Saturday, March 17, 2012

OCDL albums, annoying intrusions, 4-3 WIN

Scarlett P. wanted to add me to Facebook, probably from the Puckheads group - okay, fine! Spent some time catching up with my OCDL album, too. Watched POLICEWOMEN OF BROWARD COUNTY, DUI, and DATELINE: REAL LIFE MYSTERIES today as I was annoyed by way too many phone calls. THIS IS WHY I TURN MY OWN PHONE OFF! There was also an annoying person coming to the door - NO THANKS! Can't wait to get back home, where I ignore everything! However, I did get a call from Auntie Eva: I had to be polite through my impatience as I said that I *did* know the plan for tomorrow, which is waiting around the foyer or elevator with Grandma and Uncle Percy after Sunday School. I'll tell Eric in the morning, heh. Called Steph briefly to tell her about it, too... the excuse of tidying up and watering the plants totally works where PRIVATE TIME would not! Thank goodness the Canucks won 4-3 against the Blue Jackets... it was an intense game; Eric and Alistair are truly lucky!

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Progress means GROUNDHOG DAY / He's my biological brother, man!


Eric said that I had to make a decision on leaving to see GROUNDHOG DAY at 6:50 - I HATE PEOPLE! At least I was on page 63 of 75, and not 12 of 62 as I was last week; his early worship practices drive me INSANE! On the way over, he tried convincing me that I did like people and that I was buying into bad things... NO! He also said that there were people in the weekly tradition - I KNOW, BUT IT'S NOT REAL LIFE! We also discussed laptop noise (he came over for a while to look into it later), annoying people, empathy for people (not for those who insult me without asking for forgiveness), James (who left a link to Monster Magnet's SPACE LORD for me to look at later), gas prices being as high as 140 lately, traffic, swearing, soap, him and Alistair going to the game tomorrow, buying popcorn / on-sale (pineapple) juice / butter / on-sale pop at Safeway later, Chinese Eric, good news, why he was trying to get me out of the house (I LIKE BEING ALONE, OKAY?!), and more. He also fielded a call from Christon wanting to know about the media player - WAIT TILL WE GET THERE SINCE WE'RE RUNNING LATE! (NOT MY FAULT!)

When Eric and I got to church, people had already set up chips / beef jerky (not Chinese-style) / grapes / dried fruit / drinks already. Randal, Pastor Bob, Raymond, and I talked about KONY 2012, the guy who was caught naked and masturbating, reading banned books (Randal's heard of THREE WILD SWANS?!), C.S. Lewis books (no escapism for Randal!), using the shell cracker implement for crab nowadays instead of cracking the hard shell with our teeth like we did when we were kids, the different types of beef jerky, and more. Talked to Kevin and Christon for a bit, too. Jon came in a bit later, and we were both surprised to see each other - I told him about the envelope that came in for him here, but I have no idea who it's from since I didn't even look!

Also reminded him about Hog Shack on Monday and my money situation; he'd forgotten that Big G would be there, haha! Later, he figured that she might like it anyway since she'd seemed to be fine with it last time - hopefully, she'll treat us since she was in a good mood on Wednesday! Also told him that my White Spot apple pie WAS in my plans, although I'm sure he thought I was copying them! (Harmony was at home sleeping - neither of us blamed her!) The movie was like I remembered - "I AM A GOD! I've been burned, stabbed, electrocuted, and died many times over! LET'S HAVE FUN AND BREAK THE LAW! Okay, I'm tired of this shit!" Thanks to good timing on my body's end, I skipped out on most religious discussion. Said hi to Chris and Sabrina, who were there for the Awana sleepover.

Later, Eric and I went into the kitchen, where Randal was telling Pastor Bob that the movie's art imitated his life. (piano lessons) I'd surprised Pastor Bob earlier by saying that yes, Jon IS my biological brother like we told Randal years ago! (Jon had been planning the Jazz Festival with Jeremy, but noted that he'd have a kid by then - I told Pastor Bob that we had a "family thing" in June, but Jon had to decline because his kid would be two weeks old by then) We gave Jon a ride home after discussing the movie's timeline NORMALLY / joking about Beefy Beef, during which he and Eric discussed Alistair / Harmony napping a lot - being up all night (not good for her) / local pizza places. Then Eric and I discussed St. Patrick's Day / Irish accents / Guinness,, science saying the brain physically rejects new tastes like musical preferences (his is doing it), "excuses" for me and Bible Study (I'll probably be at home doing what I WANT next week - THANK GOD!), curling, death threats, Ben and Jerry's ice cream, the 7-11, laptop airflow, screwdrivers / tools, bottled water, friendliness, James' offline YM message (I WASN'T EVEN ONLINE AT 6:55!) and Eric's "response" to it, and more. I'm just glad I will be able to RELAX next week with the familiar swirl of the radio and online stuff around me. :)

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Friday, March 16, 2012

No GROUNDHOG DAY, but instead FFAF!

