Saturday, October 22, 2011

Staying home is the best option if I'd be forced to be out all day otherwise!

Some stupid random person named Bill Jewett wanted me to add them to Facebook - I DON'T THINK SO! I tried calling Chinese Eric, but he wasn't available. Later, white Eric said on MSN that he'd be out all day with church, a worship meeting, and the Dine-In with the college people. Dylan and Deb were at Phyllis and Martin's wedding, but I didn't want to call them because I'd told Maxine that I wouldn't attend Deb's baby shower after all. Staying home sounded like the best option by FAR!

Eric thought that I would attend the dinner if Paul weren't there; this was the first I've heard of THAT! We discussed calling Ivan (no), ignoring Paul, the end times and the last Bible Study, bad singing, "YES!" seeming like I was excited, swearing, "heroes," forgiveness, letting him know about things, Sechelt, telepathy, senses, and more. Then Vanessa got on MSN to say that she wanted some more of the bread from Granville Island. We talked about her upcoming vacation, appointments, Wayne, her being really bored, special treatment, health issues, walking vs. busing, Libya, ships, meetings, and more. I'm not going to let certain people know that I forgive them in case they think the behavior is okay to repeat in future!

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Edward glitching AGAIN / Stolen credit cards (dream) / 3-2 overtime WINNING

I didn't even get a chance to see if Edward froze on the European version of FF IV ADVANCE because the game froze very early on! UGH! Went to sleep and had a dream where Siobhan and I were unwittingly using stolen credit cards to buy at least $984 worth of cigarettes so we could smoke them before seeing my parents. WHAT THE.

Hockey game started at 1 PM, so I got up after it had started to find the score was 1-0 for Minnesota at the end of the first. Not too bad, I guess. SALO with 20 seconds left on his 700th NHL game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3-2 OVERTIME WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Honestly, this is an excuse for more beer!

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Friday, October 21, 2011

No more CHARMIN BASIC or Edward freezing! (hopefully...)

Went out just now to get pads, four pairs of dark thick socks ($4 cheaper than Sears!), on-sale tortilla chips x2, toilet paper (NO MORE CHARMIN BASIC!), on-sale Cookies and Creme Hershey's bars x4, and on-sale spicy chicken noodles x10 at London Drugs... so much for my savings account! Now I'm doing laundry - yay. Discovered an Edward attack glitch (it FREEZES when he attacks!) in the US rom of FINAL FANTASY IV ADVANCE, so now I'm hoping that the European version doesn't have it also!

NARUTO! your character and what they think of you by Hoshikuro_Amaya
Your name
what you do
what you look like
Kakashi saw you andthought "She must be a great ninja"
Itachi couldn'tbelieve you were a ninja
Sasuke thought"ah... she's no better than me"
Naruto smiledAnd said "Cool! I want to be as strong as you!"
OrochimaruWants you as a new container
Jiraiya wanted totake you out
Tsunade called youAnd thought, "she's strong... she should be in Konoha..."
Gaarasaid "you need to train more"
People in townWant to know everything about you

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Cancelled skating / The Pedicure Test

Turns out Eric has CANCELLED skating due to lack of response - HA! THAT'S WHAT YOU GET FOR SCHEDULING SOMETHING AT THE LAST MINUTE!

You Are Quirky

You are a firecracker. You're completely unpredictable.

You are extremely intense in all aspects of your life. Your passion freaks other people out.

You are a bit of a wanderer. You never can feel totally settled in your life, and you are constantly seeking.

People usually have a strong reaction to you... profound love or deep hate.

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GUY FIRION / TMI emergencies / 5-1 WIN / NOT judging by underwear content

I found a dude on the Canucks FB fan page whose "name" totally reminds me of FINAL FANTASY II: GUY FIRION! (two of the main characters in that game, hahaha!) I DO NOT HAVE TIME FOR BODILY TMI EMERGENCIES WHEN THE GAME STARTS IN 45 MINUTES! (although it's a good thing it was THEN as opposed to when the game was already in progress...) Finally finished FINAL FANTASY I and II: DAWN OF SOULS plus SOULS OF REBIRTH and SOULS OF CHAOS, though! The Canucks beat the Predators 5-1, like it was last year's playoffs!


