Saturday, July 26, 2003

Sleeveless dresses, Banghead

sleeveless dresses and I do not match..
but it's only for Natalie's wedding ceremony, I can deal..
Jon hadn't signed the three most time-sensitive cards..
(Yazmine's B-Day, Natalie's B-Day, and the wedding card)
so I had to sign for him on those ones, of course!
yes, I like my brother just fine.. but he's so clueless..
I reminded him this morning, and he told me to shut up..
is how I feel right about now..

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Natalie and Brad's wedding / Dora and Osmond's wedding

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, YAZMINE.. hope you have an awesome one today! :) It's been terrific knowing such a good, close friend.

it was a low-key Friday tonight..
nobody did anything afterwards at all..
everyone went home early coz of the wedding..
talked about weddings, camp, summer stuff..
all in all, a nice distraction from my own head ;)

looking forward to Natalie and Brad's wedding..
Dora and Osmond's is today, too..
very interesting dynamic there ;)

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Friday, July 25, 2003

Buying stuff for Yazmine's birthday

lunch was pretty cool, and no grossness was made..
with various extended family members around, NO WAY..
I'm writing this from the library now..
I bought a whole bunch of stuff for Yazmine's birthday..
two candles, a word search book, 75 teabags, and 1000 matches..
as well as bubble solution and two fridge magnets..
don't you wish you were MY friend? ;)

Fellowship will be enough distraction for me..
haven't thought about certain questions all day..
which could be good, but maybe not..
eh well.. as long as my brain doesn't hurt!
(trying to figure these things out does it in, y'know)

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Thursday, July 24, 2003

One-litre bubble tea and Sprite Ice... so much caffeine!

my sister and I went to the one-litre bubble tea place..
it was a surprise to me when she picked up the tab..
then again, I treated her to Church's Fried Chicken last week..
these little reciprocal things are definitely cool ;)

I got some honeydew, as I saw no reason to get a coffee tea..
for the next while, I want to get to bed at a reasonable hour..
my determination will be set like steel, fire, and ice..
unless I'm talking to a certain person, of course..
but then again, most times I go offline before he does..

at home, I heard Barney Bentall's Do Ya on the radio..
another song that I haven't heard in a long time..
it's too bad that I missed most of the song, though..
I also managed to finish my Sprite Ice as well..
mmm, lemon-lime mint-flavored soft drinks.. ;)
my sister doesn't like it, but thinks I will coz I'm weird..
that is NOT why I like the drink.. just an interesting new taste..
I'll admit the flavor's a bit unusual, but it's all good :)

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Radio stations, Proboards, being young at heart, not telling people stuff, Bon Jovi, bubble tea, Crash Test Dummies


Standard Disclaimer: These may not make much sense.. thus why they're called random thoughts. :P

1. The Q is getting too much static on the airwaves already after only a few hours. I managed to listen to it for two days solid last week without this much coming through.. oh well. I'll just listen to The Fox, 104.9 FM, Rock 101, or JACK FM instead. (when I can't stand the static anymore, that is!)

2. Proboards keeps superimposing badly on me, so I can't send a PM to Phoenix. I can't even test out all the smilies in a reply, and copy and paste the links somewhere. It would make it easy to select images on sites where I can use the image tag. (I'll do it on the fast computer when I'm there) Heck, can you do image tags in HTML? There's got to be some way to.. eh well. Possibly I'll ask Corey later. (since I don't want to mess up stuff here)

3. I must be at least somewhat young at heart, what with all the little kids I hang around on the weekends and such. But I feel old every time I think of Vernon and Sarah's wedding. All because Sarah's younger than me, yet she's getting married. Not that I have this burning desire for a relationship right now, but it would be nice. Guess we'll have to see what happens in the future, despite the fact that I don't look as good as others. (even though it's not [supposed to be] all about that)

4. What does my sister expect me to tell her? I don't lie, and that was the truth! "Aiya.. yikes!" indeed.

5. I'll get a Bon Jovi CD sometime, but I just don't know when. Very good stuff, I must say. (and no, it's NOT The J Man's influence.. if it was, I would have bought one a LONG time ago!)