Eric interrupted me (on the phone) at about 3:50 to ask whether I was pretending to be asleep (you don't want to know!) and if I was going to see GROUNDHOG DAY at Fellowship; definitely not! I told him that my weekly tradition was going to happen in about seven minutes, while he tried convincing me on MSN that movies were a reflection of life in Eccelesiastes and that I liked people and movies. (no religious discussion) I WILL WANT TO BE AT HOME ON THE INTERNET, REGARDLESS. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?!

However, I did tell him that I straight up NEEDED to be at church on Sunday! He thinks I'm addicted to FFAF - whatever, IT'S TRADITION! Then he said stuff about hanging up on people, which I filtered out... says he's picking up popcorn, butter, and drinks from Safeway. Do what you want, but I will HATE religious discussion over what's supposed to be a FUN movie! Therefore, I'm staying home.

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Journee and Jerzee?! / Jehovah's Witnesses not entering churches


Watched an episode of MAKE ROOM FOR MULTIPLES where these people named their triplets Jayden, Journee [girl], and Jerzee [girl] - WHAT THE HELL?! The last two in particular are NOT names! I also watched a FOUR WEDDINGS episode with a stuck-up, holier-than-thou, supercilious bride who refused to enter two churches for a couple of weddings. I wanted to know why, and this link provided my answer: Celeste was a Jehovah's Witness who apparently thinks that entering a church is a sin of conscience. HAHAHAHAHA!

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Valerie scaring me, protectiveness, and good friends

Talked to James for a while, which is a pretty good thing... yes, I can get protective of my friends! Also started up a new FB message exchange with Ryan; I did tell him a couple nights ago that I'd talk to him "soon," so this is good enough! The wall post and comment exchange was something I needed to feel loved by a good friend. :D

Valerie came in at 5 since Mom wrote her a note saying to water the plants, and scared me! She apologized, and returned the house key to me. I told her that my brother and I had been taking care of watering the plants, that my grandma was coming home on Sunday, and that my parents were coming home the next day. Yes, they've been emailing us when they can, and seem to be having a good time! I checked the mail before doing laundry again, and Jon got something; I'll keep it for Sunday, I guess.

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Mussels, purple yam ice cream, and HUNGER NAMES

Beware the Ides of March!

The Hunger Names: Your name is Woof Amberdeen. Congratulations! You had the honor of being a District 10 tribute in the 8th Hunger Games! You were killed by self-destruction.

Mom apparently just learned on her cruise that the supposed end of the world is Dec. 21, 2012 - HAHAHA! I take issue with her last line of the email, which says something about "missing and loving all of you" - NO GUILT TRIPS SINCE THEY DON'T WORK ON ME! She's told me to eat whatever I want and to water the plants - TRUST ME, I'VE BEEN DOING THAT! Found some New Zealand mussels in the freezer, which seemed to be fine when I boiled them. I will eat the purple yam ice cream, corn, and mushroom soup with mushroom pieces!

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Apple pie on PI DAY, PEACEFUL, Big G in very good mood

Watched more TLC shows about conjoined twins in the afternoon: Alex and Andrew Olson, Iesha and Tiesha Turner, and Erin and Jade Buckles. Managed to get everything to fit into my laptop bag: Ritter Sport for Harmony, candy conversation hearts / assorted candy / cookies / Rockets / wasabi peanuts for Steph and Lisa, and a book to read while busing to PEACEFUL restaurant! Turns out my timing was perfect, since it was 6:02 PM as I entered a busy restaurant. Explained the "table of six" situation, and got one relatively quickly. By that time, Jon had arrived from a busy day of appointments and such, and I told him that I was reading a book which is banned in China because of its portrayal of Chairman Mao, starving peasants, and more. Yes, I'm aware that place bans a LOT of things for myriad reasons, even these days!

