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Archives and records for Word Twist!

List written on October 27, 2008. This is as accurate as I can make it. This game definitely reminds me of Text Twist! A bingo in this one is defined as getting all the words in a particular round, which is sweet. To make it easier on myself when hosting games, the time limit should be three minutes - I care not whether it's six or seven letters, or about the number of rounds. BOLDED PEOPLE ARE MY FACEBOOK / REAL-LIFE FRIENDS!

Support explained that Word IQ is calculated by the number of words found divided by all the possible answers. Don't play anonymous "Facebook Users" - too annoying! The games page maxes out at THIRTY! In cases where the game is abandoned, I'll consider myself to have won by default. :P

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Regular Word Twist buddies: Josephine S., Danielle L., Gretchen L., David L., Shelley R.-B., Alice P., Sara H., Angela V., Kathy T., Chrissy S., Jessica G. (11)

Multi-player games: me (1), Robin H., Adela S., Caitlin S.
Shannon G., Emma F., me (1)


Abby H. 1-0 [Howell]
Al G. 1-0 [Green]
Alanna J. 1-0 [Jung]
Alexandra C. 1-0 [Collis]
Alice P. 1-0 [Poland]
Alicia T. 1-0 [Thomas]
Alisha H. 1-0 [Hampton]
Alison K. 1-0 [Kitchener]
Allen A. 2-0 [Ament] (found me again on HOST TABLE)
Amy H. 1-0 [Harrison]
Amy H. 1-0 [Kowhai Howie]
Andrea M. 1-0 [Mallette]
Andrea N. 1-0 [Neve]
Andrea W. 2-0 [Wittenborn] (started two games against me)
Angela V. 3-0 [VanArragon]
Ann P. 0-2 [Payton] (found me again on HOST TABLE)
Anna B. 1-0 [Beall]
Arlene F. 1-1 [Fairfield] (found me again on HOST TABLE)
Ashlee Z. 1-0 [Zaucha]
Ashley R. 1-0 [Russell]
Asia R. 1-0 [Ritchey]


Betty C. 1-0 [Cecconi]
Blanca V. 1-0 [Verlezza] {girl}
Brandi S. 0-1 [Lawton Soto]
Brandy C. 1-0 [Bresenhan Craig]
Brian R. 1-0 [Rooney]
Bridget W. 1-0 [Walsh]


Cardell T. 1-0 [Turner] {guy}
Carol C. 1-0 [Crifo]
Cathy H. 0-1 [Hock]
Chris W. 3-0 [Woodrich]
Chrissy S. 2-0 [Savva]
Christina D. 1-0 [D'Allesandro]
Christine N. 1-0 [Carucci Newman]
Cindy P. 1-0 [Pratt]
Cindy T. 1-0 [Tzortzis]
Cory C. 1-0 [Card]
Crystal W. 1-0 [White]
Cynthia O. 1-0 [Okirie]


Dallas H. 1-0 [Howell]
Danielle L. 2-1 [Leblanc Lowry]
David L. 2-0 [Littlefair]
Dawn R. 1-0 [Rodrigues]
Deanna J. 1-0 [Derksen Jensen]
Deb V. 1-0 [Koeppen Vega]
Debbie K. 1-0 [Knopf]
Debra B. 1-0 [Butterfield]
Denise H. 2-0 [Hewitt] (started two games against me)
Denise S. 2-0 [Oskvarek Schairer] (tried avenging her initial loss)
Derek H. 1-0 [Hendry]
Diana G. 0-1 [Gabrelcik]
Diana Z. 1-0 [Zankowsky]
Diane S. 1-0 [Stoddard]
Donna C. 0-1 [Cutting]


Elaine T. 1-0 [Thomason]
Elayne N. 0-1 [Nusbaum]
Eldon G. 1-0 [Graves]
Ellen B. 1-0 [Bullard]
Eoin O. 0-1 [O'Hara]


Fiona B. 0-1 [Bainbridge]
Fran L. 1-0 [Lovric]


Gemma H. 0-1 [License]
Gina N. 0-1 [Nathan]
Ginny S. DRAW [Supranowitz]
Glenn H. DRAW [Hutton]
Gretchen L. 2-0 [Lowe]
Guy T. 1-0 [Tully]


Hash A. 1-0 [Altamimi]
Hayley L. 1-0 [Littlefield]
Holly N. 1-0 [Nichols]




Jacob G. 1-0 [Good]
Jami H. 1-0 [Hill]
Jan O. 1-0 [O'Donnell] {girl}
Jane C. 1-0 [Collins]
Janet F. 1-0 [Fisher]
Jason V. 1-0 [Van Beck]
Jeanne P. 1-0 [Paterson]
Jeannie S. 2 DRAWS [Simmons] (found me again on HOST TABLE)
Jeff M. 1-0 [McCutchon]
Jennie C. DRAW [Kurtz Coutanche]
Jennifer S. 1-0 [Wright Stelmach]
Jenny S. 1-0 [Swarbrick]
Jessica G. 3-0 [Goh]
Jodi O. 1-0 [Anderson Oster]
John H. 1-0 [Headrick]
Josephine S. 5-0 [Kirk Scott] (dared to nudge me!)
Josh V. 0-1 [Van Bruggen] (I suspect him of cheating) NEVER PLAY AGAINST HIM AGAIN!
Judy P. 2-0 [Plapinger] (found me again on HOST TABLE)
Julie L. 1-0 [Lowe]


