Saturday, October 27, 2007

Please brush your teeth... inside the car?!

There is a LONG Rush song playing now: 20 minutes and 30 seconds, anyone? (beats Iron Butterfly, haha) 2112 Overture rocks, haha.

On the way to Awana, Sean just babbled nonsense except "Church! Go home! Please brush your teeth! Uh-oh! OH NO! Open up!" As Margaret said later when he plowed into her for a hug (he doesn't recognize her), you can't understand what he says because of what's going on in his head. Sometimes I wonder what IS going on in there - ah, to understand the autistic person! Looked at Andrew's essay prompts (courage in standing alone / life's surprises / learning) and discussed Egyptians and farming, 300, stupid spelling by a teacher (an extra E in "develops"), money, Awana antenna balls (why sell those to KIDS?!), and jewels with him / Jason / Amos. Anita came by with her eight-month-pregnant belly; Joey, Mike, Auntie Rebecca (who'd heard I was sick - discussed the fun workshops and the interesting recycling one which my brother would have appreciated!), Auntie Vivian, Sabrina, Chris, and I all said hi. Mike jokes that Jeff wants the baby to come out rolling with a mini gun: that would be ONE MEMORABLE birth for everyone involved! (baby rolls around because there's not enough room to kick!) I saw Michelle and wanted to tell her something, but didn't - maybe tomorrow or over MSN. Used to be that I saw her online all the time, and now I don't... weird!

Ada and her family are going to Hawaii for two weeks, so maybe I'll ask Henry for a ride next week - no Awana on Remembrance Day weekend. We took Rosanna and Samantha home: Samantha thinks the Ducks are LAME ("they didn't win a trophy!") and voiced her support of the Canucks as "I hope they win the Grey - I mean, Stanley Cup! They should win this winter season!" I told them that my sister has at least 45 hockey jerseys (explaining them as uniforms for Rosanna), and they were like "WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW! That must cost $1000, and she must be rich! You should ask her how much they cost!" Rosanna came up with ideas on how my sister should decorate her room: "What about hockey stuff on the windows, curtains, ceiling, computer, mousepad, mouse, closets, floor, and closets?!" Their dad apparently looks at cups on eBay, but doesn't buy any. Very interesting kids, haha. Also discussed brown / black / blue dragonflies, bendy eraser swords, mummy jokes, whistles, buying stuff for brothers, purple people, dyeing your face, white things, favorite colors being blue and purple, Zoe, and joking around. Man, they were all talking to me at once - lovely!

Edit: No Sunday Dinner since Jon is going to the Canucks-Wings game, but people want one... next week it is!

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Adblock Plus / Woodchipper Murder

I've installed Adblock Plus - it's going to be HANDY! I also need to SLEEP EARLIER - must remember that there's an AGM tomorrow, with a possible Sunday Dinner at Phil and Grace's to follow! (haven't received email about it as per usual, though) It doesn't help that I didn't sleep very well last night / this morning! Must sign ALL November birthday cards tonight if possible, and then hopefully get my sibs to sign them during the AGM tomorrow. (it's at least a three-year-old tradition now! :P)

So, You Have Been Butchered By Your Friends and Turned into a Corpse-shaped Chess Piece
by Cheradenine
You arethe "Fell Into a Woodchipper" Pawn. Just like in Fargo, your friends fed you to a woodchipper. A rather crappy way to go, don't you think?

Reminds me of the Helle Crafts murder case... scary! o_O

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New Text Twist high score! / Neo-Nazis / Life Predictor

Note: LJ Friends Not Being What I Think / LJ Love Life / LJ Smartness / LJ Random Yay / LJ Buddies Being All Related / LJ Silly Nonsensical Story / LJ Youtube Chainmail Spam / LJ Silly Little Story / .hack LJ / LJ Doctor Who / LJ Dave Barry / LJ Soap Opera / LJ Ouran High School Host Club / LJ La La Land / LJ Wedding That Made No Sense / LJ Friends' Mysterious Deaths / LJ Friends and Mistletoe / LJ Friends' Not-So-Secret Exploits blogquizzes. (by Mookie, Andrea, Bilbo, Kirei, and Max)

IF YOU HAVE A MYSPACE, CHANGE YOUR PASSWORDS BECAUSE OVER 70,000 PASSWORDS JUST LEAKED! Corey heard about this on Something Awful, and this is what he says: "online sites are set up to log you into whatever account you want just by clicking a link... seeing as how I'm logging into people's accounts right now and poking around (not messing anything up, just seeing if this is for real :P) I'd say it works......"

