Saturday, November 29, 2003

Awana kids singing Christmas music

I listened to the Awana kids sing Christmas music..
they're going to present it to the Chinese congregation..
kinda puts me in a Christmas mood, but not overly so..
reminds me that I still have Christmas stuff to do..
guess I'd better get on it soon, coz later never comes ;)

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More time for Net things!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, EMILY.. I hope you have a great one today! :) It's been crazy knowing you all these years.. woohoo!

spent the night doing various Net things, as usual..
having more time for this is a positive thing..
although I do want to be with my friends, as well..
at least I don't have to explain when I get booted off ;)
I admit I'm slightly concerned over what he'll say..
after what I put in my last email as a response to him?
but it's nothing like before, which is excellent indeed..
I'm sure it'll all turn out positively, and not be bad..
guess I'll have to figure it out come Sunday afternoon!

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Friday, November 28, 2003

Staying in and avoiding the sinkhole!

I'm staying in for the third Friday night in a row..
Eric's feeling better, but thinks he should rest more..
(I tend to agree with him, as more rest is certainly good)
besides, it's a sinkhole out there as everything's flooded..
Jon could pick me up later, but I don't really want to bus it..
it's better to stay in and rest up myself, actually ;)

last night, Corey told me to dream of naked ladies and aliens..
I told him that such dream images weren't normal for me..
(for all I know, he routinely dreams of such things :P)
since I said I'd let him know what I did dream about:
at least 100 kids running amok all over the church basement..
there were the families and other people around, as well..
recognized Hannah and Priscilla, as well as their mom Wai-Mui..
(no, this was NOT an Awana nightmare of any sort :P)
everyone piling into huge SUV's to go somewhere..
plus a whole bunch of junk that also somehow managed to fit..
my mom wearing a crucifix that featured an off-centre Jesus..
the crucifix was also crucial to some presentation of hers..

that's all I remember.. no naked ladies or aliens there :P
like I said the last time this happened:
you've got to try harder to influence me, dude! ;)

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Browser freezing in sympathy

I had a vaguely unsettling experience just now..
someone had made reference to the former friend in an LJ entry..
while I can handle seeing that particular name now..
(and not really have any strong reactions either way)
my browser decided to freeze right when I saw the name..
spooky coincidence or my browser sympathizing with me?
who knows what it was, but I certainly had a reaction..

I know he's around, and don't really care either way..
honestly, I think any feelings are receding now..
even if I did have a dream the other night that featured him as an anime-like person who was a gibbering mess of goo in the throes of delirium on his deathbed ;)
(for the record, I don't wish for his death.. not my style)
it also featured Pete as a half-human, half-duck hybrid..
he kept on shedding white feathers / down all over the place!
Steve W. was an artist who was trying to look things up on a map..
also, he was trying to determine the relative distance between things..
the map was apparently very confusing to me and my friends!

what happened just now was unexpected indeed..
definitely didn't think my browser would freeze up..
yes, I *do* realize it does that on the odd occasion..
but right when I see a certain contentious name?
that is oh so very weird.. now I'll calm down, and cheer up ;)

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Thursday, November 27, 2003


I've been doing a bit of reflection lately..
have I really accomplished anything this year?
don't know if I have.. or even about next year, too..
time to get out of this rut somehow.. help!
goals have never been where my thoughts are..
but that might have to be where they're at now..
eh, who knows.. guess I shall see what happens..

in other news, I always believe certain people..
it's sweet to know they'll always be there for me..
reading / hearing certain words turns me into a saphead..
(and I mean that positively, not negatively at all)
sounds so simple, yet it's so evocative.. I love the people :)

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Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Girls Night Out at Helen's!

we all had a good time at Helen's house tonight..
Helen, Linda, Shirley, Irene, Frances, Lauren, and me..
had a house tour and everything.. storage rooms galore..
a non-working sauna, a Chinese kitchen, and other goodies..
Karen came around, but she didn't think anyone was home..
she felt like a burglar sneaking around in the dark..
so she left after going all the way there.. kinda funny :)
discussed wedding pictures, Fellowship, Christmas stuff..
Awana, Committee, Sunday School, God stuff, food, family..
holidays, convocation, wedding pictures, our friends..
upcoming weddings (Ollie's is at Monk McQueens), life..

yup, it was a very good time all around..
we hadn't seen each other in so long..
doing this more often would be a good idea..
guess we'll see if and when that happens..
but I would definitely be up for such a thing.. woohoo!

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Moving text and Grapes of Wrath

earlier today, Spoz was freaked out by my moving smiley..
he looked the "move" tag up himself, and tested it..
I knew about it before he did.. past memberships are good ;)
asked people how to do it in HTML.. cool stuff there!
and now, this will be the first use of that tag on this site..
certain words from certain people make me melt.. love you!

did I get you curious about how to do it?
just do this: [marquee]text[/marquee]
replace the square brackets with pointy ones..
you should be golden once that happens ;)

and just because I feel like it tonight..
here are more evocative song lyrics for you!
(besides, it was on the radio in the past hour :P)

Artist: Grapes of Wrath
Song: I Am Here

There are times when all is wrong,
And no one knows whose side you're on.
It's not too clear to me.

