Saturday, October 03, 2009

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Four large Superstore pizzas save the day before a Food Bank scavenger hunt!

Henry picked me up, and he asked what I'd done for Fellowship last night: Bible Study! They'd had a potluck with fifty people, which wouldn't have been so bad if that number hadn't included TWENTY new people who (of course) didn't bring any food! Danny had to buy four large pizzas at Superstore, which thankfully tided them over! Henry also said that he wants to make a Thanksgiving turkey, and figured that the appreciation dinner next week would be free. It would be wrong if they attempted to make the volunteers pay for it, after all...

When we got to church, Sabrina waved at us. I stopped outside the fellowship hall to watch some of the Cubbies play - said hi to Rosenda, and got a couple of high-fives from her son Gabriel. He's so cute! Said hi to his older brother Ian, who just turned four - he and Jeremy share a birthday. (later, Eunice told me: "I'm already six years old! It's my birthday today!" YAY!) Priscilla, Emily, and Nina said hi to me, I greeted Martin and David, Auntie Vivian and I both bought staplers, Golden warned me against a stapler spring, and Conor grinned at me while his brother Sean asked what was happening with the scavenger hunt. While I was looking at the StoveTop stuffing mix, Bob grasped me by the shoulders and bugged me about stealing the stuff destined for the Food Bank. "Thou shalt not steal, you know!" "There's a difference between looking at it and stealing it, y'know!" Annie attempted to scare me for fun, and Golden said the whiteout tape didn't work on weird paper.

Said hi to Esther's mom, and to Hannah and Amanda's mom Catherine. Asked Auntie Rebecca about the dinner next week, and she thinks my parents might be going. Just in case, I'll see whether Henry can give me a ride. Jordan wanted a piece of paper whole Chrystal (her cruise was FUN!) and I were talking to Auntie Bessy about her bruised rib. Slippery floors or inadvertent lace loops certainly do a number to you! Saw Uncle Tom, Auntie Allyn, Uncle George (shook hands!), Auntie Grace (don't talk to me when my mouth is full of cookie... told me the Canucks lost 3-0 to Colorado this afternoon!), and Auntie Vera. On the way home, Ada and I talked about mooncake / Thanksgiving while her kids played a "good news / bad news" game: princesses, girls, lava, crazy heads, garbage, disco, dying, hot, small cars, damage, and more!

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Miso-Filled Condoms and Poo

Hmm... my Facebook news feed is telling me that nobody apparently made any posts overnight. That is VERY hard to believe, hahaha. Auntie Catherine added me to Facebook, too - interesting! Did some stuff with Wordpress last night - I'll see what happens with this Blogger 10-label limit thing. Problematic, for sure! Weighed the relative merits of taking a shower now as opposed to tonight (rush, seeing people, family, etc.) - now won out. ;)

Poo nugget for this weekend: Miso-Filled Condoms and Poo - Low-flow toilets became required by U.S. law in 1994, but many Americans didn't like them, going so far as to smuggle higher-volume toilets in from Canada. Their complaint was that it took several flushes to get things down. This provoked engineer Bill Gauley of Veritec Consulting to develop a test for toilet effectiveness. But what material should the testers flush? After several experiments, the team settled on miso paste encased in a condom-like membrane. Gauley's Maximum Performance (MaP) test has since become industry standard.

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I violated the "don't get in cars with almost strange men!" rule tonight...

Ivan picked me up... or I should say that two men I've seen around church picked me up in their blue car, with Ivan in it. We said hi, then listened to some Mandarin radio show on the way to church. Talked briefly to Ivan, and assured him that I'd get a ride home. When I went into the church, Ivan wondered why I didn't just go to the second floor - meh, I'll see what's going on downstairs first, haha. Saw Sonya (who bugged me about the game last night), Mike, Sarah (who said that Enoch was having a coffeehouse in the fellowship hall), and a bunch of other people before I made my way upstairs.

Saw Andrea, and instantly asked her for a ride home - she was able to do it, so YAY! Talked to Grace (Phil's sick!), Kevin (I let him have some paper so he wouldn't have to write the attendance on his hand), Cindy (I alone knew that Eric was sick!), Dianne, Rich, and Johnny back from Hong Kong. Bible Study was interesting, but I did wish Teresa would stop coughing. She asked a number of us to pray for her, so we said we would. Talked to Lesley, Cindy, Dianne, Dylan, Deb, Kevin, and Vanessa about teaching, dumb kids, predestination, and more. After a "large group" discussion on Ephesians 1, we talked amongst ourselves. I told Harmony that it was a thought-provoking Bible Study; she's had stimulating discussions with people of a Calvinist bent, for sure.

Annie had been away in Victoria, and she asked about Steph. I said hi to Stanley, then joined in the HAPPY BIRTHDAY singalong to Christon. Time to get the Christ on, indeed... also said bye to Margaret. Went home with Andrea: talked about life, my great-aunt, Chuck and his mom, cancer, the very understanding people in his program, wedding planning, Jon / Harmony, Sherman, Steph and her townhouse, and more. Didn't know her aunt and grandma were getting baptized: it's a good thing that I'll probably see Chuck next Friday! I definitely plan to hug him hello, for sure! (Andrea and I were amused by her substitution of "Easter" for "Thanksgiving," oops!) It's good to have nice friends, for sure!

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Friday, October 02, 2009

Calories, sugar, Maynard's fruit snacks, sounding like crap, and mooncake

Since I have this box of 95 Maynard's fruit snacks for the kids, I might as well try at least one of each: Fruit Mania, Swedish Berries, Fuzzy Peach, and Sour Patch Kids! Of course I've had them all before, but I'll have them since I bought the whole thing! You bet some of it is going in my knapsack for the weekend, and for a few weekends after that if I don't eat them all myself! Actually, I probably shouldn't - SO MUCH SUGAR, OH MY! At 45 calories per 12.5-gram pouch, the box contains 1.1875 kg of candy and 4275 calories! I like the sweet ones better than the sour candy, for sure.

