Saturday, July 31, 2004

Sarah and Vernon's wedding

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ERIN.. I hope you have a great one today! :) It's been very hilarious knowing you.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, FRANCES.. I hope you have a really good one today! :) It's been cool helping you out.

Sarah and Vernon's wedding was very crowded with people..
Eric thankfully kept me sane throughout the whole thing..
he lost his water bottle, but found it again afterwards..
the program reflected Sarah's love of baking.. recipes!
Vernon eating food while Sarah made it at the other end..

the prelude music was weird.. some Zelda music?
then again, the send-off music was weirder: Take Me Out To The Ballgame? (nice one, guys...)
some hilarity ensued when Sarah's dad referred to Vernon as Hannah, Sarah's twin sister.. HAHAHAHA!
saw Alex and Natalie for the first time in like a year..
reconnection with old friends is always a good thing!

I saw a sign reading "Beavis, Wong, and Associates" on the way home.. Eric said: "Wong's first name is Butthead!"
also told him about "Cabbage Rolls" as "Garbage Rolls"..
despite what he thinks, I do not have garbage on the mind!
Eric also wanted to pour water on me.. it wasn't THAT hot!
good times with friends to celebrate events are cool..
took my mind off certain other things, which was awesome!

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Friday, July 30, 2004

It would have been NICE had you actually CALLED me!

let's just say it would have been nice to talk for hours..
unfortunately, it didn't happen.. I have no idea why..
maybe I'll get an explanation later on, we shall see..
yes, I did leave the line open for phone calls! :P
guess we'll see.. possibly it's not as bad as I think..
right now, I'm waiting for Jon / Eric to call..
time to get out of here for a wedding tomorrow.. yay!

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Consume cough medicine before it expires!

again, the time has come to ask: why am I up so early?!
could be excitement over a certain incoming phone call..
perhaps it was the cough medicine not making me sleepy..
"consume it before it expires in August.. be careful.."
next time, I'll go for the flavored / drowsy-making stuff..
maybe it's excitement over tomorrow's wedding.. yay!
I have a feeling I'll be like certain people I know..
I'll just take a big ol' nap in the afternoon.. wooyeah!
got the time now, unlike the Bitterfest Day / MBSNO..
eh, hope my body doesn't decide to utterly betray me soon!

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Thursday, July 29, 2004

Asking for a phone call... oh no!

for some reason, I decided to ask for a phone call.. aiyoh!
I know there's debt and everything else.. at least the big one isn't a concern anymore, I guess..
probably we get along better on the phone, go figure..
that made me feel like a burden was lifted.. not doing stuff tomorrow night, as there's no program..
thank goodness there are no real plans tomorrow!
should call Lee and Lily tonight to see about the BBQ..
maybe I'll see if I can switch something on my bundle..
go to the phone company website and see what's up ;)

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Having one of THOSE days today! / Quizzes

I'm having one of THOSE days today, so don't bug me!
I've probably been bothered enough by certain people..
thoughts, hopes, dreams, expectations all dashed..
perhaps I can still have some amusement and read Spoz..
had nachos yesterday, so maybe a bubble bath is in order..
trying to shore my ego up with compliments could work..
but maybe what I need is a break from my head.. been so busy lately and in the future, though!
next week: a break on my own terms.. craving Pho ;)

I am tropical wind
Tropical Wind

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Nick. Pee in your pants funny. Misunderstood. Tells it like it is.

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Good Job. The answers were.... 1: Ramones. 2: Kurt Cobain. 3: 1969. 4: Nobody in Metallica is named Sean. 5: Sum 41 is a rock band. They're NOT punk. Maybe punk pop. Not real punk.

Quiz about music
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I got them all right, of course. :D

Free spirit!! love to do whatever

My strange little quiz
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Reposted baby pix

Reposted baby pictures

(apparently, I have to add the slash at the end now.. WHO KNEW?!)

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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Original Joe's and bus efficiency

I encountered bus complications when meeting Yazmine..
the dollar store didn't have those Canada stickers, damn..
had muchos nachos at Original Joe's.. too much food..
talked to Yazmine, Jason, and Tamara about some stuff..
food; money; parties while renting; phone numbers; cellphone technology; foreign swear words..
discovered that the 496 was more efficient than the 98..
now I gotta see if it runs all the time, or just nights..

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Candles as a good emergency gift

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NATALIE.. I hope you have an awesome one today! :) Saw Brad recently.. he says you're doing well.

I'm meeting Yazmine for her birthday dinner later on..
if I wasn't doing that, I'd go see Fahrenheit 9/11 with Jon, both Erics, Dawn, and Nathan..
but I will tell Jon what Original Joe's is like, haha!
I'll buy Nathan some Canada stickers at the dollar store, as I have to buy Yazmine some tealight candles..
they're a good emergency gift, since she adores them..
Nate already says that I'm so very kind to do it for him..
as Spoz says about goofy humor: "eh, it's wot I do..."
I enjoy making my friends feel appreciated and happy! ;)

