Saturday, October 18, 2003

Capacity of my email to take spam

I had "only" 78 emails in my inbox when I checked it..
however, they took up 23% of its capacity..
and almost none of them were SDMB mailer notification :P
(stats included for the benefit of you trainspotters out there)
there was spam, meaningless stuff from Lesley and Maxine..
plus a forward from Adela.. those things DO add up..
oh well, I just deleted the crap like crazy ;)
things should be all copacetic again for now.. it's all good :)

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Me being a sleepy web monkey...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CEROWYN.. I hope you have an awesome one today! :) It's been great getting to know you.. thanks for all your support and information, hon. Means more to me than you will ever know, perhaps.. true friendship rules!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, EMILY.. I hope you have a good one today! :) I've lost your number and address in a database crash, so can't call or mail you. It's been good knowing you all these years, and I hope we continue to be friends.

me so sleepy, but me give web update anyhow..
why? coz I'm such a web monkey!
but me check email later; me nap first..
(there's my attempt at writing like Spoz :P)

the Awana Conference was pretty good..
got free stuff and our yearly update..
learned lots of helpful tips..
especially the five love languages..
words of affirmation or compliments..
quality / quantity time with people you love..
giving gifts to people.. (doesn't have to cost money)
service for other people you love..
and physical touch.. (powerful and secure)

had a good time with my friends at workshops..
David and I agreed on one thing, though..
once we got home, we would definitely sleep!
(which I will do as soon as I update this thing)
I'm going to stick myself with pins later on..
right now, I'm outta here.. stay tuned in future! ;)

One of the workshops focused on telling the people in your life that you love them, or the five love languages: words of affirmation, quality time, giving gifts, service, and physical touch. I'm not sure what my love language is (or indeed some of the other people in my life), but it's always good to learn about things like that. Maybe I should get that book, since I know Sarah made Vernon read it.. although I'm not in a relationship now, it may be handy for the future! (yes, I know I'm in one now!)

This is what I learned from that workshop, so that's why certain things are phrased as an imperative. These things don't apply only to Awana, but I feel they can be applied to everyone.

Words of affirmation or compliments can be an encouragement, and can build a strong / secure / safe relationship. They fulfill an emotional need, they allow you to love and to be loved, they're a main element in life, they can build intimacy between you and your friends, they can heal wounds, and they can make other people feel like they belong. If you're uncomfortable with receiving compliments, that may not be your love language.. but you should be gracious in receiving them, or at least not act all squirmy and uncomfortable. ;)

Quality time is time devoted to the important people in your life, spent in joint and meaningful activities. Quantity time builds relationships. Both these things deepen memories and relationships with time and care.

Giving gifts shows you remember the person, even if you do it for no specific reason. They're a way of showing that you care, and value the relationship that you have with the other person. For the cheap people among us, they don't have to cost a lot of money, or even any money at all. They can be as simple as a drawing, or an inexpensive gift from the dollar store.

Service for other people can be as simple as doing things for other people without being asked. The acts of service should be freely given, received, and accepted. It expresses love for the other person in your life, and shows you care for their needs.

Physical touch can be as simple as a tap on the shoulder, or a hug. (even a tousle of hair) It's very powerful, and can make or break a relationship. Touch can represent security, and may be the only form of love that some clubbers (or others in your life) get all week / month. Of course, if certain people in your life are uncomfortable with it.. then you shouldn't push it, since that might not be the way they're most comfortable expressing love. (and you should probably find another way to do so that's more comfortable for them)

Quite a reminder for everyone, aye? ;)

Note to self: Be of good cheer tomorrow!