6. No, I don't think I should own stocks in bubble tea. I don't even drink the stuff every week, coz it does get pricey.

7. Crash Test Dummies songs are very cool. :)

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Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Avoiding bad tempers

I need to avoid bad tempers like the plague!
it's necessary for my mental sanity..
might not always succeed, but I can always hope ;)
if you find it hard to track me down online.. keep trying!
I'm doing a whole bunch of things at once, y'know?

I buzzed my sister on MSN earlier..
she's already given Dad his birthday card..
without looking to see if all of us had signed..
oh well, this is one time I really don't care :P

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Connie and Jenny / Parental annoyances

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CONNIE.. I hope you have a good one today! :) You've been a good friend to me, and may you enjoy the time you have with Dennis before he leaves for New Brunswick all too soon.. we'll certainly miss him.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JENNY.. I hope you have a great one today! :) I've always appreciated your friendship through the years.

for those of you who don't know..
Connie and Jenny are sisters, but not twins..
they were born two years apart..
not at the same hour or anywhere close to it..
and their parents aren't doctors..
Jenny used to get Connie to do things for her as a kid..
"you're my birthday present, so you *have* to!"
she and Winnie would tie Connie up, leaving her on the roof..
ah, childhood memories that can be used later as stories ;)

so.. what else to put today? I'm not entirely sure at all..
but yesterday's conversations were cheerfully distracting..
they provided consolation, humor, and distraction..
plans, guns, Bowling for Columbine, TV formats..
just the thing to take my mind off the parental stress!
(at least, for now.. don't know about later on, of course)

just reminded my brother on MSN about Dad's birthday card..
suppose we have to give it to him, no matter my feelings..
heck, I was feeling very ambivalent on Father's Day too..
it's late now too, as his birthday was yesterday.. oh well :P
he'll have to live with it.. I think last year's card was also late..
at least we know where the card is.. safe by the computer!
(safe from his accidentally picking it up before it's been signed..
he did that with the Father's Day card.. Jon left it on the stairs)

nothing much exciting going on this week..
I think Monday was the highlight of it so far..
(that was certainly a fun, interesting time out)
Friday should provide a refreshing break, as well..
Fellowship, time with friends, eating out, talking..
Saturday should be good as far as a break goes..
Natalie and Brad's wedding, and Yazmine's birthday party..
Sunday might be a good day too.. guess I'll have to see..

I don't think I can avoid stramash, since clashes happen..
despite what they say, these things are NOT all my fault..
I wouldn't know how to make them happy..
their expectations definitely do NOT help me!
is this a "trial and tribulation" sent to test me?
if so, I've probably proven myself very unworthy..
in this crucible of fire, I've burnt and singed myself extremely..
saying what I think to them would likely earn me more of it..
as cathartic as it would be, I'm not sure I'll do that..

too many arguments, too much history, too much everything..
54-40's new song is Wish I Knew.. that about sums it up..
and I can certainly cite Hebrews 13:8 to you..
"the same yesterday, today, and forever"
this certainly isn't something with closure or resolution :P
(or at least, that which doesn't involve non-existence)

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Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Old enough to have control over my own business!

I'd like to add that I'm plenty old enough now..
to have control over my own business as much as I can..
and NOT to have my parents managing details for me..
(definitely not details like those already outlined)
that is, unless I ask them to.. (and I didn't!)
I just wish sometimes they'd leave me alone!

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No sanity ever!

turns out my hopes for sanity have all gone to smash..
Mom and Dad just assume way too much stuff..
no, I didn't know parking wasn't allowed in front of the apartment building anymore..
(access to the parking lot is now blocked by a chain)
they asked me: "Haven't you been outside?" (NOT valid)
usually, I don't go out to the parking lot anyways..
unless I'm waiting for a ride from people, that is!

