the real people had some news coverage that showed all the girls :P
[19:54:15] Flami: learning about martyrs: I linked it everywhere I could think of, but I'm not sure about saving it. you mean embedding it, or not?
[19:55:39] Corey: no, saving :P which you probably don't even know how to do
[19:58:19] Flami: my gut reaction - YOU CAN'T DO THAT!
[20:04:07] Corey: of course you can
[20:09:24] Flami: ... HOW?!
[20:10:10] Corey: KeepVid is what I usually use, but at the moment, that's not working, so I'm using SaveTube
[20:11:13] Flami: learning about martyrs: interesting.
[20:11:13] Corey: usually you can just find the name of the .flv file and download that, but Youtube hides that somehow, but you can still get it from your cache since it has to be downloaded to be played in the first place... those sites are easier for Youtube
[20:41:54] Flami: is that possible? wow. that is AMAZING!
[20:44:59] Corey: well, if you can play them... you had a lot of trouble with the DBX videos I sent... that's what those were, saved Youtube stuff
[20:45:22] Corey: maybe your CD drive is just too slow, you should try copying that stuff to your hard drive and playing from there
[20:47:49] Flami: is it possible that it's screwed up from last year?
[20:48:55] Corey: they usually only last a few years so it's possible it's wearing out. I don't know. what happened to it last year?
[20:50:22] Corey: the good news is that if that's the problem, you can get brand new dual layer DVD burners for about $20 now and they're easy to install. you just need to see if you use an IDE cable or SATA. yours is probably IDE, only pretty new ones use SATA but lots of the drives out there are SATA now
[20:55:23] Corey: oh geez, there's ANOTHER KFC one.... it starts with the employees already naked in the store, raiding the cash registers and shutting down power to the whole store
[20:57:17] Flami: I'm blaming K for it, haha
[20:57:31] Flami: you serious?! OH DEAR.
[20:57:43] Corey: same people... that's another account
[20:58:30] Corey: I don't know what you listened to already, but the PrankNET channel has like 5-6 different sets of people smashing the windows in their hotel rooms... and this other one has several more, plus a couple extra that are just the victim talking to the real front desk after already doing that
[21:08:59] Flami: haha, oh dear. that is going to be FUNNY AMUSEMENT!
[21:11:24] Corey: there's girls in this one heavily protesting this, but a guy is on the phone with the prank callers and ordering them around :P
[21:12:16] Corey: not sure if they get to peeing on each other in this one :P
[21:14:32] Corey: this guy's mom and sister are among the girls............
[21:21:49] Flami: what the heck?! that is bad.

Leslie's Vampire Name is Lilith Frankenstein.

Facebook quizzes taken from Diane, Flora, and Becky:

Leslie just took the "Which Greek Goddess Are You?" quiz and the result is Demeter. You are Demeter! The Greek Goddess of the earth and motherhood. Many people say you're a nurturer at heart. You love kids, and you can't get enough. You protect the ones you love no matter the cost, and when it comes to your friends, many of them can count on you. You're a good listener, and many people seem to come to you for advice. One day, you're going to make a great parent or teacher.

Leslie just took the "What kind of kiss are you?" quiz and the result is Passionate Kiss. You are the perfect kisser. The kisser of all time. You know when to kiss, and you kiss at the right moment. You put your feelings into every connection of the lips, and that is what everybody wants.... Where did you learn?

Leslie completed the quiz "How will you face the zombie apocalypse?" with the result Able to survive the zombies, only to die from starvation in your shelter. You manage to escape the zombies and hole up in a secure shelter. This works great, until the food runs out. Surrounded by the undead horde, your shelter becomes your tomb, when starvation takes you. In a fit of cosmic irony, the zombies leave shortly after you die. (Oh dear.)

Leslie just took the "What kind of boy should you be with?" quiz and the result is Romantic Boy. You need a guy like Romeo, someone that will tell you how beautiful you look, or how your smile gives him chills. You're the kind of girl that wants flowers just because, and needs to be reassured how much you're needed often. Stop dating the bad boys! They'll only break your heart when you expect so much from them!

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