Saturday, September 12, 2009

MAXWELL'S SILVER HAMMER, Memegen explosion, double Matthew Ma, and more

I have rediscovered a love for the Beatles song MAXWELL'S SILVER HAMMER because it is morbid, hehehe. Not sure why you'd get kids in elementary school to sing it, though... that, and THE CAT CAME BACK. BANG BANG BANG, THE HAMMER CAME DOWN ON HER HEAD TO MAKE SURE SHE WAS DEAD! :D

Also found out why Memegen hasn't been working for the last little while. From Quill 18: "Because I moved the site to a new server and it completely exploded due to the server having a different version of the programming language I use. :( It's taken a lot of re-programming (and coffee), but I think I have it all operational again, though possibly some of the newer quizzes got lost in the shuffle. Sorry for the disruption!"

Henry called at 3:35 to say he was nearby, so out I went! Traffic was insane, but we managed to make it before the start of the flag ceremony! Melia explained the rules to all the kids, which was good. Found out the almost-white kid's name: ANOTHER MATTHEW MA?! No wonder Chrystal and I were confused when his mother handed us a registration form! The one we are familiar with is older by about a couple years, and has an older brother named Eric. This one has an older sister named Mary, whom I've also seen around - she's so SKINNY and must take after her mother in this regard! Good thing they're in different clubs, but then awards time might get confusing in the future! Yikes!

Hilary came up to me later and wanted to see if the church library was open since she was bored and wanted to read a book. Since I could identify with that (even though she was supposed to be coloring as a stand-in for games), I went upstairs with her. Contrary to the posted hours (3:30 to 6 on Saturday), the door was locked! She was smart, and asked Auntie Rebecca for the key when we went back downstairs - I kinda knew Rebecca had no intention of giving her any books to read at 5:45, heh. She just played with Annika (who had a cast on her arm because she ran too fast into metal) and Hannah instead! Then she asked me what my pink Engrish "Every Day Happy!" journal was: she liked it because of the happy faces on the front, heh. She likes metallic blue and metallic purple - hey, my kind of girl! Hannah's sister Amanda just asked why my lips were so red: it's the Lip Care, man.

I blew Bob's mind by telling him that he hadn't even been born yet when I myself was in Grade 9, haha. He didn't even want to THINK about it and my current age in a week, haha. He's an official secretary now, which is cool. Saw little Anne from Sunday School; when I asked if she remembered me, she said "Maybe..." Her little sister Melody is cute, too. Then I saw Conor from the same Sunday School class - he was talkative, and definitely remembered me! "Yeah... you were in my class!" You bet! His older brother Sean was shy, but did say hi to me at least. Found out their parents' names: Minh (guessing on spelling) and Pauline. John and Ada rediscovered that their Sean's first name and Chinese name was the same as Conor's brother Sean!

Waited around while Ada was in a debriefing, which I guess I should have attended too, but maybe next time! Ian and Sean played tag, and Ian called the hallway that leads to the chapel a "dead end," which I guess it is in a way. Jordan said that he'd have a sushi party, and his mom told me and John that he could eat a HUGE plate of sushi - more than ten pieces for a kid?! Wow! Had an uneventful ride home since the kids were tired, although Sean unsuccessfully tried to make the middle seatbelt stay on the seat in front of him. Got home to find that I was out of milk - I should buy milk and kiddy snacks sometime this week, maybe. I've packed the remaining oatmeal cookies for them in two Ziploc bags, so it should be okay. (maybe I won't make Sidekicks till later, haha)

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Corey is LAME, man! / Bus Stop Map (Eric) / Dream of Harmony as a bride, and affectionate Leon

I created a Bzoink account today, just for the heck of it. Corey had sent me a message calling my bedtime of 2:05 AM "lame" (which is what he called my diminishing feelings earlier), so I had to email him with the subject "LAME!" and call HIM lame in return! It's what we do, so no worries there! He also told me to "get some Anawana and get back to me," so I also emailed that although I hadn't met (some of) the kids yet, I already loved them! Hahaha, we'll see what he says about THAT! Speaking of email, Eric was also up at 9 (presumably to make it to Dylan's wedding on time, what with border traffic and such), and emailed me a New Stops Map. Hopefully, that information from my kind friend helps, OR ELSE! (I also hope they remembered their passports...)

Okay, I need to stop dreaming about affectionate guys, especially since I know it'll never happen to me! Yeah sure, I could overcome my hermit tendencies, but I still do need to work on more than four years' worth of entries in between real life and blogging about it. ;)

Dreamed that I was in something approximating the police serge, and that I was helping my colleagues with these three bad guys. We'd almost got them with a fusillade of bullets, but they were still fighting away with multiple gunshots in them. (like ten bullets in one arm!) My sister decided to somehow flip an ornate black fence over, and succeeded in impaling all three of them! Afterwards, we were observed by the hospital just in case we had injuries or whatnot. Amazingly, we all got away clean, and were featured in the news all over the place!

A day later (in dream time), Harmony came to pick me and my sister up. She was in bridal wear, and said that my friend Leon Stephens was back at home waiting for me. Before we went home, we had to go grocery shopping. Eventually, Steph was in line with our mother's off-white / beige / gold wallet (she doesn't have one like that in real life), and said that she was guarding our groceries. Harmony wanted to take me home, and I had no objection to that. Went home, and Leon was there - he wanted to know if I was all right, which I said I was. He just wanted to sit with me and look at a list of names on the wall, so I didn't mind at all. For some reason, his long hair was a comfort to me, haha. I asked him which name he liked best - it had something to do with Caffeine Beans.

I didn't mind when he rested his head on my shoulder, and I felt free to do the same to him. Harmony was playing some racing game on an old computer console, as all the text was medium green and blocky like the System font! I looked over just as she was designating the left turn lane as the "left biography lane," and recall being amused by my crazy sister-in-law, heh. (I'm sure she thinks that about me in real life) A while later, they left me alone to sleep. I got up to find a note from Leon: "If you want some Pho, I'll be here soon, since I never want to leave you!" Of course, I thought that was sweet - he later gently lay down on me, and I didn't mind when he described it as blissful contentment, haha.

The dream ended when Harmony was being investigated for heroin use stemming from that impalement incident. Apparently, heroin found on the three bodies could be traced to her and Leon, but everyone insisted that our friends were FRAMED, man! No idea why I had it, since I haven't seen Leon in YEARS... and I can't be processing the wedding / Regina NOW! Right now, I'm talking to Billie about yesterday and the Canada Line, so that's good.

Facebook quiz taken from Barb:

Leslie took the How will people remember you when you're gone? quiz and the result is people will remember you as a caring loving person. Always looking out for everyone else. putting everyone else first. Nice way to be remembered.

