Saturday, March 19, 2011

Scott's music mix / Latin / LOTR:ROTK / Turning 30

Teunis and I discussed complex / lively music, Scott's mix with naughty silly music, Nine Inch Nails and CLOSER (he's tired of it since Cat and other roommates overplayed it?!), their "messed-up" videos, OLD MCDONALD HAD A FARM in Latin, knives / forks / spoons / Cheerios / tax stuff, Randal emailing about a mid-week get-together (WHATEVER!), accidentally forgetting Corey's birthday, KMFDM calling themselves the Time Lords for DOCTOR WHO, orcs from LOTR: ROTK, and more. Now would be a good time to include the text of the "Happy 30th Birthday!" card that I plan to give to five people, including my brother / sister-in-law / three good friends...

You know you're turning 30 if...

... you ever had a mullet, "tail," or side ponytail.
... you have used a Commodore 64.
... you owned a "Trapper Keeper."
... you can name all the members of New Kids on the Block.
... you remember when fast food burgers came in styrofoam containers.
... you had a crush on Zack Morris or Kelly Kapowski from SAVED BY THE BELL.

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Ian rolling around, Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta, Pajama Day, Eric being annoying

Henry picked me up at the usual time, and had an annoying post-virus cough which didn't seem to get any better! Today was Pajama Day, so I spent some time playing with Ian, who asked me if I had a brother / mom / dad / grandparents. I said yes, and added that my grandma was 91 years old - his reaction was "wow!" before he went to roll around on the floor some more prior to circling me and wanting me to catch him! Eunice, Rachel, and Victoria were interested in the bouncy balls, and Reigan / Jinny / Hannah showed up to take pictures of the sleeping bags / pajamas! Cynthia even had a T-shirt that read "PILLOW FIGHT," hahaha! Chrystal said her Mexican cruise had been good - they went to Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Vallarta. I told her and Golden about the peanut butter eggs from Purdy's (after I ate a Rice Krispie Square from the cupboard); Golden wondered if they were like Reese's, and said that he wasn't working or in school right now - I bet his mom isn't happy with that! When Ada didn't show up, I asked Henry for a ride home - he headed out early, so I asked Daniel to advise Chrystal of that. (I had helped him count quarters, loonies, and toonies earlier)

Got home to find Teunis still there - actually, I saw his car in the parking lot, haha. He says people are moving - yes, so very understandable! Not sure when he's coming home tomorrow (like it MATTERS?!), but since there are families involved, it won't likely be TOO late. I've checked my email to find that Harmony and Jon have already made lunch plans, and that Steph is working - to avoid any potential awkwardness, I think I'll bail on lunch with Auntie Kwai as well, haha. Since Eric just called "to annoy me" (or so he said), he let me know that he doesn't have anything special to do in the morning, but he IS meeting people later. Here's hoping that others do actually want to go for lunch, since I'd be fine with that!

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Tchaikovsky's Symphonie Pathetique, Rockafeller Skank, toilet personality

For some reason, I woke up thinking of Tchaikovsky's Symphonie Pathétique; tried to play it on Youtube, but the videos I chose either froze or had volume issues, so BLEH! I mentioned stuff abut Fatboy Slim (The Rockafeller Skank - "Funk soul brother") and the Cranberries (Zombie) to Teunis, who let me know about his volume control - uh yeah, he was SLEEPING at the time, haha! Of course I know he was talking about if he wasn't HERE, but I like taking things to the silly extreme sometimes! Also discussed porn / penis / Rome / Greek / gays / history, gaming, food, Amish online dating (they do have rules against technology...), Spring Break and saying hi to Jasmine (yikes!), noodles, Gary Numan (who is 13 days older than Gary Oldman), evolving techno / beat poetry, classical music, JARS OF CLAY (Lift Me Up)and more. Victor and Sabrina confirmed that the Sparks and Cubbies still had Awana; I'm guessing the T&T sleepover was interesting, haha.

