Saturday, June 12, 2010

Adam and clam chowder / Weird party with the NARUTO characters

This computer restarted again! And again at 10:20, 10:33, 11:12, 11:18, 11:23, 11:33, 11:42, and 11:47! (but talking to Adam was fun earlier before clam chowder!)

Note: What would the Members of Organization XIII do / say upon meeting you? (Newest for ongoing Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy fans) Memegen, by Sabi.

Weird Party with the Naruto Characters... (girls only... for now :3) by Karasu-chan
Where the party was:A secret location far, far away (o-O?)
Who was there:Everyone! x3
How much you drank!!! (cans of beer :3)4
How drunk you were by the end:
Who you kissed while you were drunk:Sasuke
Who kissed you, drunkenly:Sasuke
Funniest thing that happened:Sakura got herself locked in the bathroom
How fun it was:
Whose bed you woke up in the next day:Naruto

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Appearing at the Awana awards ceremony and the carnival

Henry picked me up at about 3, and we were off to the last day of Awana. We discussed the butterfly effect (where a Brazilian butterfly flapping its wings could cause a Texas hurricane), his astronomy projects, 2012, resting on the sun, MYTH busting, the weird traffic stall on the bridge, Vacation Bible School, Ambleside, Coal Harbor, Lonsdale Quay, and more. When we got to church, some guy told him to repark his car since it was a smaller car taking up a stall for a larger one. I walked at my normal pace to the elevator while he did that, and wasn't really surprised when he yelled for the elevator just as I was about to go up to the main floor!

Had almost no idea what to do when I got in the church, so bought a ticket for the carnival myself before I joined Hilary / William / Michelle in watching Mary make crepes under the direction of her mother. ("no pressure - you just might burn the church down, that's all!") Went upstairs and talked to some of the kids: Ian wanted to know whether I'd be going in his car later (and thought the silent auction tables were ping-pong), Midora and others needed to be directed upstairs, Amos said that he missed me (his mom Jennifer thought I hadn't been at Awana / Sunday School for a couple of weeks!), Sean told me that he wasn't allowed to go outside (not past the front door!), and Jordan said hi. After saying hi to Rosenda, I ostensibly watched Reigan / Jinny / Eric / Matthew played a card game called either CHEAT or MICHAEL JACKSON. Apparently, the object of said game was to cheat... okay, then! Eventually, a bunch of the older kids (Priscilla / Hannah / Ian / Carley / Emily / Nina / others) just sat around and watched. When Sarah and Jason wanted to get the T&T clubbers to run over their presentation, I went downstairs to help Chrystal and Golden with the programs. As it turned out, Chrystal was busy with summer camp / early registration, so Golden and I stood by the sanctuary doors handing pink programs out. Someone gave me a commitment form for next year - I should remember that, for sure.

When the ceremony started, Golden and I sat down in the last row of the sanctuary. The Powerpoint was marred by technical difficulties, but otherwise was okay. Auntie Rebecca gave us stacks of coupons to hand out - when I got mine, I kept one for myself since she said the leaders could have one too. I went out to get my money back - I shouldn't have told Clara about it, but went to Christon instead. HE knows what I'm talking about, and doesn't have the language barrier! Went back in to watch some cute songs by the three clubs, the T&T Powerpoint presentation, and the general awards presentation. Some kids completed two or even three handbooks in the past year, and got really special awards for those achievements! There was a lot of general cheering when the leaders went to get their awards, and I noticed Sean S. really clapping for mine, haha - my friends did too, of course. Harrison (on the other end of our pew with his dad) wanted to see my pin, so I let him look. Golden wanted to know whether all the pins were different colors - well, I'm sure Awana has to recycle colors! I can't believe I've been doing this for about ten years! Conor's dad Minh congratulated me afterwards, so of course I thanked him. Chris also thanked me and Golden for our help!

After getting a stamp on my hand, I went out to join the carnival festivity, keeping my Awana uniform on. It was like the night market, with curry fishballs / noodles / spicy soup / chicken / more food and drinks outside, and some silent auction / clothing inside. Saw my mom inside, but of course didn't talk to her - saw my dad outside, but didn't really talk to him until he wanted to know if I had a ride home; yes, and Ada wasn't leaving right then in any event. I saw my grandma while I was interacting with Harrison - she insisted on buying me something, so the curry fishballs it was! Then she later treated me to fruit. She wasn't impressed when she saw Harrison punching me, so said "NO" to him - he didn't pay her any attention!

Saw Vivian, so I asked why she / Vicky / Carmen were so late yesterday. Apparently, they were at a once-a-year thing at Playland... at least they made it to Fellowship, but they wouldn't be counted on the attendance! Said hi to Pastor John, Kevin, Grace (good to get there early before the food is sold out!), Chris (Sabrina's coming back on Monday), Rich, Maxine, Tim, Sophia, Anne (enjoying a wiener), Cynthia, Colin, Auntie Catherine, Mattias (enjoying food as usual!), Reigan, Aaron (who asked me about my grandma), and some others. Sean asked me why I kept appearing around him and Conor, so I told him that I was following them, haha. Talked about chicken, orange sports drinks (took one home), NOT making Abby cry ("you moved away from your seat - it's not yours anymore!"), the fishballs, and more. John took me home - discussed his job loss, Facebook, connections, understanding Cantonese, planning a Hong Kong holiday, lots of family in town from Hong Kong for his mom's birthday on August 8, plenty of time to spend with family, and more.

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Frowning infants called John Lewis!

High-scoring words of the afternoon:

GAZAR (116 points) - against Sheila D. [4W, 2L on Z]
LEWISES (164 points) - against Sandra J. [4W, 5L on W]
FROWNED (880 points) - against Vicki H. [two 5W - one used twice]
INFANTA (192 points) - against Marina T. [two 4W]
JOHNS (105 points) - against Lyn B. [3W used twice, hook off EXAM for a plural]

Another person tried to randomly add me on Facebook - I DON'T THINK SO!

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The Homebody Test and nougat storage

High-scoring words of the morning:

STORAGE (110 points) - against Lauren R. [2W, 5W] {a good deficit-erasing word!}
NOUGAT (375 points) - against Angela V. [two 5W]

Your Home is Lively

Whether you live by yourself or with many other people, your home is always buzzing with activity.

You are likely to have water boiling for tea or a fire burning in the fireplace.

You live in every area of your home, and you really savor your time there.

You could never feel at home in an empty or quiet house. A home should be enjoyed to the fullest.

Not really...

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Bloody and sweaty undershirts!

Bingo of the night:

BALLASTS (106 points) - against Michael H.

High-scoring words of the night:

TRAM (113 points) - against Karen R. [3W, 5L on M, hook on ZERO to make ZA / EM]
BALLASTS (106 points) - against Michael H. [3W, hook off AYE for a plural, bingo]
SODOM (112 points) - against Eli B. [4W, two 2W] {a good deficit-erasing word!}
OOZIEST (228 points) - against Michelle M. [3W, two 2W]

Trivia fact for Saturday, June 12: What famous movie star donated a bloodstained, sweat-drenched undershirt to the Smithsonian Institution? Bruce Willis, in 2007. The undershirt, worn by Willis in his role of cop John McClane in the 1988 film Die Hard, was included in the Smithsonian's 2007 Treasure of American History exhibition, and is now part of its permanent movie memorabilia collection.

