Saturday, July 16, 2005

Three random facts about myself

List three random facts about yourself that your friends might not know. (good or bad)

1. I once played the clarinet in junior and senior high schools.
2. I like reading many books at a time. (this Internet thing is a time-sucker, though! :P)
3. I once hit someone over the head with a field hockey stick.

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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was totally entertaining and SO worth the $7.50 we paid! Any of you with young kids (or not) should go see it! They gave us first-night surveys to fill out, and our group reserved a whole row of theatre seats! There are clever jokes through the movie that will go over the kids' heads, but the adults will get them with no problem! (I talked to Kevin, Citrus, Dawn, Erin, Danielle, Eric M., Nathan, Sheena, Chalaine, Joe, Phil, Michelle, Tracy, and others... Eunice had a migraine and couldn't make it, and Eric H. had to help his parents out with stuff)

We ate at the Kisha Poppo in Ironwood later, and Erin thought she'd lost her phone... turns out it was in the backseat of her car. (at least it's not like the time where her mom left the digicam in the fridge because she was trying to do too many things at once! *thud* ) Nathan's cake was a black forest ice cream cake with a Star Wars theme... it even had a talking Darth Vader thing on top. (he got books, phone cards, gift certificates, a Darth Tater Mr. Potato Head, and much more!)

The restaurant was empty except for one or two other tables by the time we got around to eating the cake. (we were SO FULL from the sushi!) So when we sang Happy Birthday in English and Chinese, the attention of the whole place was on the 40 or so crazy people, haha. I heard about the party Denise threw yesterday for Tracy's going away, and how Alan wanted it earlier since he wanted to spend some alone time with her. (nice one, dude...) I met Vanessa's boyfriend Patrick, who wanted to know why Steph and Vanessa were slapping each other's butts... Jon's the king of the chest slaps, and our family's just nuts! :D

It was a very good time out, for sure! Now I'm discussing Johnny Depp's wacky character portrayal with Eric H., as well as late-night bubble tea hangouts since he wants to hang out with my brother sometime.

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Friday, July 15, 2005

Blogging personality, rock star frontman soulmate, and more memes!

Taking a break from TRYING to establish a good Tri-Peaks base.... man, it's annoying! :P

I should probably sleep soon, too...

Note: Your Ideal Husband Kwiz Biz, by Miss Brit.

Your Blogging Type is Entertaining and Happy
You are a fun, giving blogger who makes others feel good.
You often post things that make your friends smile.
At the same time, you expect the same blogging spirit from others.
And when it's not returned, you tend to feel a bit hurt.

Which Rock Star Frontman is Your Soulmate? by chaosbubble
Favourite Food
Favourite Colour
Your SoulmateChester Bennington - Linkin Park
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What kind of insomniac are you?
by Raidne
What is your username?
Hours of sleep you have received in the past week11
You are beginning to seebunnies!
You feelconfused
You havedrank every soda in your home
You are ahomicidal insomniac
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What is a good name for you?
by kurotsubasa
Your name:
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Your new name:Cian
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Your Punk Band by jillbillisi
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You Sound Like:the sweet tunes of Alkaline Trio with AFI lyrics
Your Role:Bassist
Popularity:You have your own show on MTV
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You're fire! In general, you're not a mean person... but you can be very quick-tempered... and boy, WHAT A TEMPER YOU CAN HAVE. You are angered very easily, and you sometimes have anti-social habits.

What element are you?

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What Hallmark Holiday are you?

You're Mars! Mars is the fourth planet from the sun and named after the Roman god of war, most likely due to its red color. Scientists believe that, other than Earth, it is the planet most capable of supporting life. Men are also speculated to have come from Mars O.O as are aliens. Mars has two moons - Phobos and Deimos.

What Planet are you?

You are Lamentations
You are Lamentations.

Which book of the Bible are you?
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you are either very stupid or very very crazy...

