Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Awana store does NOT give refunds, kid!

This thing restarted while I was out! Henry picked me up, and he asked if I'd seen the 2012 movie yet; he had, and Los Angeles slid into the ocean! I'm not surprised, haha. Talked about Fellowship and stuff before subsiding into quiet contemplation, haha. Once we got to the church, I said hi to Chrystal while helping Auntie Vivian with a salty cracker snack - it had benito flakes, which Ian later said that he liked. I took one for myself, in fact! Helped Stanley with his guitar (strings), and he said that my brother had gotten it for free from one of his musician friends... neat! Said hi to Ian, Gabriel (who looked tired), Sean, Annie, and Conor - these kids are so cute! Matthew Ma #2 remembered my name, and we had plenty of kids clamoring for someone to take their Awana dollars since they wanted to buy something at the Awana store. Jordan even asked if we gave refunds, hahaha! On the way home, Ian and Sean played some made-up games... always interesting, these kids!

I exchanged emails with Karine (karineinthepool) - she would love Olympics postcards, apparently!

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Musical Signature Tagging

Got this from one of Chris H.'s friends:

It's been YEARS since I've taken a music lesson, yet I still remember what most of these mean. :D

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Mustaches, vampires, scones, glamor, and hair

Courtesy of Janina: INSTANT HEART ATTACK from a BACON MUG! EWWWW! Had a weird dream which involved Billie's family kicking me out because my group of friends and I got too loud... what the?!

You Should Have Wavy Hair

You are laid-back, friendly, and carefree. You really can't get too hung up on anything as silly as your hair.

You truly enjoy yourself, and you have a natural charisma. People love to flirt with you.

You are casual, low-maintenance, and even a little careless. No one would accuse you of being uptight!

You don't have a lot of rules or expectations in your life. You are flying blind and ending up in some pretty interesting places.

You Think That Intelligence is Glamourous

You find nothing more disappointing than a gorgeous person who is completely vapid. You can't respect anyone who doesn't exercise his or her mind.

There's something incredibly appealing about someone who can speak intelligently about any subject at any length.

You also appreciate people who are well-mannered and well-behaved. Politeness goes a long way for you.

The most glamourous people you know totally have it together. Allure is never skin deep for you.

Too right! One of the many reasons why I broke up with a certain someone...

You Are Optimistic and Hopeful

You truly believe in all of your dreams. And you don't just sit back and wait for your dreams to happen.

You are active and even a bit stubborn. You are confident in what you do.

You can be a bit aggressive at times, to the point of being inconsiderate. But you never really mean to step on anyone's toes.

It's just that when your eye is on the prize, it's hard for you to see anything or anyone else. You're not malicious... just a tad careless.

You Are a Cherry Scone

The early part of your day is filled with delight and happiness.

You see each day as a new beginning - a chance to do something different or better.

You enjoy the morning for as long as it lasts. You wish the quiet of the early hours could go on all day.

You're the type most likely to make your scones from high-quality ingredients. You like to indulge those you love. You never skimp.

Um, I do NOT enjoy the morning, and I clearly indicated as much! UGH!

You Should Not Date a Vampire

You just don't understand what all the vampire fuss is about. You certainly do not find the idea of vampires sexy.

What's hot about someone who wants to bite through your skin? Yuck! Plus, you're pretty sure vampires have bad breath.

And you're definitely not drawn to that sickly, pale look. Or all that moodiness - no thanks!

You think that regular old humans are plenty attractive. You can't imagine why anyone would pick a broody beast over a healthy, alive person.

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Confusing cans of mushrooms with cans of mushroom SOUP / E. Coli

Eric picked me up a little later than scheduled, but that was okay. Talked about the weather, flowers / butterflies being on thank-you cards, water dragons, smelling my brandy beans, Superstore (my secret plan to get cans of mushrooms worked, yay!), appropriate sorts of thank-you cards (we settled on a blank one), men, puddles (my water bottle wasn't capped properly?!), my causing the rainy weather (NO!), the grad video he did for Jon (he says I should link Jeremy to it since he's not on Facebook - no, because it features me being stupid :P), no organic mushrooms, washing knapsacks because of Mr. Creep, cookies, budging, and more. We met Kevin at Superstore, and I spent a minute looking at the holiday cards - 36 for $6.99 works out to 5.2¢ a card, which is cheap, but not as cheap as my London Drugs deals!

SHIT! THE COMPUTER MONITOR BLINKED OUT FOR HALF AN HOUR IN THE MIDDLE OF COMPOSING THIS POST! So I had some hot chocolate, and started on my personal Christmas cards instead - I think I need a new computer sooner rather than later! I knew the monitor was working because of the handy little light just below the screen, but still.

Once we got to the fellowship hall, we saw Citrus "on duty" - Jen, Connie, Harmony, Randal, and I asked him a lot of questions later! Magazine wasn't loaded, and he even handcuffed Jen - I'm sure it's very restricting! I talked briefly to Andrea, who won't be there on Sunday at the lunch (says Auntie Bessy sent the email out, and I should go since I could possibly get a ride partway...) - and I said hi to Chuck and Teresa too. Was going to sit behind Dylan and Deb, but Harmony wanted me to sit next to her - all righty then! The talk was pretty good, and I'm happy we'll have more of those in future. Stayed well away from a certain person as per usual, greeted Vivian, and asked Christon about the wild mushroom soup - he said it was his dad's recipe (with a few modifications) that he absorbed, but he'll send it. COOL STUFF!