Jon called at 9 asking what was up with the white guy, so I told him what I'd figured out. I'm all better now from my sickness, and even got a new Text Twist high score before Firefox disappeared on me again: 506,840 - almost 20,000 points higher than my previous record! Reading a thread on neo-Nazis, as well - ugh, how repugnant their beliefs are! Since I know you can't read that thread, here's a summary: Member A discovered that Member B had been posting at Stormfront (a neo-Nazi hangout), and posted a hypothetical poll asking whether the baby names board should allow those people on it. It eventually came out that the situation was indeed reality, and the excuse was "I'm bipolar and get really manic!" (she's since been banned) On SA, someone would probably buy a big red custom title for her that says "I AM A STUPID F**KING RACIST" or something. :P Then it's on every post she makes unless she pays to fix it, or a mod could just give her one without paying for it.

I think I'll use the Internet Anagram Server / Anagrammer / Easy Peasy Anagrams / Adam's Anagram Solver / Word Seeker to find anagrams of all my friends' names, and post them on their Facebook walls, haha. (there was the time I did this via email - James "Jay See" thought I'd consumed MUCH caffeine!) Good thing the anagrams aren't in ALL CAPS anymore! The Canucks actually WON a game tonight, beating Washington 3-2... yay!

Your Life, Predicted:
You will get married, and will not divorce. You will have 2 children. You will live for another 60-70 years.
'The Life Predictor Quiz' at

Favorite color
Have you ever been to La La Land?
You are here becauseYou want to teach the natives the dead language WallaWallaBingBang
The natives are looking at you funny becauseThey have no idea what you're saying
You leavespeaking some language no one understands
You will come back soonTrue
Chances that this quiz was a waste of your time
This Fun Quiz created by Bilbo at BlogQuiz.Net
Weight Loss Tips at WeightLossTips.TV

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Friday, October 26, 2007

Dream of raspberry treats at a heritage house

I seem to be a magnet for weird phone calls today. I got one from Manitoba (the 204 number) and one from Maryland at 410-774-8256. Probably more scammers! Speaking of which, Corey says that one of his wants $100 for an artist to carve words into a sign, as well as a photographer to document the whole thing. Aiya, how exorbitant! I accidentally typed "ho" when I meant "hi" - UGH. I corrected myself, of course - can't have the other person thinking the wrong thing! Eric called from work, which I'm guessing means a certain intersection for ME! Hey, Jeremy (Sam's brother) added me to Facebook - COOL!

Had a weird dream which involved Karen and Ivan treating me, Jon, Jer, Amy, Uncle Daniel, Brian, Denise, Margaret, and a bunch of others out to a very nice lunch / tea at a heritage house. Brian and Denise started discussing Facebook, and the rest of us followed suit. While we were eating lots of chocolate / raspberry treats and such, we noticed a bunch of old people sitting around in the library. One of them was my grandma, so we asked what they were doing - waiting for their turn to be introduced to a happy couple. Jon got a phone call from Harmony, who told us that she'd made a connection: someone named Mr. Holland had neglected to include his mom and daughter on a list, so she knew that he would kill them! Then Amy got into a discussion of esoteric religions, and I got annoyed even when she showed us a series of little books on Josephus, Psalm 212, real New Testament books, and Old Testament scrolls. Uncle Daniel accidentally called her "Margaret" when he was trying to explain her passion to me - I wasn't buying it! I tried calling Harmony using a "1-905-XXX" number, but she wasn't answering - I told her via voicemail that it was long distance! We went outside and noticed another lineup of people in formal wear and nice clothing like kimonos - they were more important in rank than the old people, and needed to be in the house FIRST! The dream ended when Karen and Ivan were waiting for me in the underground parking lot. No idea why I had that dream!

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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Stupid malfunction and emergency! / New scents and such / Cats

Note: How my LJ fares in battle / LJ Battle Royale x2 / LJ Petting Zoo Memegens, by Casina, agri, childdoll, and la_belle_roo.

