Saturday, July 21, 2012

Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, curry beef, NARUTO characters

I've been watching stuff like YU-GI-OH and POKEMON, haha... Nathan liked that, to be sure! Took a nap, and found some Japanese curry beef / beef tripe / HA-GOW / shrimp rice rolls in the freezer; you bet I'm eating those! Not sure about the wonton, but perhaps next week. Also watched 48 HOURS: HARD EVIDENCE and MYTHBUSTERS.

You Scored as Kakashi

You're Kakashi!


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Lunar Subterrane, Ahriman 6666, grey / yellow, Colorado shooting, and more

Heard about the Colorado DARK KNIGHT RISES shooting... so sad! Called Jon to see when a good time would be to visit Ayler; Harmony was busy, so I'll check with them on Sunday if I see them. We discussed Katherine and possibly visiting Grandma tomorrow - I'll stay away from mealtimes, perhaps. Later, I updated Vanessa, who said that she'd wanted to see if I was up for going to Walmart again - probably not a good idea right now, since I spend too much money lately!

When I get treasure on the Lunar Subterrane, the grey items like the Rat's Tail are now yellow! That hasn't happened before to my knowledge... or maybe it's because I finally cleared out my inventory, and can see this!

After defeating an Ahriman floating eye, you get 6666 experience points!

Your party gives the Rat Tail to the tail collector at the Adamant Grotto near Mythril for Adamantite:

Later, they give the Pink Tail (a super-rare drop from the Flan Princess in the Lunar Subterrane) to him for the Adamant Armor:

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Friday, July 20, 2012

Zellers storage bins, TRACKER luggage bag, and more Amacon fuckery!

I watched a show called URBAN LEGENDS which featured the story of a couple who found out that they were really brother and sister. Maura's dad and John's mom had had a brief fling, and their children unwittingly got together, feeling that they'd known each other for years. The show said they were still together (having had at least one child), and were looking to move to Sweden - it's the only country in the world where it's legal to marry your sibling!

Went out to Oakridge (taking Dad's jacket - yesterday, I took his sandals) to see if I could get a duffle bag since things were up to 70% off on clearance at Zellers. I didn't, but I did get three red storage bins at LESS than Teunis paid for the three green ones last year - HA! The clerk thought they were separate, but I picked up the thing used to bundle them since that had snapped off: from $20.86 to $10.36! Then I decided to go to Richmond Centre again, this time to ask the Bentley's people about duffle bags. They had a REALLY HUGE one for $19.99 (London Drugs sold them for $10 more), but I didn't need that. Eventually, I settled on a less sizeable one from TRACKER ($44.99 to $24.99) which had small wheels, even though I wasn't in the market for wheels originally. I guess they'll help if I'm concerned about heaviness!

I left satisfied, and was going to go home for a brief while so I could drop off my purchases and get my oven mitts since I can't find any around the townhouse kitchen. However, my key got stuck in the front door lock! I called the manager Hester from the front door, and was surprised (but not really) when her husband tried blaming ME for it! "You used the wrong key, so you caused the sticky door!" [not true] Then Hester told me, "That's not our problem, because you're an old tenant - not a new tenant." WHAT THE FUCK?! Ugh... when I finally got someone to take my key out of the lock before the management came, I thanked her very much! Luckily, she was still there when Hester's husband came to check out the issue, as she could translate into Mandarin or whatever dialect. IT'S NOT MY FAULT, AMACON!

When I finally was able to get into my apartment, I noticed seven missed calls: one was from Vanessa, of all the people. Hmm! I organized the purchases, cleared my phone, and decided to take a shower as long as I was home. Figured I need to get more shampoo and conditioner (as well as a farewell card for Phil / Grace / Micah), so I'll take care of that on Wednesday. Waited for a while at the bus stop, and called Chrystal when I got in. I'm good with paying for my own meal this time: it's on Wednesday night at the usual time and place! (What'll I do between banking and 6:30? Hang out at the mall with too much money temptation?!) Also called Eric to advise him that I wouldn't be going hiking tomorrow since I would DIE; even if he says it's more of a walk and I won't DIE, I'm still not going. Then I said that I'd still be here on Sunday, and I'd been told by two or three separate people to go to the damn meeting. He wondered if I were in the Russia mafia once I said that my parents were there... definitely not! I joked that I was at the townhouse to steal all their stuff, hahaha. At least I don't have to go anywhere till Sunday!