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Friday, June 11, 2010

Don't call me by the wrong name OR disturb my friend when he's trying to eat!

This computer just restarted when I turned on the TV to watch NBC DATELINE since I'm home really early! I was technically late to meet Eric, but I was fine since he was just as late to meet me. He started in on teasing me about the usual subject, and asked whether I'd called said person if I was in trouble. HA, VERY FUNNY! I had already eaten, so waited for Eric as he got something from Subway. When we got to church (sitting by Billy on a laptop) and he was eating before running through the worship, some new guy started up a conversation. HELLO, HE'S TRYING TO EAT! I suppose he wouldn't know that Eric had to run through the set later, but still. Maybe I'm projecting, but I wouldn't want just anybody to disturb me while I'm eating! The new guy called me by my sister's name, so I gave him "WRONG PERSON" as an answer. (I was READING - universal signal of "DO NOT BUG ME!" or so I thought...) Eric intimated that I wasn't being polite - well, no, but he KNOWS that I'm selective about the people I talk to! Yes, I'd seen him a couple weeks back (though not at the Frog Hollow talk), but that doesn't mean I'm friendly to EVERYONE!

I talked to Grace, Joey, Ivan, Dianne, Sam, Harmony, and Wesley (sat between him and Randal) instead - I can talk to people I'm comfortable with, you see! Discussed Chung Ming's dinner / Megan's shower, Erin's get-together, possible baby names (Micah?), summer plans, tomorrow's carnival, the World Cup (Sam heard Jeremy leaving for school this morning!), pillows and being comfortable, my Mom quotes, camp, going to China and Hong Kong for the Expo and visiting relatives (Citrus will provide extra security!), Jon playing violin at a SERVANTS commissioning, and more. The International Justice Mission talk was good, with stories on sexual trafficking / exploitation / what they do to avoid corrupt police / fair trade coffee and chocolate. Learned that Starbucks is fair trade, so that's good. (Ethical Addictions, anyone?)

Talked to Cindy and Grace for a while afterwards, and at least was polite to Teresa - yes, Eric and I had gone to Andrea's wedding and dinner. She got the hint that she wasn't invited, and I tried telling her that she couldn't just crash it! Phil returned a book to me after a year, which is fine. Kevin asked me about the carnival - I'm not going, but I agreed with Wesley that the balloons were cute! I asked Quan if she'd ever gotten home today since she'd forgotten her wallet and U-Pass. (I saw her frantic FB status updates - "WHO CAN GIVE ME A RIDE?! HELP!") She had simply gone on a bus, and thankfully got a nice bus driver who was sympathetic to her situation! Saw Vivian, Carmen, and Vicky come IN on our way out - Kevin said he wasn't counting them in the attendance, as well he shouldn't! On the way home, I told Eric that I simply had to show him my oatcakes ("you and your oatcakes!") - also discussed pirates, weekend plans, being bizarre enough for the bazaar, gas, cackling, excuses, the jazz festival, their Portland trip taking him / Jeremy (my regular seatmate!) / Christon / Jon away, being early on Sunday, FLASH FORWARD, and more. He also said that he was walking through the Bay recently when he overheard something that shocked him: "You don't have to pay those f***ing n**gers!" Yes, racism DOES exist here in Vancouver, sadly enough!

Edit: The computer restarted at 10:05 and 10:21!

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Cordite, cowboys, being aware, reminders, and FLASH FOWARD

High-scoring words of the afternoon:

CORDITE (192 points) - against Lucy O. [two 4W]
COWBOY (100 points) - against Karen R. [5W] {a good deficit-erasing word!}
AWARE (225 points) - against Scott N. [two 5W]
DEFEND (215 points) - against Lauren R. [3W, 5W] {a good deficit-erasing word!}

Pastor John emailed us a reminder of the Committee Meeting this upcoming Monday - probably a good thing that I ate Minute Rice and cream of mushroom soup base BEFORE leaving for Fellowship to save money! Also got an email from the library - my hold of FLASH FOWARD is awaiting pickup, so I'll do that next week.

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When I Shine / Finally eating Scottish oatcakes!

As I thought, the computer restarted overnight AND just now! Eric called to say I have to be at my "second-favorite intersection" at 6:30 - should be very doable! I'm also finally eating Scottish oatcakes - I've read about them, but never had them till now. SO YUMMY WITH BUTTER! (still reliving last week, also - YAY!) Also made an appointment with Barry.

Just got a notification that Rachel B. (cynicalsiren / themeanyoshi) removed me from her friends list. Gotta love it, haha. We didn't really interact much, anyway... no more emo updates from someone who considers herself in a relationship with people she has sex with over OK Cupid!

Edit - The computer restarted again at 2:30, 3:38, 4:20, 4:30, 4:38, and 5:05!

You Shine at Midday and Midnight

You're the type of person who has trouble waking up in the morning, but you're good to go after a while.

And just when everyone else is going to bed, you make a comeback late at night.

You have a lot of energy, and you tend to go at full speed.

You thrive during the summer when the world is alive at almost any hour.

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Engineering your own Coke with grenadine!

The computer just restarted again - perfect for when I can't sleep. *sarcasm*

Edit: [02:10:38] Corey: I'm drinking vanilla cherry peach Coke right now
[02:10:39] Corey: I bet you're not
[02:11:53] Flami: see? I predicted a restart, and it came
[02:12:08] Flami: no, I am not - I just downed a sleeping pill, though
[02:12:45] Corey: that's probably not as good
[02:13:37] Corey: I have Vanilla Coke, and we found grenadine (which they use for making Cherry Coke), and this peach syrup stuff that's in the same type of container as the grenadine. I put them all together :P
[02:14:33] Corey: they don't have Cherry Coke here at all. I was surprised to see vanilla... they just got that here a few weeks ago. so anyway, I have to roll my own Cherry Coke :P the drink selection is pretty minimal unless you want tea-type drinks.. tons of those
[02:15:47] Corey: the grenadine is French, and Jane gets annoyed with me when I try to read the label (not just that, plenty of things at Carrefour, which is like French Wal-Mart, so they have a lot of French on their store brand stuff) since she thinks I can't read French
[02:16:55] Corey: that's true, but there's enough common words to figure it out sometimes :P I figured out that we have to put it in the fridge after we open it by reading the label. Jane gets annoyed when I try to read those because they put a sticker with Chinese on it, and it's easier to just read that. uh.. maybe for her, but I have to make do with the ones that actually have readable letters :P
[02:17:04] Corey: Chinese isn't even possible to attempt to read and make guesses
[02:17:20] Corey: I get a lot of use out of being able to read Japanese kana here, though

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Joyous jumbo friezes and the WALL STREET JOURNAL

High-scoring words of the night:

JUMBO (100 points) - against Susan A. [5W]
FRIEZE (132 points) - against Sylvia C. [4W, 2L on Z]
JOYOUS (336 points) - against Carla P. [two 4W]
BOW (125 points) - against Laurie C. [4W, 5L on B, hook on WOKE to make BE]

Leslie just got their Dungeons And Dragons Name from the Dungeons And Dragons Name Generator. My Dungeons And Dragons Name is Lucy Shadow. (rogue)

Called Auntie Ying, who was concerned that I hadn't shown up on Sunday! (Ashley had cried because her brother Jonathan wasn't there, and of course Jesse had cried again also... the kids had also "bowled" with the toys) Said that Rachel's grandma is stressed out since her husband is in the hospital - she herself didn't know till Linda (the twins' mom) said something to Uncle Peter. I told her that Eric had told me in the morning that we'd go early - we were at the wedding the day before, anyhow. She was out all day, spending time with her relatives... also went to Melia's house to watch people like Jeremy (Melia's cousin) play games.

