Saturday, April 03, 2004

Little Angela at the bus stop

had another encounter with the delightful hyper girl..
seeing her makes my Saturday go easier, somehow..
the little girl Angela asked me some weird questions..
but it's all good.. she laughs and is pretty cute! :D

bought a birthday card for Jim at the dollar store..
the envelope's big enough to hold seven address lines..
went to Awana, and we have another break next week..
that's so weird, since we just had one two weeks ago!
I gave gum to Quan, Hien, and David.. what of David Marr?
Hien asked what happened to him.. I don't know much..
however, I did tell her what I know.. that's better with her!

Dave's back from Toronto: he had lunch with Steph..
he says she's pretty excited about getting back in May..
good to have him and his humor back.. I'll miss him later!
Julie gave me candy Coke bottles and talked to me more..
I heard that Johnson is sick with the chicken pox now..
never had it meself, so I'm hoping it goes away in 2 weeks!

Anita was looking through a bridal magazine later on..
Dave didn't think much of a low-cut dress: "no, not that one!"
Melia says she can just imagine what kind of dad he'll be..
he says his daughters are getting married in the winter!
the usual bunch of fun hijinks with us.. sanity is good..
however, losing an hour's sleep is SO not the best thing!

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Friday, April 02, 2004

Fimo creations and the satellite TV

we all had a good time at Helen's house with the girls..
Helen K. and Anita both had orange and blue on..
some of the others had a red and orange theme..
I thought a lot about Stephen this night for some reason..
Karen, Jenny, and Connie were trying to figure out the TV..
had to figure out the important hockey score, after all ;)
finally, I called someone who I knew would be home.. faster!
some of the Fimo creations ended up burning in the oven..
Joe and Helen's vacation pictures looked pretty good..
one of them looked exactly like a postcard shot would..
checked stuff on the laptop, ate a lot of food, had fun..
also talked about updates / life, work, and other stuff..
definitely something that should be worth repeating..
but we need one guy around to figure out the satellite TV ;)

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Celebratory hot and sour soup, magazines, and quizzes

made a few phone calls, and went out for my celebratory hot and sour soup.. wooyeah!
also got the newest Rolling Stone and Spin mags..
general stuff in one, and Kurt Cobain stuff in the other..
yup, I am THE music magazine connoisseur.. hahaha ;)
now to get ready for tonight.. fun with people is super!

You are StrongBad. You hate everyone, especially
HomeStar. Your e-mails and prank calls are
hilarious. You're my favorite character. You
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what everyone else thinks because hey, they are
all "crap for brains."

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HAHAHAHA.. Eric would LOVE this quiz! ;)

Don't know if I think THAT much of the result, though... oh well. :D

You are... the Crazy Loner. Most people don't understand you. In fact, they're all against you! The walls have teeth, man.

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You are totally BALANCED. That's really cool. You have love and hate in your heart, which makes you a totally normal person. You kinda remind me of Sakura from Cardcaptor Sakura..

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You are a Beaver. (You do it like this)

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Canada Quiz
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Tommys Quiz
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Eh, it fills up tag space...

rock / alternative

music quiz
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Emails and phone calls

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PHIL.. I hope you have a great one today! :) It's been awesome knowing you all these years!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SPOZ.. I hope you have a great one today! :) It's been very interesting with you around.. cheers!

wished the Subwoofer forums actually worked here..
that way, I could start a birthday thread for Spoz..
as it is, I might have to ask Erik to do it for me..
of course, Spoz would probably call me obsessive..
then again, he might actually give me "cheers" for that..
might as well see if Erik's amenable to the suggestion..

got an email from Jon suggesting I call Eunice later..
I left a message on her cell to say I had a ride from Lily..
then Jon himself called me, so that was good timing..
we talked a bit about the accident and Mom's anxiousness..
probably won't be seeing each other this weekend..
especially since I'm still not allowed into the townhouse..
it still has a LOT of junk and old stuff in boxes all over..
we're both on outings tomorrow with various groups..
ensured ride status, and told each other to have fun!

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Thursday, April 01, 2004

Round of phone calls

it's been a round of phone calls the last 40 minutes here..
prompted by an email that Jon sent: "call Mom or else!"
so I called her and got the information that I needed..
the adjustor thinks I'm ready to settle from the accident..
so after I got that intel, I left a voice mail message..
currently emailing him with additional info that he needs..
she also said that Jon was in an accident: the same as ours..
wants ME to convince him to fill in an injury claim.. he's busy!
while I was on the phone anyhow, I called Lily for tomorrow..
Lily can give me a ride at 7:10 from the parking lot..
guess I *will* be doing things with Fimo.. won't be good..
spending time with friends and everyone else will be cool..
definitely going out for hot and sour soup tomorrow..
my own brand of celebrating Spoz's birthday, hahaha! ;)

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Nobody played me for an April Fool today!

nobody played me for an April Fool today.. woohoo!
Corey just tried to make me think I won a million dollars..
but it's past noon, so that definitely won't work on me..
ah well, at least his humor rocks.. it'll keep me going..
three Matthew Good songs so far today: they rock!
should listen to the Fox more often, or put CDs on repeat..
ear is still sorta blocked, and I need to buy food..
might as well go now while things are still sunny and open!

