Saturday, June 26, 2004

Viridian Room

finally finished the Viridian Room at about 8:30..
even with the walkthroughs online, it took six hours..
had breaks for dinner / TV / figuring out certain things in the game / restarting the browser..
I'd play the Blue Chamber, but it's not available now..
maybe later on, or in two weeks.. no big hurry, aye? ;)

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Unreliable people

got to church, only to find that people had left already..
I *told* them to wait for me, damn the unreliable friends!
Lesley, Dylan, Derek, Billy, Stella, and Randal were still there; that was a very fortunate thing for me..
we went to eat something at a Chinese restaurant..
discussed politics, which exacerbated my headache..
luckily, Billy and Stella gave me a ride home.. it's sort of on the way to White Rock..
Dylan told me to give my siblings and Eric heck later on..
Jon was at the jazz festival; Steph and Eric were too damn impatient to wait around.. I think I will indeed!
maybe I will need the pub atmosphere tomorrow with Yazmine, if we end up going to distract her from stuff..
not in a favorable mood just now, so you'd best watch out!

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Friday, June 25, 2004

Daimasu and Book Warehouse

spent some time with Yazmine in town today.. woohoo!
went to the library, Future Shop, Daimasu, Book Warehouse, and various shops around the Broadway area..
it was good seeing her again after three months..
picked up three library books, and the new Matt Good CD..
(no exhaustive writing about it like with Avalanche :P)
had Daimasu food for dinner, so I hope Sean doesn't pick it as a place to go to after Fellowship tonight..
we had fun with each other.. might be together tomorrow..
and that's about it from me for now.. over and out! :D

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Brain running out of power

nothing really to say at the current moment..
I think my brain has run out of power somehow..
don't know if that's a good thing for tonight..
guess you'll have to come back later for substance..
at least I'll be meeting Yazmine for some fun times..
probably I will be seeing my other friends later..
ah, the Awana summer break is certainly upon us..
I'll miss the kids, but it'll be refreshing for me!

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Friday Five: Being nice, wishes, regrets, and accomplishment

Friday Five: Being nice, wishes, regrets, and accomplishment

1. What is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for you?

There are plenty of nice things people have done for me, and I don't know if I can single any of them out as the "nicest." Am I still giving these people major props of gratitude for them? Not sure... but I will try. ;)

Let's see... there WAS that surprise birthday party that wasn't actually a surprise! *laugh*

2. What's the nicest thing you've done for someone else?

Similarly, I've done plenty of nice things for other people. I don't know if I can single any of them out as the "nicest," unless these people are still giving me major props of gratitude for them! ;)

Let's see... there was that surprise birthday party I organized for my sister.. although her initial reaction was: "I am SO PISSED OFF!!!" (uh, nice reaction there! :P)

3. What one thing do you wish you had done?

In what context? Horribly vague question.. :P

Seriously: Too many to count.. but here's one. Not keeping in touch with my high school friends for more than a couple years after graduation. (but then my life was not exactly the greatest at that point, either!)

4. What is your biggest regret?

Not telling someone how I really felt about him, even though we're friends now. *sigh*

5. What is your greatest accomplishment?

I don't think I have any, to be honest... I'd say graduating high school, but that was ten years ago now. Let's see... probably getting out of the environment at home and learning to be a little more independent, if that counts. :D

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Thursday, June 24, 2004

Oyster crackers

Corey showed me pictures of oyster crackers tonight..
they certainly didn't look like anything in the store!
he really doubts they're a USA-only thing, though..
talked to Yazmine tonight, as well.. vented about annoying people such as her brother, men, unhelpful clerks, etc.
we're getting together tomorrow.. haven't seen her in three months, and I have stuff to do around there anyhow..
we're not going to fake happiness in a negative world! ;)

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Mocking Jim with a Text Twist high score!

