Saturday, July 24, 2010

Boring_People Chat 4 [07.24.10]

Cast of Characters, In Order of Appearance Angel, AKA angelcerv25 me, AKA glowing_dragon Laura, AKA kitkatkrisp (LovelyXMissOreoX) MyCrisisX, AKA x_luminescence AKA Crystal Kat, AKA brackishkitten Julia, AKA graaaze I was taking a nap, and then came back to a chat invite, which I accepted... after the "restart" announcement, I still have a headache, so I'm going to take another nap! [20:07:03] my gf came home, awkward [20:07:21] AlenaBrolxFlami: sounds that way [20:07:37] lovelyXmissXoreo: omg hai! [20:07:47] it is all just a mess, welcome by the way [20:07:57] lovelyXmissXoreo: what happened? [20:09:29] AlenaBrolxFlami: I was taking a desperately-needed nap [20:09:40] lovelyXmissXoreo: have any dreams? [20:11:37] AlenaBrolxFlami: not that I remember [20:11:43] lovelyXmissXoreo: aww lame lol [20:11:48] lovelyXmissXoreo: so what's up? [20:12:56] AlenaBrolxFlami: not much... my friend is out at the Night Market, apparently [20:13:10] lovelyXmissXoreo: night market? [20:16:33] AlenaBrolxFlami: it's a place with a lot of Asian things for sale, like $1 skewers after 11 PM [20:16:39] this is so weird [20:16:56] lovelyXmissXoreo: cool! what's weird? [20:17:58] lovelyXmissXoreo: omg facebook fail [20:18:08] lovelyXmissXoreo: one of my friends just asked me what vampires do. [20:18:24] AlenaBrolxFlami: and? [20:18:36] lovelyXmissXoreo: i told her that vampires drink human blood [20:18:39] lovelyXmissXoreo: and she said [20:18:45] lovelyXmissXoreo: not the twilight ones. [20:19:16] lovelyXmissXoreo: gotta love my friends. [20:20:01] AlenaBrolxFlami: how stupid can they get? [20:20:09] lovelyXmissXoreo: i have no idea [20:20:10] lovelyXmissXoreo: lol [20:20:26] mycrisisx: lol wow. [20:20:34] lovelyXmissXoreo: i know. i facepalmed. [20:20:53] according to buffy the vampire slayer, vampires can choose to drink "lesser" forms of blood like pig and rat's blood, but human blood is too good to resist [20:21:15] mycrisisx: does anyone know any good / great / awesome / etc exfoliating masks that i can try out. [20:21:30] lovelyXmissXoreo: my mom told me about one you can make with aspirin [20:21:40] lovelyXmissXoreo: you crush it and put water in it [20:21:52] lovelyXmissXoreo: and that's supposed to really work [20:22:04] mycrisisx: we don't have any aspirin tho =/ unless you count Tylenol/Motrin/etc as aspirin. [20:22:08] lovelyXmissXoreo: but i never kept up with it [20:22:16] lovelyXmissXoreo: idk it has aspirin IN it. [20:22:31] lovelyXmissXoreo: might work [20:22:37] lovelyXmissXoreo: /shrug [20:22:44] mycrisisx: i shall give it a try. [20:23:03] lovelyXmissXoreo: good luck :3 [20:23:37] mycrisisx: ty [20:23:46] *** lowincomehouses has joined the chat. [20:24:27] *** lowincomehouses has left the chat. [20:24:42] lovelyXmissXoreo: i see spam [20:24:50] lovelyXmissXoreo: might be spam [20:25:10] lovelyXmissXoreo: suspiciouuuuussss [20:25:21] AlenaBrolxFlami: yikes [20:25:22] mycrisisx: i had a bot IM me a few weeks ago telling me i was cute. o.o [20:25:30] lovelyXmissXoreo: wtf? [20:25:33] lovelyXmissXoreo: creepy. [20:25:40] mycrisisx: ikr [20:25:40] AlenaBrolxFlami: I've had the salmon / coho / trout / hat bots [20:25:55] lovelyXmissXoreo: have you guys ever gone on omegle? [20:26:07] mycrisisx: only once [20:26:12] lovelyXmissXoreo: got the same bot message like 30 times [20:26:22] mycrisisx: lol oh wow [20:27:02] mycrisisx: i kept getting disconnected. idk. [20:27:19] lovelyXmissXoreo: aww... [20:27:28] lovelyXmissXoreo: i made a friend on facebook through that [20:27:30] AlenaBrolxFlami: I have not [20:27:31] lovelyXmissXoreo: she's like 22 [20:27:50] lovelyXmissXoreo: well think of omegle like chatroulette. but with text instead of cam [20:29:33] lovelyXmissXoreo: and you fortunately see no penis. [20:29:41] lovelyXmissXoreo: because that's just creepy [20:30:37] mycrisisx: but still the same horny guys [20:30:56] lovelyXmissXoreo: yeah true [20:31:09] lovelyXmissXoreo: oh man i'm sleepy. [20:31:12] AlenaBrolxFlami: oh goodness... [20:31:21] lovelyXmissXoreo: yeah lol [20:31:31] AlenaBrolxFlami: I hope I'll be able to sleep tonight, after a 3.5-hour nap [20:32:52] mycrisisx: what a long nap [20:33:08] AlenaBrolxFlami: I know... I think I was sleep-deprived [20:38:37] *** lovelyXmissXoreo has left the chat. [20:44:01] *** AmethystBrackish has joined the chat. [20:44:10] AmethystBrackish: Haha I got it, finally [20:44:17] mycrisisx: welcome [20:44:53] AmethystBrackish: ello there! [20:45:06] AlenaBrolxFlami: hey! what's the LJ name and first name? [20:45:35] AmethystBrackish: BrackishKitten...Kat [20:45:45] AlenaBrolxFlami: Hey yah. [20:45:59] AmethystBrackish: social is 555-55-5555 O_o [20:46:10] mycrisisx: hahaha [20:46:14] AlenaBrolxFlami: Hahaha. [20:46:54] mycrisisx: i keep getting random sudden tummy aches that hurt like bleeding hell. -_____- [20:47:30] AlenaBrolxFlami: :( [20:47:48] AmethystBrackish: I've had the smell of rotted chicken burning my nose all day... [20:47:48] mycrisisx: yuck. [20:48:38] AmethystBrackish: and it wasn't already cooked chicken, not like that really make it better but I think it would be easier not to keep smelling [20:49:12] mycrisisx: what does rotted chicken even smell like... like a dying corpse? [20:50:25] AlenaBrolxFlami: that's what I want to know [20:50:29] AmethystBrackish: like rotted chicken. I don't know how to discribe it. I would go out back and re open the bag that it's in but I'll probably end up puking for the rest of the night [20:51:09] AlenaBrolxFlami: ugh, sounds gross [20:51:10] *** graaaze has joined the chat. [20:51:18] graaaze: hello! [20:51:18] AmethystBrackish: the worst part is, it's been lingering in my fridge all day too...ewwww [20:51:28] mycrisisx: yo [20:51:48] hello [20:52:45] AlenaBrolxFlami: yuck [20:52:46] AlenaBrolxFlami: hello [20:54:17] the internet is amazing...I just applied for a job on it [20:54:53] I've applied for 7 jobs so far [20:55:05] since starting on Wednesday [20:55:12] there are so few [20:56:44] AmethystBrackish: Where did you apply? [20:59:21] AlenaBrolxFlami: be right back [21:04:32] graaaze: I'm watching FATAL ATTRACTION [21:06:23] AmethystBrackish: isn't that the one where you see whats-her-face's crotch? [21:07:53] mycrisisx: naw, that's Basic Instinct i think... [21:07:53] i applied at radio shack [21:08:07] now i've got one going for macy's - they want loss prevention people [21:08:12] i've done security so what the hell [21:08:44] AmethystBrackish: hey, whatever helps [21:11:50] AlenaBrolxFlami: need to restart

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Do ye relish the bedewing of the earth?!

