Saturday, December 08, 2007

Dream of merry-go-rounds / Shattering light rods at Awana!

Had a dream this morning which featured a bunch of people in a tall silver building. My family and I went inside together, bought noodle packs, and then my mom kissed me on the cheek to say goodbye since she was going to work and wouldn't see me for six whole days. I remember feeling quite disgusted by it, especially because she was being way too clingy. She and Dad asked me for $2, but I didn't have it because I'd loaned Daniel $1.50 in change - they had to get a toonie from Jon. I went into a room with large toys for kids: Ian and his brother Sean were there, and I played with some of the toys myself to be a BIG KID! There were other kids with developmental disabilities around, along with their siblings. They asked me what I was doing, and I said that I was being crazy. That worked for them - later, we all went on a crazy merry-go-round to be exposed to different backgrounds and musical styles. Roaring ocean waves (in which we threw white foam bubbles), Chinese dragons with a cultural explanation, forest / nature, and more... it was an interesting dream. No clue why I had it, unless it was my encounters with the change last night at the congee house OR Karen's bag of change for the study guides at Fellowship!

Back to real life: Ada picked me up for Awana, and asked what to do with a somewhat decorative gingerbread house that her sons kept stealing candy from. Meh, I guess they can eat it since they made it... Ian definitely wants to, and Sean just sees candy at his eye level - YAY! They liked the snow last weekend, and Sean wandered outside to see what was going on ("I see brother with neighborhood kids having fun playing in this stuff!") - then went back in because it was too cold! They can't give me a ride next week, so perhaps I shall ask Michelle tomorrow - if not, there's always the Facebook wall method, haha. Sean said "Oh no!" when we were on the bridge, and "Church!" when we were nearby. Tobogganing and seeing the Christmas lights could be fun for the kids, heh. Held Sean's hand on the way in and down the stairs too.

Mott's Fruitsations and Mini Ritz Scuba cheddar crackers were YUMMY as an Awana snack today! (560 empty calories, woohoo...) Jason, Benedict, Amos, Danny, Andrew, and Golden tried to see why a flickering fluorescent light rod would be that way - eventually, Danny had to stand on the table and take it out. He got one from storage which was too small, and Benedict went upstairs to be with the kids when he figured that he had his dad for such jobs! Jason asked what date today was: I told him that it was the 8th and not the 7th because it was the anniversary of John Lennon's murder. Someone asked who that was, and Amos said that it was one of the Beatle dudes - the answer he got was "EWW!" (teens these days... *mock grumble* ) Just as Auntie Vivian was going to leave for T&T, one of the fluorescent light rods SHATTERED! The guys cleaned it up under Auntie Vivian's direction while I was involved in some creative change-making... I now have enough loonies and toonies for laundry in the weeks to come, so that's a GOOD thing! (blue Beanie Babies were on sale in the Awana store, thanks to someone's donation!)

Said hi to Mike when he came downstairs to see what the guys were doing. While they were playing baseball with an empty roll and a bouncy ball ("CLOSE THE DOORS AND PARTITIONS!"), he told me how the Awana kids' Christmas presentation looked scandalous. Apparently, certain actions while singing JINGLE BELL ROCK looked like a shimmy even if it really wasn't! Okay, I'll take your word for it then! Briefly said hi to Melia (she took pictures of all the kids!), indulged Jordan while he talked a lot about stuff, asked Ian whether he was being crazy, greeted Chrystal, told Johnny not to use his chair as a horse, got Emily to hold my jacket for me while I took off my uniform, and talked to Winnie about being finished with finals - she's not doing anything for Christmas! On the way home, John and I noticed that the Arthur Laing was blocked off into Richmond by a police car. Nothing on the traffic report indicated a problem, so maybe they just don't want to alert the criminals! Took forever on side streets and such to get onto Oak, but we eventually managed to do so. Got home at 7, which I guess isn't that bad... we also talked about trees in the way, garbage, Dad at church at 4, cell groups, and such.

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Let's drink oil from the fridge and have a greasy digestive system!

Eric picked me up at the usual time, calling me a logarithm - thanks, but I am not a calculus application, and you know it! He made some Homestar Runner references, and noticed that the "WIDE LOYAL" sign did not in fact say "WIDE LOAD" - no, I don't think it's in competition with Booty Burgers! (or A-1 steak sauce ventures, hahaha) Discussed our Christmas plans / a "regular sleep schedule" / next weekend - should be fairly interesting! For some reason, he thinks I'm responsible for the big hole near where I live - I don't THINK so, buddy! Warned me about certain things he'd heard... thanks, I'll certainly heed them! I need a ride for the 21st, so maybe it'll be Sam like last year's Christmas Celebration, haha.

