Saturday, November 12, 2011

Brandy beans, Advent calendars, Nutella, and noodles

I went out just now to see if I could get some on-sale Nutella at London Drugs. It was no longer on sale, but I got it anyway since a dollar wouldn't make much difference. I saw expensive Lindt Advent calendars, but no cheaper ones. However, I did see some heavily-discounted Rockets, so decided to get those for Steph and Lisa. Also got two boxes of on-sale MaƮtre Paul brandy beans for me and Chantelle, who isn't on FB anymore. (I emailed her when I got home, though!) I was worried when the debit machine didn't work, but it did at another cashier - PHEW!

Then I went to Shoppers Drug Mart, and looked around for the cheaper LIFE Advent calendars. I finally found them after a few minutes of looking at all the Christmas stuff. Got six (me / Eric H. - if he can't eat them, I'll do it myself / Jon / Steph / Harmony / Lisa), plus a 12-pack of spicy chicken Mr. Noodles since it was $2 off. Before I headed home, I had a mango bubble tea from Big Orange. Got home and emailed everyone about the Advent calendars after emailing Chantelle, then organized my Christmas shopping yet to be done. Luckily, it's not a lot!

Noticed that Eric had called me (impetus), so I decided to see what he wanted. I'm up for church if I can wake up in time - TAKE MELATONIN! He warned me that he'd be watching the CFL West Final with people next week. Note to self: SLEEP IN NEXT SATURDAY! His option of "getting another ride home" is NOT doable with MY need for alone time! I should tell Chinese Eric that the J. Edgar Hoover movie is out now, since he wanted to watch it. Time for a shower before gaming!

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Team players / Washroom save frogs

You Are The Feeler

You are peaceful and serene. You try to make life go as smoothly as possible.

You give others the benefit of the doubt until they prove you wrong. You see people as good.

You are good at resolving conflicts and making sure everyone is satisfied. You mediate well.

You are receptive and approachable. You welcome the world with open arms.

This picture of a MOTHER 3 save frog in a Club Titiboo washroom is for Jamie, AKA jaebird:

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Friday, November 11, 2011

Crazy English language / Internet teaching YOUR and YOU'RE / Reality disappearances


Eric tried calling me way earlier than usual: WHAT HAVE I TOLD HIM IN THE PAST ABOUT FRIDAYS, PARTICULARLY IF THERE IS CANUCKS HOCKEY ON?! DON'T DO THIS TO ME! Eventually, I just let the phone slide off the hook. ;) Then he sent me an email wondering whether I was alive / living because I seemed to have "disappeared from reality." WHAT THE FUCK EVER! He thought my explanations didn't take into account that I didn't answer the phone: FINE THEN, I WON'T EVEN BOTHER TO EXPLAIN NEXT TIME! Christ! Good thing I stayed home (to restart the computer a LOT), and listened to the Canucks try to come back from a four-goal second period... Anaheim won 4-3, though.

This is a cool English picture from Candy:

An awesome "Internet teaching English" picture from Billie:

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Caucasian men / "Foie gras" as "forge" / Complicated directions / Legendary dung! / Toast

Geoffrey emailed us some directions to his place, and they sound really complicated. I don't do those very well, even if Eric would be with me - yet another reason not to go tonight, haha!

My sister had lunch with Grandma today, and this is a hilarious conversation they had:

Grandma: Do you have a boyfriend yet?
Steph: Nope!
Grandma: Aiya... what about the men at work? Are they all married? You're running out of time. Do you prefer Chinese or Caucasian?
Steph: Whities!!
Grandma: Ooh... be careful. Caucasian men are hard to keep satisfied.

HAHAHAHA! Like Steph said, HOW WOULD SHE KNOW?! Mom also emailed my sister to say that Grandma had something called "forge." My sister clarified this English FAIL by saying that "forge" was really FOIE GRAS. Oh dear.

After a few tries, I finally got the LEGENDARY DUNG in the Death Desert, for 50 experience points and a special sound effect! "Oh my! This is the Legendary Dung, which is said to be dung, but also NOT dung!"

You Are Intuitive

You're incredibly kind, caring, and generous. You naturally put others first.

You believe that you know what's right deep down in your heart. You listen to your feelings.

You are a very emotional person. It's less about what you think and more about what you feel.

Your inner voice always speaks the truth, and you take the time to listen to it.

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Eggs, toast, orange juice, Oxford commas / CLOSE 3-2 win over the Kings

The Canucks played the Kings tonight... we had a 5-on-3 power play because of Trevor Lewis elbowing people, and we had two power play goals! Yay, Sami Salo! It was a very close game, but the Canucks eventually won 3-2... PHEW! Apparently, the BS group is going to Geoffrey's tomorrow, and Eric has Illuminate worship practice beforehand. I am definitely going to stay home and participate in the weekly tradition / listen to the Ducks hockey game, then!