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Chocolate milkshake and MSN

went out for fish and chips, plus a chocolate milkshake..
that was good, but I'm still experiencing blockages.. um, yay?
today is April Fools Day, and I stopped believing stuff..
I'll believe it again once the clock hits noon, no worries..
may be writing like Spoz since I miss him.. MSN, work! ;)
(that way, I could talk to Spoz / Corey / Dave / other RL pals..
he could also call me all kinds of joking names.. I don't care..)
and right now, Stephen is on AIM.. weird connection..
guess I'll deal with it till I go out later on.. wooyeah!
listening to Creed since it reminds me of Eric.. very good..
can't wait to see him when he gets back.. Richmond Crew!

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Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Alan Cross: Greatest Moments in New Rock History, #10-1

Yup, the very last part of this series. It's been good fun chronicling these events. :D

10. The invention and introduction of the MP3: a dude at a government research in Germany was trying to figure out to send music down a phone line.. he had to figure out how to compress and shrink music files. When he and his colleagues figured it out in 1989, they released it as shareware. In 1997, he went to Silicon Valley, and everyone went nuts over it. The first song to be encoded appears to be Suzanne Vega's Tom's Diner.. it's special because it had a lot of delicate patterns and could be compressed easily. (from a wave file to an MP3.. whoa..)

9. What was the first company to offer legal, pay-to-download songs over the Net? A website called Sonic Net in mid-1995 offered singles for download. The prices were set by the artists, and they got to keep all the profits. The site was concerned with the prestige of being first, and not with profits. They offered a bunch of songs for sale, even though the audio quality wasn't very good: it was somewhere above an AM radio station and an old Sony TV, but not much more than that.

8. Sept. 24, 1991: A record called Nevermind was shipped to record stores.. the expectation was that it wouldn't sell very many copies. Nobody saw this coming, even with hair bands, pop acts like Milli Vanilli, and a glut of classic rock acts then currently around. Generation X needed a spokesperson, because they were angry about the Gulf War and other things. Nirvana was in the right place at the right time, and they turned the world of rock upside down. After this album, whatever was alternative became mainstream.

7. Nov. 26, 1976: Sex Pistols released a record that was a doozy.. they had recorded many different versions of Anarchy in the U.K.. The engineer took the first half of one version and the second half of another version, and spliced them together. It almost worked, but Johnny Rotten and Sid Vicious had to come in to the studio later and lay down at least 22 layers of guitar parts. When it was released in stores on that date, the single changed punk rock forever.

They weren't the first punk group to release a single; that honor goes to The Damned, a British group. Nor were they the first punk group to release an album, as the Ramones beat them to it. In the first week in stores, it was of interest only to punk rock fans. The next week changed all that, however..

6. Dec. 1, 1976: punk rock was this curiosity, found only on the uttermost edges of the mainstream. Queen was scheduled to release A Day at the Races, the follow-up to A Night at the Opera. They were scheduled to appear on the then-equivalent of Oprah, called the Today show. However, singer Freddy Mercury took ill.. their gig had to be cancelled. The Sex Pistols were nice and drunk on liquor when they went out on the live show, with 90 minutes' notice.. however, nobody had told them it was live. The host asked hard questions about their brand of music, and the band said all sorts of rude words on TV. In 117 seconds, the interview changed punk rock forever.

Bill Grundy and the producers of the show were suspended for a couple of weeks, and the newspapers everywhere had major headlines screaming about "PUNK ROCK'S FILTH AND DEPRAVITY." Anarchy in the U.K. had only sold about 10,000 copies in the week it was in stores.. after this, it was selling that many in a day.

5. July 4, 1976: In Camden, North London: the Ramones were on a triple bill. The people had heard about what the band had done in New York, and were very excited to see the band. This would be one of the most influential gigs in the history of rock, at the Roundhouse. All the kids who would form their own bands later on were there, and it was talked about for some time after.

4. In the early 1970's, there was no such thing as punk rock. Sure, there were places where the weird art freaks could hang out and do stuff.. but there wasn't really a place where things could coalesce. Unless you counted the Mercer Art Center, where several performances could take place at the same time. However, the hotel portion of the building collapsed in early August 1973.. four people were killed, and 19 injured. It was a good thing that it didn't happen a few hours later, when 1500 people would have been inside.