Trivia fact for Friday, June 11: What was the original name of the Dow Jones & Company publication that became the The Wall Street Journal? The Customer's Afternoon Letter. It was first published in 1883, a year after Dow Jones & Company was founded. It was renamed The Wall Street Journal in 1859.

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

FMA character falling for me

Another day, another restart...

Edit - Restarted again at 10:32, 10:47, and 11:06!

Note: If you are Frodo Baggins, which of your LJ friends would be in the Fellowship... and who would your enemies be? Memegen, by mithrandalf.

Which FMA Character Will Fall For You? by MysticDragon85
Where it happened:The back of a pick-up truck.
Will it last?Stranger things have happened.
Did you like it?Not the worst I've ever had.

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Hiding Kent, zinc, fists, hopping snobs, plus better throats and computers

Interesting rack of the afternoon: HIDEKENT, against Anjali R. (read this as "hide Kent")

Bingo of the afternoon:

MOUSSING (117 points) - against Julie D.

High-scoring words of the afternoon:

SENORA (120 points; 5W, 3W), WAFERY (206 points; 5W, 2W used twice, hook off CHID to make CHIDE) - against Eileen C.
SOJA (195 points) - against Shyama P. [two 5W]
INDABA (146 points) - against Sandra B. [5W, 2W used twice, hook on POOR to make POORI]
AARGH (450 points) - against Helga S. [two 5W]
ZINCOUS (244 points) - against Annette V. [4W, 4L on Z]
FIST (144 points) - against Kristen O. [two 4W]
HOP (204 points) - against Lyn B. [4W used twice, 2W used twice, 4L on P, hook on COMES to make HE / OS]
SNOB (151 points) - against Chad K. [5W, 4W, hook off AVERT for a plural]
MOUSSING (117 points) - against Julie D. [5W, bingo, hook off FAY for a plural]
KAZOOS (352 points) - against Rhonda P. [two 4W] {a good deficit-erasing word!}
HARD (144 points) - against Jane C. [two 4W]
KLUTZ (204 points; 4W used twice, 2L on K and Z, hook off GAVE to make GAVEL), UNDRAWN (3W, two 5W) - against Maureen M.
ZILCH (220 points) - against Sabina A. [two 3W, hook off HOUSE to make CHOUSE]

My sore throat seems all better, but I took a Strepsil when I woke up as a preventative measure. This computer seems less temperamental today, which is good since I don't want to go out in the rain! Melia also called me (and sent me / Auntie Vivian) an email about ushering on Saturday for the awards ceremony. "I'm wondering if you can help usher on Saturday? I've already spoken to Chrystal and Golden, and they have both agreed to help. Basically, you will help hand out the programs in the beginning, and then the coupons afterward. Chrystal will get in touch with Auntie Rebecca to get the materials you will need. Please touch base with Chrystal on Saturday." I don't know anything about this - I won't be able to do this perfectly, yikes! She won't be there on the weekend, but wants to make sure Chris / Emily / Jessica aren't short of leaders - I understand, and have agreed.

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Artist Type

As I thought, this thing restarted at least once or twice overnight. Better submit this Semagic entry before it does that again...

You Are an Emotional Artist

You're the type of artist who creates because you are moved. It's like it's not even a choice.

Your art is all about expressing yourself, and to be honest, you don't really care about what others think of it.

You are in love with the things that you create. Every piece of art you've made has great meaning to you.

You don't beat yourself up if your art isn't perfect. If you're happy with what it says, then that's all you could ask for.

I wouldn't say I'm an ARTIST, since I express myself through writing instead of creative art, but this still kinda works...

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Taiwanese weather

Corey's opinion on the current Taiwanese weather:

[00:44:34] Corey: the sky is down now, it's raining like crazy
[00:44:51] Flami: but the question is... is it GOOD rain?
[00:45:03] Corey: uh, I don't know? it's wet rain
[00:45:15] Corey: and I was out riding my bike earlier :P
[00:45:55] Corey: that would be bad right now. it's really noisy... tons of rain. maybe the hardest rain I've seen since I've been here... and it rained a lot when I first got here
[00:47:39] Flami: are you sure it's rain and not hail?
[00:57:37] Flami: maybe it's rain on Jane's tin roof?
[00:59:35] Corey: I'm in an apartment building! :P no tin roof!
[00:59:55] Corey: and of course it's not hail, I doubt it ever gets cold enough for that here. it's hot as fuck today
[01:00:09] Corey: or at least it is when you're out riding a bike uphill to get home
[01:12:35] Flami: yeah, I can understand that
[01:14:31] Corey: it's not so hot with all the rain, at least... Jane needs to go out and do some things today though (before she comes home), so she hopes it'll stop :P
[01:16:26] Flami: of course she does!
[01:24:57] Corey: well, how about you!?!?!?!?
[01:27:19] Flami: it's not raining here, so I dunno... of course, I hope she doesn't get caught in the rain, but other than that...
[01:32:03] Corey: yeah, whatever, you whippersnappers are all the same
[01:32:57] Flami: yeah, yeah... I heard on Facebook that GWAR was in Fort Collins last week
[01:33:29] Corey: well, that's annoying
[01:37:16] Flami: because you're not there?
[01:44:15] Corey: yes
[01:46:29] Flami: that does suck

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Dishwasher detergent - one use is SO expensive! / Ostrich eggs

High-scoring words of the night:

OBVIATOR (235 points) - against Rae J. [5W used twice, 2W, hook off RUINS to make BRUINS]
OCULI (128 points) - against Michael H. [two 4W]

After leaving the library, I went to Sears to get some panties, then to London Drugs to get mini packs of Kleenex / Cascade dishwasher detergent (gotta clean the stove pans!) / lip balm / hand sanitizer. Managed to get the 407 JUST in time, so YAY! As I expected, the computer restarted multiple times when I got home, but I managed to catch up with LJ and such! I also heard that the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup tonight - sigh.

Trivia fact for Thursday, June 10: How many pounds of pressure does it take to break an ostrich egg? 120.

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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

MurderDolls and why he loves me / The first time I have sex

This thing just restarted!

