Saturday, July 05, 2008

Playing CRANIUM can be lots of fun!

Dylan picked me up yesterday at the appointed time - I love his computerized car! It has a gauge that tells you how many kilometres you have until your gas tank is empty: that is sweet! Talked about banking, cards, the church, weddings (the same church as last week?!), our plans, and sushi. I didn't realize that Bentei Sushi was near the old Honbo restaurant - that place was BAD! Jeremy came later, but we all had a good time - especially with the "green union" typo on the menu! We wanted to order a party tray, but settled for a "love set" instead, haha. Sashimi, red snapper, tempura, and more were represented - yay for good times! I told the guys how I hated fish paste, but loved fish balls - yes, I realize they're made of fish paste. :P (must be a texture thing - Dylan can articulate why he doesn't like certain foods, too!)

Told them about Pizza From Hell - maybe it's spicy stuff! We joked that we should order from them for the next church picnic; that would be very amusing! I had trouble getting some wasabi, but it was all right; just as it was okay that I didn't take the spare chair next to Kevin when we first sat down. (Dylan thought it would be easier for me, and he was right) Told Raymond that I'd started a new Scrabble game - hey, his 36-point word was very cool! We wondered where Cindy was; later, Andrea told us that she'd been to the bubble tea place, and apparently hadn't gotten any of the Evites / messages / emails we'd used to communicate. Yay for Dine Here reviews! There's another Bentei in Burnaby, apparently. Talked about how Jeremy needs to gain weight, work, metabolism, working out, how I know why workouts are important after you turn a certain age, and Raymond's football injury. (he got the doctor to splint it for him the next day!)

We were going to go for drinks later, but Andrea invited us to hang with her group at Chuck's to play board games. That sounded cool to us, so we accepted. Walked from a parking lot to the apartment building - Raymond and I talked about going downtown, Granville, Georgia, Dunsmuir, Smithe, Seymour, Pacific Centre, and more. Met Connie, Andrea, and Chuck there - Stanford came later on. (what a name!) Chuck selected music - yay for Pearl Jam, Matt Redman, Switchfoot, and more! He also chose the BLEEDING LOVE song. After some snacking on fruit and junk food, we played a new version of CRANIUM with a black-silver box. Jeremy and I were thinking the same thing: "WORLD OF WARCRAFT?! WHAT?!"

It was a fun game - Chuck looked up all the songs they didn't know on Youtube! Raymond's humming of Nirvana's COME AS YOU ARE was so off, Dylan and I couldn't figure it out! Andrea stopped the video for the Scorpions' ROCK YOU LIKE A HURRICANE halfway through since she said it was too much (glam) rock, Jeremy and I knew about Jack and Meg White's real relationship, we discussed ROCK BAND / GUITAR HERO, and we listened to Bon Jovi's YOU GIVE LOVE A BAD NAME. The performances were fun, and I was an asset in the yellow section! (word worm!) They trusted me instead of flipping over the card to see the answers, haha! While sipping our Canada Dry ginger ales, Jeremy and I remembered the conversation we had some time ago about octothorpes - that was cool! I get my vocab from reading and general knowledge, not necessarily from being a geek! We had fun being goofy and such - Andrea drove me home, so that was good too. Watched THE WORLD'S MOST SHOCKING MOMENTS CAUGHT ON TAPE this afternoon, hehe. :D

In my current game with George, the words can go into sentences: The tiny dean sealed the shine with gel and sings about hams. No solving riot and ire with a Euro. Haha, so amusing. :D

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Friday, July 04, 2008

CANADA DAY BARBECUE! / Grandma giving birth to twins?!

Bingo of the day so far:

INVERSED (80 points) - against Danny M.

Grandma, 70, gives birth to twins... WHAT THE HECK?!

A 70-year-old from Muzaffarnagar, India, became the world's oldest woman to give birth after she delivered twins Friday.

Omkari Panwar, the wife of a retired farmer, delivered the twins — a boy and girl — via Caesarean section.

Panwar, who has two adult daughters and five grandchildren, underwent in-vitro fertility treatment so she could produce a male heir.

Her husband, Charan Singh Panwar, 77, mortgaged his land, sold his buffaloes, spent his life savings, and took out a credit card loan to finance the treatment.