After the collapse, the members of the band Television saw a building called CBGB's. Since they were looking for a place to play, they convinced the owner to let them play on Sundays.. he didn't have anything going on then. Eventually, word got out to all the weird art freaks that there was something going on at CBGB's. It quickly became a popular spot for people to hang out and play music.. so Television got the ball rolling there.

3. The birth of the electric guitar: several people were instrumental in the invention of this. There were strides made in 1890 (a guitar pickup), 1934, 1941, 1949, 1950: by Les Paul, Gibson, Fender, and a few ordinary people. So who was responsible for its invention? It all depends on who you ask: but without the electric guitar, new rock music would definitely not sound the same as it does today!

2. The invention of recorded sound: without this, all music would have to be enjoyed as it was being made. (a live performance would be the only way to experience it) Thomas Edison invented the phonograph in 1877, and the first recorded sounds were his reciting "Mary Had A Little Lamb." There’s a recording of the Peerless Orchestra playing a medley of the hit songs of 1896, once Edison decided to switch from tinfoil on the records to wax. (wax cylinder technology) With this invention, music could now be enjoyed whenever people wanted, without always having to go to live performances.

1. April 8, 1994: the suicide of Kurt Cobain. If there was a single unifying moment in new rock, this was it. The story started to unfold when an electrician noticed a body in the garage of a house.. he saw a body with a shotgun pointed at his head (and blood nearby), and a suicide note in a potted plant. The Seattle Homicide Department investigated and found it was the body of Kurt Cobain.. also that the wound was self-inflicted. Courtney Love read the suicide note to fans at the funeral; part of it said: "It's better to burn out than to fade away. Peace and love, Kurt Cobain." If you were around then and into music, you will never ever forget that day.. I know I haven't. :(

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Amazing that we're still talking!

it's amazing that we're still talking after a few hours..
not that it hasn't happened before or anything..
especially with me and certain others I could name..
Corey, Erik, other online people, selected real-life people..
at least he managed to satisfy my ambient curiosity..
had to ask him what the heck an "Ertax" was.. bugging me..
said it was a character's name from a story he was writing..
sounds fair enough to me.. hardcore affection, here we go!
although if his connection constantly pops on and off..
I'll have to put on Everclear's Volume 2 album..
just for the song When It All Goes Wrong Again, haha..
feels awful about it, and can't do a thing with it.. I'll deal ;)

reminds me that Josh and Sam play the same D&D game..
it's the one with miniatures and lizardmen.. why the reminder?
I totally have no idea, but it's all good with those guys!
a mention of food poisoning made me think of Dianne..
there was the time that she got it from Kamei Sushi..
"don't EVER eat there, guys! it's too expensive to throw up!"
hahahaha.. typical hyper Dianne.. but we all love her, aye?

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I like making people turn things on ;) / Quizzes

I attempted to make Stephen turn on AIM..
since I had success with Corey yesterday from ICQ ;)
don't know if he'll turn it on again this week, but we'll see..
luckily, he responded to "the call" and I'm enjoying it..
of course, his connection is wonky as all get out..
but he says he doesn't see it and can't do a thing..
fair enough, as I'm not demanding answers for much..
yes, I still want to go out for all that food at White Spot..
maybe later on, but this blockage is still affecting me..
that'll certainly be a good thing tonight for Alan Cross.. NOT..
doing the "canned soup" sustenance for now.. so later!

I'm a generally unfuckwitted, liberal, tight as fuck, pathetically simple-minded, dribbling child!
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Interesting.. never been called any of those before in my life! (that I know of, anyhow)

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brain quiz
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Let's face it. You're all a pack of fricken nutters, and lookie: I managed to waste your time! mwahahahahahahaha! aren't I devious? I bet I'm not! Mwahahahahahaha!

the strange quiz
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a fun little quiz
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told you so!
I was just kidding... muhahahahahahhahahaha!

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Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Holy stars of Satan, hahaha!

caught Jim on AIM a few hours ago.. "weird monkey," haha..
don't know why he'd call me that or even invoke stuff..
"holy stars of Satan," indeed.. I let him know who I was..
also called me a "dragon lady," but I'm used to that :P
decided to finally turn on ICQ for once and talk to Corey..
that made me happy and content for the first time in a week..
astronomy tests, old stuff not applying, updates, etc.