What would the MurderDolls do to you!?!?!? by Necr0phelia
Your name...
Your fave color...
Wednesday will...Force you to make out with him
Joey will...Beat the shit outta you
Eric will...Rape you
Ben will...Yell at you that you're a slut, and beat you up
Acey will...Pin you to a wall and rape you
You scream... (or not)AAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!
Afterwards, they will...Rape you all one by one in front of the others
Afterwards, you will...Call your best friend and tell her you met the Dolls
Do they have regrets?No
Do they go in jail?Yes, but get probation

What makes him love you? (GIRLS ONLY!!!!!) by ShoppinTilPink12
Hair Color
He loves you because you are...pretty
and you also are...happy
but most importantly, because you

how, where, who, and what will happen the first time you have sex!!?? by happydays
Fave color:
when will you have sex:October 26, 2009
Who will you have sex with:Logan
Where will you have sex:In a car outside your house!!

Haha... well, that didn't happen! :P

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Fay's purity, dandy sonatinas, unbinding ovaries, true crime, and classics

Interesting rack of the afternoon: BOYCHOKE (against Annette V. - read as "boy choke")

High-scoring words of the afternoon:

FAY (174 points) - against Andrea R. [5W, 2W, 2L on F used twice, hook off EASE to make FEASE]
PURITY (110 points) - against Skye F. [5W]
EXISTS (135 points) - against Karen S.-S. [4W, 2W, hook off IF for a plural]
SONATINA (112 points) - against Cathy T. [4W, 2W] {a good deficit-erasing word!}
DANDYISH (112 points) - against Aaron J. [4W]
BEANIE (144 points) - against Michael H. [two 4W]
UNBIND (130 points; 5W), OVARIES (100 points; 2W, 5W) - against Toni S.
SCARVES (350 points) - against Sally C. [two 4W, hook off MA to make EMA]
BALSA (140 points) - against Judy I. [4W, 5W] {a good deficit-erasing word!}

Walked to the library, where (as I suspected) they STILL block LJ. Oh well, it's still better than the home computer restarting every five minutes or so! The computer stations outside of the room I'm used to only have 2-hour sessions as opposed to 2.5-hour sessions with extensions, but I think it's better than nothing! However, I might go to Oakridge after this, since I would need to check LJ. Hopefully, it's not blocked there! I borrowed Bind, Torture, Kill: The Inside Story of the Serial Killer Next Door (Roy Wenzl, Tim Potter, L. Kelly, Hurst Laviana); Eye of the Beholder (Lowell Cauffiel), Middlemarch (George Eliot, Lynne Sharon Schwartz, and Megan McDaniel); Encyclopedia of Crime (Oliver Cyriax, Colin Wilson, Damon Wilson); The Husband (Dean Koontz); Jade Peony (Wayson Choi); To the Grave: Inside a Spectacular RCMP Sting (Mike McIntyre); Black Dahlia Avenger (Steve Hodel); and Post-Mortem: Justice at Last for Yvette Budram (Jon Wells) while I was here.

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Erin and Ben fitting us in / Half-brother and half-sister / Coffee Craving / Explosion dream

This thing restarted both overnight AND just now! I hate when it gets hotter out, man! Also hate incompetent morons on the phone - how hard is it to simply forward me to the person I wish to speak with?! UGH!

Steph sent us an Evite AND a Facebook message to inform us that Erin and Ben can fit us into the "endless eating rotation of family dinners" next Thursday at her parents' house for a potluck which starts at 5. Perfect excuse... YAY! I'll have to figure out how to get there, but this should be relatively easy. At least nobody objectionable is on the guest list this time! I also ate the whole package of sweet chili Rice Bites before I went to bed - yikes, haha. I just heard about a news story where a couple didn't know they were actually half-brother and half-sister until very recently. Gotta love Ireland!

Had a dream where this lady was opening her fridge, and noticed a tape measure marked at certain numbers. When she looked for the third thing she needed for her cooking... BOOM! Everything exploded! I don't know what that's supposed to mean!

Edit an hour later - This thing restarted at 1:28, 1:32, 1:40, 1:50, 1:55, and 2:02!

You Are Easygoing

You are just along for the ride, and you're happy to be a part of the world.

You think that life is pretty great, and you're looking to find the sweetest parts of it.

You like to surround yourself with friends and family. You feel happiest when you have a large support group.

You get a lot of joy from helping the people in your life. You always have some encouragement to share.

I like my family of the heart, since my actual family is NUTS!

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Scouring azure confidences, smoke detectors, and woolly mammoths

High-scoring words of the night:

EMPLOYER (400 points) - against Louise G. [4W, 5W]
INFARE (500 points) - against Millie F. [2W, two 5W]
SCOURER (405 points) - against Shyama P. [5W, two 3W]
ANSAE (199 points) - against Jenny H. [two 4W, hook off BA for a plural]
ANSAE (121 points) - against Lise M. [4W, 5W, hook off ROOT to make TA]
WOOS (113 points) - against Alice P. [5W, 4L on W, hook off TORE to make STORE]
KNOWS (126 points) - against Lori P. [two 3W]
AZURE (427 points) - against Kim P. [two 5W]
CONFIDE (1500 points) - against Maureen W. [4W, two 5W]
XU (545 points; 5L on X), VAT (721 points; 4L on V), DANDILY (3297 points; a good deficit-erasing word!), BUNTS (2000 points; 3W, hook off CANT to make SCANT) - against Sheri A. {crazy game}

I set off the smoke detector again tonight - guess I'll have to clean those stove pans!

Trivia fact for Wednesday, June 9: What famous explorer headed the first organized dig that found fossilized remains of mastodons and woolly mammoths in the United States? William Clark, of Lewis and Clark fame. He was commissioned by President Thomas Jefferson in 1807 to organize a paleontological dig in a salt marsh in what is now Big Bone Lick State Park in Kentucky.

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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Tempest, Tryst, Urania, and Utopia

This is from What Not to Name Your Baby by Joe Borgenicht.


Tamette: A pocket tambourine. Name popular with circus fans.

Tamilisia: A rare form of memory loss caused by being struck in the head with a tamale.

Tandy: The childish pronunciation of Candy. Thinking she is speaking baby talk, strangers will give her no respect, and she will be laughed at during job interviews.

Taryn: An inhabitant of the planet Earth. The child will only be able to develop lasting friendships with fans of Star Trek.

Tea: The dried leaves of a shrub cherished by the British when it is soaked in scalding water, and consumed with small cookies in the most snotty way possible. Also, the surname of famed "boxer" who beat Rocky Balboa in the second, third, or fourth sequel.

Tempest: Furious agitation or commotion. A child with this name will find calm only after destroying every piece of household furniture you own. See also Stormy.

Tennille: One half of the greatest singing duo of all time, best known for their hit single Muskrat Love. See also Captain.

Thankful: Aware and appreciative of a benefit. And, believe me, the boys will be.

Tiara: An ornament, often jeweled, worn on the head. Not quite a crown, not quite a headband. This child will be destined for plastic surgery and pageant life.

Tonia: A unit of weight measurement equivalent to 2000 pounds. A big girl. Latin beyond praise.

Trauma: An event or situation that causes great distress and disruption. Much easier than having that "You were an accident" conversation later in life.