I HATE SUDDEN BATHROOM-RELATED EMERGENCIES THAT CAUSE ME TO DO MORE LAUNDRY! Let's just say I *almost* lost my replacement 2007 bus pass in the same way I lost my original 2005 bus pass, but I had the presence of mind to empty my pockets before I consigned my pants to the laundry within 20 minutes of the bodily MALFUNCTION - Talia says cold water should be more than fine, since hot water sets stains in. So I get up to the laundry room to change the water temperature (it was only on WARM for maybe 5 minutes), and I *know* I turned the water ON when I left... bingo, the machine isn't even on when I get there! Man, I hope people in here aren't in the habit of randomly turning off the washing machines / dryers if the noise disturbs them! The pants / towel / sweater / socks seemed DRY in the machine, and I did put money in - VERY ODD. I know I can be scatterbrained at times, but I'd notice the difference! Aiya. I choose to believe that I'm too stressed out even with apologies running through my head!

I spent way too long at Shoppers just looking at Axe body sprays / deodorants and such - Clix, Phoenix, Mystic Fire, Touch, Essence, Unlimited, Tsunami, Orion, Kilo, and Vice. Interesting marketing strategy - "the ladies will get closer to you, and the babes love this stuff!" Then again, I also spent some time looking at the Lady Speed Stick stuff: Cool Breeze, Powder Burst, Fresh Fusion, Satin Pear, Floral Splash, Wild Freesia, Orchard Blossom, Fruity Melon, Citrus Splash, etc. Looked at some Secret Scent Expressions body mist stuff (Proctor and Gamble have matching body sprays!) - Jasmine Orient, Cocoa Butter, Arctic Apple, Vanilla Chai, and Brazilian Cherry. Not that I bought any of those, even though I was sorely tempted.

Instead, I got one-litre bottles of sunflower and honey shampoo / conditioner: later, I got apple protein shampoo and conditioner in the same size from London Drugs. I also got London Drugs lip balm with beeswax, mega-rolls of toilet paper which I need an extender for (good thing it's free / can fit into the roll), a cool-looking shiny colorful shirt which was $5 less than I thought (so only $10), Kobe beef meatloaf from Milestones (which did me in :P), Irish Spring body wash (original AND with aloe, which I've wanted since late May: eight-hour scent system... designed for men, but women like it too!), three microwaveable meals with coupons, and a birthday card. I'm not going out with personal shopping again for some time since I should definitely watch my spending! At least I deposited a cheque into my bank account, and mailed my bus pass application while I was at it. I noticed a Purell hand sanitizer stand at London Drugs, and observed that the wine / alcoholic drink menu at Milestones is called the "wish list" - VERY CLEVER! Now I'm just talking about quail eggs (#21 at Pho!) to Corey, who thinks I should bring my sword in next time. Har har har - foes, indeed!

Edit: My clothes are stain-free, THANK GOD! Corey is now telling me how he uses Axe, since it excites the ladies. Heh, I was intrigued by the marketing strategy on that one! Also, he let me have this: Plot summary for Flesh Eating Mothers (1989) - After sleeping around with the town's population of mothers, a man spreads a cannibalistic venereal disease to each woman. The result is a horrific display of flesh eaters as they turn on their children for food. The teens must somehow inject the antidote into the rear end of their own mothers before they too become Sunday dinner.

Your Score: Lion Warning Cat

62% Affectionate, 62% Excitable, 48% Hungry

You are the good Samaritan of the lolcat world. Protecting others from danger by shouting observations and guidance in cases of imminent threat, you believe in the well-being of everyone.

To see all possible results, checka dis.

Link: The Which Lolcat Are You? Test written by GumOtaku on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test

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Janina's Halloween card, dream of driving in a restaurant, dragons

Hey, I got a cute Halloween card from Janina! (mrshannibal) So cool!

I had an odd dream last night which involved Jon, Jeremy, driving around the Bay's restaurant in a car which nobody seemed to mind, a rockin' guy on guitar, not wanting to see Victoria scenery, and babies under tables. Hmm. Had an interesting discussion with Corey last night about scambaiting and puns - good times!