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Rat Tails! / Trapdoors! / Frying Pan Yang's Wife

The Rat Tail in FFIV is a nod to the original FINAL FANTASY. ORIGINAL: "The Rat Tail is a treasure found in the Citadel of Trials. It must be given to Bahamut. Upon doing so, he will bless the characters by upgrading their job classes." FINAL FANTASY IV: "The Rat Tail can be found in the Feymarch, and if given to a collector of tails inside the Grotto Admant, the player will get Adamantite in exchange, which in turn can be given to Kokkol, the dwarven smith, to forge the sword Excalibur."

Cecil: "The door [in the Sealed Cavern] has... transformed into a [Trap Door] monster!"

Yang's wife in Fabul Castle, giving you a frying pan: "Smack that no-good [in the Underworld's Sylph Cave] on the noggin for me!"

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

SunBlaster "no electricity" / Ripping grey luggage bag!

This morning, I thought that Mom's SunBlaster for the plants had run out of electricity when it wouldn't turn on when I plugged it in. In fact, I'd managed to confuse the hot water boiler plug and the one for the SunBlaster. This is what happens when I'm not fully awake. o_O

Slightly later, I broke a glass jar of strawberry jam; I cleaned it up (staining my white socks and green pants), and found some Kleenex for Grandma in the process. I decided to bring the Pasta-Roni (FARMHOUSE isn't suited for my microwave!), salsa, chips, coffee, bagels, evaporated milk, fettucelle, peanuts, Ragu pasta sauce, and more stuff home. I'll save the Chiclets / Dentyne gum and the Lemon Heads for the kids! The grey luggage bag ripped in the process; too much heavy stuff! At home, I put everything away, and then went to see if London Drugs / Coast Mountain Sports / Sears / Bentley's had any duffel bags. Nope, but I did get some BBQ pork with rice and salad at Good-Ah! Went back home to grab my blue Adidas bag for now, and managed to fit my church stuff in the Las Vegas bag instead. Got back to the townhouse and watered the plants in the hot weather... I might give them some more later. BOTTLED WATER FOR ME!

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Be a man and spit out your realizations! / Photobucket and "short" maintenance

Photobucket has FINALLY finished their "short maintenance" - over twelve hours?! Man, I'm glad it's done... UPLOADING OF PHOTOS AND PICTURES, AHOY!

The FINAL FANTASY IV ADVANCE party goes to rescue Rosa at the Tower of Zot, Tellah dies casting Meteor for revenge against Golbez for his daughter Anna and her husband Edward, and that temporarily breaks the spell that Golbez had over Kain. Cecil and Rosa reunite, and he tells her that he missed her and that he realized something, but can't say what. Kain is also in love with Rosa, so can't really react well to that, but Cid does! "You realized what!? Be a man! Spit it out!"

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Subtle crutches / Gysahl Whistles Fat Chocobo

Palom and Porom sense danger as we infiltrate Baron Castle via the Old Waterway! Baigan of the Royal Guards is a monster! Porom: "Sir, no disrespect, but that acting of yours is about as subtle as a crutch."

Using the Gysahl Whistle to summon the Fat Chocobo anywhere that is NOT the overworld map: "Hey, don't use that here!"

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Rice milk, cosmetics bags, sadness with Grandma, ZOOLANDER

Showered and started some laundry before I even touched the computer this morning, otherwise I'd get sucked into it as per the usual. After everything was done, I decided to take all my remaining things over to the townhouse first before visiting Big G. Chilled there for a bit before deciding to finally leave. I found a bunch of Pasta-Roni, cooked chicken, Sidekicks, chips, bagels, bread, Hungry Man microwaveable meals, apple juice, coffee, rice milk, almond milk, bottled water, other things, and instructions on how to use the hot-water boiler... like I don't know how to use it?! Oh well!