Treasure: Valuable or precious possessions often kept in a chest or box. A parent who gives a child this name should be prepared to guard that box carefully.

Trinity: A group consisting of three members. How many strippers' names can we fit into this book? Honestly, how many?

Trinket: A small, trivial thing. A child with this name will have the self-worth of a gnat.

Tryst: A clandestine meeting between two filthy, cheating, dishonest lovers. Wives and girlfriends will never trust a young woman with this name.


Ubah: A large brass horn. This child will be a band geek, the fat one at the end who can't march on beat.

Uma: A tall, thin actress who leaves cheating husbands in the dust. Also, a lizard with fringed toes.

Unique: The only one of its kind. Having been in the top one thousand US baby names since 1995, a child with this name will be anything but.

Urania: A troubled nation formerly a member of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Located somewhere around Lithuania or Albania, or one of those places. A radioactive substance used in weapons of mass destruction. Although never officially discovered, we know it's out there.

Ursa: A Latin name meaning "she-bear." Prone to hair-control problems and obesity, a child with this name will never find happiness.

Ursula: A North American butterfly, nearly black with red and blue spots and blotches. When asked about the splotches, a woman with this name will most likely answer, "I fell down the stairs" or "But he loves me, he didn't mean it!"

Utopia: An imaginary place considered to be perfect. A name suitable for a metropolitan sex shop owner.

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Rainy Skype re-installation!

High-scoring words of the afternoon:

RAINIEST (184 points) - against Demetra K. [two 4W]
ALONE (125 points) - against Michelle M. [two 5W]

In between computer / sound issues and such, I reinstalled Skype on Kenny's advice. Sounds fine if we can talk even while he's gaming! I finally got the sound and plugs to work, so I'm good to go! We're covering personal stuff / CP / disability / jobs / mistresses / Asian families / reading (moods and Bathroom Readers) / jobs / financial offices / statuses / action shooter games / sisters-in-law / family dynamics / DAWN OF DRAGONS / Mafia Wars and energy boosts / high school / Slurpees / exes / blogging / talking to yourself / doing retarded things on Robson Street (cops and old men!) / Hien / boredom / choking on macadamia nuts. Pretty good conversation, for sure.

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Talking to Kenny about stuff is always good. :D

You Are a Down to Earth Dreamer

Just because you're practical, it doesn't mean you don't dream.

You just like to put your dreams into action more than most people.

At first, you dream big, but then you stop and think... Can your dream actually be achieved?

You're willing to rethink and refine your dream until it is possible. And then you go act on it!

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EPIC FAIL concerning digital cameras / Six forced wins / Top-selling fruit

This is where Corey attempts to help me with this digicam that I didn't ask for:

[22:50:11] Flami: what am I supposed to do with this digital camera?!
[23:50:39] Corey: go to a women's locker room and take pictures of naked girls?
[23:52:54] Flami: no... like, how do I figure out how to use it?
[23:54:13] Corey: yeah, you can't take pictures of naked girls until you figure that out, good point
[23:54:18] Corey: well, usually you turn it on first...
[23:54:42] Corey: then there's a switch or a wheel thing that puts it in the different modes... then you push the button to take a picture
[23:58:04] Flami: I know my mom gave me the manual - I'd figure it out tomorrow, but you won't be here then
[23:58:19] Corey: I won't?
[23:58:31] Flami: not at the time I'll be awake
[23:59:11] Corey: I'm leaning heavily toward not going to class tomorrow (it's not my class :P)
[23:59:26] Flami: still, your "tomorrow" and my "tomorrow" are different
[00:00:57] Corey: well, figure out the camera then, they're not that complicated :P if you can turn it on, then look for a menu or more likely just a wheel thing on top with a bunch of little icons. one will be for movies, one for pictures, one for viewing pictures... just turn that to different things until the screen shows you whatever you're pointing at
[00:05:44] Flami: what the heck is an SD card? it's gotta be this MultiMedia card with a "16" on it
[00:30:29] Flami: EPIC FAIL - this card won't even go into the camera!
[00:30:54] Corey: well, you didn't even know what the card was, so I'm not sure if you're putting it in the right way or in the right place :P
[00:32:58] Flami: it's GOT to be this card!
[00:33:51] Corey: they only go in one way, so turn it around if it's not :P are you sure the camera takes SD cards? there's a ton of different memory card formats
[00:34:36] Corey: SD is really common, but there are plenty of others. if it's a Sony, it uses Sony's expensive proprietary brand
[00:35:00] Flami: it isn't a Sony - it's a Slick
[00:37:00] Flami: since this SD card thing doesn't remotely look like the drawing in the manual, I bet my mother screwed me over
[00:46:33] Flami: there is absolutely nothing else in here that looks like it could be a SD card - which the manual specifically indicates the camera takes :P
[00:47:00] Flami: is the problem that it's a 16 one instead of a 2? (MB vs. GB, I assume is what my mother meant)
[00:47:01] Corey: an SD card probably says something about being an SD card on it...
[00:47:36] Flami: "Canon MultiMedia Card" and "MMC-16M"
[00:48:24] Corey: okay, then that's an MMC, not SD
[00:48:27] Corey:
[00:48:32] Corey: that's an SD card
[00:48:55] Corey: actually, that's an SDHC card, but they're the same shape :P normally, SD doesn't go over 2 GB
[00:48:56] Flami: she said, "I have a 2 at home once you figure it out"
[00:49:17] Corey: SDHC is for bigger ones, and only newer stuff (from a couple years ago and newer) will work with those
[00:50:13] Corey: well, I looked it up, and MMC MIGHT be the same thing...
[00:50:30] Corey: I have a USB SD card adapter, and it's called SD / MMC adapter... so maybe
[00:50:40] Corey: the SD Wikipedia page talks about SD / MMC
[00:50:50] Flami: oh good, I was about to make a status update about the EPIC FAIL
[00:51:16] Flami: but since it's a Canon card attempting to be used in a Slick camera, would the brands have any bearing on it?
[00:51:26] Corey: okay, never mind - there's a section about how they're similar, but different........
[00:51:36] Corey: brands don't matter at all if it's the right kind
[00:52:03] Corey: okay, never mind, again... "Devices with SD slots can use the thinner MMCs, but standard SD cards will not fit into the thinner MMC slots. "
[00:52:19] Corey: if that's a 16 MB card, though, that's like four pictures in a modern camera.......
[01:00:32] Flami: so should I try again? (no force)
[01:09:57] Corey: metal contact end goes in first, only one way... it should go in fairly easily if you have it the right way. it's really not that hard, since there are only two ways to even attempt putting it in
[01:12:34] Flami: okay, wait a minute... does this thing needs to be on in order for me to insert it?
[01:13:43] Corey: no
[01:21:12] Flami: that's what I thought - NOW WHAT?
[01:21:58] Corey: put it in the right place?
[01:38:02] Flami: metal contact... the one with the little silver squares?
[01:39:04] Corey: do you see anything else?
[01:39:46] Flami: wait - the squares are more gold than silver now in this light... but the other end has "Made In Japan - CE" on it :P
[01:41:14] Flami: there's a little arrow pointing in what I assume is the right direction to insert the card into the slot... just tried, and it won't work
[01:41:45] Corey: put it in the right place on the camera, then
[01:42:23] Flami: I did
[01:48:50] Corey: then why doesn't it go in? :P and the arrow is probably for the lock thing on the side, not the direction.. the arrow on my SD card is not pointing at the end that goes in
[01:49:11] Corey: I'm not sure how this is confusing, though, since one end is plain plastic and obviously won't do anything if you plug it in somewhere
[01:49:14] Flami: how should I know?!