High-scoring words of the afternoon:

YE (162 points) - against Lorelei M. [5W used twice, 4W used twice, hook off SALAD to make AD / DE]
BEDEW (149 points) - against Shawn D. [two 3W, hook off AXE to make AXED, hook off H to make HE]
RELISHED (333 points) - against Deni L. [3W] {crazy homemade board}

Discussed Kaili, Surrey, storage, Daiso, commutes, calling Eric, returning books to the library, respect, relatives, the Night Market, and more. Of course it's okay if Teunis brings Kailee to the apartment for a quick-ish detour! He hopes that cooking here will be more affordable than eating out, even with a picky eater. I'd say the same, haha. It's not like SOMEONE else arrogantly assuming he could bring his cousin or Lisa just because!

Stopped by the library to return a couple of books, then went to the mall for some sushi and miso soup since I was getting hungry. When I got home, I paid my phone bill... gotta keep on top of those responsibilities! After I spent some time preparing the birthday cards (stickers / greetings!) from Cindy and Chrystal (and signing some for Connie / Jenny / Nathan), I called Eric to see whether he was going tonight, but he is not.

I called Jon to engage him in "ug talk" and say Eric wasn't going. Told him that the last time we went to the fireworks, Dylan and I figured out that it took us two days to recover. So we'll see... probably not, since I definitely feel like taking a nap after this egg liqueur!

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Finding silverfish in the bathroom at 4:25 AM? Yikes!

Just wait till I tell Eric that "Sleeping Beauty" made it home at 4 AM, haha! I wasn't UP at 4 AM waiting for him, since I refuse to do that for people anymore. Since I won't have kids, the question of whether I'd do that for my own progeny is essentially moot. :P

I was actually awake just to use the bathroom, as happens in the middle of the night. Heard keys in the lock, and someone trying to slip in quietly. That might have worked if I weren't already half-awake! He apologized, and said that gaming didn't usually happen till that late, but Jordan didn't need to take the bus, and Kaili / Erik weren't there... hey, it's YOUR sleep schedule getting screwed here, NOT MINE!

Then we discussed DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS / Andrew / Teresa / the environment that Dungeon Master Jordan creates and controls / various characters and story happenings. A little later, he found a silverfish in the bathroom - says that pest control can do something about it with chemicals. ("Is that an accepted hazard of apartment living?" "No.") Given my past experiences with those people, I'm understandably cynical. I'm just surprised I was able to formulate somewhat-coherent sentences at 4:25 AM, haha!

He got up BEFORE his alarm, which is pretty good! Right now, we're discussing Comic Con superheroes battling against Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church - too funny! Thanks for the link, Leslie! (purpleishboots)

You See Peace in Your Future

Five years from now, you'll be living a calmer, less hectic life.

You are working hard at managing the chaos in your life right now, and eventually that will pay off for you.

Ten years from now, you will be deeply fulfilled. You will have found a whole new meaning to your life.

By being able to slow down and focus more, you will discover what truly matters to you.

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Biased Rex and typing state names

High-scoring words of the night:

REX (256 points) - against Helen H. [5W, two 2W - one used twice]
MISBIAS (118 points) - against Candace B. [5W, hook off AHI for a plural] {a good deficit-erasing word!}

Trivia fact for Saturday, July 24: Which is the only U.S. state name that can be typed using letters only on the left side of the standard keyboard? How about when using letters only on the right side of the keyboard? Texas, left; Ohio, right.

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Yes, "Sleeping Beauty" finally DID get up... no Alibi Room coupons for YOU!

When I got to our meeting place, I saw that there was filming going on; luckily, Eric let me in when he was in the middle of the road, haha. He asked whether "Sleeping Beauty" was up yet - yes, and he'd gone already! Not as in "gone" gone, just for the evening to play DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS in Surrey! Then I immediately went into a mock "YOU PEOPLE ARE DISGUSTING BECAUSE YOU DIDN'T INVITE ME TO SEE INCEPTION!" type of thing. Eric said I could have ASKED, but I was under the impression that it was a GUY thing since he / Nathan / Christon were up for it. Turns out Steph and her co-worker joined them, too - I KNEW IT! I AM CHOPPED LIVER! After letting me go on like that for a bit, Eric then sang the DARKWING DUCK theme song... after two seconds of THAT, I told him that I didn't want to hear it. He continued, so I then asked him whether he'd heard what I said fifteen seconds ago: "Yes, but what if *I* want to hear it?!" "Then you can hear it INSIDE YOUR HEAD!" "But then I'll only be imagining it!" "You're incorrigible, so stop being like me!" We also discussed the violence in THE WATCHMEN, haha.

At Subway, I asked whether he had cash - he did, and after I expressed a hope that the workers wouldn't be incompetent this time, we went in to order our usual. Luckily, getting our subs took a reasonable amount of time - Eric still thought that I was mildly annoyed when they didn't magically know the correct answer to the question of whether I wanted mine toasted or not, but that wasn't true. In the parkade, he handed me a printout from Google Maps, and told me to guess whose house it was - given that it was a Richmond address, I guessed Geoffrey. He thought I never liked him at first - I don't know if I'd say THAT! At church, the first thing I did was fill up my water bottle. When I'd finished, I saw Eric waving at me from the elevator - apparently, he'd forgotten his guitar in the trunk of the car. Fair enough! (I also saw Ivan)

I said hi to Phil as I was setting up my dinner by Eric's on the table, and then was concerned because Eric got out of the elevator with Mr. Creep in tow! Seeing Billy, Danny, Colin, Cynthia, Katherine, Benedict, and others from the Chinese Fellowship did nothing to ease my feelings, haha! Of course, I wished Emily T. a happy birthday in person when I saw her - "thank you x 2" was a good response, haha! As we were eating, I told him about the hot spicy sandwiches which could squirt liquid if you bit them - of course, that sounded like a double entendre of some sort! (then he said something about pregnancy) Mr. Creep passed by, and then Eric wondered to me why I didn't greet him! I was in mid-sentence about the sausages and such, and I wouldn't have done so ANYWAY! Eric thought I'd finished my thought (maybe), but I still wouldn't have said hi! Same with Raymond, who passed us a while later! (we did say hi to Pastor John, though) I beat Raymond to the chapel, in fact! But of course I did say hi to Darren as he passed by!

Talked to Pastor John about his family vacation, Summerland, Josiah not being an outdoors person (so Timothy camp was only okay), my parents' break-in, summer plans, and more. Cindy gave me two boxes of religious birthday cards, saying that she and Chrystal used to buy those. At least SHE appreciates my gift for birthdays, and I did thank her for it! Her sister Dianne knew I am a Committee member, and asked me a question about shuffling Bible Study groups, which I referred to Pastor John. I asked Christon which email list HE was using - obviously, one without ME on it! Then I clarified that I'd pressed "redial" (and thus called him) by accident earlier in the week! He'd seen my number, and thought maybe it was important - that's a natural reaction!

Uncle Stephen did a good job outlining various things for us, and I had to tune out Mr. Creep's voice in the sharing period afterwards. Thank goodness I chose to sit in the OTHER section of chairs! Cindy told us about the grad banquet, and said that there'd be a handful of Daniel (people from that Fellowship) graduating - Mr. Creep heard that, and wondered if we'd like a handful of him. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! THAT IS NOT WHAT SHE MEANT! Distracted myself by bugging Dianne about her fruitless quest for Alibi Room coupons in the GEORGIA STRAIGHT - her expression when she saw the racy ads in the back of the paper was PRICELESS! Christon did say that Jon warned her about that, haha!

I noticed that Mr. Creep moved his feet when I had to pass near him to tell Eric something without talking over everyone on our side of the room - I'm not sure how to feel about that, frankly! Cindy and Dianne told us about this epic two-month trip that their parents are taking to Taiwan / Hong Kong / China / Australia - apparently, their dad found some of his family since they've been looking for him. Neat stuff! The girls are lucky - I wish MY parents would go away for that long! Discussed Wesley being out of town in Toronto for two weekends (wedding?), SERVANTS, Harmony being tired / unpacking, various Chinese villages, dialects in Chinatown, the Alibi Room, busing there, the Spain fireworks tomorrow, Sheena watering the church flowers, the USA fireworks on Wednesday, and more.