Called Eric at work, and he still sounds like crap. Hey, it's the NG bluntness, haha. He says he's going for a worship practice, but then he's not staying for Fellowship. Good man - he should REST! Ivan said that he could give me a ride there, and thinks that Pastor John should be at the church tonight. If not, I hope Andrea or someone else relatively close is around. There was definitely no need to call the church in the afternoon to ensure Pastor John's presence! Well, then things are probably a go, because I sorta need to boost my attendance! Corey and I are talking about mooncake, Jane, purple potato doughy things, lotus paste, eggs, the moon festival this weekend, and other things too.

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I'm most at home in my bedroom! ;)

You Are Most at Home in the Bedroom

You're the type of person who finds sanctuary in your home. Your home is your private space.

While you may be a social person outside the home, it's very rare that you invite people into your home.

There's nothing like spending time alone in your bedroom - relaxing and reflecting about your day.

You truly treasure your time by yourself. You need to be able to recharge every so often in order to thrive.

This is always true of me! Even when out with friends / family, I find myself thinking about the sweet relaxation that awaits at home, and not always in a "I can't STAND these people and want this to be OVER with already" way! :D

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Billie, Playland, Subena, Corey, Super Nintendo Chalmers, and yellow poo!

Got home and talked to Billie for a bit. She can't work at Playland, which sucks! She'll miss her bed when she gets home (which I can totally understand!), so she can't really work this semester... that, and she'll be TIRED. Found that Subena / Ducky had added me to Facebook, which is cool. Corey's bugging me about "Super Nintendo Chalmers" and THE SIMPSONS; why me?! Hahaha.

Poo nugget for Friday, October 2: Dr. Stool Says - Yellow Poo - We all know that poo should be brown, and pee should be yellow. Sometimes, however, the body produces a yellow-hued poo, leaving us to wonder "Why?" Like most changes in the hue of poo, long-lasting perturbations are most worrisome. The main issue of yellow poo is the presence of fat in the stool, which occurs when dietary fat can't be digested by the body. This produces a yellow, glistening, floating stool, indicating a problem with the small intestine, pancreas, or liver.

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Thursday, October 01, 2009

They won on 25% of the shots?! REALLY?!

After taking a quick shower, I was out of here! I just missed the 401 and 407, but decided to wait for the C94 - that came along in a few minutes. Once I got to the King Edward station, I got off the Canada Line, and started walking in the wrong direction! I realized it after a block ("what is YUKON doing here?"), and walked back and then in the right direction. Got to the intersection where Jon and Harmony's house is, and initially went the wrong way - let's just say their place is NOT very near a daycare centre! As I neared their entrance, Harmony and Jon started chanting to tease me about stuff. Got inside, and almost promptly got invited to go out and pick up the pizza - nah, I decided to stay in with Harmony. It's not like I'd kill a certain person once he was over, hahaha.

Discussed the Vancouver International Film Festival, Eric being sick, Jeremy being stressed out (on his BIRTHDAY!), what we'd done today, and the Sunday lunch / dinner thing with Great-Aunt. Drank some water, which was pretty much what I needed. Once Jon and Christon got back with the pizza, it was time to turn on the TV to see what was happening in the Montreal-Toronto game. Talked about winter festivals, the guestbook, beets, redness, salad, pizza, Molson, Budweiser, jerseys, Teunis, late honeymoons, work, tasting alcohol / bitterness, Driftwood ale, omnipresent car / hockey commercials, Richie gloating, the Thanksgiving dinner, Thanksgiving in general, Safeway, Dylan / Isabel / Martin / girlfriends / worship teams, Margaret, Cordia, Joyce, Vanessa, Guinness, "popular" beer marketing, Alexander Keith, Jack Daniels, weird commercials for Viagra ("my wife doesn't redecorate or do FENG SHUI!"), and other things. The first period of the Vancouver-Calgary game was NOT great for the Canucks, at all. THREE GOALS AGAINST?!

We looked over Jon and Harmony's tea collection during one of the intermissions: man, they have a LOT of stuff! Some of it even seemed out of place, so Christon was putting that aside, hahaha. Loose-leaf stuff doesn't quite belong with brand-name stuff, even if it was given to you on the day of a proposal, or by your mothers! Had some tea, beer, and ice cream... too bad the Canucks lost. Four goals on sixteen shots, and an empty-net one in the last two minutes of the game... *shakes head* Watched the post-game commentary and the first part of news - it's true that Kevin Weekes' affect was FLAT. The man needs more emotion, man! Talked about my dad and how he would know a bit more about hockey than my mother, and also how he was unfortunately not a stern Chinese dad, since the family is crazy and likes TMI for one thing! (pee, redrum, poo, and other things are ALL fair game!)

Jon returned ABBEY ROAD to Christon, and placed a phone call to Jeremy to wish him "a happy birthday from five Asians," and also ask about homo milk. Watched news stories about a disgraced bishop with child porn, Indonesian earthquakes, the Samoan tsunami, science and early humans, and more. We started getting ready to leave as they started in on Iran for some reason. Interesting stuff, indeed. Had an uneventful trip home, although I did just miss the 401 at the Brighouse Station - oh well. Now Blogger is telling me that I can only have ten labels per post, as opposed to the twenty it was this afternoon - WTF? I had to ask the help forums about that one, believe you me!

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Emily, Eric, Southern names, hair length, decades

Emily Lee added me on Facebook - yes! Called Eric to see how he was doing: I figured he's feeling crappy, since he sounds sick! Told him to stay home and rest up, and my brother told him the same in an email. Not sure if I'll go out now or not - possibly not, but I'll call my brother when he's done teaching.

Edit: I called him, and said I'd be LATE! Then again, who knows about the ride home... transit should work too, haha. Gotta take a shower first, though... Jon says Christon would be able to drop me off at the Canada Line station, which is fine by me!