This is the coolest bumper sticker ever - thanks, Teunis! That definitely made me smile! :D I actually have heard that one before - on a message board, someone had that (or something very similar) as their signature. My old friend Josh (Spocko) told that to me once, as well. Then my sister noticed that a co-worker had that as their email sig, so sent it on to me!

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Dream of Randal and toy car races

I'm reminded of the Gabby Moore murder case - gently letting people go, indeed. I wish I could find out who certain people are - we'd do something to them, for sure!

Went to sleep, and had a dream of being with Randal in some huge drugstore. There was a crowd of teenage boys around a toy race car display - you chose one car, and the display employee chose another to race around a little track. If your car won, you got to choose a random number - that represented the money you'd get for winning. (#29 was a yellow-and-red car) Someone mentioned that an old dude who was cleaning had been looking for me: that turned out to be my dad! Browsed magazines and supplies with Randal, who was very solicitous. He got a cheque for HIS winnings, while I attempted to stuff $247 in coins in my pockets. Ran into a group of parents / aunties / uncles, who wanted us to go with them to another section of the mall - we demurred. We read a story in READERS DIGEST which involved some kids getting squeezed by an octopus with many tentacles - they barely survived! I can't say why I had the dream, unless it was the discussion about Randal that I'd had earlier! I'm tempted to go out today, but I know I shouldn't unless it's to cash a cheque and mail my bus pass application. Knowing myself, I'll go out for a meal and buy various (unnecessary?) things too... AIYA! At least I paid my Internet and hydro bills online last night! Cindy also emailed me an update on our small group - cleaning nursery toys on Nov. 10, and bowling in Richmond? Hmm.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Baby Wesley looks cute!

As soon as I got to the townhouse tonight, I was greeted with "You're late!" Whatever. At least I'm there, which is pretty good for less than four hours' notice! Had curry, chicken, and preserved vegetables while catching up on the latest in non-courteous family drama. You'd think they'd CALL before dropping someone off! I was also informed that I'd be accompanying Grandma to her tooth extraction next week - wanna bet it'll take longer than an hour to get there from the townhouse? (it takes about an hour to get to Oakridge from here) Auntie Gloria has a new grandson, which means that Eunice has a nephew! Baby Wesley looks cute on the huge card that Wei and Winnie sent my parents, and the stamp has his big sister Avery on it! Very cute, although I can't help but think Avery might feel left out later on since everyone else in her family has names that start with the letter W. Grandma gave me a bunch of clothes which I might actually wear, plus three pairs of shoes and some bubble bath. Wanna bet that I'll forget NOT to wear the suede shoes in the rain? That sounds like what I'd do, sigh. She was going to give me some coffee-colored pants too, but I declined since they had no pockets. I can deal with buttons on shirts to SOME extent, and even with no pockets on pants - but I much prefer pockets and no buttons on shirts for my own reasons. ;)

Used Steph's laptop and finally replied to Andrea's email / sent one to Chinese Eric. Decided to get in on the Facebook note action by viewing the comments to Hien's latest, and putting the first 50 questions of the MASSIVE survey as a note - I don't think anyone will bite, but who knows? Picked Jon up at the airport, and talked to him about Harmony's insomnia / Alan and Liz's "different" wedding (white food, dinner right after the ceremony, a conversational "sermon" between two people) / honeymooning on Vancouver Island / our respective sicknesses (none of us went to Fellowship on Friday!) / that plane which crashed into an apartment building near Richmond Public Market. (it made CNN - wow!) Now I'm home, which is fine by me - I don't need more distractions!

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Dream of car-stealing / GUITAR HERO 3

I had a weird dream which involved this Chinese family taking an old car from right in front of the church. They lived near signs which proclaimed COLLINGWOOD and PACIFIC CENTRE EXIT, and somehow I was picked to crawl on the sidewalk to the house (which had a LOT of flowers in vases in the front) and demand answers. I got in through the side door leading to the garage / carport, and had good timing as the mother had just pulled the car in - it was a very small black-and-white car, and two kids with a doll barely fit in the backseat. The car had been made to look like a taxi, complete with sign up top. I called everyone at church to say that I'd managed to impound our car, and took the mother for questioning. Her kids were worried, but I told them that they'd get new dark blue clothes (jeans, hats, "Beatrix" on the clothes) from the nice people that I knew. That seemed to calm them down a bit, and we reassured them over an Arby's meal that we wouldn't hurt their mom. I returned the car to its previous location, dropping it right in its spot.