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Incompetents at Subway! / 95% of people hate me! / Mocking Pebble Poo

I knew Google had made their search box bigger!

When Eric picked me up, I started ranting about a lot of stuff, including the usual subjects. He knows this well, and seems to tolerate it okay. Also talked normally about Evites, Dylan's wedding, pay phones DOUBLING in price, being morbid, attendance, percentages, passports, frustration, whether my sister was working tonight, Nathan's thing on Sunday, the DRIVESHAFT song (butts!), bad driving, UBC and hockey, showers, our both wasting an hour, and where the nearest Subway / Quizno's was to Metrotown. We saw the Crystal Mall and Metropolis, and Eric spotted a Subway near a Shoppers Drug Mart in a nearby plaza. My response to the news that there was a crowd inside: "Lovely. Can we blast them into oblivion?" Too bad we couldn't, but the sub guy was SLOW and incompetent - he was also deaf, asking me twice whether I wanted my sub toasted. Honestly, I was glad to get out of there!

Of course Eric could tell I was getting snippy at the guy, so he had to give me a LOOK and say something about it when we were in the car! Hey man, I just had to vent - then I discovered that he'd packed it in the most incompetent manner EVER! Thank goodness Vanessa offered us plates for our Subway! I recognized Vanessa's place - it's been so long since I was there! Went upstairs pretty quickly since we were there twenty or so minutes after we said we'd said we would be, no thanks to the incompetent idiots at Subway. (you do NOT chat up the customers when there is a LINE growing behind your one sub "artist," for one!)

The Bible Study topic was quite interesting - ANGER! HATE! Dashing babies' heads against rocks! (which I don't advocate) Discussed those topics and more with Cindy, Vanessa, and Danielle: radio programs, 99.3 the Fox, swearing, education, family, annoyances, passion, Alistair, world injustices, and more. Waved to Sean when he came upstairs to get something from the kitchen, too. Went home with Eric, and got to say that a golf club could be used as a weapon - hey, it was a FACT! Then he said that I was too morbid when I talked about decapitating people... whatever!

I also mistook a suitcase on a bus stop ad as being either a strawberry or watermelon drink, heh. He waited till we were in Richmond to get gas, and found that the outside register was closed! Then he decided to see where the 410 bus stop was for future reference - it was NOT on Saba, and had to be the OPPOSITE 410 going to Railway. I have no idea WHAT 410 I was taking for the past two years, then... he found a blue sign practically in front of the Canada Line itself! (UGH!) Man, I need to check it out when it's not 10:30 at night! (his night vision has to be better than mine!) It was an interesting ride home, for sure... got home to find out that someone had called me from Eric's house at 7:45. Since I was with him at that time, it had to be his parents! Hmm.

Facebook quizzes taken from Steve L. and Darren:

Leslie completed the quiz "What Stephen King character are you?" with the result Jack Torrance. You're a great family person. Loving. Kind. A wonderful spouse. So maybe you had a little drinking problem in the past, not a big deal. This is a big deal, however, when you imagine drinking and it gets you drunk! It's an even bigger deal when you try to murder this family that you once loved so much. Your work is your life. You'd do anything for work. But you know what they say... all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

Leslie took the How many people hate you? quiz and got the result: 95% hated.

You Should Honeymoon in Europe!

You are a traditional romantic at heart... You crave a honeymoon that will keep you swept off your feet.

You likely have a taste for fine wine, museums, and beautiful walks. If not, it's about time you develop one.

You're the type of person who can sit for hours in a café, sipping wine and staring into your sweetie's eyes.

Europe is the perfect spot for you to discover why you fell for each other in the first place.

You Believe That You're Wise

You may not be the most successful person, but you have a lot of knowledge.

You like to be competent, and you're continually building up your skill set.

You respect people who spend a lot of time learning and thinking. You think it's very important to exercise your mind.

You have no respect for anyone who is ignorant or lazy. You don't want to be anyone's teacher.

Poo nugget for this weekend: Pebble Poo - Between a Rock and a Hard Place - You may sit down at the toilet with aspirations for a large, enjoyable poo, only to have Pebble Poo leave you unsatisfied and unfulfilled. Despite your vigorous straining and the sensation of poo exiting your rectum, there are only a handful of pebbles resting mockingly on the toilet bowl floor in the end. Adding insult to injury are the unwelcome splashes that hit your buttocks as the buckshot hit the water. (POO OF THE MONTH!)

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Friday, September 11, 2009

Do you make my stomach turn, baby? (survey)

Since it's still 9/11 over here for a bit, I'm commemorating the date by listening to Subwoofer's DIRTY BOMB, haha. Spoz told me that it was released on this date several years ago, after all. Gotta love the coincidence!

You Make My Stomach Turn
Created by l-baby and taken 122 times on Bzoink
Who / What was the last thing to really irritate you?: Translink, a stupid ex-friend, and the incompetent Subway "artist" a few hours ago.
Do you think people either love or hate Spongebob?: Possibly.
Have you seen that new Lie To Me show?: No.
List three websites you enjoy going to:: Facebook, LJ, and Youtube.
What is something you'd rather be doing right now?: Reading a good book.
Do you find that people are too hard on you?: Depends.
Do you take surveys often?: Sometimes.
Who was the last person you yelled at?: Define "yelling." Maybe Eric, but it's not like I was mad at him or anything.
Do you tend to slam things around when your mad?: Not really.
Do you know anyone who hates / dislikes chocolate?: Not that I know of.
Do you know anyone who is racist?: Not that I know of.
Could you vote in this last election?: Sure, age-wise if not residence-wise!
Have you taken a shower today?: Yes.
How much sleep did you get last night?: Seven hours or so?
Do you have more girl friends or guy friends?: Guy friends.
What is your current mood?: Still annoyed!
Is there anything on your mind at the moment?: First day of Awana tomorrow!
Are there any movies out that you'd like to see?: TIME-TRAVELER'S WIFE, maybe.
If you could learn another language, what would you learn?: Spanish.
Why did you choose that language?: It's different!
Do you find yourself lying a lot?: Not any more than the average person.
Is there someone you recently questioned your friendship with?: More like the other way around, which always happens to me.
Green or red apples?: Red.
Do you own a carpet cleaner?: No.
Do you have AIM, Yahoo, or MSN?: All three.
Have you ever been on a website called Stickam?: No.
Have you ever hated yourself?: Possibly.
Are you hungry?: No, since I had Subway for a late dinner past 8.
Did your parents ever ground you?: YES! UGH.
Where was the last place you went out to eat?: Blackberry Bistro, for lunch yesterday.
You've been totally Bzoink*d!
Take This Survey | Search Surveys | Create a Survey

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Fuck you and your bus route changes, Translink!

