Saturday, April 19, 2003

Red Robin's and bubble tea

Had a very good time last night.. the Good Friday service was well done. Afterwards, we all went to Red Robin's. Talked to a bunch of my friends about Florida, family, this blogspot, how we were doing, sports, sunrise service, moving, and all this other stuff. Later, my brother wanted to go for bubble lai cha, so the four of us (me, him, Nathan, and Danielle) went to Dragon Ball. Mainly talked about Danielle and Citrus (I am NOT nosy.. Nathan's more nosy than I am!), weird / amazing prayer items, and a whole buncha other stuff. Definitely a good time.

So you see.. I was right. I did indeed go for bubble tea. Now to get a Slurpee, and I will be complete.. still, I don't think I'll go to sunrise service tomorrow. That's a sight you don't want to see! (me on very little sleep)

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Friday, April 18, 2003

Good Friday rant

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Last night, I was wondering what was up with MSN, figuring it had spit the dummy again. Nobody online to have mindless chatter with (which, like, NEVER happens.. especially at 10:30 PM), so I signed out and attempted to sign in again. It wouldn't even work! Maybe a server crashed out, or something.. who knows with MSN. So no.. it wasn't just one of you who was wondering about it.. it was EVERYONE! Have no idea what was up with it, but it kicked in finally at 1:30 AM. M$ products are evil, yet we still use 'em.. are we really that dumb, or (more likely) is it name recognition and a near-monopoly of the market? Maybe we're all mindless sheep, following blindly.

So.. it's Good Friday today.. suppose we're lucky it's not Good Friday the 13th! Weird ironic juxtaposition there, and yes.. if you're wondering if that's ever happened (as Yazmine was last night), go dig out your perpetual calendars.. coz it has.

For those of you who resist any explanations as to the truthfulness of the crucifixion, skip this.. if you're curious, go ahead and read.. ;)

1. Voodoo-style heart depressants and you appear dead for the next few days.. somehow, that makes me think of the modern-day Romeo and Juliet that I saw in cinemas a few years back.. you know, where she took the potion and appeared dead to Romeo in the cemetery? But I don't think that happened.. I believe all he was fed at the cross was wine vinegar soaked in a sponge, and that to drink. I'm not even sure they had those kinds of drugs back then!

2. "The crucifixion wasn't real and didn't really happen.. he just faked being dead." Nope.. the Roman soldiers would break the legs of crucified people to make sure they were really dead, and people were left up on those crosses for hours until their lifeforce was drained out of them. Bear in mind that the actual crucifixion process was particularly brutal; I remember hearing a Good Friday sermon a few years back from Pastor Edward (who used to be a doctor till he heard a call from God) outlining all the messy procedures and their effect on the body. Being nailed to a cross (after being forced to carry said cross for who knows how many miles) isn't exactly a painless process.. and that whole "crown of thorns" bit (plus what they did to him before the actual setup to the crucifixion) doesn't sound like it would be devoid of pain and suffering. So no.. I'm not so sure you could fake it from that alone. (besides, when the soldiers came to break his legs, they found there was no need to.. he was already dead)

3. "Well, okay.. but couldn't he just have rolled the stone away, then did a disappearing act with his followers and disciples?" Again, no.. the stone at the foot of the tomb was EXTREMELY heavy (they put a seal on it, besides) and after all that painful stuff associated with the crucifixion.. would he really have been able to summon enough strength to just roll it away like it was nothing? Remember, too.. they put soldiers and guards at the tomb; it's not likely he would have been able to flee with Mary Magdalene, the other women, and the disciples without being noticed. Speaking of Mary Magdalene, it's true she was a prostitute, but she absolutely did NOT visit the tomb that morning for those kinds of purposes. She was very distressed (as was everyone else) over the news, and she had renounced her previous behavior, besides. Sure, they'd followed him from Galilee to care for his needs.. but not THOSE ones!