Poor Christon COULD have been home at 11:15 from those fireworks since he got to the Skytrain early, but his mom called to tell him to pick up his brother! Clement and his friends got to the station later, and had to wait 15 minutes for a train - so Christon had to wait till midnight! I asked whether he'd talked to his brother after that: "Yeah... I said not to phone home or me if you want to be picked up!" Hahaha, good strategy! Talked to Dianne about working with Winnie, being out of it because we don't read the news TOO often, free McDonalds vanilla milkshakes gained by doubling or tripling coupons, and more.

I asked Eric if he were ready to go, after about half an hour of discussion. (I even went off to use the handicapped washroom for the first time ever!) As we left, Jon requested a ride home - well, we were leaving RIGHT THEN! While we were waiting for Jon, Eric wondered if Dave had said anything to me lately - not that I know of! After we dropped Jon off, I wondered whether he was going to the fireworks tomorrow - he's definitelY NOT going to the Alibi Room (has brunch with an out-of-town cousin), and said that I didn't have to schedule my plans around his. I know, but it makes things a bit easier! Eventually, he figured that he'd be home after 1, so I think I'll call him at 4 or something in case I myself do decide to go to the Alibi Room.

Eric assumed that Teunis was still "dungeoning and dragoning it" at 10:30 or so - that would be correct, and at least he has the spare keys! Then he expressed mock astonishment that I'd given him the spare keys - hey, better him than someone else in particular! He did a Joker impression, brought up the scenes where you throw a toilet at people in HALF-LIFE 2, said I was crazy (THAT earned a death threat!), asked if Teunis was going to be around tomorrow (he DID mention something about the Night Market...), wondered why the polar bears at the Canada Line station were orange (I'm not bothered enough to research THAT out for you!), brought up ETERNAL DARKNESS, and wondered when he'd be able to convince a woman that he was fine the way he is. Believe me, I would like to convince a man of that myself, applied to MYSELF! I bugged him about egg liqueur, and he said that I was already drunk enough when SOBER! Hahaha, WHATEVER! When I got home, I actually had the rest of the Pepsi!

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Friday, July 23, 2010

Zapping the air with disturbing medieval music and unexpected whispers!

Interesting rack of the afternoon: TOOLBONE, against Wilhelmina H. [read this as "tool bone"]

High-scoring words of the afternoon:

AIRY (105 points) - against Trey B. [3W, 4W, hook off VAPID to make AD]
ZAP (425 points; two 5W), RITZ (192 points; 3W, 4W) - against Wilhelmina H.
LOXED (256 points) - against Sandra T. [two 4W] {a good deficit-erasing word!}
ASSISTOR (112 points) - against Andy C. [2W, 4W]
PARFAITS (104 points) - against Tanya P. [two 2W]
CHI (230 points) - against Lorelei M. [4W, 5W used twice, hook off OPTIONED to make OH] {a good deficit-erasing word!}

Called Eric at 1:45 to figure out what the plans were for tonight. Since Teunis was still nominally trying to sleep, I pitched my voice low - of course, this caused Eric to wonder why I was whispering, so I told him the reason! I can definitely do Cambie / Jacombs at 6:30. Hopefully, I don't just miss the 410! After that, Teunis was conscious enough to apologize for sleeping so much - heh, it's all right by me! It's not like Eric and I are going to blab for an hour since he has work to do, haha!

When Teunis did get up, we discussed routers / Internet access / cheap T-shirts / sausages / brunch / barley / beer / disturbing and macabre subtexts / longer books / Kaili and lending / leftovers / irreplaceable data which is now lost / mustard / breaks / hard drives / testing / tables / WAR AND PEACE / literally affording stuff (or not) / gaming / medieval music / computer screens turning themselves off automatically / the English paying the Scots to kill other Scots / leaving after 5 and being back around midnight-ish. Heh, I'll be leaving after he does once again... nice! However, it won't be by much.

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Dream of Doug, Laura, Jeremy, discounts, Connie, Matthew Ma #2, and Andrea / Toes

From my dream, I remember that Jeremy and his parents (Doug and Laura) invited me out somewhere. I accepted, and had a good time just driving around with them. Then we saw Jen, Auntie Beatrice, Connie, and Andrea in a department store with a bunch of discounted stuff on tables: a big bottle of laundry detergent was only $1.22, according to the Walmart-ish sign on that table! There was Tresemmé shampoo and conditioner for only $2 each, according to the Chapters-ish orange sticker on those bottles! I was trying to determine whether I should get these items since I couldn't carry such heavy items by myself... there were no carts around! Andrea convinced me to get some since she could carry it for me until we got to the Janzen car.

I spotted a table with some nice paper on it - Matthew Ma #2 was there, and he asked me if he could sign the paper. While deciding what to tell him, I noted that it was good card stock paper, and also noted that someone had printed out "Happy 47th Birthday, Pastor John!" on it in a nice-enough font. Based on those two factors, I told him to go ahead, then the dream ended. Triggers: the big discount stickers on the Chapters books yesterday, my thinking that my friends NEVER invite me anywhere (INCEPTION?! HELLO?!), talking about Jen moving back in with her mother due to certain roommate issues (and Steph not wanting to pressure her to move in with HER), the discussion about Jeremy trying to mathematically figure out whether the piano would fit at Jon and Harmony's new place (he works at the furniture warehouse...), our signing the birthday cards yesterday, and seeing my own Tresemmé shampoo / conditioner in my bathroom! For all I know, Pastor John IS that old since his son Josiah is now in the Timothy Fellowship, but I don't think he is.

Noticed that Cecil Mak and Sarah Corkish-Balez unfriended me from Facebook - hey, I gotta be OCDL in my tagging in Facebook, if that's what prompted it! (edit: I don't think it was, since I didn't really tag them in ANY of those tagging notes!) Of course, I did tell Chris T. that I probably shouldn't have done it! Ryan H. Temple (boyfriend of Jennifer L. - tehgreenfairy) just added me there, too. Interesting...

Cool status of the day, taken from Connie Dennis: I may not be the sexiest, nor do I have the perfect body. I may not be first choice, yet I'm a GREAT CHOICE. I don't pretend to be someone I'm not, because I'm too good at BEING ME. I might not be proud of some of the things I've done in the past, but I'm proud of who I am today! Take me as I am, or watch me as I walk away. Post this as your status if you love being you!

You Are the Fourth Toe

You tend to be a cooperative and social person. You like being around others.

You are pretty attached to your friends and family... but only in a healthy way.

Love and relationships are the cornerstone of your life. People come first for you.

You are independent when you need to be, but you prefer not to travel solo. You like having your support system.

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Giving people some SPACE is a good thing! / Seinfeld and PIN codes

When I got home, I talked to Teunis about culture / feelings / ancient Japanese tentacle porn / "peaceful" music (sounds like Gregorian chant or something similar...) / spotting cultural manipulations / the Night Market / plans / gaming / the Middle East / my purchases / bookmarks / the family dinner / screensavers. Definitely gave him time to just read since I know that I enjoy that time to myself - it's all about giving people the space they need, unless there's some urgent emergency demanding our attention!

Trivia fact for Friday, July 23: On the popular TV sitcom Seinfeld, what was comedian Jerry Seinfeld's ATM PIN code? Clue: He was a Superman fan. Jor-El, the name of Superman's biological father.

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Strawberry beer, HARRY VAGG, and break-ins... happy 61st birthday, Dad!

I got out of the house in time to take the bus to the Canada Line, but JUST missed a train - as in, it pulled out of the station when I got to the platform. Good thing I had reading material! Then I managed to get a 9 bus to Lin's, but I was there at least half an hour early - thank goodness Chapters was nearby! After ascertaining that I could buy things and still get my Chapters discount (because they could look it up in the system), I bought Uncle John's Bathroom Reader Plunges into National Parks (Bathroom Readers' Hysterical Society), a half-off Sports Illustrated commemorative edition of Canada's show at the 2010 Olympics, and Rock & Roll's Most Wanted: The Top 10 Book of Lame Lyrics, Egregious Egos, and Other Oddities (Stuart Shea) - the last book was only $1, and I picked up some free bookmarks also! I heard Steph's voice, saying that I was LATE - hey, at least the restaurant was only across the street or so! Waited for her while she bought a somewhat-fitting card, and borrowed the clerk's pen so we two could sign it at least! When Jon and Harmony got to the restaurant, it turned out that they found a card which I'd forgotten giving them - I guess Dad gets double cards this year, haha!