Your Toilet Personality is Social

You'll go anywhere, anytime, with anyone. In fact, you secretly talk on the phone when you're in your "office."

For you, going to the bathroom is no big deal. And you going shouldn't be for anyone else either.

You don't mind public restrooms - in fact, you sort of like the energy they bring to the act.

When you're on the toilet, you consider yourself a bit of a performance artist.

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Vikings, TIN ROOF, LOVE SHACK, yogurt drinks

Teunis got home at around 7, right when I was in the middle of laundry and doing dishes AND catching up on posts. Oh well... he told me about the packed memorial for this Viking guy, who seemed to have been pretty busy with a wife, viola playing, acting, the Terminal City Roller Girls, computer stuff, and more. Apparently, it was a pretty cheerful event - and Teunis waited 2.5 hours to talk to the guy's mom! (the guy's birthday would have been today - OUCH!) Then again, he got a couple of job leads, including one in Mexico of all the places! He also saw an old friend at a stoplight... let's say hi at some other time which is NOT in traffic, hahaha. (but he did buy Tin Roof ice cream, and got inspiration for his own radio shows - YAY!) We discussed that guy's movie, gum, CORRECT SPELLING, silly kobold voices in DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS, Skype for laptops, the AKIRA soundtrack, yogurt drinks, childhood conditioning, Communism, his being out on Sunday too, R.E.M., falling asleep / tiredness, Evanescence, and the XXX domain legally being for porn now - oh my!

The ice cream actually reminds me of the B-52s song Love Shack:

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Friday, March 18, 2011

WHISKEY IN THE JAR / Myles / Belgian Name

eunis came back before 8 PM yesterday, and we talked about Laura Lee / money issues / the Pogues / Loreena McKennitt / Spirit of the West / Celtic stuff / his mom / clumsiness / Tess / the Viking memorial / coding / D&D characters on Level 4 / PAN'S LABYRINTH. We also discussed salt and nuclear reactors / pythons (inspired by Marilynn) / Myles being at the Foggy Dew at midnight / Great Big Sea / WHISKEY IN THE JAR / weird dating websites / slight hunger at 2 AM / rush-hour traffic / noodles at 3:30 AM / mustard / juice / guilt trips / SALTY fast food / soup mixes / Teresa's joke about buying up all the salted eggs at the supermarket / Kit Kat bars. For some reason, I wished him love and strength before going to bed at 4:30 AM - it helped that I was talking to the bathroom door, haha. I is weird!

Your Belgian Name is Alexandra Pauline

Honor is better than honors.

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Pooping nuclear reactors! / AXEL F / Jam silliness / Lucky charms

We talked about pancakes, waffles, programming, AXEL F, nuclear reactors, unsafe condos in Fort Mac (via Rachel), the morbid PORTAL song which Eric gave me lyrics for, and network reconnections / routers. Also discussed Kate Bush, silliness about jam, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, apple pie, walking to the mall, tax stuff, phone bill stuff, Garbage, cinnamon, raisins, toast, Irish Catholicism, honestly not feeling like going to the pub, and more.

You Are an Origami Crane

You are creative and good with your hands. You are more of an artist than you know.

You may not be politically conservative, but your behavior is conservative. You don't like to rock the boat.

You are truly caring. You're helpful and giving - eager to be a true friend.

You are intelligent and skilled, but you're also modest. You don't like to boast or brag.

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Word Facts for Mar. 12-18, 2011

Word origin for the weekend of Mar. 12-13, 2011: junta - In Spanish, the adjective junto / junta means "joined," as a closely united group or a cabal of competitors might be. It was in the darker sense of a team working to overthrow a ruler that the term was introduced to English in the seventeenth century, though the term does not carry any such judgement in the original Spanish.

Word origin for Mar. 14, 2011: tramp stamp - The coinage "tramp stamp" turns up in Australian slang in about 2006 to mean a tattoo on a woman's lower back that can be seen when she wears low-riding trousers. "Tramp," a wearying kind of walking, dates to the fourteenth century; the word in the sense of a promiscuous woman dates only to 1922 and may have been coined by the playwright Eugene O'Neill. The rhyming slang makes unfair assumptions, but it has become widespread in just a few years.