I'm certainly not telling them about yesterday!
(I definitely don't need their freaked-out aggravation..
Jon and Steph seemed to take it well enough, though)
yup, my friend and I *did* cross the lawn by the parking lot..
but we didn't actually go *into* the parking lot!
(there's a difference between those things, y'know?)

all that stramash was on the way into town..
on the way back, my parents accused me of always wanting to start fights with them..
that's definitely not true at all.. (see above statement about not needing their aggravation)
just because I didn't want to give Mom a handout for Steph..
I would have given it to her on Thursday! (the next class, sure..)
as unfilial as it sounds, I don't TRUST Mom..
(not that she wouldn't have given it to my sister..
but I'd have preferred to have given it to her myself..
you know what they say about getting things done yourself: it means you know they actually got done ;) )

it's not that it was HOMEWORK, per se..
just some vocabulary words from tonight's lessons..
*sigh* I should have just not volunteered any info..
overall, I may have been better off taking the bus..
time to pick up the shattered pieces of my sanity as best I can..
I am SO grateful that my parents aren't with me and my sister for the next fortnight!

class tonight was intensive, as we covered three lessons..
at least I didn't have to put up with Steph's usual tricks..
she'd have written: "(I am) Big Mountain / daai saan"..
or else have drawn "thumbs-up" all over my notes..
(even have gone on about how she's my younger sister..
and how much she loves / misses Mom, and real hugs..)

given that we learned the word for "real" tonight..
she'd have likely said (and written): "Keep it real!"..
not on her notes, but most likely all over mine..
("real" makes me think of Real Real Real by Jesus Jones :P)
but even putting up with Steph would be better than my parents..
I didn't say anything to them when they dropped me off ;)

just heard another bit of consoling news:
Manchester United beat Glasgow Celtic 4-0!
my sister and Vivian S. will certainly be happy..
I'm sure they got at least a few souvenirs on their road trip..
guess I'll have to see what they got later on..
right now, I'm talking to Spocko and Corey for comfort..
the Lord bless you two.. you're certainly very golden ;)

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Visiting with Josh G.

Well, my friend Josh got through the border earlier than expected. Sat around my place trying to decide what to do.. he didn't have any plans other than getting here all right and seeing me, so he didn't care what we did. Gotta love friends with big trucks!

We went to Red Robin's for lunch (getting confused along the way since my sense of direction's not that great), then happened on the gelato place by accident. No, I am NOT a freak for going there twice in less than 18 hours! ;) We talked about existing inside text boxes, what it would be like to have three computers all connected to the outside world, and a bunch of other things. He had a pen mark on his forehead somehow, which I told him about when he asked. Burgers can be messy, but it was a good way of getting to know each other!

Then we went to Yaohan (an Asian mall in Richmond), so he could see a bigger Asian supermarket. Also introduced him to bubble tea.. he's still debating whether he likes it or not. The pearls get in the way of the drink, he says.. oh well. ;)

After that, he was in serious need of some Mountain Dew in order to make him feel more awake.. so we went to Lansdowne Mall's Safeway. We walked around that mall, then went to Richmond Centre for some more mall-walking.

Afterwards, we went to my place again since the malls around here close at 6 on Mondays, and waited till we were hungry enough to go out to dinner. We just talked, played with my rubberband ball and my card deck, read books, and mainly chilled. Pretty good stuff, I'd say. :)

I'm definitely in a good mood now. My friend Josh and I went to Tsim Chai for dinner last night. Turns out it was a cash-only establishment, so I cheerfully paid for dinner as he only had debit. (I insisted he keep the leftovers of noodles and hot and sour soup as well.. neither of us cared who got it, even though I paid for it) After that, he drove me home at 9:15.. I told him to message me when he got home. He showed up about an hour and a quarter afterwards.. that was pretty good time, I think. The border people didn't really harass him about the hot and sour soup, either: no beef, just chicken and such! ;)

(good thing we didn't do this visit today if I didn't have night school.. people are going to Seattle for the Manchester United / Glasgow Celtic game, and I hear there's a two-hour wait going southbound)

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Contention with parents

looks like I don't need to complain about my parents..
(or not about their being with me and my sister for 2 weeks)
my sister told us that the Swedish massage course was full..
when Steph tried to register online, she told that to our mom..
"it's ALL Blaardine's fault!" Mom exclaimed..(Dad's family nick)
Cirque de Soleil sold out, and that was also apparently his fault..
that was "pick-on-Dad night" for sure.. (Jon and I weren't home)

tonight, I'll have to contend with my parents alone though..
my sister's off in Seattle with her friend Vivian..
they're seeing the Manchester United / Glasgow Celtic game..
I might be inclined to take the bus to night school and back..
but I don't really feel like doing that right now..
besides, I'll have to bus to church on Friday coz of the EM..
and I try to limit my bus trips out to town anyhow..
(yes, even with my bus pass.. have a problem with it? :P)
so hopefully I'll survive the car rides tonight and be sane..
we shall see what the next blog entry contains ;)

