Saturday, August 04, 2012

Wrathchild, swamp errors, Holy Loly Mountain, Giegue, and more!

When I got up, I found out that Steve L. had emailed me back with good thoughts and such since he knows how close I am with my nutty family, so of course I had to reply. He thought of me while watching the Tea Party some time back, and has challenges to work on. Of course I'll do my best with ranting! Finished MOTHER 1 again, since my Internet connection decided to go screwy. I also discovered that DRAGON WARRIOR 3 gives me an error message when I step into swamps and damage zones with codes ON: "Executed an undefined order." I should be CAREFUL!

There's danger lurking nearby for the party on Holy Loly Mountain!

EVE is our protective robot! Unfortunately, she gets destroyed...

We can't teleport on Mt. Itoi because some kind of force is pushing us back! (same place as above)

No, you can't talk to your great-grandfather George's grave!

This is Giegue's mothership, where he took all the grownups in Easter, including Ana's mom!

You can't grasp the form of Giygas' attack!


Dad hates to wake us, but it might be a bit too soon to rest easy...

It's out of the question for us NOT to have the Magic Ball in DRAGON WARRIOR III! (at the shrine near Aliahan)

In Aliahan, my mother wonders whether I'm going to get up and go: "WHAT wrong?" Hahaha!

"YES" and "NO" aren't acceptable answers to "This is the Cave of Enticement. The seal has already been broken!"

A guy at the Reeve inn: "Wow! FLAMSTER is a woman? What? I'm wrong? Sure looks like a woman to me..."

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Friday, August 03, 2012


Eric picked me up, and we were at Dylan's shortly; he saw Randal in front of us, and pointed this out. I had no idea about that! There were a lot of people over; I talked to Connie, Wesley, Vicky, Raymond, Jon, Karen, Lincoln, baby Declan, Dylan, Deb, Cindy, Randal, and Geoffrey about Grandma updates, toys, alone time, the sushi documentary (JIRO DREAMS OF SUSHI - he's 88 years old and still works every day!), Facebook, Ayler, the dinner last Sunday which I didn't hear about till the next day, old potato salad, beer, chicken, chips, the baby wanting glasses or pants, fans, and more. It was getting pretty warm, yeah. On the way home, Eric said that his family is visiting Kieran in the States for at least a couple of days, so he probably won't be going to church on Sunday. I exulted at the chance to sleep in, and he said I could call my parents (whom I've seen too much of in recent days) / Sam / Ivan. NOPE! Discovered that I'd missed a call at 7:30 from Chinese Eric - DAMMIT! I WAS AFRAID OF THIS.

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Sober / drunk convos, omelettes, discharges, and Kaiser bread

Replied to Mandy's email before I went to bed last night and before I had a "sober / drunk" conversation. Lillian picked me up at 8:50, saving me from further awkward analysis of that interaction! We got to the hospital, and tried convincing Grandma to eat some oatmeal. She thought she was at home, since she wondered where Jon was and who would cook! The discharge to Dogwood went well, and yes, we hope never to see those people again! I went to a café across the street called Dylan's (hahaha), and had an omelette with toast and hash browns while dumping all my change on them; I also brought back a breakfast sandwich for Lillian. She later tried telling me to take it myself, but I'm not a fan of Kaiser bread. We had to see Mom and Dad later, but I elected to go home with Lillian. Good thing, too - I needed some time alone, and also had to call white Eric to make arrangements for tonight. Sure, I could walk to Dylan and Deb's, but it's really hot out!

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Thursday, August 02, 2012

Rainbow Chelita, Advent Desert bones, and energy!

I was up at noon for the first time in maybe a month, which is VERY good for the sleep debt! Chelita (rainbowchelita) messaged me on AIM because she thought I was someone else, hahaha. I updated her on stuff, then. Went to visit Grandma, who could be discharged to Dogwood tomorrow morning - good news, for once. She seemed to have a bit more energy and was sitting in her wheelchair; I spoon-fed her some soup with garlic in it (Mom thinks it'll prolong Grandma's life by months), and discovered that she thought I was Steph!