Shally was telling Harmony, Jen, and Calla something which they'd already figured out - she and Jose are dating now. As if the "sharing chairs" behavior at the dinner last week wasn't OBVIOUS, hahaha. Calla said that Alan and Tracy didn't even know she and Stanford had been dating (or the length of time) - Lesley even asked about it. No, they hadn't only been dating for four months! Of course, Jon had to insert a joke about their engagement in some announcement he made to the whole congregation about a week after it happened! Jon said that he was being funny - talked about blunt razors, dry shaving, haircuts, listening to what your wife said, crashing at your friends' places, the Yaletown Brewery, volunteering, the Culture Crawl, and more. Got a card back from Christon, used Chuck's medical expertise on Teresa's nasty-looking cut (talked about his mom and Facebook), and talked to Deb for a bit after I took two packets of hot chocolate (added it to the stuff at home).

On the way home after dropping off Jon and Harmony (plus getting gas), Eric asked if I'd had a good evening. It was all right, I suppose - nothing INTERESTING, to be sure! Talked about New Year's Eve (he may be inviting THE POTATO HEAD?!!!), his cell phone alarm at 11 to tell him to prepare to get ready for bed, football / Western Conference and Eastern Conference rules, doing sound (little window!), gaming, and more. When I got home, I thought I had left one can of mushrooms in his car - I called him to check, and he said I hadn't. Turns out I was confusing cans of mushrooms with cans of mushroom SOUP, because the number of cans weren't equal. It was too late to call his place and tell him that, so I just wrote something on his Facebook wall instead, haha.

Poo nugget for this weekend: Dr. Stool Says - E. Coli - Escherichia coli is a bacterium of many personalities. Depending on the strain, the same bacteria that peacefully reside in our colons without causing trouble can also cause life-threatening infections. In fact, food poisoning outbreaks associated with fresh spinach and Taco Bell green onions in 2006 were both linked to a particularly nasty strain of E. coli called O157:H7.

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Friday, November 20, 2009

Dream about James and Sanne / Why would you scam people doing apartment searches?!

Had a weird dream involving James and Sanne having a little boy whose name was also James (in between their two girls?!), Steph / Eric / me / Emily going to a fancy restaurant for lunch, my accidentally taking Emily's phone (we knew it was hers because Joey and Sam were the top two contacts), and little kids in elevators doing construction paper projects. Don't ask! Got a Niagara Falls postcard from Kelli (neonrose5) - guess I'll give her a 2010 postcard in return! I think I'll ask Andrea about Sunday's lunch, and then see if she can give me a ride home from there - maybe I can also get canned mushrooms and regular postcards then! Since Eric hasn't called me by now, I guess he's going to pick me up from home, OR that he's really busy at work. Either way, it's good for me! Then again, considering the thunder I just heard outside... plus the lightning / wind / rain / power outages in parts of town, the weather is a good consideration! (I wouldn't want to be out in it right now, although it was okay last night!)

Edit: Eric called, told me to turn my ringer on since I was wasting his minutes, said he'd be here around 7, and asked if I had any appropriate cards for Dr. Stephen Ng. It's true that I have cards, but they're either birthday cards or sympathy cards... with the odd wedding / baptism cards thrown in for flavor. Oh well, we'll have to go to the store to get thank-you cards! Also, I think I'll abandon the LOCATION project... we'll see. Taking up a lot of time! We'll see if I use blank cards... but flowers / a bunch of kids playing are not really appropriate designs, either!

FUNNY AMUSEMENT OF THE DAY: This is from Spoz: "it was hilarious. I was doing my best to zone out to my iPod.. playing some exceptionally beautiful music [Hope Sandoval].. and at the back of the bus there, this girl was shrieking as LOUD as she could... "FUCKING HELL! EVERY TIME I GO DOWN ON YOU, I GET FUCKING HAIRS IN MY TEETH.. SHAVE YOUR COCK!! NO REALLY, SHAVE YOUR FUCKING COCK!!" and no shit.. it went on like this for at least 20 minutes. The entire bus was pissing themselves laughing under their breath."

HA! I KNEW THAT AD WAS A SCAM! Check out this reply I got from a "Rikki Gannon" today! The parts about "West Africa" and "missions" and "transfers" and "Richmond Vancouver" REALLY set my radar going! Never mind the religious stuff, the "application form," and the questions and such! What legitimate landlord would really want to know if you were married or not?!

Thanks for maling me about my house, I am currently on a mission to a country called United Kingdom, Mayfair, London but My wife is in west Africa for a purpose with our lawyer due to transfer she had in west Africa recently... . I need a Clean and upright person that will be able to take good care of the house and the person will make a payment $600 per month, please be informed this initial deposit will be deducted from the house rent. An apponitment date will be agreed upon between us, this appointment day is day in which i will instruct someone to come and take you down to the apartment so as to give you the keys and all necessary documentation as soon as the deposit payment confirmed which you will be keeping in your possession as the true occupants of the apartment. We don't know when we are going to return to Richmond Vancouver and from the look of things, me and my wife has decided to stay in United Kingdom for sometime so as to help spread the word of God; we are looking at a period of 5 years, so get back to us as soon as possible so that we can agreed on a date you will be checking on the place, so please below are some certain information which you will be providing us.

Address...6351 Buswell Street Richmond, British Columbia

1) Your Full Name
2) Your Full Address & Phone Number
3) How old are you?
4) Are you married?
5) How many people will be living in the house?
6) Do you have a pet? pets are allowed
8) Occupation?
9) how long are you willing to stay

please the package that will be given to you will contain the following.
1) Entrance and the rooms Keys
2) Paper / Permanent house form (Containing your reference details)
3) The house documetary file.
4) Payment Receipt..
5) Full address and description of the house.