Word origin for Mar. 15, 2011: conspiracy theory - It's not just we moderns who worry that strange things happen in the corridors of power to account for extraterrestrials, assassinations, and the other stuff of what is generally called "conspiracy theory." The term turns up a few years after the assassination of Abraham Lincoln in - fittingly - the Washington Post, under the headline "The Conspiracy Theory." The Latin-rooted word conspiracy literally means "breathing together," that is, talking softly with heads together, as plotters might do.

Word origin for Mar. 16, 2011: frenemy - Also spelled "frienemy," this word coinage describes an ancient phenomenon: someone who appears to be a friend is an enemy, stabbing you in the back for his or her own advantage. Ancient though the phenomenon may be, the word for it first shows up in 1953, in a newspaper piece by the columnist Walter Winchell asking, "Howz about calling the Russians our Frienemies?" The word was apparently forgotten until 2006, when journalists revived it, and it spread from the headlines into common speech.

Word origin for Mar. 17, 2011: forever and a day - To wish someone a long life in Ireland, one asks that he or she last "forever and a day." The expression has long had a place in American English, along with its cousin, "forever minus a day." An anonymous poet wrote in 1917, "May you all live forever / May I live forever less a day / For I would not wish to live / When all my friends had passed away."

Word origin for Mar. 18, 2011: UFO - Just when the first "UFO" hit the skies is unknown, but apparently U.S. Air Force pilots encountered unidentified flying objects in 1953 when the term and its acronym first turned up in an aviation magazine. The term officially replaced "flying saucers," which had appeared in pilots' reports for a year or so before then.

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Sausage, vacuum cleaners, code, Cotton Eye Joe, Vietnam, and silliness


Teunis got home at around 9, and said that his brother had made sausage - he also brought his vacuum cleaner from storage, and had a box of impractical stuff from up north. (ice skates, anyone?) He also said that the person who was harassing people last week was in the parking lot, and pestered him, so he told her to go get help from a doctor! Eh, we're just not going to answer the door! Told him that I bought bread, and that the Purdy's peanut butter egg / Factory Optical business card / scissors were for him. We talked about inspirational / beautiful programming code, DOS / Windows 3.1, WOLFENSTEIN 3D, DOOM, Cotton Eye Joe, sticky caps, Nibs / licorice, zoning out, headaches, Paypal, private space programs, frustration, his flute, dragons / enchanted snow, XKCD, Therion, ambient music, thrash metal, thanking me for various things, dark vs. white chocolate, and cocoa powder. Also discussed the Arrogant Worms, Manowar, homemade hot chocolate mixes with brandy {I finally tried one}, mythology, the Vietnam embassy, Viking metal, Sleipnir (a mythological horse with eight legs) / Odin, Norse myths, silly Stan Rogers songs, and more.

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fixed glasses, green apple Tic-Tacs, bread, and peanut butter eggs

I went out to Factory Optical Direct this afternoon; the trip was pretty much uneventful except for some impatient man who wanted to get on the elevator after I'd already pushed the CLOSE button because the train was due to leave any minute! As it happened, I got on the train ten seconds before the doors closed - HELLO, OTHER PEOPLE CAN WAIT! I realize this sounds bad, but I seriously didn't want to wait six minutes for the next train! Got off at Olympic Village and actually remembered where Ash St. was! After a little bit of ditziness as to where the customer entrance actually was), I got my glasses fixed! While I was out, I decided to get peanut butter eggs from Purdy's, scissors from Shoppers Drug Mart, a mango bubble tea from Big Orange, 30th birthday cards for Eric M. and Jeremy and Jon / on-sale Seven Grain and Sunflower Flax bread / on-sale green apple (NEW FLAVOR) and mint Tic-Tacs [100 mints in each container!] / pomegranate iced tea from London Drugs.

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Viking DEFENESTRATION, note communication, and confrontation!