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What is your connection with darkness? (pics)
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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Card game learning curve, Heathen's World, STAR WARS Starfighter

Pysol Solitaire might mean I'd never be bored with many shiny new games, but my personal learning curve for card games is higher than it should be. Ask my sister: it took me long enough to learn how to properly play Big Two, and I'm STILL not sure if I'm doing things right! (so Tri-Peaks is fine for me, as I can zone out while playing it :P) Yeah, I don't know that I'll learn them properly, haha.

Heathen World is a very interesting site with origins of band names, prisoner interviews, an urban art gallery, a swastika gallery, Elvis, the Heaven's Gate cult, Jim Morrison, happy pervert personal ads, GG Allin's funeral, and more! Something for the weird person in all of us. ;)

This just in: Because of my MSN name ("I like being a control freak... deal with it!"), Eric M. doesn't think I'm a control freak. Sometimes I can be, but not usually. Mwahahahaha!

Note: Drunken LJ Sleepover / LJ Battle / Dirty Thoughts of LJ Friends / LJ Nuclear Fallout / Excellent LJ Evil Minions / Toss My LJ Salad / LJ Trip to ER / LJ Wiccan Ritual / LJ Camping Trip / LJ Porn Movie blogquizzes. (by Valerie, Charlotte, and Jennifer)

Note: Erotic LJ Dream Memegen by Cozzette.

I'm an E-Wing!

Fast, powerful and sturdy, you're the Alliance's newest and sleekest ship, the E-Wing fighter.

What Star Wars starfighter are you?

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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Hockey back / "Nathan Day" / graphic avatar / Tri-Peaks / Public make-out sessions / Japanese Engrish / Personality Rating / How observant I am

Hockey will be back, but it's not going to be as good as before. Mixed emotions here.

According to my brother, we're indeed going to have "Nathan Day" on Friday to celebrate Nathan's birthday. A bunch of us will see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, then go to a Japanese restaurant for dinner afterwards. Apparently, the exterminators are coming in to the townhouse again that day to get rid of insects with wings. (no, not more carpenter ants :P) At least I won't be there till maybe 6, haha.

Erik just told me about THIS GRAPHIC AVATAR, since he thinks I'd get a kick out of it. (and I do, haha.. it's twisted!) It's more graphic than the ones in my Rejected photo album. You have been warned.

Oh, and I also found a copy of Tri-Peaks at the Rhogue, thanks to Teffdogg. (Look down at the bottom, where it says "Click below to download TriPeaks.") Now I can complain about my averages and crappy hands like I did LAST summer! Yay! :P

Also, I can't believe people are organizing public make-out sessions in this city! Won't somebody please think of the children? Man, am I glad I'm not going to be around either of those two areas on those dates! Disgusting people! Keep it privately to yourselves! Bleck! :P

As an addendum to the post about Engrish Star Wars III mistranslation, my friend Courtney sent me this batch of Japan Tobacco "Smoking Manners" advertisements. Hahahaha! :D

Note: Better to be drunk than dead LJ style / LJ manga life Memegens. (by Melisinn and Ravey)

What does your personality rate from 1-10? by morning_prayer
Your first full name
Your personality rates a10
your best quality isyou're nice to everyone
your worst quality isyou deserve better
this is becauselife's a bitch
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Overall, Your Observation Skills Get: C+
You tend to notice the big things in life...
But the details aren't exactly your forte.

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An interesting online quiz...

This deserves its own entry. I found the results for this one rather intriguing, so check it out!

Online quiz about crushes


Star Wars III dodgy mistranslation / Acno's Energizer / Quizzes

Star Wars III translated from Chinese

I love the cheesy mistranslations, haha!

Acno's Energizer

I can't get past Level 8 yet, but we'll see what happens with Erik's help. ;)

Lots of other games on that site, too. :D

Level 8 spoilers: First, you have to knock the 3 barrels of biohazard onto the brick walls that are covering up the key. They have to go in a specific sequence: the bottom one goes on last. To get the bottom one out, clear a space to the left, then go up above the rocks so as not to disturb them, and knock the barrel onto the wall.