(note: "EM" means "evangelistic meeting")

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Monday, July 21, 2003

Time with Josh G.

it was nice meeting my friend Josh today..
he didn't care what we did, which was cool ;)
we went to lunch at the Broadway / Oak Red Robin's..
and happened upon the gelato place sorta by accident..
(yes, I went there twice in less than 18 hours :P)
walked around Yaohan, Lansdowne, and Richmond Centre..
(three malls in an afternoon.. lotsa good walking exercise)
introduced him to bubble tea, which he's not sure if he likes..
then went back to my place to chill for a bit..
(the malls close at 6 around here on Mondays)
hung out there for about two hours or so, before we ate..
Tsim Chai seemed like a good choice, so we went there..
I got home by 9:15, and he got home soon after..
it's a good thing the border guards didn't bug him!
(there IS no beef in hot and sour soup.. just chicken)

so yes.. a good day with good conversation and memories :)

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Sunday, July 20, 2003

Keg dinner, gelato, speaking German to Grandma, and Josh (Spocko)

the Keg steak dinner was quite good..
my grandma actually is pretty good with a knife and fork..
(for someone who doesn't use them that often)
even though she didn't like the dinner concept..
(she dismissed it as: "aiya! si chan!")
but she looked really happy to have her son in town :)

later, we went to La Casa Gelato.. (Commercial / Venables)
there were SO many people at the gelato place..
I had mangosteen and cantaloupe gelato this time..
my brother amused himself by speaking German to Grandma..
(who of course said, "speak Chinese, not German!")
it was kinda funny to see her incomprehension ;)

things are a go for tomorrow with me and my friend Josh (Spocko)..
it'll certainly be very interesting stuff..
not sure yet what we'll do, but eh..
I'll keep you posted on things here, so no worries ;)
(Corey: thanks for the advice, but I don't think it's necessary!)

My brother asked me to please get Grandma's attention. Once she was paying attention to him, he said this to her in German: "Hello, how are you? My name is Jon. What's your name?" He thought it would be amusing, but her reaction (after my sister got a translation of "he's talking in German" from our mom) was: "Aiya! You should speak Chinese and not German!" (he IS taking German this summer, but still...)

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Bali Hai


"I know you lead a dangerous lifestyle.. and it [Bill Baarschers' fake restraining order] would increase your street cred, so people will think you're raw and hard!" -- John (Snoopy), commenting on the time I hit Erika Fursevich on the head with a field hockey stick in Gr. 8 (plus the fake restraining order). (Wednesday, July 16) [perhaps.. but I'm not actively looking to build it up, y'know! :P]

it was quite the good day at church..
Adam and Andrew called me "Lassie" again, though..
(last week, one of them promised he wouldn't!)
Steph and the girls teased Anita a lot about Jeff..
and said "Bali Hai.. it means 'I am your special island..' " a lot..
(a South Pacific line from the "Bloody Mary" character..
so if I say it a lot, it's stuck in my head from hearing it)
I also held a crying baby, and talked to friends..
so definitely a good day.. now to warm up for the Keg :)

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Usual Sunday morning dynamics

usual Sunday morning dynamics here..
having to listen to my sister encourage Mom..
hearing my mom sing (she insists I like it.. um, no!)
communication with these people is impossible at times..
oh well, nothing I can do about it..
at least I'll see my friends in less than an hour! :)

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Deep-fried ice cream and movies

got back from Sean's an hour ago..
we had fun eating and bonding..
watched South Pacific.. the 50s were really sexist!
Fidela wanted to make deep-fried ice cream..
but we had enough ice cream and stuff for dessert already!

the guys and Adela watched Zoolander downstairs..
that movie is kinda like Austin Powers..
I watched it a few months ago at Vernon's..
it's sorta dumb, but it's also funny :)

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