Mom gave me some sausages and soft Hello Kitty candy; since you have to cook the sausage first (I prefer pre-cooked stuff) AND it's not the type of candy I'd eat much of, I just threw it out when I got home. David S. invited me to an RQ Facebook group, and already Mer is wondering about it! Evelyn decided to accept it, and Brian's defending me. It's not like I will do a bunch of stuff there, hahaha. (they took me out of there within hours, though) Called both Jon and Lillian to update them on things: Lillian can pick me up tomorrow at 9 for the transfer at 10, which is fine.

These Advent Desert bones make a useful signpost!

This set of Advent Desert bones won't attack you since it's a nice guy's corpse!

"You're one gutsy kid, talking to dead bodies..."

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Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Supportive! / Desert and Moon faces!

While I was distracting myself by reading comics, Chinese Eric left me messages on MSN. He's really good to me! "Hey - hope you're holding up. GOD BLESS! Keep up the support from me. *thumbs up and hugs* " Hahaha, I was going to call him tonight with news, anyway! (when I tried, I got no answer, but that's okay!) Replied to Mandy's email, and also emailed Steve L. about things.

These camel bones northeast of the Advent Desert oasis will give you tips on walking through the desert! "I'm the bones of a camel. Want to know how to walk when in the desert? Move your left foot before your right foot sinks. Move your right foot before your left foot sinks. It took me 100 years to figure that out."

Another set of camel bones (near the railroad tracks) tells you that Advent Desert is the most boring part of this game, but to watch out for land mines!

This is the only cactus in the MOTHER 1 Advent Desert with a face. If you use Telepathy on the cactus, it will sing into Ninten's mind, giving him the fifth melody of the game!

Speaking of faces, the Lunar Ruins in FINAL FANTASY IV also have a face on the Moon!

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Bikes as convenience / Yvonne and Mom = awkwardness!

Lillian called me at 9 to say that she was already on her way to the hospital to visit Grandma; no big deal! When I properly got up at 10:30, I called Mom to see what her plans were. I knew that she was planning to visit Grandma with Jon (thanks to Lillian's intelligence), so that didn't surprise me. Since I needed my sanity, I declined lunch at the townhouse. While I was still home, I blocked Chris C. / Jason A. / Amanda C. - it's all good. Went to pick Jon up (talked about Friday's sushi night), and then went to the hospital. Uncle Reuben and Auntie Christine were there, and Grandma seemed better. She drank some milk, and had more energy even if she thought she was at the townhouse! ("Where did Jon go? Someone has to cook rice!")

The doctor gave out some more info about the tumor: size, prognosis, and options. (it's the worst kind of tumor you can get - and it's already 7 x 6 x 6 - she does indeed have less than three months to live!) We told Grandma that Steph gets back tomorrow, and Jon mistakenly told her that Steph was in a meeting! That must be the longest meeting EVER, haha! Yvonne, William, and Andrea showed up later: Jon and I served as buffers. I didn't mind talking to them at all, of course; I asked Andrea whether she'd been to Dairy Queen lately, and she has! Mom and Yvonne seemed civil when discussing care options and such, but it was still awkward. The physiotherapist showed up again to exercise Grandma, who'd been moved to the other bed in the room - at least she can get some sun! When we got back, she was sitting in a wheelchair by the window. After the lards drove me home, I threw away the melted chocolate bar and noted that Nathan W. had added me to Facebook. NICE!

Random NPC in Reindeer: "Man, having a bike would be so convenient." Is this a possible EARTHBOUND reference by Tomato and the other translators? Not that I ever used the bike in that game...

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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Big appetites! / Bugerror Rosemary / July 2012 BBT Tally

A while after returning home, I went to Big Orange to have a blueberry bubble tea.