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Friday, October 17, 2003

I bought 73 birthday cards today!

here's a quick entry before I go to bed..
(Awana Conference is tomorrow.. sleepy time, man!)
Yazmine thought I was insane for buying 73 B-Day cards..
as Cindy said later, it's called kindness and stocking up!
we also got four free energy-saving lightbulbs.. good thing!
went to some clothing shops as well for her..
yes, I ought to shop for clothes more myself.. eh well..
I also had a lemon bubble tea.. drank it quickly, as usual..

went to Chapters later, and got a book and a CD..
(a Jack Johnson CD, and an alternate history book)
later, I went to church to talk to people there..
thank goodness Jon and I didn't go out anywhere..
he went to Richmond not by conscious decision..
we stopped by Tim Horton's for five minutes..
I'm definitely thankful for a certain set of circumstances! ;)
okay, that's it.. I'm out of here till tomorrow evening..
you'll have to tune in then for more lunatic silliness ;)

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UnaBoard Dreams

I had a dream that involved the UnaBoard again. It started out with my brother, Eric M., and me visiting Linda Leung. (a lady at church who's dying of lung cancer) in the hospital. The hospital wasn't so much a hospital as it was a huge room, much like the gym / cafeteria at Van Tech. (a school near here) Very surreal.. while I might visit Linda, there's less likelihood that Jon would; Eric definitely wouldn't because he doesn't know who she is. (at least, I don't THINK he does..)

Then it somehow switched to an ocean with lots of fish in it. (the backdrop was a huge brightly-colored rollercoaster) Everyone was bringing their fish to someone on a boat, who would then weigh their fish and give them money for the catch. Then all the fish would go into this HUGE fish's mouth for storage. The fishmonger even said that he hadn't seen me around for quite some time, and that I was evidently growing my hair long. For some reason, I felt drawn to stay.

I remember trying to stay afloat on this orange boogie board, and all these books being in the water. Somehow, the water didn't damage them. I was so totally into reading one of the books (about songs transposed to minor keys, kids and fathers, and unusual vocabulary words) that I was then magically transported to the world of the book.

For some reason, this world encompassed the UnaBoard. I still remember having a rather intense PM discussion with dantheman and LadyDragon. (when the discussion goes on for three pages, you KNOW it's involved!) The PMs could be read in thread format, if one wished.. that was another thing about the dream. Nope, I don't remember what it was about.. although I remember a sense of dread before opening them. (in case they were from my former friend.. thank goodness they weren't!)

After that, I was transported to a world where all was glittering.. there were nice people, friends, and kids. Unfortunately, I didn't get to experience much of this world because my friend Yazmine called and woke me up. (we're going to be meeting in a few hours at the Metrotown dollar store)

I have no idea what prompted this subconscious journey. Certainly I've been thinking about books, nice people, kids, my brother, Eric, and my / our other friends.. but then I think about those things all the time. :D I haven't been thinking about any huge rollercoasters, fish, or swimming.. although I *have* been thinking about visiting Linda. (especially since the hospital's across the street.. I should ask Pastor Edward what the visiting hours are like over there)

Haven't been thinking about PMs on the UnaBoard recently, or about specific people messaging me. (although I would feel a sense of dread if my former friend messaged me.. even though there's little chance of that happening) I was at Van Tech a couple weeks ago for the mini-Olympics and dinner / silent auction afterwards, but I wouldn't say that the memories of that night have been much on my mind.

It's true that the Save-On Foods clerk I dealt with last week told me: "It's been some time since I've seen you here.. you *ARE* growing your hair long, aren't you?" I did read something in the Neil Young book about how he'd transpose happy songs to minor keys and play them that way, though.

But I haven't been thinking about fathers lately (not even mine), or about glittering worlds. And despite what certain people (Spoz and Eric) think, I do not think about unusual vocabulary words all the time either. ;) :P

Eh well.. weird dreams are funny beasts. ;)

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Thursday, October 16, 2003

Domino's pizza

last night, I suddenly couldn't connect to any websites..
I could connect to the Net itself, but nothing after that..
finding that very odd, I called tech support..
they had some kind of "DNS mail server error"..
and said they'd fix it within an hour.. (at 10:30)
of course, it wasn't fixed till 12:30 or 1.. eh well..
does anyone know what causes those things?
(and if Corey's reading this: I just want you to know..
that was the cause of my sudden disconnection, NOT anger!)

I ordered a Philly Cheesesteak pizza from Domino's today..
trying interesting new flavors keeps life quirky ;)
and at least I didn't have any ordering problems like last time..
the pizza's not too bad, but then it's not GREAT either..
also bought Buffalo Chicken Kickers and cheesy breadsticks..
haven't tried those yet, but they'll be good..
there's an expiry date on my pizza, too.. very interesting..