When you've exploded the brick wall, get the key, then make a mad dash for the rock that's already down there and move it over to where the key was. Then you can stack the other 3 rocks on top of it, clear out the square of grass over the portal, and carefully get inside where the 2 flashy red & white orbs are, then make a mad dash to get them into the portal as quickly as possible.

Take the quiz:
-What Band are you!?

You are The Beastie Boys!
Ch-Check it out! You are an energetic, fun-loving bastard who loves life. Everyone loves to be around you, and you make them laugh. Keep it up, my friend!!

Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

All of the possible quiz results for this quiz:

* You are Good Charlotte! (You scored 1)
* You are New Found Glory! (You scored 1)
* You are The Beastie Boys! (You scored 2)
* You are Slipknot! (You scored 2)
* You are Metallica! (You scored 1)
* You are Yellowcard! (You scored 1)
* You are N'Sync! (yay?) (You scored 1)

Take the quiz:
Which doomsday cult do you belong in?

Aum Shinri Kyo
You belong in the Aum Shinri Kyo --- or the absolute truth. You failed miserably at most of your mass murder attempts, and the final results were 12 dead, and 5000 wounded.

Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

All of the possible quiz results for this quiz:

* Aum Shinri Kyo (You scored 3)
* Manson Family (You scored 1)
* Branch Davidians (You scored 2)
* Heavens Gate (You scored 0)
* The People's Temple (Jim Jones) (You scored 1)
* Solar Temple (You scored 0)

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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Samurai Sushi and L&G bubble tea

Thank goodness my dentist appointment went all right. For some reason, I always have this irrational fear that the dentist will find something that needs a major operation. =/

Since I was around the area anyhow, I got some Samurai Sushi and a white grape bubble tea from L&G. (I contemplated the Yuen-Yuen Café, but it looked too busy... like the sushi place wasn't!) Both items are currently sitting in my fridge, ready for dinner.

I also bought the #13 Bathroom Reader for Nathan, plus some stickers. Thought I didn't have enough money for it, but then I remembered the $25 Chapters gift card that Mrs. Tee gave me at Christmas 2003. Even though she won't read this: THANKS, MRS. TEE! I thank her, and I'm sure the Nathan who is not her son will thank her too. ;)

I met Michael's mom at the bus stop, too. She's a very nice lady. :)

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Trust, editing, and Tri-Peaks

I don't know that I could trust anyone on my friends list to edit my tags for spelling and length ONLY. They'd probably end up deleting at least 75% of the existing tags, and add in a squillion joke tags. Blah! :P

Oh, and I should get Tri-Peaks from Dave again... I've played a LOT of Spider Solitaire lately, and I need a change. It was on my old computer, and it wasn't worth saving when Vernon asked about stuff I might want to keep off the old 486 hard drive. :P

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Monday, July 11, 2005

7-11, Wilson, mosquito bites, spam, email newsletters, pop-ups

It's 7-11 today... apparently, that means free Slurpees at 7-11 today. I might get one, even if it is kinda cloudy out. My brother used to get them when it was freezing outside, but eventually we all got used to that! Might get my shopping done today, then... I'll get AfterBite as well, as it turns out I had at least one mosquito bite during Conference weekend. (Nathan-inspired, indeed!) That reminds me of a discussion that Karen, Jen, and I had on Saturday night about the worst places to get mosquito bites: between the breasts, in your buttcrack, on the insides of your legs, on your butt... Karen's mom said you could get them on top of your head too. o_O

Apparently, my cousin Wilson is coming to town for a week starting tomorrow. I kinda heard about this recently, but didn't know it was so soon. If I spend any time with him, it'll be cool. :D

I haven't been getting my dose of Heroic Stories, News of the Weird, or This Is True lately. So I had to resubscribe to the first two services. (I can't resubscribe to the third, unfortunately... but I'll link to the current Weird column) Not sure where the lapse lies, but I'd better get it soon!