Back at church, Jon and Jeremy were doing cartwheels that landed them right in front of a bus stop across the street from the church. A bus pulled up right when they stopped, and the lady driver wasn't too impressed that they didn't want to board the bus. She told us to go down a few blocks if we wanted to impress people with our shenanigans. In addition, she guided us just where to go: down Nanaimo to East 20th! Yeah, we didn't think so! When she left in a huff, we hopped / skipped / jumped right back to our original location. Then I was trying to make a point to Jeremy (who was wearing a white T-shirt), and touched his arm. He immediately screamed: "DON'T TOUCH ME! THERE GOES MY BUDDHISM!" We had NO idea what he was talking about, so we all surrounded him and gave him a group hug. The dream ended when a bunch of uncles and aunties (including Andrea's mom) came out of the church and congratulated me on getting the car back since it was priceless.

I have no idea why I had that dream. Random: The Canucks have lost a few games recently, I'm going to the townhouse to eat curry and try on [Italian] shoes (Grandma's back), and I'm also talking to Corey about GUITAR HERO 3. Seems to be an interesting and more fun game with some actual storyline, battles with bosses who join you onstage to play songs, etc.

(02:04:18 PM) Corey: well, I just beat Tom Morello in a guitar battle, and then he joined me on stage to play Bulls on Parade (he's the guitar player for Rage Against the Machine :P)
(02:07:42 PM) Flami: haha, I know who that is :P Guitar Hero 3?
(02:11:58 PM) Corey: of course :D it's pretty damn awesome so far. the gameplay is just a little different, but it looks like nothing I was worried about is missing or broken.... the notes are a little smaller, and I've missed stuff because I just didn't even see it... so it'll take some getting used to, but the songs are pretty much all master tracks, and there's lots of good stuff in here.
(02:12:33 PM) Corey: it even has a story mode thing that kinda goes on in career mode... the other Guitar Hero games just gave you new venues every 5 songs... so does this, but it has little videos showing a storyline...
(02:13:30 PM) Corey: like venue 1 is somone's backyard, and then you get offered a gig at some bar, where someone notices you and hires you to shoot a video.... and the end seems to be becoming "God of Rock" :P but video shoot is as far as I've gotten so far :P
(02:14:15 PM) Corey: as far as I know, the end is a heavy metal version of The Devil Went Down to Georgia where you battle the Devil in a guitar battle :P
(02:15:29 PM) Corey: guitar battles are a 2-player mode that's new for this game, but you "fight" bosses after a certain amount of songs too... instead of getting star power, you get battle power, and when you get a battle power thingy, you use it on the other guy and it screws them up somehow.. or they use one to screw you up... gives you more notes, messes up your guitar, makes it so you can't see the notes, etc...
(02:19:29 PM) Corey: I'm playing through on Hard the first time... my arm is tired :P
(02:20:17 PM) Flami: sounds like an interesting game... story mode definitely makes it better for me, if I were to play it
(02:21:52 PM) Flami: the battle power sounds neat, haha - I can just imagine my friends using it on each other to screw everyone up :P
(02:23:46 PM) Corey: that's the point :P
(02:24:06 PM) Flami: oh, I know... they'd be really evil with it, haha
(02:24:12 PM) Corey: if you have one of the other versions on the newer systems you can go online and play random people in battle modes and stuff
(02:24:22 PM) Corey: the PS2 version doesn't have online stuff..
(02:25:41 PM) Corey: this torrent got up to over 2000 people though, and surely more are downloading it today, so there's apparently still some demand for PS2 games :P this is just on one torrent site, which is private and doesn't even allow new members right now and won't for the forseeable future, so it's not even a lot of people and it still set a record for people on a torrent there :P
(02:26:07 PM) Corey: last one was apparently over 1000 people getting God of War 2 (also on PS2)... Guitar Hero 3 hit over 2000 :P
(02:27:49 PM) Corey: so this isn't the best version, but at least I can play it :P I thought I'd have to buy a new game system to play the newer Guitar Hero games... not much besides Guitar Hero interests me a whole lot on the new systems, really... I'm sure I'll have one eventually, but I don't really want one terribly badly :P I haven't even had my PS2 for a year yet :P
(02:33:48 PM) Flami: well, at least you can play something that interests you