Tied record: Five forced wins in the last 24 hours, against Lisa B. (2) / Kristy B. / Katie S. / Kerry B.

Trivia fact for Tuesday, June 8: When it comes to pounds consumed, what is the top-selling fruit in the United States? The banana. The average American eats 28 pounds of bananas a year.

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Monday, June 07, 2010

Burgoo, HO, and trying for sanity

This computer restarted TWICE in the last bit - once while I was out, and a second time just now. I'm also using Opera instead of Safari for now because it seems to work faster and better - it's just more responsive!

Steph picked me up after shopping at Richmond Centre for Vivian's bachelorette present (for tomorrow - manicure / pedicure / dinner), which she showed us later: QUIZ THE BRIDE ABOUT THE GROOM, haha. We discussed bombing, Awana ending early, air, a very little bit about my past Friday, Terrence, and the bad traffic before stopping at her place so a necessary function could be performed before watching old-time Canucks hockey on TV. After a while, we left again - we got to Burgoo in good time for the anniversary dinner for Jon and Harmony, and my parents had gone in separate cars for some reason. I later found out that Dad had a deacons meeting to attend, and I erroneously thought that this meant the dinner would be SHORTER - nope, he just left early. Oh well. We ordered coffee, wine, beer, biscuits, Kentucky meat, chicken pot pie-tasting stuff, salad, and other good things. Grandma came in and made a beeline for the bar, haha! Her memory is really getting bad if Jon just dropped her off, then she asked us where he was barely a minute later! :(

Mom gave me an Ikea bag of stuff, including a digicam (with related equipment) / Life Saver gummi candy / Rice Bites / candies. We discussed annoying stuff relating to me (ugh), Vivian's wedding on Thursday, Hannah Lee's wedding on July 10, Auntie Susan Lee / Karen Grace / Edwin, moving, the Stampede, seeing Dave He on Sunday, Steph seeing Dave Wong on Sunday near the church, Brent and Danielle, Nathan coming back soon, Eric and Jeremy being honorary NG family members, Chuck's mom dying from ovarian cancer, Raymond and Randal doing a boogie on the dance floor at Chuck and Andrea's wedding, Steph getting home at 1:30 after all was said and done that night, my taking transit with Eric, and more. Erin's coming back next week, and Tracy wants to have a get-together that's NOT coffee in between various family meals! Maybe Steph can host it at her place once a date is determined! Apparently, Erin's dad Uncle Eric is a bit sensitive about his son-in-law because Ben apparently won't call him "Dad" or say "Good morning" to him, I learned. Mom said that Auntie Brenda and Uncle Eric better not give them expired biscuits from the time Erin's other grandpa died, or a sweater they'd originally given them, which ultimately went to ME. Erin's grandpa Uncle Percy isn't doing well, and may have a heart operation which he refused seven years ago. Steph says she'll hang out with Mom if she takes Auntie Eva (Erin's aunt) out for a night, but of course Auntie Eva may be paranoid since she doesn't know what might happen to her 93-year-old father when she's gone!

Someone brought up the service project at First Baptist, and Jon said that he'd signed me up for the SERVANTS one, then asked how I'd liked it. I confined myself to an answer of "It was okay... the little girl was CUTE!" (Steph wondered if I could use some opportunities at SERVANTS - giving or receiving counselling?!) For some reason, Jon brought up toilet training since that little girl had recently been toilet-trained! We also discussed ("don't upload those pictures now that you have a digicam!"), and what Jeremy had told us about the toilets in Germany and the low ledge to see your poo!

Mom said that they could give me a ride to Chung Ming's dinner, but a decision is a decision! After various discussions, we had ice cream at Bellagio Gelato across the street, and decided that it wasn't a good idea to jaywalk with Grandma in tow. At least Mom convinced Grandma to give me $50 more for the two weeks I spent with her (which I'll save), and Steph gave me back my fifty cents. Grandma thought Jon and Harmony didn't eat much considering the amount on the dinner bill, but fondue (which we had to describe as "cheese hot pot") DOES get filling after a while! Besides, the spinach salad was relatively huge! I think she figures they got full on the alcohol and French onion soup as well, haha.

On the way there, Jon horrified Mom by showing her Brewery Creek ("my favorite liquor store!"), haha. At the gelato place, various embarrassing stories were discussed - "it's FAMILY!" doesn't cut it with me. Jon mentioned that Dave liked hip-hop, and dressed about as well as the average person on Main Street - casual, yet not overdone. Then we quizzed her on Eminem / Marshall Mathers, Dr. Dre, and Snoop Dogg... she had NO idea who any of these people were, haha. From there, we went to check out Jon and Harmony's new place next to a liquor store (the stairs there have railings - YAY!), then dropped them off at home since Mom also gave them a bunch of boxes for moving. Mom attempted to give me a ride home, but I just got her to drop me off at King Edward Station two minutes away. Got a train JUST in time, and didn't mind the wait when I got into Richmond even if I *did* have to pee! :P

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Frightened HOORAY! / Pick-ups, not being girly, chili at SERVANTS

High-scoring words of the afternoon:

HOORAYS (192 points) - against Shirley C. [4W, 2W, 3L on H, hook off AMIGA for a plural]
FRIGBT (256 points) - against Alan C. [two 4W]

Got an email from my sister, who's apparently in Richmond now and can pick me up for Burgoo when she's done whatever she's doing. Nice, nice... I assume it either has to do with work OR Viv's wedding. Apparently, Dave thinks my not being a "girly girl" is cool!

Been some time since I did a picture post. These are from the time a bunch of us cooked three huge pots of chili for about 40 people at SERVANTS a couple of weeks ago (May 26) - tripling the recipe certainly worked out in our favor!

Simmering chili:

Kevin, Randal, and birthday boy Wesley in one kitchen... no, they were not part of the tripled recipe!

Dylan being a MAN, and cooking the chili in the other kitchen:

Chili in progress:

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Sailboats and foil

High-scoring word of the morning:

AEROFOIL (600 points) - against Demetra K. [2W, two 5W]

Got an email from the library, so I'll need to go there soon since my books are due on Thursday. May check out some Stephen King or Dean Koontz, and not just because a certain person says he likes them. ;) [I read a Dean Koontz book years ago, but can't tell you which one it was!]

You Are Having an Awesome Day

You feel like you are moving forward in your life, but you can handle the changes that are happening.

You are a flexible person. You tend to take life as it comes.

You are prioritizing your friendships right now. You want to strengthen existing bonds and create new ones.