Why are popups invading my Mozilla experience now?! Blah!

Two things from my Trivia Today newsletter:

* In 1978 the first spam e-mail was dispatched to about 400 people on the Arpanet (Arpanet was designed for the Department of Defense and was a precursor to the current internet). It was a plug from a marketing representative at Digital Equipment Corporation for the new Decsystem-20 computer.

* SPIM? Better not send unsolicited instant messages. A young man became the first person arrested for spim (unsolicited instant messages) on February 21, 2005.

(I wonder why the last tidbit makes me think of a certain person, hahaha... wink!)

Note: LJ High School / LJ Procrastination blogquizzes. (by Chloe)

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A new sleep record / What I Am

I just slept for 14 hours, which is a new record for me. Yup, Summer Conference really tires you out... going to bed at a normal hour, but then having to get up in six hours or so instead of whenever you naturally would. Yeah, I know I'm lazy... but at least I'm caught up on my sleep! (I better not sleep in this late tomorrow, since I have a dentist appointment at 2) I was seriously spacing out at 11:45 last night, so knew when to go to bed. Now, to eat some food...

Take the quiz:
What are you?

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* Naughty Wild Child (You scored 0)
* Rocker (You scored 1)
* Innocent Good Girl (You scored 0)

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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Chris Sykes is REALLY something else...

This is something he wrote in a recent journal entry of his:

I expect my friends to talk to me every day because I believe communication is critical to a friendship and seeing who does that and who doesn't is my way of seeing how dedicated and loyal my friends are.

Uh... that might be smothering to some people, dude. Communication is important, but I know I might be overdoing it if I talked to all my friends EVERY SINGLE DAY. You have to have new experiences to talk about, and you can't necessarily do that if you talk every day. (of course, I haven't talked to him since June 5, hahaha!) Charlotte told me that he had the nerve to call her "boring" because life hadn't changed much in the 20 or so hours since he last called her. Besides, I get annoyed with the people I like the most if I spend way too much time with them. So space in a relationship is a good thing! :P

He's just naive, perverted, and kinda stalker-ish. o_O

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It's Dylan's turn to get the hose...

Back from Summer Conference. Citrus, Steph, Vania, and Paul stayed up all night laughing and playing Bum (a card game). Ivan slept on one of the couches, while Danielle went to bed at about the same time I did. (2:30?) Vivian went to bed at 4:30, while Jon got a three-hour nap in from 5 to 8, heh.

Steph was listing the immortal quotes from the Bum tournament: "Vivian makes such a spectacle out of being the Bum over and over again!" / "You go, girl!" (directed at PAUL, corrected with "That just slipped out.. you da man!") / "I hope you all get fungus!" (Vania, disappointed at being the Bum yet again) / "Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!" (Vivian's response when asked why she took so long to shuffle)

Citrus dozed off during the service, and then got mad when Danielle elbowed him when everyone was standing up. No, he didn't know why he was standing up (dedication of life), but she knew that he wouldn't want to be left out. His side of it: "She elbowed me right when you were standing up! It was far from being REM sleep, but she elbowed me at that exact moment!" A bunch of us did doze off at various times, though. That reminded Steph of how Billy had dozed off at a Fellowship camp: Pastor Glen was speaking; suddenly, she and Jessica could hear faint snoring. She had to tell Jessica that he was their new counsellor (eep), and concluded that he (and Eddie, his brother) must have some form of narcolepsy. (I was also at a service once where Billy was snoring... you can cover it up if people assume you're praying, but not if you're snoring! *laugh* )

At lunch, Steph was making fun of Chris' ditziness: he'd asked where the washrooms were, as he walked right past them! Derek and Citrus told us the most hilarious stories about Dylan, who's normally a serious sort of person. Derek mentioned that he'd seen Dylan half-dressed with his arms folded across his chest; someone's mom walked by, and gave him a LOOK, haha. Earlier, Dylan went to take a shower sometime: the next thing Derek knew, Dylan was at the dorm room door: "Uh, Derek... I hope you don't mind, but I kinda used your towel by accident. If it makes you feel any better, you can use mine!" Uh... how about NO? *blink*