This is a great "Oxford Comma" picture from Janina:

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Yelling and kicking near Compassion Club / Vanessa / The Airport Test

I also saw some crazy shit (to me) go down near the Compassion Club yesterday afternoon! This Indian guy was screaming at some white girl who was waiting for her boyfriend to pick her up, so they got into a yelling match. Then he kicked her in the chest! She was screaming for her friends in the Club to call the police! I just kinda minded my own business and went to my friend's house after things had quietened down. (when she had finished puking and screaming at people)

Vanessa sent me a FB message wondering where I was since I'm never on FB chat (HATE that) or MSN - turns out I'm invisible on Trillian, heh. Then she sent me an offliner this morning to say she'd been discharged around 4 on Saturday (that's it!), and would try to call tonight or tomorrow. I actually hope she doesn't, only because there is finally Canucks HOCKEY! Actually, she's called me twice now, but I simply didn't pick up. :D

You Are Compassionate

You are sympathetic. You naturally have a lot of empathy for everyone around you.

You can easily see the beauty in others. You appreciate them, and you never cling too tightly.

You are very intuitive. You can always sense when someone close to you is hurting.

You are a seeker of harmony, and you are a peacemaker. You don't understand why there is so much conflict in the world.

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Went to visit Cat, and had a good time! We talked about venting, Teunis, rants, health, allergies, smoking, pot, naming, her daughter, our parents and exes, the past, Canada, her and her boyfriend living together, pagan stuff, hockey (in that she accepts I like it), LJ Dungeons and Space Adventures, pink, the names Josephine and Rhiannon, the Duggars, hating legal names, Kraft Dinner, roommates, Paul, karma / the universe, autism, real abuse, triggers, games, Krista, Jasmine, Kaili, Sabrina, Brandy, Vanessa, her cat (who seemed to like me), and more. Quite interesting! Got home at 11, and replied to Mandy's emails.

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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Duggar 20th kid, Cat, exquisite dung

THE DUGGARS ARE HAVING THEIR 20th KID! Even numbers! Took a shower and did laundry yesterday, heh. Now I'm on my way to visit catmcroy, AKA Cat! Woke her up, whoops!

You Are the Mother

You are very compassionate, and you offer comfort to those around you. You take care of people.

You truly feel for others. You are always imagining what it's like to be in someone else's shoes.

You are needed and wanted. People truly value you, and you would be missed if you weren't around.

You offer warmth and protection to your friends. You are considerate and kind.

This is quite rare, exquisitely-aged dung... I can give it to the dung beetle in MOTHER 3's desert for ten experience points.

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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Elegant chandeliers and kimchi noodles

Steph said that she and Lisa had lunch with the parents, and then dessert later - she also dropped off the kimchi noodles, which is great! I can only stand my mother once a month, if that. No questions about the passport office, either... ugh, PRESSURE!

Your Mind is Elegant

You are independent and original. You are highly inventive and creative.

You love thinking things over and developing theories. You have a theory for everything.

Very introspective, you can be silently critical of yourself and others. Your inner voice is honest.

You are simply brilliant. You are bright, intelligent, and creative.

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Kimchi noodles, GWAR on the FOX, and MOTHER 3 old men

Steph called to say that she thought of me while she was at Costco, and got a 12-pack of spicy kimchi noodles, which were on a super sale for $5 or so - SWEET! 99.3 also played some GWAR (who were playing at the Commodore tonight) in homage to Flattus Maximus, and Dave Brockie has announced that the character would be retired in Cory Smoot's honor. (EIGHTH LOCK / BONESNAPPER / some other song I didn't recognize) Then I introduced Ryan M. (eyeheartnewlife) to MOTHER 3, hahaha!

Got a relatively rare old man in a MOTHER 3 hot spring while I was revitalizing my health - YES!

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Monday, November 07, 2011

6-2 / POWER PLAY GOALS! / Enoch / Gaining life control

The Canucks won 6-2 over Chicago last night, avenging the playoff ghosts! Yay for five power-play goals! Enoch also added me on Facebook via Quan's page, haha.

You Gain Control by Relaxing

You believe in yourself and in everyone you know. You think that people are basically good.

People matter, and you put them first. You have a generous heart.

The secret to your success is that you don't put yourself first. You aren't self-serving.

When things get crazy, you try to find peace and calm. Being stressed just adds to everyone else's burdens.

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Sunday, November 06, 2011

Penetration depth?! / Gender Predictor

As I thought, I slept in again. Oh well, Eric should be used to this by now! The first thing I heard on the radio was something about penetration depth - I DON'T WANNA KNOW! :D

You Are a Man

Like most men, you don't cry easily, and you don't think crying serves any real purpose.

You'd rather talk about what you think than what you feel. You are all about the facts.

And speaking of facts, you can't get enough of them. You strongly prefer non-fiction to fiction.

You are probably a bit of a gearhead, too. You are interested in how things work, and you are up on the latest technology.

HAHAHA. I am NOT a man! I'm just not a girly girl, which is 100% okay by me! *shudders at the mere thought*

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