Saturday, February 25, 2012

Clemens, Troy, BAD Translink, Pete, Eric, and losses

Note to self: Despite what the Translink website may say, the C94 does NOT show up much on the weekend / Saturdays in general. Fuck waiting for ages (almost an HOUR in the cold?!) at the bus stop with a billion library books! After a few exchanged messages about Canucks hockey and such, Clemens W. (from Germany) added me to Facebook; I hope this doesn't turn out like the time I had some foreign Canucks fan on my friends list for two minutes, OR like the time I unknowingly added a creepy Canucks fan named Mark Moreau! Troy A. also added me, heh.

Suggested the idea of another siblings dinner while the lards are away to Jon / Harmony / Lisa / Steph; Steph seemed amenable to that, and added that we could take Big G out as well. Hey, that works - I forgot about her, actually. I know, I know... that sounds BAD, so I will do any expiation right now! Bryan also started a YM conversation, which was fair enough. Eric bugged me on MSN when I wasn't feeling my best. Of course I told him what was up. He apparently is concerned that I lack a safe place to explore the darkest reaches of my soul - thanks for reminding me of what I lost!

Told Pete and others what had happened, too. Talked with Eric about the Duggars, drugs, Day Nine, STARCRAFT, emotions, kittens, ninja stars, and "good" sources of support. I know that "I'm going to give it to him REAL GOOD!" [referring to the anger stage] sounds WRONG, but I didn't realize it till Eric pointed it out, haha. Eliza told me that there were a bunch of teen trolls in the hockey group - don't I know it! Luckily, they got banned in short order!

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Friday, February 24, 2012

Richmond Sushi, new purses, Wayne x2, weird words, and entertaining stories

Decided that my new Fred Mayer purse was perfect for Richmond Sushi, haha. I met Wayne in the yellow Jeep; on the way over, I entertained them with my crazy stories about Mom (Vanessa asked about those conversation snippets!) when we weren't talking about hockey / directions / jerseys / Canucks #1 / the Maple Leafs. Met their friends Wayne (yes, another one) and Jan - I'd met Jan before at the Buck and Ear in April 2009! We discussed Dutch stuff, Scottish stuff, the "squid tentacles / testicles" story, the "libido" story, the past, weird made-up expressions, horses, shrimp bombs, kimchi, tofu, chicken teriyaki (rolls), tuna sushi, sashimi, local sleazy dumps like the Ivanhoe and anything on Hastings, army stuff, navy stuff, and the Marines. Also talked about swimming, creepy people that they knew, Mr. Creep, elephants, Paul, icky feelings or vibes, tea, mango pudding, red bean spring rolls, their friends, ship life, Alaska rolls, drugs, Facebook, mail-order brides, Tokyo Joe's, gyoza, sailors, short ribs, sushi purity, mango in California roll there (she doesn't like it), auto-immune diseases, lists, dollar stores, the library, the States, and more. Good times!

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Snow, Richmond Sushi, weekly tradition, and signs coming true

I've heard it snowed around here, but not in Richmond. Had a busy afternoon with the weekly tradition and the hockey game! Vanessa got on MSN after apparently trying to call me multiple times, and said that she and Wayne would pick me up at about 8:30 for Richmond Sushi. Yes, I have my priorities - and this definitely outweighs BS! CANUCKS WON 2-1 OVER THE DEVILS! YAY! I thought that the Rush song earlier could have been a sign, and it turned out to be absolutely true. Interesting, but understood.

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Hearing a Rush song / Ugly emotions / Venting

Last night was just an ugly show of emotion, but I appreciated the vent session which Ryan and I had. I heard a Rush song (Free Will) just now for the first time in about a week. Maybe this is a sign... but probably not. :(

(and now Joan Jett's I Hate Myself For Loving You is on - wow, this 106.5 Fox programming is nailing it today!)

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

92nd birthday dinner with preserved vegetables!

Eric emailed me to say that it didn't show a friendly demeanor if I said that the hockey game was more important than spending time with people. Excuse me (not that I care), but I *am* spending time with people... AFTER the hockey game, of course. I'd say the hockey game was more important than BS, but I gotta maintain at least a superficial interest in the group. *grumble* Some people do enjoy spending time by themselves, y'know! As for whatever is going on elsewhere, I don't know.

Mom and Dad got home at 5:30, and soon made plans to go to Master Hong's BBQ House. I also got a good on-sale purse, on-sale jewelry for Vegas (crystal [letter] pendant necklace heart and non-usable earrings; given to Grandma), string cheese, and some chocolate. Nice! Tried discussing hockey streams with Dad, but got sidetracked in discussing (chocolate almond) milk and fuses with Mom. Oh well.

