Saturday, January 03, 2004

Good seeing Eric H. for sure!

managed to talk to Steve about some stuff this afternoon..
he knows what it's like, and I'm grateful for that alone..
it wasn't a big surprise when Eric H. buzzed me on MSN..
yes, it was GOOD seeing him last night.. thanks is good..
I shall spend more time with people who make me smile..
after talking to people about the situation, I feel better..
if he didn't want to be mentioned in my journals, tough!
the way I see it, any agreement we had was broken long ago..
and I actually feel a lightness of being that wasn't there prior..
so maybe this is way better for me.. I'll be happy :)

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You're acting like a petty child!

so far, it's been a very lazy day as per the usual..
I'm glad all that is in the past now, even with no reasons..
if he didn't give me a reason, he's acting like a petty child..
but I won't let this sour my opinion on men in general..
I don't think I'll like him anymore, as I won't contact him..
in short: who cares about things associated with him?
certainly not me, and I will continue on my merry ways..
hopefully, this year will go upwards whilst I rock on! :D

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Stepho's and blasts from the past

we saw John Jugovic on the bus today, along with Salman..
I couldn't figure out how I knew Salman, but it clicked..
he used to live with me in that group home, Seaport..
but I moved out before it closed down for good, haha!
my siblings and I know John from our newspaper route days..
John spouted some pretty interesting opinions..
"they should take all the mad cow beef to Ethiopia!"
"you know, that club has too many guys.. I like my girls thin!"
very weird listening to him talk about this stuff..
especially since he's gained maybe 50 pounds himself!

the lunch at Stepho's was very good, and huge..
we met Erin and Margaret there and discussed New Year's..
(Margaret and nine shots of alcohol? oh my..)
church unity, school, the Canucks-Avs hockey game..
our plans for the day, tomorrow's plans before they flew out..
yup, we had a good time there just building relationships!

I went to Chapters later on, and spent time reading books..
one was on toxic relationships.. glad I escaped one ;)
of course, there are the other ones in my life that need work..
also read comic books, Ann Landers' letters to her daughter..
and a book on "Do It Anyway: the 10 Paradoxical Laws"..
naturally, this caused me to miss Fellowship again..
but I did see Steph and Melissa on the bus to church..

once there, we learned that Anita and Jeff are engaged..
they've only been going out a year or so..
but known for a long time that this is what they want..
everyone's very happy for them: no more fiasco / drama! ;)
Eunice is back in Fellowship now, too.. very good news!

we went to Red Robin's later, and saw Eric H. finally..
he's been in China visiting his girlfriend Fay..
they look so good together in their sticker pictures..
Eric thanked me for the Christmas ecard I'd sent him..
Nathan said there was a real one somewhere in his room..
also discussed road rage, the hockey game, the China trip..
English, relationship advice, the DAT, dentistry, etc.
quite a good time out.. made me forget personal troubles!
and that is always a very good thing indeed..
(now, if I can get my grandma to stop walking around..
or if I could get my siblings to stop mock-arguing :P)

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Friday, January 02, 2004

Last massage therapy appointment

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ESTHER.. I hope you have a really terrific one today! :) It's been good knowing you all these years.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ELLEN.. I hope you have a good one today! :) It was great knowing you at church.

somehow, there's not much to be said about today..
I do know that I have a last massage therapy appointment..
and then we're all going for lunch at Stepho's.. Greek food!
we'll all meet up at the church after the hockey game..
probably talk to a group of people and then eat..
just the usual Friday routine for us, really.. wooyeah!

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Thursday, January 01, 2004

He's deleting everything... what an idiot moron!

well, it looks like I won't have to worry about that email..
just got another one from him, titled "Goodbye"..
it basically says that he put me on his UB ignore list..
so I don't have to fear that he'll read my writings there..
(psh! like I was worried about THAT in the first place!)
also requested that I not reply to that email.. (like I would?)
because he'll again be automatically deleting any email from me..
whatever you want to do is fine by me, man..
although you might have wanted to tell me why..
not sure how to feel about this, but it's definitely all right!

can't say that this is how I wanted it to turn out, but eh..
it's probably for the good of my sanity, as well..
yes, I did "de-friend" certain LJ entries for Corey's sake..
(I wanted to let him know what was going on in my head)
but then I locked them tightly up again afterwards..
not likely he would have seen those in the ten minutes..
ah well, no reason why I should be worried at all..
Corey's humorous suggestions are keeping me laughing! :D
besides, I'm going out for bubble tea.. that's always good..