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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Farewell BBQ for Fidela

am posting this from Phil and Melia's place, and the BBQ..
I went to Tom Lee to meet up with Jon so we could get there..
listened to a very interesting phone conversation because Jon did call Nathan to bug him about stuff ;)
saw a sign that said "Take Out Cabbage Rolls".. I thought it read "Garbage Rolls".. Jon wasn't impressed..
(the C and the G are curved, the A is the same, the B and the R are curved, and the last four letters are the same..)
it reminded Jon about the lavender poo discussion they had at the grad banquet.. "production," my eye! ;)
had lots of hilarious fun at the farewell BBQ with everyone..
we saw Daniel and Michelle's wedding photo album finally..
watched hilarious videos and laughed a lot.. I may suck at being a special person to someone, but I'm good at this ;)
"Adela" and "Fidela" sound very similar in a crowd of people..
Daniel thought Fidela's Chinese medicine was / smelled like cat food.. it really wasn't THAT bad!
we'll all miss her.. and I must go sing and jam with people.. bye!

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RQ voicemail night

I decided to join voicemail night for laughs.. why not? ;)
sure, I was initially kinda paranoid.. but not really..
got three weird messages when I got up, so it's all good..
today, I have limited time to play around on the machine..
(I'll have even less tomorrow.. meeting Yazmine at 5)
meeting Jon at Tom Lee / Capstan Way at 5:45 on the way..
we're going to Fidela's farewell BBQ at Melia's with $10..
more good times with golden friends.. too bad she'll leave!
at any rate, I can't afford to talk to a certain person..
true, I see him online.. he'll have to do all the work ;)
yes, I am indeed taking Spoz's "guy perspective" advice..
he's never really steered me wrong or pissed me off! :)

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Monday, July 26, 2004

Cindy appreciates my thoughtfulness!

Cindy emailed me to thank me for the birthday card..
she thinks I'm so sweet and never forget, even when holidays get in the way of timely remembrance..
says it's one of my gifts, and I'd tend to agree with her..
reminds me of Natalie thanking me for my birthday card among her wedding stuff last year at this time..
it's nice to know that people actually appreciate you! :D

also caught up on Spoz's blogspot and his weekend..
my one thought is that I have to tell him about that organic microbrewed green tea root beer from Steaz..
he was talking about his Valhalla of energy drinks, Red Eye with green tea extract..
his local convenience store FINALLY stocked their shelves with the stuff, much to his delight..
(heh.. you Google "Steaz" and they ask if you meant "steak")
definitely good reading.. I like to be informed! ;)

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Church Grad Banquet 2004

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, YAZMINE.. I hope you have a really good one today! :) It's been interesting to have you as a friend.

Eric walked over before the grad banquet and joked around..
he told me about Trillian, and wondered where I knew the online contacts (Michael) from..
didn't really like the demo version of Mosquito Funk..
also said that a certain virus was back, which I knew..
I couldn't send Michael the Rejected movie.. no real time..
maybe next week after Vernon and Sarah's wedding, haha..
Jon remembered the line that Steph used to burn Margaret a few years ago: "Always.. and I don't mean the maxipad!"

we all had much hilarious fun at the grad banquet tonight..
Nathan roasted Eric using Strong Bad, Trogdor, and Homestar Runner.. that was extremely funny!
the roast that people did for Sean was very true to life..
discussed cruises; food; Pho cravings; the honeymoon..
Jon's farewell being a dinner on Aug. 9 at the Afghan Horseman.. that should be an interesting time out!
Fidela's farewell BBQ on Tuesday night at Melia's; what Jon thought of Creation Fest and the crowds..
Vernon and Sarah's music-heavy wedding; showers; Vernon in a diaper for his stag last night..
Dawn helping Dave with his speech roasting Jon; life; etc.
certainly very good times.. start of a busy week for me!

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Sunday, July 25, 2004

Nathan does NOT need a harem!

talked to Alan, Jen, Dawn, Dave, Nathan, both Erics, Citrus, Danielle, Cindy, Fidela, Vanessa, Jackie, and Maxine..
discussed Vernon's stag; fans to cool off; Jon napping..
Jen's gift of this noisy drum thing from Kenya which Jon may appreciate; chrysanthemum tea..
Nathan not needing a harem; hanging with Jon and Des; party at my place; a farewell thing for Jon..
tonight's grad banquet; Jeopardy; how Nate met Costa..
my Rialto Juniper Mist moisturizing body splash / cologne..
(the stuff smells so good, and is also very refreshing!)

Toronto people; burning the Boredoms CD plus payment..
Danielle's parents being over all the time; figuring out her commitments and schedule..
the crowded place with four people instead of just two..
Citrus and Danielle not being allowed to break up..
how Nathan had encouraged them to go out, and would be their relationship counsellor if need be..
early birthday cards; hot weather; sitting in the shade..
speaking in Spanish; my decision to leave with him today..
getting my email and still not remembering the ApologetiX CD, so I need to email Danielle before breakfast on Sunday..
all good times with my golden friends.. gotta love 'em! ;)

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The Boredoms are not the ApologetiX!

the Boredoms are not the Apologetix..
Jon left me a note saying that I could borrow his Boredoms CD, Pop Tatari..
I thought he meant that he wanted the ApologetiX CD (Ticked) back, but Danielle hasn't returned it to me yet..
but after thinking about it, I know what he really meant..
chalk it up to yet another ditzy moment in my life! ;)

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