Saturday, February 08, 2003

Mao Zedong and debriefing

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AARON.. hope you have a good one! :) (my cousin, who doesn't read this.. but I don't care :P)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GRACE! It was really fun being with you in the concert band.. who could ever forget those hilarious times? Hope you have a good one, wherever you are! :)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GLADYS & LOUISA! You were born on the same day, but aren't twins.. I look forward to seeing you both in church and Awana, and hope you guys have fun today! :)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BEAN_SHADOW & TRANQUILIS! It's been fun getting to know you guys through posts and such.. hope you both have a good day! :)

Had a hilarious time last night at the Cactus Club.. lots of fun discussion, riffs, burning, etc. :)

The guys were making up stories about Mao Zedong and some Russian dude doing the Village People's YMCA / ballet / other hilarious things, because Michelle and Danielle were really tired of hearing them talk about hockey. (I wasn't tired of it.. actually, I didn't much care :P) Daniel and Nathan riffed off food items / Chinese / French / German in a bit of a competition, and they thoroughly embarrassed Michelle. (she teased her boyfriend: "Daniel, you're not allowed to talk to your brother anymore.")

Nathan, Jon, Phil, Danielle, and I were talking about debriefing for some reason; Michelle turned around and asked us what the heck we were talking about. Needless to say, "debriefing" did NOT mean what she thought it did at first! (which was something having to do with underpants ;) ) Very fun times, making for some very amusing memories to look back on later. :)

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Friday, February 07, 2003

Weird names for kids

Do I really have anything to say here? Hmm.. how about these names that people actually picked for their children in the last ten or fifteen years or so? (yes, I have a book on it..)

Cash Money
Precious Angel
Sarah / Catherine / Jennifer / Hannah (all for BOYS..)
Graham / Andrew / David / Thomas (all for GIRLS..)

You have to wonder, though.. what in the heck are these people THINKING?!? (sadly, there are lots more examples of similar names in the book..)

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Two iced caps... I'm trapped in my head...

Why did I drink two iced caps in the space of a few hours this afternoon? Here I am, still up. Aiya.. now I'm all hopped up on caffeine, and no real outlet for this hyper energy except online. Oh well, at least it's not like the caffeine abuse at the exec committee retreat! ;) Bugging some dude named Tuckerfan / Brian Drake (who tells me that he's like the sole description of the Earth in A Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy in that he's "mostly harmless".. eh, I suppose.. :P) via IM, also.. what else is there to do? ;) Hopefully I'll come down from being wired enough to actually sleep.. even though I have nothing really to do till 7 PM. Brain going a bazillion miles an hour with nowhere to go.. trapped in my head.. woohoo. :D If I don't make sense, blame the caffeine.. that's what I do!

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Thursday, February 06, 2003

Forgotten tax and free stuff

apparently, the pictures I linked to yesterday have sounds in them.. I don't know about this personally, but was told so by Ann (Sparteye).. there's all sorts of harp music and such in the wedding slide show.. so BEWARE! :)

went shopping for food this morning (NOT for birthday cards / rubber bands / books on weird phenomena :P).. looked at my receipt just now, and it turned out I was only charged 46ยข total tax on my $57.48 purchase.. that's too hilarious, really.. sorta like the time I got a big box of laundry detergent for free because the clerk didn't notice it in my shopping cart.. (and no.. I never noticed that one till I got home, either)

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Wednesday, February 05, 2003

I probably annoyed the guys with my "knowledge" - sigh!

Tuesday, November 5, 1991.

Trivia Questions

Re: Hockey.
To: Troy J. Sorel, David T. Powell


1. Who was the worst expansion team ever?
2. What is the Sharks' record so far?
3. What team did the Sharks play last night, and what is their position in the league?
4. What team got called for icing at 8:03 of the third period, and what was the score then?! (and in whose favor?)
5. How many points do the Sharks have so far?
6. What is the Sharks' losing streak (and it really IS a streak!) so far?