Your Southern Name Is Eustice Etta

Well, butter my butt and call me a biscuit!

You Should Have Super Short Hair

You are confident and conventional. You are proud of who you are and have nothing to hide.

Your hair tells people that you are honest and straightforward. You appear ready to face the world head on.

You can be very quiet at times. You aren't shy though... you're just thinking things over.

You prefer to plan out the best course of action before you do anything. You want to be able to be your best in every situation.

You Are the 1990s

You are a honest, down to earth, and somewhat sarcastic person. You don't front.

You appreciate the cynical days of the 1990s, when irony was king.

You're somewhat skeptical and mocking of the mainstream. You tend to embrace alternative culture instead.

You are open-minded and accepting. You don't judge people as long as they're real with you.

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Birthday 2009 Wishes! (let's hasten the dying process NOW!)

Email: Pastor Fulton and Auntie Teresa C. (2)

MSN: Corey T. (1)

LJ: Kat L., Charlotte G., Eric H., Jamie W., Jasmine C. (5)

Facebook Wall Posts: Sonya Y., Chantelle S., Steve L., Bexy B., Shelley R., Mike B., Sharlene M., Billie E., Alan P., Andrew L., Danielle L., Chrissy S., Teresa L., Barb S., Diane S., Candy B., Kathy T., George M., Mel M., Shannon S., Steph N., Jen C., Eric H., Silvester L., Vicky S., Gabriel K., Mary C., Olivia C., Vania S., Auntie Susan L., Adam L., Vanessa C., Alicia S., Julie C., Wesley T., Hien H., Karen L., Kaitlin O., Denise M., Nathan T., Farrah F. (41)

Facebook Discussion Boards: Tim L., Wendy A. (2) [Six Degrees of Separation]

F Cards (Facebook Application): Candace B. (1)

Birthday Zoo (Facebook Application): Jemima M. (1)

Growing Gifts: Sharlene M. (1)

Facebook Status Comments: Krysten H. (on Billie's about being excited), Rosenda M., Jamie W., Brian W., Chantelle S., Kaili B., Chrissy S. (7)

Free Gifts: Jasmine C. (1)

Our Place: Carol B., Steve B., Candy B., Julie H., Kelly L., Debbie, Carol J., Marie S., Sarah G. (9)

Other Message Boards and Such: Ubuntu, Quizopolis, Crime Library, Rock 101, OK Cupid (5)

Evite / Event RSVP: Daniel T., Jasmine C., Billie E., Sharlene M., Natalie H., Silvester L., Jazmin L., Vania S., Steph N., Jon N., Cindy F., Andrea T., Jen C., Danielle L., Janette L., Eric M., Dianne F., Gillis [Jonathan G.], Harmony H., Ivan W., Kaili B., Justin C., Christon S., Alicia S., Elizabeth M. (and a guest - possibly James M.?), Tracy Q., Robin H., Myles H., Eddie L., Petra H., Kevin C., Michelle W., Eric M., Dawn W., Teunis P., Dallas W., Mike T., Vivian S. (38)

In Person: Billie E., Harmony H., Eric M., Steph N., Jon N., Christon S., Teunis P., Jeremy J., Cindy F., Deb L., Stella L., Chuck W. (12)

Other: Chantal R. (1)

Cards / Presents: Steph (salad dinner at Kelsey's and a $20 Chapters gift card), Christon (birthday card and $15 Chapters gift card), Jon and Harmony (birthday card, Butt Rot and Bottom Gas: A Glossary of Tragically Misunderstood Words (Eric Groves, Sr.), and one I Must Be Allergic To Idiots mini pack of Kleenex), Danielle (card with photo), Andrea (card and a blue magma lamp), Candy (belated birthday card) [6]

* Mom and Dad's presents (fresh mint Tic Tacs x3, J.J. Keropok Perisa Pizza-flavored chips, spearmint Certs x3, Arcor Crystal Fruit Drops [cherry / apple / orange / lemon], Jamaican Habanero hot sauce, Southwest Habanero hot sauce, Chevronnes' Sunflower seasoned seaweed, kimchi spicy seasoned seaweed [shared with Teunis], To My Daughter, With Love: A Mother's Memory Book x2 {what the...} [Donna Green], Peepshow: The Cartoon Diary of Joe Matt [Joe Matt], Pringles Blazing Buffalo Wings chips, March 2009 Canadian Readers Digest, August 2009 UK Readers Digest, granola bars x3, jar of peanut butter [promptly given to Teunis as "travelling food"], blue-purple-silver photo album with some photos in it already, City of Bones [Michael Connelly], a pink Rachael Hale 240-page journal with a cat and a cupcake on it, an "over the hill" birthday bear, a 10-pack of Disney Christmas cards) [27]

Phone Calls: Candy B., Tara E. [Billie's mom], Billie's grandma [haha] (3)

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Dream of Spoz, Kempy, and angelic sleepers / Sickness / PIN

Had a weird dream which involved my going around with Spoz and Kempy while they reviewed a LOT of bands for a blog entry. My mother definitely didn't approve, but I was past caring. We went around while Spoz's brother and close friends were sleeping, and they looked really angelic! Hahaha... that's all I remember, though! Don't know what it was, but that was cool.

I got my PIN in the mail, so YAY for that! Eric emailed us saying that he seems to have come down with a bug. I guess I'll call him before 5 or so if he hasn't called me first, and then take transit depending on how he feels. That, or I myself will end up not going because of the rain and the lack of a ride home. Haha, I'm lazy! :P

Also got a weird birthday card from Candy in the mail, so that's cool enough. "Scratch and sniff," indeed... HA HA, it's what I do to books, maybe. Carol J. is not exactly someone whom I'd call a good friend, so it's no surprise I don't feel like adding her on Facebook. HA HA HA!