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Ramen noodles with Steph / Jon / Melissa

went out for ramen noodles with Jon, Steph, and Melissa..
it was a good time away from certain people as well..
dumped a whole load of stuff at my place later on..
found out that some businesses aren't open on New Year's..
(oh, the shock and awe that transpired when we figured it out!)
got back to Jon's.. even if someone thinks negatively of me..
checked my email to find out that someone still reads my LJ..
I don't think I'd want to interact as close friends again..
ultimately, we may have been too different from each other..
apart from that one Saturday, I've not read any of his writings..
except if I come across them accidentally or some such..
he did say that it was no excuse to spit on me or ignore me..
haven't been doing that to him at all, but I'll continue my MO..
that's about it from me for now.. perhaps more later on.. ;)

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Great email from Jim, Bill, and Andrew!

I got up to great email today from Roger and Quasi..
so the ones from Roger were in the form of LJ comments..
but it's all good, since I like that person.. humor rocks!
Quasi simply wanted to thank me for the birthday thing..
eh, it's what I do.. and he should have cause to know it..
definitely would like to keep in touch with a caring sweetheart..
TLD also managed to amuse me with this buzz:
"Hello, O idle one.. just checkin' in." (ha, I *like* it!)
right now, I'm feeling pretty okay.. (stolen from Minli)
let's hope this continues, and that I get to go home SOON..

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First message of 2004

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PRISCILLA.. I hope you have a really good one today! :) It's been neat knowing you at church. Heck, you were the first Vancouver baby born in your year! ;)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ZEYANA.. I hope you have a really terrific one today! :) It was great when Steph would bring you over.

the first message of 2004 is coming up now..
unfortunately, I can't think of anything to say..
it's already been said, and I don't wish to be redundant..
but I wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR filled with blessings!

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Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Last message for 2003

this is going to be the last message for 2003..
thanks for all the weirdness and insight this year..
I've gained and lost friends and readers of this thing..
heck, I even changed the name of the site twice! ;)
this year wasn't my best, but neither was it my worst..
that's probably the closest you'll get to a "year in review"..
so let's leave the old year behind with all its disappointments..
hopefully, next year will be even better for all of us! :)

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Polite emails from the ex

when I got back here, I sent the ex a polite email..
basically thanked him for the card, wished him happiness..
(at least, I *think* that I do.. can't quite tell, but whatever..)
and all I could say was that it was delivered in the past week..
definitely wasn't expecting a reply, but got one anyhow:
"there's no reason why you should tell me more :) "
I could think up devilish replies to that one, but I let it alone..
"just thought I'd let you know when I got it, is all.." I said..

I got yet another reply later on: he was being serious..
there was no need to tell him even that much..
hopes I'll soon return full-time to a place that's wholly mine..
I'm not sure what to feel anymore, but I'll believe he means it..
because I seriously wish that for myself, as well.. next week?
if he's really serious about my not needing to tell him anymore..
the scenario next time will be "thanks" without elaboration..
how do you think he'd like THEM apples, aye?! :P

also got an ICQ buzz from Becky: was I there in the basement?
yes, I was.. but at 2:35 AM, I had just gone to bed..
very quirky stuff, but it was pretty unexpected.. hahaha :)

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Dodgy cat jokes

while talking to Yazmine on the phone, I finally opened the card..
apparently, he designed it himself: had a scanned cat photo..
included my name, at least.. even if I doubt the wishes..
and a cheesy / dodgy joke about voting Democrat in 2004..
I wasn't looking for any meaning at all behind it..
my reaction's just neutral, though I don't know why it's sent..
may not keep it, but oddly appreciate it just the same..
ah well, I suppose that's the spirit behind the season..
the car's apparently dead as well.. not a good thing, eh?
wish I could stay home, but I can't.. too unfortunate, that..
but when I *do* get here permanently, it'll be all good..
there IS a light at the end of this tunnel, and I'll focus on it ;)

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Neighbor cat and snow

I hung out with the neighbor cat inside for a while..
then everyone decided to leave at the same time..
it was quite the hilarious experience getting out of the snow..
eventually, we were on our way thanks to shovels galore..
right now, I'm at my house; the girls are at BBT..
it's better not to let someone know about it..
more stramash is definitely NOT a good idea at all..
this week, there was love for me.. thanks, Sarah ;)
there was also another item which was unsettling..
haven't quite decided what to do with that one yet..
I'll see what the RQ denizens (and Corey?) have to say first..
Dan wants me to open it now, but I'm unsure..
at least my reaction wasn't as intense as before..
way to smack me with an unexpected wham, ex! ;)