We went to the restaurant about an hour later; discussed preserved vegetables, chicken wings, hockey, fish, banks, onions, pineapple, sweet and sour pork, garlic, deep-fried things, celery, oranges, Harmony's birthday dinner, McDonalds coffee, arrangements while the lards are away, Lisa's practicing saying "Happy Birthday" to Grandma in Chinese (Big G said it was good!), parks, cops in the news, the bill / the busy restaurant, and more. I found myself thinking of a certain someone, which I should probably stop. We discovered that the Canucks had snapped Detroit's home winning streak of 23 games with a 4-3 shootout goal by Alex Burrows! Stopped by the townhouse so Steph could tutor Mom in PVR use again, and discussed Lindt chocolates / pomelo / Cuisinart coffee makers / Bruins / Habs. I got home at 9:15, which wasn't too bad. Not that I'd talk to a certain person because of timezone issues... all my fault, I fear. *sigh*

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Grandma's 92nd birthday!

Today is Grandma's 92nd birthday! Vanessa got on MSN briefly to share my excitement over sushi overriding BS tomorrow, hahaha. I was responsible and paid my Shaw bill before I went out to do some banking and then spend some time with the Big G. Of course, she forgot that I had told her about this by the time I did get to the townhouse at 2. She made some black garlic oil noodles with chicken for me since I said I hadn't eaten yet, which was nice.

Then asked me whether I had boyfriends in the computer, and then asked whether I talked to White Kid (Eric M.) all the time on the computer. Not really! (if SOMEONE would sort his stuff out...) Phil liked those FB statuses, anyway. I reminded her about her birthday card, and she called me "good" for that and telling her to drink water. Harmony's dad Uncle Joe called to invite her out to dinner; of course, she forgot that Mom and Dad went to the States! Then she told me not to call my sister at work because she's a police officer... HAHAHAHA!

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Bryan, missing easy conversation, sushi overriding BS

Talked briefly to Bryan on YM, and found myself missing easy conversation. I just have to remind myself of certain things, is all. Replied to Tracy / Grace / Denise's Evite for Harmony and Jane's baby shower, too. Christon emailed us to say that BS would be at Geoffrey's at Friday, so of course I had to reply to everyone to say that even if it weren't for the hockey game, my late-night sushi plans with a friend and her boyfriend overrode everything else. MUHAHAHAHA! I know how BS works; I would NEVER be able to make it for that AND sushi, especially as Wayne and Vanessa are picking me up! Eric would probably want to stay till at least 10 PM, too. Thank goodness my Friday plans are all intact! GOODBYE!

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Okay, I have pretty much made a decision. If you're going to not communicate for a few days when you've been talking a lot beforehand, and just go offline for a presumed break without saying anything, you have LOST my interest. I am on to you if you do a fade. Goodbye. :(

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3-1 loss in Nashville / Corey and Bryan were what I needed...

DAMMIT... the Canucks lost 3-1 to Nashville tonight! Of course, the "no regulation loss" streak had to end sometime, but still. Updated Corey and Bryan about things, and it at least was good to talk to Corey after a couple of months. Yeah, I still miss a certain someone, but I will stay strong! Benefit of the doubt, maybe... not so sure about other things. Talked about Taiwan and truculent students, which is good - I had to laugh a lot for some reason (maybe the past few days!), even though intrusive personal questions aren't funny in the least! Discussed grammar, memorization, Skype, people not even learning things from one class to the next, language, rules hurting the student, money, personal things, defenestration, birthdays, Teunis, insults, Paul, Korey, and more. That's what I needed!

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Passport office and penis obsessions!

My parents picked me up at 12:40, and we were off to see if the Denny's near A&W / Michaels would NOT be crowded since they had a 99-cent Grand Slam special. Of course, it was.. so they tried various Chinese restaurants while bugging me about Chinese Eric and White Eric. I prefer to keep my own counsel when it comes to those two, so gave them minimal answers. They FINALLY settled on Deer Garden near Michigan Noodle Shop / Twinkle, where I went with Auntie Ying last year. (I didn't tell them that, of course) I had Tom Yum soup base with beef and squid (coffee and tea also), and we talked about Grandma's 92nd birthday on Thursday / Russia / Facebook / bubble tea / Auntie Eva / Dairy Queen / my going out to dinner with them that night (HOCKEY, THOUGH?!) / Chung Yan / Karen I. / Mattias / Marcus / my changed sleeping schedule / Grandma's memory issues or deterioration / the Costa Rica itinerary and a coffee tour / Harmony and Jane's baby shower / Steph and Lisa / Vegas airfare and other costs. Of course Jon won't want to leave a two-week-old baby and his wife at home by the time the wedding rolls around on June 2!