(02:38:42 PM) Corey: this game also has the Kramer Focus Fatboy VT211S as an unlockable guitar.... which happens to be the first guitar I bought :P didn't expect to see THAT one in here :P makes sense though I guess, since it's just a direct copy of a Fender Stratocaster, and this game is sponsored by Gibson, so a Fender guitar in the game would be out for sure :P
(02:38:52 PM) Corey: Fender stuff is in Rock Band, which comes out next month :P
(02:39:28 PM) Flami: haha, wow... that definitely would be out
(02:39:40 PM) Flami: let me guess.. you're going to play Rock Band too
(02:42:03 PM) Corey: well, if I can :P I don't think the PS2 version comes out right away
(02:42:12 PM) Corey: the songs in GHIII look better so far
(02:43:01 PM) Corey: but Rock Band is made by the people that made the first two (three if you count 80's edition) Guitar Hero games, and also includes drums, bass, and vocals... it costs like $200 which sucks.. but that's because it comes with a guitar, a mic, and drums :P
(02:43:28 PM) Corey: so it's basically another Guitar Hero, plus extra instruments
(02:44:20 PM) Corey: now I get to play Anarchy in the U.K. :P re-recorded specifically for GHIII by the Sex Pistols.... I was thinking this big secret would be a Led Zeppelin song, but this is cool too :P
(02:44:37 PM) Corey: they said they had a huge band reform just to do something for Guitar Hero III
(02:45:29 PM) Corey: Zeppelin is sort of back together, so I thought it might be them :P haven't seen all the songs yet, and haven't read it online, so they still may be in here, but I doubt it... it's one of the most requested bands, so they surely tried at least
(02:45:57 PM) Flami: I know Led Zep are reforming - with Jason Bonham - but that's for just one show, or so I heard
(02:46:27 PM) Flami: unless I'm mixing my big shows up, it's something to do with Ahmet Ertegun's widow and a benefit for her?
(02:49:30 PM) Corey: no idea what it's for :P
(02:50:33 PM) Corey: hopefully it turns into more than one show.... only about .001% of the people that want to pay them lots of money to see them live are going to get to :P they'd make people happy and make tons of money at the same time by doing a tour
(02:51:37 PM) Corey: I haven't gotten to it yet, but Living Colour re-recorded Cult of Personality for this game too... they couldn't find the master track for the song, so they just rerecorded it themselves and sent that in :P didn't charge the game company for it or anything
(02:52:32 PM) Corey: on the first two games, they had trouble getting bands for the games... now they have more trouble keeping bands away from the games :P even the Rolling Stones insisted they use a master track of Paint It Black in this (rather than record a cover version, like most of the first two games did)
(02:56:48 PM) Flami: yeah... the lottery system sucks from that perspective
(02:57:09 PM) Flami: hey, that's really cool of In Living Colour... and way to go for the Stones
(03:04:44 PM) Flami: whoa... my Firefox has been upgraded!
(03:19:16 PM) Corey: wow!
(03:20:50 PM) Flami: yeah... I wasted another Text Twist game, but it's okay.. at least my entry draft is still there :P
(03:24:43 PM) Corey: well I just 5-starred Rock You Like a Hurricane :P
(03:25:11 PM) Flami: on hard mode? wow
(03:25:34 PM) Corey: now it's an Aerosmith song :P
(03:25:48 PM) Flami: which one?
(03:29:49 PM) Corey: Same Old Song and Dance, which I only 3-starred, because it has all these screwy parts that don't go the same way my hand is capable of going :P at least not when I don't know that stuff is coming... I'll retry it later :P I've been getting 5 stars on a lot of stuff, but definitely not everything
(03:30:23 PM) Corey: I can 5-star everything but the hardest songs on the other Guitar Hero games on Hard... not so many on Expert, but some :P
(03:35:32 PM) Corey: here comes Slash! :P from what I've seen on videos, this guitar battle is nothing but solos, which I suck at... so this may not go well :P
(03:40:17 PM) Corey: yay, I won! but it was a lot harder than Tom Morello :P battle mode is kinda dumb.. it doesn't matter that you can't even play it well as long as you can hit the little parts that let you attack Slash (or whoever) as soon as they start a part so they fuck up a bunch and lose
(03:40:50 PM) Corey: oh well, you don't miss out on songs or anything... after you beat a boss, you still play a song with them... so it's time for Welcome to the Jungle! :D
(03:41:44 PM) Flami: haha, that sounds really sweet, haha
(03:45:46 PM) Corey: 5 stars :P
(03:46:36 PM) Corey: solos are a lot easier in this one, which makes some of these songs way more fun :P still screw up on plenty of spots, but in general it seems to be more fun to play most things in this one, aside from all the new and awesome songs
(03:49:05 PM) Flami: the fun factor is always a huge one in games