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Unexpected ride offers are good, and make me go crazy! / LOG JAM

Called my brother earlier to see what was going on with the "OPENER AGAINST THE FLAMES!" hockey game thing. It's at their place, and he's been telling people to get there around 6 so we can have beer (Jeremy!) / salad / chips / salsa / pizza before the game. I probably can't get a ride from Eric then, but the Canada Line is convenient for sure! Should remind him to use the guestbook, hahaha. As long as I stay at their place longer than a certain person, it should be ALL GOOD! (and yes, I will indeed bring the multigrain chips!)

Then again, Eric called me at 10 to offer me a ride if I went to a certain intersection by 6 tomorrow - I guess that would be fine, too. Since he started in on bugging me about a "hot date" (I've never been on one), I had to say I'd bring the book I was reading. No, it wouldn't be ANY book that I'd skip Fellowship for, man! This way, I'll spend more time with Eric than usual, and it'll be fine even if he talks to his new best friend, hahaha.

Helen K. apparently FINALLY got my birthday party Evite, a couple weeks after the event! I understand, because she's busy with the kids - email can only be accomplished a few seconds at a time because Nicholas and Cory won't leave her alone, heh. Once they're asleep, all she does is clean up and get ready for bed - depressing, possibly!

Facebook quizzes taken from Candy and Veronica:

Leslie took the What NFL team are you? quiz and got the result: Chargers.

Leslie completed the quiz "Color vs Personality" with the result Green. Green is the color of nature. It symbolizes growth, harmony, freshness, and fertility. Green has strong emotional correspondence with safety. Dark green is also commonly associated with money. Green has great healing power. It is the most restful color for the human eye; it can improve vision. Green suggests stability and endurance. Sometimes green denotes lack of experience; for example, a 'greenhorn' is a novice. In heraldry, green indicates growth and hope. Green, as opposed to red, means safety. Not a lot of people notice you since you kind of blend in, but when they get to know you, you improve their personality a bit more.

Poo nugget for Thursday, October 1: Log Jam - Synonyms: Ghost Poo, Can't Get the Train Out of the Tunnel, Colon Congestion, Corked, F.O.S., Stuck Up, Crying Wolf, False Alarm. (POO OF THE MONTH!) [a drawing of an empty toilet bowl, hahaha]

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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I saw Emily Lee! / Strawberry Pocky and mooncake / September 2009 BBT Tally

Since I had to return books to the library as well as mail Corey's mooncake to him, I decided to see if the new C94 would take me there. It stopped close enough to the library that I only had to walk a little ways to the back entrance: no more walking through the park if I take the bus at the right time! Returned the books, and then walked through Coast Mountain Sports to the mall. I figured I don't need socks right now, so saved cash for later.

Decided to make sure I had stuff in my knapsack, so sat down to sort through stuff just outside the sports store. I noticed a familiar person walk by, so I called out her name: Emily Lee recognized me as well. Talked to her for a few minutes - yay for good blasts from the past! Discussed Facebook, her email address, her living near Ironwood with a caregiver (whom she had to meet at 4:45), and how life was. After that, I bought some sushi and strawberry Pocky from Famous Sushi, and a mango bubble tea from Big Orange. Then I mailed the mooncake and a card in a large box, plus my bus pass application. Had to buy some heavy-duty tape, which was fine... I had enough cash for that, and now I'm saving it up for next Friday or so.


pudding @ Dragon Ball (Sunday, September 13)
mango @ Big Orange (Wednesday, September 30)

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Ricola, fruit snacks, Pepto-Bismol, and bakery mooncake

For totally leaving my shopping list behind at home when I was rushed out of the house this morning, I did very well since I didn't forget anything on said list! (even if I had to grab a few on-sale Sidekicks on my way to the checkout, then rush back for the on-sale Uncle Ben's rice when I was AT the checkout...) Got on-sale pads x2, on-sale baby spinach salad, bananas, some on-sale multigrain chips (for tomorrow's hockey game?), two Lip Smackers (I never bought them when I was with my ex - yay!), a bunch of mint-flavored / cherry-flavored Lip Balm and Lip Care (Blistex and Nivea!), and sugar-free Ricola. Couldn't resist a box of on-sale 95 Maynard's fruit treats for the kids (keeping possible chocolate allergies in mind), on-sale soy milk (vanilla and chocolate), on-sale Celestial Seasonings dessert tea (English Toffee!), on-sale Pepto Bismol, on-sale raspberry lemonade (which I forgot is hard to open!), on-sale microwaveable meals, on-sale Irish Spring soap x6, and on-sale grapes.

Decided to get two mooncakes since someone directed me to the bakery for them: since one is for mailing purposes to Corey, it had to have the cute special bag! "Chinese Mooncake: A Valued and Exquisite Mid-Autumn Gift," plus a "stamp" with Chinese characters on it. "Best Wish To All - Feels Grateful," hahaha. The box has a cool soft red-and-white branch drawing with a butterfly on it, too! Since the red / orange / yellow Knorr soups caught my eye, I got one of each.

Got some peanut butter Chipits, butterscotch baking chips, Coke Zero in cute little cans since I've never had it before, on-sale bottled water, on-sale yogurt (French Vanilla and strawberry-banana), four cheap Tetley iced teas (at least in comparison to the cranberry juice beside it), toilet paper, on-sale Kleenex, and Neo-Citran (expiring in February 2011) since my other package expired in May. At least I saved $33.54! Got home to several interesting emails, so that was a day-brightener!

You Are a Soft-Boiled Egg

You are a very sensitive soul. You are careful with other people, and you expect them to be gentle with you in return.

A harsh word or look can destroy your happiness. You are easily affected by what is going on around you.

You tend to get stressed out fairly easily. You need to be in a calm, quiet environment to be happy.

You gravitate toward stable people. You need a rock (or a few) in your life.

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This thing just restarted. I'd JUST gotten comfortable in bed, man!