Answers [in Troy's handwriting]

1. Islanders or Canucks.
2. 1-13
3. Last, and Toronto.
4. 3-1, Toronto.
5. Two points.
6. 13 games


1. It was the Islanders. (8 wins out of 80 games)
2. Very good.
3. Misunderstanding! Misunderstanding! What is TORONTO'S position, dummy, NOT the Sharks!
4. TIMING, Troy, TIMING! What was the score when Toronto got called for icing? NOT the final score! (it was 2-1!)
5. I see you've been reading the standings.
6. Have you suddenly begun watching Sportsdesk or something?

Certain People

1. Phil Esposito
2. Mike Bossy
3. Wayne Gretzky
4. Gordie Howe
5. Tchaikovsky (just kidding)


In 12-hour time, 1 PM is 1300h. 2 PM is 1400h. What is 6:12 PM? (it has connections to one of the best songs Tchaikovsky wrote)

Answer: 1812! (the 1812 Overture)

Wednesday, November 13, 1991


You will regret coming to Friday's French class, for I shall bring the notes in my Consumer Education / Math binder (written to various people) and laugh over them. They are kind of funny if you look conclusively at them. I shall laugh so hard that some tears shall come out of my eyes! (slight exaggeration there) Dave T. Powell will not laugh, but instead will be racist (maybe), so there! Only kidding, but I will laugh, so be prepared!

Friday, November 15, 1991.

Troy and Dave,

Oh, will you ever be sorry you came today to French class! I have brought all of my pre-written notes, but only about six of them are funny, or could be considered as such.

Now, to other things, such as Tchaikovsky and hockey games. I know these things don't really have anything to do with each other, but who cares? Gretzky, Lemieux, and the others couldn't possibly hold a candle to Shakespeare, who couldn't possibly hold a candle to Tchaikovsky, even if they all tried their hardest!

That reminds me: Nicholas went to see Romeo and Juliet yesterday. I better ask him how it was. Couldn't possibly hold a candle to Tchaikovsky, of course.

Wednesday, November 20, 1991.

David T. Powell,

Let me rephrase THIS to you: If you do not stop bothering me, you are going to be DEAD MEAT!!! Okay?

P.S. You and Troy both!

[Dave, in red ink all over the paper: "GO AHEAD AND TRY!"]

Undated note, but definitely before November 25.


Plan: One before school, one at recess, one at lunch.

2 3 binders (FLAFB) [from lost-and-found box]

Is this sound in its workings?
I don't know.

[Troy ticked "I don't know."]
(I think it is, but see if you do. I'm still going to do it!)

HA HA! Fooled you!

Other questions to follow...

Is Jon's birthday Nov. 25?

I don't know.

(Troy ticked "Yes," to which I responded "Lucky guess!")

Where is the party?

Bowling alley (Shellmont, Aberdeen, etc.)
Lazer Illusions
at home

(Troy ticked "Lazer Illusions," to which I responded "Lucky guess!")

When is the party?


(Troy ticked "Saturday," to which I responded "Friday afternoon after school")

Is the party going to be...

mostly boys
mostly girls

(Troy ticked "mix," to which I responded "Mostly boys")

Monday, November 18, 1991.

Pepsi Sarai,

Are you some kind of dastardly liar or WHAT?! I have my pen right now, and no thanks to you OR Bill, whom you blamed the loss of my pen ON! In fact, the pen was right on my desk under my binder flap!!! At least you've stopped mumbling, but when I asked you, you kept mumbling to yourself!And as for student numbers, you don't know tuppence about this last year's or this year's! Ha! You wish that you were better I? Very funny!

Now stop it! Stop that continuous incessant mumbling of yours, for heaven's sake! You nuts or something, Pepsi? Extremely weird, that's what you sometimes are! Yeesh!


Undated note from Nick Turner, sometime in December.

Merry Xmas! (from Nick)

Dear Leslie,

Merry Christmas, and thanks for the card. I will cherish it always. I thought I'd give you an early present: PAUL GALLAGHER'S STUDENT NUMBER IS 89082. No kidding... I saw the seating plan. Au revoir, Nick Turner.