I try not to use swear words in here, but I will now. FUCK YOU, TRANSLINK!

I took a shower, and then decided to go out to meet Eric at that intersection. Yes, I knew the bus stops had changed, but I didn't know the 410 had changed too! I was running late, but I was NOT impressed to see that the 410 had discontinued service across the street from the Chen's Noodle House / Great One Supermarket plaza! So I walked around a bit to see where the bus stop COULD be. A bus driver told me that it was two blocks down, where I had JUST walked from! I didn't see a 410 stop, and walked a bit along Saba, but I couldn't find the stop.

Giving up partly because it was 24 degrees out, I decided to take the path of least resistance and go home again. At least I knew where THAT was located! The only good news in this wild goose chase was that I discovered the 401 and 407 stop in front of London Drugs again, so no more walking a block to American Grille! I got home at 7 (so wasted about an hour), and called Eric to say that if he wanted me to go to Fellowship ever again, he'd have to pick me up from somewhere central. He said he was still waiting for me - well, fine. But I was NOT busing out again, particularly when I'd JUST wasted an hour doing that! Then he asked if I wanted him to pick me up from home tonight: fair enough, although now I don't know if he'll eat. I certainly won't, I guess... unless Vanessa has refreshments! I knew I should have looked at the Translink site more carefully last time... but STILL! *rage*

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Control+Backspace, Candy calling me, Nathan's farewell via Evite

I've just discovered that Control+Backspace erases your text one word at a time - hahaha, yay! Candy called me, and I greeted her with "This isn't Eric!" Hahaha, that just shows you where my mind is on Friday afternoons! Talked about her sister Ducky (Subena) and her husband Ceejay (Chris), Jeremy, relationships, trust, courage, her pet Isis and where she got her name, truck drivers, family, her friends Ryan and April M., and a "sense" that she gets when people close to her are upset. Also discussed her "half-naked fireman calendar," my upcoming birthday, diabetes, possible food poisoning from sushi, her husband George, Niagara Falls hoodies and bleach, rum / tequila / shots / beer, dealing with things, gigs, insane weekends, lots of puking, her band friends in Groovy Food, things taking a while to sink in, and more. I thought that I can confirm rides or not with Jon and Harmony on the 18th for the next night - I'll see if they decide to drive to the townhouse, or what.

I noted that Danielle had sent me an Evite to a farewell for Nathan taking place ON SUNDAY! It's at a place called Kishu Star Japanese Bistro on 4th. So of course I had to put in an RSVP for that, after verifying that my bank account could survive another night out. Hopefully, the perfidious blackguard will decide that it's too short notice for him, and won't show up. It's enough that I have to see him at church and Fellowship, isn't it?! I swear, I'm going to go up to him on Sunday and tell him exactly what I think of him!!! He needs to just get out of MY church, hahaha.

I had to take care of something fairly soon after that phone call, which had little to do with finishing my Lemon Chicken rice. As soon as I was done, Eric called from work to see whether I wanted a ride to Vanessa's in Burnaby. Greeted him with "This better be good," haha. Of course I did, even if he had the transit directions all laid out for me. (involving the 401, 430, 144, and who knows what other buses!) Asked if he were going to Nathan's farewell, and he wondered if I'd read his reply. Then I asked him in turn if it looked like I had time to sift through ALL the replies after I'd made my own! I looked at it "momentarily" (after I got off the phone with him - ah, I can turn it OFF now, sweet bliss!) and found that it involved showering after playing hockey. So it'll be 6:15 at the usual intersection, and I guess I can take my own shower tomorrow before the FIRST DAY OF AWANA!

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Dream: Opposite reactions, colorful bathrooms in libraries, and reading on logs

I had a dream last night which involved my coming along for moral support when Steph, Vivian S., and Vanessa had to tell my dad something very important. We all thought he'd react with volcanic intensity, especially when told that Vivian had the same experience, but all he said was "Well, it IS Vancouver..." and patted them on their heads.

Then my friends and I went to a library building, where we all sat in these little chairs and listened to people tell us what we'd do later. Sarah seemed to take charge, and gave us these little bags with confetti inside. I saw Eric and Dan Driol there, who invited me to sit with them. Went up and said hi, but then was distracted by Phil and Grace announcing that they had to go to the washroom. The centre of the room was then transformed into these colorful mini bathroom stalls, with no privacy except for a door in front of them. Given that there was no alternative, we all went. I said hi to Jon and a few others, then saw Teunis! Of course, I had to hug him in welcome - he laughed and hugged back.

A while later, we all went outside to sit on a bunch of logs on gray concrete with lots of dirt around. I remember thinking how I'd write this up later on when this had ended, haha. Sam, Emily, and Hilary took the opportunity to go through their own bags that they'd brought - candy, trinkets, and more! Teunis didn't mind when I semi-snuggled up to him in order to see better, and read from the Bible he'd brought along. He didn't say anything when I looped my arm through his, either - I figured I was just fine to slip an arm around his waist, which I was. Everyone read from colored sheets and our Bibles before just talking about stuff, which is how the dream ended. Not sure why I had it, except that I've been feeling a certain way lately - that seems to have ended for now, though. Phew!

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Japanese name, Dr. Seuss personality test, no dumping allowed on Mount Everest

Finished typing up some names, so now I can return THAT book to the library at some point!

Facebook quizzes taken from Darren and Kelly:

Leslie took the quiz "What's Your Japanese Name?" and got the result: Isamu - "bravery"! Your Japanese name is ISAMU. Your name means "bravery" in Japanese.

Leslie took the Dr. Seuss Personality Test quiz and the result is The Grinch. You appear very tough and standoffish to those who don't know you. Friends know that you really have a heart of gold. You are strong, determined, and loving. You always stand up for what is right!

Poo nugget for Friday, September 11: No Dumping - Hikers on Mount Everest are required to collect and transport their excrement as they ascend and descend the world's tallest peak. Feces are collected in "expedition barrels," and are weighed by rangers to ensure that no illegal "dumping" takes place.

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

It's a Blackberry Bistro, not a blueberry one!