So please let me know if this is okay by you so you so we can proceed.You can call my lawyer number on this number +2348034666071 or 011238034666071

Corey said "Reply saying you're a devil worshiper, and plan to hang pentagrams on every wall, and sacrifice animals in the living room, but you'll try to keep blood off the carpet. The scammer won't care, but since that goes so far away from what their fake character would go for, maybe they'll say something funny. Probably not though, since they didn't even write that themselves... it's just a script they got from someone."

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Auntie Ying does NOT have to reimburse me for $2 worth of stuff, seriously! / Melting Pot of Poo

Called Auntie Ying after I took a shower, who says she likes talking to me... oh good. She was surprised to learn that I had bought Christmas cards and candy canes for the kids already, and said that I was so thoughtful to buy something for her too! "Now I will give you something! What do you spend your money on? Food? Clothing? Your MOM gives you stuff? What a NICE MOM!" She told me about a lunch that was happening on Sunday, about the Junior Curriculum and such. Perhaps it's true that the material we have for the kids is a bit difficult for the younger ones, but I don't know. She might still have a children's Bible around from when Phil and Melia were kids... she speaks Cantonese to them, but can't really do that with Grace and Angus! Says she feels a bit guilty that she talks to Rachel's grandma while I attempt to teach the kids, but of course Rachel's grandma isn't a Christian... it's about the sharing! (we reminded each other to pray for the kids!)

Then she wondered whether I understood her English - yes, it's fine! Not fluent or anything, but I understand! If I find something in the preparation, she says I should call her tomorrow because she and Uncle Peter are leaving early Saturday for a Liberal convention in Whistler. COOL... it could be the one that Silvester is at RIGHT NOW! Have asked Jon if he has the recipe for the wild mushroom soup - no, of course I'm not going to make it, as I'll wait for the guys to do that. He doesn't, but thinks Christon does, or it could be on the Food Network. I'll ask Christon tomorrow - perfect excuse for prying him away from his new best friend, who is Mr. Creep! :P

And... I've JUST discovered that Sharlene's unfriended me from Facebook. Great - who am I gonna tag in the six weeks' worth of poo notes now?! (and the rest of the year) Maybe I'll ask Barb if she minds, or someone else who's not likely to unfriend me for it, har har. Then again, I just asked Itamar - "Poo facts are largely ignored - you're under no threat of being unfriended." PHEW! I'll do it tomorrow!

Poo nugget for Friday, November 20: Camouflage Poo - The Melting Pot of Poo - The slowing of colonic transit (CONSTIPATION) allows digestive debris from several meals to form a single, variegated bolus of stool. In other words, the ham and cheese sandwich you had for lunch catches up to the scrambled eggs you had for breakfast, the steak you had for dinner the night before, etc. These conglomerations are uneven and jagged, leaving you to wonder why these bumpy feces can't achieve the honeyed smoothness of previous poos. (POO OF THE MONTH!)

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

More inexpensive Christmas cards and presents?! COOL STUFF, MAN!

Ooh, I almost forgot! At the Pho restaurant today, I checked out the exceedingly pink menu (reminded me of Steph's counter, bathroom, and kitchen) and had to laugh at #40. "TASTED RICE," anyone?! Steph, Jon, and Harmony got a laugh out of the Engrish!


I had to wait for twenty minutes before a bus came tonight - I wasn't impressed since I'd checked the Translink website before leaving early, too! Went to London Drugs and successfully remembered my PIN, so took out a minimal amount of money. Spent less than $20 on on-sale inexpensive chocolate-mint Waterbridge Slim Stix (one for me and one for Auntie Ying), Campbell's Creations teriyaki beef noodle-vegetable soup, four boxes of very inexpensive Christmas cards ($1 or $2 for 18, and suggested retail was $14 to $16?!), one pack of Trident pomegranate-blueberry gum (NEW FLAVOR!), one eight-pack of 99¢ candy canes for the kids at toddler Sunday School (one each), and some Cortina lentils. I think a "May your Christmas be perfect!" card is all right for the kids or their families. Hee hee, I knew I bought all those Christmas stickers a couple weeks ago for a reason! But one pack says "Season's Greetings," which I didn't really notice till later... would it be bad to send them out to other believers, or should I just save it for future Holiday_Wishes stuff? Hmm...

I know that one 75g box of chocolate-mint sticks may not be "enough" for Auntie Ying, even if she's not materialistic or whatever (I should also have remembered Rachel's grandma... next time which may be tomorrow!), but it's what I can afford realistically. I'm sure she'll understand... and it's not like I want to buy gifts for EVERYONE in my life! Maybe I'll get Rachel's grandma a blank Christmas card (do they even MAKE those things?!), and make my parents write out "Merry Christmas" in Chinese for me to copy - she may appreciate the effort, haha. I also nearly SLIPPED in the store, YIKES! Saw CANNED WONTON SOUP - SO WRONG! I'd rather pay the extra two bucks or whatever for the authentic experience of having it in a restaurant, with NOODLES and other things!

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I'm getting OLD if I choose LILAC for a BEDROOM...

I accidentally went out across the street because it was way too early to remember crap! YIKES. At least I remembered after two minutes or so of waiting in the wind and rain... on the way over, I learned that the real estate agent was excitable like Mom / the contractor (his brother) apparently only likes one color and that is GREY! / that Mom was also kinda sensitive for some reason. She wasn't impressed when Steph told her not to worry so much: "Not WORRY! Can I just say SOMETHING?!" In my head, I was like "NO! You've been 'saying something' all morning, I bet..." Steph's new townhouse was pretty cold, but then it is a gated community on the other hand. Spent the next few hours looking at the rooms, enduring "jokes" about how I should be in the crawlspace (forcible confinement is an indictable offense!!!!), learning about my sister's work, testing the new stove with non-coil elements, testing the toilet as the most important thing, being amused by the contractor's color wheel (who would know that "Lauren's Surprise" was a shade of BLUE?!), and more. I found I was getting old when I chose LILAC for my sister's spare bedroom - am I that old, and then share my mom's taste too?! OH MY GOODNESS. Just a few years ago, I politely declined a mauve clothing item - now, I don't know!