Note: the above is cobbled together from what I remember about past sermons, what I personally believe, and some Biblical references.. so it may not be all strictly kosher. (don't ya love the irony of my using a Jewish term to describe a bunch of Christian beliefs? HAHAHAHA..) But that's what I stand by. (and no.. it's not just because I've been to the same church believing the same stuff for all these years, either :P)

So.. no matter what your faith or creed (or personal belief system if ya don't really believe in God or a Higher Power).. just play nice with each other, mmmkay? (coz.. I really do NOT want to hear about any clashes at this time in the season.. got it?) That's what we should all strive to do.. be nice to each other.. wouldn't that make the world a better place? And yes.. there is too much structure in some organized religion out there these days.. y'know, where the rules and regulations totally take over the purpose of the religion.. that can't be any good at all. ;) And no.. I don't subscribe to the real fundamentalist beliefs myself.. so you're safe with me. ;)

Oh, and for those of you complaining that summer is too hot to drink coffee.. I have a solution for ya: iced coffee! (although.. I do remember drinking a Tim Horton's iced cappuccino once at 9:30 PM.. it kept me up till 4:30 AM the next day.. aiya) Then again, my siblings and I drink Slurpees year-round.. most people only drink them during the summer months. (that reminds me.. I really should have a bubble tea or a Slurpee soon, like maybe this weekend)

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Adam has brain issues... or whatever

darn these people that buzz me late at night on IM programs!
I wanted to get to sleep like half an hour ago, but NO..
it wasn't to be.. oh well, I like this particular person fine..
it's just.. AIYAAAAAAAAAA...

I think I'm lucky it's a long weekend coming up (like it makes any difference to me)..
maybe then, my sleep cycle will right itself?!? who knows..

although, I do think this person (Adam) has brain issues / braindamage going on.. ;)
what other conclusion am I forced to come to?

consider the evidence:

1. he tried making up a very corny joke about "I don't want to chew my tongue up when I sleep tonight.. though that could be especially hard when you sleep lying" (no, I didn't get it either till he explained it had something to do with sleeping lying down, and lying = speaking with a forked tongue)

2. his first version of a nickname for me was "my little kippered snicksnack" (apparently, some nickname his dad's girlfriend used to have; he doesn't know what it means himself, but likes the rhythm if you say it right.. somehow, I'm dubious about that)

3. his second version of a nickname for me was "little bear" (that makes me sound like a Native Indian.. while I have great respect for the Native Indians and their culture, I certainly don't want to misrepresent myself as one of them since I'm really not.. I'm actually Chinese, and he knows it full well, too :P)

4. he tried to call me a Nazi (I'd mentioned being called "a double-post Nazi" earlier in the month. but don't you DARE call me that! in fact.. nobody's allowed to call me "double-post Nazi," "hamsterette," or certain other nicknames; however, if you're the originator of those nicknames, feel free to do so.. it doesn't matter to me then :D)

there ya go... that definitely proves my point up above about his brain, all right.. :P

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Thursday, April 17, 2003

Updating LJ for once

I'm actually going to update my LiveJournal for once. I only sporadically update it these days, finding this website to be easier in a way. Why update now? Probably seeing Jessi's LJ was the catalyst.. then again, I might explain the UB hiatus to anyone who actually reads the LJ thing. (which is probably a different audience than whoever reads this) One of these days, I'm going to see about adding comment ability to this thing. Then again, I might then expect a bunch of comments.. probably that expectation wouldn't be a good thing. Guess we'll see..

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Lost in memories of Eric M., and impetus for memory... Hot or Not pranks!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CALLA.. I hope you have a good one today! :) It'll be good seeing you when you get back from Waterloo soon.

Right now, I'm feeling very good.. lost in all these memories of the way Eric M. looked to me once a couple of summers ago when he was sleeping in the car on a sunny Sunday afternoon. (my parents were driving us home from church, lunch, and the after-lunch doings) The sun struck him just so.. the sunlight on his hair and face made him look very handsome. (and yes.. I did have a crush on him at the time) And of course, I never told too many people this.. hehehe. So why am I posting this here? Eh.. who knows. It's kinda fun. ;)

Yes, there was an impetus for this memory.. as there so often is with these things. Spoz buzzed me on MSN and told me to check out GHQ, because they'd been playing some golden pranks lately on the Hot Or Not website. So I did, and checked out the photos linked within. Spoz's photo was deliberately done with all the lighting to show every single fold of his face, make it look like he has no chin, and give him a glass eye. But it was the way the sunlight struck him that sent me into "a weird reminiscing moment" (as Spoz called it).. ah memories. :) (apparently, the photo got a 6 overall.. and he was hoping for a 1)

Note: None of the other photos linked within reminded me of anything, much to Spoz's relief. ;)

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Wednesday, April 16, 2003

UB Hiatus

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ANNETTE! Hope you have a good one today.. I have lots of Band / school memories of you. :)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KEMPY! Hope you have a rocking one, dude! :) Have fun at your party! (of course, due to the time difference, it may be over by now.. but the sentiment's still the same)

It actually started out as "Those two are both there, and I need time to disassociate myself from them.. so I won't go to that board much." For some reason, it pained me to see the names of E and M there.. but not on the SDMB (go figure). Now, I can say I'm past that state of affairs.. but am I going to the UB while I'm here in my apartment? Nope, definitely not! Possibly it's the whole environment thing going on, as I was here in this room when Person X told me about what was happening. Then again, that makes no sense.. as it was here in this room that I was told any number of distasteful things. Oh well.. whatever happens.