Deep down, you crave comfort. You want what's familiar and guaranteed to soothe you.

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Obsidian quail, justice, purity, eye-opening experiences, and rock bands

High-scoring words of the night:

WAFTED (144 points) - against Janice C. [two 3W]
FLU (105 points; 5W, 3W), WHORES (1425 points; 3W, two 5W; a good deficit-erasing word!) - against Annette-Tony V.
SIXTH (511 points) - against Kim P. [two 4W, hook off BO to make BOX]
JUSTICE (100 points) - against Bev O. [5W]
PURITY (126 points) - against Jenny H. [5W, 2W, hook off AL to make PAL] {a good deficit-erasing word!}
OBSIDIAN (185 points) - against Millie F. [two 3W]
JAUNTS (320 points) - against Suzi C. [two 2W, 5W]
QUAIL (144 points; two 4W), DINGY (360 points; 4W, 5W used twice, hook on WACK to make WACKY; a good deficit-erasing word!), AKIMBO (162 points; two 3W, hook off DINGY to make AG) - against Darrin S.
ATTACK (192 points) - against Shyama P. [two 4W]

It's like my eyes have been opened to new things, and to a new appreciation of stuff I might have taken for granted!

Trivia fact for Monday, June 7: What rock band took its name from a football term coined by former Chicago Bears head coach Mike Ditka? Smash Mouth. Ditka coined the phrase to describe hard-hitting, in-your-face football.

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Sunday, June 06, 2010

Savannah, Shazzanna, Sleeza, and Swayze

This is from What Not to Name Your Baby by Joe Borgenicht.


Sabbath: The greatest heavy metal band of all time! And that time the lead singer bit the head off a bat was really all just a big misunderstanding, you see, because he thought it wasn't real.

Sabre: A long, sharp, slightly curved sword that somewhat resembles the teeth of a large cat driven into extinction by our caveman ancestors.

Sachet: The way a gay cowboy walks. Also, a scented knickknack for an undergarment drawer.

Saffron: Subject and object of obsession in the '60s classic I'm Just Mad About Saffron. Also, the world's most expensive spice, derived from the crocus flower.

Saga: An interminable story involving giants and fire and mead. Just buy the Cliffs Notes.

Saige: A plant whose aroma, when in bloom, has been likened to perfume... deep in the heart of Texas.

Samantha: A name popular with transsexuals and white witches. Also, the sitcom character most likely to get an STD.

Savannah: A low-lying coastal Georgian city. Most people who name their daughters this have never been there.

SeaBreeze: A really bad women's perfume (but effective facial wipe) from the '80s.

Season: To flavor food with grains, flakes, or seeds.

Shazzam: An eight-foot-tall genie who plays centre for the L.A. Lakers.

Shazzanna: Younger sister and impetuous crime-fighting sidekick of Shazzam.

Shelagh (SHEE-law) - Celtic word meaning "blind." With any luck, she'll be a triplet. You can name her sisters Bodhar (deaf) and Balbh (dumb), and her brother Tommy.

Shenandoah: A mighty river and the subject of the '70s musical about manifest destiny.

Sienna: The ugliest crayon.

Sierra: Spanish for "mountain range." A child with this name will feel very in touch with the environment, choose not to shower or shave her armpits, and obsessively follow a "groovy" band around the country in a dilapidated VW van.

Skye: The expanse of air covering the earth. The heavens. A child with this name will, no doubt, be as vacant and prone to wind as that region.

Skylar: Fabled hostess of the mile-high club.

Sleeza: A sexually promiscuous female. Children with this name will be able to choose from a wide array of careers including pole dancer, masseuse, and prostitute.

Star (If you can read it, you can say it.) - A luminous celestial body. A celebrity. A child with this name will be neither of these things, and will most likely end up living in a trailer park, lamenting missed chances at fame and fortune.

Stormy: Affected by storms. Tempestuous. Emotionally unstable. See also Tempest.

Sugar: A powdered substance, white when pure. Unfortunately, with a name like Sugar, she won't stay pure for very long.

Sumner: A fort in New Mexico where thousands of Apache and Navajo Indians were held prisoner in the 1800s. Many died. Thanks for bringing that up.

Sunny: Exposed to or abounding in the death-giving rays of the sun. See also Sunshine.

Sunshine: The light from the sun. These irritating rays are known to cause cancer and severe burns. A child with this name may not cause cancer, but will definitely be irritating.

Swayze: The mullet-bedecked star of films such as Dirty Dancing or Roadhouse. Though this child may meet with success early in life, a series of bad choices will cause her to disappear into oblivion while still in her prime.

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Yes! Another unscheduled day off from the kids!

Eric picked me up, and since he'd said "OMW" to mean "On my way" when he called to alert me to this, I said "ROFLPIMP" and told him that it meant "Rolling on the floor laughing, peeing my pants." Of course, I said that it wasn't literally what I was doing! I said that Tracy, Denise, Dianne, Alan, and others had gone to a Denny's or somewhere to have a lot of nuggets and such at 2 AM. Eric said maybe they'd needed to sober Alan up, and wondered where I'd read this... on Facebook in the morning, of course! "You logged into Facebook to check it?!" "I'm almost always logged in, so it's easy - just click the open tab, and scroll to see what's new! I woke up, took a shower, and checked stuff while eating oatmeal."

We saw some stupid drivers, and then he wondered if I had Sunday School (probably) - he was going to De Dutch Pannekoek House with his parents later, so he'd leave right away. I figured that I could do with another unscheduled day off (no guilt this time), so just hoped that Auntie Ying didn't see me! Of course, it depended on whether certain people were around - he said that I was thinking of a particular person, but I actually had Jeremy in mind! Then I spent some time talking about spill risk down steep stairs with no railing, but then I have issues with those. :P When we got to church, I told him to wait for me - we ended up talking to Cindy about last night. She couldn't get home till after 1 AM because people were busy dancing after she cleaned up - and the flowers that Dianne brought home didn't help her, either!

Luckily, we avoided sitting in close proximity to Mr. Creep, but what I didn't realize till Communion was that we were in front of Raymond! Oh sure, like I'm going to pass the peace with THAT one! (especially after what he heard last night at the table...) Exchanged waves with Jordan when he turned around - I miss those kids, haha. I know he won't admit it, but he might miss me too. No, I'm not crazy. I was fighting to stay reasonably awake during the sermon, and reading the Sunday School material wasn't useful in these efforts! Afterwards, I asked Jeremy whether he was up for lunch later - as soon as I heard that he might just go home and nap (good day for it!), I told Eric that I'd leave with him. Saves the hassle, and I don't feel guilty this time!