When we got to the church, we spent some time putting our things on the table while scanning the room for possible seats. I sat by Raymond, and Eric sat by Randal - later, I took Eric's seat when Kevin took mine as I got money for the Proverbs study guide. Noticed a shaven Ray, and waved. We sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Chung, and partook of cake. When I went to greet Jeremy and Ray, Ray asked: "Where's the other one?" I was confused at first, but clued in that he meant my sister - Eric had no idea where she was, either. (later found out that she was at a work party) Jeremy said that if Ray asked Jon where his crazy sister was, he'd have no idea who he (Ray) was talking about - too true! I don't deny I'm crazy and random, just as Calla doesn't! Talked to Jen and Dawn briefly - yay!

Gave Christmas cards to Calla, Cindy, and Dylan - I'll give some more out later, of course. We talked about depression, stickers, (dis)trust, stigma, Christians, prayer, money amount for offering (by name?! how embarrassing...), worship, Andrea and Chuck sorting out stolen stuff, Anita's baby being two weeks late, Calla being four days early, my being three months early, Stella's baby being a December baby, privacy law, workers not wanting to take housing away from clients, membership transfers, Advil sensitivity, pain, the bass from Resonate thumping, and other things. I told Eric that I'd brought my Bible, but hadn't brought the guide - he said he might be in the same situation. Calla was definitely in the same boat, since she brought one of her other journals - whoops. Ray said that he was really cold, and I thought that I should have brought a hoodie from home since I should have remembered that the basement heat is never turned on during this time! At least Cindy seemed to be okay heat-wise with a thick jacket, scarf, and other accessories!

Later, Ray and Calla discussed some of the worst study habits ever. Getting to the library at 1, checking email, doing devotions, reading non-study related stuff, sleeping, and other things BEFORE studying for five minutes and then falling back asleep again while people poke you / throw things at you? That is CRAZY! Ray apparently doesn't help his friends when they're trying to study - "Okay, I'm here to bring the party to you. I hope you got some work done!" Sounds like Jon, whom I went upstairs to search for. He was talking to Sam, Mike (he waved to me!), Margaret, and Esther - I said hi to Esther, of course. Went downstairs with the news that Jon denied he made everyone slower - Calla knows Jon by now, and figures that's exactly what he'd say!

We talked about the time Jeremy's uncle drank oil from the fridge since he was just SO thirsty / dehydrated from a hot day that he didn't pay attention to what he was consuming. Jeremy and his family got home a while later, and the uncle was wondering why oil would be kept in the fridge! Let's just say that it's a good thing you can't absorb that much oil at once since the caloric value alone would make your heart / arteries just STOP! It's very good for oiling up your digestive system, for sure! I've found that out a lot, haha. (like yesterday afternoon, heh) Calla shared that she's allergic to oats AND cheese - no snack packs or wine / cheese tastings for YOU! Processed cheese is fine, but that's not real cheese... she was pretty tired last week after work, so didn't go to ping-pong. She zonked out at 8:30 or 9 - Ray doesn't know how Jeremy gets up at 4 AM to go to work, since sometimes he's still up doing essays and such!

Eventually, Jon came downstairs to scare Dawn - they later figured out their ages in relation to each other, and that they owed each other belated birthday greetings and such! Stanley came downstairs to try kicking us out, and told Jeremy to stop changing his facial hair style - my grandma's nickname of "Bearded Man" is now appropriate once again, heh. Jeremy had a red headlight thing, which Stanley was very interested in. I talked to Maisie and Martin briefly, too. Good times, for sure - we also discussed how microwaving strawberries or something similar for five seconds would get rid of any allergens in the food if you were allergic to it. Calla asked if Jeremy had seen this, and he had. They discussed engineering stuff, and then Jeremy said that a friend of his could have strawberries if he sliced them first and then let them stand for five minutes or so. That was also strange, but then microwaves DO alter the food - why should slicing it be any different? :P

The Congee House idea reminded me of when we used to eat dinner twice on Fridays because Sean was like "I'm SO HUNGRY, guys!" - he didn't eat lunch OR dinner, amazingly enough. (Sam looked cold, and told Jon that Nate hadn't left yet) Eric helped Raymond scrape ice off his car before we left... Jeremy wasn't going since he has to work tomorrow! Poor guy. Jon mentioned that Fidela's grandma had indeed passed away on Sunday - it was bound to happen sometime, sadly. :( (No idea when the funeral is - maybe Mom will know since the original date was the 29th, but she passed earlier than they thought she would. I was a bit reserved when talking about it, and chalked my hesitation up to the usual reserve about talking of death and funerals. Not asking Grandma since she's superstitious about it!) Eric mentioned that Fidela was at the Chicago PPV game - very nice! (Ray got confused between his friend Clement and Fidela's brother Clement, haha - he also got confused between Phil, Daniel, and Nathan looking alike! "Yes, they have a very bizarre family relationship where Clement doesn't know his own sister! Maybe he's been long-lost, or has amnesia! Haha.")