Eric H. buzzed me; talked about hockey and the Canucks..
he semi-offered to give me a ride to Jon's coffeehouse..
I semi-accepted it, so we'll see how things go with that..
too bad Nate's not here to see it, coz he'd be there for sure!
ICQ does slow down the computer, but it's worth it ;)

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LJ cull / More Quizzes

I'm doing a friends cull on my LJ today coz it's time..
there WILL be some exceptions to the cut, of course..
even if these people don't comment, they're still in:
welfy, Jim, his sister, my sister, Snoopy, MB people..
(people with friends-only journals and partners count, too)
I'd never delete Jim, Sam, Stephen, or certain others ;)
Jim made me quasi-melt just now: "my darling," indeed..
so I'm a sucker for that kind of thing these days..
at least I know he means it in a friendly way and nothing else!
Stephen says he'll miss me when I'm not around to talk to..
well, I'll miss him too.. right now, I really need Corey.
guess I'll have to turn on ICQ and talk to him there for now..

Goth -- You're a true goth... although you probably don't believe you are, haha! You laugh at the "posers" and try to educate them... or not. Maybe they're a lost cause..

+~a StErEoTyPe qUiZ~+
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Peanut Butter And Butter Sandwich

The Dumbest Quiz EVER!!!
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A ninja is SORTA YOU!
You may have been a ninja in your past life, or you just want to learn to be one, perhaps secretly. The modern world has consumed you, and you have let go of the old ways. Maybe for better or for worse.

Is a ninja YOU? Quiz
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You love marshmallows. You would probably die without them.

... Marshmallow? (first quiz...)
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You seem to be more of a punk person. You're wild and crazy and on the edge!

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You are sleepy and unmotivated!
You're LAZY!

Personality Quiz
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Well, I'm not arguing with that! :P

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Monday, March 29, 2004

Fish and chips

thanks to a comment that Jim made earlier..
I had to produce a little "weirdness on demand"..
didn't turn out too badly, even if I do say so myself :P
reading another comment someone else made about food..
now I'm craving some fish and chips at a restaurant..
however, I don't really want to go out till Thursday..
we'll see how long that resolution lasts.. stick to it?! :P
Brenda sent us an email saying we'd be doing crafts..
well, I'm not that sort of person.. might be fun, but I dunno..
guess we'll see what happens with that one, as well..

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Three restarts?!

stupid temperamental beast of a computer.. 3 restarts?!
at least now I'm online, and can write what I meant to..
Candy sent me a PM as soon as I was on Our Place..
she wanted to call and say hi, plus do some venting..
since I was up for it, we discussed a lot of things..
how people shouldn't bug her friends and loved ones..
board stuff, people, trust issues, "behind-the-back"..
losing friends, music, open-mindedness, burning CDs..
Orchid Highway (Burnaby), the Boredoms, the ApologetiX..
forums, threads, posts, pissiness at the post office..
(five other packages got there, but mine didn't.. very irate..
was looking forward to it since I'd be cheered up by it..)
sending it by air instead of ground this time.. 2 weeks, eh?
her party in July which she wishes I could go to.. oh yeah..
the kids and borrowing stuff.. burned copies, not originals..
my Jamaican Jerk mustard sandwich, general life / updates..
definitely just as enjoyable as last time.. wooyeah!

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Sunday, March 28, 2004


A page FULL of penis euphemisms!

Got all these from my copy of The Odd Index by Stephen J. Spignesi. :D

Disclaimer: I don't agree with all the language here... but given that these are some sexy euphemisms, you'll have to bear with it. Or skip this entry, if you like.. doesn't matter to me. :D

For the Penis: (195)

Ass Opener
Baby Maker
Bald-Headed Hermit
Baloney Pony
Battering Ram
Bean Tosser
Beef Bayonet
Best Leg of Three
Blow Torch
Broom Handle
Bug Fucker
Bum Tickler
Bush Beater
Cherry Picker
Coral Branch
Crack Hunter
Crimson Chitterling
Crotch Cobra
Dangling Participle
Dart of Love
Ding Dong
Divining Rod
Dribbling Dart of Love
Eye Opener
Fishing Rod
Foaming Beef Probe
Fool Sticker
Giggle Stick
Goose's Neck
Gravy Maker
Grinding Tool
Hair Splitter
Hanging Johnny
Holy Poker
Honeypot Cleaver
Irish Root
Jiggling Bone
Joy Stick
Kidney Scraper
Kosher Pickle
A Lady's Delight
Ladies' Lollipop
Lance of Love
Licorice Stick
Life Preserver
Live Sausage
Love Dart
Love Muscle
Love Pump
Love Sausage
Lung Disturber
Magic Wand
Master of Ceremonies
Matrimonial Peacemaker
Meat Whistle
Middle Leg
Mr. Happy
Muscle of Love
Mutton Dagger
Nine Inch Knocker
Old Slimy
Our One-Eyed Brother
One-Eyed Milkman
One-Eyed Monster
One-Eyed Pants Mouse
One-Eyed Trouser Snake
One-Eyed Wonder
One-Eyed Worm
One-Eyed Zipper Snake
Pile Driver
Pilgrim's Staff
Pink Oboe
Pioneer of Nature
Pork Sword
Pump Handle
Quim Wedge
Raw Meat
Red Hot Poker
Rod of Love
Rolling Pin
Rump Splitter
Saint Peter
Shaft of Cupid
Short Arm
Silent Flute
Skin Flute
Small Arm
Split-Ass Mechanic
Star Gazer
Sugar Stick
Sweet Meat
Swizzle Stick
Tail Pipe
Tally Whacker
Tent Peg
Third Leg
Thumb of Love
Tommy Banana
Torch of Cupid
Tube Steak
Uncle Dick
Water Spout
Whang Bone
Whore Pipe
Wriggling Pole