Nathan was actually on time, having gotten there at 6:56 - Dad said that London had changed him, heh. We discussed people breaking into my parents' place yesterday: they took money, a diamond ring which Mom rarely wears, and some other stuff. Steph investigated the investigation officer, who Mom said was good-looking and had wanted to see Steph's cop pictures. We all laughed at Mom when she said something funny which I forget now, haha. Jon was teaching piano at the church today (having no real space in his new place right now), and said that the break-in was all the people could discuss with him today! Steph asked how that had gone, and he said it wasn't too bad except for people (his students?) playing ping-pong in the middle of the lesson, heh. We joked that Nathan should have gotten married by now, as per his brother Daniel's grand prediction last summer before he left us for England!

Also discussed the fireworks, the Alibi Room, Uncle Stephen's talks, rude Asian lady border guards ("Why are you going to Seattle in the middle of the week?! Don't you have jobs?!"), )the time that we ate 35 steamers of SLB (Tony was a BEAST!), Dave and Tiffany's wedding (Mom and Steph will be away from July 31 to August 5), my short shorts (Jon was horrified - "my eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord!"), spotted dick jokes, Alan and Liz and their baby Clara, Toronto, a Seattle baseball game, and a business card that Steph got from a transit supervisor. "Oh, the name on here is Harold Vagg... so... Harold Vag? Vague?" "Oh no, it's Harry Vaj." She decided to photocopy it at work, and couldn't stop laughing for an hour after her co-worker commented that the photocopier just SPAT OUT that hairy VAG! Why the heck wouldn't you just go by HAROLD?! Then we joked that we should ask Uncle Hansel if he knew a guy with that name at work, since he's also at Translink. His reaction would probably be "Excuse me?" Hahaha!

We went to Jon and Harmony's new place later for cake and strawberry beer (ice cream) and coffee - I didn't want to accept a ride from the parents later, but figured it might be okay as long as Mom wasn't too annoying. I'd just let her talk with a minimal response from me, that's all. There were a lot of boxes and such around, but they haven't really unpacked a bunch of things yet - that's okay since we understand. Steph HAD to yell out of her open car windows to say that she loved her sister, and Harmony seemed amused by it! (we went in three separate cars) While my parents and grandma weren't inside yet, I said that Teunis was still staying at my place. Later when everyone WAS there (and making much of my "scandalous" short shorts - Dad gave me A LOOK, which clearly communicated the disapproval he had over my attire - I didn't care if there was a certain angle at which it appeared that I wasn't wearing pants!), I said that I'd shown the first surgery photo to Billie, which of course made my parents think she was a guy. At least Jon, Steph, Nate, and Harmony got it! Nathan also collapsed on the floor when he tripped over a wire, but he was okay!

I told Nathan that "we" (Teunis and I) were eating sausages and discussing some kind of phallic symbol / culture documentary. Of course, I used "we" to obfuscate the fact that a guy is at my place right now (and will have been here for about a month), because my parents would freak out, even if WE ARE JUST FRIENDS! He laughed and said that I should see this phallic symbol which he got in Hong Kong... it's apparently a popular anti-itch cream called MOPIDICK! HAHAHAHAHA! We told Grandma that the English name was very funny, just in case she was wondering why everyone was laughing! Nate and I also discussed Facebook statuses, his (online) friends Leo and Silvia, and more. Someone brought out a visor with some "Honger" hair on top of it - my brother should never dye his hair blond, let's just say! Harmony noticed my newest hat, and commented on it - finally, not my shorts! I told her that a Sunday School parent had given it to me! She actually gave me a package of chicken salad, and some blackberry jam from Knott's Berry Farm... Mom also gave me two packages of BBQ popcorn which expire in August / Bubble Roller gum / assorted gum and candy, and has promised me some pants / a replacement digicam card / rat traps. (I thought she said "red" traps...)

Discussed Jon and Harmony's upcoming trip to Italy in September, milk / black coffee, Grandma being 100% confused now (she's forgotten about a trip to Nanaimo that they took last week!), the SERVANTS talk which the Committee is trying to schedule, the Night Market, SALT, INCEPTION (to which I was NOT invited!), Jon's show on Monday, Steph and Mom being away for Dave's wedding (I do wish Mom hadn't said "we'll pay you" when Nate was around since he MIGHT get the wrong impression...), and other things. On the way home, my mom said that she and Dad are going to Europe themselves in October for almost three weeks, so I could come over and stay there. Then she offered to pay for a Chinese bus tour trip which I could take with Grandma to the Interior - yes, I was in Chemainus and Victoria with Aunt Janis already! She doesn't remember that from five years ago?! After that, she thought that I would remember being in that area when I was THREE YEARS OLD, mainly because we had to wait for a ferry for three hours since the parents hadn't reserved seats on one. Sorry I don't remember that... *sarcasm*

Grandma, on whether she liked my brother's strawberry beer: "It's not hot water!" We got her to try some in the first place by telling her that it was strawberry JUICE. She obviously doesn't trust us or something, because she sniffed it and then made a face before trying it! HAHAHAHA!

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Hooray for the waxen oracle! / Designed obsolescence is BAD, man!

High-scoring words of the afternoon:

HOORAYS (109 points) - against Doris D. [4W, hook off BITE for a plural]
ORACLE (165 points; two 4W, hook off AGE to make RAGE), ENDORSE (two 4W, hook off RAGE for a plural) - against Irene O.
MEDIA (224 points) - against Gary I. [4W, two 2W]
DINITRO (250 points) - against Greg D. [two 5W]
WAXEN (105 points) - against Denise V. [5W]
MIDDENS (106 points) - against Helen H. [two 2W, hook off GRAFT for a plural]
JAILORS (184 points) - against Jeannetta W. [two 3W]

I almost had a heart attack earlier when looking at tags entries, but all I had to do was rename one instead of doing another entry and suchlike... PHEW! Wayland and his wife have just had a baby girl that they named Camille - I can't fault that name! Teunis came back with a professional mixer board to record his practice sessions for some gathering at Clinton on the BC Day long weekend - especially nice that he got it at Tom Lee, haha. DJ WITH CABLES, BABY! Discussed bursting vegetable cans (annoying in that you have to wash the tub that it was stored in), data stuff getting wedged (LUDDITES IN FACTORIES!), fish / potatoes / kale, math / music / approximations of pi, frustration, components and (designed) obsolescence, screens, inkjet / laser printers, and other things.

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Fish, fan repairs, wishing to bail for kale and potatoes

Teunis and I discussed the fish - we can have that when he gets back from the school info session for sure! Says that it's kale and potato night, but I reminded him that I was having dinner out - a 61st birthday! Steph has a quirky status up: "he's the only normal NG!" Trust me, it wouldn't look good if I bailed on the whole Lin's experience just so I could have dinner at home, haha. There would be QUESTIONS ASKED, and that's a scene which I want to AVOID. Let's just say I won't be bringing up Teunis as a topic of discussion tonight, although I don't know what I'll say if anyone brings up Dave Wong! Oh no!

Also discussed data recovery, hard drives, pudding and refrigeration, Kaili finding a lead on a brand-new house in Surrey last night (never been lived in), Rage Against The Machine, songs, Facebook studies, forms, yogurt, and other stuff before he left. Flime says that his band is playing on Monday, too. Hester knocked on the door just now, with Rob the handyman in two. She says that my handwriting was easier to understand, probably partly because I'd called her to explain the bathroom fan malfunction. Then she said that pest control was coming on Tuesday - OH YES, PLEASE! The handyman fixed the fan (it sounds NORMAL now!), saying that there was something loose up there, and that it's normal for things to do that since it's a constantly-moving part. Nice.

