Saturday, March 05, 2005

Highlights of the church's 30th anniversary dinner

Highlights of the church's 30th anniversary dinner:

* an overview of the church's history
* a slide show featuring the old-timers at VERY young ages
* Sean saying that my birthday card meant a lot to him
* said card was also the only one he received.. no joke!
* talking to Fidela about her reading break
* discussing psychology, imagination, and philosophy with Audrey
* Irene saying that hand cream would work for my face
* rehashing the "squid fried rice" email with Dylan
* seeing certain people I haven't seen in ages
* generally being around all my friends!

What alien race are you?


You are a stealthy, man-hunting, killing machine. Nice one. Good luck with the skull fetish.

Personality Test Results

Click Here to Take This Quiz
Brought to you by quizzes and personality tests.

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Karma, Extrovert / Introvert, Dying Age, LION KING character, more quizzes

You Have Good Karma

In general, you like to do the right thing when it comes to others.

Your caring personality really shines through.

Sure, you have your moments of weakness -- and occasionally act out.

But, all in all, your karma is good... even with those few dark spots.

You Are 20% Extrovert, 80% Introvert

You are quite reserved
You aren't afraid of social situations...
But you very much prefer to go it alone.
And why not? You're your own best friend!

You Will Die at Age 70


You're pretty average when it comes to how you live...

And how you'll die as well.

You scored as Simba. You are Simba! You've suffered immense hardships, but you can see the larger picture, realizing that there is light at the end of the tunnel as long as you continue on. Family and best friends are sacred to you, and you would leap to defend them at any time, at whatever cost. You also have a tendency to be sentimental, sometimes allowing your emotions to supersede your better judgement. And yet, at other times, you're not enough in tune with your emotions. You need to find an equal balance between faith and logic. You're still great overall, though!





















Which Lion King Character Are You?
created with

Take the quiz:
Are you truly in love?

high school crush
they're cute, but who knows.

Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

All of the possible quiz results for this quiz:

* puppy love (You scored 0)
* high school crush (You scored 1)
* warm flame (You scored 1)
* head over heels (You scored 0)
* Truly, madly, deeply in love (You scored 0)

Way to make me think of Savage Garden. :P

Take the quiz:
What are you?!

Angel Of Faith
You are one of the higher Angels of God. That means you bring a big amount of life with you wherever you may go, and you never seen too unsure or unhappy. You are pleased with the things you do, and no one else can bring you down! Kudos!! It takes a very special person to be an Angel Of Faith!

Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

All of the possible quiz results for this quiz:

* Angel Of Faith (You scored 2)
* Miracle Worker (You scored 1)
* True Believer (You scored 2)
* Lost in Love (You scored 1)
* Dreamer (You scored 2)

Take the quiz:


Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

All of the possible quiz results for this quiz:

* Kenny (You scored 1)
* Kyle (You scored 0)
* Cartman (You scored 1)
* Stan (You scored 0)
* Butterz (You scored 1)

Take the quiz:
Which Personality are you?


Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

All of the possible quiz results for this quiz:

* Punk (You scored 2)
* Girl / Guy next door (You scored 2)
* Nerdy (You scored 1)
* Nice (You scored 0)
* Bitch (You scored 0)

Take the quiz:
How do you think?

Wow - you either know me very well, or you and I think very alike. Either one is pretty scary...

Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

All of the possible quiz results for this quiz:

* Wow (You scored 5)
* Well (You scored 2)
* Whoa (You scored 1)
* Wait (You scored 2)

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"Stop Me Before I Buy Books Again!" (books, World of Warcraft, basketball, Chinese, and more)

I saw my old church friend Lavone on the bus today quite unexpectedly. We spent the entire ride talking about old church people, people getting married and having babies, your old friends becoming intern pastors (Joe Yu in my case, Daniel Louie in hers), people leaving over what happened last year, growing up in the church, her dad's passing away years ago, my very good memory, funerals, our families, her husband, and other things. It was very nice talking to her, and this proves I haven't lost my knack for talking to people like I thought I might have. :P

I spent a pleasant afternoon and evening in the bookstore, mainly because I missed my best friend Yazmine due to a misremembering on my part. I'm a liability in the bookstore, and am surprised that I only left with three books. Of course I wanted to get more, but I don't have any money to buy up the entire place! Reminds me of a game I played years ago, where you put a price value on things and bid on them. As I recall, buying all the books you ever wanted to read would only cost you $25. If only that really were the case.... but at least I used my "$10 off a purchase of $50 or more" coupon before it expired! (although it belatedly occurred to me that I should also have bought some bookmarks, as I have this terrible habit of dog-earing books sometimes.. next week!)

I finished My Life Among the Serial Killers: Inside the Minds of the World's Most Notorious Murderers (one of the authors has John Wayne Gacy's brain!), briefly considered buying a LOT of the community / humor / biography / culture / music books (except that would put me in SERIOUS debt :P), came up empty on searches for the three books Farrah wanted and the ones Steve recommended to me, and eventually settled on three books. It could have been a lot more, but I was concerned about how much they'd weigh.

* The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time (I've wanted this one for some time)
* Sonic Cool: The Life & Death of Rock & Roll (my brother's going to end up borrowing this one from me; I bought it with that in mind :P)
* The Assassin's Cloak: An Anthology of the World's Greatest Diarists (sounds very interesting to me, AND it was only $12.99 discounted from the original price of $56.50!)

Went to church later on, since I'd told Eric to drive me home. Called Yazmine to apologize; good thing she's not mad at me, because I'm always afraid about that when I disappoint others and myself. Since I didn't want to waltz into Fellowship an hour or so late, I hung out in the kitchen and read the Mark Haddon book. It's a very good read so far, and I can see how my brother almost finished Dawn's copy in a whole day of being outside last summer! (I'm almost halfway through already) Citrus told me that Eric had just gotten World of Warcraft, and we joked that he'd stay up till 4 AM every night playing it. We practiced our song for tomorrow night, and we sound okay... we go up after our parents sing. I gave Dawn back the money I owed her from Sunday, although she forgot about it already since she's bad with cash that way. Maxine was pleasantly surprised when I gave her a birthday card, and Justin asked me if my siblings were coming back for the dinner: his sister Fidela gets in tonight. No, they're not... but I did update him on how they were. (it was snowing there when my mom went!)

On the way home, Eric and I rocked out to Metallica's One on the radio. Of course I remember when he, Scott, and Jon would listen to that all the time in high school at our house! When Econoline Crush's You Don't Know What It's Like came on, Eric asked me what it was like. I then responded that for me to answer that properly, he first had to define what "it" was. We had a nice discussion about falling in love and my MSN name afterwards! For some reason, that then led to a discussion of the former "Basement Bowl" (Vancouver Grizzlies vs. Toronto Raptors) and the Memphis-Toronto game tonight. He thought I was a basketball fan, which he'd never known before. I'm not, but sometimes it can be interesting. (I just looked up the score now, and the Grizzlies won 86-75)

We also discussed tomorrow night's dinner and our Sunday plans: no Sunday School because of the joint service, so the kids and everyone else can go home early or something. (Eric: "They can, but you have to have lunch with your parents!") He wondered if the toddlers knew English: some of them do, although it's true that some of them only understand Chinese or Mandarin. This turned into a good discussion of my brother's very limited knowledge of Chinese, and my grandmother's not being impressed with that. There was this time she told him that she was going to sleep in his bed, and he responded, "thank you!" Then there was the time the family was all standing around outside one of the gelato places, and he asked me to please get her attention. Once she was paying attention to him, he said this to her in German: "Hello, how are you? My name is Jon. What's your name?" He thought it would be amusing, but her reaction (after my sister got a translation of "he's talking in German" from our mom) was: "Aiya! You should speak Chinese and not German!" (he WAS taking German that summer, but still...)

Definitely good times with my friends, and more to come tomorrow!

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Friday, March 04, 2005

Yazmine / Quizzes

Darn, I missed Yazmine because I spent too much time in the bookstore... and I made a mistake on the time I was supposed to meet her at the coffee shop. It was 3, and not 3:30. I *hate* it when this happens!

This is me posting from the library, over and out.

Take the quiz:
What TV star are you?

Alf is the perfect guy. He's sarcastic and witty... and if you get him in the stuffed form, he will listen to all you have to say.

Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

All of the possible quiz results for this quiz:

* Ted Danson (You scored 1)
* Corky (You scored 1)
* Alf (You scored 2)
* Tammy Faye Baker (You scored 0)
* William Shatner (You scored 0)
* Roseanne (You scored 1)

Take the quiz:
Which Body Part Am I?

You are an Armpit. The armpit shows a lot about a person. If it is clean, then the person is thought to be good. If it is stinky, the person is shunned by classmates, and told to take a shower...

Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

All of the possible quiz results for this quiz:

* HAIR (You scored 0)
* TONGUE (You scored 0)
* NECK (You scored 0)
* NIPPLE (You scored 1)
* ARMPIT (You scored 3)
* ARM (You scored 0)
* MIDDLE FINGER (You scored 1)
* FINGERNAIL (You scored 0)
* ASS (You scored 1)
* LEG (You scored 0)
* FOOT (You scored 0)

Take the quiz:
What's wrong with you?

You're a dork
Your diagnosis: You are a total dork. Like Will Wheaton. But don't fret, you're probably pretty smart and sort of cute behind those dark-rimmed glasses... especially when you actually speak. Call me, I'll make a man out of you.

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All of the possible quiz results for this quiz:

* You're a pervert (You scored 2)
* You're a dork (You scored 3)
* You're a loser (You scored 0)
* You're normal (You scored 1)
* You're gay (You scored 2)

Take the quiz:
Are you like me? (for girls)

You are definitely like me!
CONGRATULATIONS! You are definitely like me! Great job!

Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

All of the possible quiz results for this quiz:

* You definitely aren't like me! (You scored 1)
* You sorta are like me! (You scored 0)
* You are definitely like me! (You scored 2)

Take the quiz:
What Celtic Deity are you?

(Irish, Welsh) Great Smith; one of a triad of craftsmen with Luchtaine the wright and Credne the brazier. Similar to Vulcan. He forged all the Tuatha's weapons; these weapons always hit their mark, and every wound inflicted by them was fatal. His ale gave the Tuatha invulnerablity. God of blacksmiths, weapon-makers, jewelry making, brewing, fire, metalworking. Aside from his craftsmanship, he is known as the provider of the Fled Goibnenn, a Sacred Feast. Associated, among other things, with brew-crafting, he is said to have created a brew which bestowed both immortality in battle, and release from illness and death for the one who imbibed.

Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

All of the possible quiz results for this quiz:

* Cliodna (You scored 0)
* Cernunnos (You scored 0)
* Ardwina (You scored 0)
* Arawen (You scored 0)
* Epona (You scored 2)
* Goibniu (You scored 3)
* Gwyn ap Nuad (You scored 2)
* Lugh (You scored 0)
* Math ap Mathonwy (You scored 1)
* Morgan LaFay (You scored 1)
* Taliesin (You scored 1)
* The Triple Goddess (You scored 1)

Take the quiz:
What animal are you?

You like the night sky and live in forests. Your line of defence is breathing fire at your enemies.

Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

All of the possible quiz results for this quiz:

* Dog (You scored 1)
* Dragon (You scored 3)
* Cat (You scored 0)
* Elephant (You scored 1)
* Whale (You scored 0)
* Crab (You scored 0)

Yay! This quiz knows me! :D

Take the quiz:
Which Metallica member are you?

Robert Trujillo
The new Metallica member Robert Trujillo.. well, I don't like him very much indeed.. but anyway, you're fuckin' cool!

Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

All of the possible quiz results for this quiz:

* Robert Trujillo (You scored 3)
* Kirk Hammet (You scored 1)
* James Hetfield (You scored 1)
* Lars Ulrich (You scored 2)

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Dave's thank-you card, Dave and Jon's amusing blogs, and creepy situations

I checked my mail, and found a cute thank-you card from Dave with a butterfly on it. He thanked me for the Onion book, and said he can't wait to be back with all the VCEFC folk for the summer. Those will be very fun times, and we all know it! :D

Decided to check out Dave and Jon today, and they delivered on the amusing reading. "Making a donation to the mountain of $1.68" and "The doorman thought Jeremy was 81" were the most amusing parts, in my opinion. Unless Jeremy Janzen has changed dramatically since the last time I saw him on 2 January, he doesn't even look 81! The madcap fun never stops at Chestnut... first Mom, then Jeremy. Maybe Eric M. and I will stop by next, hehe.

Now I'm talking to Dave about the card, creepy situations, tomorrow's dinner, and Til I Hear It From You by the Gin Blossoms. Random musical references rock the casbah. ;)

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1-2-3-4-5 Friday Five / Blenz

1-2-3-4-5 FRIDAY FIVE

1 thing that's on your mind right now: What I should have for lunch.
2 songs you like: Children of Bodom's Warheart and Cradle of Filth's Deleted Scenes of a Snuff Princess (yes, I've been listening to the DVD way too much ;) )
3 things that make you angry: inconsiderate people; crimes against children; invasions of privacy from people who should know better
4 things that make you happy: awesome music; good food; having nice talks with friends; reading books that allow me to escape
5 people who have made a big impact on your life: Yazmine, Eric, Phil, Nathan, Andrea

Not much time to do database work this weekend. Must go to Blenz later and meet Yazmine, then go to Fellowship. Tomorrow, there's Awana and the church's celebratory dinner for its 30th anniversary. Maybe next week... must have coffee or bubble tea sometime, too.

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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Facts About Multiples / Quizzes

Facts About Multiples is a good site to read if you want info on twins, triplets, quadruplets, etc.

I know I've mentioned "my weird twin vibe" (as Spoz likes to call it) here before, too. ;)

Two choice quotes from Corey:

"It will be cosmic retribution or a cosmic joke (or God's sense of humor) if you ever end up with multiples to parent!" (from 2001?)

"So what happens if you have a kid, and it turns out to just be one kid? Will you dump it off in a trash can and try again until there's more than one? :P You could just cut your baby in half and hope that each half regenerates another half and makes two babies." (from last night; of course I wouldn't do that, it reminds me of this story!)

Because I'm bored, here are some quizzes:

Take the quiz:
are you a freak?

total freak
you're really freaky (go get help)

Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

All of the possible quiz results for this quiz:

* total freak (You scored 3)
* you're normal (You scored 3)
* sometimes (You scored 1)

Take the quiz:
Are You Crazy About Horses?

You couldn't care less about horses!
Congratulations! You couldn't care less! You are perfectly happy without horses!

Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

All of the possible quiz results for this quiz:

* You hate horses! (You scored 0)
* You couldn't care less about horses! (You scored 2)
* You like horses! (You scored 2)
* You love horses! (You scored 0)

Take the quiz:
What color unicorn are you?

you're nice

Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

All of the possible quiz results for this quiz:

* black (You scored 0)
* white (You scored 0)
* silver (You scored 0)
* pink (You scored 0)
* purple (You scored 0)
* blue (You scored 0)
* green (You scored 0)
* yellow (You scored 0)
* orange (You scored 1)
* red (You scored 0)
* gold (You scored 0)

Take the quiz:
are you a retard


Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

All of the possible quiz results for this quiz:

* hell ya (You scored 0)
* kind of (You scored 0)
* maybe (You scored 3)
* I could consider you one (You scored 1)
* yes (You scored 0)

Take the quiz:
What kind of person are you? (in my opinion)

You're normal... I accept you! o.O

Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

All of the possible quiz results for this quiz:

* FUN! (You scored 1)
* Good! (You scored 0)
* Okay... (You scored 2)
* Too serious... o.o (You scored 0)
* OMG... Where is your humor? (You scored 1)

Take the quiz:
Which Cure Album Are You? Part One

A little bit silly, but you're still cool.

Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

All of the possible quiz results for this quiz:

* You are THREE IMAGINARY BOYS (You scored 1)
* You are BOYS DON'T CRY (You scored 1)
* You are SEVENTEEN SECONDS (You scored 3)
* You are FAITH (You scored 3)
* You are PORNOGRAPHY (You scored 1)
* You are THE WALK (okay, so it's an EP) (You scored 0)
* You are JAPANESE WHISPERS (You scored 4)

Take the quiz:
Which Cure Album Are You? Part Two

As the title would suggest, you go through more mood swings than a menopausal grandmother. However, you still kick serious ass.

Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

All of the possible quiz results for this quiz:

* You are THE TOP (You scored 2)
* You are THE HEAD ON THE DOOR (You scored 2)
* You are KISS ME KISS ME KISS ME (You scored 2)
* You are DISINTEGRATION (You scored 1)
* You are WISH (You scored 1)
* You are WILD MOOD SWINGS (You scored 4)
* You are BLOODFLOWERS (You scored 1)

Hey, cool stuff! I actually do have that one! Rock! :D

Take the quiz:
are you a pervert?

nahhh, you're normal
you're like me.... yay!

Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

All of the possible quiz results for this quiz:

* uhhhh... get away from me, you little pervert!! (You scored 0)
* sometimes (You scored 1)
* nahhh, you're normal (You scored 3)
* nah, you're just a gaywad (You scored 0)

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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Stop caring! / Quizzes on mythological beings, elves, medieval names, and right / left brains

I should stop caring about certain things, since I know he doesn't really care either. If he did, he would show it. :P

My payment for a year's paid LJ account has been received! I wish I knew how to do a great layout like certain others do. Before I work on the project today, a few quizzes:

Your medieval name is: Lisolette. Quiet and artsy,
you're different from the crowd. You have a
taste in music or art and are sometimes
depressed and private. You're naturally lovely.

What is your Medieval name?
brought to you by Quizilla

I am Legolas Greenleaf. My father is Thranduil, of
the Woodland Realm. I am the Prince of
Mirkwood. Thranduil sent me to the Council of
Elrond and I became the Elf representative in
the Fellowship of the Ring. During the Fourth
Age, I sailed to the Undying Lands with my
best friend Gimli, the Dwarf.

Which Elf Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

You are Form 3, Unicorn: The Innocent.

"And The Unicorn knew she wasn't meant to
go into the Dark Wood. Disregarding the advice
given to her by the spirits, Unicorn went
inside and bled silver blood.. For her
misdeed, the world knew evil."

Some examples of the Unicorn Form are Eve
(Christian) and Pandora (Greek).
The Unicorn is associated with the concept of
innocence, the number 3, and the element of
water. Her sign is the twilight sun.

As a member of Form 3, you are a curious
individual. You are drawn to new things and
become fascinated with ideas you've never come
in contact with before. Some people may say
you are too nosey, but it's only because you
like getting to the bottom of things and
solving them. Unicorns are the best friends to
have because they are inquisitive.

Which Mythological Form Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

You Are 45% Left Brained, 55% Right Brained

The left side of your brain controls verbal ability, attention to detail, and reasoning.
Left-brained people are good at communication and persuading others.
If you're left-brained, you are likely good at math and logic.
Your left brain prefers dogs, reading, and quiet.

The right side of your brain is all about creativity and flexibility.
Daring and intuitive, right brained people see the world in their unique way.
If you're right-brained, you likely have a talent for creative writing and art.
Your right brain prefers daydreaming, philosophy, and sports.

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Amazing Deep Sea Creatures, Flame Warriors, BBT Tally, Classic Writer / Rock Chick Quizzes

These two links courtesy of my friend Erik:

Amazing Deep Sea Creatures reminds me of things I've seen on sale at the Chinese supermarkets around here, actually... makes me hungry, too! But they're really cool, and NOT the creatures that washed up after the tsunami! (no, of course I'm not serious about eating them!)

Flame Warriors by Mike Reed... too hilarious! :D


watermelon @ Tazza (Monday, Jan. 24)
mango @ L&G Bubble Tea House (Thursday, Jan. 27)
orange @ Peanuts [Richmond Public Market] (Wednesday, Feb. 2)
cantaloupe @ L&G Bubble Tea House (Wednesday, Feb. 23)

Edgar Allan Poe.
January 19, 1809 - October 7, 1849.
"Those who dream by day are cognizant of many
things which escape those who dream only by night."
Your poetry is dark, yet still beautiful in its own
right. Your rhyme and rhythm are enchanting and
powerful. But that dark side to you may
sometimes drive people away. And yet, that's
what makes you a fantastic poet. Perhaps, if
you save all your angst for your writing and give people
a smile now and then, things would balance out.

Which Classic Writer Are You? (With Pics)
brought to you by Quizilla

Which Rock Chick Are You?
(PJ Harvey!)

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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Easily losing track of conversations, BootyBase, quizzes

According to Corey, I seem to easily lose track of conversations lately by not knowing what's going on. That may be, but at least he's given me his perspective on certain things. Funny how I realize these things after certain people shut me out. :P

I have a feeling I'll forget to eat properly today, because I'm really working hardcore on resurrecting my BootyBase... that's just Eric's name for the database I used to have, before it got wiped out in June 2003 due to a stupid error on my part.