Teunis and I talked about poly people, Greeks / Romans / Vikings, some song he found which had the word DEFENESTRATION in it, Will Smith, marriage, the Norse, Tears for Fears, butter for his noodles, popped lenses of my glasses, and more. No hard feelings - he says - because we can discuss things somewhat rationally, heh. By the time I got up, I saw that we had devolved to communicating with each other via notes, hahahaha. (JOKING) Yes, I knew that the alarm inspector had been here since, y'know, THAT WOKE ME UP BRIEFLY! Same with his going out to his brother's place because - guess what? - HIS TALKING ON SKYPE ALSO WOKE ME UP BRIEFLY! I'm definitely not mad, though; it's just amusing! Nathan says that he is absolutely up for some Shanghai Wonderful craziness - oh good, we need to introduce Lisa to the madcap fun!

You Are a Diplomat

You're no stranger to confrontation, but you do try to keep things in perspective.

Even if you're in the right, no one likes to hear that they're in the wrong.

You approach confrontations with tact, manners, and even a little bit of manipulation.

You know that you can attract more flies with honey than vinegar!

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Nando's Chicken, Marble Slab Creamery, pomegranate, and BS!

Steph and Lisa picked me up to go to Nando's Chicken at 6, and of course I chose the extra peri-peri sauce! We talked about personal stuff, Haiti, Harmony, Purdy's in Richmond Centre (I didn't go to Kingsway!) selling peanut butter eggs, English grammar / words, the giant Lenin head, SLB, cards, Harmony, being classy, being morbid, Teunis, sharing, competition, Auntie Kwai, Grandma thinking Eric's my boyfriend, sushi, Shanghai Wonderful, Nathan, and more, After that, we went to Chapters to look around: true crime, Bathroom Readers, Diana Gabaldon, magazines, library impatience, random bargain books, and more! We decided to go for Marble Slab Creamery: Anna, throat cancer, Auntie Kwai, Brigitte being "wild" (at 12?), something bad happening to the family, "orange is the new black," coupons, butter fudge for Veronica, two apples (which we are unlikely to eat LOTS of) / redlicorice Nibs / Chinese Dainty Rice / Acai Berry Pomegranate Fuze drink / lollipops / Werther's Original / more candy, Clement and Jocelyn being engaged, Bryant and (I assume) Shirley being engaged, Sean C. having a lot of girlfriends, and more.

Got home and called Mom, to talk to her way too long about stuff like Grandma's health / Anna / Brigitte (which I'd already heard about) / Aunt Janis and Chemainus / a lunch on Sunday / bus tours / Easter / Tapenade / naked men in LAW AND ORDER (she FINALLY explained "an autopsy") / teaching her how to use Facebook and Twitter (no), Banff trips, and more. I had to feed her a bunch of BS about not talking to Teunis yet about Easter dinner, hahaha. She also apparently thinks that "Veronica lives SO FAR AWAY!" from her when it's only two minutes! When I finally got off the phone with her, I discussed stuff with Teunis: new dressy brown shoes from Freedman, a poly household with five parents (and kids?!), yogurt drinks, milk, eggs, running more errands tomorrow, Kaili and the Granville / Broadway Chapters, pyromaniacs, Berlin, headbanging, St. Patrick's Day on Thursday at the Foggy Dew (perhaps?), Surrey, Rammstein, Windows 7, his sound system, flamethrower stage set, shrimp crackers, lollipops, and more.

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New York sticker packs, 30th birthday cards, annoying SMALL ENVELOPES, moon phases

A while after Teunis left to run errands (he wondered whether I'd pulled another all-nighter), I called Steph and Lisa to see what was up for dinner - Nando's sounds fine, especially if they pick me up, hahaha. I decided to go to the dollar store to get three cards (including a farewell card for Dianne, who'll go to Calgary the day before her birthday!), to Hallmark to get three more New York City sticker packs for Jennifer L. (tehgreenfairy), then to Carlton Cards to see Christmas stuff STILL in the store! (it was 90% off, but still...) Scouted out the location of the peanut butter eggs at the nearby Purdy's before going to Shoppers Drug Mart to get scissors and two 30th birthday cards for Harmony and Phil. Got home and discovered that the envelopes I bought last week are far too small for the sticker packs - UGH! ANNOYING! Guess I'll take the sticker packs along next week when I buy a card for Jenn!