Had lunch at the Pho place next to Long's Noodle House with Jon and Harmony (Dad told Steph not to tell Mom that she shouldn't leave the door open because it's COLD for the other people... then she really IS sensitive!), then went back to the townhouse so they could have a look at it. Then we went to Vancouver Lighting (which is actually across the street from the Richmond Ikea), where my sister bought $300 worth of light bulbs / lights / track lighting while rolling her eyes at Mom's thoughts and directing me to the BLING chandeliers. My mom wanted me to come over for dinner, but I demurred. (discussed Sean, girlfriends, how "green" the three of us were on a spectrum, Phil, a lamp looking like a pineapple, Tiffany lamps for $4500, and other things) I think I remember my PIN, so might go out to test it before I come back to shower and call Auntie Ying.

You Are Angel

You have a pretty dark past, but you've changed your ways... and possibly not by choice.

These days, you try to do your best to be a good person. You have a sore spot for anyone who hurts anyone else.

You are a true romantic, but you can't be with the person you truly love. And you are completely torn up about it.

At your core, you're a loner. You are light-hearted and funny, but deep down you're really quite tormented.

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Dream about Chantal and gas stations / Toilet-Bowl Restaurants!

I would much rather be sleeping, but my mom called at 10 to wake me up. Ugh... at least I'll see Steph's new townhouse! Had a weird dream involving my stealing a big blue car (not a Parisienne) with Chantal in it. We picked Steph up, and talked about tiramisu while we went to get gas. For some reason, they let me drive - I was very nervous, but managed to NOT crash into anything. Then we had to get gas AGAIN for some reason - maybe the fuel tank was small or something. When the gas attendant said that it was too heavy with gas on one side of the car, I remember feeling guilty because I used up a lot of gas, and hoped that Mom didn't find out that I drove her precious car. Turned out that Randal was a gas attendant at the second station, and was "out of town" from his usual haunts for some reason. He gave Steph a CAR FIRE coupon, while she gave him a KFC one in return. Then he hopped into the car with us while we were going to drive somewhere... and then I was woken up before I was fully able to process. I miss my snuggly bed already... :(

Poo nugget for Thursday, November 19: Eating on the Toilet - In November 2007, the twelfth restaurant in a toilet-themed chain opened in Taipei. All one hundred seats in the crowded diner are made from toilet bowls, not chairs. Customers eat from mini plastic toilet bowls. They wipe their hands and mouths using toilet paper hung above their tables, which may be glass-topped jumbo bathtubs.

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Do I really want to test out my NEWBIE cookie skills?!

This thing restarted AGAIN! Before leaving, I tested to see if I could get back into the building - I could, thank goodness! Harmony picked me up despite the wind and rain, and she reminded me that Steph takes possession of her new place tomorrow. Talked about bills, freelance work, job applications, mailing cards, brandy beans, and more on the way to Karmie's. I didn't step in any huge puddles this time, which was a relief. We were kinda late, and Karmie / Connie / Auntie Bessy / Stella had started already. Interesting story of David and Bathsheba, indeed. Discussed cookie exchanges, recipes, cranberries, oranges, Maxine, cookies in general, scones, butter, Resurrection Cookies, carrot cake, macaroons, ingredients, coconut, chocolate, zucchini cake, oil, baking, Pillsbury stuff, convection ovens, Benjamin / Noah, Hannah, and more.

On the way home, Harmony said that I was welcome to make it to the cookie exchange on the 16th, and wondered why I'd have to housesit because Big G won't be there - no idea, man. Guess I'll see if I can actually make cookies... but I have no flour or sugar or anything - so WHO KNOWS. During the course of the evening, I think I remembered my PIN - I'll have to test that out soon, before I forget the numbers again. :P Leslie's just got their Pilot Callsign Nickname from Name Generators. It's Ghost.

Facebook quiz taken from Gabriel:

Leslie took I bet I can guess your password! with the result Unknown. Lucky you! Your password is unknown to me. This is really rare because most people do not get this. Your password is very safe.

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Brandy beans, Bathroom Reader #22, forgetting my PIN, and front door locks NOT BUDGING!

Had a weird dream which involved Aerosmith songs, driving to the South Arm neighborhood to sneak into my old house with Eric (who wasn't feeling well), sharing a hotel room with my brother (who wasn't impressed with the pillows!), and deleting three consecutive Facebook statuses (even though they had comments already) because of typos. No idea why I had that, man! Also, some girl named Erin Abbott added me on Facebook - I don't KNOW you!

I went out to catch the bus today... I saw a female version of Justin Chiang ON the bus - oh my! Went to get some money from the ATM, but discovered that I'd apparently forgotten my PIN... the bank said that they couldn't retrieve it for me. Now that I'm at home, I can't find it written down anywhere, which sucks too. Went to Shoppers Drug Mart's post office to mail Christmas cards / Harry Potter bookmarks / Richmond Public Library bookmarks / stickers / Vancouver postcards / Vancouver Canucks bookmarks to Sheryll (sheryll), Nyssa (giggles_19), Billie E. (sianparis), George / Candy B., Gema (dont_deny_me), Krista (geek_dragon), Teunis, Julie S. (julie709), Jane K. (justsurvive), Corey T. (dwcorey), John A. (snooooopy), Kaella C. (scapegoat), Bryan A. (weaponx2032), Sara H. (thegirlsheriff), Elizabeth P. (bethie_p), Marie S. (Reebee), Janina P. (mrshannibal), Farrah F. (lilaznffairy421), Mandy D. (a_phoenixdragon), Jennifer L. (tehgreenfairy), Katie J. (touchofgr3y), Deborah G. (devils_sidekick), Becca C. (heyfashion), Heather P. (swingthevote), Alessandra P. (dru_it), Nathan T., Eric H. (lddude), and Yee Poh today! Was going to get hand cream / lip balm / hand sanitizer, but I figured I didn't NEED this stuff NOW.