I also wish that I had a South Park picture of me and my true friends... ah well. Something to remember on Friday: I should perhaps bring my disposable camera when I meet my best friend Yazmine at Blenz. I will also call Eric on Thursday to tell him... if I don't see him on MSN before then, of course.

That's your update for now... maybe more later if I need a break!

You scored as Labret Piercing. You probably intimidate a whole lot of people without really meaning to. If people could just get past the many tattoos, piercings, and sideburns... I'm sure they'd love you. Or still be scared, who knows.

Cartilage Piercing


Labret Piercing


Earlobe Piercing


Lip Piercing


Nose Piercing


Tongue Piercing


Belly Button Piercing




Dirty Piercings


What Piercing Are You?
created with

You scored as Jaxx. You're Jaxx!

You'd make a really good leader if you weren't so emotionally invested in everyone and everything. You take things personally, and generally have a lot of pent-up anger. However, you're still very passionate and grounded.



















The Omen


Which Child of the Revolution are you?
created with

You scored as 69 Love Songs, Volume 1. You're the most affectionate of them all. You have many friends, but is it because you're loving and caring, or is it because of your popularity which you don't like? Either way, you're very easy to get along with because of your generosity, but don't let people take advantage of that.

69 Love Songs, Volume 1




Get Lost


69 Love Songs, Volume 2


69 Love Songs, Volume 3




The Charm Of The Highway Strip


The Wayward Bus / Distant Plastic Trees


The House Of Tomorrow EP


What Album By The Magnetic Fields Are You?
created with

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Monday, February 28, 2005

Conversations with Erik: February 9 to 28, 2005

Session Start (Yahoo! - flamsterette_x:aryk29): Wed Feb 09 19:31:20 2005
*** NOTE: This user is offline. Your messages will be received when he/she logs into Yahoo! Messenger.
*** "aryk29" signed on at Wed Feb 09 19:31:35 2005.
flamsterette_x: Dunno when you'll get this, but Happy Chinese New Year! It's your year.. do what you have to. ;)
Session Close (aryk29): Wed Feb 09 19:31:47 2005

Session Start (Yahoo! - flamsterette_x:aryk29): Wed Feb 09 19:32:00 2005
aryk29: Thank you! :)
aryk29: Funny story...
aryk29: I was just watching Friends, and it ended, and I got up to get something to drink (no, not that kind :p ) and I swear I heard an IM... but Messenger wasn't even running! :O
flamsterette_x: I was just going to send you an offliner, and had no idea that you'd sign in!
aryk29: :D
aryk29: I figured maybe it was a premonition and I should go online just in case.
flamsterette_x: Hahaha. Okay then. So now that your premonition has been fulfilled in a way, what do you want me to do? Go away, never to return?
aryk29: Of course not! :p
flamsterette_x: Haha, okay.
aryk29: But if you've got other stuff to do, don't let me keep you from it. ;)
aryk29: Didn't you say you had something you wanted to discuss?
flamsterette_x: Haha, no. Just saying.
flamsterette_x: ... when?
aryk29: in one of the quiz threads...
aryk29: I took it to mean you needed someone to lend an ear :)
flamsterette_x: Hang on, me go look.
aryk29: k
flamsterette_x: Yeah, I did make that comment.
aryk29: (I was just posting in the game room :D )
aryk29: Regarding extra limbs. :p
aryk29: So anyway, yeah... I'm here :)
flamsterette_x: Extra limbs?!
aryk29: This or That. ;)
flamsterette_x: Hmm. Must be one of my crazy questions.
aryk29: :D yeah
aryk29: brb
aryk29: n/m
aryk29: that was weird
aryk29: Yahoo was showing all caps in the text pane, but it sent in lower case. For a minute, I thought my caps lock key was stuck
aryk29: Okay, so where was I - oh, also see my response to Word Association Game.
flamsterette_x: Weird.
aryk29: Yup.
flamsterette_x: Oh, see my response concerning Ciara.
aryk29: Which thread?
flamsterette_x: This one.
aryk29: <--- doesn't even know who Ciara is. *blush*
aryk29: Phoe's reaction makes me nervous, though...
flamsterette_x: I wasn't thinking of you when I made that response... but afterwards? Yeah. Sorry!
aryk29: I'm going to look for a pic...
aryk29: is this her?
aryk29: (nothing to be sorry for.)
flamsterette_x: You're on regular Yahoo, right?
aryk29: Yup.
aryk29: Did I find a pic of the right person?
flamsterette_x: Hold on.
flamsterette_x: Message me with an evil monster face.
aryk29: *sigh*
aryk29: which?
flamsterette_x: Never mind.
Session Close (aryk29): Wed Feb 09 20:31:07 2005

Session Start (Yahoo! - flamsterette_x:aryk29): Wed Feb 09 20:35:01 2005
flamsterette_x: Figured out mystery.
Session Close (aryk29): Wed Feb 09 20:35:15 2005

Session Start (Yahoo! - flamsterette_x:aryk29): Wed Feb 09 20:35:21 2005
aryk29: ?
aryk29: Yeah, that was the second one. I clicked the wrong one at first. Oops.
aryk29: So anyway, is that her?
flamsterette_x: No idea.
aryk29: Yeah, it is the right pic... just found the album at
flamsterette_x: All right then.
aryk29: See my reply. :D
flamsterette_x: That doesn't say ANYTHING!
aryk29: ?
flamsterette_x: Oh, and you CAN put the whole lyrics down on this board.
aryk29: Yeah, but I prefer not to... the way it's handled at the SDMB, I prefer to err on the side of caution. :)
aryk29: (doesn't say anything? I'm testing the waters! ;) )
flamsterette_x: Darling girl, this is NOT the SDMB!
aryk29: I know, I know :D
flamsterette_x: (and I swear I just called you a girl.. *blush* .. *ahem*.. must return to proper form now, yes.)
aryk29: It's okay. :) Anyway, it doesn't hurt to be careful, no?
flamsterette_x: Or maybe I'm slowly getting used to it... there's something to think about.
aryk29: Well after IWLN's post about a year ago, it doesn't surprise me. She seems to get the impression I give off a female vibe online, so that could be it.
flamsterette_x: Maybe. But I wouldn't have called you a girl if.. I hadn't known.
aryk29: I understand. So anyway yeah, testing the waters. Actually, I wondered if that post might have been too big a step, but then again, it says nothing specifically about me (ooh, I wasn't talking about myself! how'd that happen! :D ) so in retrospect, no, not too big a step.
aryk29: brb
flamsterette_x: Then I guess that's a good thing. Now, if you linked to that site you showed me a while ago, that would be an even bigger one. But little steps are good.
aryk29: what site, the success stories gallery?
flamsterette_x: Yeah.
aryk29: Well, if they ask... :p I dunno, maybe that one would have to be confined to sending the link by PM.
aryk29: If I were even going to link to it. Which I might, MAYBE. If someone asks.
flamsterette_x: True. It's your decision.
aryk29: And on a related note, I happen to be reading a current thread on the subject.
flamsterette_x: Heh. Synchronicity.
aryk29: :D
aryk29: Also a Police album. :D
flamsterette_x: I know. :D
aryk29: It's this one. I'm on post #113 at the moment
flamsterette_x: Oh, THAT thread.
aryk29: you've seen it before?
flamsterette_x: Yes.
aryk29: Me too, but at the time butth- er I mean someone from my ignore list had been active in the conversation and I didn't want to jump in 'cuz then I'd have to be clicking that View Post link all the time. :p :D
aryk29: He only ended up posting twice anyway. Meh. :p
flamsterette_x: Heh. Butthead, indeed.
aryk29: :D
aryk29: I may yet quote and reply to post #113...
flamsterette_x: I see.. is that the aforementioned person?
aryk29: No, Arwin isn't on my list.
flamsterette_x: Ah. Okay then.
aryk29: The thread gets friendly all of a sudden on page 4. :)
flamsterette_x: My goodness, I'm cynical. :P
aryk29: Perfect opportunity for my post, if only I can think of how to word it most effectively. :D
flamsterette_x: Someone is excited about something, calling it his destiny. All I can think about is how much less time this might mean for me, like we spend that much time together anyhow. :P What the heck is wrong with my brain.
aryk29: I think your reaction is perfectly understandable. :) What's he doing, signing up with the Service or something?
aryk29: Okay, posted.
*** Auto-response sent to aryk29: I am currently idle.
aryk29: *sigh* no new posts to that thread yet!
aryk29: (the Our Place thread, I mean)
aryk29: There's a TV show I wanna catch... it's about to come on... bcnu l8r :)
flamsterette_x: No, he's not signing up for the Service. He's going to be fairly involved in youth ministry and such at his old church. Which really makes me sound horrible, but... eh. :P
flamsterette_x: Later.
Session Close (aryk29): Wed Feb 09 21:56:14 2005

Session Start (Yahoo! - flamsterette_x:aryk29): Thu Feb 10 20:39:46 2005
*** NOTE: This user is offline. Your messages will be received when he/she logs into Yahoo! Messenger.
flamsterette_x: Hey, I thought of the Dope right when I saw this picture.
Session Close (aryk29): Thu Feb 10 20:40:10 2005