Went to London Drugs in the heat and bought a new cosmetics bag to use as a wallet, some peanuts, and some Kleenex. The last two items were for Grandma, and I got to the care home by 5. At the Canada Line station on Marine Drive, I witnessed a girl swearing at transit security... and some professional guy tried bothering me while I was reading. I WASN'T HAVING THAT! Sat with Grandma while she ate, and tried making conversation; at one moment, I realized that no, she is NOT going to live forever. Katherine came by later, and we talked for a bit about church things and the Caring Committee arrangements; since she could stay with Grandma for a bit, I felt free to just leave for the townhouse.

Quizzes from Matt:

You Scored as FUCK YOU


You don't suck at all
You suck a lot

What does this have to do with "How Stupid Are You?", man?

You Scored as Mugatu

You are Maguta. You're an evil fashion designer who does not care about child labor. You were kicked out of a band, and make a necktie with a piano design.

Derek Zoolander
Maury Ballstein

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Lamia Matriarch EIGHTH floor! / Water Crystal not just any old jewel

I was looking in the wrong place for the Lamia Matriarch; it's on the floors after you fall from the basement to the eighth floor! Don't ask how that makes sense - that's FINAL FANTASY IV for you! I restarted the game since the game time of 20:52 was abysmal for that point! (the Babel Tower / Tower of Bab-il) It didn't help that SOMEONE had to buzz me - at least he got the message of "LEAVE ME ALONE!" without my having to say anything. ;)

A Mysidian black mage in the Baron dungeon: "You idiots don't know anything! The [Water] Crystal isn't just any old jewel!"

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Monday, July 16, 2012

Werther's Originals, Häagen-Dazs, pulled pork, and "kind" offers

Mom emailed me with an offer yesterday afternoon: she could pick up some of my stuff today after lunch so I can stay at the townhouse till they come back. Since they're not going till the wee hours of the morning (3:30 AM), and I don't think I want to be around them when they're stressed out, I'll decline that "kindness." Gotta keep myself sane, after all. ;)

After I did what I had to do, I decided I needed a little break from hunting down the very rare Lamia Matriarch in the Babel Tower / Tower of Babil. I went to Subway to see if they still had the limited-time BBQ pulled pork sandwich. I'd read online that it was kinda like a McRib, which I wasn't QUITE impressed with when I tried it at McDonalds last year, but I can't resist these things! Went to London Drugs to get some butterscotch Werther's Originals for Grandma to see if she'll eat those, and couldn't resist some fuzzy peach candies for her as well. Then I saw some on-sale Häagen-Dazs, so I got the new flavor: BROWNIES AND COOKIE DOUGH! When I got home, I discovered that the zipper on my wallet broke; guess I'll get a new one soon! I also saw TWO strollers just lying out in the apartment halls where anyone could take them... what the heck is with my neighbors?! (unless they're free, but even then...)

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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Evil Calcobrina dolls / "Lali-ho!" / 1991 Developer Team Office

OCDL Note: I now have 566 Blogger tags.

"I'm Luca. My dolls disappeared. Have you seen them?" Not yet, but we'll take care of the evil Calco / Brina / Calcobrena dolls soon!

"Lali-ho" is the dwarven greeting in King Giott's Dwarf Castle of the Underworld!

The Lali-Ho Pub is in between the weapon and armor shops, and you can access a hidden passage to reveal... THE 1991 DEVELOPER TEAM OFFICE! [Kazuhiko Aoki (1000 HP); Hiroyukilto (1969 HP); Tetsuya Takahashi (65,000 HP); Hiromi Nakada (60,000 HP); Katsuhisa Higuchi (2 HP); Kiyoshi Yoshii (65,000 HP)]

Cecil with a magazine in the break room of the Developer Team Office: "Now, this is what I call great literature!" (once you use it, it disappears from your inventory - I prefer to store this unique item with the Fat Chocobo!)

The description of the (PLAYBOY?) magazine: "One of Cecil's favorites." HAHAHAHA!