"At last we have a son and heir," he said. "We prayed to God, went to saints, and visited religious places to pray for an heir."

"We kept no stone unturned, and God has rewarded us. The treatment cost me a fortune, but the birth of a son makes it all worthwhile. I can die a happy man and a proud father."

Dr. Manny Alvarez,'s managing health editor, said there are numerous health risks to the women — and their babies — who decide to give birth late in life.

"This is an extremely problematic pregnancy," Alvarez said of Panwar. "The stress that is put on the heart, kidneys and liver put her life in danger. And the twin babies have the risk of not getting enough nutrients because the vascular system is so compromised on a 70-year-old womb."

I'm at the Brighouse Library now, and I just saw Suanne K., whom I used to know ages ago. (I also saw Amelia M. at the mall yesterday, with her baby son Xavier!) Talk about your blasts from the past! Certain people are being too loud for the library - UGH! I also just heard someone horking behind me - EW! Sent an email to Dylan using my old Yahoo address... I hope he got it! (Gmail was taking FOREVER to load last night at 11)

The Canada Day barbecue on Tuesday was great! Sam, Jon, and I discussed Subway's latest offering of a lobster sub - SO EXPENSIVE, OH MY! ($8.49 / $16.98, and $3 / $6 for extra meat) Joey, Citrus, Stanley, and others were trying to break into my dad's office - that proved unsuccessful, so they broke into Wai-Mui's instead. They needed something from there, heh. Stanley had a great shirt: "There's no excuse for laziness... but I'm working on one!" Danielle, Citrus, Sam, and I hit up the Superstore for ice - we found none, so we bought all nine bags at a nearby Chevron. The turnout was great after we moved the signs - Michelle advised us that they weren't visible at all. I had charge of a huge bowl of celery, and talked to a few new people from the neighborhood. (kids and parents, mostly)

Jon blasted Toby Mac from this huge speaker, some of us met Deb for the first time, we wished Phil a happy anniversary, and then we got laughs from Daniel as the unofficial speaker. ("nice translation job!") Later, Jon played some Canadian songs on guitar - no Celine Dion, but some Neil Young and Blue Rodeo was WAY better! We welcomed Vivian back from China - yay for hugs! Talked to Chalaine and Sheena about face painting, saw Andrea L. for the first time in ages, and generally had fun. Tony, Christon, Julie, Jeremy, Jon, Karen, Lincoln, Vivian, others, and I went to Little Bubble Tea House near T&T afterward - that was fun. While Jon and Tony went to a coffee shop to be antisocial for a bit (my brother's an extrovert!), I simply went home. It was nice to have a good meal - just don't go shopping after you drink wine. ;)

More Fun Quizzes at

Hahaha. I had this at L.A. Grill once!

Edit: I got a sweet deal on a pillow and pillowcase at Sears - $6.99 for a jumbo pillow, and $4.99 for two pillowcases! Take THAT, Quilts Etc.! ($10 for a pillow, and $12 for two pillowcases...) Just seen while looking for pizza places in the phone book: PIZZA FROM HELL. Hahaha, that's great! What a business name... :D

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Monday, June 30, 2008

Language learning centres and plans!

I had a weird dream where Chung Yan, Frances, and Karen I. were sitting on the front steps of the church smoking. Then a bunch of us were invited to my parents' house. Since I was irritated, I told my dad to fuck off. Then he whipped me, after which I went crying to Mom. She put Dad in the oven as punishment! Too bad I don't remember any more of that dream - or maybe it's a good thing, haha.

I'm at the library, after walking for too long in this heat! Thank goodness for air conditioning which ISN'T an icy blast! Finally found MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA, and picked up a Diana Gabaldon book which I had on hold: LORD JOHN AND THE HAND OF DEVILS. Went to use the computers, only to find out (much to my chagrin) that most of them were only available till 3 PM. So I discovered the Language Learning Centre, but that blocked sites like LJ and Facebook and my beloved bulletin boards. (Facebook was essential since I needed to send a message to someone, and finally add Ben C.)

After waiting a few minutes, I went back to the usual computer room, disdaining the express Internet stations. Lo and behold, I found a computer available till closing time - YES! Now I'm making plans for tomorrow with the ugfart via Gmail chat - Ivan and Sam are going, but we don't know when they're leaving!