Session Start (Yahoo! - flamsterette_x:aryk29): Sat Feb 12 18:29:44 2005
aryk29: All right then, Messenger it is. :)
flamsterette_x: Definitely. So hi!
aryk29: Hi. :) What's up?
flamsterette_x: Not much. Playing a game which I will NOT post.
aryk29: Why not? :D
flamsterette_x: You play it, and tell me whether it should be posted.
flamsterette_x: This one.
aryk29: ah, okay... got it now. So it's a murder mystery.
flamsterette_x: That isn't the reason why I'm not posting it.
aryk29: okay...
aryk29: The corpse is awful graphic. *spew* That why?
flamsterette_x: No, although that could be a secondary reason.
aryk29: hmm
flamsterette_x: Play it and see.
aryk29: The darn fool just pushed me out the window!
flamsterette_x: Cool! How?
aryk29: I dunno, I was looking out then hit Continue... and found myself falling backwards looking at their silhouette.
flamsterette_x: Hah. Hit the back button and continue.
aryk29: I did. :D
flamsterette_x: So did you find out why?
aryk29: No...
aryk29: Oh wait... yeah, I did...
aryk29: It's in the maid's trash can. :p
aryk29: Oooooooooooh, and you can interrogate the cat! :D
flamsterette_x: Yes, you can.
aryk29: I think the daughter did it.
flamsterette_x: Go see.
aryk29: How?
aryk29: Ask her?
flamsterette_x: Look somewhere else first for more evidence. Did you talk to everyone?
aryk29: Yeah, but didn't ask them everything...
flamsterette_x: Do that.
aryk29: Ooh, and you can confront them with the evidence too!
flamsterette_x: Yes!
aryk29: So far, I got the maid to confess to having an affair.
flamsterette_x: Good.
flamsterette_x: Now go look in the bathroom. There's something you need.
aryk29: Yup.
flamsterette_x: I'm finished.
aryk29: Me too. :D
flamsterette_x: Now you know why I won't post it there.
aryk29: Yeah. :( story.
flamsterette_x: Have you tried what I was hinting at before?
aryk29: The escape room?
flamsterette_x: Yeah.
aryk29: No, I haven't. These things don't really hold my interest that well.
flamsterette_x: Fair enough. How about image puzzles?
aryk29: Those might be fun.
flamsterette_x: Etienne's Image Puzzle
aryk29: Not Found The requested URL /imagepuz/erdfedkartafakelfdassfmfdre/df/ef/efef/efedfsjhjhsf/fnkjs/rskjfhsrfsr/smfsklj/sfn/s/ijsfjisiefisjfs/esjkhskhfshf/sbdsbfe/jio/u/mlsssfs.html was not found on this server.
flamsterette_x: ........
flamsterette_x: How did you get THAT?
aryk29: PYLC
flamsterette_x: How did you get past Stage 3 without a hint? You're good at those Magic Eye things?
aryk29: Of course! :p
flamsterette_x: And Stage 4?
aryk29: Paint Shop Pro. But only because I was too lazy to mess with my monitor's brightness / contrast settings. :D
flamsterette_x: Hah, you'll have to do that for a later stage. ;)
flamsterette_x: As for stage 5, tell me when you're totally stumped.
aryk29: That would be 5 minutes ago. ;)
flamsterette_x: Oh. In that case, try highlights. ;)
aryk29: How did they do that!?
flamsterette_x: I have no idea.
aryk29: Dithering. The way they dithered it makes all the difference!
flamsterette_x: *looks it up on*
aryk29: Dunno if is going to have that one. Try a computer or graphic arts glossary.
flamsterette_x: It does, if you mean the process of representing intermediate colors by patterns of tiny colored dots that simulate the desired color.
aryk29: Yeah, that'd be it. Specifically, in that particular image, the pixels are in a checkerboard pattern, and the ones that get inverted by highlighting is what makes the difference.
aryk29: It's an odd / even thing.
flamsterette_x: Okay, I'll take your word for it.
flamsterette_x: Oh, and Stage 6 is supposed to be like that.
aryk29: I'm at Stage 7 already. ;)
flamsterette_x: Wow. You really are good.
aryk29: Nah. I'm still on stage 8.
flamsterette_x: So how did you figure out Stage 7?
aryk29: View->Source :D
flamsterette_x: Ah. I tried saving the image as something else.
aryk29: How far did you ever get?
flamsterette_x: I finished it, but with a LOT of hints..
aryk29: I see.
flamsterette_x: Stage 8 was driving me nuts.
aryk29: It has to do with omitting letters, doesn't it?
aryk29: Alright, I'm stuck on 12.
flamsterette_x: It's case-sensitive.
flamsterette_x: Stretch the black area.
aryk29: It's just a solid black area.
aryk29: got it :D
flamsterette_x: Good.
aryk29: Just solved 15 :D
flamsterette_x: Good!
aryk29: ACK! Morse code. I don't know Morse code. :(
flamsterette_x: It's not Morse code. ;)
aryk29: ... -... -.-. ...- .. .-.-.- .... - -- isn't Morse code?
flamsterette_x: Oh, I thought you were talking about the Code Puzzle 1.
aryk29: Nope.
flamsterette_x: So what are you talking about?
aryk29: IXNFG
aryk29: figured that one out too, thanks to Wikipedia. :p
flamsterette_x: How did you figure out stage 2?
aryk29: Decrement each letter.
flamsterette_x: ?
aryk29: (Stealth settings won't work)
aryk29: Okay, it ends with iun, right?
aryk29: the letter before i is h; before u is t; before n is m ;)
aryk29: Wow! Stage 7 is a tough one.
aryk29: Dunno how to solve that one.
flamsterette_x: Agh. Math. :P
aryk29: Yup.
aryk29: And the Earth's radius is 6371 km, not 6370.
flamsterette_x: If a ship has a rope ladder with 20 rungs, eighteen of which are out of the water, and the sea level rises at a rate of three-quarters of a rung per 22 minutes, how many rungs would be left out of the water after 6 hours?
aryk29: 8
aryk29: no 6
flamsterette_x: Haha, I'm putting in random numbers now.
aryk29: 70 / 6370 is 0.01098901098901
aryk29: no, that's not the way to figure it...
aryk29: 70 / 20012 is 0.003497901259244
aryk29: sine is 6.104989384555e-5
aryk29: times 6370 is 0.3888878237961
aryk29: half of that is 0.1944439118981
aryk29: 6370 times the sine of 35 / 20012 is 0.1944439119887
aryk29: difference is 0.00000000009059
aryk29: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH! Still wrong
flamsterette_x: What are you talking about?
aryk29: A long rope is pulled out between two opposite shores of a lake. It's pulled so tight that it's perfectly straight. Because the earth is spherical, most of the rope is under water. The length of the portion of rope that is under water is 70 km long. How many meters below the surface is the rope at it's deepest point? The earth's radius is assumed to be 6370 km.
flamsterette_x: Wait. Ship rises with water. Hm. This could work. No.
flamsterette_x: No idea.
aryk29: OHHH!!! Not how many kilometers, how many meters!
flamsterette_x: OHH!! DUH.
flamsterette_x: Hey, that'll work.
aryk29: Nope. Not sine, cosine.
aryk29: Result is 0.0029677, but that still doesn't work.
flamsterette_x: Hmm. Where is this?
aryk29: 4845
flamsterette_x: I'm on Sand 8.
aryk29: code puzzle?
*** "aryk29" signed off at Sat Feb 12 20:57:47 2005.
*** "aryk29" signed on at Sat Feb 12 20:57:51 2005.
flamsterette_x: ?
flamsterette_x: No. Something else altogether.
aryk29: Oh.
aryk29: I'm stumped. It occurs to me that 70 km of straight rope is longer than 70 km out of Earth's curved circumference, but have no idea how to figure it out.
flamsterette_x: <--- not good at math anyhow.
aryk29: Is it your chat client that always writes & l t ; when you do that?
flamsterette_x: Do what?
aryk29: use the < symbol
flamsterette_x: <
aryk29: yet another incompatibility. What do you see when I type < ?
flamsterette_x: <
aryk29: in other words, you see the 4 characters I typed?
flamsterette_x: Four characters?!
flamsterette_x: No.
aryk29: What if I type Αθηνα ?
flamsterette_x: I just see a crescendo.
flamsterette_x: Then I see the characters you typed.
aryk29: with the ampersands and junk?
flamsterette_x: Yup.
aryk29: Shoot.
aryk29: Because when you use the < character
aryk29: I see an ampersand followed by the letters lt and a semicolon.
flamsterette_x: < >
flamsterette_x: What do you see there?
aryk29: ampersand, lt, semicolon, greater-than symbol.
flamsterette_x: Hm. All right then.
aryk29: What about the blobs ?
flamsterette_x: Ampersand, octothorpe, number, semicolon
aryk29: Octothorpe?
flamsterette_x: #
aryk29: Ah, okay. I've always called it a number sign or hash mark. Mom insists it's a pound sign. *rolleyes*
flamsterette_x: I guess there are different names for it.
aryk29: Yup. Had no idea I could send octopi via messenger. :p
flamsterette_x: Ha ha ha.
aryk29: I've eaten octopus though
flamsterette_x: So have I.
aryk29: Gives my parents the creeps. :p
flamsterette_x: Ha. Try eating chicken feet.
aryk29: No way in heck they'd ever pick that up from the store. :(
flamsterette_x: I'm hungry.
flamsterette_x: Ha, guess not.
aryk29: Is it because I said octopus? If so, sorry.
flamsterette_x: Ha, no. Someone is cooking something.
aryk29: Oh.
aryk29: Anyway, it was in a frozen seafood mix. All kinds of different critters in there, but mostly pieces of octopus and little squids. When they're cooked they get all, umm... they keep whatever odd distorted shape they were frozen in. :D Goes great with cocktail sauce.
aryk29: Cats won't eat 'em, though. :p
flamsterette_x: Haha, I bet not. But squid is great, except with fried rice.
aryk29: hmm
aryk29: Must be one of those combinations that just doesn't work, like fish and Mexican food.
flamsterette_x: Well, my friend Dylan emailed a bunch of people once just to say that his dad was making squid fried rice for breakfast.. he thought the idea was so gross, he'd make French toast instead. Got a bunch of replies back asking just how bored he was, haha.
aryk29: hmm
aryk29: I once made the mistake of ordering a lobster taco in a restaurant, and it was awful. Dreadful. In fact, Simon Cowell would call security on anyone who sang as bad as this stuff tasted. :p
aryk29: Horrible, I forgot horrible.
flamsterette_x: Hah. I briefly contemplated ordering fish tacos at the Cactus Club once, but figured it would taste bad.
aryk29: You didn't miss anything.
aryk29: Then again, I absolutely can't stand water chestnut, so take that for what it's worth. Some people probably like seafood tacos, but not me.
*** You have been disconnected. Sat Feb 12 21:54:48 2005.
*** "aryk29" signed on at Sat Feb 12 21:59:31 2005.
flamsterette_x: Ergh. My mother is still in town.
aryk29: You were expecting her to be somewhere else?
flamsterette_x: Yes, dammit.
aryk29: Oh.
flamsterette_x: I thought she'd be in Toronto, so I wouldn't have to worry about her invading my privacy for the next two weeks.
aryk29: ic
aryk29: Last time mine was that far away was in 1991.
flamsterette_x: Were you around the other day?
aryk29: ?
flamsterette_x: Where she was barging in here without my permission?
aryk29: No, I don't think I heard about that.
flamsterette_x: Go read my personal thread then.
aryk29: k
aryk29: wow :(
flamsterette_x: Yeah, I only opened the door since.. well, you read it. Now I don't know what to do about it. Hell, if the manager will let random people in...
*** "aryk29" signed off at Sat Feb 12 22:29:28 2005.
*** "aryk29" signed on at Sat Feb 12 22:30:24 2005.
flamsterette_x: ?
aryk29: just barges in like that!?
flamsterette_x: Well, I heard loud knocking on the door. Didn't expect it to be her since she said she'd come round at 12. Then she says that she buzzed the apt. manager instead to be let in. WTF.
aryk29: ic
aryk29: I put :( because from your post it sounds like you really don't need that kind of stress at this point in time.
flamsterette_x: That's true. It's not okay for her to do that, but then if I say something to her about it now, she'll think that she has every right to.
aryk29: hmm
flamsterette_x: Yeah....
aryk29: I dunno what to tell ya.
flamsterette_x: I know. Thanks for listening, though. :)
aryk29: sure :)
aryk29: having a hard time staying awake here for some reason... must not have slept enough last night
flamsterette_x: When did you sleep?
aryk29: I'm not sure. maybe 11:30 or midnight until about 7 or 8
flamsterette_x: How much sleep do you normally need?
aryk29: about 8 or 9 hours
flamsterette_x: Eh, maybe you just needed more.
aryk29: maybe
aryk29: all yesterday I was drowsy and gloomy.... seems to happen every 4 weeks or so, my mind just shuts down for a few days
flamsterette_x: You don't want to know what I am thinking. :)
aryk29: Well actually, so I've read... even guys have a cycle of weight fluctuations, so I suspect everybody experiences some effect. I have to wonder if it's related.
flamsterette_x: Ha, you got it in one, eh? Heh, wasn't trying to be overly TMI.
aryk29: yesterday was 2/11; 28 days before that was 1/14, and I don't remember the day, but someone posted an image on another board that I found disturbing; 28 days before that was 12/17 during which I posted very little there; before that was 11/19, which I specifically remember feeling "weird" the next couple days, and before that was 10/22, which was the date of my profound dream. Of course I got it in one; we were thinking the same thing! :p
aryk29: haven't searched my posts at OP for those dates though
flamsterette_x: Hah, all right then. Just tell me if I am.
aryk29: You'd have to be waaaaaaaaaay more specific than that to be overly TMI.
aryk29: SDMB: 1/14 - one post 1/16 - one post, then nothing till the 21st... 12/17 - continuing a one post per day trend.... 11/19 - same thing... 10/21 - one post, then nothing until the 27th, but that could have to do with the move
aryk29: SNL in 10 minutes and I don't know how the heck I'm going to stay awake to see it. :p
aryk29: 82 pages of OP posts to comb! :-O
aryk29: 1/14 - 10 posts, more than my average of 6.something
flamsterette_x: Don't worry, I don't think I'd be that specific even to the people who have known me for YEARS.
aryk29: Yeah, me neither.
aryk29: Jan. 11, I completely spaced out in the A Riddle thread... that's out of sequence
aryk29: I musta been out most of the day on the 17th. That would explain why so few on the other board. Posts from that afternoon and the next day seem dingier than usual, and then the online started blocking me. g2g bcnu l8r. :)
flamsterette_x: Heh, all right then. Later!
Session Close (aryk29): Sat Feb 12 23:28:51 2005