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Sheepdogs, fused dogs, bra throw-down, FUCKING LOWLIFES, and the ocean

I was in the middle of a halfway interesting dream involving suddenly-dead sheepdogs, three dogs being fused together and walking about with three heads, and a rather dramatic bra throw-down when that new guy John was in the room. Then I was woken up by two guys yelling at each other outside my window: "You're a fucking lowlife!" "Oh yeah?!" "Just stay the fuck away from my family!" You'd think I lived in the GHETTO PROJECTS or something...

You Are Laid-Back and Low-Key

You are most comfortable when you are challenging yourself and trying something new.

You are drawn to harmony and compassion. You value commonalities over differences.

You seek a bit more depth in your life, but you are slowly changing. You don't like to rush anything.

You believe that if you look closely enough at people, they all have worth.

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Messy whining Martians / Towels / Pistachio nuts

High-scoring words of the night:

MESSY (284 points) - against Deni L. [2L on Y, hook off QI for a plural, hook off PIG to make PE] (crazy homemade board)
WHINERS (102 points) - against Rebecca H.-F. [4W, hook off ID to make IS]
MARTIANS (200 points) - against Binu P. [5W, 2W] {a good deficit-erasing word!}

When Teunis came home, we talked about towels / Kaili and some guy REALLY liking cheese / his being really full / the server progress. Gotta figure out what to do with the Bathroom Reader which was supposed to be for Dave Wong... hmm...

Trivia fact for Thursday, July 22: Why are pistachio nuts classified as a dangerous cargo by international maritime officials? Pistachios are considered flammable solids because they tend to heat spontaneously when stored in large amounts, and can burst into flame under pressure.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I'm NOT banned from LJ News anymore! / Stress, food, and issues

I was under the impression that I was banned from , but I guess that's not the case anymore - sweet! I'd been typing out a comment to Purging accounts, Give anonymous paid time, Give anonymous LJ Tokens, Drop-down tags, Daily Poll - I wasn't thinking when I hit the "Reply" button, and was very surprised when the comment went through!

Teunis and I discussed eggs, grocery shopping, coinage for laundry, books, bookmarks, kale, food waste, the relative price of things up north (SO EXPENSIVE!), oil, yogurt, Alfredo pasta sauce, the heat / traffic, new flavors, Doritos Cheeseburger chips, Miss Vickie's Black Pepper chips, bread, cheese, laundry detergent, massage, chicken, Save-On Foods, soy sauce and oyster sauce. Also discussed Friday gaming, lime sherbet, turkey pot pies, backup WOW copies, picky / fussy eaters, dim sum, an Iranian store near Scott's place, eating out all the time being expensive (especially if you factor alcohol into the cost!), fish, aloe drinks, potatoes, his sensitivity or allergy to animals / cigarette smoke / tomato (important if getting PIZZA), mango / lychee / strawberry / orange pudding, sliced water chestnuts, past issues, noise, stress, cleaning up, and more prior to his leaving for Kaili's. It's SO NICE to shop with someone who won't complain about it!

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Seeing Calla's bridal party in a dream / Smoothies

Had a weird dream where a bunch of my friends and I knew that a 7-11 was closing for good pretty soon. We patronized that one exclusively for the week or so left to it, even though we knew it wouldn't make the store magically stay open. On the last day, a truck still delivered hamburgers / hot dogs / other items to the store... so the store manager (in black) told us that we could have all these things for free. We were very grateful! When we'd finished loading up our own huge vehicles, we remembered that we were due at a cruise ship terminal to see Calla's wedding rehearsal. As soon as I got there, Eric remembered that I really didn't like uneven ground, so he held my hand tightly the whole time we were at the terminal. We got there just in time to see Calla and her bridal party (who'd been up since at least 5 AM) descend the escalator into the ballroom where the rehearsal was. My dream ended, and I don't really know why I had it. It's true that I put in an RSVP for Calla's wedding very recently, but I haven't been to a 7-11 in ages, or even required Eric's physical help in a while!

Before I went to bed, Teunis and I discussed a movie night at Kaili's, where he'll be this evening. Also discussed pesto, eggs, flavor, Alfredo sauce, a REALLY GOOD memory, tubs, asking questions, school, and more. Should be good times, maybe... I'll stay home today, because I think the dinner tomorrow will rectify my not having had Asian food in a while!

You Are Zany

You are energetic and very fascinating. You don't mean to be different - you just are one of a kind.

You are curious and creative about the world. You're often trying out interesting combinations of things.

You say "yes" to as many things as you can, and you feel sorry for those who turn down amazing opportunities.

You believe that you can never know what you'll love. If you take a risk, you might surprise yourself.

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We're eating sausages while discussing phallic stuff - SO HUMOROUS!

Good thing I'd been up for a couple of hours when Teunis' alarm decided to make its presence known! When he did get up, he apologized for the LOUD VOLUME, but it's all good. Discussed Ugly Kid Joe albums, David Bowie, showers, hot dogs, grass jelly drinks, French's mustard, DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS movies, his server appearing to kinda work (four times in the last 12 hours is better than nothing!), "alone time" on MSN, Kaili, and critical data. Also talked about bad tempers, Ren Faire promos, putting recalcitrant hard drives in the freezer for a bit to get them in a temporarily working state, hot spicy sausages, bread, some rock movie which lampoons both Iggy Pop and Mick Jagger, quirkiness, being productive, ONION humor articles about George Bush which turned out to be true, peanut butter (sandwiches), ancient Greeks, homosexuality, profanity, nudity as sacred / profane, Abbotsford sources for mead, phone calls, and more.

Discovered that Barb Scott and Henrik have unfriended me on Facebook - what the?! When I called Hester about the malfunctioning bathroom fan, she told me to write her a note and drop it in her suite's mailslot! Better than a TOTALLY unhelpful response, I suppose... I also find it amusing that Teunis and I are eating sausages while discussing some documentary about cultures which are / were obsessed with a certain body part. Nathan would definitely get the obvious joke!

P.S. I told him about what Mandy said ("you should keep him!"), and he informed me that he has the contents of a small house in his storage locker. I kinda knew that, having been to see it recently, but yeah. We were talking years ago about being housemates, but I don't know if it would work due to program constraints. DAMMIT!

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Blogger saves the evening! / Egg liqueur and fireball whiskey / Pencils

Bingo of the night:

OVERPACK (535 points) - against Korey-Ann C.

High-scoring words of the night:

NAPPIES (105 points) - against Chris W. [5W]
AVIATE (275 points) - against Ashley S. [two 5W]
OVERPACK (535 points) - against Korey Ann C. [5W, 4W, bingo]

I finally finished my mini-project, although the tags page took a long time to load in Safari... copying the tags from there was also a pain. Then I got the brilliant idea to see if I could copy the tags page into a Blogger post, using Chrome for both actions. I could, but Blogger spat out an "Error 400 - Bad Request" message at me when I tried submitting the post. Figuring that it was way too long even for a Blogger post, I decided to copy the tags from the Blogger post into the Update Journal page - copying and pasting took far less time. In about three hours, I had a finished product in LJ and Facebook! Trust me, it would have taken at least ten hours if I'd continued to use Safari - and this saves me a few extra trips to Oakridge library!

Teunis came back at around 11:35 with a guitar, a violin, more instruments, Pepsi, peanut butter, sausages, milk, Chinese inks, brushes, a fun wand with stars inside, Superstore mint tea, grass jelly drinks, "naughty" fireball whiskey, egg liqueur, MALTA drink (beer apparently wishes it tasted like that - with the same ingredients), random computer stuff / food supplies / mint water / CDs / cables, a huge container full of textbooks and other people's books (reminds me of Dallas' boxes and container of books), a new 2TB hard drive (from Staples and not Andrew - unhappy about the cost, but he NEEDS it!), the WATCHMEN comic, Breyer's mint chocolate chip ice cream, spices and other things from storage (FLAVOR!), and more. He forgot the pasta sauce without EVIL (for him) tomatoes, but he was coming from Surrey and the stores were closing. No problem at all, man! Discussed Cantonese / Chinese dialects, multi-tasking, swearing / alcohol, intelligence, IQ, voicemail, communication, THE BATHROOM FAN ON THE EDGE OF FAILURE (must contact Hester about that), culture, humor, words / language, context, Nine Inch Nails / A Perfect Circle / morbidity, the band Sabaton / Nazis / Hungarians, food variety / worth, Youtube videos, his brother / Microsoft / technology / robots / computers, and more. Seems he can reboot the drive that he thought was dead - nice!