Wednesday, January 22, 1992.


Hey, what did you think of my notes on those conversations? Probably nothing much, but you can tell Nick for me not to make fun of two of my good friends. He knows who I mean: Paul McMahon and Nicholas Krusek. If he (Nick Turner) makes fun of their last names (ie. McMannamannaman or Kruskalukaloo or some other weird variation like that), he can


Same goes for you, Paul Gallagher!

I got a great drawing from Sean Rollinson and Karen Chang (or Angela Landon) in 1991, too!

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John and Sophia's wedding pictures

my friend John just emailed a bunch of us, saying that his wedding pictures are up on the Net.. since I probably won't get to them before the weekend (damn slow computer and all, y'know..), I'll put the link here.. that way, I won't forget..

John and Sophia's wedding pictures

now, of course.. the all-important question is, am *I* in any of the pictures? ;) (hope so in a way, and also hope not.. I look bad in pictures.. but it still would be cool with me if I was in them..)

Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BRANDON.. I like seeing you in Awana and church; have a fun day! :)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DYLAN.. just because you forget your own birthday, doesn't mean that everyone else forgets it too! ;) Have a great one, and God Bless! :)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TIFFANY! It was really fun being at school with you.. lots of memories! Have a good one, wherever you are! :)

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Cleaning out my closet

Okay, so I finally decided to clean out my closet (no, NOT in the Eminem style :P). Who knew I had so many articles of clothing that I'd forgotten about / didn't wear anymore / should be thrown out because they'd gotten too old or I never liked them in the first place? All this was of course in addition to all the regular junk and trash I had piling up around this apartment. Made for at least two trips to the big ol' garbage bin outside, too. (could be more trips, depending..) But I'm glad that's done! :)


Tuesday, February 04, 2003

Pet peeve: moronic smokers!

Oh, and I encountered these two moronic jabronie idiots this morning. They were SITTING IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SIDEWALK, oh so conveniently blocking all foot traffic. (they took up the whole sidewalk) Warmly wrapped up against the winter chill, of course.. and what were they doing? Was one of them hurt? No.. they were HAVING A SMOKE. Yes, you read that right, people.. they were sitting in the middle of the sidewalk casually "enjoying" a smoke.. And of course, the only options I had to get around them were either to step in the mud (but that would get me dirty), or risk dodging oncoming traffic in the road. (I chose the traffic option, by the way..)

I had half a mind to ask them WHAT THE BLOODY HELL they were doing in the middle of the sidewalk, having their smoke (but I was running late.. turned out that I maybe would have had time to ask them, since I missed my bus). What I found sort of ironic was that they were in front of a health sciences building, and right across the street from the hospital. Then one of them even had the nerve to wish me a good morning.. it's a good thing I didn't blast her for doing what she was doing. GRRR..

Look, aside from the obvious pollution, I don't really care if you have a smoke.. I recognize it's addicting and all. But do you honestly have to do it in the middle of a sidewalk? I mean, walking around smoking wouldn't bug me.. but SITTING DOWN in the middle of the sidewalk? What is this.. some kind of weird protest that nobody would get? I don't think so.. At least, if you want to smoke, you could go somewhere else. Or at least stand off to the side.. yes, even if it means YOU have to step in the mud. (or at least, find a clean spot in the grass or some off-to-the-side section of sidewalk that isn't in front of the health science building) There ARE other people who use the sidewalk and would appreciate not having to step in the mud. Sheeeeesh.

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Email from nobody with no subject

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CHANTEL.. I hope you have a good one! :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HANNAH & SARAH.. I hope that Hannah's having a good time in Hong Kong (I'll see you in the summer), and it's been absolutely great knowing both of you. :) Sarah, I hope you have a good day as well.. Vernon better do something special for you! Oh, and you should know better than to think that nobody would remember your birthday.. ;)

I just got another piece of email from nobody with no subject.. um, yay? one of those things that occasionally terrorizes my inbox.. DELETE IT! just cuz ya never know what's out there.. safer to deep-six it, sight unseen..