Apparently, that South African athlete is a hermaphrodite. Oh my. o_O

Mom called the Blackberry Bistro a "Blueberry Bistro," so I had to look it up on Google. (Translink didn't even recognize the address of the place!) Later, she termed this my being "untrustworthy," meaning (as my brother understood) that I didn't trust her. I wouldn't say it's that entirely, but it's always good to have the correct information! :P

Bused over to the townhouse (and almost got run over by a TRUCK!), found a new Camry which is Mom's new car (as of Tuesday), declined dinner because I had work to do (not entirely the dishes, but my sanity!), and found out that Harmony doesn't like octopus. The place had pad Thai, plenty of fusion / pan-Asian dishes, gelato, Soo beef jerky and such, expensive bubble tea ($4.25?!), curry laksa (which I ordered despite my mom ordering the same thing - it's a SPOZ thing!), dried persimmon snacks, and more! Talked about job leads, clothing, teaching, Harmony in Toronto, the 19th birthday dinner (Henry and Ada [with Sean and Ian] are my Awana rides!), tormenting Christon with squash in a month for endless Sunday Dinners, persimmon night as a bad idea for such, and the people who gave me an RSVP to Kelsey's.

Told Jon that he wouldn't be seeing Krista this year since she's up in Fort St. John, and identified her to him as Teunis' girlfriend at this time last year. Not this year, but in response to his question, I said that they were still friends. Volunteered that at least it had ended better than her OTHER relationship with a boyfriend, which ended less than amicably! (I only said this, and didn't provide any more details) I said that Christon, Eric, Billie, and several others had provided a (verbal) RSVP, which was fine. Tracy just did via Facebook - she can't go because of a wedding rehearsal. No wonder I dislike weddings, hahaha.

I had some blood orange gelato (Jon had to describe it to the parents as "Spanish or Moroccan"), Jon had some basil chocolate gelato (which was very chocolatey), and the parents had a toasted almond coffee gelato. There were other flavors: super lemon, sesame (ew), blackberry, kiwi, coconut (ew), strawberry (too pedestrian), and more! Mom started criticizing the use of the TV at the bistro ("nobody watches it - why waste electricity?!" - it's NOT YOUR BUSINESS ESTABLISHMENT!), and why she felt that they had reduced hours - because it was never busy! Then she thought that she'd gone there before with me or Jon: we didn't remember going there in our LIFE! If she went there with Steph and Grandma, that's fine... we'll see what happens in December!

She gave me the choice of going to Ironwood with her and Dad, but I chose to be dropped off at the townhouse with Jon, so I could take the bus out later. Read the newspaper, and left after confirming Dylan's wedding with my brother - just in time for the bus, too! Man, it got crowded across the street from the high school - yay?

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Letter and song title meme from Jessica / Beatles songs

This thing restarted overnight! I'm so hungry that I ate a sandwich with ALL my turkey for breakfast right after getting up! Got an unexpected lunch invite from my dad - after learning that my brother would be around, of course I took it, hahaha! (especially after I paid all my bills, which made me feel POOR!)

This meme was taken from hellsings_home (Jessica), but I had to fix the syntax / grammar of the last two rules. :D

1. Write down every letter of your name.
2. Think of a song starting with each letter, and type it.
3. Count the letters in your name. Tag that number of people.

Children of Bodom, Lake Bodom
GWAR, Escape From The Mooseledge
Subwoofer, Screaming Dementia
Children of Bodom, Lil' Bloodred Riding Hood
X-Cops, Interloper
the Who, Eminence Front

You Are Helter Skelter

You are loud, rebellious, and prone to make a bit of a scene.

You have major problems with authority. You hate being told what to do.

You are independent and adventurous. Life is a wild ride, and you aren't afraid to jump on the roller coaster.

You are outrageous, honest, and sometimes shocking. You say what you feel and expect the same of others.

You Are Not a Flirt

Flirting doesn't come easily to you, and you can't stand anything to do with it.

You just try to be as honest and real as possible. To flirt would be fake.

While there's nothing wrong with being yourself, you might benefit from being a little more assertive.

Approach someone you're interested in for a change. Try talking to someone you're into instead of only talking to those already into you!

I tried that, with bad results. :(

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My ex-friends aren't nice, they're EVIL! / Never-Ending Wiping Poo

Elizabeth has put in her RSVP for my birthday dinner: I don't have an issue with the "maybe" (at least not right now), but the "one guest" leaves me wondering if perhaps it's her brother James. Would be interesting if that were so! Sheena's said no, however.

Recurring annoyance: I hate it when my ex-friends comment on my current friends' Facebook statuses! Sure, my friends can be buddies with whomever, but it just BUGS me to NO END! (I know, I shouldn't care about it) Also, you are in for a BEATDOWN if you describe them as NICE... because they are NOT! THEY ARE FLIPPIN' EVIL! UGH! Yes, I hold grudges. No, I don't care.

Leslie's just got their Customer Service Name from Name Generators. It's Freda Hostages.

Facebook quiz taken from Julie S.:

Leslie took the If you were in Final Destination, how would you die? quiz and got the result: You survive to the end... then suddenly get run over by a bus. You are crossing the road to get back home and get to bed after a night around one of your friends (who wasn't on the train to London). As you are crossing, you unexpectedly get run over by a bus, and die almost instantly. You don't get noticed lying on the pavement till the next morning by one of your neighbors. You are the sixth person to die.

Poo nugget for Thursday, September 10: Dr. Q & A - What Causes the "Never-Ending Wiping Poo"? The "never-ending wiping poo" can be caused by one of several factors. First, the stickier the poo, the more you will have to wipe. Usually, by the time stool makes it to your rectum, it is somewhat desiccated by the colon's avid absorption of water. However, if your stool passes quickly through the colon, there will be less time for absorption, and your stool may have a gel-like consistency. This can occur for many reasons, including things you consume in your diet that may not be getting digested. (dairy, gluten, etc.) Second, there may be something in your rectal area that gets soiled with stool, the most common being large external hemorrhoids. Finally, the least common factor is the presence of something called a perianal flatula. A flatula is simply an abnormal conduit, in this case between your intestines and your skin, that causes stool to continuously drain.

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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Sneezing with food in the mouth isn't good! ... 09/09/09 Beatles Remastered!

Current annoyance: Sneezing with food in my mouth! UGH! On another note, the 09/09/09 Beatles Remastered isn't too bad, heh. Got a weird phone call from Colorado: 1-720-834-2617, anyone? The elevator works again, so I can finally do my laundry after I take a shower!

Facebook quiz taken from Jennifer J., Mike B., and Jane:

Leslie completed the quiz "Which movie romance do you fit into?" with the result Romeo + Juliet. Just like Romeo and Juliet... you are madly, deeply in love and your story will be known for years! Just make sure communication between you is good... or else it might end tragically. Communication is fine...? You'll be together for a long time....

Leslie took the quiz Are You Dumb? and the result is You're Kind of Dumb. You got 8 out of 10 questions right! There's some things most people know... except for you.

Leslie took the How are you going to be banned from Walmart? quiz and got the result: you stole something. Thief!

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Dream: Billie only having $11, stealing figs from Safeway, and going to the PLANETS!