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Monday, October 22, 2007

Dream of grassy meridians

Apparently, today is CAPS LOCK DAY. Oh dear. BC's worst single-day mass murder happened in Surrey?! Man, I gotta look into this local news... while playing Text Twist (Internet Anagram Server might help if your vocab is deficient :P) and maybe looking into WINE. My bus pass application also arrived today, which is pretty good compared to LAST year's horrorshow. Let's hope I don't lose THIS one! I also think my lingering cough sounds better today than it has in the past - as long as I'm not uncontrollably coughing every few minutes, then it's good. Hmm, I'm finding a couple of INTERESTING things on Google... yikes, haha.

Steph said that Harmony's mom seemed to be pretty hip with her spelling of "you" in some forwarded email that Mom sent us - well, Mom once used "u" in an email she sent me as well. Still cringe-inducing, but as long as they don't descend into AOL script kiddie lingo, I suppose all is well. (if these women who are almost 60 years old type in leet speak or even the modified Netspeak I see from Andrew or Michelle, I think I'm going to have to DIE!) On another note, I think I need time with Chinese Eric - we'll see what happens, haha. Now I'm talking to Dan about things! Had an interesting dream once I finally got to sleep: kids, six inches between grassy meridians, crafts, a white woman named Barbara in a wheelchair, my parents in a car, a guy whom people didn't want me to be with, a kid with gynecomastia, George, Dorothy look-a-like, etc. So weird. Not sure what it's trying to tell me - too many flowers and symbols.

Last night, I was trying to convince Corey that chicken feet was good food. He didn't think so, and same goes for a bunch of the other food that I describe eating: intestines, uteri, pig's feet / knuckles, lion's head (although I don't think I've actually had that), etc. Jane herself doesn't eat them, but some people in Taiwan do. After a long conversation, I got into lexicon history / Text Twist / words - always interesting!

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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Games and walkthroughs, Chip's Challenge, and more!

I was lying in bed thinking about things this morning since I didn't go to church (too cough-y :P), and thought that my suspicions about certain things may be wrong.

In other news, I found a site with a lot of games and walkthroughs - this might cure my boredom on this computer with no real games, haha. I also found a new site for Pikopiko Hammer, and a walkthrough and level maps for Chip's Challenge.

Dylan sent us an Evite for an AGM and Pizza Night a couple weeks from now, which reminds me that the church has an AGM next week. Should be interesting times, for sure! Steph also posted something on my wall, which said that SHE has the birthday cards! HA, I KNEW IT! Karen's added me on there, too - super! :D

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Tha funk will never die! We want the funk! Give up the funk!

Subject line inspired by what Corey told me when I let him know of an error message on Linux and Terminal. I hate not being able to trust certain people. Yay for amusement in the form of Sam and Mike, though!

Corey and I discussed some Japanese guy on Youtube who calls himself Razor Ramon Hard Gay. He's basically just a big goofy guy that goes around Japan being loud. :P He's pretty funny since 99% of the people don't know how to deal with someone like that. :P He's not even gay, he just says he is and thrusts his crotch at stuff to make people more confused. Do a Youtube search for "Hard Gay subtitles" (it's Japanese) - okay, will do! This is a British comedian in a wheelchair using his disabilities to collect money for various uncool things to see if people even pay any attention to what they're donating to. :P That link is him with a sign that says "Kill The Puppies!", along with him saying that to the people that pass by, and telling them not to donate when they try to... people still give money. :P Apparently he did find a sign that was so bad nobody would donate, but he hasn't put a video up of that yet.

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