Went to the fellowship hall - when I saw Dave He, I simply HAD to say hi! There were a bunch of cupcakes from last night, which reminded me that Dave and I had seen CUPCAKES at Park Royal Village. Eric can't have sugar, so he had the chips instead. Saw David Ho, a bunch of the kids, Nina, Andrew, Wesley, Karen, Lincoln, Jon (who says Burgoo is easy to get to - I'll see), Denise, Steph, Christon, Harmony, and others. Talked about Jeremy's pulse being 180 last night, our plans for the day, and other things. I told Rich that we needed seven more copies of the preschool material, and he said that I could ask Maxine afterwards for extras since they had the same thing - my class has seemingly exploded in size, man! I'll certainly keep that in mind, for sure. Saw Harrison with his parents, so gave him a high five. After a while, Eric and I left after he called his parents. Saw Uncle Peter on the way out - I bet he'll tell his wife that I'd gone, oh well. Eric said that the Richmond location of De Dutch is on Leslie Road - I *knew* I'd seen it on Friday near Felico's!

He reminded me that Friday's program is the International Justice Mission talk, so maybe Dave will come out to that - I don't know, but possibly not. Eric said that he didn't care if Darkwing came out, although it would be nice to see him on a regular basis. I said that I could look up free festivals and such - summer is coming up, for sure! I'll probably call him mid-week, since he's said he doesn't mind... maybe I'll ask him to hang out again next week. Gotta leave him time to do his thing too, of course. (and say that I'm not a girly girl, but maybe not total TOMBOY... haha...)

Eric spoke in French to me, spoke softly, said that I was a tomato chicken with wings to fly home from #4 / Alderbridge, and wondered why Zynga was promoting itself on 7-11 Slurpee cups... I don't know, since I don't play Farmville / Mafia Wars / YoVille / their other Facebook games. He thanked me for contributing to the parking expense last night - not a problem. Says he isn't going to the carnival next week... I can possibly get Henry to drive me home right after the awards ceremony. He said that he had saved a game last night since he wanted to go to bed, but the enemy is hard to kill... yikes!

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Vegas and rooting smidges

High-scoring words of the morning:

SMIDGES (300 points) - against Karen R. [two 5W]
ENROOTS (145 points) - against Demetra K. [two 3W]

I definitely did not have enough sleep - oh well. Eric just called, so I should be out the door!

You Are Paris

You are a true epicure. You enjoy the finest things in life, and only the best will do for you.

You don't need a grand experience to be happy. You're more content with the perfect croissant or espresso.

You are not a snob, but you do admit having no patience for inferior goods or services.

Life's too short to watch a bad movie or drink bad wine!

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Ridiculous swap requests, poteens and Alaska, Chuck and Andrea, Scotland

High-scoring words of the night:

NOVAE (105 points) - against Teresa T. [5W, 2W, hook off QUA to make AQUA] {a good deficit-erasing word!}
POTEENS (207 points) - against Demetra K. [two 3W]
DEBASE (240 points) - against Demetra K. [3W, two 2W, 3L on B] {different game}
ALASKA (396 points) - against Dori E. [4W, two 3W]
ACID (100 points) - against Marta C. [5W, 4L on C]
HOTBOX (104 points) - against Bev O. [two 2W]

Now I've heard everything - Marta C. wanted me to ask her if it was okay to swap my tiles out first before doing so. I don't think so - sometimes, you just have to... and then I'd be giving you a turn to gain even more points on me!

I'm going to try and make this quick, but we'll see. Last year, I didn't quite make my goal. Eric called me when I'd fallen asleep since I simply HAD to take a nap. I was still half-asleep when I got into his car, and I even had to continue the nap on the Canada Line! Talked about nothing in particular, but I bet one of the discussion topics was yesterday! Hey, it was pretty awesome! He later asked me which night had been more special... no comment, man.

We saw Citrus in his uniform at the convention centre for Chuck and Andrea's banquet, so I told him that I'd seen the Citruso truck at Coal Harbor yesterday. He's seen it around town, too. Said hi to Jose as I went upstairs, trailing Eric. Got to the banquet room just in time for things to start - Steph suggested that I get some wine, haha. I told her that she'd be proud of me since I'd walked more than a kilometre yesterday. When she asked what I was doing at Ambleside, I told her that I was hanging out. Soon, Eric told Jon and Harmony (plus Raymond / Jeremy / Danielle / Brent / Steph / Vanessa) that I'd hung out with Dave Wong. Crazy! I told Harmony that it had been fun, we'd come up with ideas for future hangouts, and we'd talked for a long time about a lot of stuff. She said she was happy for me, which at least I can believe.

The table discussed Jon being a housewife (he cooks - but she cleans!), DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES and certain of their activities, 4chan and /b/ (Jeremy's advice to Raymond: "It's rather obscene, so check out the Wiki page FIRST before going there!" - he also asked whether I contributed... NO!), meat for the Albertans, wild salmon being VALUE, mushroom risotto, balsamic vinegar, how drunk Jeremy had been at this exact time last year plus four hours (SO MUCH WINE!), Uncle Daniel being a grandpa soon, poop jokes, TMI (Raymond and Brent now know way too much), "southern regions," "lump sums / donations," Cake references ("Going the distance!"), and more. I asked Steph when Vivian's wedding was - it's on Thursday (in or near UBC) since Gabriel's family is rather strict with the Orthodox Jew faith. You can't have the wedding on Friday or Saturday because of Shabbat! Steph was telling Vanessa that the bridesmaid dresses were purple, but kinda tight for her - oh dear! Turns out Steph is also losing a friend to marriage (sorta) since they move to Waterloo soon afterwards. Uncle Sam came to the table to wish Jon and Harmony a happy anniversary - he remembers because of a golf game, haha.

The speeches were kinda LONG, and it was no surprise that the toasting began before they were completed. We heard practically NO NOISE from any of the other tables - Steph said that Alan and Daniel represented our main competition as far as noise went. Table 28 should represent, yo! (and we did) The table had a good sightline as to my mom's facial expressions - she was NOT impressed when the three of us started singing kinda loudly to Tom Petty's FREE FALLING, and later remarked that she'd been on her way over to shut us up! Hahaha, like THAT would work anyway! The NGS are LOUD! I think she was even more horrified when we started yelling random things - Johnny and Jen thought Jon was drunk already, but that wasn't the case. Steph said that she should borrow a breathalyzer from work to take to either the next wedding OR Sunday Dinner (with advance notice), haha. (Alan was GONE, Christon said)

The girls all got the guys to take pictures of them - later, Steph got the BRIGHT IDEA for a few family pictures. UGH! I had to survive it, though. Chrystal said that she HAD gone this afternoon for the first part, so I told her about things working out this afternoon. Steph, Vanessa, and I skipped the bouquet toss (Vivian got it) in favor of going to the washroom. I confronted Karen Choo on my way there - she thinks I can call her again, but I think I know when someone's doing a FADE on me or ignoring me without their saying so. When the dancing started, Eric and I left - good timing, since we got the right train as it was pulling into the station! He said I might not have survived if I'd stepped onto the escalator as I was going to do - yeah, you know when I'm past it because I spill water everywhere on the table! (or rum and Coke on the computer keyboard, as happened in summer 2008) It's a 9:15 outing tomorrow, so I should be ready for sure! We also talked about taking showers... I do SO take showers regularly!

Trivia fact for Sunday, June 6: What is Scotland's Firth of Forth? It's an estuary, or firth - a narrow arm of the sea - at the lower end of the River Forth, which flows into the North Sea.

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