Trivia fact for Wednesday, July 21: What famous philosopher-poet was the first American to successfully combine clay with graphite to create a modern lead pencil? Henry David Thoreau, whose father (John) operated a pencil factory.

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Oakridge library shenanigans

Discussed Celtic knots, porn icons, silly stuff, Ursula Vernon, art, plans, "Satanic" stuff, unicorns, horns vs. halos for saints and the devil, mocking Scientology, and California friends before Teunis and I both left separately to do our own thing. I did some banking early for once, and then went to the Oakridge library. LJ isn't blocked there, but the tags page still refuses to fully load! I did what I could... it turned out to be only A-I before the hour was up, but that's okay. I'll see if I can finish it here at home, although it'll be REALLY slow going... and my tags refuse to auto-complete now. That's new... although at least the tags page DOES fully load for once, wonder of wonders!

Steph says that Dad's birthday dinner will be at Lin's on Broadway at 7 on Thursday night... Nathan is invited, apparently! Mom is also doing her best Ray Charles impersonation since she just had another cataract surgery today. Guess I should allow myself more than an hour's time to get to the restaurant, because I have no idea how often the buses will run. Maybe I'll leave at 5:45, haha. The food will get there when it gets there, I'm sure!

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Dream of accidentally killing ducks and reading the Bible / Money / Childhood Games

I had a dream where a bunch of us were sharing this big lodge with other people on a trip. Maxine, Tim, Joshua, and Keenan were on a farm - they were told NOT to kill any of the cygnets (baby ducks), but Keenan did by accident. He wasn't even SQUEEZING it as young children do... but their punishment was to go back to where they came from, which was the lodge in any event. Meanwhile, Mom was trying to watch me / Sean / Vanessa / others in this big room in the lodge. That didn't really work out the way she wanted to, haha. There were electricity problems in one part of the lodge, so Silvester and Jon came in to hopefully fix these issues later.

Everyone in our group had to sit in a circle and read the Bible together, in either English or Chinese. Katherine said that she preferred the Chinese Bible when I handed her an English one from behind me (stack of Bibles and hymnbooks), but there were none left. Sean handed me a piece of paper which I didn't need anymore, but I thanked him anyway. Then people started dying in our accommodations - there were TWO in our area alone, and a scruffy white guy with a beard was among the number! No idea why I had the dream - of course I saw Maxine, Tim, and their kids yesterday, but still. WEIRD!

Teunis says he'd tried to time his alarm to when I'd actually get up this morning, hahahaha! Apparently, he could tell what time I'd like to get up based on what time I went to bed last night. Nice, nice. Also discussed money in our accounts making things like pay parking better (I gotta wait till tomorrow!), medicine and allergies. Discussed my sister's "best impersonation of Sarne" email, cost of transcripts (Northern Lights does?!), crepes, "lesbian," seeing his brother, being back at anytime tonight (doesn't matter to me), music moods and System of a Down (ditto), technology, gays, ancient Greek and Egyptian culture, radical Space Age assumptions, math, and other things. I'm going to make it to two libraries today - gotta return a bunch of stuff which I'll never get through to one, and see if LJ is accessible or not when I get to the other.

You Are Rock-Paper-Scissors

You are a very smart and mentally inclined person. You like games that test your brainpower.

You are good at noticing patterns and making predictions. You can size other people up well.

It may not seem like there's a lot to what you do, but you have a strategy for everything.

You tend to think through every decision you make carefully, but you're also sure not to overthink anything.

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WATCHMEN = Cleaver overkill murder? NICE!

High-scoring words of the night:

CONVEX (126 points) - against Rebecca R. [3W, 2W]

Discussed Skype, contacting people, family news (UNCLE and BIRTHDAYS!), light bulb deals, fun and silly songs, Batman, DARK KNIGHT theme with words, Krista liking songs, having a TON of emails (9000 moved, and 600 still to read and respond to?!), cults, danger, robes, DOCTOR WHO: MONSTER music videos, Swedish heavy metal, Thunderbird, lemon curd recipes, noodles, WOW, job applications, nails, endings, and more. Apparently, my not having seen WATCHMEN yet merits a reaction of EXTREME surprise! Hahaha...

Overkill murder by cleaver in the head, another murder by toilet and electric current, another one by pouring boiling oil over someone, and yet another by (I assume) dropping a toilet over a midget. I like THE WATCHMEN based on this alone. :D [Corey says the movie sucks - I guess it's a good thing that Teunis is planning to go to his storage locker tomorrow, and he can get me the comic so I can read it!]

We discussed DOCTOR WHO videos on Youtube, having enough of video games for now even if he did have reason to want to let go of stuff, crying / brutal stone angels, moths being attracted to light, fun Satanic Alice Cooper songs, and more.

Mike Bellamy's friend Shaun Lushai added me, just because (he says) he wants to meet new people. He asked if I were in the Army - nope, I just know Mike from the Blood Games of 2008!

Horrible DOCTOR WHO video

These ones are better: MONSTER, part 1, and MONSTER, part 2

Trivia fact for Tuesday, July 20: What nomadic land mammal travels as much as 3000 miles a year, farther than any other? The caribou. It goes on extensive spring and fall migrations, and can reach speeds of close to 50 miles an hour.

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Monday, July 19, 2010

Very short chat room history, B_P Chat 3 [07.19.10]

Cast of characters, in order of appearance: AngelCerv21 or angelcerv25 me or glowing_dragon NyquilSteve317 or nyquilsteve317 SerenityDiscord or shedtheirony Angel invited me to a chat even though I was busy with a movie, and this is what happened: [21:19:30] i owe no more on it [21:19:58] Then I think....what if that permanence is needed sometime? [21:19:59] AlenaBrolxFlami: viewing WATCHMEN at moment [21:20:01] welcome alena [21:20:05] what's that? [21:20:50] that must be a little house for 15k...or is is because of the area? You were from flint, right? [21:21:38] NyquilSteve317: yes [21:21:40] NyquilSteve317: well [21:21:42] NyquilSteve317: its a good area [21:21:49] NyquilSteve317: not a huge house for sure but we didn't want one [21:22:04] NyquilSteve317: its about 11sqft not including the basement [21:22:11] NyquilSteve317: plus a 2 and a half car garage [21:22:12] AlenaBrolxFlami: some movie [21:22:32] NyquilSteve317: i could get a victorian 3 story house in a bad area for around 40k [21:22:42] NyquilSteve317: about 5-6k sqft [21:22:58] NyquilSteve317: area called carriage town [21:24:12] NyquilSteve317: flints great for cheap housing weve got over 3000 abandoned homes [21:24:40] damn [21:24:49] did you grow up there? [21:24:51] NyquilSteve317: we cant tear em down quick enough [21:24:53] NyquilSteve317: suburb [21:25:07] NyquilSteve317: the 3 houses next to me are abandoned [21:25:13] NyquilSteve317: 2 across the street are [21:25:47] NyquilSteve317: 2 behind me are [21:26:51] wow is the quiet nice? [21:26:57] NyquilSteve317: yeah [21:27:04] NyquilSteve317: its pretty darn tranquil [21:27:09] NyquilSteve317: i gotta run im getting bitched at [21:27:12] NyquilSteve317: gnite everyone [21:27:15] *** NyquilSteve317 has left the chat. [21:28:21] I gotta go too [21:28:26] getting sleepy [21:28:40] see ya everyone [21:28:54] *** has left the chat. [21:45:06] *** SerenityDiscord has left the chat.

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Great deals on Kleenex boxes and light bulbs!

After I left the library, I decided to go to Shoppers Drug Mart so I could implement Candace's suggestion of putting a toilet paper roll in my purse, just in case I encountered a public washroom with no toilet paper again. While I was there to get the toilet paper, I also bought Windex / four boxes of light bulbs at 88¢ per pack of four (CAN'T RESIST when the usual price is above $3!), two Kleenex boxes (on sale for 77¢ each) / garbage bags. Then I decided to go to Big Orange: got a strawberry-blueberry bubble tea for myself, and a strawberry bubble tea for Teunis. As I told him later when he thanked me, it's the least I could do for his apparently fixing my computer so it doesn't restart every five minutes or whatever! He assures me that needing to do stuff to the RAM is rare - okay, I'll take his word for it! Got home - we discussed Nightwish, videos, bullies / intelligence, links, learning, thinking, and more.