Foods vendor in the Reindeer department store, where the party has gone to buy bread (for Crumbs to track their progress) before tackling the Rosemary Manor in Halloween: "You know, you look like you have a big appetite." Gee thanks, lady! *sarcasm*

After you go through Rosemary Manor, this kid is renamed after you: "My name is NINTEN. It used to be Bugerror Rosemary, though." His mother calls you a brave boy, heh.

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Custard jelly, fluids, spicy squid, and different words

This morning, Lillian picked me and my mom up. We went to the hospital, where Grandma was sleeping. Then they rehashed the family drama, but I guess it was good. Grandma actually had some custard today, plus laxatives and fluids. I gave Lillian my email address as I'd planned. Mom and I went to London Drugs and then to the Golden Great Wall for lunch - HOT AND SOUR SOUP PLUS SPICY SQUID AND NOODLES! Then we went to Starbucks to get coffee plus a snack for Lillian, even though she wasn't hungry. We decided to leave at about 3 since Grandma was sleeping anyway. The doctor told Mom something a bit different than what we'd heard on Friday - "inoperable" and "tumor spreading" were not words that were used that night! Lillian drove me home after I picked my stuff up from the townhouse; she'll call me tomorrow to see what the plans are since my mom might want to alternate times. I'm good either way, really. If I'm making it out to sushi night / sushi movies at Dylan's on Friday, I might just go in the morning. Got home and talked briefly to both Vanessa (MSN) and Talia (AIM) - it's good. Now I can have some alone time after paying my phone bill!

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Nosiness, Ninten, Marcie, Reindeer, and fun

A man in the MOTHER 1 town of Reindeer: "Poking your nose into other people's business is what makes playing games so fun!" HAHAHAHA, so true!

If Quan thinks that Ninten looks like Charlie Brown, then I think that this girl in the Reindeer hotel restaurant looks like Marcie from the same PEANUTS comic strip! Haha!

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Monday, July 30, 2012

Spelling "malignant," physio, vocal baby Ayler, and Ted

Laundering my Canucks shirt worked for no more egg staining - YES! I told Ryan a short version of recent events, since I trust him as well. Lillian woke me up at 9:45 with a phone call, but that's okay because I got more rest! We got to the hospital at about 11 with Auntie Kwai, and stayed with Grandma; we supported her and held her hands as the physiotherapist was examining her later. She slowly sat up and stood for a couple of minutes after he tested her reflexes, then took a couple of steps. Later, she had some congee with rice. We had chicken, a turkey sandwich with cheddar and horseradish, coffee, and coffee cake from Starbucks. Ted (Mabel's husband) visited when she was sleeping. Mom got there after 4, but Grandma didn't seem to recognize her. When we asked Grandma who Mom was, we got the response "Leslie..." Ha, not quite! Jon had told her some details over the phone when they got in, so that's good. Then again, Grandma thought she was on a cruise! Nice!

Yvonne and William showed up a minute after Jon did at 4:45 or so, but Mom didn't really talk to them much. At least Jon and I talked to them for updates and such, since we have no issues with these people. I hugged Yvonne goodbye when Mom, Jon, and I went for dinner at Kwong Chow - yes, they have to see baby Ayler at some point when they're here! (and not just in photo form, haha) Auntie Eva kindly drove us to the restaurant, and I finally got to see the baby! Baby Ayler was making a lot of sounds as usual (we think he wants to talk already at two months old!), and seemed interested in all the lights that were on! It was good to see them, and I told Harmony that I'd been at the townhouse on Friday and not HOME. She'd forgotten, but that's okay. Later, Mom was apparently surprised that cancer patients will go through a lot of pain as they near the end. When I was NOT surprised at this, she wondered how I know, and concluded that I must know everything! I taught her to spell "brain," "philanthropist," "incontinent," "chemotherapy," "neurosurgeons," "palliative," "consultation,"and "malignant." Later, I finally reset my Trillian password, and replied to emails from Mandy / Deb.