Then I went to London Drugs; I found Uncle John's Endlessly Engrossing Bathroom Reader #22 there on sale for 20% off, along with Jergen's Tropical Vanilla soap / two boxes of on-sale brandy beans (got a 400g box for $3.99 - way cheaper than that website!) / eighteen Vancouver 2010 postcards (most for other people). After that, I figured I should go home and get ready for tonight... HOWEVER, the front door lock was NOT budging AGAIN! Luckily after five minutes, a neighbor was able to get it open for me from the inside. Once I got in, I discovered what the problem was - a new door handle which apparently won't let your keys go in all the way! After putting away my stuff and such, I decided to call Hester to let her know. She thought my key wouldn't work in the lock, or that I was stranded at the front door... not quite true. I hope she understood that the front door lock is unable to budge!

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Women's Group ride offers, sleeping positions, farts

Harmony called when I was getting my laundry out of the dryer: she offered me a ride to women's group tomorrow, which I took. Should be good times, especially if I remember to eat more than one banana beforehand and DON'T inadvertently step in any puddles, haha. Not that I have a banana around here, but it's the equivalent of one... so I used my last Knorr's bag to prepare! Should have called Auntie Ying tonight, but maybe tomorrow - I so suck, haha.

Facebook quiz taken from Darren:

Just took the quiz What does your sleeping position say about you? and got the result: On your stomach. You are an easy-going individual. You like making new friends and going out. You tend to be brash at times. You like to be in your comfort zone, and don't relish extreme challenges as much.

Poo nugget for Wednesday, November 18: Doo You Know? - A Fart, By Any Other Name, Would Still Smell - Used colloquially as a noun or a verb, the word "fart" comes from the Middle English word ferten or farten, which means "to break wind." It shares origins with other words meaning the same thing, including Sanskrit's pardate and Russian's perdet.

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Guinea pig dream / GREEN tapioca pudding?! / CHAOS is NOT a NAME, people!

I woke up with Jesus Loves Me in my head today. Better than Christmas songs, at any rate... also had a vague dream of eating two guinea pigs since they were on sale at the butcher's. "Buy One Get One Free!" - so this old Chinese guy with a beard leashed two live ones to walk them out of the store. What the heck?! Wrote Christmas cards for a few people, too... must shower and do some laundry later.

My tapioca pudding has a tinge of GREEN on the edge, and my yogurt has turned watery... WELL BEFORE the expiry dates! I haven't even started eating either item yet - guess I'll have to throw them away! Reminds me of when my chocolate milk practically FERMENTED in my fridge (it resembled APPLE JUICE!), and the yogurt turned BLACK a couple years ago... EW!

Just started surfing wishlists and such for the day, and I've come across a girl with a son named CHAOS... WHAT THE HELL! Then again, I saw a list three years ago: this other person had named her kids Justice (10-year-old boy), Credence (9-year-old boy), Trinity (4-year-old girl), Epiphany (3-year-old girl), Ardor (1.5-year old girl), and Solace (6-month-old girl). YUCK!

Facebook quiz taken from Kaitlin:

I just took the quiz "Test Your English: Part - Tense" and got 100% of the answers correct. My score: 100% correct ----- My Rating: Great. Well done. You have answered (almost) every questions correctly.

You Are the Successful One in Your Family

You're the type of person who needs to see results in your life to be happy. And because of this, you're likely to have a lot of material success in your life.

Your family members may even be jealous of what you have, but they don't understand all the work you've put in to reaching your goals.

You have big dreams and big plans, and if your family wants to support you, that's great.

But in the end, you're not about to let anyone hold you back from what you want. Your prefer to share your success with your family, but you'll do it without them if you need to.

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Cruel X-Box pranks and tropical sprue

In between talking to Billie and Corey, I finished writing almost thirty Christmas cards earlier tonight. I think they'll be mailed in a few days or so when I get more Vancouver postcards and my yearly treat of brandy beans! Corey also linked me to this cruel X-Box Christmas gift prank - "we couldn't AFFORD an X-Box and you know that, so we got you clothes!"

Poo nugget for Tuesday, November 17: Tropical Sprue - A mysterious disorder that causes diarrhea and weight loss in affected individuals living in India / South America / the Caribbean, tropical sprue is not to be confused with celiac sprue. Celiac sprue is a more common diarrheal illness triggered by intake of gluten-containing products. The cause of tropical sprue is unknown, although treatment with antibiotics and folic acid is thought to be beneficial.

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Monday, November 16, 2009

Epic dream with a yellow "virtual reality" ball

I've had a busy afternoon thus far, and I had enough sleep since I got up at 2:30 PM. Fielded email from / to dru_it (Alessandra), devils_sidekick (Deborah), scapegoat (Kaella), heyfashion (Becca), rubbished_chico (Torey), and fraserette (Alexis), among others... YAY for holiday_wishes!

When I finally got to sleep, I had a weird dream. I was in a room with a large yellow round "virtual reality" ball. It seemed to CALL OUT to me, and so I went inside. Almost immediately, I was inside an elevator with a bunch of other people. It PLUNGED us downwards really quickly, and we were able to see the floor numbers as they whizzed by. We got to the first floor, and then we just kept going. Everyone crouched down in a defensive position with our hands covering our heads as we went into the negative numbers! The elevator finally stopped at Floor -115, and so we all got out. It wasn't as black as we expected, but there were lights on the walls to guide us.