Everyone sees what they see,
But I don't see you listenin' to me.
It's not too clear to me.

I've lived to talk of everything,
And I'm not trying to disagree.
And all I know is I...

I'll be there.
And I will care.
Sometimes it's like I'm not,
But I am here.

Try looking up today.
Try looking on your way.
It's all right here for you.

I've heard you talk of everything,
And I'm not trying to disagree.
And all I know is I...

I'll be there.
And I will care.
Sometimes it's like I'm not,
But I am here.

(Guitar solo)

Oh, I'll be there.
And I will care.
Sometimes it's like I'm not,
But I am here.

I'll be there.
And I will care.
Sometimes it's like I'm not,
But I am here.

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Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Ollie's getting married!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JON.. I hope you have a rocking one today! :) What to say about my brother.. I could say a lot, but won't. ;)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, COURTNEY.. I hope you have an awesome one today! :) It was interesting when you and Steph were friends.

I should really call Helen tonight to tell her I'm going..
and pass on Minli's message that she can't..
she's got too many assignments and finals on the go..
good thing I have a ride.. this will be very fun!
(Jon should really have made up his mind earlier, though :P)

my friend Ollie is finally getting married in three weeks..
I'm very happy for him, even though there's limited space ;)
his email was entitled: "a wedding announcement"..
my first thought was, "Ollie's getting married?!"
turns out that was absolutely correct.. good, in this case :)
definitely will tell Jon and Steph about this news later..
so congratulations to Ollie and his Angel.. (that's her name)

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Monday, November 24, 2003

Blog triple-post?!

I just deleted a blog triple-post..
if Spoz had seen THAT, he'd be bugging me forever ;)
(thank goodness he's probably sleeping now)
guess Blogger was having a brainfart or something..
earlier today, it wouldn't publish my blog completely..
everything seems fixed for now, so I'm semi-happy..
complete happiness isn't for me at this time.. *sigh*
but reflecting on yesterday night and those feelings?
I'd say that's definitely a sweet thing, indeed.. ;)

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Adela, Danielle, Sabrina, and Sheena are baptized!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ADAM.. I hope you have a good one today! :) It's been neat seeing you grow up.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JOANNA.. I hope you have a cool one today! :) It's been great knowing you.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MIKE.. I hope you have a great one today! :) I remember the time my grandma thought you were a girl. ;)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SANDRA.. I hope you have a nice one today! :) Knowing you has been an encouragement.

come with me on a journey to the land of humor..
where things get all deliciously twisted and fun ;)


"They should get laptops with Internet access in all the rooms.. just a TV would be SO boring!" -- Corey, discussing the general atmosphere of hospitals. (Tuesday, Nov. 18) [being bored when you're sick is probably worse than being sick by itself, as he said to me about this!]

"I don't read the Bible because I'm a boy." -- little Nathan, telling us why he shouldn't read that book. (Sunday, Nov. 23) [that is a very interesting angle on it, but both boys and girls do read their Bibles.. then again, he's almost four years old :P]

Adela, Danielle, Sabrina, and Sheena did well yesterday..
we're all very happy and excited for them, indeed..
I also received encouraging emails from Helen and Stella..
it's nice to know I'm appreciated for who I am and what I do..
heartwarming sweet email is also extremely cool..
meat tenderizer and Wicked Witch jokes aside, of course ;)

Spoz was complaining about spam mail earlier in his writings..
I just got one in which I was identified as "Pauline"..
no, I don't get it either.. do better research, you people!
very weird stuff there, indeed.. I wish for no more of it..
(got a snowball's chance in hell of happening, though..)

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Sunday, November 23, 2003

Waiting for the baptism service...

posting from the church office again..
we're waiting for the baptism service to start..
some pretty exciting stuff indeed.. SO excited!
got to spend some time with my friends..
I now have a ride for Wednesday.. (thanks, Irene!)
the hilarious quotes will come later on today..
definitely a quirky kind of vibe going on here ;)


Eric's too ill to attend church and the baptisms!

poor dear Eric's nausea got too much for him..
it's a good thing he spoke up before we reached the bridge..
so Jon and I drove him home, and now we're home too..
wouldn't really do to walk in late mid-sermon ;)
(although we HAVE left mid-sermon before..
we had to attend our cousin Yvonne's wedding that time)
both of us will definitely be praying for him to get better!

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Erin and roses!

there are definitely exciting things coming up today..
the baptisms should be very encouraging..
Erin got roses for the girls, which is nice..
and we're all pitching in for the cost..
yup, it'll definitely be a cool day for sure! ;)
Eric just asked me what I was cackling about..
um.. never mind, because you don't want to know!
there will be the prospect of good email later on ;)
so I'm glad of all that's going to be happening!

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