Stolen from Janet (ghost_light):

You were born during a Third Quarter moon

This phase occurs in the middle of the moon's waxing phases, after the new moon and before the full moon.

- what it says about you -

You test everything. You're sometimes unhappy with what others think is "good enough." You point out things you see wrong with the world, even if others are afraid it may cause some unrest. When something isn't right, you're the one who's not afraid to make dramatic changes. You're good at keeping your head in a crisis, and reminding people that it takes a shakeup to fix things.
What phase was the moon at on your birthday? Find out at

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RING OF FIRE / Different heavy metal / Celtic rhythms / Small Vases


Teunis and I discussed the London bombing, 9/11, conspiracy theories, Guy Fawkes (his own friends turned him in - fuses and gunpowder lit!), terrorism, world dictators listening to AS IT HAPPENS, tea, reactions, MONTY PYTHON / SPAM, First Nations / Japanese heavy metal, and jellybeans / Bertie Botts Beans. We also talked about Johnny Cash's RING OF FIRE (don't use that for the hemorrhoid cream commercials!), Godiva dark chocolate (which Ellen introduced me to), Tom Waits being eclectic, Neil Young, Peter Gabriel, an art book, being hungry, fun wild Celtic rhythm, his character redesign / unusual abilities / toughness, frozen veggies / mushroom soup / rice, and more prior to his going to bed. I myself went to bed at 4 AM, and got up at 8:40 AM - it's the annual curse of light!

You Are Outrageous

You are a very open person. You are both open to the world and open about who you are.

You've got your own funky flair going on, and you love it when people notice your style.

You like crowds, and you feed off the energy of others. You are definitely a city person.

You are creative and hardworking. You like to see immediate results for your effort.

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Monday, March 14, 2011

Warming up juice?! / Black Sabbath, brandy, fish balls, righty or lefty


Teunis and I discussed GWAR / Manowar / Black Sabbath, radio shows, weird news, REJECTED, Wayne and Shuster, hot chocolate, brandy (not with my spring vegetable soup!), his gaming characters / style, milk, Eric's "drunk" joke, Westerns, warming up the raspberry-cranberry juice (er... that got a dubious look from me!), damaged files, defrag, Rammstein, KMFDM, Infected Mushroom, the clinic, and more prior to his going to bed last night. I got up at 4:15 PM, possibly catching up on my sleep from Friday / Saturday's all-nighter! Saw that Steph had called me, so I left a message for her to call me back. Teunis and I just talked about the errands he has to run downtown tomorrow, a group called Green Jelly which seems much like GWAR, fish ball soup with kimchi / noodles, the prep for the pork roast, sucky circumstances like death, CBC's website, a wind warning, and more. Steph and Lisa called me back - dinner tomorrow it is, along with earthquake-related updates from Trevor and Melissa's statuses! I'm sure the strike was fun at first, but now it isn't!

You Are Right-Handed

When you need to use all your might...

The hand you choose is your right.

You'd probably use it to fly a kite,

And you would certainly use it to fight.

Um, I didn't know you needed to take a quiz to figure THAT out!

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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Consider the SOURCE!