Session Start (Yahoo! - flamsterette_x:aryk29): Thu Feb 17 19:23:15 2005
aryk29: FNORD! :D
*** Auto-response sent to aryk29: I am currently idle.
flamsterette_x: No, I'm not.
aryk29: lol :D
aryk29: Did you get my email?
flamsterette_x: The one that I replied to, yes.
aryk29: Hmm... I sent ya one at 5:41 PM today
flamsterette_x: Which I am just finishing up a reply to.
aryk29: Ah, okay :)
flamsterette_x: That is partially why it's taking so long. :P
*** "aryk29" signed off at Thu Feb 17 20:12:35 2005.
Session Close (aryk29): Thu Feb 17 20:19:07 2005

Session Start (Yahoo! - flamsterette_x:aryk29): Thu Feb 17 20:47:45 2005
aryk29: Okay, where was I?
flamsterette_x: Uh, no clue.
aryk29: My DSL was out again *rolleyes*
aryk29: Yeah, that is the 42C in the photo... and the image was enhanced to try to show more contour. It's hard to see because of the camera angle. See, it is a photo of a tall person in a small space, taken from a relatively distant vantage point lower than, umm uhh... boob level.
flamsterette_x: You asked for my opinion, and you got it.
aryk29: I appreciate it. :)
aryk29: I'm getting ready to post it.
flamsterette_x: Who took the picture for you?
aryk29: Me. Had the camera set to auto timer. :D
flamsterette_x: Ah.
aryk29: Posted.
flamsterette_x: Oh no. A picture thread. :P
aryk29: :D
flamsterette_x: Aiya.
aryk29: ?
aryk29: the 10 pages?
flamsterette_x: No, just saying.
aryk29: Okay.
aryk29: Fnord.
aryk29: Just saying. :D
flamsterette_x: F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
aryk29: oic
flamsterette_x: bizarre
aryk29: yeah... octagenarian newborn. Strange.
flamsterette_x: Very much so.
aryk29: I'm still reading the picture thread. :D
flamsterette_x: Nice.
aryk29: ?
aryk29: 12,388 views! :O
aryk29: (the thread, not my pic :p )
flamsterette_x: I would be gibbering like an insane asylum inmate if your picture got that many views. :P
aryk29: There's a way for me to tell how many times it's viewed though. :D
aryk29: My webhost logs HTTP requests, so all I have to do is download the logs and look at them to see how many times that file is requested. :D
flamsterette_x: Ah.
flamsterette_x: Since you're here, I have to say that the Morse Code is kicking my butt! :P
aryk29: Just a minute...
aryk29: the game uses the international code, not the American one.
flamsterette_x: Thanks, that might help. Although I was using the one from the Linsail game, which might be the international one for all I know. :P
aryk29: Dunno.
flamsterette_x: You like these games.
aryk29: The ones I can solve anyway. I got stuck at the curved earth thingy and gave up. *embarrassed*
flamsterette_x: Net Riddle 1.1
aryk29: I'll take a look at it later.
aryk29: Now in response to your email, 1.) yes, I did mean what you thought I meant. ;)
aryk29: 2.) by "star," I didn't mean "flagship" :D
aryk29: 3.) Reaibn - er, uhh, I mean Stephen? Never heard of the borax trick, but I'll have to remember that one.
aryk29: 4.) Truth be told, it's not as bad as I feared either. *blush1*
flamsterette_x: As I thought.
flamsterette_x: 1. All right then.
flamsterette_x: 2. Hahaha, well.. I had to make sure.
aryk29: :D
flamsterette_x: 3. No, of course not.
flamsterette_x: 4. Fair enough.
aryk29: 3. :O :-( hmm... well, who then?
flamsterette_x: Chinese Eric.
aryk29: I see.
flamsterette_x: He's the only RL person who knows about this relationship. We've had plenty of talks before, seeing as he's in a similar situation.
aryk29: Ah, makes sense then.
flamsterette_x: Yup, I don't want you to get the wrong impression about Eric.
aryk29: Right. :)
flamsterette_x: I mean, I love Chinese Eric (and white Eric too), but... just not like that.
aryk29: I see.
flamsterette_x: Oh, and yes... that is what we call them. They don't mind.
aryk29: :D
aryk29: I wouldn't either.
flamsterette_x: Yeah, but your (present) name is spelled differently. So I don't have to resort to that.
aryk29: Well even if it was spelled the same, that'd still leave two white Erics. Unless you wanted to call me one-sixteenth-Cree, but that'd take too long to say. :p
flamsterette_x: Yeah, then we'd have to resort to using last names. Oh, the horror. :P
aryk29: I'd rather be called by my last name than that horrible E word anyway. :p At least spelled with a C, it has some dignity... even if it still sounds the same, but the moniker I got stuck with looks like a swear word. Except I don't mind when people swear. :p
aryk29: Or last initials. One of them is M, I forget the other? Surely it's not G?
flamsterette_x: No.
flamsterette_x: Eric M. is white Eric, and Eric H. is Chinese Eric.
aryk29: H
aryk29: I see
aryk29: I wonder what nationality the name is that the M stands for.
flamsterette_x: Haven't asked, and can't be bothered to look it up. :P
aryk29: Eh, fair enough... just wondering if it's something obvious like Maczewski or Meierhauser. :D
flamsterette_x: No.
aryk29: I told you what mine is, right?
flamsterette_x: Gagnon is pretty obvious. ;)
aryk29: Oh yeah.
aryk29: Well, someone once asked me if it was Russian.
aryk29: Musta had me confused with Yuri Gagarin. :p
aryk29: I shoulda said "no, but spaceflight interests me" :D
flamsterette_x: Haha.
flamsterette_x: This is NO help. I already have most of the letters except for the last one, which apparently does not exist.
aryk29: What do you have so far?
flamsterette_x: What?! They changed everything!
aryk29: Huh?
flamsterette_x: Or maybe not. Dunno. Before, I had OJCVI. Now I have SBCVI. No clue what the last group of six is.
aryk29: Link?
flamsterette_x: IXNFG
aryk29: (IIRC... SBCVI sounds more like it)
aryk29: Yes, it is SBCVI... take a wild guess what the last 4 are. ;)
flamsterette_x: Last four?! There are SIX in that string...
aryk29: ... = S -... = B -.-. = C ...- = V .. = I .-.-.- .... - -- Four. Nine total. ;)
flamsterette_x: .-.-.- = 6
aryk29: No, 6 is -....
flamsterette_x: ack.
aryk29: ;)
flamsterette_x: If it's one of those things where it was kinda obvious, I'm going to have to do something to you. :P
aryk29: EEK! *ducks & runs*
flamsterette_x: According to this, .-.-.- doesn't translate into anything... unless it's RK.
aryk29: It's not a letter. ;)
flamsterette_x: Dastardly thing.
aryk29: (And I'm a good 10 degrees of latitude and a few degrees of longitude away from you. :D Which on a sphere of just under 8000 miles diameter, comes out to... umm... *buries face in hands* )
aryk29: :D
flamsterette_x: Eh, shush. Corey just reminded me yesterday that I can't really hit him. :P
aryk29: Hey, in all fairness, if you can figure out how to embed a *whap* smiley in an IM chat............. you'd have to show me how to do that. :D
flamsterette_x: Me?
aryk29: Well, if you found a way to do that, then you'd effectively be cyber-hitting me.
aryk29: Maybe if I were to...
aryk29: rats
aryk29: but what about this
aryk29: more rats
flamsterette_x: DAMN
aryk29: ?
flamsterette_x: I am going to KILL whoever created this game :P
aryk29: Still stuck?
flamsterette_x: No.
aryk29: You got through to %¤#¤#=¤%# ?
flamsterette_x: Yes.
aryk29: Yeah, that's an easy one. :D
flamsterette_x: Did I ever tell you how much I appreciate you?
flamsterette_x: (and no, I am NOT drunk :P)
aryk29: *awshucks* Didn't think you were. :)
aryk29: Lemme know if you need a hint. ;)
flamsterette_x: And I'm supposed to figure out what binary code is?! *thud*
aryk29: Oh, that.
aryk29: Show ya a trick.
aryk29: Divide each octet into 2 nybbles (4 bits each)
flamsterette_x: Um........ sure..... I'll do that after my brain finishes exploding. :P
aryk29: 0000 = 0; 0001 = 1; 0010 = 2; 0011 = 3; 0100 = 4; 0101 = 5; 0110 = 6; 0111 = 7
aryk29: so 01000001 is 0100 0001 is 41
flamsterette_x: Okay.
aryk29: 1000 = 8; 1001 = 9; 1010 = A; 1011 = B; 1100 = C; 1101 = D; 1110 = E; 1111 = F.
aryk29: 20 is space; 21 through 2F are punctuation symbols; 30 through 39 are numbers; 3A through 40 are more symbols; 41 through 5A are capital letters; 61 through 7A are lowercase letters.
aryk29: 41 is A; 42 is B; 43 is C; likewise 61 is a; 62 is b; 63 is c...
aryk29: 45 is E; 49 is I; 4C is L; 4F is O; 50 is P; 52 is R; 54 is T
aryk29: (those are the ones I have memorized)
aryk29: 00101110 = 2E should be easy to figure out based on its position. ;)
aryk29: brb
aryk29: cats being rowdy again
flamsterette_x: Let's see..
aryk29: What ya got so far? :D
flamsterette_x: What might be the first letter.
aryk29: What is it? :D
flamsterette_x: Don't tell me this thing is case-sensitive. Let's see if this works.
aryk29: I think it is case sensitive.
flamsterette_x: Only one way to find out.
flamsterette_x: Never mind.
aryk29: ?
flamsterette_x: Let's try this again.
aryk29: ok...
flamsterette_x: Hm. I think the first letter is A. I also think the three last ones are HTM.
aryk29: Right on all 4.
flamsterette_x: Agh.
aryk29: Close, but not quite.
flamsterette_x: ?
aryk29: The first 3 letters are not AGH. The A is right but the other 2 are not. ;)
flamsterette_x: *banghead* No.
flamsterette_x: That's not what I'm getting at. :P
aryk29: oh.
flamsterette_x: Well, I got through that one thanks to you. :D
aryk29: Adventures of the Bundy family in 15 minutes. ;)
aryk29: Did you? Great! :)
flamsterette_x: Ted Bundy?
flamsterette_x: Whoa.
aryk29: No, Al Bundy. Married With Children
flamsterette_x: Ah. This is what you get with someone like me, haha.
aryk29: Heh, 'sokay. Al and Kelly and Bud and Peg... I used to think Kelly was my favorite, but after seeing Katey Sagal on her new show Wife And Kids, I see that Peg had the potential to look soooo much better. :D
flamsterette_x: That's good.
flamsterette_x: Word problems. Yay.
aryk29: ?
aryk29: oh, the site
flamsterette_x: Yeah.
aryk29: Where y'at?
flamsterette_x: What is the probability of getting "heads" on every throw when flipping a coin seven times?
1 in ?
aryk29: Ah yes, that...
aryk29: figure the probability of getting heads the first time, multiply it by the probability of getting heads the second time, etc. It's easier to just use powers of 2 (that'd be 2 raised to the 7th power in this case).
flamsterette_x: This is probably why I never did well at math in school.
aryk29: oh.
flamsterette_x: Were you good at math?
aryk29: Simple stuff like addition, subtraction? Sure. Multiplication came to me eventually. I never did quite understand long division though.
flamsterette_x: I kind of did.
flamsterette_x: Maybe it's best if I take a break from this.
aryk29: Okay. I'm gettin' ready to go watch TV anyway.
flamsterette_x: Sounds good then!
Session Close (aryk29): Thu Feb 17 23:55:55 2005