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Brandless romances, juries, POO and SHITTY as consecutive plays, and music

Bingos of the afternoon:

BRANDLESS (106 points) - against Will M.
ROMANCES (216 points) - against Marcy V.

High-scoring words of the afternoon:

JURIES (385 points; two 5W, hook off SPELT for a plural), COMFIT (161 points; two 2W, hook off PIKED to make PI / IT, 5L on F) - against Rebecca R.
WEFTS (126 points; two 3W), NONPAID (111 points; 5W, hook off QAT to make QI / AD) - against Lorelei M.
BRANDLESS (106 points) - against Will M. [4W, bingo]
ROMANCES (216 points) - against Marcy V. [two 4W, bingo]
FAMOUS (178 points), SATISFY (321 points; 3W) - against Deni L. [crazy homemade board]

I played SHITTY off Jill C.'s play of POO - how quirky, haha! :D

SO MUCH GOOD MUSIC... but can't sing! Ugh! Discussed tabs, cleaning up, browsers, Alice Cooper (albums / tribute bands / radio shows), Rush, Tom Petty, the Clash, actors, P.O.D.'s YOUTH OF THE NATION, persona, Jesus / magicians / pastors / witch doctors / shamans / math, Charles Babbage's BIG computer taking up several city blocks, science fiction, rambling, disturbing comics with demons, and more.

Decided to spontaneously go to the library since I had to do a couple of things, and now I'm on STEIN. At least I let Teunis know this time that I was going out, unlike last week... haha. Encountered a washroom with no toilet paper, and also read about the streaker at the Lions game who's been banned from the stadium. HA! Borrowed True Crime, True North: The Golden Age of Canadian Pulp Magazines (Carolyn Strange, Tina Loo) while I was here. And there's ANOTHER old guy - or maybe it's the same one - who fancies himself a stand-in for the actual library staff. COME ON! He bugged some little kids and some teens who were making a bit of noise conversing about games, and glared at them! Oh, and he actually pushed in other people's chairs when he left the computer room - I think that's a sign of a control freak. Since one of the two main reasons I went over here was to access my LJ tags page for a bunch of entries FOR my tags (since the tags page now refuses to fully load at home no matter what browser I use), I think I'll leave now. Should be in time for the C94, anyway...

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Orzo, Nancy, and Janie Jones / Your pets are NOT your kids! / Utah Name

High-scoring words of the morning:

ORZO (315 points) - against Heather R. [5W used twice, 4W, hook off STORED to make OD]
JORDAN (144 points) - against Doris D. [two 3W] {a good deficit-erasing word!}
RAISINS (112 points) - against Angela V. [4W, two 2W]

Teunis and I discussed Nancy Sinatra, dating, noise, punk rock, banana loaf, cookies, and more last night. Once he got up, we talked about pay parking / storage / SFU / realizations sinking his grandiose plans for today / exhaustion / transcripts / butter / strawberry jam / pieces of bread / Rammstein's DU HAST / rice / starch / money / meat / the TORMENT that I'm going through since he's playing so much good stuff that I just CAN'T SING ALONG TO! (he will NOT thank me, TRUST ME!) Turns out that "Janie Jones" is a fake profile. She spent way too much time playing games, but made a big declaration that she wasn't going to do that anymore... hahaha, I can relate! Of course, she complimented me on my excellent taste when I said that I was listening to "her" right then. :D

I also don't get how people can refer to their pets as their kids - that isn't acceptable unless the pets in question are young goats! Honestly, it reminds me of the discussion that Jen and I were having about people who carry around their small dogs in their purses, and refer to them as their children! Ugh. You shouldn't be allowed to do that... what if you have both kids AND pets? If you go around doing that, people will think you're referring to your actual CHILDREN... you know, the HUMAN kind!

Your Utah Name is Angelyn Idonna

"I am the last leaf on the tree, and the wind is blowing."

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Wise frozen bravado in Laura's forge of wieners and pathos! / Black tea

Interesting racks of the night: DRAWRIND, against Matthew S. [read this as "draw rind"] / GOATSHIP, against Dawn W. [read this as "goat ship"]

High-scoring words of the night:

WISES (152 points) - against Judy A. [two 4W, hook off TOTAL for a plural]
FROZE (720 points) - against Beth M. [4W, two 3W]
BRAVADO (286 points) - against Nancy A. [two 4W, hook off MI to make AMI]
ELISION (164 points) - against Rhonda P. [two 4W, hook off BREW for a plural]
FORGE (150 points; 3W, 5W; a good deficit-erasing word!), INPUT (550 points; 4W, 5W, 3W, hook off BIMBO to make OI) - against Scott F.
PIA (165 points) - against Wendy H. [two 5W - one used twice, hook off DAK to make AD]
WIENER (100 points; 5W, 2W), OAKEN (200 points; 5W, 4W; a good deficit-erasing word!) - against Ashley H.
NOTIFY (135 points) - against Sharon R. [two 3W]
PATHOS (292 points) - against Dawn W. [two 4W - one used twice, hook off LOVER to make PLOVER]
HEROIN (108 points) - against Dianne S. [two 3W] {a good deficit-erasing word!}
ZAPPY (126 points) - against Sandra R. [3W, 2L on P, 4L on P] {a good deficit-erasing word!}
GYRI (100 points) - against Sylvia C. [2W, 5W used twice]
LAURA (160 points) - against Baz W. [2W, two 4W] {a good deficit-erasing word!}

Learned that Teunis always liked the Shadow, which was apparently one of the main inspirations for THE RED PANDA - nice, nice. I also thought I lost a whole bunch of bookmarks, but they were still on the computer... PHEW! They were in the "Saved Tabs" thing for some reason!

Trivia fact for Monday, July 19: What is black tea known as in China? Red tea - or hong cha. Westerners refer to the tea by the color of its leaves; the Chinese refer to it by the color of the drink.

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

I wouldn't want to run in MY underwear - how about you?

I thought Teunis might still be sleeping when I got home, but he turned out to be awake after all. My first priority was catching up with my friends list, Facebook, and email... thanks for the 45 comments, MANDY! (a_phoenixdragon) We discussed running in your underwear (too exhibitionist for ME), Middle Eastern underwear, (old-time) radio shows, friends at the Ren Faire, Kaili being Scottish, crepes, showering, FLYING PANDA and RED SQUIRREL, voice familiarity, and random stuff. Also talked about my computer not restarting since he did stuff with the RAM, SFU / storage / transcripts / studying / transcripts, lung damage, gameplay background, sounds, BIOSHOCK, dust, background noise, exhaustion, cigarette smoke, allergies, playing games in which you don't care if you destroy stuff, WOW, podcasts, the weather, and more.

I did actually figure out who Nathan's friend Leo Chang is - he thought I was someone else with the same name, but this guy had told him that he would NEVER use Facebook! Hahaha, it's all good... but still doesn't explain why his name sounded familiar anyway!

I hear that Mom chastised my sister for not putting OFF on her latest mosquito bite! Um, that would be PAINFUL since it's right in the CRACK! Then she offered to put AFTERBITE there FOR her... uh, yeah... probably NOT happening!

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Courage Wolf, Advice Dog, INCEPTION, and Mr. Creep NOT growing on me!

As I was about to call Eric to see where he was, he called me at 9:05. Good thing I was in the other room at the time, although I'm pretty sure the phone ringing wouldn't have woken Teunis up! He said that he, Randal, Jen, Christon, Edison, Christon, Karen, Lincoln, Dylan, Deb, and Mr. Creep were at the hiking program yesterday. I have NO idea why Mr. Creep would have been there, since he doesn't really seem like the hiking type unlike the rest of the people. (not that I know EDISON well, but anyway...) However, it's a good thing I wasn't there since I really don't want him to see me be a total wimpy klutz on the trail! I don't like him, so I shouldn't necessarily CARE what he thinks, but there it is. Also discussed Billie coming over, who I'd sit beside today, shorts, Calla and Stanford's wedding dinner, Know Your Meme, the DOUBLE RAINBOW song / meme, Auto-Tuning my weird reactions ("Buildings! YAY! Look, Eric!"), people being "too new" for me to hit on (AS IF!), the JOKER theme, and the word "impediment" being used in a wedding context in CORONATION STREET.