Now, I find that the weekday hiatus from those forums is good for me. Heck, now I theoretically have more time to catch up on sites that I regularly read. In reality, though.. sometimes that's not the case. Lotsa sites to check on / email / IM sessions.. yup, they all fill up the void of time. ;) Not that I don't wonder what's going on there, but I really want to focus on other things during the week. It's not like I'll go all gung-ho for the UnaBoard when I'm at Jon's either. I still talk to some people there via IM, and I don't know why I feel like NOT talking to them at times. Oh well.. more time to check on email and sites galore is a good thing. ;)

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Happy Bunny, sleepovers, quiz addiction, bubblegum, languages, my style, emotions, idiots, and more!

Here are some quizzes since I was bored. :P

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Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Diseases and music

Actually talked to my sister this morning / afternoon.. that was nice. It'll be interesting when she gets back, for sure. Says she keeps up with this website sometimes, so I guess I'd better watch what I say about her on this thing. ;)

I was just reading something about all these viruses around the world.. SARS, meningococcal virus (see, I can spell it.. unlike some of you.. and without looking it up, either ;) :P), Ebola, Legionnaire's Disease, etc. No idea if the earth is trying to tell us something, though God may certainly be. Definitely the "wars and rumors of wars" passage in the Biblical book of Revelation might be enough to drive me to eschatology (study of the end times).. I don't know offhand if the passage says anything about killer virii, though. (I'd have to look that up, and I don't feel like doing so right at this moment) Guess we'll see what happens on this journey called life. (and no.. I'm not into eschatology at all, but for those of us that are.. it might help us better understand the current world situation as it relates to the end of the world... aieeeeeeee! run for your lives! :P)

I've heard Frankie Goes To Hollywood's song Relax twice today: once at Boston Pizza, and once on JACK FM. That song always makes me think of the movie Zoolander, for some reason. ;) (those of you who have seen the movie will know what I'm talking about.. those of you that haven't, go rent it coz it's really funny!) It was 1984's best-selling record, and was played by BBC Radio 1 for several weeks before DJ Mike Read discovered that the lyrics were about gay sex.. then it promptly got banned, I assume. (since it's on a list entitled "12 Musical Bans" in my copy of The Mammoth Book of Tasteless Lists)

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Free Tang samples

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CHRYSTAL.. hope you have an awesome one today! :) You've been an absolutely great friend, and I hope Phil gives you my present. ;)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LAUREN.. hope you have a good one today! :) I wonder what's happened to you.. heck, I lost your number a long time ago.. eh well.

One thing before I go to bed: free Tang samples at the supermarket probably aren't worth waking up a sleep-deprived new parent for. (no matter how much the parent in question likes the Tang stuff)

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Monday, April 14, 2003

Little David finally addressed me by name a year ago... I'm so proud, haha!

Yes, that's right.. my favorite kid (David) addressed me by name a year ago to the day at Awana, and what did he say? "Leslie, Rick [another kid] pushed me." So then I had to lecture the other kid about how pushing people (whether into chalkboards or anything else) just wasn't very nice behavior at all.. I made him apologize, too. (I look after a bunch of church kids on Saturday afternoons; Awana club, for those of you who might know what it is... if you don't, it's basically a program for kids age 3 and up to learn about God and the Bible)

Now for a lot of background (sorry, but it has to be done!)

I first met this kid about four years ago, when his mom was a newcomer to the church I attend. He was about two and a half, while his older sisters (Quan and Hien) were about eight and five. When I was trying to get to know the three of them, the first thing Hien said was: "You know what? My daddy died when my brother was still in my mommy's tummy." :( Not much to say to that one! (David wouldn't talk at all, even though I said hi to him and everything, but I figured he was shy) Then Quan remarked: "It isn't fair.. he gets an English name and we don't!" Not too much to say to that, either.. except that I thought their names were pretty. All David would say to me was the typical blabber that three-year-olds do. Not much to be understood in that!