Session Start (Yahoo! - flamsterette_x:aryk29): Thu Feb 17 23:56:12 2005
aryk29: OK, bcnu l8r :)
flamsterette_x: bye
Session Close (aryk29): Thu Feb 17 23:56:22 2005

Session Start (Yahoo! - flamsterette_x:aryk29): Wed Feb 23 00:20:53 2005
aryk29: I just deleted a bunch of PM's, but this works too. :D (BTW, how did ya know? I had like 96 of 'em out of a maximum of 100 :O )
flamsterette_x: Because you mentioned it to me on 29 January. :P
aryk29: Oh yeah, when I was saying how it forwarded them to me out of sequence and deleted them.
aryk29: So what's been going on at the board that's so interesting? *excited*
flamsterette_x: No, you were saying something about how you never deleted a message.
flamsterette_x: But anyhow. It's not board stuff, and it's not EXCITING...
aryk29: <---- packrat :D Okay, shoot...
flamsterette_x: Haha, sometimes I can be that way too...
flamsterette_x: BANG! :P
aryk29: lmao
flamsterette_x: Haha, seriously though. Do you remember those two people I was telling you about that got together after problems in their other relationships cropped up?
aryk29: Oh yeah...... darn, I forgot their names.
flamsterette_x: You can read my blog for an explanation.
aryk29: ok
flamsterette_x: Matt and Cris.
aryk29: Oh right... I was thinking Chris but it didn't seem right cuz they were both 4 letters. :p
flamsterette_x: Heh.
aryk29: :(
aryk29: Why anyone would "un-friend" ya is beyond me. ;)
flamsterette_x: Now, I know there are things I could have done differently, but it's all over now. Just learn, maybe.
flamsterette_x: So you don't know why they would, eh?
aryk29: Over something like grammar-naziing? It does seem like they were overreacting.
flamsterette_x: Over that, yes. I didn't make my really personal feelings about their relationship known to them.
aryk29: Hmm. It's all so confusing. I get the feeling that the grammar issue was a cover for something else. I really don't know what to say, that's just my impression. Maybe they picked up on your feelings somehow. Of course I'm just guessing here. And if that's the case, rain on them. :p
flamsterette_x: Probably it could have been. I did tell them that I felt jealous and such, but I didn't say I was extremely annoyed. Who knows what it was. I've had a rash of 'em lately, or so it seems.
aryk29: Telling them that might have clued them in, I dunno. A rash of what?
flamsterette_x: Yeah, maybe. Still, it was probably bound to happen either way.
aryk29: I wouldn't worry about it then. It's unfortunate that these things happen, but c'est la vie.
flamsterette_x: A seeming rash of people unfriending me / not liking me anymore because of nitpicky reasons, or none that are known to me.
aryk29: :( Sorry to hear that!
flamsterette_x: Thanks.
flamsterette_x: A few weeks ago, someone unfriended me presumably because I posted a grammar rant in a community. (which I also posted in my journal a few weeks before that) Who knows, he is just like that. According to others who know, of course.
aryk29: That's strange.
flamsterette_x: Yes, very strange. Not that I expect everyone to like me, or take it very personally when they don't, but you know how it is when people suddenly change their opinions of you for the most picky reasons.
aryk29: Not sure it's ever happened to me, but yeah, it seems suspicious when it does.
flamsterette_x: You're lucky if it hasn't, then.
aryk29: No, just never had very many friends.
flamsterette_x: Ah. Well, I can say that it hasn't happened much (that I know of) among my circle of RL friends.
aryk29: Good. :)
flamsterette_x: Then again, what with what happened last January... people's opinions of others changed right quick.
aryk29: Remind me? *embarrassed*
aryk29: <---- needs to stop trying to multitask in the wee hours of the morning
*** You have been disconnected. Wed Feb 23 01:12:01 2005.
*** "aryk29" signed on at Wed Feb 23 01:13:42 2005.
flamsterette_x: This thing also needs to stop randomly disconnecting during the same wee small hours. :P
aryk29: Well, I know what that's like. ;)
flamsterette_x: Yeah, I know you do. ;)
aryk29: Less than a week to go and there won't be any more of this disconnecting, though. *w00t*
flamsterette_x: How so?
aryk29: Movin' to Arizona end of Feb. I gotta remember to dig up my Moving Day thread and post an update. Going from 36° latitude to 31° latitude. :D
flamsterette_x: Nice!
aryk29: :)
flamsterette_x: Seems peripatetic.
flamsterette_x: Moving Day Thread
aryk29: It's to a place less light-polluted than Las Vegas. IIRC, there's an observatory down there, and the city has some of the strictest street lighting laws. Of course, lots of places are less light-polluted than Vegas. :p Now to pull out my dictionary...
flamsterette_x: Haha, sorry.
aryk29: Lemme tell ya what, my whole @#$%ing life has been peripatetic. :p
flamsterette_x: How many places have you lived, then?
aryk29: Heh, that was quick... you found my thread. tyvm! :) Lemme see, Connecticut, there was the store when I was born; Liberty Street; Tower Street; the A-frame; then we moved to CA... there was Riverside, Corona, Garden Grove, back to Riverside again... (continued)
flamsterette_x: Not a problem!
aryk29: left southern CA, went up to Oregon for a few weeks, then down to Crescent City (that's where the tsunami hit in 1964; there's a restaurant that we used to go to that had been hit and they moved, and their menus mention the move) then up to Oregon to stay... (more)
aryk29: ...lessee that was 1992... so it was one, two, three apartment complexes, and in the third, my father had his own apartment for a while (long story) then a house... these were in the greater Portland metro area... then a house in Salem which used to be a store but no longer stands :( then visiting Connecticut, by now it's summer 1996... (more)
aryk29: ...then on to AZ, first house sitting for a friend who owns a restaurant in the area, then living in a duplex, then going up to the northern part of the state (that's where the cats ran off :( ) for a while, then back down to Phoenix to an apartment, umm... then managing 2 mini storage facilities... then in the spring of 2000, we left AZ (more)
aryk29: stayed with a friend in CA for a while, then went back up to OR managed another apt. complex in Portland, then moved down to Grants Pass and spent over 3 years there. Left G.P. in July '04 for Barstow, CA, which turned out to be a bad idea. Next stop was Vegas and here we are getting ready to go back to AZ. Sounds like fun, don't it? *rolleyes*
flamsterette_x: Man, you have moved like a SQUILLION times.
aryk29: haha, yeah
flamsterette_x: As for what happened last January.. I was going to tell you about it before this thing went poof.
aryk29: ok
flamsterette_x: There were a bunch of petitioners who wanted the pastor out because of a bunch of reasons. (alleged non-Biblical sermons, cultural insensitivity and more) So they circulated a petition by mail (I don't have it anymore, as I mailed it to Eric after it was all over) to all the church members. We had to call a special church meeting to deal with this. The pastor was forced to resign after the results of the vote showed that there were a few more people on the "no" side than the "yes" side.
aryk29: if more people said no, then why did he have to resign?
flamsterette_x: "No" as in "no, we don't want him here."
aryk29: Oh. So people's opinions changed because.....?
flamsterette_x: This was something that was a rather contentious issue, and it divided the church / caused people to leave, etc.
flamsterette_x: So it was entirely possible to have friends that were on the opposite side than you were.
aryk29: Oh, I see.
aryk29: Yes, that can throw a lot of friction into interpersonal interaction. I know what that's like.
flamsterette_x: Yeah, that wasn't the most shining time ever.
aryk29: I can imagine.
aryk29: :(
aryk29: A very good friend of mine is a conservative. I once naively bashed Bush in an email to her and she basically said psst... and clued me in.
flamsterette_x: Eek. Those occasions where you put your foot in your mouth (even inadvertently) aren't good.
aryk29: true enough.
aryk29: at least my feet don't stink, so the taste is not intolerable. :D
flamsterette_x: Hey, at least you're not in a Kiss My Foot WWE match.
aryk29: do I even wanna know?
flamsterette_x: Basically what it sounds like.
aryk29: Meh, I can think of worse. See, Mom has been known to occasionally watch Fear Factor and I have been known to occasionally get within 500 feet of the TV. :p
flamsterette_x: Haha, Fear Factor. Yeah, that show can be quite... interesting.
aryk29: I've seen a few things on there that I'd like to un-see.
flamsterette_x: Heh, I bet!
aryk29: Like for instance I learned something about what's inside a grasshopper. (Dunno if you can see this smiley but here goes)
flamsterette_x: I can see it.
aryk29: Just seeing the commercial for their Las Vegas episode was enough to know I would not be tuning in.
flamsterette_x: Yeah, there are some things you don't need to know.
aryk29: that's weird... I see the sick smiley followed by the word amp and a semicolon. (raised eyebrow smiley)
flamsterette_x: What? That is weird.
aryk29: cuz remember, when you send me an ampersand, I see the HTML code & amp ;
aryk29: from when we were talking about octopi. :D
flamsterette_x: Yeah, I remember that.
aryk29: :D
aryk29: at least we know our IM clients share the code for
flamsterette_x: True enough!
aryk29: I discovered one not too long ago, too
aryk29: you know that is laughing?
aryk29: well, is rotflmao
flamsterette_x: Yeah, I know.
flamsterette_x: Really? How'd you figure that out?
aryk29: A friend used it in chat :D
aryk29: (oh, right: "discovered" = poor choice of words... I meant it came to my attention recently)
flamsterette_x: Ah, I see. Heh, it's all good.
aryk29: okay then. :)
aryk29: I also found out where Yahoo keeps all its smileys. I noticed OP swiped ... well, now I know how to swipe the others.
flamsterette_x: Hahaha! That's a good thing!
aryk29: under Yahoo's install path (usually C:\Program Files) I think it's under Messenger\Media\Smileys or something like that. There's a bunch of .gifs, numbered, so ya can't tell which is which without opening them or browsing he directory in Paint Shop.
flamsterette_x: Hey, what do you know? I found it.
aryk29: yipee :D
flamsterette_x: You can just view the directory as thumbnails.
aryk29: Oh yeah, I forgot not everybody is still using NT. :D
flamsterette_x: Haha, interesting hair smilieys.
aryk29: yeah
aryk29: *no* idea how to use them in chat
aryk29: can't believe it's after 2:00 :O where have the hours gone.
flamsterette_x: Time flies when you're having fun.
aryk29: True, it most certainly does.
flamsterette_x: I had no idea it was this late. As usual.
aryk29: Me either until a while ago. Cisco just bumped Kaitlyn's thread and I'm trying to compose a reply of my own. Maybe not the best time of day to attempt that, but it is only right that I should make the effort to post to that thread.
flamsterette_x: Who / what / where?!
aryk29: Kaitlyn: A FAKE?!
flamsterette_x: Reading.
aryk29: It's loooooooooooooooooooong. And I just posted (#302). After changing the wording about 1000 times. At 2:30 in the morning. *yawn* G'night.
flamsterette_x: Eek. I should have figured that. I'm going to bed too. Good night. Nice talking to you!
aryk29: Nice talking to you too, as always. :)
Session Close (aryk29): Wed Feb 23 02:33:02 2005