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Thursday, October 20, 2011

DOKI DOKI PANIC, Shyguys, dead dictators, and forest animals

I was dreaming of playing a weird version of DOKI DOKI PANIC yesterday. Must be the Shyguys in FINAL FANTASY II's Mysidian Cave, NES version. :D I've heard that the Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi is finally dead!

You Are a Deer

You are trusting of yourself and others. You give people the benefit of the doubt.

You are grateful for this life you've been given. You feel blessed for what you have.

You see the world through the eyes of a child. You are rarely cynical or jaded.

You are unselfconscious and totally natural in your behavior. You are free-spirited.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Auntie Ying, Micah, excuses, Pauline, NO SKATING, and my power

Made my excuses to Auntie Ying as to why I couldn't see Micah today - the truth is that there was too much distracting reading to be done! I "talked" to a happy Micah on the phone while Auntie Ying prolonged the phone call (when all I wanted to do was get back to reading) by asking me about my family, and saying that Pauline Chan's mom died two days ago. She also talked about her mom, her brother, hiking, her nephew going back to Hong Kong, and some religious DVDs that Grace's mom gave her.

I was happy when I got off the phone, and then saw a Fellowship email from Eric about skating at Britannia. Thank goodness I'm not going to THAT - I'd rather listen to the hockey game / participate in my weekly tradition on Friday, anyhow! As for Welfare Wednesday, there is also a hockey game on that day - HOCKEY TAKES PRECEDENCE! (as I told him via email...)

You Are Dedicated

You like to get your hands dirty and get to work. You have a deep need to be productive.

You are a finisher. You push to complete projects, even if they are tedious.

You are talented at brainstorming and independent thinking. You believe in your ideas.

You are hard to discourage. You're very determined, and you push through setbacks.

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4-0 loss snaps the 14-year streak! / Delite?!

Brad Richards' mother is apparently named Delite. Vanessa bugged me about the Granville Island pumpkin ale and such, too... not while the game is on, man! Speaking of the game, Henrik Lundqvist was pretty good: even though we outshot them and had like 40 shots on goal, he got a 4-0 shutout. There goes the 14-year win streak! *sigh*

Teunis came by just after midnight, and we talked briefly about things while I got him his mail. It seems as if my solution for dealing with unwanted miasma isn't quite what he expected, and the noise level was a bit loud. Talked about visiting with Kaili, hockey, noise, perfume, transporting stuff in his car, cigarette / pot smoke, protests, his building, work, the Robert Pickton case, the Prince George serial killer who just got caught (he murdered a blind girl!), knowing certain people, storage, and more. These brief times are probably for the best, haha!

Facebook claimed that Kevin G. poked me on December 31, 1969... Jenny L. said she got the same thing, as did a couple of her other friends. WTF?!

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

BC ID, Halloween chocolate, clothing, and Teunis

Before I went out this afternoon, I talked to Teunis via MSN to see whether he'd be free tonight to pick up his mail. He said he was going to Kaili's to fix her computer, but he could drop by briefly on the way home. That definitely worked since I'll be home for the Rangers game AND the Rick Rypien tribute! I renewed my BC ID while I still had cash / had salad, rice, and BBQ pork skewers as lunch from Good-Ah! / bought on-sale Halloween candy (Aero, Jersey Milk, Caramilk, Coffee Crisp, Cadbury's Dairy Milk, Smarties, Kit Kats) for David, Evelyn, Mattias, Ashley, Anastasia, Rachel, James, Brandon, Ramen, Shira, and Alexis (TODDLER SUNDAY SCHOOL!) at Shoppers Drug Mart / bought new dark on-sale pants and panties from Sears at Richmond Centre. Went home to divide up the candy into Ziploc bags and personalized Halloween-like bags, and was happy to see that I had leftovers for myself! IDEAS ran really slowly as a Nintendo DS emulator, and I was STOKED that No$GBA worked for those games if I put AUTO as an emulator backup media option!

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24-KARAT BATHROOM READER / Black and white flowers

Steph called (and left a FB message) to see if I wanted the newest Bathroom Reader (Uncle John's 24-Karat Gold Bathroom Reader [Bathroom Readers' Institute]) for $11.50 - OF COURSE I DO, and I immediately put money aside in an envelope to pay her back, as well!

You Are Wildly Inspired

You want to inject as much art as you can into the world. You're trying to make everything a little more gorgeous.

For you, everything is always changing. Each moment is different and unique.