Talked about Stateside trips, beer, Ray calling his friends up with NO SHAME at 2 AM Toronto time to ask what a turnip cake with peppers / eggs / other stuff might be called over here (my sibs and I do NOT read Chinese!), his "Chinese gangster" look, pork blood, Bible tripe, pig intestine hot pot (yummy - NOT), hot and sour soup, the Bob Newhart "STOP IT!" approach to solving problems / changing your destiny ("you're in an abusive relationship? Just STOP IT!"), Jeremy / Ray's cooking arrangements, and getting to the airport by 8:30 AM tomorrow. - good luck! Nathan made a bad joke, so he got to pray for our food... Ray was reminded of a time where his girlfriend Peggy was hassling him, so he prayed: "You're a just Lord, so please smite Peggy!" Haha, she smacked him for that one - and rightly so!

Campus Crusade for Christ has changed their name: it's now called POWER TO CHANGE, which made Nathan / me / Jon think of those Christianity commercials from 2001 or so. "YOU HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE!" No, it's not affiliated with those at all. Discussed athletes, speed skater Catrina Le May Doan, weekend hangouts, her brother the NHL player Shane Doan, trainer Bart Doan, Silken Laumann, Cindy Klassen, and more. We had our usual interesting time trying to figure out the bill - I spotted most of Jon's stuff since he did the same last week, but then we ended up sharing a hot and sour soup and noodles / chicken / mushrooms! Ray offered me a wonton, and wondered if I minded that it was in hot sauce - nope, as Jon told him! On the way home, we discussed books / the usual jokes / Jeremy / others. Then I finished up a Facebook Scrabble game, and went to bed. So much for my regular sleep schedule...

Ooh, Uncle Daniel just emailed us. JEFF AND ANITA HAVE HAD THEIR BABY EARLY THIS MORNING! (like at midnight-ish?) It's a girl, and I bet their family is very happy. :D

Edit: The funeral is still on Dec. 29 (a Saturday - Awana break!) at 1:30. She was a considerate and nice lady, giving lots of money to the church building fund, and wanting her grandkids to be there. Thought of her will, cemetery plot, and everything else too! Mom says she cried on Sunday when Fidela's grandma died, but Jon and I figure it was bound to happen. Doesn't mean it's still sad news... but it was expected.

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Friday, December 07, 2007

October-November 2007 BBT Tally / Dream of rainy festivals and naked men


red plum-longan @ Dragon Ball (Friday, October 5)


mango @ Big Orange (Friday, November 30)

Right. Now that I've gotten that out of the way, I can tell you that Marilynn (decaying_zombie) got my Christmas card - WHEE! I also did some laundry, which was actually pretty needed. *blush* I had a dream last night which featured naked men, meat, and guns. Oh my!

* A bunch of people were at Jeremy's for a fun party time. We danced, listened to weird music, had fun, and looked at the beer kegs until two Chinese gangster men showed up at the door holding a gun to someone's head. They demanded Karen Gee, but we said she wasn't there. Then they told us that they'd heard she WAS, and they wanted her NOW. She'd actually gone out to the store (Donald's Market?) to get some veggies, and it was her bad luck to show up at the door just then. Karen explained that the front door had been wedged open, so that was why she didn't use the buzzer system. Upon learning that the men were there for her, she promptly fainted. We managed to rescue the vegetables before the men dragged her away for depradations.

* After banging on some pipes, we all went down to the beer cellar before going to a local childrens' festival. It was extremely rainy, and the colorful slides provided some contrast to the dreary day. The concession stands were doing a brisk business, and kids were running around everywhere. (it was fenced in for security reasons, so no problem with that!) I got a glimpse into a bus which stopped right in front of the proceedings - Amos was on there, surrounded by naked men and boys. Definitely not the type of people you'd want to have at your average kiddy festival - good thing the security guards at the gate made the bus move on after Amos had gotten off. Amos knew that he wanted to help with the festival, and had all his credentials ready. He'd been horrified when his fellow passengers had boarded the bus, he told us. We all hugged him and let him join us as we walked around, of course!