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Over a foot of snow

still snowing here currently.. over a foot of it now..
Dianne brought Vancouver's rain to Toronto..
Melissa brought Toronto's snow to Vancouver..
funny how that reversed weather stuff works, eh? ;)
in other news, Dianne thinks I sleep like a moth..
she couldn't see me sleeping on the couch downstairs..
thought I was in a pile of blankets.. nope, a sleeping bag!
we had an interesting brunch: cereal, fried chicken, muffins..
most of us will be leaving soon partly because of the snow..
it was a great time away from certain detrimental people! ;)

Note: LJ Rocky Horror Live Cast / LJ Halloween Party / LJ Prison / Jobs for LJ Friends / LJ Halloween Memegens. (by Ngmrrp15, Karen_Walker, RedFrog021, BrianWarnersGrl, JacquelineTM)

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Going over to Cindy's

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, EUGENE.. I hope you have a really great one today! :) It was cool knowing you years ago.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SCOTT.. I hope you have a good one today! :) It was interesting when Jon would bring you around.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, QUASI.. I hope you have a great one today! :) It's been good getting to know you this past year.

well, the last day of 2003 is now upon us..
what should we do? I personally have no idea..
I can tell you that I treated Steph and Melissa to lunch..
we finally got to go at 2:15 because Mom delayed us..
she was in some kind of a bad mood, too.. which wasn't fair..
it was snowing outside, but we brought Jon his violin..
didn't expect him to take a picture of me with a camera!

Cindy, Vanessa, Steph, Melissa, Fidela, Emily, Chrystal, Becky, Jackie, and I were at the house..
discussed the church issues, Eric's health, food, pictures, life..
the holidays, Fidela's getting into Wheaton, Melia's vomiting..
we also watched Freaky Friday.. (body-switching!)
played Scrabble, Speed Scrabble, Phase Ten, and Dutch Blitz..
Steph got the Phase Ten Deluxe edition; it came in a tin box..
and it even included a pad of scoresheets and cardholders!
I managed to use my 10-point "Z," and a double letter score..
too bad "gauze" or "tensely" didn't win the game for me..
since it was still snowing at 11:30, it was time to play in it..
certainly hope we'll have very good luck driving home later!

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Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Banner ads have sound now!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HIEN.. I hope you have a great one today! :) I think it's been very cool knowing you at church.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JULIANNE.. I hope you have an awesome one today! :) It was good when Steph would bring you over.

I've just been checking my mail, as I do when I get up..
one of the Yahoo banner ads for some movie has sound..
kinda freaked me out when I heard non-Subwoofer noise..
the banner ads used to be sort of non-intrusive..
but now it seems they have a new weapon aimed at us..
playing sound when ya least expect it, and making you jump..
in this case, movie previews for some flick that's cheesy..
I definitely hope that it doesn't happen again..
however, I'm quite sure it will.. damn all the banner ads! ;)

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Monday, December 29, 2003

What part of "NO" don't you understand?!

why the hell is "no" such a hard word to understand?
numbness and pain is not a good thing.. toe pinching isn't!
I'll take Corey's tack on it this time.. who cares about it?!
might go to "fat camp sleepover" tomorrow; we'll see..
the Vancouver-Colorado game is creating a dynamic here..
Steph's cheering for the Canucks, and Melissa's for the Avs..
guess we'll see who wins this game and the next one ;)

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MIssing people...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JUSTIN.. I hope you have a good one today! :) It's been great knowing you at church.

missing someone is never really any good, but it happens..
managed to talk to Dave, Daniel, Darren, and Corey..
worship on Wednesday, Hawaii, getting out of "stabwound"..
too bad I feel like being extra good, but have no one..
ah well, these things are best taken care of at home..
which is one of the reasons why I wish I was back there..
maybe this week or something, because I need it!

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Sunday, December 28, 2003

Daiso and bombing journal

went to the Japanese $2 store with Melissa this afternoon..
there's a LOT of stuff in the store.. heaps of it!
stationery, cosmetics, feminine products, utensils, etc.
the "bombing journal" is not appropriate reading material..
especially not when you're eating dinner already..
but the A-1 Steak Sauce jokes were cool.. hick accents!

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Iced-over snow

like I thought last night, I'm not going to church today..
I would, except there's iced-over snow outside..
even if my brother IS going to be there, it doesn't matter..
so people are probably not going to know who Melissa is..
Steph's at work, and Jon may not introduce her..
(he didn't with Mike E. when he was there for his baptism!)
unlike certain people I could name, I can be productive..
yeah, that might make me a wimp / unable to survive in TO..
don't think I'll be as productive as I was last night, but eh..
this gives me time to listen to Head in a Box many times..
and I'm talking to Henrik right now, so booyah to you :P

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