Jim gave me my first laugh of the day.. I *will* survive!
"You are mocking me with the 257,110 score on Text Twist. My highest is still 107,760. Damn you!! Must practice..."
HAHAHAHAHA... I have missed that dude tons lately..
right now, I'm talking to BigDaiv about stuff as well..
availability is indeed a good thing for me, hahaha! :)

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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Steak and salad

just went to Boston Pizza for some steak and salad..
what can I say, it's another monthly treat to myself ;)
went to London Drugs and bought a greeting card / some peanut butter Chips Ahoy / some Nabisco Honey Maid graham wafers..
I haven't had those wafers in such a long time!
talked a bit to people this morning.. it was all right..
should definitely work on being more accessible, though..
and now I have random AIM messages from people who are up to no good.. bringing up past incidents with malice, even!
those people were blocked once I found out their true agenda and motivation.. focus on happier things ;)
no, those things do not involve detachable showerheads! :P

Note: LJ Friend-O-Meter Go-Quiz.

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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Newest photos!

Definitely a cute photo. ;)

See the second guy, the one in red? For some reason, he reminds me of Sean Penn in Mystic River. Of course, this could be because I just watched the movie this past weekend.

Another photo of the band Booster, taken by Spoz. Thanks to Kempy for including these photos in his Furry Red Records mailing list.. even though I won't ever be able to make it to any of the gigs in Adelaide. ;)

I'm on the list because he really likes me a lot, and he thinks I'm pretty damn hot. (yeah, I know it rhymes.. get over it :P)

Snagged this one from a journal a while back.. I like the picture!

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Online games links

seems I'm still full of online games, even though I'm not at the townhouse.. go figure :P
the Viridian Room is the sequel to the Crimson Room..
Mysteries of Time and Space is a Crimson Room-like game..
here's some help for the latter if you need some hints..
have fun playing the games, kiddies.. I'm outta here!

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Furry Red Records... I'm pretty damn hot!

today, I had more time to do some stuff.. woohoo! ;)
talked to Snoopy for a while about the escalator thread..
Kempy sent me another Furry Red Records email..
I'm on the list because he thinks I'm pretty damn hot..
I know he really likes me, and I'm fine with that..
definitely strictly platonic, as he has a girlfriend..
besides, he's in Adelaide.. definitely no chance there!
ah well, it's a good thing I have lots of friends ;)

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Your lines are fresh and original... not!

finally home, after being rushed out of the townhouse..
I hate that when it happens, and they definitely know it..
talking to Corey and Erik about a variety of things..
Corey says I should stop knowing what he's going to say..
he wants his lines to be fresh and original to me each and every time he says them.. he's out of luck! :P
stinky towns aren't exactly the best thing, either..
at least there's a variety of topics with these two! :)

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Monday, June 21, 2004

Horoscope quizzes from Blogthings!

You are 33% Aries

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You are 27% Leo

You are 60% Taurus

You are 87% Virgo

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You are 53% Libra

You are 60% Pisces

You are 53% Sagittarius

You are 60% Scorpio

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Pikopiko Hammer

I've been playing the heck out of online games while here..
Text Twist, the Sloyd Cube Game, the Crimson Room, Bookworm, Pikopiko Hammer.. they've all been fun!
I got 257,110 in Text Twist / Level 5 in Pikopiko Hammer / 89,260 in Bookworm..
I'm going to have to give them up when I get home.. they'll totally fry my computer..
darn Corey for turning me on to Popcap games last night! :P
at least I have Group Hug to read at home..
and it's a darned good thing that Larry emailed me back..
maybe we CAN get together before my Toronto trip.. yay!

Note: LJ Best Friend Common Interests Meme.

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Sunday, June 20, 2004

Eric's Rialto!

it was so hot today.. thank goodness for Eric's Rialto! ;)
talked to Phil, Emily, Melia, Dawn, Vania, Eric, + others..
Father's Day and the Asian culture thing, the weather, life, plans, updates, vermicelli, chopstick rage, annuals, etc.
had a good time with Ian, too.. he recognizes / likes me!
those of us who were at movie night were SO sleepy..
but at least it was a lo-fi day.. back home tomorrow!

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