Karen H. 1-0 [Hanley]
Karen P. 1-0 [Parker]
Karen S. 1-0 [Snell]
Kate S. 1-0 [Sweitzer]
Kathy T. 1-0 [Thompson]
Kelly I. 1-0 [Ireland]
Kent S. 1-0 [Smith]
Kim F. 1-0 [Farmer]
Kris L. 1-0 [Bennett LaBrake] {girl}
Krista M. 1-0 [Starzynski Mettler]
Kristian B. 1-0 [Bennett] (dared to nudge me!)
Kurt C. DRAW [Culler]


LaTonya W. 1-0 [Wright]
Laura G. 2-0 [Goldberg] (found me again on HOST TABLE)
Laura P. 1-0 [Patrie]
Laurie L. 1-0 [Leaf]
Lesley B. 1-0 [Bracker]
Linda M. 0-1 [McKenzie]
Lindsay M. 2-0 [Moore] (started two games against me)
Lisa O. 1-0 [Cirillo Ormsby]
Lori R. 1-0 [Roush]
Louise S. 2-0 [Swatkins] (started two games against me)


Marcelle B. 1-0 [Bouganim]
Marie V. 1-0 [Vera]
Marilyn D. DRAW [Dash]
Marla S. DRAW [Strick]
Marsha J. 1-0 [James]
Martha M. 1-0 [Molchan]
Martha S. 1-0 [Smith]
Matthew M. 2-0 [Melner] (tried avenging his initial loss)
Melanie L. 1-0 [Lloyd]
Melissa H. 0-1 [Hannon]
Michael L. 1-0 [Leimbek]
Michele B. 0-1 [Barnett]
Michele G. 1-0 [Garrity]
Michelle M. 1-0 [Sevelin McCrae]
Michelle W. 1-0 [Watson]
Mike L. 1-0 [Lindgren]
Miranda C. 1-0 [Chatigny]
Miranda J. 0-1 [Jackson]


Nancy A. 1-0 [Amdur]
Nicholas Vincent L. 1-0 [Lombardo]
Nicole M. 1-0 [Mahre]
Nina H. 1-0 [Huynh]




Patricia M. 1-0 [McLoughlin]




Rachel K. 1-0 [Ka]
Rachel Z. 1-0 [Zsiga] (dared to nudge me!)
Randy R. 1-0 [Raetz]
Raymond C. 1-0 [Cheung] {turned out to be a total asshole!}
Rebecca T. 1-0 [Torres DellAnno]
Reid H. 1-0 [Hunter]
Renee S. 1-0 [Sapp]
Rhonda C. 1-0 [Crofoot]
Richard R. 1-0 [Rand]
Robin H. 2-0 [Holmes] {}
Rollo Wes R. 1-0 [Rutter]
Roni B. 1-0 [Lowen Barber]
Russ S. DRAW [Skinner]


Samantha F. 1-0 [Sherwood Fenske]
Sandi C. 1-0 [Cooper]
Sandi L. 1-0 [Lopez]
Sandra Merle R. 1-0 [Ress]
Sara H. 1-0 [Henceroth]
Shannon K. 1-0 [Klatt]
Sharon C. 1-0 [Cox]
Shelley R.-B. 3-0 [Ryder-Baraton]
Shelly D. 1-0 [Dunnion]
Simon T. 1-0 [Thomas]
Skye D. 0-1 [Douglass] {remembered from Wordscraper}
Stephanie R. 1-0 [Snyder Ricci]
Sue H. 0-1 [Keyzer Henry]
Sunny F.-R. 1-1 [Fox-Roper] (avenged her initial loss because of some STUPID "inadvertent clicking out of the round" on my part!)
Susanne H. 1-0 [Hagen]
Suzanne G. 1-0 [Grundy]


Tabitha B. 1-0 [Bynum]
Tammy M. 1-0 [MacLean-Hurshman]
Tammy W. 1-0 [DeLee Watson]
Tania H. DRAW [Hutchison]
Tania Z. DRAW [Zink]
Tattie Salas H. 0-1 [Honosutomo] {girl}
Thomas M. 2-0 [Morrison] (found me again on HOST TABLE)
Thomas R. 1-0 [Richardson]
Tim H. 1-0 [Harlow]
Tim K. 1-0 [Keenan]
Timothy S. 1-0 [Sawchak]
Traci M. DRAW [Moore]
Tricia C. 0-1 [Chidwick]
Tyanne P. 1-0 [Peebles]




Val H. 1-0 [Hampson]
Viv W. 1-0 [Willmott]









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