Facebook quizzes taken from Shelley:

Leslie took the how old will you be when you die? quiz and got the result: 20. You just came out of work when you got stabbed by a bum. He took your wallet and pissed on you. (SO NOT ACCURATE! You'd have to go back in time a few years for that!)

Leslie took the What date will you get married? quiz and got the result: Nov. 25, 2009. (Hey, that's my brother's birthday! Guess I better get cracking...)

Poo nugget for Wednesday, September 30: Doo You Know? - Be Sure to Wash Your Hands Thoroughly - Stool contains between 150 and 500 different types of bacteria in a concentration of 1012 bacteria per gram. Even in the rare instance of the residue-free Clean Sweep poo, there are sure to be a couple billion microscopic bacteria on the toilet paper. (not to mention the melange of microbes on the flush handle, the bathroom door, etc.) Some stooling conservatives have advocated for a change in nomenclature, arguing that the Clean Sweep lends a false sense of hygienic security. Regardless, be sure to wash your hands thoroughly before leaving the bathroom.

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Finally having dry clothes!

I was FINALLY done my laundry at 10:05 PM, seven hours after I started it. It took FOUR rounds in the dryer to get everything finally DRY from being SOAKING WET. Corey thought I could bake everything in the oven... um, that wouldn't be a good idea, even leaving aside the possible fire hazard! My pants and shirts and other things were SAVED! Good thing I didn't have to throw away my socks this time, haha. ;)

Later, Corey actually gave me a useful suggestion: Tape notices to the dryer saying that it barely worked. (that way, I can complain without the management knowing it was I who did it) He thought I wouldn't need to do so for the washing machine, but I did it anyway. I really don't think clothes should be SOAKING WET after you wash them! Damp, sure; but not WRINGING WET! I'm well aware that water soaks things, but SERIOUSLY!

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Postponing laundry, weird dream of Stanley in detention and Palmer Pills

EWWWWWWWW! I hate being forced to postpone laundry simply because it's far too late at night (and I'm too tired) to even CONTEMPLATE starting a load! I hope these things haven't set too far in twelve hours or so... o_O [however, I also got my new debit card in the mail... yay!] As it happened, the clothes and towels were SOPPING WET after being washed - WTF?! Now I have to spend MORE money drying them! I'd go to the bank to get cash out for future laundry runs, but I don't know...

Got emails about hockey night - the backup is Jon and Harmony's house. Richie is going to Phil's, so our group won't get a chance to make fun of him. DAMN! As for the cable disconnection thing, they'd have to ask Daniel since Nate's dad is in Hong Kong now. PIZZA sounds good, haha. Not sure I'll be able to stand being in a small room with a certain idiot, though!

Not venturing out any further afield than the pharmacy / hospital because it's raining buckets outside... that is, unless I absolutely have to! Got SPLASHED by a car going through a puddle on my way back home from the pharmacy - this just after I'd put in a load of laundry; AIYA! These pills have a more generous expiry date than the ones I've been getting for the past few years: August 2013, baby! Had just enough cash for those, so I'll be getting Pepto-Bismol tomorrow when I go food shopping with Barry. Not that I have stomach issues now, but it's good to be prepared!

Heard Dee Bardock's name on the radio for that condo contest - she's apparently in Delta now. Haha, I remember when my sister used to be elementary school friends with her son Jason, and then the Avon connection I used to have with her, too! Interesting blasts from the past! She missed her chance, as it turns out. Eep!

Had a dream where Stanley was behaving very badly, and sent to a secure "detention unit" away from the police headquarters. My mom, Steph, and I had to jump into an elevator shaft with teeth just to get in there. We were looking for "Palmer Pills" in the pharmacy on base, too. Supposedly, those would give you a lot of energy!

Stanley was enclosed in a glass room, with nothing but kids' books and a dry-erase board for distraction. He wasn't even allowed to bring a guitar in, he complained. Well, that would be why it's a DETENTION UNIT! Not sure why I had the dream, although we were talking about Palmer being a church on Sunday (Dallas goes there now) - I also know the whiteboard and kids' books come from the toddler Sunday School. WEIRD!

Facebook quiz taken from Gabriel:

Leslie took the What Canucks Player are you? quiz and the result is Roberto Luongo. GREAT SAVE, LUONGO! You are the glue that holds this team together, stopping almost everything that comes your way.

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Mooncake, Mid-Autumn Festival, dinner conflict, and poo phobias

Grandma gave me some mooncake yesterday, so I decided to eat it earlier tonight. At least I won't have to contend with someone saying that it "tastes like ass." Uncultured person! This is the good kind, with eggs! Corey hasn't had it, since he was in Taiwan with Jane during Chinese New Year, not the Mid-Autumn Festival. I remember getting it a lot when I was a kid, mainly from Grandma and Chinese School. Who knows... I might send him some while it's still available (next week?), and get some for myself too.

I also assume Jane (who doesn't like it) knows more about the festival than I do, haha. (just because I eat mooncake doesn't mean I know a lot about the festival!) He finally tried a digestive biscuit after taking them out of the closet where they were stashed to clean up before his sister's wedding. After I yelled at him about expiry dates (and looking stuff up for my own reference), he finally tried one. "I just tried one of the digestive thingies... not bad, but it seems kind of plain, like it would be really good if it had something with it. They'd probably make good Smores."

Great-aunt plans update: They're staying at my parents' house, and lunch / dinner will be next Sunday. I was reminded that I have a Committee meeting on Monday night when I got Steph's email stating that she's off both Sunday and Monday. Mom thinks that since she knows Flora the waitress at #9, we can get a table for lunch easily. We'll see about that! Then dinner could be at either Hon's (although I've heard rumors of it closing?!) or Master Hong's BBQ House. I AM NOT A GRANDMA, STUPID PEOPLE! Karen sent a bunch of us an email about Christon's birthday dinner... unfortunately, it's on the 4th at 6. DARN IT! Knowing Jon, he might still try to make an appearance at both events, so we'll see how that goes!