I managed to accidentally find a secret portal which would take me to find my friends, so left the group after first telling them about this. Then I was transported to a communal living type of place, and my friends were indeed there. I decided that I had to wash my white clothes in a washing machine next to the arcade, so dumped those in there along with some white towels and promptly forgot about it as I acclimated myself to my new surroundings. Ian and Sean were running around with a bunch of other kids, and I decided to check Facebook on one of the myriad computers. My news feed was FULL of posts from Nathan ("15 Similar Posts" having to do with gaming), Billie, Julie C., Kenny, and others. I commented on a bunch of things, and almost instantly got a corresponding number of notifications. "Bahish E_____" was apparently a relative of Billie's, and had commented on her status. Nathan just spammed me with at least a dozen quiz / movie notifications ("Nathan To sent you a SMILE!"), and Julie (as "Anastasia Julie Chu") and Kenny Zhang just commented a lot on stuff. (it was EPIC!)

While this was going on, the washing machine had apparently gotten stuck during its cycle. I didn't know anything about it until someone told me that I had to come with them RIGHT NOW. So I did... the towels and shirts were all wrapped around the thing in the middle of the washing machine, and there were little blue-white flames on the floor nearby, almost skittering as they wanted to get to other parts of the maze which was the yellow virtual reality ball. I had to put them all out, and witness humiliation as a BIG PROBATION NOTICE was put on the machine. In BIG BOLD CAPS, it declared that an NG was responsible for the machine being OUT OF ORDER, and that everyone else except people on the first layer of the maze would be WATCHED CAREFULLY as they used the machine! Quan, Hien, and Erik (kahobi) came up to me later and bugged me about it... "so YOU had something to do with this MESS!" True enough!

Later, I decided to go shopping with a bunch of people near an escalator. It was CROWDED with people and displays and rings! There was a bunch of clothing in the way of our ultimate mecca (BOOKS AND RANDOM STUFF!), but we prevailed and conquered. While on our way back to the arcade, someone let us know that Grace had lost her baby because of the snow packing down on the footpath outside. That was very sad news, and we decided to go down a rarely-used hallway to see what would have been the baby's nursery. People were in the process of converting it into a playroom / library, so there were more piles of books everywhere. After giving our condolences to Grace, we were happily playing with books and people when I woke up. I have no idea why I had this one.... CRAZY!

You Are Bright and Intuitive

You can take in a lot of information at once. You're excellent at remembering details, and you are able to see how each piece of the puzzle fits together.

Beyond understanding what's in front of you, you're also good at seeing what's missing.

Your energy level is fairly high and consistent. You are good at being able to get yourself going.

Your signature latte would be a skinny latte. Even if you aren't on a diet, you don't really like your food to weigh you down.

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Pinker lips, leftovers, Mattias, Mr. Creep and meat, cartoons, cocktails, and blood!

It's true that one person ALWAYS starts the exodus out the door! (we were discussing love languages before this) Eric assumed I wanted a ride home, and I said that it beat taking the bus home in the rain. Jeremy said that he'd noticed my lips were a bit pinker today, and wondered if it was lipstick! That's what my brother and Auntie Ying had assumed (independently of each other), but it was just Nivea LipCare - cheaper than lipstick, for sure! I even showed the guys what the tube looked like, heh. Jon said that I should hurry up - yeah, he does have to work the next day, but it's not like Eric was actively RUSHING me out the door because I took half an hour to leave! (and I didn't - I took maybe five minutes!)

Of course, he COULD have been like that at any time while we were discussing leftover containers and jars of soup! (I'd wanted one, but knew - with my balance issues - it would be better if the others had them) At least I remembered my Stateside jalapeno cheese and sausages from Jeremy's fridge, haha. Ha, Mom COULD have given me the bulky stuff from the States too, and I'd have been all right since I was in Eric's car - but I didn't know that either at the time. Next week it is!

On the way home, Eric and I mainly discussed baby Mattias and Mr. Creep - he thinks that Mr. Creep might come to Jon's birthday party (to which he has yet to invite people), and I can see Jon inviting someone he's known for only eight weeks tops at that time! I told Eric about Mr. Creep not being impressed with the vegetarian components of tonight's dinner (meat and potatoes guy?), and he reminded me that there would be meat next time. Um, thanks... I really hope he isn't invited, or at least stays far away from me (except in the narrow hallway where there's no choice) if so!

I told or reminded Eric that I knew Mr. Creep knows what my name is now, for a fact. Eric thinks I shouldn't worry so much... well, I dunno about that. I still want to keep my guard up when it comes to Mr. Creep, for sure! Then I said that I'd kinda talked to Raymond tonight - I kinda had to, in order to let him into the building! Randal had only answered the buzzer phone when Eric wanted to be let in because I had specifically yelled at someone else to please get it, heh. (I'd done it for almost everyone else, hahaha) And speaking of Randal, he and I didn't really talk - that's fine, and yelling at someone on the other side of the door isn't really TALKING. ("IT'S OPEN!!!!!") Then again, neither is yelling the buzzer number at him... "SIX!!!!" Before Eric dropped me off, we also talked about the half-tank of gas he'd used up today - not surprised! I thanked him for the ride home, and said I'd see him later. At home, I talked to Billie about stuff while checking the usual places... and now it's time for bed!