I saw Harmony when I got to the sanctuary, so asked her how moving went yesterday. Apparently, she and Jon moved everything except the kitchen stuff and the piano! They had to call Jeremy to see whether the piano could mathematically fit in their place, since the movers were having trouble with the thing, which is now at our parents' place. (he gave them short notice about it, but it's not like you can plan for these things a week or so in advance!) Steph told me that she'd gotten a mosquito bite in a MOST AWKWARD place - let's just say that you can't really spray OFF there...

She'd gone camping on Friday with a bunch of Alliance people (from her Ultimate team) who all seem to know Harmony's brother Myles. Steph was surprised that they didn't know who Jon was, but as soon as she mentioned who his wife is... "OH YEAH! WE KNOW HER BROTHER!" Hahaha! Apparently, this one-day camping trip was in preparation for a 28-kilometer hike up Garibaldi next week which will take six days or something - WOW! Joey said that he'd been to the morning service since he didn't have a ride, and someone joked that he should go to the Mandarin or afternoon CSC service to complete his experience, haha! Of course, he declined this ridiculous suggestion!

Went to sit with Jeremy (who said work had been busy yesterday), and Ivan's brother Nathan - yes, the lazy people are back! The sermon touched on multi-culturalism, defining ourselves by the language we speak, and trying some bold experiment or other. Every time something was mentioned about a eunuch, Steph was glad Nathan To was back - "MEMBER?! COME ON, JUST LAUGH!" When Pastor John said that we were mostly Asian, Steph / Jon / Nathan / I all looked at Jeremy and laughed. Christon announced the newcomers' lunch, so I asked Eric about it later since he was doing sound - since he was going, I would do so as well. Makes sense!

Later, Jason gave me his and Karen's wedding invitation. Cute idea - it was in a small box and made up like an actual medical prescription that you'd get at the pharmacy. YEAST INFECTION, indeed! It fits, since Karen's in pharmacy! The wedding is a week before Calla and Stanford's, and I'll have to get a ride to Ryerson Church and the dinner somehow... I have NO idea who's invited to this thing! Maybe Helen K., I don't know! Said hi to Jordan, who rudely informed me that he / Thomas / Nina / Emily / Gerard were talking, so I told him that this was rude behavior. He didn't seem to get it, though. After being the first one to get the coffee, I saw them at the snack table. I kept a close eye on them since Mr. Creep was helping with the snacks - at least I got ONE pickle chip before he got some from the bag. At that point, I refused to get any more snacks of any sort! Nina, Emily, and Gerard told me that Jordan had stolen a coffee creamer from the snack table - I asked what he was going to do with that, and his brother Thomas said that he'd drink it. EWWWW!

Talked to Auntie Ying, Auntie Kathy, and Chrystal for a bit - no, I am not getting replaced! Discussed Teunis, Billie coming over, and other things. Jeremy wondered why the radio was playing the DOUBLE RAINBOW meme, so I told him that they'd gotten the guy who did it for an interview. "I'd like to clear up two common misconceptions - I was NOT high, and I was NOT having sex!" Jeremy then said that it was a "nature-gasm" ... SO TRUE, haha! He also recommended that Jon and Harmony get something to cover up the blank wall of their new bedroom so they'd have something to look at while lying in bed - good idea!

I managed to talk to Christon while he and Dylan were in the kitchen - it was fine if I came for the Newcomers Lunch, so I told my sister that as well. She said that I should find a newcomer - sure, but I'm more comfy with people I know and like! Said hi to Anita, and noticed her baby Joanna crying... apparently, she couldn't sleep! Steph was saying that she wanted to be mushy with Mom since she hadn't seen her in a week, but Mom said that she'd seen her on Tuesday - hahaha, OUCH! Saw Ian and his brother Sean L. on my way to the stairs, so YAY!

Soon afterwards, I went upstairs to the Toddler Sunday School to see Jason back from China / Ada / Ashley / Conor / Amos / Evelyn / David / Ramen / Shira. I returned the Bible and Awana handbooks to Conor, who promptly took his brother Sean's stuff to his classroom's teacher. Only then did I tell Auntie Ying that I'd picked up the kids' things up two weeks ago, but hadn't given it back till just then. She thanked me, at least - later, the kids' mom Pauline said she had gone back to the classroom, and couldn't find the items! Yeah, because I PICKED IT UP! She also thanked me, which was what I expected. Talked to the kids about "L" shapes made out of blocks, drawings, crayons, colors, Noah's Ark, and other things. Amos seemed to remember something when I said hi to him, so handed me a yellow-and-white hat with a little belt on it. I had to ask him for the red plastic bag it had come from, haha! Later, his mom Jennifer said I could exchange it within seven days since they had a wide selection - I think I'll just keep it, as I don't really see myself going to Metrotown this week and trying to find TOTO Fashion Boutique! I think this is a "thank you for the Transformers birthday gift that you gave Amos, even though he said he's not allowed any more" kind of thing, haha!

After that, I went downstairs to the lunch. Steph said that she'd gone grocery shopping at the Chinese supermarket (always get produce there!) and put things away before heading back to church. Good thing she lives pretty close by NOW! I asked if she'd seen Grandma, and she said that she had - I'd go to say hi, but Mom was there. The less interaction I have with HER, the better for my mental health - and reconciliation has NOTHING to do with it! Talked to Jessica, Andrea Lau, Eric, Christon, Jeremy, Darren, Joshua, Keenan, Mattias, Ivan, Nathan, and others: Mattias looked so cute when he was trying to play the drums! When I brought up problem tenants who are also friends, BUT who are three months behind in their rent, that sparked a discussion about problem tenants who totally mess up common areas and cause the garburator to overflow / clog! Also discussed golfing, INCEPTION, London, being Asian and not taking the last piece / item on the plate, Ireland, family dinners, Fellowship, what we'd been up to recently, summer school, green wraps, spicy tomato-basil summer soups, sandwiches, rice wraps, salt, pepper, oil, strawberries, grapes, chocolate milk, and more. I did learn the newcomer Amanda's name, finally. When the newcomers were asked to introduce themselves ("it's the least you can do for a free lunch!"), Mr. Creep said his Chinese name and added that he'd grow on us. NOT ON ME, IF I CAN HELP IT! NEVER!

Later, I asked Eric if he were ready to go. He pretty much was, so homeward bound we were! Discussed my feelings about Mr. Creep, DARKWING DUCK theme song, tempting fate, INCEPTION, seizing the cheese at McDonald's, the Advice Dog / Courage Wolf memes, WORLD OF WARCRAFT, "knowing fear as I have!", the children, my "paranoia," TORCHLIGHT / BIOSHOCK, and more. Also figured out that we're doing an Uncle Stephen talk on Friday, and that Eric IS going to Calla and Stanford's wedding dinner... SWEET! I don't have to put myself in an awkward situation!

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Yummy Cupcakes / U.S. Navy Magazine

I went to bed "early" at just past midnight, figuring that Teunis is a grown man, and had the keys in any event when he chose to get home from Ren Faire out in the boonies of Langley. Guess I was more tired than I thought, because it DIDN'T take me nigh on an hour to fall asleep - yay! As I thought, he came home somewhere between midnight and 8 AM, haha - he's definitely not up for church, in more than one sense of the word!

You Crave Friendship

You are a kind-hearted and compassionate person. Nothing matters more to you than human connection.

You are as generous as you can be. You enjoy giving to others, and you don't expect anything in return.

You consider yourself lucky to have the friends that you have, and you're always looking to strengthen those bonds.

You stay engaged and interested in other people's lives. You are one of the few out there who truly cares.

Trivia fact for Sunday, July 18: What is the name of the official magazine of the U.S. Navy? All Hands.

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