Cid, going out with a bang after the Red Wings catch up to the Enterprise airship:

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Dream about train stations, Marissa, Rich, Chinese Eric, and Phil

It's a good thing that white Eric didn't call me this morning because I wouldn't have been awake, although I got up at 9:45. Besides, I actually remembered a dream which I gotta write down! Thank goodness for extra time to fart around! Although I note that LJ is down right now... *sigh*

I dreamed that I was in a conference building, and that I had to see my dad. He was meeting Marissa and her crew at a nearby White Spot, and I had to get over there before Rich knew about this. Rich was actually there before I was, but wasn't mad about it. He said that he was there with some old and new co-workers / work friends, and let me know that he'd be going up north to pursue a new endeavor as a police officer. Finally, we saw Dad and Marissa's crew in the crowd of white people at the restaurant.

We joined them for dinner, and later went our separate ways. I met up with Chinese Eric at a train station, where he was busily going through some figures on paper about Telus. He helped me up a particularly nasty set of stairs, and I appreciated the friendly touch and hand-holding! Once there, we met up with Phil and talked to a bunch of people about hockey. I misheard that Parise and Suter had been traded soon after their acquisition by the Minnesota Wild, and wondered about that. Someone wrote next to my typed question: "NO!" Then I went with Phil and Eric to the Thompson train station, on the other side of the building, and talked for a while till the train came.

Triggers: Talking about the Puckhead meetup at White Spot / hockey in general with Chinese Eric, wanting Phil's ministry updates via email, seeing Rich at Eddie and Eunice's wedding, and trying to keep up with hockey news. Odd, but interesting enough!

Edit at 1123: LJ is working now, an hour later. Good!

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BLING, ABC Family Restaurant, fans, chilling, and catching up!

Chinese Eric called at about 6:40, and said he'd be here at 7, but got stuck in traffic and was here at 7:25. I just let him in when he buzzed without bothering to verify who it was, haha. AFTER THREE LONG MONTHS, WE HAVE BEEN REUNITED! Catching up, Vegas bling necklaces / postcards / maps (Nevada) / T-shirt / playing cards, wedding photos, Vegas pictures, baby Ayler photos, dinner, chilling, and more were definitely on the agenda! Discussed Facebook, TSN, Edwin Encarnacion, baseball, the Blue Jays winning 11-9 over the Indians, the BC Lions losing 23-20 to the Saskatchewan Roughriders, the Puckheads group (I added him at his own request!), Carol / Stuart, racism, and reminders. Conversed about his wanting to know ALL THE DETAILS (why not?), Marissa / Caleb / Connor, James (who showed good timing by saying hi on YM just as we were discussing him :P), fans, water / apple juice, Vegas hotels, Jon / Harmony / Ayler ("I gotta see the baby before he loses his cuteness!"), TV programs, FINAL FANTASY, COMMAND AND CONQUER, my new large extended family thanks to Harmony and all of Lisa's cousins, Lucas / Liam / Ruth / Sandy / Mike, and dinner options.

We talked about Tokyo Joe's (sushi good if there's a large group only - not for two people), Denny's, Italian Tomato (which Eliza told me about), Korean BBQ (I wasn't REALLY HUNGRY!), closing hours NOT posted on websites (?!), NOT White Spot, and other things. Finally, I had to call Italian Tomato to find out that they closed at 10. Since it would probably take forever to find Bridgeport after 9:10, Eric figured that we might as well go to ABC Family Restaurants next to Yaohan. Sounded fine to me! He had a quesadilla with a garden salad, and I had a chicken pot pie with a garden salad. Talked about grandmas, expensive electronics, iPads, iPhones, plasma TVs, Steve Nash going to the Lakers (not with the Phoenix Suns anymore - A CONTENDER INSTEAD!), T&T, prices, Price Smart, IQ Tester games, Nathan and Ciel, busyness, seeing the baby, changing opinions, a BOBBY LOU burger in Burnaby, and more.

He was fine with going to Price Smart briefly: the 30-count of bottled water was on sale for $4! Since that was what I was going to get anyway, that was even more incentive! I lugged it around the store in a wheeled cart while we checked out the magazines and Asian section. Decided to get some purple yam / taro ice cream while we were there - of COURSE it was fine if I took that on the way out since he had to help with the bottled water! He stopped in briefly to grab his stuff while putting down the bottled water in the kitchen, and I convinced him to sign the guestbook even if it would be abbreviated. YAY! I HOPE IT'S NOT THREE MONTHS BETWEEN HANGOUTS AGAIN!

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