For Sexual Intercourse (228):

Adam and Eve It
Be in a Woman's Beef
Be up to One's Balls
Beat Someone with an Ugly Stick
Boink Someone
Bone Someone
Bop Someone
Bump Bellies
Bunny Fuck
Bury the Weenie
Buzz the Brillo
Cream Someone
Dance the Buttock Jig
Dance the Matrimonial Polka
Dance the Mattress Jig
Dip Your Wick
Do a Bit of Front Door Work
Do a Dicky Dunk
Do a Dive in the Dark
Do a Four-Legged Frolic
Do a Grumble and Grunt
Do a Lewd Infusion
Do Boom-Boom
Do Dirty Work at the Crossroads
Do Horizontal Exercises
Do Some Ladies' Tailoring
Do Some Nose Painting
Do Some Rump Work
Do Some Twat Raking
Do Target Practice
Do the Act of Darkness
Do the Bone Dance
Do the Chores
Do the Featherbed Jig
Do the Horizontal Hula
Do the Naughty
Do the Ugly
Drive Home
Eat Cauliflower
Eat Hymeneal Sweets
Enjoy a Flesh Session
Exchange Spit
Fan Someone
Feed the Dummy
Fit End to End
Fix Her Plumbing
Flop in the Hay
Get a Belly Full of Marrow Pudding
Get a Pair of Balls Against Your Butt
Get a Shove in Your Blind Eye
Get into Someone's Pants
Get Jack in the Orchard
Get Oats From Someone
Get Your Ashes Hauled
Get Your Chimney Swept Out
Get Your End Wet
Get Your Hair Cut
Get Your Leather Stretched
Get Your Nuts Cracked
Get Your Oil Changed
Give a Hole to Hide In
Give a Woman a Shot
Give Hard for Soft
Get Her a Hosing
Give Her a Past
Give Her the Business
Give Juice for Jelly
Give Pussy a Taste of Cream
Give Someone a Stab
Give Someone the Works
Give the Dog a Bone
Go Bed-Pressing
Go Belly-to-Belly
Go Fishing
Go Like a Belt-Fed Motor
Go Like a Rat Up a Drainpipe
Go Like a Rat Up a Rhododendron
Go on Bush Patrol
Go Rump-Splitting
Go Star-Gazing on Your Back
Go to Town
Go to Work with Someone
Goose Someone
Grease the Wheel
Grind Your Tool
Hammer Someone
Haul Your Ashes
Have a Bit of Curly Greens
Have a Bit of Fish
Have a Bit of Fun
Have a Bit of Giblet Pie
Have a Bit of Pork
Have a Bit of Skirt
Have a Bit of Split Mutton
Have a Bit of Sugar Stick
Have a Bit of Summer Cabbage
Have a Bit of the Creamstick
Have a Blanket Drill
Have a Bun in the Oven
Have a Hot Roll with Cream
Have a Joy Ride
Have a Lady Feast
Have a Navel Engagement
Have a Nooner
Have a Northwest Cocktail
Have a Piece of Tail
Have a Poke
Have a Roll in the Hay
Have a Squeeze and a Squirt
Have a Turn on Your Back
Have Gin on the Rocks
Have Hot Pudding for Supper
Have Live Sausage for Supper
Hide the Salami
Hide the Sausage
Hose Someone
Hump Someone
Impale Someone
Introduce Charlie
Invade Someone
Jab Someone
Jazz Someone
Jiggle Someone
Join Paunches
Juice Someone
Jump on Someone's Bones
Lay Some Pipe
Lie Feet Up
Lift a Leg on a Woman
Light the Lamp
Look at the Ceiling over a Man's Shoulder
Lose the Match and Pocket the Stake
Lubricate Someone
Make Baskets
Make Ends Meet
Make Feet for Children's Shoes
Make Her Grunt
Make the Chimney Smoke
Mingle Bloods
Mingle Limbs
Mix Your Peanut Butter
Mount Someone
Nail Someone
Nail Two Bellies Together
Nibble Someone
Open Up to Someone
Parallel Park
Peel Your Best End
Phallicize Someone
Plant a Man
Plant the Oats
Play at In-and-Out
Play at Tops-and-Bottoms
Play Cars and Garages
Play Doctor
Play Hide the Weenie
Play Hospital
Play Night Baseball
Play on the Hair Court
Play Pickle-Me, Tickle-Me
Play the First Game Ever Played
Play the Organ
Play the Trombone
Play Tiddliwinks
Plow Someone
Plug Someone
Poke Someone
Pop It In
Pork Someone
Post a Letter
Pound Someone
Pray with the Knees Upward
Pump Someone
Put Four Quarters on the Spit
Put the Bee in the Hive
Put the Boots to Someone
Put the Devil into Hell
Ram Someone
Ride Someone
Ride the Hobby Horse
Roller Skate
Rob Bacons
Sacrifice to Venus
Saw Off a Chunk
Screw Someone
Shake a Skin Coat
Shake the Sheets
Shoot Between Wind and Water
Shoot Your Wad
Shtupp Someone
Sink It In
Sink the Soldier
Slam Someone
Slip Someone the Hot Beef Injection
Smoke Someone
Spear the Bearded Clam
Split Someone
Stab a Woman in the Thigh
Stain Someone
Stretch Leather
Suck the Sugar-Stick
Take a Belly Ride
Take a Trip up the Rhine
Take a Turn in the Stubble
Take a Turn on Shooter's Hill
Take Nebuchadnezzar Out to Grass
Take the Starch Out of Someone
Taste Someone
Tear Off a Piece
Tell a Bedtime Story
Thread the Needle
Throw a Leg Over
Tie the True Lover's Knot
Trade a Bit of Hard for a Bit of Soft
Trim the Buff
Trot Out Your Pussy
Varnish Your Cane
Wank Someone
Wet Your Bottom
Wet Your Wick
Whitewash Someone
Wind Up the Clock
Work Out
Work the Hairy Oracle
Wriggle Navels
Yield Your Favors
Zig-Zag Someone