I remember Spoz's description of Domino's to me..
(this was given last Sept. 29, as I complained to him..
my dinner was miso instant noodles instead of pizza..)
he had only tried it once, as there was one close by..
"it was THEEE WORST piece of shit cooked on dough.. that I've EVER had the mispleasure of forcing down me oesophagus.."
he's had bad pizzas elsewhere, sure..
but this was the WORST of the WORST pizza anywhere..
I've kept that description in mind for a LONG time..

now, it's finally raining for more than a few hours at a time..
we desperately needed that weather a few months ago..
I think that'll definitely be good for the water reservoirs..
better dress for rain whenever I go out now, eh?
(ah, normal Vancouver weather is so good.. NOT!)

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Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Ministry and such

Phoenix has just now offered to mail me a CD with three Ministry songs (Psalm 69, A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste, and Greatest Fits) on it. I think it'll be interesting, especially since I don't listen to Ministry much. (if at all) She's really into metal music: Ministry, Metallica, Judas Priest, etc. This will actually be a change from the stuff I usually listen to.. which will be good. :)

Maybe the three songs are really albums, and she'll burn multiple CDs for me. I have no idea, but this should be good whenever I get it. Definitely, I'll be appreciative. Corey says I should listen to the whole thing at a very loud volume.. could be just the thing for when I feel like getting certain emotions out! ;)

This reminds me of the time that Elizabeth and I were discussing whether certain bands were Christian or not. She insisted that the band Ministry must be Christian since she saw their CDs for sale in the local Christian bookstore. I tried telling her that Ministry was extremely heavy-metal, with lyrics which definitely did NOT glorify God or which could be interpreted as Christian in any way. It's too bad that she didn't believe me!

As I said to my brother at the time, "There COULD be a Christian band called Ministry, but I seriously doubt it!" She and her brother James also thought the band Tourniquet was Christian.. that one, I don't know about. I'd be dubious about that anyhow.

I'm also actually having instant noodles for the first time since it all went down.. eventually, you have to go back to "Old Faithful," and normalcy is good. ;)

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I need sleepy bo bo!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ANDREW.. I hope you have an awesome one today! :) It's been great getting to know you.. thanks.

I woke up just a little while ago.. (no snide comments!)
to discover that I'd spent 12 hours sleeping.. (once again)
do I really NEED that much sleep?!? sheeeeeeeeeeesh..
maybe I'm getting old and need the "sleepy bo bo"..
perhaps my brain is actually doing me a favor?
(letting me catch up on sleep in advance of Saturday)
whatever it is, this is relatively new to me..

don't get me wrong, I'm thankful I can sleep that much..
especially since I don't have certain things going on ;)
(no, I don't think I sacrificed *much* sleep for that :P)
but maybe my brain's letting me catch up on that, too..

"leave computer on overnight, and restart in the morning"
that's been my modus operandi over the past couple of weeks..
if I'd had that kind of thing going on a month ago..
that whole thing would never have happened..
and certain people and I would still be cool with each other..
then again, given what I've learned since about things..
I'm not sure I'd ever want us that way again! (now or ever)
once more with feeling: MY TRUE FRIENDS ROCK! :)

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Tuesday, October 14, 2003


just read an article about flirting in the paper..
certainly we in North America are more restrained..
Italy and France are more free and easy.. (celebration of life)
flirtation could be a warm smile or an affectionate glance..
it could be playful banter which remains just that..
at any rate, it's a half-serious game to play ;)
if you flirt mindlessly or out of habit, you could offend..

you have to examine your motives for it, as well..
do you have low self-esteem and want to gain approval?
are you wanting to make a connection with another person?
or do you simply want to brighten someone's day?

according to this flirting instructor quoted in the article:
"flirt to bring sweetness and joy into your life.."
I have my own ideas about certain bits of flirting..
but I'm not going to share them here or anywhere else..
let's just say that flirting is still new to me.. (at my age!)