When Steph, Lisa, Harmony, and Big G got there, we sat down and discussed their presents / SLB / beef rolls / eggplant / rice / Shanghai noodles / translating for Lisa / leftovers / very spicy hot and sour soup / fish / Dave and Tiffany / having pie for PI DAY / Jessica, Karen, and Margaret / Rachel and her masters degree studying in Ottawa / her being in Fort Mac for five years. Also talked about our waitress reminding Steph of Dave's mom Auntie Grace, Save-On Meats, discounts, fried food, the GOOD coffee at Elysium which WILL perk you up, Dad's approach to Mom's plants ("don't water them and let them DIE!"), alcohol, my life these days at the townhouse, Mom's new smartphone / technology, restrictions, haggis, sausage fests, discounts, a disgusting "eat 50 McNuggets" challenge where the pledge money is going to the Heart and Stroke Foundation, possible Hog Shack / hockey game plans on Monday since Jon needs to pick up the lards from the airport on Monday night anyway, and my needing to be at church on Sunday or else Auntie Eva will have a heart attack. Conversed about hanging up on white Eric, Chinese Eric, how I shouldn't take my family or the Erics for granted, Grandma seemingly not eating rice at dinner (!!!), the respite centre knowing where to search to keep her money somewhere safe (why take $800 with you?!), and Grandma seeming to be in a pretty good mood.

Harmony said the baby was kicking her, and she could feel feet all the time now. Grandma kept telling her to eat MORE since she was eating for two, haha! She shows her concern in her own way, like telling Jon to sit in his wife's seat since she had to get up (at seven months pregnancy) for other people to leave! We said that she'd be confused if she went to Vegas for the wedding: "Is this what roommates do? What's happening?" Haha! Grandma was paranoid that people would take her knitting bag (which Steph told her to LEAVE at the centre) even though it was on top of the booster seats! She also was watching us carefully to make sure we ate (in her view) enough food, and would scold us for having empty bowls! After dinner, we all went our separate ways; I went to White Spot for a Dutch apple pie dessert (pie on PI DAY!) before going back to the townhouse to watch the tail end of a Canucks 5-4 loss to Phoenix, then DOG: THE BOUNTY HUNTER.

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Duggars, conjoined twins, virgins, GEEK LOVE


Watched JAPAN TSUNAMI: TALES OF TERROR, 19 KIDS AND COUNTING (Duggars!), THE BATES FAMILY, and CSI: MIAMI last night. Today, I watched THE VIRGIN DIARIES / GEEK LOVE / CONJOINED TWINS. (the Herrin twins Kendra and Meliyah - the parents had another set of twins, Austin and Justin) Heard it was snowing again - wet snow, too. Replied to Mandy's email, as well. GEEK LOVE made me laugh at these costumed nerds and geeks at a speed dating event at a conference. HAHAHAHA! They just remind me of certain people (Kaili, Teunis, etc.) she used to know, who would want to "geek out" downtown when there was a PLAYOFF HOCKEY GAME going on. PRIORITIES, people! (Rachel sent my parents a postcard, saying she moved to Ottawa for school)

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

PRIEST WHITE?! / Visiting Grandma at Respite

Today, I watched CRIMINAL MINDS / THE FIRST 48 (one of which was about a black boy named PRIEST WHITE - that's a bad name!) / CSI, and ate some muffins. Heard that it was snowing around Vancouver; OH SHIT. Left at 1 to visit Grandma at the respite centre, but made a very brief stop at home to throw stuff out. I experienced good bus timing and efficiency, though!

Got to the respite centre (where there was only one Chinese old person unlike yesterday when Jon stopped by), but made a brief stop at the nearby Killarney Market to buy Grandma three oranges. She seemed pleased with the oranges and the shrimp crackers I bought her yesterday, calling me "good." Watched parts of PALM SPRINGS WEEKEND and A PLACE FOR LOVERS on Turner Classic Movies while reminding her and the workers about our dinner tomorrow night. Grandma wanted me to eat dinner there, and thought tomorrow's dinner would involve Auntie Eva - nope, just us! Due to some stupid buses, I got back at 6:30 wanting something WARM. Noodle soup it is!

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Jalapeno bagels, vodka, bath salts, Kaitlin, Ryan, Matt, care, and laughter

Note to self: Try jalapeno bagels from Tim Horton's. INTERVENTION tonight: a dad who's an alcoholic (drinking a gallon of vodka a day) / a girl who's addicted to alcohol (drinking up to a fifth of vodka a day - she could black out), marijuana, and crystal meth / a guy who's addicted to snorting synthetic bath salts. Replied to Mandy's email before watching CSI: MIAMI. I got a caring FB wall post from Ryan, which made me smile; I also got funny FB posts from Matt A. and Kaitlin, which made me laugh. I definitely needed that! :)

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Monday, March 12, 2012

Hello Kitty soap, drinkable alcohol in noodles, and cuttlefish noodles

Jon unexpectedly came over at about 3:40 to water the plants (but I'd done it yesterday) before he went to teach piano at the HOHOHOs, and wondered why I had my shoes on - because I was going to take the bus and missed it! We talked about Eric telling him that I'd hung up on him yesterday, JUNIOR, AUSTIN POWERS, Mom's diet book, his visiting Grandma (I plan to tomorrow), and my plans for later. Also discussed chocolate, sweet things for Julie C., the alcoholic drinks here, the 99% Lindt chocolate bar I'd bought for Mom, Eric thinking I was "drunk," stains, and more. Left before he did so I could check stuff at home and put stuff away in the freezer and elsewhere.