For Masturbation (96):

Ball Off
Beat Off
Beat Your Hog
Beat the Bishop
Beat the Dummy
Beat the Meat
Beat the Pop
Belt Your Hog
The Blanket Drill
Bop the Baloney
Box the Jesuit
Bring Down by Hand
Chicken Milking
Choke the Chicken
Coax the Cojones
Cuff Your Governor
Diddle Yourself
Do Paw-Paw Tricks
Dong Flogging
Fight Your Turkey
Fist Fuck
Five Against One
Flog Yourself
Flog Your Log
Flong Your Dong
Fondle Your Fig
Frig Yourself
Fuck Mary Fist
Gallop Your Antelope
Get a Hold of Yourself
Get Your Nuts Off
Gherkin Jerking
Grip It
Hand Jive
A Hand Job
Handle Yourself
Jack Off
Jag Off
Jazz Yourself
Jerk Off
Jerk Your Gherkin
Keep the Census Down
Lizard Milking
Manipulate Your Mango
Manual Exercise
Manual Pollution
Milk the Lizard
The One-Legged Race
Paddle the Pickle
Play with Yourself
Plunk Your Twanger
The Portuguese Pump
Pound Off
Pound Your Pomegranate
Pound Your Pod
Pound the Meat
Prod the Peepee
Pull Yourself Off
Pull Your Pud
Pull Your Pudding
Pull Your Wire
Pump Your Pickle
Pump Your Python
Rub Off
Shag Off
Shower Spank
Simple Infanticide
Sling Your Jelly
Sling Your Juice
Snap the Rubber
Snap the Whip
A Soldier's Joy
The Solitary Sin
Spank Yourself
Squeeze the Lemon
Stroke Yourself
Stroke the Lizard
Strum Your Clitty
Take Yourself in Hand
Tickle Your Crack
Tickle Your Pickle
Toss Off
Twang Your Wire
Wank Off
Whack Off
Whack the Bishop
Whang Off
Whank Off
Whip Off
Whip the Dummy
Whip Your Wire
Work Off
Yank Off
Yank Your Strap
Yank Your Yam

For the Devil (40):