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Monday, October 13, 2003

Tryptophan and gelatinous linebackers

I'm at Jon's now, and we just finished dinner..
Eric, Jon, Sean, Adela, and I talked about many things..
baseball, hockey, movies, old photos, food, work, bubble tea..
fasting.. (Jon says Corey P.'s done more than one 40-day fast)
"It must take a lot of faith to believe in a fake religion"..
(which is what Sean once said to some Jehovah's Witnesses)

Sean says I'm a genius and know my science..
all because I know about tryptophan..
(the "turkey meat sleepy amino acid building block")
Eric's complained that I'm violating his privacy..
"you're posting where I am (at Jon's) to the Internet!
all these random people will make a surprise visit here!"
nobody knows where Jon's IS, so that's not a concern..
I *think* I managed to reassure him.. who knows, though ;)

even if my mom made me do some dishes later, it's all good..
I like having good times with friends over food and TV..
we might go out for BBT later if we're still not full yet..
(but I think we are full, so probably not.. you never know!)

Eric also just told me to check out the "Kids' Story" SB email..
it was definitely pretty funny.. substituting words in the book..
"linebacker," "fangloriously," and "gelatinous".. hahahaha..

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Time to be thankful...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SAM.. I hope you have a good one today! :) It was always cool seeing you around.. thanks for always watching my newspaper cart.. you were so cute.


Yes, it's the Canadian Thanksgiving.. and from certain discussions I had last year, I think it's Columbus Day for the States. Maybe there will be a paucity of people online today, I don't know. Today isn't the only day on which we must give thanks, of course.. but it's certainly convenient to have a day for it. (aside from the long weekend, of course)

So what am I thankful for? Quick summary:

1. the friends that I've made on the Internet ("safe place," Spoz, Corey, LeeJam, Ice Wolf, Snoopy, TLD, Dan, Cerowyn, Steve, lel, Scotticher, Spocko, G, Kempy, Mark M., Darren, Adam, Josh, Kody, Andrew, The J Man, Chironex, etc.)

2. my real-life friends, especially Yazmine and the people in the church community people (Eric M., Jon, Eric H., Nathan, Eunice, Andrea, Elaine, Daniel, Vernon, David, etc.)

3. the kids I know at church.. they're growing up fast! (David, Ian, Margaret, Johnson, Sarah, Michael, William, Hien, etc.)

4. the books I read.. they allow me to escape and all ;)

So there you have it.. watch this space next year. ;)

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Sunday, October 12, 2003

Lovely quotes which speak to me right now

Here's a quote I just came across at my safe place:

Be who you are and say what you feel;
Because those who mind don't matter,
And those who matter don't mind.
(Attribution: Dr. Seuss)

That's very apropos right now, and here's an amalgamated one from Mark and Jessica: "One mistake doesn't change or define you." Thanks to Kelly for finding the other one, as well. Even if I never get something back again, those things will certainly be my affirmations and positive thoughts. Corey thinks I worry about it constantly, and that it's one of the main conversational themes of late.. no to one, and a reluctant yes to the other. Ah well, what can you do? (giving thanks in these circumstances is easier now, that's definitely for sure!) Focus on my true friendships! :)

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The fish smells fishy!

only one hilarious quote this week.. oh well :P


"This fish smells fishy.." -- Sean, criticizing his sushi at Daimasu. (Friday, Oct. 10) [and you were expecting WHAT, exactly? :P]

church was the usual mix of distraction and amusement..
Nathan knows what I like in books..
Lee and Lily are back from French towns..
Eric and I discussed "Strong Bad" stuff all day..
(cheers to the Spoz-meister for telling me about it)
Cindy wasn't cold for once, but everyone else was..
Johnson said my new name was "I don't know"..
the kids won't be spoiled or made hyper by gum..
I'm thankful for (and love) my favorite people, for sure!

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Eating lunch late on Saturdays is not a ploy!

yes, I eat lunch at a late-ish hour on Saturdays..
no, it's NOT a ploy to get out of doing dinner dishes..
that IS a side-benefit of the whole thing, however ;)
my parents are just going to have to get used to it..
now, will I see LOTR II at Nathan's tonight?
I actually have no idea right now.. guess I'll see!

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