This thing restarted overnight! Also, someone named Loren Gabbay added me to Facebook. Since I have no idea who the hell that is, I'll block them! :D

From theferrett (Bill) - OK Cupid's take on how to get people to reply to your messages in online dating, Part 1. It's no surprise that women dislike Netspeak, for example. Jasmine might be interested in this. ;)

Had a dream where Billie and I were going somewhere in a van. I asked if she had enough cash for karaoke, but she only had eleven dollars. Then we went to Safeway to steal some figs and a birthday cake. Since we were the masters of stealth, we escaped undetected. Later, we went to Superstore with a gift card, and bought a LOT of food. We shared this bounty with a few friends before we all were transported into an intermediate book about the planets. I don't remember anything else about the dream, but we did have adventures! Not sure why I had it, either...

You See the Glass as Half-Full

No matter what's going on in your life, you can always find something to be thankful for.

You try to remain positive and focus on the good. It's not as easy as it seems, but it's always rewarding.

Your optimism and joy inspire the people around you. You make the world a happier place.

By seeing the glass as half-full, you're sure to have more peace and contentment in your life. You might live longer too!

Your Brown Eyes Say You're Clever and Witty

You are seen as brilliant and irreverent. You speak your mind, and people love you for it.

You don't let other people see any insecurities you might have. You like to present a brave front.

You are sharp as a tack and very quick on your feet. You're the first to get or tell a joke.

You also think clearly in a crisis. You are an excellent problem solver.

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Surprise twists, inner animal, height, and fibre content!

Just finished ON / OFF by Colleen McCullough - there's a surprise twist in the last few pages, which I wasn't really anticipating! That book was still cool, however! Was going to do the laundry, but the elevator is out of service. No, I'm not going to drag the basket up one floor of stairs unless I absolutely have to! Sure, I'm lazy, but it's fine.

Facebook quizzes taken from Jennifer L. and Jane:

Leslie took the What is your inner animal? quiz and got the result: You are a Eagle. Beautiful and wise, you know what you want, and you have the power to get it. If someone messes with you, you sort them out with your razor-sharp claws. Master of the skies, you are free-spirited. Wherever you land is considered your home.

Leslie took the What is your Height? quiz and got the result: 170 cm. You are pretty tall... (Am not... I'm the shortest out of all my friends!)

Poo nugget for Wednesday, September 9: Doo You Know? - Foods with the Highest Fiber Content - Whole grains, vegetables (peas / artichokes / Brussels sprouts / turnips), fruits (pears / figs / blueberries), legumes (lentils / black beans), and nuts. (almonds / pistachios)

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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

It's the application that uses your images, NOT ME! / No condo?! / Enjoying enemas

Got up at 11:40 - now that's more like it! Now I have an answer for why I haven't seen someone around, but it's still kinda vague. Ed also thought that *I* had used one of his images in one of my Facebook posts. While I can understand his wanting me to ask first if I use his images, I actually did not use it - it was the application using people's display pictures! There IS a difference! To top it off, Krista's dad also emailed me back, saying that the condo isn't up for rent because of winter jobs and things like that. Should have forwarded the email to Krista before I deleted it for good, but meh. Back to the old drawing board!

Andrea just sent us an email asking us to please (only she abbreviated it to "pls" *rolleyes*) RSVP for the lunch on the 19th. Since I already have, I'll delete it unread.

Love Quizett
Created by you and taken 74 times on Bzoink
chocolate or soda: Chocolate.
music or movie: Music.
pen or pencil: Pens.
kiss or hug: Hugs.
game or movie: Movies.
light or dark: Dark.
me or you: Me.
him or another guy: Another guy.
no or yes: No.
maybe or yes: Maybe.
me or me: Me.
pick one... me, myself, or I: Me.
you or him: You.
sister or brother: Sister.
me or mom: Me.
You've been totally Bzoink*d!
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Poo nugget for Tuesday, September 8: Klismaphilia - Klismaphilia is the enjoyment of enemas. The term was coined in 1973 by Dr. Joanne Denko when she published the first report of this condition in the American Journal of Psychotherapy.

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This or That, Bzoink style: Hard liquor, grass, and more choices!

The This or That Survey
Created by rkay and taken 40 times on Bzoink
Cats or Dogs?: Cats.
Water or Land?: Land.
Lotion or perfume?: Lotion.
Pepsi or coke?: Coke.
McDonald's or Burger King?: McDonalds.
Mayonnaise or Miracle Whip?: Mayonnaise.
Texting or IMing?: IMing.
Painted finger nails or toe nails?: Fingernails.
Fast food or sit down restaurant?: Sit-down, if I have the time.
Pens or pencils?: Pens.
Shoed or bare foot?: Barefoot, at least at home.
Board or card games?: Board games.
Novels or magazines?: Novels.
Necklace or rings?: Necklace.
Sweaters or hoodies?: Sweaters.
Blankets or pillows?: Blankets.
Black and white or color photographs?: Color.
Casual or formal?: Casual.
Christmas or Halloween?: Halloween.
Looks or personality?: Personality.
Closed or open spaces?: Open.
Moon or stars?: Moon.
Day or night?: Night.
Rap or Rock?: Rock.
Up or down?: Up.
In or out?: In.
Fantasy or reality?: Fantasy.
Cash or card?: Card.
Save or spend?: Save.
Flip flops or tennis shoes?: Tennis shoes.
Purses or shoes?: Shoes.
Dimming lights or candles?: Dimming lights.
Cable or internet?: Internet.
Pool or lake?: Pool.
Flanel or fleece?: Fleece.
Hard liquor or beer?: Hard liquor.
Sand or grass between toes?: Grass.
Zippers or buttons?: Zippers.
Dominant or submissive?: Submissive.
Give or take?: Give.
Kiss or hug?: Hug.
Country or city?: City.
Music or TV?: Music.
Vision or hearing?: Hearing.
Begining or ending?: Beginning.
You've been totally Bzoink*d!
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Monday, September 07, 2009

Ground Rules for Work Poo / Double Beef Burrito

The news was very empty and probably devoid of my sister. Maybe I watched the wrong newscast, or she was just featured on the 6:00 edition. All I saw were firefighters and such at the gas station! Oh well.

Poo nugget for Monday, September 7: Work Poo - That double beef burrito you had for lunch isn't sitting too well, and the rumbling has begun...

Here are a few ground rules for that dreaded work poo:

* Find a private bathroom in a different part of the building.

* If forced to use a communal restroom, check other stalls to make sure you are alone.

* If you are not alone and can no longer hold on, employ one of several techniques to mask the impending noise. The cough / sneeze or continuous flush tactics are most effective.

* Always employ a courtesy flush to minimize odor.