The Arch Fiend
The Author of Evil
The Black Gentleman
The Black Spy
The Black Man
The Black Prince
The Dark One
The Evil One
The Fallen Angel
The Father of Lies
The Gentleman in Black
His Satanic Majesty
Lord Harry
The Noseless One
Old Billy
Old Dad
The Old Driver
The Old Gentleman
The Old Gooseberry
Old Harry
Old Horny
The Old One
Old Roundfoot
Old Scratch
Old Split Foot
The Prince of Darkness
The Ragman
Saint Nicholas
Sam Hill
The Wicked One

For Cocaine (51):

Bolivian Marching Powder
Charley Coke
Doctor White
Florida Snow
Frisky Powder
Go Powder
Happy Dust
Inca Message
Joy Flakes
Love Dust
Magic Flake
Mama Coca
Nose Candy
Number Three
Peruvian Flake
Pimp Dust
Pogo Pogo
Reindeer Dust
Rock Candy
Spanish Fly
White Cross
White Girl
White Mosquitoes
White Stuff

For Being Sexually Aroused (30):

To Be Affy
To Be Blotty
To Be Mustard
To Be on Blob
To Be Constitutionally Inclined to Gallantry
To Be Dripping for It
To Feel Fuzzy
To Feel Hairy
To Be Het Up
To Be Hot and Bothered
To Be Hot Assed
To Be Hot Blooded
To Be Hot in the Biscuit
To Be Hunky
To Be in Season
To Be in the Mood
To Have Itchy Pants
To Be Juicy
To Be Mashed
To Be On for One's Greens
To Have Peas in the Pot
To Be Primed
To Be Proud
To Be Randy
To Be Ranting
To Be Rooty
To Be Rusty
To Be Touchable
To Be Turned On
To Be Wet

For Female Breasts (75):

The Apple Dumpling Shop
Baby Pillows
Bee Bites
Big Brown Eyes
Bodacious Tatas
Bra Busters
Butter Bags
Cream Jugs
Feeding Bottles
Fried Eggs
Honeydew Melons
Jelly on Springs
Love Bubbles
Lung Warts
Milk Bottles
The Milky Way
Mosquito Bites
Pantry Shelves
The Playground
The Treasure Chest
Twin Loveliness
The Twins
The Udders
The Upper Deck
The Upper Works

For Defecation (33):

Bury a Quaker
Chuck a Turd
Dispatch Your Cargo
Do a Job
Drop a Load
Drop Turds
Drop Your Wax
Ease Nature
Fill Your Pants
Go Potty
Go to the Bathroom
Go to the Library
An Irish Shave
Make a Deposit
Pick a Daisy
Post a Letter
Relieve Yourself
See John
Smell the Place Up
Soil Your Linens
Squeeze Cheeks
Take a Crap
Take a Dump

For Testicles (53):

Beecham's Pills
Birds' Eggs
Bum Balls
Cannon Balls
Clock Weights
Coffee Stalls
Family Jewels
Frick and Frack
Love Apples
Male Mules
Mountain Oysters
Niagara Falls
Orchestra Stalls
Spunk Holders
The Twins

For Dying (46):

Answer the Last Call
Beam Up
Bite the Big One
Bite the Dust
Breathe Your Last
Buy Your Lunch
Buy the Farm
Cash In Your Chips
Climb the Golden Staircase
Crack Up Your Toes
Coil Up Your Ropes
Come Over
Cross the Great Divide
Drop Off the Hooks
Fade Away
Give Up the Ghost
Go Home
Go On to a Better World
Go the Way of All Flesh
Go Tits Up
Go to Heaven
Go to Meet Your Maker
Go to Sleep
Go West
Hand In Your Chips
Join the Angels
Join the Great Majority
Kick the Bucket
Kick the Dust
Lay Down the Knife and Fork
Pass In Your Chips
Pop Off the Hooks
Pull a Cluck
Raise the Wind
Shit the Bed
Snuff It
Squiff It
Step Into Your Last Bus
Step Off
Stick Your Spoon in the Wall
Sun Your Moccasins
Take an Earth Bath
Take the Long Count
Tip Over
Yield Up the Ghost

For Alcohol (25):

Bitch's Wine
Bug Juice
Coffin Varnish
Cold Coffee
Colorado Cocktail
Dutch Courage
Embalming Fluid
Jungle Juice
Mexican Milk
Nanny Goat Sweat
Panther Piss
Pig Sweat
Piss Maker
Potato Soup
Prairie Dew
Prairie Juice
Snake Juice
Snake Poison
Squaw Piss
Strip Me Naked
Tarantula Juice
Tiger Sweat
Tonsil Bath
Witch Piss

For an Erection (45):