Session Start (Yahoo! - flamsterette_x:aryk29): Sat Feb 26 00:22:25 2005
aryk29: So needless to say, I won't be able to do the March thread. :(
flamsterette_x: Yes, I don't think a 10-day-old baby would be able to do that either. :P Think of something more realistic!
aryk29: Wow, you really are random. :p :D
*** "aryk29" signed off at Sat Feb 26 00:23:57 2005.
*** "aryk29" signed on at Sat Feb 26 00:24:00 2005.
flamsterette_x: Uh.. oops. Think I typed that in the wrong window.
aryk29: Oh, that would explain it; sorry 'bout that. But hey! you gotta admit, it works! :D
flamsterette_x: Yeah, you can probably figure out what I'm talking about with Corey. Good thing Darren signed off just now, or else you might have gotten... inappropriate.. messages.
aryk29: No, my mind is too tired to figure it out.
flamsterette_x: Anyhow, let's chalk it up to NWPUS.
flamsterette_x: Babies.
aryk29: Oh. NWPUS?
flamsterette_x: No, Corey and I were / are talking about babies... specifically about how little Matthew should be (in his view) walking / talking / singing / dancing now that he's 10 days old. :P
aryk29: :)) a singing 10-day-old... I suppose the kid would be singing oldies? :D Reminds me of a very young stand-up comic I saw on TV years ago whose material included "I'm 7 and I've been doing stand-up for 10 years." :p
flamsterette_x: Haha, probably. :D
flamsterette_x: NWPUS... New Window Pop-Up Syndrome.
aryk29: Oh, okay. That's what I was apologizing for. ;) Whew, and I thought it'd be either gross or something akin to pwdre ser. :P
flamsterette_x: Heh, I know, and I'm sorry.
aryk29: Nothing to be sorry for. :)
flamsterette_x: Gross, eh? Hmm. Well, no. What were you thinking?
aryk29: Nothing in particular, just that it sounded gross. :D
flamsterette_x: Heh, okay then. What else were you referring to?
aryk29: Science Frontiers and Ontario Professionals
flamsterette_x: Vanishing goo?! Aiya.
aryk29: :D
flamsterette_x: Fortean times! My crud, I used to be interested in this stuff.
aryk29: I'm not sure what Fortean times are, but I think "rot of the stars" is a very unusual name for the phenomenon.
flamsterette_x: Star jelly!
aryk29: According to the second site, pwdre is rot, which is also what it says in the book I got the term from. :D
flamsterette_x: Nice.
aryk29: Yeah, but apparently it's an accurate term. :p
flamsterette_x: So you decided to start off mid-conversation, and got another snippet in return. That's funny. :D
aryk29: Well, I considered just messaging ya with "Boo" or "Fnord!" or something like that, but I've already used both of those. :p
flamsterette_x: Trying to keep things fresh, eh? Sounds good. :P
aryk29: :)
flamsterette_x: At least I don't have to wait for an indeterminate amount of time with you. ;)
aryk29: Well, my attention is not undivided, actually.
flamsterette_x: I'm not talking about that.
aryk29: Your other conversation is slow to respond?
flamsterette_x: No. I'm not holding any more conversations right now. Flirt buddy went off to bed, as I told you. Horror buff went to bed too. So it's just you.
aryk29: ic
flamsterette_x: Let's just say someone wants me to wait for some time. He knows it's not fair, but he's asking me to do it anyhow. I might, or not. We'll see.
aryk29: Hmm, okay.
flamsterette_x: Yeah, I'll let you know. Or not. Depends if you want to know later.
aryk29: If you need an ear, I'll be glad to lend one. :)
flamsterette_x: Yes, and then how would we get it back on your head afterwards? I mean, we're not like the vampires in Anne Rice's stories. ;)
aryk29: lmao
flamsterette_x: (yes, I KNOW what you mean.. playing the laughs angle here since it's past 1 AM and my brain is loopy :P)
aryk29: what I'll do then is zap it with a 1980s style cloning ray and email you the copy.
aryk29: 'sokay, me too
flamsterette_x: Haha, okay then.
aryk29: and so's mine
aryk29: Have you read ATMB lately?
flamsterette_x: No.
aryk29: Scroll down past the stickies, if you haven't looked already.
flamsterette_x: Hang on.
flamsterette_x: Hmm.
aryk29: Came as a shock, but in retrospect, it kind of makes sense.
aryk29: (not that it makes sense that anyone would do that, but that all the pieces fit)
flamsterette_x: People have done that before. Remember damhna or however her name was spelled? Same thing.
aryk29: No I don't... was she on before I joined?
flamsterette_x: probably not
aryk29: Hmm, I still don't remember. Oh well, not that important. Anyway, by the time I got finished reading the 8-page Pit thread, it had been closed.
flamsterette_x: Dang. Maybe I'll have to read this tomorrow. You couldn't tell me while it was open?! :P
aryk29: I was in bed with a migraine while it was open. :p
flamsterette_x: Oh, poor you. :(
flamsterette_x: You okay now?
aryk29: Yeah. Fortunately, I don't get very many of them. Usually just sit them out.
flamsterette_x: Nothing much else you can do.
flamsterette_x: Oh, and for a summarized version of what I was talking about earlier, please read my last post in the "what are you thinking?" thread.
aryk29: I'll do that. :)
flamsterette_x: Thanks.
aryk29: (Composing an SDMB post at the moment)
flamsterette_x: Cool.
aryk29: teeheehee
aryk29: (had to preview it enough times)
flamsterette_x: Half the post is about someone's Greek text.
aryk29: Hence the teehee. Well, it seemed the OP had already been answered; it's in Mundane Pointless Stuff, and anyway, that's not just anyone's Greek text... that's Johanna's Greek text.
flamsterette_x: Yes, I know. JOHANNA is.. um.. ohmicrud.
aryk29: 'sokay, I know what you mean... anyway, after she posted in Greek, did you think I'd not reply? :p
flamsterette_x: Yeah. She (yay for correct pronoun use at 2 AM :P) is a... (c'mon, I can say this) well.. yeah.
flamsterette_x: I don't know... do you routinely go searching out all usages of Greek on forums and post there? :P
aryk29: No, just happened to run across this one.
flamsterette_x: Ah.
aryk29: (I know, I know, the thread title is totally unrelated and is the thing that people use to decide which threads they want to even look at...)
aryk29: hey, it is 2 AM... holy crap!
flamsterette_x: I was GOING to go to bed, but then YOU popped up with these interesting stories. :P
aryk29: lol
flamsterette_x: Then again, I have no self-control. So yeah. Oh well. I still love you. :)
aryk29: :)
flamsterette_x: Ya know, in an entirely friendly way and all. :)
aryk29: Yup, I know. :) Besides, uh... for what seems to be the best path in life for me to take, ah.... you said you don't swing that way. Umm. *offers to change the subject* So let's hear it for Unicode, eh? :D
flamsterette_x: No, I don't... although I might think the female form is a beauty in itself, that doesn't mean I like them in that way.
flamsterette_x: As for the topic change.. I'm not sure what that is... coding?
aryk29: α is lower case alpha. :D The other letters have their own unique codes, plus there's various other alphabets and symbols. Works with the message boards.
flamsterette_x: So am I supposed to see "α" ?
aryk29: yes
flamsterette_x: Okay.
aryk29: I've heard it said somewhere before that the female body is like a work of art. Of course I of all people would agree to that. But I also know what it is like to think someone is attractive without being attracted to them.
aryk29: Yeah, I was just giving you the character code as an example; post that on an MB and you will see the letter alpha.
flamsterette_x: Alpha?
aryk29: a
flamsterette_x: Argh. I know. I'm being dense.
aryk29: 'sokay :)
aryk29: And with that, as they say on Saturday Night Live, have a pleasant tomorrow. :D
flamsterette_x: Yeah, I should get to bed too. When are you moving?
aryk29: Sometime between now and March 1st
flamsterette_x: Ah, well... if you do get on this thing before then, hit me up and we'll talk. :D
aryk29: okay :)
flamsterette_x: If not, well.. always later! :D
aryk29: yepper, l8r :D
*** "aryk29" signed off at Sat Feb 26 02:19:41 2005.
Session Close (aryk29): Sat Feb 26 02:19:45 2005