Citrus then told us how Dylan had walked into the washroom while he was taking a shower, and asked if he was in there. When he said yes, Dylan walked up to the curtain... Citrus thought he might open it, and forestalled it by saying that he could just talk through the curtain. That reminded Erin of something that might go into the collection of "embarrassing Erin stories": she was sharing an apartment with a roommate, and was taking a shower once. For whatever reason, they left the bathroom door unlocked while they took showers. So her roommate walked in and said that she had to get ready for school... the roommate begins brushing her teeth and doing stuff, all the while talking to Erin as she's taking this shower. Erin thought it was very weird! (I told Danielle that Steph or I would tell her the Erin stories later, as most involved sanitary napkins / blood..)

Erin told us that Dylan had picked up her room key from somewhere during the service. Since he thought it was his lost key, he gave it back to Katherine, who was one of the people in charge of planning the conference. Like we said, he thinks any random room key lying around is his to take and give back! (then again, someone stole Cordia's toast yesterday at breakfast... she looked away for two seconds to take care of something, and it was gone!)

Citrus then told us that this morning, he'd been getting ready to leave when Dylan showed up at his door only half-dressed. "Hey, Citrus... *pause for two minutes while scratching his chin* Can I borrow a T-shirt? Do you have a razor?" Why pause for two minutes while standing there with no shirt on? Citrus hadn't brought his shaving stuff with him anyhow, but thought it was funny. Danielle said she shouldn't be laughing so hard, as she was wearing some of his sister Cordia's clothing (and had borrowed bedding from their parents)... but it was so funny! :D

Citrus then said that at least he had balls, which prompted Danielle to ask whether he was sure! He jokingly labelled her "immature," but someone had to do it! She was the most appropriate person to do so, since she's his girlfriend, haha. If my sister was there, she'd be really blunt and say it no matter what! At least we're kid-friendly, unlike my dad: he told Julie that she was holding up the line yesterday! Steph got stuck behind a little kid, but didn't say anything. Kids are really slow, but don't want their parents doing stuff for them either.. can't do much about it!

After lunch, we were free to go. Much fun was had with the megaphone, and Steph bugged Rich about our common last name. We said goodbye to a bunch of the little kids, and most of us went home to crash. (Danielle has marking and other work to do tonight, and has to pick up her brother from the airport later: Jody went to Calgary for the weekend for Stampede. They're planning to surprise their mom for her birthday in November, but think their dad may have let slip some things already... oops!)

Don't know what I'm doing on Friday: it's Nathan Day, or small-group outing. Steph suggested going to Shanghai Wind and ordering 25 steamers of little dragon buns... the waitress was very surprised when she ordered 10 to start with last time! They insisted on keeping them for the photo opportunity, haha. Danielle and I commiserated on missing out, and about Steph messaging us about it right away when we got home from doing various things. So we'll see, haha. It'll be good times... I hope I remember birthday things for Eric T., Connie, Jenny, and Nathan this weekend! I might buy the "Trust in God, But Tie Your Camel" Bathroom Reader for Nathan as well, even though I already bought him one... he likes camels, so I'll be set if I can find a #13 All-Purpose edition at the mall bookstore. On Tuesday, I have a dentist appointment, so I might go to the bank then and figure things out... I have a cheque to cash, also.

Your Career Type: Artistic

You are expressive, original, and independent.
Your talents lie in your artistic abilities: creative writing, drama, crafts, music, or art.

You would make an excellent:

Actor - Art Teacher - Book Editor
Clothes Designer - Comedian - Composer
Dancer - DJ - Graphic Designer
Illustrator - Musician - Sculptor

The worst career options for you are conventional careers, like bank teller or secretary.

Much thanks to Vivian for the corrections. :D

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