Poo nugget for Tuesday, September 29: Dr. Stool Says - Rhypophobia - This serious condition (the fear of defecation) is presumed to have a psychological basis in childhood trauma, and can be very difficult to treat. A related pediatric condition called "encopresia," or fecal soiling, occurs in kids who volitionally refuse to use the toilet. Both of these conditions speak to the importance of making poo a fun and stress-free activity during the childhood years.

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Monday, September 28, 2009

Rain again, jackets, Bonehead chat, and badass weapons!

The rain has started again. Good thing it wasn't raining yesterday on the way home from Jeremy's, otherwise I would NOT have been impressed. Note to self: Take a jacket / coat from now on whenever you go out. (My mom even made a comment in the morning, thinking that I'd have on LAYERS of clothes! Har har har.) Finally got into the Bonehead of the Day Award chatroom... stupid Java! Yay for Daniel and Kelly, though! Talked about introductions, Luna, Carol B., Carol J., Maryann, Steve B., Candy, George, Raging Puppy, typos, Pip Yang, Judy, Angela, and more.

Facebook quizzes taken from Julie S., Amanda B., and Kaitlin:

Leslie completed the quiz "What Career-Type Guy Are You Most Compatible With?" with the result Police Officer. You like your man to be strong and fearless, and able to protect you. You would gladly be his 'damsel in distress,' as long as he breaks out his handcuffs. The uniform makes you feel safe and secure. He's the kind of man you can easily bring home to mom. (Hmm... maybe my sister knows some people.... ;))

Leslie completed the quiz "What old school Gangster are you??" with the result Al Capone. Hothead Maniac. Always needs to be #1. Likes booze, broads, guns, and gambling.

Leslie just took the "Which Weapon Will You Take Into Battle!!!" quiz and the result is Halberd. You are a polearms man / woman. You can't get enough of how much distance you can make between you and your enemy. The more power and skill you have to train with the halberd, the better the damage and possible casualties you will cause.

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A dream where I stink up Holly's car, and Chris is afraid to cross the road

I had a weird dream where I was in Holly's car with her, Harmony, and a few other people. Suddenly, we all noticed a huge stink in the car. People thought it was ME - which it very well could have been. Holly and Harmony quickly dropped me off at home, where I actually took a shower before heading out again to meet my friends at a Canadian Tire / Zellers-like store. Daniel had piggybacked his niece Jenica, and told us that we all had to be split into groups to find various items of clothing in the store.

I went with Steph, Chris T., Eric M., Jeremy, and some other people. My mom was in another group, but wanted to keep an eye on me. There was no reason for that, so we just stayed as far away from her as possible. We ran into her when she wanted to use the bathrooms (which were like those at a public pool's changing room), so we went into the next room. That just so happened to be the room where the public stalls exited out, so of course Mom wondered what we were doing in the washrooms. We didn't bother explaining the geographical layout to her, but collected what we needed from that section before leaving as fast as we could. Also, we found a major pile of money (mostly pennies) in the store - we were allowed to keep it.

Once outside the store, Chris appeared afraid to cross the road because of a Subaru or other SUV-like vehicle on the other side. Steph wondered what his problem was, since the crosswalk was clearly marked with thick white lines. Then she bugged him about it: "He's a cop [this is not true in real life], and he's scared of crossing the road because of a VEHICLE!" She teased Eric about his Kris Draper mask and long curly hair [again, the hair bit is not true in real life] before going on her own trek across the road, yelling something back at us which I couldn't hear. I asked the guys what she'd said - Eric was busy trying to convince Chris to cross the street. Jeremy said that she'd wanted to get home to set up a party for my mom and Big G, and also that she was going to get a Jehovah's Witness thing from her senior controller! Well, then!

Triggers? I don't know. Of course, I did see Eric / Jeremy / Harmony yesterday, and Jeremy even referred to Grandma as "Big G" when we were talking about my great-aunt coming into town. I briefly said hi to Jenica yesterday at church, but I think that's about it other than finding one penny at the Brighouse Canada Line station last night. Very weird subconscious!

Facebook quiz taken from Spoz:


You Crave a Cultural Adventure

Life has gotten a bit routine for you lately, and you'd like to broaden your perspective.

You want to learn and grow from your adventure. You want to know the place you visit as well as your hometown.

You are an open-minded and curious traveler. You're all about immersing yourself in local customs, no matter how foreign they are.

Whenever you're in a new place, you try to speak the language, eat the food, and meet the locals. After all, that's what traveling is all about!

HA, I wish! Maybe I should go on the bus tour with Grandma, Great-Aunt, and Cousin Eric... although Victoria / Whistler isn't "foreign," but whatever. :P

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Mood colors, Wiccan names, useless superpowers, zombies, and more!

Your Primary Mood Color is Yellow

You are a enthusiastic and cheerful soul. You have a real zest for life.

You have as many troubles as anyone else, but you believe it's important to have a sunny outlook.

Life is what you make of it, and you strive to make your life as awesome as possible.

You believe in happy endings. You are willing to put a lot on the line in hopes that things will work out.

Facebook quizzes taken from Gretchen, Kaitlin, Shelley, Sara, and Amanda:

Leslie took What is the best feature of your body (girls only). Bum! An invitation from behind unlikely to be denied. With an ass like yours, you could rule the world!! (I once had a guy with a complicated lifestyle tell me that I had a nice ass. Given that said complicated lifestyle included a bunch of girlfriends and at least one boyfriend, I was very much like o_O ...)

Leslie's just got their Wiccan Name from Name Generators. It's Melodux.

Leslie has taken the What Does Your Birth Date Mean? quiz and her result was - Born on the 17th. You are not a very loud person. But at times, you lose your temper very easily. You have a creative bent in you. You like to indulge in artistic ventures. You are mature beyond your years. You try to be friends with everyone. You are born to flirt with the opposite sex. You prefer independence, and seek space in your love relationships.