From lunch, it was off to the passport office. My mom thought she'd call me on my lack of reading material, but I didn't tell her that I needed the time to think. That would have led to a bunch of questions which I'm not even sure I could answer to people I trust, let alone HER! She told me how the passport office numbers worked, which I knew already. I'm not STUPID, lady! Then she bugged me about "making peace" with Raymond, Mr. Creep, and Paul - Raymond and I are civil when we have to be, and that's good enough for me. As for the last two, I JUST DISLIKE THEM FOR GOOD REASON, OKAY?! She wanted to know WHY, but I know she wouldn't understand! I wish I had certain understanding people in my life right now, but that's not possible at this moment. Oh well. *sigh*

After my passport stuff was done with documents and payment (Mom did come through on that), we walked to Chapters to meet Dad. Mom saw Eric Tsang (Samantha and Rosanna's dad) through the window, so she talked to him for a bit while I just browsed. I saw these two Canucks hockey books which Chinese Eric might be interested in, so I should make a note to tell him! (Celebrating the 2010-2011 Season of the Vancouver Canucks [NHL] and A Thrilling Ride: The Vancouver Canucks' Fortieth Anniversary Season [Paul Chapman]) After my parents talked to Eric about his daughters and furniture, they finally dropped me back off at home. I was in time for the pre-game show! (Nashville and Vancouver) Bryan unexpectedly messaged me on YM right when the game started, but I could deal. :D

I have NO words for my mom right now...

Mom, while on the way to the passport office: "Did you see that man? He was massaging his thing!"
Me: "I don't want to know, Mom..."
Mom: "But you had to have seen it!"
Me: "...."

Mom, in the passport office: "Dad is still opposed to my getting a dog!"
Me: "Have you played with Holly's dog, Varley?"
Mom: "Well, not PLAY... I've seen him... wait. Is Varley a him or her?"
Me: "Varley's a him."
Mom: "How do you know?"
Me: "Trust me - I know these things."
Mom, without skipping a beat: " *gasp* You're dirty! ... You were looking at his THING!"
Me, in head: "WTF.... " (out loud) "NO!"
Mom: "Be quiet! People will look at you, and you'll cause a scene!"
Me, in head: "So don't SAY those things?! *grumbles and curses* "

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Chronological inconsistencies, Eiffel Tower, flying into mesh (dream) / Evite

I must be strong in the midst of various things going on! Grace, Denise, and Tracy sent me an Evite to a double baby shower for Harmony and Jane, which is taking place in about a month on a Sunday... I guess I'll have to play all the games! *sigh* I also learned that I only have to look after Grandma for the 18th and the 19th, since the respite centre found space for her before then. This is good news; I hardly think I'll have a reason to drag my laptop to the townhouse then! Also had some buttermilk pancakes in honor of Mardi Gras / Fat Tuesday, hahaha.

Vanessa got on MSN to invite me to a reservation for late-night sushi (9:30-ish) with Wayne on Friday. They'll pick me up, too. That actually does sound good from a money and time standpoint, especially with the weekly tradition and the hockey game in mind! Of course, I thanked her for the invite. Gives me yet another excuse to not make it out to Fellowship, which means I should tell Eric at some point. Of course, another couple will be coming - meh, I can deal. :D

I had a weird dream which started out with my family being in Paris and inside the Eiffel Tower. There were all these mini souvenirs just lying around on the beige floors, and we were tempted to take some since they were various representations of the tower in various forms. We almost took a couple, but ultimately decided not to since we didn't want to appear like thieves. Upon exiting the tower, we were told to go down a ramp on the bottom floor which would spit us out into the parking lot. I couldn't do it, so Jon (looking as he did when he was three years old) and Grandma (in a mini naked form - I don't want to know!) decided to go with me as I ran into some black mesh separator, as seen on a screen by an elevator. We went flying off the mesh, and onto the bottom floor near escalators.

After that, I saw Eric M. out on a bench - he wanted to join us, and we had no problem with that. Grandma wanted to buy things from an outdoor supermarket, so we took her there. All the freezers and bags were outside, while some bread and such was inside. We were about to select a bunch of items when we were stopped by some workers with green aprons. They said that we weren't allowed to bring any naked people onto the premises, even if they were really tiny. We tried to argue with the workers, but to no avail. So then we met up with Jen in the store's underground parking lot, which is another time inconsistency - we didn't meet her until 2000! Dad told Mom to just go home while he took me, Eric, Jen, and Jon to the movies.

Then we went to the parking lot, which had fast-moving white cars and white lanes all over the place. We went to another crowded store which apparently was just one room, full of frozen food from Safeway. This was apparently going to be our dinner, which would be fine since the movie (something about a DARK KNIGHT prequel? TIME INCONSISTENCY!) started at 7:30. However, I noticed a sign saying that we'd be locked in the room at 7:16 even if people hadn't finished paying for / selecting the food. This was supposedly to preserve the food's integrity, despite it all being in freezers! The store clerks told us not to worry about it, so we turned our attention to selecting various bags and packages.