The consequences of failing to follow these rules? The walk of shame back to your desk.

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Sister being on news, durian photo, unbelievable twin stories on a list site!

According to some email my mom sent, my sister's on the local news tonight, so I should watch it! I also just got a call from someone trying to buzz into my apartment. I'm not expecting anyone, so I ignored it - yay for the phone being off by default! I just happened to look over and see it on the Caller ID display, heh. (and I feel better now after a nap)

Quan added this photo of me from Friday's BBQ to Facebook, and Citrus tagged me in it. I decided to tag Jason Lau (in background) as well. Citrus can't even stand durian, and he helped chop it up for people! Amy's in green, Kevin's in black, I'm holding onto someone's jacket, and Stanley's in yellow watching Citrus very closely. Yup, this is the durian that Sarah got for Sam!

Facebook quiz taken from Gabriel:

Leslie just found out the Death's Time. (apparently, this could change every day!)

Date: September 26 of 2053, at 9:56 AM.
Cause: Hit by a car while rollerblading.
Age: 77 years old.

From Jasmine: 11 Unbelievable Stories about twins. I didn't know that Bali forces twins of the opposite gender to marry each other, although I have heard of twins unknowingly marrying each other for love. Apparently, there are lots of quirky lists on this site as well, making it DOUBLE HAPPINESS for me!

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Ben and Erin's wedding reception (Allison is so cute, even if Mattias loves grapes)

I practically overslept this morning before going to Ben and Erin's wedding reception! As I was telling Chrystal later on, I thought I'd set my alarm, but really hadn't. Got up at 9:45 with no time to eat or drink, and barely enough time to post placeholders on both LJ and FB - I did write a wedding card and stick it in with a gift, however. The ceremony part of the reception was pretty long, so I guess it's a good thing I've trained my body to not be used to food right after I get up. Not like I can eat right after I wake, at any rate. At least I can sleep in tomorrow, depending on the vagaries of my body.

Talked to Eric and Dad about transit, no more 98 B-Line, route changes, the Canada Line, traffic changes, and other such generally acceptable stuff. Good thing Eric remembered his camera, since I'd have had no time to call him! Eric and I sat near people we knew (Harmony / Jonathan / Jeremy Y. / Margaret), and took in the slide show from Ottawa's wedding and old pictures. We refreshed Margaret's memory on Phil C. the photographer's last name, too. It was interesting to hear some people's perspectives, for sure - although Jonathan accidentally slapped Margaret across the face on a missed high-five attempt.

I knew the ceremony was getting a bit long when I heard baby Mattias cry a lot from the other side of the room. After the photo session, I said hi to him before going for lunch. Interacted with babies Allison and Mattias, and talked to Lucas (about the 17th and his sister Hannah), Justin (who just wrote a "no" RSVP to my birthday party) Anita (grapes and pens!), Vania, Jon, Harmony, Hien, Quan, Calla (long engagements), Melia, Vernon, Sarah, Rich, Cindy, Eunice, Eddie, Eric, Jessica Lam (Oregon!), and more. The babies certainly provided a distraction, especially since Eric and I had to wait for some time for my parents! Good thing that certain people wouldn't have been there, hahaha. Saw Jon in the fellowship hall talking to Michelle, so I asked him where his wife was! "Oh, she has friends." was his reply, to which Michelle said that her husband had abandoned her too. Yes, but Daniel came up to us within thirty seconds!

Uncle Ted and Auntie Grace waylaid me on my way to the washroom - um, can't you wait till LATER?! (no, of course I didn't say that) Told David Ho to wave to baby Allison since she waved at him, and baby Mattias wasn't too impressed with "no more grapes or food" after a long lunch! (he cried a lot after I took away my shiny keys too!) Anita told us that Allison wasn't too fussy about new foods, although she doesn't like sauce on pasta - she'll eat it separately, though! She loves noodles, haha. Megan liked the soy sauce from the sushi, while Eric thought I overate on the BBQ pork - unfortunately, Jon and Harmony wouldn't take too much of it. Briefly spotted Steph on her way to the elevator since she had to work: apparently, she sleep-dialed Jon (and / or Harmony) at 5:57 AM!

Spotted Jon and Harmony talking to Sean, so I shook his hand to welcome him back home... Jon and I told Harmony that Sean was known for various interesting pronouncements. Then Uncle Andrew and Auntie Ena were introduced to Harmony, too. Later, Mom reinforced the "two weeks in December over Christmas" thing, and thought that I'd promised. Silence IS NOT assent, woman! Doesn't mean I won't do it, but I didn't actually articulate the words "I promise," did I? :P

Dad told us that Grandma and Mrs. Tang had gotten themselves lost on the Canada Line, since they mistakenly went to the airport instead of transferring trains like you're supposed to do. We said that the 19th would be good for dinner, because then Jon wouldn't feel so rushed and stuff. Wished Harmony a good trip to Toronto, and overheard Jon and Eric discuss Dylan's wedding - at least this is the last one for a while! Jeremy says it's kinda weird without Sam at home, haha. Went to the car, where Mom asked why were so late yesterday... I thought karaoke was generally understood to be a late-night activity! When Eric mentioned Raymond (because Mom asked who hadn't gone to karaoke from dinner), he nudged me, so I nudged him back. Of course I'm not going to say anything about him to my parents!

Told him that I'd see him on Friday when I exited the car (after a failed trip to XS Source) - more words than my mother got, which actually was just "Bye." No, I wouldn't stay over at their place since I have things to do too! (which are really none of their business!) Reminded Eric about Cindy's email, which I just responded to - no time in the past two days to do so! We'll see how Christmas goes - dinners and lunches, probably.

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Rocky Mountain Flatbread, and Millennium Karaoke

This kinda needs to be a quick update since I have to be up at 8:30-9 tomorrow for Erin's reception. We'll see... I noted evidence of mice where I left a sesame seed from my hamburger! Since I was planning to email / call Krista's dad once this real-life stuff died down after the long weekend ANYWAY, it won't alter my plans; it'll just give them a certain urgency! Maybe tomorrow morning IF time allows, but it probably will not. Also just had a flurry of email exchange about a family dinner for my birthday: if the 19th works better for Jon, I'd prefer that. Classes and such make things a bit too rushed to have it earlier for him, and it's fine if it's after Awana for me! Steph says she also prefers the 19th (because of a country music concert :P) - YAY! :D

Eric picked me up a little later than I was expecting, but that was fine since that was also expected. I told him what my dad had said, and then we had a kinda random ride over to the Rocky Mountain flatbread place. (exes, Corey, money, HALF-LIFE 2 and its gravity gun, throwing toilets at people, belief, death, sorting out Committee stuff, feelings, thinking he called me "a millennium named Dave," and more) Also gave him Chinese Eric's wishes from Hong Kong, which he appreciated. Got to the flatbread place, gave him 50 cents to augment the 1:25 still on the meter (SWEET!), and waited around. Talked to Dallas, Jon, and Harmony about cooking / vacuuming / what we did this afternoon / the interesting menu / books / broken umbrellas / more. Isabel, Christon, Jen, Lesley, and Nathan showed up later... Citrus showed up an hour or so into things. We had to wait for this party of four to clear out after paying their bill - we got a sneak peek at the menu since we had to wait so long. Joked about going over to the table and STANDING OVER THEM, preferably with death glares included so they felt EXTRA uncomfortable... hey, it's the Chinese way, haha! The place was popular with kids, probably because of all the pizza and "make-your-own pizza night."