The Bazooka
A Bit of Hard
A Bit of Soft
The Bone
A Boner
Captain Standish
The Cockstand
Colleen Bawn
Crack a Fat
The Cunt Stretcher
Fixed Bayonets
A Full
The Golden Rivet
A Hard-On
The Horn
In One's Best Clothes
In One's Sunday Best
An Irish Toothache
A Lance at Rest
The Marquess of Lorn
Morning Pride
Old Hornington
Old Horny
Be on the Stand
Be Piss Proud
Be Proud Below the Navel
The Rail
The Ramrod
The Reamer
To Rise in One's Levis
The Roaring Horn
Roaring Jack
The Rock Python
The Spike
The Stalk
The Standard
The Standing Member
Stiff and Stout
A Stiff One
A Toothache
A Wood
A Woody

For Vomiting (84):

Blow Beets
Blow Chow
Blow Lunch
Blow Your Cookies
Blow Your Groceries
Bow to the Porcelain Altar
Call Ruth
Chew the Cheese
Chuck Up
Chum the Fish
Drain the Bilge
Drive the Porcelain Bus
Feed the Fishes
Flash the Hash
Go to Europe with Ralph and Earl in a Buick
Happy Returns
Hug the Porcelain God
Hug the Throne
Jerk the Cat
Kiss the Porcelain God
Laugh at the Carpet
Launch Your Lunch
A Liquid Laugh
Lose a Meal
Lose Your Cookies
Lose Your Lunch
Make a Sale
Make Love to the Porcelain Goddess
Make Pizza
Marry Your Porcelain Mistress
Pray to the Porcelain God
Pump Ship
Reverse Gears
Ride the Buick
Ride the Porcelain Bus
Ride the Porcelain Honda
Sell Buicks
Sell Out
Shoot Your Cat
Shoot Your Cookies
Shoot the Works
Skin a Goat
Snap Your Cookies
Spill Your Breakfast
Spill the Blue Groceries
Spit Beef
Talk into the Porcelain Telephone
Talk on the Great White Telephone
Talk to Earl
Talk to Ralph on the Big White Phone
Throw a Map
Throw Your Voice
Throw Up
Throw Up Your Toenails
Toss Your Cookies
Toss Your Lunch
Toss Your Tacos
Water Buffalo
Woof Cookies
Worship the Porcelain God
Worship the Throne

For Urination (53):

Answer Nature's Call
Burn the Grass
Check the Ski Rack
Do Pee-Pee
Drain the Crankcase
Drain the Dragon
Drain the Lizard
Drain the Main Vein
Drain the Suds
Drain Your Radiator
Drain Your Snake
Give the Chinaman a Music Lesson
Go and See If the Horse Has Kicked Off His Blanket
Go to Egypt
Kill a Tree
Look Upon a Hedge
Make a Piss Stop
Make a Pit Stop
Number One
Pay a Visit
Pick a Daisy
Pluck a Rose
Point Percy at the Porcelain
Post a Letter
Powder Your Nose
Pump Ship
See a Man About a Horse
See Johnny
See Mrs. Murphy
Shake Hands with an Old Friend
Shake Hands with the Guy You Enlisted With
Shake Hands with Your Wife's Best Friend
Shake the Dew Off the Lily
Shoot a Lion
Spring a Leak
Squeeze the Lemon
Syphon the Python
Take a Leak
Take Your Snake for a Gallop
Tap a Kidney
Train Terrence on the Terra Cotta
Visit the Sandbox
Wash Your Hands
Water the Dragon
Water the Horses
Water Your Pony
Wring the Rattlesnake
Wring Your Sock Out

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The house is like a gong show!

according to Jon, the house is like a gong show..
I'm not going to be there for a few weeks yet.. yay?!
talked to Jon, Melia, Dawn, Sean, Fidela, Brian, Eric, Danielle..
Eddie, Justin C., Michelle, Nathan, Alan, Jen, Citrus, Maisie, etc.
updates / life, the move, my new book, music, plans, church..
how Steph should bring her boyfriend over for scrutinization..
Jen wanting Jon to smuggle her some alcohol or an Irish guy..
wedding / banquet RSVP's, birthday cards, metrosexuals..
bling-bling, Nathan's all-expenses-paid trip to Beijing, etc.
definitely a good thing to hang with friends at church!
(saw a hilarious fight for the bill at lunch.. Chinese culture!)

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Sober / drunk conversations

just had a "sober / drunk" AIM conversation with Andre..
it wasn't that bad, although he did have lots of typos..
Spoz would say: "whoa.. check out my typing.. no typos.."
and I really do appreciate that, believe me.. too bad no talk..
didn't talk to any of my regular chat buddies tonight..
probably it could be a consequence of no MSN / ICQ..
that, and I wanted a semi-quiet night to myself.. booyah! :P
should really go to bed as well.. churchy stuff tomorrow..
so this is over and out for me.. a pre-emptive entry, too!

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