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Monday, February 03, 2003

Buddy Holly and Phil Spector

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ANN.. it was very fun playing the clarinet with you in the school band. Have a good one! :)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JEMIMA! It was fun when my sister had you around the house.. hope you're doing well. Have a good one! :)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SHALLY! I know that I almost never talk to you when you're around the church.. but I still hope you have a good one, wherever you are now! :)

Today is the anniversary of a sad day in music history. "The day the music died" was 44 years ago today on Feb. 3, 1959. JP Richardson (The Big Bopper), Buddy Holly, and Richie Valens all died in a plane crash. I've had to explain this at least in part to a few people today.. and I thought this was a fairly common piece of music knowledge!

On another note, I've also found myself having to explain to people who Phil Spector is.. this is after the news that he's been charged with the murder of some woman (Lena Clarkson.. many thanks for the info, Dan! luv ya.. :P) in his house. Apparently, his bail is set at a million bucks.. all else I know about it is that there was a 911 call from his house at around 5 this morning, and he was taken away in handcuffs. So exactly who is Phil Spector? Well, he's a legendary (and eccentric) music producer.. he produced the Ronettes, the Crystals, John Lennon and Yoko Ono, Elvis (in his "fat" days.. Spector had to edit out the burps on at least one recording), etc.. He also pioneered the "Wall of Sound," which had very lush effects on music.. to say the least.

That is all.

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Sunday, February 02, 2003

Long church meetings and distractions

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JULIANNA! I hope you have a good day.. and that my sister remembers it, too! :)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SEAN.. it's definitely been interesting knowing you, and I hope you have an awesome day! :)

Just had a long church meeting.. luckily, the ESC hung out in the balcony! (it got quite noisy up there at times) The meeting was almost three hours long, yet Vivian only got five pages of reading (from her psych text) done. Oh well.. not much to be done about that.. there WAS a lot of distraction other than the meeting going on (talking, going downstairs, reading books, etc.). ;)

Which The Mummy Returns character are you?


Rick's wife. Librarian who loves Egypt and adventure. She will do anything to stop Imhotep and save the world.

Personality Test Results

Click Here to Take This Quiz
Brought to you by quizzes and personality tests.

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Band trips, hockey games, and more!

Same as the previous notes post. :P

Man, I'd forgotten about "boyfriend days" until reading this...

Thursday, April 25, 1991.


I HATE THIS CLASS AND THE TEACHER!!! Mr. Johnson is so stupid!!!

I mean, like, what the HELL is wrong with saying hello to your FRIEND in class?!

Also, my sister thinks that a day when I have classes with the main four boys I tell them (Jonathan and Stephanie) about is a "boyfriend day." These boys are not my boyfriends, nor do we plan to be married. So why do my brother and sister think we DO love each other? They are very weird.

The main boys I tell them about: Joe Downer (who hasn't been here all week), Ryan Holmes, Jaime Latchford, and Jamie Reynolds. [aside from Nick, which I crossed out: "Nick Krusek and Paul McMahon!"]

And also, the so-called "boyfriend days" -

A. When we start with Blk. A: English, Science (JL / JR), Band (JL / JD / RH), Socials (RH), P.E. (JD)
B. Or when we start with Blk. B: Science (JL / JR), Band (JL / JD / RH), Socials (RH), P.E. (JD), French

And... I've known Ryan's timetable since yesterday. Here is his timetable as opposed to mine:

Blk. A: Jazz Band
Blk. B: English
Blk. C: Band
Blk. D: Socials
Blk. E: French
Blk. F: Math
Blk. G: P.E.
Blk. H: Science

Blk. A: English
Blk. B: Science
Blk. C: Band
Blk. D: Socials
Blk. E: P.E.
Blk. F: French
Blk. G: Spanish
Blk. H: Math

See some major and minor differences. Also, see that we have Band and Socials classes together.