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Cake photos!

Bingos of the day so far:

PABULAR (78 points), FOOTRACE (76 points) - against Josephine S.

I've seen both Chris N. and Grace Tang while out and about recently - Seaport and McNair memories to the hilt! ;)

Here's a photo that Danielle put on Facebook of us at Steph's farewell dinner. Gotta love that stick! ;)

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Sunday, June 29, 2008

If even the GEEKS can get Mariah Carey, all the guys have a chance!

Jon and I listened to The National while going to church and discussing cornbread / library books / gas prices / Nathan / those cool dragons near Fantasy Gardens - they are IMPRESSIVE! He woke up when Steph and my parents got ready to go to the airport, but I fell back asleep. It is so hot that I wonder how people survive at the jazz festival! Got to church and discussed last night with Joey and Danielle, before going into the sanctuary and discussing things with Jeremy and Raymond. (the jazz festival, Tuesday's BBQ, the freezing air con at the Roundhouse yesterday, bringing fleece, liking hip-hop, Mariah Carey, weddings, bubble tea, etc.) Chris, Christon, Winnie, Darren, and Johnny shared in service - it was a nice format change! I was going to talk to Winnie afterwards, but didn't see her - it's the SUNDAY thing, haha!

Greeted Tony in the back parking lot, said hi to Julie M., discussed the summer with Isabel (free food at Tuesday's BBQ? WE ARE SO IN!), and said hi to the kids. Keenan was about to make a treacherous (for him) jump when Maxine scooped him up - Mommy has eyes in the back of her head! Hugged Citrus hello, told Jeff about Steph's impression of intense orientation, and asked Dylan how the coffee shop had been. Jackie said she hasn't been to Pho in a LONG time, and Jonathan lamented the loss of the 7-11. Cordia thinks that the Pho and 7-11 will relocate near our new building since they'll experience a drop in business, haha. Went to Sunday School, where Eric told me that his brother was bad because he breaks everything - he's just too young to know better, kid! Got a ride home with Diven, which was pretty nice of him! (Ray gets back soon after being in Toronto for a month and a half - I thought of him when I saw Matt M. yesterday!)

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Ah, wedded bliss...

Bingos of the night so far:

RATLINES (66 points) - against Leanne F.
MONSIEUR (70 points) - against Danny M.

Man, it was such a blur! Jon and I left, and encountered a lot of traffic while talking about Mark and India. Said hi to a bunch of people (Kenny / 3 Mikes / Amanda / Emily / Chrystal...) - Joe's girlfriend is very nice, and I talked to her about meeting the family. Norman, Alan, and Eddie spent some time reminiscing about the days of their prodigious liquor capacity / Billy's wedding - it was pretty funny! Alan had a few glasses of wine, but stopped after the fifth or sixth course. (instead, he had three bowls of rice and two of noodles) Joey and Steph did a great job as wedding MCs, with off-the-cuff remarks from Steph when she couldn't resist double entendres. Eunice and Eddie kept me laughing with certain promises, hahaha... NO LADY FRIENDS! Chris, Sam, Darren, and others came by our table to challenge the guys to a basketball game - we know Jeremy is half Eddie's age and twice his size, so that gives him an unfair advantage! Alan thinks the waiters like it when you call them by name - probably at least a little! ("I'M NOT AN AUTOMATON OR A DRONE TO THE CUSTOMER - YES!")

Got pictures with Grace, Auntie Catherine, Angus and Melia - that was cool. Talked to Kingsley about his kids: I can't believe Adam's 17 now! (his brother's 13 and his sister's 10) Discussed Hon's wedding, Tracy and Alan getting married almost exactly next year, Phil and Grace / curtains / getting rowdy / kissing games (DIPS!), and more. Grace wondered when I was getting married, oh dear. In the "feel the leg" game, Melia knew which leg was Jon's - oh my! Mike, Emily, Sarah, Julie, Grace, and I talked to Anita about baby Allison - so cute! Hung out with the girls later until we all had to clear out of the restaurant. We did a credible "WE'RE AT THE ROXY! WOOHOO!" impression on our way out, haha. Nate's going to Hong Kong tomorrow, so we'll miss him!

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