Leslie took the What useless superpower should you have? quiz and got the result: Translucency! You're not quite opaque, but not transparent! If you wear dark clothes and stand in a pitch black room, people might not even see you! Blind people may not even notice you at all!

Leslie took the When will you get engaged? quiz and the result is 03!! You guys have it going good so far, but it might be up to three years before you see that ring! By this time, your relationship's probably been tested and reconnected -- that's progress! Keep at it! (Me and WHO?!)

Leslie took the What's your engagement ring cut? quiz and the result is Pear! Sure, you like a bit of simplicity, but that simplicity better be dictated by you. Some might call you high-maintenance, but what's wrong with getting what you want? The pear is calling out to you, princess.

Leslie completed the quiz "Riddles: Can you solve Em'?" with the result Outstanding. You PWNed all of my favorites! Albus PWNS ALL! Awesome!

Leslie completed the quiz "What FarmVille Farmer Are You?" with the result Old Lady With A Garden. I'm sorry. You think you're a farmer, but you're nothing more than an 'Old Lady With A Garden.'

Leslie completed the quiz "Which Horror Villain could you be?" with the result Your Match: Pumpkinhead. Now, this was unexpected. Some of your personal subtleties have paired you with Pumpkinhead. This rare little treat is the ultimate in personal vengeance, without any sissy little firebike, neither. Pumpkinhead is a demon, you see. What you gotta do, if you're willing to pay the price, is dig up his body from the pumpkin patch it's buried in, and get a witch to do some black mumbo-jumbo. Presto-chango, you got your own personal killing machine willing to take out anyone that's ticked you off. When's all said and done though, it ain't Pumpkinhead that's getting buried, since it's the one who summoned him that takes his place as the new Pumpkinhead, and gets his self buried. Circle of life. From what the test says, you're the type to go to any lengths to get yours, and to GIVE theirs.

Leslie completed the quiz "Real Zombie Survival Odds" with the result 95%. I can't say you will survive for sure, but the odds are in your favor. Good luck and know that people like you are what will keep the human species alive through the zombie wars.

Leslie completed the quiz "Which NCIS character are you?" with the result Tony DiNozzo. You are a clown. You crack jokes in serious situations. You're easily bothered and rather gullible. You are good in emergencies, and although you seem lazy, you are really a hard worker. You don't show your true feelings all of the time, but when you do, everyone listens. You like to chase after the opposite gender. You are attractive, but sometimes you're a jerk.

Poo nugget for Monday, September 28: Probiotics - Probiotics are live micro-organisms that can help populate the gut with "good" bacteria that aid digestion. They're often prescribed following a course of antibiotics, and have been reported to help conditions including irritable bowel syndrome. All the rage, probiotics are now found in dozens of food products from yogurt to chocolate bars.

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Hungarian vegetables, new roommates, stretching on beds, puddles, and sticky substances

This thing restarted while I was out! Karen, Lincoln, Vivian, Harmony, and Dallas showed up in time for dinner. When Ryan (who comes from Calgary) was introduced to me, he thought I lived there, too! Well, Jeremy may have a double bed, but that isn't the case! Jon made a joke about how Ryan had yet ANOTHER rice cooker to leave behind after his stay at Jeremy's - Ray had left his behind, after all! I was surprised to learn that Ray and Peggy might move to Vancouver from Toronto, since Ray doesn't really like the city. Later, I noted that Jeremy didn't want to scare Ryan off because the Magic Bra box was turned around to the instructional side! We spent a pleasurable fifteen minutes or so reliving the entertainment that the item has brought us in just over a year. Jeremy could officially take possession of it, but then would have to give it to Christon the next day since their birthdays are only one day apart! (and Panties on Hoops is inextricably tied into the Magic Bra story, too...)

Karen, Lincoln, Vivian, Harmony, Dallas, Jeremy, Jon, Christon, Isabel, Jen, and I discussed BATTLEFIELD EARTH (Daniel says it's the worst movie ever!), Nathan's HOLY MO-FO being taken off Youtube because the Cartoon Network thinks it was "copyright infringement," Steph getting the townhouse, the last time we made gourmet mac and cheese (there was lots of salad that night!), apple wood smoked cheddar, the Hungarian vegetable dish, lots of cream / whipped cream / butter in the macaroni / cheese and soup, liquid smoke, and the furniture / warehouse. We also talked about interviews / applications / school, books, a "ghetto dinner" night, AUDITION, torture with piano wire, THE BIG LEBOWSKI, MULHOLLAND DRIVE, Jen approving of a pale ale, French movies, teaching, the dishwasher jets, Double Bastard beer, Skype / Twitter / their net worth, how Jeremy met his new roommate Ryan (through Jon H.), and other things.

I borrowed Jon's phone to call Eric to see about the hockey thing on Thursday, but had to say Jon would call him back later since the venue is now up in the air because Nathan's dad cancelled the cable. Makes sense, since he won't be at home for four months because he's in Hong Kong or somewhere! We could all just go to Phil's, haha. (I went into Jeremy's room to do this, and half-stretched out on the bed... why not, if I won't get scolded for it later like I did last time? Stupid EX!)

Jon and I independently verified a puddle of some sort on the bathroom floor - it COULD have been pee, or it might just have been water. We weren't taking any chances, so got plastic bags to put our wet socks in! I wasn't quite sure which bus to take on the way out, but at least I had people with me. Yep, it was the Canada Line stop at Yukon - good thing Dallas saw an Alma bus right after Jon told him to just wait for the next bus, since we only had to go back half a block REALLY quickly! Oh, Sunday schedules... we talked about my not really being TOO cold since it wasn't Regina at -45°C ("that's how to live!" Jon said), there not being such a thing as TMI with the Ngs, school, my birthday party, the River Rock casino being right next to a Canada Line station, the airport buses, Kelsey's wing night, theoretical loops, UBC, Dallas' mom looking after a kid, what she might do if there's snow in Toronto, and more on the way home.