When Eric called this morning, the ringing phone apparently was the trigger which woke Teunis up - as Eric said later, he SHOULD be used to it by now! I told him that it usually DIDN'T wake him up, so I dunno! Told him about certain emo thoughts, and he said that it had to do with a certain person: NO! I'M JUST SAYING! Then I ranted about pedestrians who SHOULD be given the right of way at crosswalks, traffic flow, catching up on the earthquake news, and more. Got to church, said hi to Victor / Grace / Auntie Allyn / Hannah W. (who liked my red hat), and then just sat in my usual spot. Noticed Raymond and Randal in the row behind me, but didn't say anything. Went to the back of the room, and saw MR. CREEP come in while I was talking to Paxton about devices which can make you walk through walls when you're not a ghost! CAN'T HE STAY AWAY?! (I used hand sanitizer!) Later, Christon said that he and Raymond were talking about all the empty rows - well, I can't say I'm surprised! After service (and an announcement about a special collection next week for Japan), I looked for Grandma in the usual place; found her, so I said hi. She asked whether White Kid (Eric) was my boyfriend - NO, haha! Then she thought I was laughing too loudly, but it's not as if there weren't 100 people around at the time! Auntie Kwai came up and invited her to SushiHolic - HAHAHAHA! She doesn't like sushi anyway because of the whole Japan thing!

Went into the fellowship hall and said hi to Andrew - we talked about the earthquake coverage for a while; it does seem surreal! Talked to Hung for a bit about some Trinity / Carleton game that Jonathan C. and Chris T. have mentioned, too. Going out, I said hi to Harmony / Brian / Phil / baby Micah, who of course doesn't like losing an hour of sleep! Jon said that Eric needed to be encouraged, so he and Harmony were taking him out to the Keg courtesy of Randal's gift certificates and such... well, then! I don't care about the Keg, but I *do* care where the gift certificates came from even if it's not my business! Jeremy mentioned that my blog was useful for his finances - HUH?! He said that he'd been trying to remember when a bunch of weddings were, so he tried looking it up, and there my blog was in the results! Yup, it could be a detailed archive of our life history, hahaha! Geoffrey said that he didn't know I had one; well, now you do!

As I was going up the stairs for Sunday School, Joshua and Nathaniel stuck their tongues out at me from below. I said that I saw them, so they attempted to hide - nice try, as I could clearly see the reflections of their backs in the window! Then I went down to where they were, and saw Abby with them... they still tried hiding, but there's not much room to hide down there! Went back upstairs and saw Sandi with Alexis, who also tried hiding from me! Sandi called Alexis' attention to the gold bling hearts on my sweater - when I asked if she liked it, she nodded. Alexis, Ada, Jesse, Mattias, Ramen, Shira, Ashley, and Anastasia were in Toddler Sunday School today; I played with Alexis and the green Earth Days McDonalds toy which can make things bigger or smaller depending on which lens end you use. Jesse and Mattias seemed responsive when I asked them questions, haha. Also talked to Jonathan Y. and Rachel after THEIR class, and waved at Sean L. in the hallway. Auntie Ying invited me to lunch, but I didn't want to bus home again! Went downstairs and said hi to Harmony, too.

On the way home, I ranted to Eric about Mr. Creep - he called me a bigot, and tried impressing on me that I should forgive Raymond and Randal, although he thought I was over what happened with me and Randal. Perhaps on the surface, but not really! I'm not saying you should hold grudges forever, but still - some things should NEVER be forgotten! Oh, and don't tell me that we SHOULD have gone to lunch with people just so I could get over my "paranoia," because my feelings - which should NOT be disregarded! - will NOT change! HE CREEPS ME OUT, HENCE THE NAME. At least I don't have to go anywhere for a week since Spring Break is two weeks long this year, AND Eric is attending the Phoenix hockey game! I called Steph when I got home: due to a school strike, Lisa is home to study. Maybe I can hang out with them for dinner or something, so I'll call them tomorrow and see how that goes! I know she doesn't want the strike to last too long since it affects her graduation! Discussed nuclear power, earthquake preparedness, grilled cheese sandwiches, redesigning things, code, plans, and such with Teunis also.

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Inner Fruit Flavor

Your Inner Fruit Flavor is Peach

You are a good-humored and straightforward person. You naturally always seem to end up with a lot of friends.

You get bored easily, and you don't mind if other people know it. You have a restless spirit.

You are flexible to the point of being flaky. Everything is up in the air for you.

You are apt to change your mind about things after thinking about them more.

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