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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Penis defects / Sex addicts / Trust in friends

I accidentally fell asleep, and got up at 6:45. Since I thought that Lillian hadn't called because she wanted me to have a break, I called Jon to discuss the day's developments like Big G talking more. It's true that the lards could know already, but we don't know that. He's free tomorrow, so we'll figure it out then. Lillian called at 7:15, and said that Yvonne had seen Grandma, who had eaten some congee and slept a little. She said she'd leave it up to me whether to go out again; I decided not to because we can always see her tomorrow after lunch. I managed to finally finish the Duncan's Factory dungeon in MOTHER 1 with this extra time, so YAY! Also called Chinese Eric, and the call lasted over an hour: we talked about recent events in my life, 9/11 and his other grandma getting worse on that date (quite emotional day for his family), the Olympics, America's "Dream Team" / "Redemption Team," Canada's bronze medal, his health, basketball, the intense working pace in Hong Kong, and preferring to do things at night.

We also discussed T&T lineups, nursing homes and his grandma, movie theatres being pricey and less convenient in this Internet age, EXTREME COUPONING (we know where to go in case the world ends!), TABOO, HOARDERS: BURIED ALIVE, STRANGE SEX, the closure of Famous Players in Richmond Centre, hanging out with me being a good thing for him, reality TV, comfort, care decisions, and more. He says he'll pray for Grandma, who seems very nice to him. (I thanked him for that, of course) Then again, I thanked him for being there, and he said that it shows that I must trust him. That earned him a "Of COURSE that's true - you think I've been hanging out with you for the last nine or ten years, and DON'T trust you?! Eric, you're crazy, man!" from me, hahaha.

STRANGE SEX tonight: A guy who can have seven orgasms in 14 minutes (and who discussed polyamory with his wife), and a guy who has a giantess fetish. Then it was a divorced mother of two who has a secret double life as a stripper and a sex addict, plus a guy who suffers from a birth defect where the hole normally located at the tip of the penis is instead located on the underside. He then discovered he was gay while his wife was pregnant with twins.

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Egg on shirt?! / Orca statues! / CONGEE!

This morning, I discovered that I accidentally laundered my bus pass last night. Then I decided that transferring my stuff was more important than going to church, so I called Lillian to inform her of this, then called Eric to let him know. I'm sure he understands! When Veronica answered the phone, I politely told her that I was good - she probably doesn't want to hear the real story, unless she's heard from Eric already. Oh well. Jon also called to see if we could locate his bus pass in the back of the rental car - sure! Told him that we'd gone for sushi afterwards, heh. Got an email from Vicky about things, which is good. Lillian came by later, and said that Jon had texted her about the bus pass, but she couldn't find it. After I had dropped off most of my stuff at home (and organized most of it), we discussed the changes in Richmond / orca statues near Dragon Ball / chairs / impatient drivers who can't wait for someone with a walker to cross the street / picking up Auntie Kwai / congee.

Grandma was at least awake when we got there, and was able to tolerate a lot of congee without choking... YAY! Her roommate is 96 years old, Jewish, and felt like she was going to die; her lesbian granddaughter wouldn't hear of that because of her wedding next week, haha! Auntie Paula and Auntie Helen came by later, and said that Auntie Eva would pick up my parents from the airport tomorrow and visit. I really need to figure things out with Jon, then - how to tell them if they don't know?! Lillian thinks that Grandma can no longer really control her right hand, which is definitely an effect of what's really been going on! A bit later, she bought me a honey Greek yogurt from Starbucks, and some egg / ham / Chinese buns. Unfortunately, the egg got on my Canucks shirt and ruined it. Maybe I'll try laundering it tonight since I really have no spare shirts! After we told Grandma to sleep some more, I decided to go with Lillian back to Richmond before Grandma's dinner since she's meeting a friend. She's seeing someone tomorrow to give out stuff from her colleagues, but that's in Port Coquitlam! Of course I don't want her to drive everywhere, so a central place to pick people up would be good. Found out that Helen Huynh (from Palmer) added me on Facebook - nice!

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