I knew the 401 and 407 stopped right outside the last Canada Line station, so I took the opportunity to check the times since they had the schedules posted up. Had an inkling that the buses didn't come as often as they might have before the buses changed their routes a few weeks ago, y'see. Checking the schedule seemed to bear this supposition out, for sure. The 407 seems to come less often than before, and certainly less often than the 401. Very odd, but that fits with my empirical observations last Wednesday! Good times, haha. (except for my inadvertently grasping a sticky rail on my way out of the 401... EW!)

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Sunday, September 27, 2009

"There are bananas and fire inside these prop rocks!"

I had my book ready this morning as a shield, so I read it in the car despite Grandma saying that I shouldn't in case I got carsick. Never been a problem for me, however. Mom gave me a bunch of stuff to be given variously to Jeremy, Christon, and Lesley - I just told her that I'd given it to everyone when she asked later. Got to church and said hi to Harmony, Grace, Martin, a newcomer, and little Nathan. Tracy was back from her honeymoon, so I said hi to her too. After service, I gave Bathroom Readers and wedding pictures to Jeremy and Christon. Jon joked that his paper bag of potatoes were Christon's birthday present, but they were really for use in tonight's Sunday dinner.

Talked to Karen, Jen, Lincoln, baby Mattias, Emily L., Christon, Jon, Eric, and other people in the fellowship hall: MOTHER, HOW I KILLED MY MOTHER, the Vancouver International Film Festival, group projects, my NHL All-Star Game hat, taking advantage of "no parents in the house" time, not going to the dinner, planning, cooking, and more. When Christon brought up a film which contained my name and "Evil," Lincoln looked at me - nope, not I, dude! Also waved to Adam, and briefly greeted Quan / Joyce / Cordia / "enjoying the sunshine" Angus. Jeremy said that he wouldn't be doing the cooking, so I could hang out after my own lunch - sweet! He also asked whether I had the UNSINKABLE Bathroom Reader, which I'd given to him as a present - yup!

Went up to Sunday School - Amos, Amanda, David, Evelyn, Conor, and a new kid named Sally were there. Amanda seemed to make friends with Sally - good! Seems the new kid has an eighteen-year-old sister. Man, that's quite the age gap! Auntie Ying affirmed that Rachel's grandma (who's not a Christian) and I were good helpers, even to my mom and grandma later. She then said that I didn't have to provide snacks for the kids, so there goes THAT excuse for buying things, hahaha. The kids were pretty good today, and Sally even talked to me in English. David wanted to take a toy home, and Conor wanted Auntie Ying's prop rocks - no can do, kiddies! Amos said that there was fire, water, and bananas inside his prop rocks, hahaha! (the story was that of Moses striking the rock to acquire water for the Israelites)

After that, I went downstairs to see what was going on. Told Jeremy that I'd be having a free lunch with my parents - always a good idea! Saw Priscilla with some popcorn, and asked where she got it - from her sister, and she asked whether I'd seen her. Nope, but she could have been upstairs! Jon and I talked by the water cooler: he says Raymond is coming to the hockey thing on Thursday, and laughed at me. I KNEW IT! (Eric is going too, so maybe he and I can meet up somewhere...) Hannah and Amanda were running around, causing my dad to stop in his tracks every once in a while, haha. Went to Mui's with my parents for lunch. I learned that my great-aunt doesn't speak English (which I figured), but Cousin Eric does - or she assumes this is so because he has a Masters Degree from Australia. Mom says she could "fork out" the bus tour money if I wanted to go along with Grandma, Great-Aunt / Yee Poh, and Cousin Eric... we'll see! Luckily, my parents had two cars at church - it was easier for me to take the bus from there than from Louis Garden!

Decided to see whether I could find a stapler at Kingsgate Mall. After looking a few times at the stationery section of Dollar Land, I finally located staplers - I bought one for Awana, and also got some 27-inch shoelaces to tie to my bus pass so to hopefully make that item more noticeable when lost. Wasted one (fifty cents) when trying to see if it fit around my neck - it did, but the bus pass was upside down. Not my desired outcome, so I just cut the lace and threw it out. Figured that all I wanted to do was to make the pass more noticeable, so used another lace for that purpose. Noticed that the Mount Pleasant library branch was back at the mall (for now?), so that was good. I remember going there YEARS ago on the way to Fellowship multiple times.

Went to Jeremy's, talked to him about various things, and actually met his new roommate Ryan - he moved in some stuff today, actually. Jon, Isabel, and Christon came later with a LOT of flour / leeks / potatoes / cheddar and other ingredients. Discussed the remastered Beatles albums, spiders and whether I was still alive (as prompted by Steph's emails), recipes, stock, potato leek soup, Google's 11th birthday already (this discovered while doing stuff to the wireless network so Ryan could use the Internet), macaroni and cheese, lye to take off carbon on a Corningware dish, pasta, thyme, chicken broth, and other things. Seems Dallas and Jen are on their way - good, since Dallas will be my company on the way home after this evening is done!

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No chicken cacciatore, no CRONOS, and I RULE! / 1980s name

During a casual glance at Yummy Web, I noticed that Jun Sushi is now pickup only. It wasn't like that last spring, so this must be a recent change! Cronos Steak / Lobster / Spaghetti / Pizza is available, though. Hmm... haven't had that ever? Or something. They don't have chicken cacciatore, boo! But I have noodles and such here, so it'll be cheaper that way. (they do have a pizza called "Kid Lover" ... um...)

I noticed that Joshua had an "I RULE!" shirt on earlier, so of course I had to ask Tim who got it for him - Maxine, haha. Nice motherly gift, heh.

Your 80s Name Is Kristen Angela

Totally radical, dude!

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