* After the festival, we all went to the church to pick up our cars and other people. I saw Megan T. precariously placed in a baby carseat on a car trunk. Luckily, Winnie and Kenny had a buckle for that. While they were talking to Chung, I entertained Megan while asking her if she were excited about having a baby brother or sister soon. She gurgled and made happy noises, so I assumed she understood what I was asking. Ivan, Stanley, and others passed by in a group. When they saw us, Ivan (in his white coat) told me that they wanted me to join them - I said bye to everyone else and went with the new group. Ivan said that he wasn't allowed to go to a nearby building with everyone else, so had to leave us at Nanaimo / Grandview Highway. He said that he was learning about the Creator God, so I yelled: "Let me know what you learned!" With a wave, he said that he would.

* Stanley led us into this huge building, which housed a Superstore among other things. He led us into the Superstore's cafeteria - we could tell the store was very busy because of the meat special going on! There were lots of yellow / red signs indicating the store's meat sale, even over the checkout / cash registers / customer service / other aisles! We walked around the aisles for a bit, selecting meat / candy / veggies / desserts / fruit / drinks / other such stuff. After that, we went to the cafeteria. Milk / cakes / yogurt was on special there, and the stacked green / brown / yellow / orange trays were very orderly. We saw Anita there, dressed in a black wool jacket and looking VERY pregnant! She tried to get by two interlocking wheelchairs, but was having no luck. Everyone tried helping her, but it turned out that the wheelchairs were inextricable. The dream ended while we were guiding her around the tables to get away from the wheelchairs!

I'm confused as to why I had the dream. I know Anita's been pregnant, but she's probably had the baby by NOW. As for Winnie, she is pregnant with a baby sibling for Megan. But everything else? No real clue... o_O

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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Dream of Billie, homework, IE, and big white steps in a hill

I had a weird dream in which I was with Billie at her school in a blue / white classroom. The teacher was a stern lady who taught from behind a big brown oak desk. She demanded to know what I was doing there, and then assigned Billie extra homework because she'd brought an unauthorized person into the classroom. I felt guilty about it, but Billie said not to worry - we'd get through it. At the end of class, the teacher also handed us a pile of reading that we had to finish. We met up with Melia / Frances / Eric / Joey / the kids in front of the church, and explained our predicament. They quickly agreed to help, after they figured out some stuff THEY had problems with.

There was somehow too much bread in the kitchen, so the kids were making way too many peanut butter / margarine sandwiches. Frances was in the toddler room, and she asked me to help translate a story from a book into English since it was in Chinese. I actually managed to help a little! Eric was having troubles of his own, and called me over. He called me "Miss Andrews," and wondered what was with the lack of a blue arrow REFRESH button in Internet Explorer on all the church's computers. I had no idea. Then Stanley and Mike wanted me to help with their project: assigning reasons for albums' positions in the Georgia Straight Top 50 weekly album chart! That proved to be very interesting, indeed!

Later, Jon and I took the bus to Richmond Centre to grab some essentials like pencil crayons and such. We had a lot of bags on the return trip, including a travel bag with much stuff in it. Jon dragged that one to the front of the bus when it was time to get off, but I got stranded on the bus because I had too many burdens to get to the back door in time. The bus meandered along its route since the driver refused to let me off until it got to the next stop. I finally disembarked near a big hill after the bus went on a winding road. Looking up, I could see the outline of the business district in the distance - somehow, I knew that access to the church in the form of my friends was there. I could see big white steps carved into the hill, and wondered how I was going to get up there. There were little steps and a trail in the hill as well, but those weren't going to help when I had a lot of stuff to carry. The dream ended when I was struggling to get up the hill's white steps while looking at the laughing kids on the trail and little steps.

As usual, I don't know why I had this dream... although I have talked a lot with Billie recently! Maybe the steps in the hill are a metaphor about relationships and things like that... other than that, I have no idea.

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Fridge fixed? / Facebook Scrabble and competition / Bridge Murder / Proposals

Well, the fridge guy came this afternoon with Hester - he figured that the problem was with my defrost system, and replaced that. Since he's not 100% sure, I still am cautious. My crisper's open now too, since it was REALLY stuck! The freezer / fridge did work with a satisfactory hum of electricity for a few hours, but doesn't seem to work as of 10:40 PM. DANG IT ALL! Oh wait, now it does. FICKLE FREAKING FRIDGES / FREEZERS!