After that, I went to London Drugs to look for stuff to no avail. My next stop was Price Smart, where I bought Lanzhou ramen noodles (with drinkable alcohol as an ingredient!) / Asian iced black tea / a 5-pack of some vegetarian cuttlefish noodles / shrimp crackers for Grandma. I remembered seeing the new Hello Kitty soap at Shoppers when I was there with Chrystal last week, so went there to buy that for Mom (too pink for me!) and one on-sale dark Swiss chocolate bar. Went back to the townhouse, and watched MY 600-POUND LIFE / THE REAL SKINNY.

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TOMORROW NEVER DIES / JUNIOR / Kind neighbors / Burned bowls

Talked to James about a bunch of stuff last night, then watched TOMORROW NEVER DIES and JUNIOR after being sucked into a consecutive repeat of BREAKOUT WARS. Replied to Mandy's email, too... went to bed at 4 AM. Today, I didn't see my parents' garbage can or recycling bin when I went outside to see if the garbage / recycling trucks had taken the contents. I was scared as HELL for a minute, and was about to look around the townhouse complex like a crazy woman. Then I discovered that some kind neighbor soul had put them back in the carport. PHEW!

Watched the JERRY SPRINGER show, THE PEOPLE'S COURT, and HOARDERS. Someone rang the doorbell - turned out to be #1 (Jack), saying he'd be in Hong Kong till the end of April. Okay, then. Burned a bowl while attempting to make brown and wild rice; I just tossed it, and had seafood with cookies instead.

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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Addicted to gasoline / AUSTIN POWERS

After talking to James about stuff, I watched several episodes of HOARDERS: BURIED ALIVE and a MY STRANGE ADDICTION show about a girl who's addicted to drinking gasoline, and a black girl who's addicted to carrying her doll head around wherever she goes AND smelling it. A different episode: a guy has a committed relationship with his car ("our favorite song is REO Speedwagon's CAN'T FIGHT THIS FEELING!"), and a black woman is addicted to snorting baby powder.

EWWW! I just saw the preview for the season finale next week: A girl is addicted to drinking urine, and even uses it to brush her teeth! Watched AUSTIN POWERS: INTERNATIONAL MAN OF MYSTERY, too. That just brought back a ton of memories from when my sibs and I watched it, possibly at Justin's. MEOW MIX AND HORNINESS! The movie ended at the right time, as Mom's recording of THE GOOD WIFE started at 10. Took the garbage and recycling out, too.

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Losing an hour of sleep SUCKS / INTERVENTION and HOARDERS

Watched wedding shows like FOUR WEDDINGS and GIRL MEETS GOWN on SLICE till I fell asleep last night, bitching about losing an hour of sleep. Somebody's dog had to bark at an extremely early hour, then I had to deal with incessant phone calls from Eric. After telling him that I hated him, I ignored all the other ones. Unfortunately, I got up early ANYWAY - FUCK! Veronica said he'd left already at 8:30 - he's nuts, but at least I don't have to deal with fake people! Then I watched MILLIONAIRE MATCHMAKER while having noodles with turkey. After that, I watched INTERVENTION CANADA on TV TROPOLIS about a guy with ADHD and Tourette's who's addicted to oxycodone, which is like heroin. Now, it's HOARDERS and MY STRANGE ADDICTION!

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David S. said hi on YM almost immediately after the game, so of course I talked to him for a while about stuff like the issues which Korey gave me. I love this "book as mousepad reinforcement" and "pillow as lap protection from laptop" thing I have going on here, even if Eric did think I slept on the couch too! HAHAHA, no way! Hey, the Bend station also has LITTLE STEVEN'S UNDERGROUND GARAGE after Dee Snider's HOUSE OF HAIR - I've missed that since Rock 101 doesn't play that anymore! Then Eric got on MSN after midnight to bug me about the time change - UGH! Also bugged me about being crazy, various online games like DOTA, STARCRAFT, ice cream, what my online dating profile should look like if I had one ("I'm a cougar!"), eHarmony, LEAGUE OF LEGENDS, and more. He is certifiably insane!

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