Poo nugget for Monday, November 16: Dr. Stool Says - Don't Be So Hard On Yourself - Thankfully, there are many benign causes of blood in the toilet, such as hemorrhoids / diverticulosis / arteriovenous malformations, which are abnormal blood vessels that have a tendency to bleed. Often overlooked, vigorous over-wiping (which causes a little blood to appear on the ol' brown starfish) could also be the cause of the bloody surprise. In this case, consider yoga / exercise / a new hobby for alternative stress relief. A conversion to a softer toilet paper would also be prudent.

Facebook quizzes taken from Janina, Darren, and Kaitlin:

Leslie took the "What Cartoon character are you?" quiz and got "Peter Griffin." Peter Griffin.. you are a loner in your own world.

Leslie completed the quiz "What color best describes you?" with the result Orange. Your Personality is best described by Orange! You have an over-excited behavior most of the time, and you cross the line between sanity and just bein' plain out nuts! You are the Rudolph in your life; you stick out of a crowd, and don't give a second thought about what people think of you. You have always been just a little nut ball, like a Goofy Goober. Oh yes, you do make the world a better place! The world needs people like you: fun, outgoing, and just plain out awesome.. :)

Leslie completed the quiz "Which Enemy of the Res Publica Are You?" with the result Chrysogonus. You value the finer things in life the most. Wine, good food, fancy hairstyles, and luxurious residences. To get all of these things, you must sometimes resort to unsavory action. If someone is wronged, and it is asked, "Cui bono?", the answer is plain: Tui bono. You are very sociable and stylish. You gain power not through might or cleverness, but through the connections you are able to make with people in high places. The room goes silent when you enter, and few dare to oppose you because you are so well-connected.

Leslie completed the quiz "What hides Behind your eyes?" with the result Beauty. You are beautiful, and you want to let it show, but you just don't know how.

You Are a Hemingway

Unlike Hemingway, you are quite obscure and unknown. No one really understands what makes you tick.

Like Hemingway, you are somewhat under-appreciated. People try to act like they know you, but they rarely truly do.

You can be a bit prickly and tart to some. But those who truly love you find you to be perfectly refreshing.

Let's just say you're an acquired taste. And that's fine with you. You don't care who loves you, as long as the people who do love you for who you are.

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

I am very happy that Mr. Creep didn't come - and I like talking about BEER!

We had a good time at dinner - discussed Ryan not feeling well, Vicky's social work, mushroom soup, beer cheesecake, China, bra sizes, the menu for this year's birthday extravaganza, the broken dishwasher, boob sizes, chicken a la king, curry, veggie lasagna, Bathroom Readers, working at UBC, Ray liking the twice-burned beef stew (idiotic Raymond thought Jon was talking about HIM!), the white truffle cake which Shally and Jose brought along, beer, and Jen's new Banana Republic discount. Also talked about Dilys' adventures in home renovations, Steph's new place, massages, Nathan, soup and bread being really good and making us really full, church life, and more. Later, Jeremy "gave the soup a bath" - interesting stuff. Eric asked me to look up Q-Bert on Google Images for Jen - SURE! Interesting times, hahaha. Jose also now knows about "gwei loh" meaning "white devil / white ghost," and the two different forms of "thank you" - oh, and Cantonese and Mandarin differences. Shally just liked sharing chairs with people while sampling Jeremy's grandma's recipe for borscht, haha. It was good seeing Vicky and Dilys again before they left, for sure! Eric was just now bugging me about my being sad that Mr. Creep didn't come out tonight - he KNOWS that I feel the OPPOSITE emotion! :P

Shally, on Nathan's Magic Bra email, specifically the part on "I can't believe you sent it to me wrapped around a Jesus eats Big Mac article and some Ikea flyers!" - "Is this something specific about your friendship?!" HAHAHAHA!

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Holiday Wishes 2009 - I'm dreaming of Panties on Hoops, but not really!

Holiday Wishes 2009 - I'm dreaming of Panties on Hoops, only not really!

This year's wishes are mostly of the easily-mailed kind, especially since I'll probably be staying at my parents' house for at least a couple of weeks in December. I don't want to come back to multiple mail delivery notices, hahaha.

1. Christmas cards! They would totally brighten my day, since the mailman seems to be sending more junk mail and bills these days. :(
2. Taking an idea from someone else, envelope surprise. Anything random that you can fit into an envelope would be fair game!
3. Stickers. I admit, I'm far from being a kid, but I still love stickers! They can be of anything, and I'd still appreciate them!
4. Postcards!
5. Gift cards to Chapters - I like to read, and as I'm short on money, this will be a good thing to save money. It doesn't really matter how much is on the card.
6. Gift cards to Save-On Foods or London Drugs. A girl also has to eat, and I would appreciate any amount on your gift card. :)
7. Books - anything that you have lying around is fine... and I'm not picky as to genre, either. I like biographies and anecdotes, but anything will be fine. Learning through books is something I actively try to do.
8. Bookmarks - I also like bookmarks - they keep my places in books handy. ;)
9. New LJ Friends - I like learning about other people's lives. So look at my interests, and please shoot me a comment if you do this!
10. Anything with dragons on it - I love dragons, possibly because I'm one in the Chinese zodiac.

Have a safe and happy Christmas season! If you need my address, email me at - thanks!

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Strawberry Pocky, butter, garlic, borscht, and more!

When my parents picked me up for church today, I was SO sleepy and cranky - I could have done with more sleep since I'd had trouble sleeping! Oh well, I was made a LITTLE more human by some coffee I'd consumed at home (yay for the microwave!) plus some Smarties and Butterfinger candy I'd taken for my "breakfast." Also had some naptime in the car while we went to pick up Jon and Harmony, so that was fine. I didn't like how my mom called me "a big piece of meat," so I told her to shut up a couple of times. Rude, yes... but well, I wasn't myself, haha. Got to church EARLY (had no time to check stuff before I left - maybe after this entry), and overheard Mr. Creep telling Phil that his prayer request was to have his name in the bulletin. OH MY GOODNESS. At least he wasn't sitting in my normal section, so I was able to be there as usual. Said hi to Connie, Chrystal, Eric, Cindy, Jeremy, Harmony, Grace (she liked the birthday card!), and others too.