In hindsight, making a comment to Joe about his face wasn't the best idea. He came from Australia, which we ALL thought was VERY HOT! Wish I could say I'm sorry... he had lots of friends a grade below us, too.

Did you see Joe's face?! Wednesday, May 1, 1991.


You know Joe Downer?! That's good. Oh, by the way, did you see his face? I asked him about it in P.E. yesterday afternoon and he said: "Oh, I forgot to wash my face this morning. Isn't it horrible?" I think he was only joking. Besides, I just don't believe him - how about you? Is he in any classes of yours? He's in my Band and P.E. classes. Write me back down here!!!

P.S. Geometry drives me nuts.
P.P.S. You know what else drives me nuts? Nick singing in class.
P.P.P.S. Write me back on Friday! (down here, remember?)

Concert Band stuff - good times and nostalgia!

Music Fest! Monday, May 6, 1991.


We're doing things very quickly in the Concert Band. There are three main things this month: Showcase for MusicFest 1991 (tonight), Nationals (May 15-19... we're playing on the 15th), and the trip (May 26-whatever). Mr. From says the showcase is "one of the most poorly-organized concerts I have ever been associated with." Reasons why? I'll give you three: where to set up / warm up / whatever, where to put our instrument cases, and the order of the program. Note on Reason #3: At least we're on first.

Ah, terrible marks!

Monday, May 13, 1991.



Why? He keeps on reading your notes. Besides, I'm writing him a note too. I am not telling anybody what I got on this test, at least not now. I'll tell you my percentage, though. I failed utterly, although I did better on this test than the other one.

Test #1: 14.2% Test #2: 22.2%

By the way, what did you get on the tests?

Guess what time we're leaving on the 26th. 6! Not in the evening (oh no), but in the morning. I shall have to get up at 4:45 or 5 that day.

I watched Swiss Family Robinson over the weekend. It's a good movie. Have you seen it before? Write me back, okay?

Same day, different note.


Since you keep on reading my notes to Renit (even since that reminder on April 10 to stop doing that), I thought it would only be fair to write you a note if you STILL want a note that badly! (even since that last one I wrote you on April 10)

Long sentence, eh? It took eight lines and 51 words to express myself.

I got 22.2% on the test we just marked, which is better than I did on the last one. (14.2%) What do you have in French? [aside from Nick: "C+ 67%"]I have a C+ now (boo hoo), but least I'm passing. Not like Socials (D), Science (E), and Math (E).

Yay, Band!

Tag-team effort! Wednesday, May 15, 1991.


Once again, I shall have to leave for something related to Band - the Nationals at Canada Place the Vancouver Trade and Convention Centre! That is, after homeroom. We are leaving by bus at about 11 today. Do without me for most of the day! Ha ha ha!

Sorry, but there is a longer period of time in the near future (approx. two weeks) (approx. 12 days) that you'll have to do without me for. That will be our Band trip to Calgary and Edmonton from May 26 to May 31. Six days! Well, actually a whole week! Ha ha ha!

P.S. What do you have in French? [Nick: "67%"] {Renit: "75%"}
P.P.S. Do you like music? [Nick: "No."] {Renit: "No."}
P.P.P.S. This is a killer note, isn't it? [Nick: "NO!"] {Renit: "Of course!"}
P.P.P.P.S. Show this to Renit.

You can tell I'm excited about THIS trip!

Friday, May 24, 1991.

Renit (and Nick Turner),

Don't tell Mr. Johnson, but I'll be away all of next week because we (the Concert Band) will be touring Alberta! Great news, huh? Some people aren't going, like my friend Nick. (no, not YOU, Nick Turner... Nick Krusek!!!)Why, you may ask? His parents thought it was too expensive ($350), of course. Who wouldn't? Namely, we were going to Calgary (snowing) and Edmonton (raining).