Session Start (Yahoo! - flamsterette_x:aryk29): Sat Feb 26 21:47:55 2005
flamsterette_x: 1st is steel, 2nd is sycamore, European is slate, what is the last one made of?
Session Close (aryk29): Sat Feb 26 21:48:23 2005

Session Start (Yahoo! - flamsterette_x:aryk29): Sat Feb 26 21:48:40 2005
aryk29: Gimme a minute to put it into context. :p
flamsterette_x: All I know is that it has something to do with posting a letter.
flamsterette_x: (and if I can't figure it out, I can at least put the insanity into other people's heads :P)
aryk29: Oh, is this that Perseus challenge (or Andromeda or Cassiopeia or whatever it is) that stumped me on the first question?
flamsterette_x: No, it's something else. Puzzle Donkey.
aryk29: Hmm... well, when I see steel and sycamore together, I can't help but think of magnolia, but that's too obvious.... I dunno, try that, try asphalt (maybe they're streets?)
flamsterette_x: I can give you the link if you want.
aryk29: okay
flamsterette_x: Look up "Puzzle Donkey" on Google. :P
aryk29: you still here? :)
aryk29: ah, nm
aryk29: let's see what BugMeNot has to say about that... :p
aryk29: how far along are you?
flamsterette_x: Ha, yes, I am. :)
flamsterette_x: BugMeNot?
aryk29: No, Puzzle Donkey
flamsterette_x: No... what is BMN?
aryk29: I have no idea.
flamsterette_x: So why did you say that? Just curious.
aryk29: OH!!! BMN BugMeNot, duh..... here
aryk29: you can get logins for sites that require free registration.
flamsterette_x: Ah, I see.
flamsterette_x: As for how far along I am: PD 1, 4.03
*** "aryk29" signed off at Sat Feb 26 22:16:19 2005.
*** "aryk29" signed on at Sat Feb 26 22:16:43 2005.
aryk29: Still trying to think what can be made of steel, sycamore, or slate.
flamsterette_x: Signing off and signing on again, aye?
aryk29: Just another day or two of putting up with this lousy DSL and it'll be done with. ;)
flamsterette_x: All right then. So you want me to do the March thread when I get around to it?
aryk29: I won't be able to post it. ;)
aryk29: (Don't you usually post them on the 1st?)
flamsterette_x: You won't? Eh, all right then. Usually, yes... unless I totally space it. Which has happened before.
aryk29: I told you before that I wouldn't be able to, remember?
aryk29: You were talking with Corey about a 10-day-old dancing singing baby. :p
flamsterette_x: That was yesterday. Why I can't remember these things, I don't know.
aryk29: 'sokay, I stand under. :)
flamsterette_x: Yes, but WHAT do you stand under? ;)
aryk29: Good question. :D
flamsterette_x: Ah well, as long as it's not anything dodgy, it'll be good.
aryk29: lmao
aryk29: I remember a year ago when your monitor went kaput and you weren't able to post... then someone started an Anybody Else Born In March thread. Wow, it's been a year already! :O
flamsterette_x: You remember that?
aryk29: Of course! :D
aryk29: Did I ever tell you I remember when I was just a few weeks old?
flamsterette_x: And I thought Tom Connors had one of the greatest memories around.
aryk29: Who is he?
flamsterette_x: Canadian country singer.
aryk29: Yeah it went out again. Did you get my last message?
flamsterette_x: Which was that?
aryk29: About my grandparents' house.
flamsterette_x: No.
aryk29: They were in the process of moving when I was born, and my mother stayed in what was my sister's room for a couple weeks. I remember the layout of the room, the furniture, and being in there with my mother and another relative.
flamsterette_x: Are you sure?
aryk29: I checked with them, not knowing what it was, and mom told me.
flamsterette_x: I see. Interesting.
aryk29: Drew up a sketch and everything, and she said it was right on.
aryk29: Surely you remember May 1981? :D
flamsterette_x: Not really offhand.
aryk29: Oh. Another friend of mine who was born in '76 remembers Mt. St. Helens erupting the first time, so she has me beat. :D
flamsterette_x: Uh, that happened before you were BORN, dude.
aryk29: Yup. :D
aryk29: The age you were in May '81 is the same age I was in Jan '86, which is around the time my earliest clear continuous memories are from... everything before that is isolated and murky.
flamsterette_x: Memory is an interesting thing.
aryk29: Quite so.
aryk29: I coulda sworn I'd seen the video for Chumbawamba's Tubthumping and heard OMC's How Bizarre on the radio in 1994... but both songs came out in '97.
flamsterette_x: Hah, quite true.
aryk29: And reflecting on it, this one time my mother was watching Rosie and I happened to be in the room, and the first song was mentioned on the show. The place we lived at that time we lived from late 1996 until about May or June '97... and then my impressions the first time I heard the second song was that for some odd reason it reminded me of someone I knew in the summer of 1995, that having been a while before.
flamsterette_x: Songs can remind you of the past. :P
*** "aryk29" signed off at Sat Feb 26 22:45:36 2005.
*** "aryk29" signed on at Sat Feb 26 22:45:42 2005.
aryk29: You know the song She Is His Only Need by Wynona Judd? That's the song that most reminds me of that place. :) (reposted for good measure)
flamsterette_x: No. But I do remember reading Love Can Build A Bridge.
aryk29: I think that one's a few years older, but yeah I also remember that one.
flamsterette_x: READING, not LISTENING TO IT.
aryk29: ic
aryk29: "that's when he started going over the line / working overtime / she don't deserve him but he loves her and he keeps going overboard / over the limit to afford / 'cuz without her where would he be / she is his only need"... goes something like that
flamsterette_x: Lyrics.
aryk29: Yup. :D
aryk29: Ooh, same album as No One Else On Earth!? That song's from like 1992!
flamsterette_x: Nice.
aryk29: :)
aryk29: Something very odd just happened at another board.
flamsterette_x: Dare I ask?
aryk29: Somebody posted a reply that I took to be flying off the handle, but apparently maybe not.
aryk29: I suppose I could link to it.
flamsterette_x: If you wish.
aryk29: A few of us were teasing this guy with the song Rainbow Connection by Jim Henson, and then I get this.
flamsterette_x: Haha.
flamsterette_x: I guess he was really sensitive about that.
aryk29: I reported the post, and then they told me ECOF was joking.
flamsterette_x: ....
aryk29: Well, I didn't think it was that funny, but just wanted to get a second opinion. :)
flamsterette_x: Fair enough.
aryk29: He was banned from the SDMB for what it's worth... I have no idea what his SD handle was though.
flamsterette_x: Hahaha. Serves him right.
aryk29: I suppose. Either he won't last long here, or he'll get on everybody else's nerves eventually and get plonked by half the board. I dunno. :D
aryk29: SNL in :15
flamsterette_x: Writing this email is harder than it sounds.
aryk29: I did a double take at Our Place today.
aryk29: What email... to Stephen?
flamsterette_x: Double take? Why so?
aryk29: The Transbar thread.
flamsterette_x: Link?
aryk29: here
aryk29: not what I thought it would be. :O
flamsterette_x: Not everything starting with those five letters has to do with.... that, y'know. ;)
aryk29: lmao. Let's just say when I met face to face with KellyM's acquaintance, it was at that kind of bar. :D Yeah, I know what you mean, but I still can't look at the thread title without thinking it's... that.
flamsterette_x: Interesting.. email to Stephen, yes.
aryk29: Ah, I see :(
aryk29: Back's killin' me... think I'll go flop down in front of the TV a few minutes early.
aryk29: bcnu l8r :)
*** "aryk29" signed off at Sat Feb 26 23:23:47 2005.
flamsterette_x: Talk to you later. :) I'll let you know how things are with that whole.. thing.
Session Close (aryk29): Sat Feb 26 23:24:49 2005

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