You enjoy every experience you are given. You see life as a blessing.

You are quirky, charming, and creative. You like to celebrate your uniqueness.

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Monday, October 17, 2011

Bobby, cappuccino, Chantelle, brandy beans, and US timezones

Talked to Bob Singh via FB messages for a bit last night since he was wired on Tim Horton's cappuccino... I could have told him that it was a bad idea to have one at 11 PM, haha! Got closure on the "wanna hump" FB chat message that he sent once - "OMG... are you serious?! That sounds like drunk me! Sorry if I offended you - hope you weren't weirded out!" I'm totally serious, man! Chantelle also said that she did indeed want brandy beans this Christmas (I remembered without the Gmail event reminder!), so I will be looking for those after the Halloween marketing is over! She wants to send me some totally awesome stuff too; YAY! Of course I sent her a message with addresses and plans! Heard that Ryan Kesler will be returning tomorrow vs. the Rangers - a funny comment I read was "so... will he be playing naked?! :P" HAHAHAHA!

You Are the Pacific Time Zone

You are a ton of fun to be around. You have a wicked sense of humor, and you're very playful.

You are a free spirit who needs nothing more than a beautiful day to feel at peace with the world.

You like initiating things and activities. You're big on getting a group of friends together.

You are flexible and adaptable. You adjust easily to life's changes, as drastic as they may be.

Well, good.... because that's where I live! (but in the Canada part! :P)

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Sunday, October 16, 2011

I chose the sweater and toque because it was COLD, not because they're RED!

When Eric picked me up this morning, we talked about the freezing cold weather / hair / my red outfit including bling sweater and SLED HAT toque (NOT FESTIVE!) / Santa / Christmas carols / the car heater / my cackling / pumpkin ale / baby showers / DARKWING DUCK / trolls / sound duty / his brother being in town last weekend (KIERAN!!!) / family meals (ugh) / my feelings / my opinion that tone-deaf people needn't disturb my peace / yesterday / my ranting / Ween / Decemberween / Halloween music. At church, Auntie Rebecca invited me to her office so I could get the Michael's picture frame - she also said that there were 80+ kids in Awana this year, and they had to put a cap on things because the existing leaders wouldn't be able to handle the load! Haha, not surprised... that's what happens when you want growth! Greeted baby Micah who was pointing at the stage, Auntie Ying, Auntie Allyn, Sonya, and Jessica. Said hi to Jeremy and Christon, then had to move because Paul sat down behind me - I didn't want my ears to bleed all during service! I did hear that he somehow PASSED his criminal record check - with HIS past?! Jeremy had also passed him on the way to church; "I told him to take the bus because it was cold! I was going to take a four-day week at work, but so much for a holiday! PUMPKIN MAIN DISHES?!" Poor guy!

Made plans with Auntie Ying to go over to her place on Wednesday (non-hockey day; looked up Translink directions at home), and was going to make plans to get together with Chrystal again, but they didn't work out with hockey and weekly traditions conflicting... I've looked THAT up also! Dodged Mr. Creep while saying hi to Andrew L. (up early and borrowing books he's waited for at school), Vivian (birthday cards!), Karen and Lincoln (how we were), Deb (baby shower and Paul payment), baby Emma, Quan, Gino, Phil and Grace, Lee, and others. Went upstairs to Toddler Sunday School after a while; I saw a crying Mattias (who'd just fallen down) and gave him his birthday present while saying hi to his brother Marcus and his parents Chung and Karen. He seemed to like the toy car and the happy face stickers! (and has lost a toy car by flushing it down the toilet) Saw Jessie, Danny, Rachel's grandma, Lanie, Ramen, Shira, James, Brandon, Ada / Arthur (who left for their own class), Anastasia, Ashley, David, Evelyn, and Alexis. Talked about sitting down, puzzles, toys, crayons / coloring, chickens eating pizza (HAHA), colored Goldfish (the snack), Pokemon, and more.

Went downstairs and said hi to John and Ada L., Hilary F., Julie C., and others on my way out with Eric. I threw some things away, including old jellybeans. On the way home, we discussed my opinion of Paul / video game music / my subconsciously loving Christmas / FINAL FANTASY II / how I should contact Dave Wong (awkward?) / STARCRAFT / DIABLO II / Future Shop / my being "drunk" on beer and wine / carving pumpkins. Now, it's time to relax!

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