Saw baby Mattias, and made sure he was away from Mr. Creep - I told him that he'd like what I was planning to wear in a couple of weeks - it has shiny stars and jewels! (Conor seemed taken with the red jewel shirt last week, haha - he might like the Santa hat too!) Talked to his mom Karen, his grandma Auntie Catherine (eye surgery a week before Christmas!), Christon, Jen, Harmony, Hannah W. / Zoe / Gladys / Natalie (Tootsie Rolls and dads commenting on your Facebook status!), Ivan (a UBC workout results in your stuff being stolen?!), Jen, Dianne, and others too. Stanford offered Hannah L. some strawberry Pocky, and her mom Lily prompted her to offer it to me among others... I thanked her, of course. Also said hi to Stanford and Acer before I decided that I simply HAD to make my way upstairs; had some water crackers and homemade cookies first, however. Saw little Harrison in the fellowship hall while Jon was talking to his dad, but he didn't talk to me - when he was in the toddler Sunday School, it was better.

Conor was drawing trees and butterflies (as well as a baby angel pulling his leg, haha), and Amanda took a LOT of paper to draw hearts and such - she wouldn't draw on the other side of the paper, but whatever. I can SO see myself buying more paper BEFORE next September! Also saw Amos and Margaret - Jenga and Lego spaceships! (saw Arthur, too - he at least nodded to whatever I said, unless it involved liking Batman, haha) When I told the kids that my sister used to like Batman, Harrison said: "You have a SISTER?! My sister is six!" Hahaha, yes, I do! I led Margaret by the hand over to the table where she could draw stuff as well - yay, she understood what I said! Conor kept on saying something about "spring!" - I figured that he meant A spring like the ones in pens, but I didn't have one! Oh well.

Later, I went downstairs to see what was going on. I think Mr. Creep may have touched the back of my knapsack, but I don't know if it can even be washed! Christon, Harmony, Jen, and others went to the Honolulu Café (Yaletown Brewery has been pushed back again) - I went to what ended up being Pho (not Mui's) with my parents, while Jon went to Jeremy's to chop a LOT of vegetables. Apparently, Jon had bought twenty pounds of veggies, and Jeremy had made three bike trips for more veggies and ingredients for the vast quantities of homemade soup. I was somewhat relieved to hear that Mr. Creep didn't seem impressed with the vegetable part of tonight's meal, hahaha - good, then!

After lunch with my parents, we went to Chapters where my mom wanted to use a coupon. She even gave me money for a basic Starbucks roast coffee - that was fine, since she used my Chapters card. After drinking the coffee, I was off to Jeremy's. Man, I am not a fan of crowded buses. Talked to Jon, Jeremy, Dilys, and her sister Vicky about Neil Gaiman / China / family and skeletons / knowledge of family / Brunei / children's literature / music / New York Noise / the rain / massive quantities of canned tomatoes, salt, canned Campbell's soup, whole-wheat flour, cabbage, beets, borscht, minestrone, garlic, butter, carrots, and peppers / Whole Wheat Flour Bread Recipe, being amped up on caffeine, and such. I'm sure Jon doesn't trust me with a knife, hahaha. Natalie added me on Facebook, too. (Raymond and Harmony are here now, too - my brother told me to act like a grown-up... well, my letting Raymond in was the first time I've directly talked to him in six months, and we did kinda nod to each other when he came in, but... NO MORE! Although I'd still rather he was here than Mr. Creep, so maybe that IS saying something... which is NOT "OMG, I'm so obsessed with you!!!!" :P I've also heard that Eric will be here, too - YAY FOR NO BUSING IN THE RAIN! :D)

There is STILL a box of salt in the bathroom, and I am once again in love with Jeremy's Tropical Vanilla soap from Jergen's - it smells SO GOOD! My Softsoap Brown Sugar and Vanilla can't even COMPARE, man!

My mom to me in Chapters, in front of a rather obvious elevator: "Is this the elevator? Does it go up?" HAHAHAHA! Okay, so the elevator IS painted the same color as the walls, but usually elevators go up!

Note to self: Read this post on Quiver-Full Families later. Can't bookmark it, as I'm on Jeremy's computer, thus the link here. ;)

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TMI, vodka, and how pumpkin pie is REALLY made...

I'm awake now, and couldn't sleep right now even if I tried. That's the curse of being a night person! holiday_wishes has officially started, so YAY for that! I didn't get a postcard / stickers from someone in Hawaii who had promised me these items - she says it got lost in the mail, apologized as profusely as you can via text, and offered to send a replacement. Probably should take her up on it, haha.

Oh crap. Jon says it MIGHT snow tomorrow - I suppose we're lucky it held off as long as it did. Thank goodness for the parkade and such, which means that I may not have to conquer "outside" except if I go across the street to the hospital to meet the lards. Then Harmony wanted me to know about some TMI stuff - I am not surprised by what she told me, at all. Called the lards (Steph) to confirm, and to see about some other things. Mom says they were in the States for three days, and bought me instant noodles / jalapeno cheese / Lemon Heads candy / other things.

Facebook quiz taken from Michael M:

Leslie took the What alcohol are you? quiz and the result is vodka. You're VODKA. You love to party, and drink. You're very daring and you sometimes make bad decisions, but hey, who doesn't.

Candy alerted me to this picture that Carol B. (nutty) posted at Our Place - it combines poop AND Bathroom Readers! HAHAHAHAHA!

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