They FINALLY cleared out after about fifteen minutes (Jon had called two hours earlier for a reservation!), so we got to sit down and order a bunch of interesting pizza. Talked about running, beer (I had to get an oatmeal stout after I heard certain news), booking a karaoke room, someone being a good singer (too bad!), the hockey pool (Nate's still in?!), the UK, my face being red (Eric said I looked like a cherry tomato or an apricot), and more. Nathan gave Eric a bunch of videos / video games: NHL 2006, NHL 2007, DUMPLINGS (the Chinese "aborted fetuses as dumplings" movie), some Wii game, and more. The highlight was the Pirate Pak of unknown vintage - way to remind us of White Spot, dude! Got a verbal RSVP from Christon, and outlined why I wasn't inviting Nathan. (I should have gotten one from Dallas - maybe sometime!) I accidentally included a tip when I paid for my stuff, forgetting about the automatic gratuity - sigh. Oh well, it won't break the bank!

After dinner, most of us went to karaoke at Millennium near Aberdeen. On the way over, Eric questioned my sanity (as usual!), and wondered whether I could control myself at karaoke. I told him that for the sake of the love I bore him, I would try not to punch a certain person in the face. He thought "TRY" wasn't good enough, and thought that I was making my feelings rather obvious with a "leaving him" comment. Never mind Monday's Committee meeting, where I made a not-too-impressed noise when someone's name was brought up for nomination... Eric blamed that on the drugs I had yet to take (Advil), but I assured him that the "blue" fluid was out for this month. ;)

We had a lot of fun at karaoke - nonsensical videos, key changes, Spice Girls, VIVA FOREVER, Bon Jovi, YOU GIVE LOVE A BAD NAME, LIVIN' ON A PRAYER, Michael Jackson, BAD (which started out with "Your Butt Is Mine" - WHAT?!), Celine Dion, MY HEART WILL GO ON, Nelly Furtado, MANEATER, BILLIE JEAN, THRILLER, Take That, BACK FOR GOOD, Aqua's CARTOON HEROES, Christina Aguilera, GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN, WE WISH YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS Hong Kong-style (Nathan!), the Backstreet Boys, Savage Garden, TRULY / MADLY / DEEPLY, UMBRELLA, I SWEAR, a lot of Chinese songs (like ten Andy Lau ones while trying to find ONE specific song), WHITE WEDDING, YMCA, CAN YOU FEEL THE LOVE TONIGHT, ZOMBIE, VERTIGO, and more! The guys were trying to figure out how to shuffle the songs, or at least randomize them. Seems someone had chosen a whole bunch of Chinese songs, and they didn't want Raymond to sing like seven songs in a row. That would have been too much solo from a certain person to take, so I silently agreed. We were trying to find the real version of HAPPY BIRTHDAY; before we did, we found one that was mostly in Chinese. The only English was "Happy Birthday," and wasn't like the song we knew and loved!

Eric joked that STEAMY WINDOWS was my song - no, but Steph would have sung it for real had she been there! We ended up skipping through a lot of songs, haha. Crazy times, but still good. Let Harmony borrow OUTLANDER (with matching pretty blue bookmark) at the end of the night, and asked Eric to hold my bag while I did something quite necessary. On the way home, I asked whether he would attend Bible Study at Vanessa's - since he would, I at least am assured of a ride, so I can reply to Cindy's email tomorrow. Gotta NOT be on the bubble - stupid weather and such last December wasn't good! Told Eric that I would serve on Committee next year, despite not knowing certain people's status. I gotta wedge my foot in that door, man!

Damn, this update took over an hour to write. I'll be so tired at the reception tomorrow!

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Sunday, September 06, 2009

I am not my mother's daughter-in-law, and I do not bend to her guilt trips!

Dad and Grandma picked me up to go to church this morning - Mom wasn't in the car, and I learned that she'd go later with Steph. Apparently, I was going to lunch with them since there was no Sunday School, and I had to help with the toddlers. Way to assume, although that's how things went anyhow! :P When we got to church early, I spotted Jon and Harmony talking to Darren about worship, so I joined them. Harmony said she hadn't gotten home from Myles' birthday thing till 1 AM: ROCK BAND, Steveston Pizza, non-competitive playing, and more! Talked to Juliana's boyfriend for a bit, then rehashed the last time I'd been at karaoke to Harmony: that was at least a couple summers ago at IKON, with Myles / Holly / Dallas / others maybe, before Jon and Harmony started dating! Saw Ben and Erin after I got a couple bulletins from J-Mak, so had to say hi to them after greeting Phil and Grace - talked about Montreal, romantic trips (except for a fight), Toronto, weddings, the seniors' lounge on the second floor, couches being nice for people of any age, the fellowship hall as a hangout, the elevator, tomorrow's reception, and more! Greeted Hannah and Priscilla as well - Grades 8 and 6 already?! Man, these kids grow up FAST!

When we finally sat down, I saw Gillis sitting next to Calla, so I momentarily wondered what Stanford thought about that, haha. Oh well, he doesn't seem like the jealous type, but one never knows! I shook hands with that exuberant girl (Mark's friend) I'd noticed at Friday's BBQ: turns out she's from Edmonton, and her name is Amelia! Saw Derek L. and Jessica Lai, whom I haven't seen for a LONG time - so good to chat briefly! Harmony asked Randal about his mom (currently in hospital having surgery for tumors - cancer), and he said she was doing all right. She can't do ANYTHING when she gets home tomorrow, so I guess it's good that his dad can cook well enough to feed the family! Even though he took a morbid joke to Ginger totally the wrong way, we can still be civil - and I probably wouldn't wish his mom's death on him, at any rate. I'm too nice for that. :D

As we went up for Communion, I gave my sister a thumbs-up signal since I wasn't about to "pollute" the solemn time with the usual NG affection! (a fist in the air directed at her) After the service, I went out very slowly because of the people in front of me - I said hi to Nathan / Martin / Christon, at least. Harmony and I spotted Dallas, so we started chatting to him and Danielle. He'd taken transit to get to church, and thought that Broadway B-Line could be faster next time, so I told him of my experience on Friday to dissuade him! Mike then tried ushering us into the fellowship hall because sound actually DOES travel amazingly well from the foyer to the sanctuary! Remembered that I had forgotten OUTLANDER for Harmony, but I can give it to her tonight - it's packed away now, and so is my wallet. (my brother was surprised I'd forgotten it, but I was rushed out of my place at 9 AM, man!)