Finally, we made our way to the checkout line. Tim, Maxine, Joshua, and Keenan were there also. (Emma wasn't born yet in the dream, but the other two shouldn't have been there with the time!) They said hi, and gave me my birthday presents: a foam puzzle, a Matthew Good CD, and more merchandise. For some reason, I had to pay for those! The dream ended when we left the store with lots of food. WEIRD AND CRAZY! Not even sure what the triggers would be for this one, unless it was seeing some DARK KNIGHT RISES movie promo!

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Monday, February 20, 2012

Eric, trouble, online drama / Affectionate guys (dream)

Since Eric M. bugged me on MSN about what I did yesterday (ONLINE DRAMA!) and my "romantic evening with Mr. Ho," I told him about James ("trouble"?); he thinks I'm being weird, as per usual. Eric knows me well, and I don't think he's TOO far wrong there! Pete C. also added me to Facebook via a "Puck Heads" hockey group. Also finished the green olive bread, which WAS pretty good.

I had a dream overnight where I was going around town with Jon, Dawn, and others. We went to the store and bought a bunch of food which we were planning to use later. For some reason, Dawn saw and took a green plastic bucket full of blueberries outside. Nobody seemed to have a problem with that! I got separated from the group, and wandered outside to find a bunch of kids playing around in ghost Halloween costumes. It was dark outside, and there were plenty of fall leaves around. I went into a community centre, and found a group of special-needs people about to attend a concert there. They didn't mind my joining them; among others, there was a Japanese person named Risa (who didn't want her last name to be known) who watched over the group, a very affectionate brown-haired guy named Brian who put an arm around me and held my hand, and a brown-haired woman named Maria who was supposed to be married to the conductor at one point. (they somehow remained on good terms)

We just talked about a lot of stuff; at one point, Risa told me privately that Brian was flirting with me, but I didn't mind his rubbing my back briefly at all. It was nice to have that Eventually, we all decided to go outside and see what was going on. We bonded, and then went to the train station to watch people. Maria almost fell down the stairs, so Brian stood up to give her his more roomy transportation device. I was afraid HE would fall, so steadied him by holding him tightly. He appreciated it, and told me so. Everyone was about to add each other to Facebook and other networks when Auntie Allyn and Uncle Tom showed up to tell me that my parents were on a train in the station! No idea how they knew I was there... I reluctantly went to see what they wanted. It turned out that Mom and Dad were with Uncle Eric and Auntie Brenda; they wanted me to leave my newfound friends, AS USUAL. I refused to abandon them, and the dream ended with my rejoining them again. Triggers: Seeing Uncle Eric's comments on Mom's Facebook, thinking too much of certain things, and all the FB drama!

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

5-2 win over Edmonton / HETALIA party!

As I thought, I didn't have to activate HOCKEY MODE tonight. It was a 5-2 win over Edmonton, although we did get robbed on a goal review!

Hetalia Party 2 :D by Ashleyybear
Your name?
Invited you:
Tried to scare you:
How?:Puts ice down your back
Person who spilled their drink on you:
Person who helped you get the stain out:
This person gets very tired, and falls on you:
then...they pass out, and you get a little freaked out.
Everyone starts eating pizza! This person sits by you...
and they...ask if they can have your pizza.
Someone dares this person to kiss you, and they do:
As you are leaving, this person confesses their love:

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Ryan Wiens, glittery malls, MY LITTLE PONY, Mara and Nara (dream)

I had a dream which started out in the middle of winter - with the requisite snow around - and my friends and I had just learned that some MMA fighter named Ryan Wiens had just died on Xmas / Boxing Day. We went around a red glittery mall with plenty of merchandise on sale, and bought a bunch of MY LITTLE PONY things with our usual purchases. Afterwards, we went on a boat, which was understood to be going to the other side of the ocean. I saw Sophia, Margaret K., Mike K., David, Jonathan, and others there. I liked talking to them, and finding out what was going on because of the blue fence barriers and the red rails. The gossip on the boat was that Mara had gone off to see what happened to her pregnant sister Nara, and they were feared lost overboard.

When David started liking Margaret, her brother Mike wanted him to stop having THOSE sorts of thoughts about her! For some reason, I could see into David's mind, and knew exactly what he was thinking! Jonathan decided to stick up for Mike, and pretended to choke David while they were in a precarious position. Sophia and I saw this, and stopped them before it got any more dangerous. We reminded them of Ryan Wiens' death, and asked them if they wanted history to repeat itself. Later, we disembarked while looking at some poor souls who were going to get on the boat for a return trip. That's all I remember! Possible triggers: hearing a bunch of MMA ads, seeing MY LITTLE PONY a lot on ONTD, Valentine's Day stuff at the store, talking to Sophia last week, the DRAGON WARRIOR 4 walkthroughs (Mara and Nara are characters who have to go across the ocean on a boat), and talking about pregnancy lately.

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