As time went on, and I got to know them a little better, David did talk to people that he knew. After some time, he finally talked to me.. it was surprising to hear his voice talking to me! I guess in time he became attached to me, as well.. if asking me for gum at every opportunity was any indicator! A couple of years ago, I started looking after him while his mom had choir practice; it worked great for me since I had to wait for my sister to finish what she was doing. (and it was better than being bored out of my mind of a Saturday morning with only a book to read.. and I LIKE reading!) So those mornings were time well spent with someone I liked a lot (who was my favorite), and eventually, he talked to me. Not a whole lot, but enough for me to know that he was getting used to me, and over his shyness. I also found out that his birthday was just two days before mine, which I thought was really cool. (Separated by 19 years, of course, but who's keeping track of these things? Not me! :D )

Last April, his sister Hien got hit by a car (she's fine now), so I talked to David about that. (figuring that he'd have enough vocabulary in English by then to tell me what he felt and stuff) My friends and I thought he looked a little bewildered (with those big brown eyes, he looked sort of like a Precious Moments doll), and well he might! It was around this time that I discovered that when I asked him a question that other people had already asked him (like where his sister was; at home or in the hospital?), he would answer. He'd answer me, but not the other well-meaning people around church! It made me feel special in a way. :D

Now, of course, he will talk to other people... Anita is his Sunday School teacher, and told us that when the class started in September, she actually had to tell David to be quiet because he talked too much! (and this is from a kid that was formerly VERY quiet and shy most of the time) Sometimes he'll talk to my sister, but usually he's not feeling too chatty towards her, so a typical encounter between the two of them will start off with my sister saying: "Hi, David!" (sometimes patting him on the head.. we all like to do that, since he's so cute!) It will usually end right then and there, because David won't talk to her... instead, he'll run off and do something else! o_O

My sister thinks this family is "tragic enough," as she puts it: not only did the kids' dad die (of cancer or something, a fairly short time after diagnosis, too), and not only did Hien get run over by a car while she was crossing the street to get home (her mom saw the whole thing, too), BUT apparently Hien had a twin sister that died at birth or something. (I learned this from Mary last summer) And some time ago, when David got his hand caught between some escalator stairs while trying to play with it (NOT a good idea when the escalator is moving), that only confirmed my sister's impression.

Spending time with him is a good way to get to know him, even if he DOES rummage through my bag for candy, gum, food, chips, lollipops, candy canes, stickers, etc. Of course, he does ask me for these items on a regular basis; the only one I will usually have is gum! (stickers, as well... but I try not to indulge his little passion for them TOO often, hehe) I talk to him, help him with spelling, ask him to read things to me, play games with him (Tic-Tac-Toe, Hangman. etc.), watch as he writes Chinese words (most of which I cannot read, so I have to ask him what the word is.. shame on me for not knowing my written / spoken Chinese better!) on the chalkboards or paper, chase him around the room sometimes, etc.

There are times when he won't acknowledge me, but he needs to warm up, generally. Then there are the times that he hides from me in the boys' washroom... I *know* he doesn't need to use it! (I suppose it's a good thing that nobody else really needs to use the washroom while he's in it!)

At times last year, he would insist on leaving the (stall) door open when he DID need to go: so I asked Hien about it one day before Sunday service was about to start. Apparently, he did this when they were out at one of the shopping malls (Metrotown, for anyone around this area who reads this), even when his mom or sisters stood guard at the washroom door! (not at the stall!) He even did this at home when they had company over, even though his mom scolded him about it! Luckily, he's stopped this behavior now (at least in front of me)... though there was this one time last year that I opened the washroom door and found David grinning at me, with his pants pulled down. o_O Needless to say, I quickly got him to pull his pants back up and told him that it wasn't very nice. (to say the least) When his sister told me that he left the stall door open in the mall, I was concerned that somebody up to no good would be in the washroom and see him, even though his family was right outside. (who knows what would happen inside, right?)

It's still a surprise to hear his voice sometimes when I'm walking around minding my own business: "Gum and stickers? Please and thank you!" (last summer, I was trying to teach him to say those things whenever he wanted something... of course, he still needs reminders from time to time, but putting them together is probably the best way he has of remembering them right now)

My friends say I spoil him... I was in denial of that particular point for some time, but finally admitted that I did. As Chrystal said to me, "You do spoil David, but that's okay because he's so cute!" I totally agree with that!