Got to talk to Steph and Gillis for a bit, which is always good. On one of my forays out of the room, Eric intercepted me to give me money - he said it was reimbursement for the organic crackers at refreshments time, which I stuck in my pocket. (that reminds me - I have to ask him about Bible Study at Vanessa's on Friday... tonight, then!) Saw little Hannah dancing with her baby brother Gavin in the foyer - SO CUTE! Later, I crossed the room in order to intercept the ugfart from his conversation with Isabel and Calla, and I noted that a certain perfidious blackguard (Raymond) crossed the room in the other direction at the same time to avoid me. Like THAT wasn't REALLY obvious! Seriously, I was going to talk to MY BROTHER or one of the other twenty-five people on that side of the room who were NOT Raymond! Don't set yourself so high, buddy... you're not worth my time, and definitely not THAT important!

Presumably in response to a karaoke-related comment from my brother, Calla was saying that she didn't sing in public or in the shower at home since people could hear her. I totally understood about how church singing wasn't PUBLIC because other people can "cover" your voice! Told Jon that I'd call Eric later on, since Jon and Harmony might just bus after they have a nap in the afternoon. I said hi to baby Mattias, who seemed to look up at my hat - I guess he likes them, unlike Olivia when she was a baby, haha. His mom Karen tried getting him to go to Margaret since he was getting heavy, but he was having none of it! He didn't seem too interested in my blue shiny shirt, but maybe he will be in my gold-and-white sweater! (which I'm currently wearing because I thought I should change from the shirt and jeans, in view of the cool windy weather at lunch)

After a while, I realized I was losing track of time since there was no Sunday School - I said my goodbyes to Jon, Steph (too bad she can't make it to Eric's thing since she's working!), Gillis, Dallas, and others before I headed out. Then I got distracted by baby Mattias trying to grab Emily C.'s iPhone while she was trying to take a picture of him. Headed upstairs, to be greeted with Auntie Bessy's news that I would be Auntie Ying's helper for the rest of the year - sounds good to me! I was pleasantly surprised to see Conor S., whom I remember from Awana a couple years ago. He's now FIVE, and talks a lot in English; when I last saw him, he was pretty shy! Amanda was discussing all kinds of things with him: zombies, vampires, waterguns, being wet, felt colors, Conor's brother Sean (whom I also remember), Conor's beads in a plastic Easter egg (which his brother had given him), pineapples, bees (in the toilet), drawing apples / trees / rainbows / porcupines, and more. I had to throw a couple of felts away because they were too dry - it happens!

There was another new kid named Anne, whom I thought was named Annie at first because that's what Auntie Bessy kept calling her. She wrote her name out for me on the back of her drawing, which was fine. Lucky thing I didn't call Conor "Conrad," but he corrected Auntie Bessy himself after about five times. Amanda then noted a coincidence: all three kids were five years old, and there were five people in the room! SWEET! After Sunday School, I went downstairs to see what was going on - I told Sean and Conor's mom where the fellowship hall was, because her boys are in Awana again this year after a break. Saw Ada, Ian, and Sean: Ian's getting to be a big boy, and he's old enough now to just look for his parents downstairs, at eight years old! Offered the kids some Oreo cookies, which they took after being prompted to say thanks. They're still so cute, haha. (Gabriel's grandma thought I'd made them myself, which prompted disparaging comments about my cooking ability from my own grandma... oh, SHUSH!)

Intercepted Henry after seeing Benedict / Martin / Chris / Danny pass by - he'll pick me up on Saturdays again, which sounds good to me! Said hi to Michael's mom, Polly, Karen, Land a few other people. Recognized a few of the Awana kids from last year, including Nicholas - Joey was telling me that there could be a few more kids because of VBS, so I guess I'll see about that on Saturday! Decided to use my idle time and call Eric at home: he could give me a ride tonight, and was receptive to the idea of carpooling to Erin's reception tomorrow. (I didn't even ask my parents to see what the arrangements were, haha... but there turns out to be just enough space, with Steph going to work and such)

Went to Mui's for lunch with the parents and Grandma - Mom (with a SHORT haircut) says she bumped into Rosenda and Auntie May (with Ian and Gabriel) at London Drugs yesterday, and Rosenda apparently has something for me because of my birthday. Reminds me, I have a card to give her for her own birthday, which passed a month ago! Then she assumed that I'd let Grandma live with me over Christmas - um, no. She then said that I'd be over at the townhouse for two more weeks because she and Dad are going to Hong Kong for Gordon's wedding: that's slightly better. "Be a good daughter-in-law," she said... uh, that's HARMONY and not me! Later, she just assumed that I'd be going to the Steveston docks with them to buy fish if there wasn't any parking at Yaohan. "I'm not like YOU, who goes out for dinner!" That was the worst attempt at a guilt trip EVER!

At least I told her that I needed to get home and shower, which I've done while composing this entry. While that's part of it, I also need downtime to relax a little! On the way home, Dad referred to me as "Stephanie" - um, I do believe that's your OTHER daughter! Yes, of course I'll tell Eric about the arrangements for tomorrow, but I won't tell him an earlier time - I give him more credit than they do, and we are NOT always late! AIYA! It's not like WE have to be there earlier or anything, although the parking will be a nice bonus if we can get the parkade! Good timing to be finishing this entry, since Eric just called to alert me to his presence nearby!

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Finding my bus pass in a pile of clothes / Gravity guns and throwing toilets at people

I FINALLY FOUND MY BUS PASS! It was in among a pile of clothes for some reason... I really need to get a lace for that thing so I can locate it more readily in these situations. Maybe on Tuesday or something... I'll need to tell White Eric about this tomorrow, and also bug him about some Half-Life 2 gravity gun that Corey is telling me about. Apparently, you can throw toilets at people with it, hahaha! I also plan to have a burger for breakfast tomorrow, heh. Before Chinese Eric signed off with flowers and a hug, I gave him plenty of information regarding passports and such... I don't mind at all. I wasn't too surprised that he was online at 7:30 AM his time, I guess. I've been known to do the same! Planning way ahead is good when it comes to this kind of thing, for sure!

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