We're staying at the Relax Inn. Three concerts, West Edmonton Mall activities, two museums, and guided tours (plus LONG bus rides with Joe Downer supposedly bothering me all the way) are in the itinerary, among other things. I'm rooming with Trisha Cullis - who, as of Tuesday, doesn't know if she's going or not!

I hope you can read this. I'm so excited that my writing is getting messy - and Eunice's pen is going to run out soon if I keep writing in such a frenzy!

Ah, hockey discussion with Troy Sorel... good times!

Saturday, October 5, 1991.


Stop bugging me about the color of my binders and whether they match with what I'm wearing, what color pen I'm using, etc., okay? How about some hockey talk after so long? My sister says Allan Bester sucks. Do you agree? By the way, get this: The name of the hockey rink in San Jose (Sharks, the major league's first true expansion team since the 70s) is... the COW PALACE! Do you think the Canucks are going to make a comeback this year? How about the Nordiques? (ha ha) My sister calls the Nordiques the NORDICKS. You know the Upper Deck hockey cards? My brother's friend Hafiz Karmali calls them Up-My-Dick hockey cards. Oh well, it's been great to talk about hockey after so long, but it's getting late, so I'll sign off here.

P.S. The Canucks spoiled the Sharks' debut! Ha ha! Highlights of the Sharks' first home-at-home game:

* shots on goal: 52-22 (the Canucks beleaguered Jeff Hackett with 52 shots)

* a FANTASTIC goal by Trevor Linden at 19:41 of the third period

* Canucks led 3-0 going into the third period, then got complacent. The Sharks made a comeback, and it looked as if the game was doomed for OT. For the rest, refer to #2.

P.P.S. Tell Dave to stop being so racist!

This is where I try to explain "Nick and Paul" to Troy and Dave Powell - my opinion of Auntie Christine has drastically changed. I think it had to do with teenage angst and the APATHY experienced about HAVING TO PRACTICE PIANO!

Nick and Paul... two sets of them! Monday, October 28, 1991.

Troy and Dave (mainly Troy),

I really should be doing homework, but as I have a spot of free time now (over at my piano teacher's house waiting for my lesson), I thought I'd write. By the way, my teacher is an absolute BITCH! This note may be barraged with some meanings.

One: Troy, I do not laugh so much as you might think.
Two: Do NOT believe Eric Reykdal when he says that I talk to rocks in P.E. That day, I was thinking aloud about my friends Nick and Paul, and some incidents in early Band rehearsal.

By the way... when I say "Nick and Paul," they were NOT who you think they are! (namely, Nick Turner and Paul Gallagher!) Nick and Paul are Nick Krusek and Paul McMahon. Do not ask WHY we are friends, but I will give you a list of various things we have in common:

* we all like music
* we're all in Concert Band (early Band rehearsal)
* our lockers are on all the "North End," so to speak
* sometimes we eat lunch together
* we talk together before school and at breaks pretty regularly
* we have to put up with Mrs. Bush
* some of the teachers we have to (or have had to) put up with that we have (or have had) in common are (or were): Mrs. Bush, Mr. Raddysh, Mr. Fromager, Mr. Claridge, Mrs. Tijman, Mrs. Grafton, and Mr. Knapp
* when we eat lunch together, we have to put up with certain people (Adam, Darren, Thomas, and Mike) trying to have a semi-food fight with us
* we all know Tchaikovsky's music
* and some more stuff (like how we all laugh at least once per day together)

Well, enough of that.

Three: I do NOT memorize hockey games the way I do student numbers. So there!

Well, it's time for my lesson with THE BITCH! See ya later, if I survive!

To round out this entry, here's one from Consumer Education 10. Yes, this guy's real name was Pepsi. Not sure what nationality "Sarai" is as a last name... East Indian, maybe... I'm pretty sure I'm wrong!

Wednesday, November 13, 1991.


Please tell Pepsi to stop mumbling because it does not facilitate a very good habit!

P.S. Pepsi, you are not going to take my quarters. If you do, you shall pay $2 interest (compounded monthly) on them!

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