For some time now, he's known what my name is, but refused to tell me what it is, preferring instead to joke around about it: "Your name is Vanessa!" I remember asking him what my name was once: "Stephanie!" (my sister) Then there was the time that he told my sister that her name was "Nothing," haha. o_O A few months ago, while he was rummaging through my stuff (as per usual), his sister Hien asked him what my name was, and he actually gave her the correct answer! He's asked me how to spell my name (while asking me how to spell many other different words that he will then write down on a piece of paper or the chalkboard); once, he got distracted by the other kids, and his sister had to complete it.

So what's the point of this post, other than to share my joy with you all that this cute kid finally addressed me by name? Well, why ever not? I do like most of the other little kids at the church! (David just is my favorite.. no rhyme or reason for it, but it's a good thing, really it is!) :D

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Citrus is kissed by an angel?!

I woke up at 11 to the sound of some idiot knocking at my door.. I didn't think it was THAT terribly important, so I chose to ignore it. (the last time this happened, it wasn't for a serious reason at all) What is it with people who insist on knocking at your door for no earth-shatteringly urgent reason, I wonder? Don't ask me, because I seriously do not know.. somehow, it's never for any really important reason. Eh well, maybe the rest of this day will be a bit better. ;)

Right now though, I must say I'm amused.. watch the indirect references, people. ;)

Here's another "Citrus MSN line": "Kissed by an angel -- I'm someone's Blue Jay Orange!" (I don't know if that's true or not, though he did have a thing for a pastor's daughter when he was in Calgary a couple years ago.. leading to Sean's infamous question last year: "Did you lose it with her?".. then he claimed not to know what that meant because he was SO very extremely innocent.. riiiiiiight.. knowing Sean, he probably DID know what it meant)

Which Killer (from a horror movie) Are You?

Jason Voorhees

You are Jason Voorhees. One day while the counselors weren't watching, you drowned at Camp Crystal Lake. But at your dead mother's urging, you finally got your revenge -- with your trademark hockey mask and trusty machete, you take out pretty much anyone who gets in your way.

Personality Test Results

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Sunday, April 13, 2003

Citrus' MSN pick-up lines

Well, this week was certainly one to have the humor flowing back once again.. wooyeah! :)


"Spoz listens to Matt Good?" -- my brother (Jon) to me, after I told him how Spoz had helped me bypass the autorun of the enhanced features on the Avalanche CD. (Tuesday, Apr. 8) [and no.. Spoz has never listened to Matt Good ever, in his entire life.. he just seems to think I'm obsessed with Matt Good for some bizarre reason :P]

"I'm a peripheral of your computer?" -- Cerowyn, after I told him that he was an important part of the computer.. luckily, he got what I meant a little later on. (Wednesday, Apr. 9)

"What keeps me going is the optimistic hope that I'll be reincarnated as my dog." -- Adam, while we were talking about my apparent sunny cheer despite what I've been through / his current misanthropy. (at about 1:40 AM this morning) [I'm sure he was being completely serious, and this inclusion isn't meant to make fun of him or the dog.. but it just struck me as funny enough to put in here]

Since Citrus' MSN lines deserve their own category, here they are (those that I remember, anyhow):


1. "Excuse me, I forgot my Bible. Can I share with you?"
2. "Wanna do some one-on-one Bible Study? Only after you finish your work."
3. "You say I'm crazy? Yes, I am.. crazy for YOU!"
4. "Excuse me, do you have a Band-Aid? I think I hurt myself falling for you."

I'll include more as they crop up.. ;)

Oh, and I just heard that The Osbournes will finally premiere their second season on Apr. 22.. guess I'll be watching the TV listings like a hawk then. ;) Speaking of such reality shows, Anna Nicole Smith will bring her reality show to Canada sometime this week. You can bet I definitely will NOT watch that!

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Hi, Adam!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CARMEN.. I hope you have a fun day today! :) Thank goodness you don't join in when Carlie and Johnson call me a mister or a piece of poo!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LEEJAM.. have a great one, all right? :) It's been fun getting to know you, and I hope we can talk more in the future.

I just learned that one of my dear friends is reading this blog when he can, so if he's reading this.. hi, Adam! :)

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Mark's surprise birthday party

Mark's surprise birthday party was very fun.. spent time with friends, and ate lots of good spicy Chinese food. Didn't talk to a whole bunch of people, but it was a good time all around. Certainly better than staring all night at this computer. ;)

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