Korey wanted to play Facebook Scrabble with me - I see no harm in that. It's fun and not competitive - I think? I might change my mind if he wins, haha. :P (at least this isn't the Bennett bridge murder case and I don't have a gun - NOT a Nirvana reference, either!) It's not my fault that the tiles dealt me just suck! Oh well, at least I didn't make any grandiose declarations of "I AM GONNA OWN YOU AT THIS GAME!" before we played, since that would just deepen the agony felt when I lose to someone whose strong suit isn't words or language! ;)

How will you be proposed to?At your favorite restaurant
What will you say?I wouldn't marry you if you were the last person alive
'How will you be Proposed to?' at

HAHAHA! Oh dear. I guess that depends on who proposes to me!

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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Dream of insects, companionship, and purple drinks

Julie S. (julie709), Natalie (chibi_blackie), Sara (sparkle_bint), and John (snooooopy) got my Christmas cards (and Vancouver postcard) - it's good to know they got them (especially Sara, since she lives in ENGLAND!) because I just mailed that bunch of stuff on Friday! As of 12:15, Firefox has disappeared three times, after being FINE overnight... AIYA! Corey says to open up a console window and type "Nautilus" since I can't find that browser - it's true, since I can only find a debug log! File browsers and weird folders, indeed.

Steph resurrected a certain video which I thought was at least dormant from the last time I saw it on Xanga in 2005, and posted it on Facebook. Let's just say my mom likes singing weird stuff... I commented to say "NO!!!! *dies* NOT THIS VIDEO AGAIN!" and Joe said "Oh my. Enough said." Quite so, my friend... although if she uploads ANOTHER video I'm thinking of (car to townhouse laughter!), people will think I'm crazy! I heard from James - he's coming with his family soon... yay! Maybe I'll see him, too!

I had a weird dream featuring an insect infestation at the family home! Jeremy was over to hang out with Jon, and noticed two distinct types of spiders AND an insect which looked like a very round slug. The three of us wondered how to get rid of them; eventually, Jeremy told me that he and Jon were just going to flush the insects down the toilet. Fine by me, since I didn't want to get near them for obvious reasons! The guys thought they'd gotten rid of the problem... but a few of the hardy insects crawled out of the toilet water, formed a tight circle of at least six, and went to my grandma's room where she was doing exercises in her purple-and-white pajamas. We didn't know that until Grandma let out a scream! After we rushed to investigate, we found the insects all over the place.

Since this was a dream and not reality, the guys and I just somehow left the house to meet up with our friends in a field. There was a nice yellow house in the middle of the field, which we commandeered. Turns out the house was smaller than it really appeared, since we were instantly amid a throng of people wanting to do a lot of different things. We went with the group who wanted to watch a Canucks pay-per-view game on TV... the broadcast featured Tuomu Ruutu in an old-style (1990s) Canucks uniform, and analysis on the past and other scores around the league. There were two TVs around - one was for the kids or people who wished to lie down, and one was for people who preferred sitting up. I wanted to just lie down on the plush carpet with someone - he said he didn't mind watching the "kids" TV, and put an arm around me companionably. That was nice...

After that, we went to some VERY swank graduation party held in a large yellow building. (the George D. Watt building with a lot of floors and windows - Jon had to drive us there!) Some kid who looked like Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) was running down the steps where all the grads were, and causing a bit of mayhem for the communications / history / language majors. His parents tried to stop him, but couldn't. My new friends and I just settled down at a table to watch the proceedings - we had a very nice white menu with swirly writing. Our server wanted to know if we wanted more purple drinks called DIANES - of course we did, even with ice! Those were very good. The dream ended when my new friend who watched the hockey game with me was telling me how much he enjoyed just being with my friends and me...

No idea why I had the dream, unless it was reading about how Tuomu Ruutu got mistaken for a robbery suspect recently! And even then, I don't know how the other parts all fit in... o_O (unless I'm thinking of companionable time with someone in particular, oh my!)

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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Dream of 1892 socks, Nicholas, plates, music scores, and MUCH CHOCOLATE!

I've been complaining to Corey about my Firefox browser disappearing at least 30 times over the past 26 hours, sometimes even before it gets a chance to load in the taskbar! Finally after going through add-ons / Flash / names, he said to reinstall it - I guess it's a good thing Linux doesn't have to have a stinkin' browser to reinstall stuff. Thank goodness he gave me the appropriate commands to type into the Terminal; maybe this will stay until Eric gets here with the way-discounted copy of Windows XP thanks to Kieran and Steph. :P (I need to reply to Billie and Nathan on Facebook, and others via journal comments - UGH!)

I had my monthly drain sleep experience, and had a weird dream:

* I was on a ship with Helen's kid Nicholas. He held my hand as we went around the wooden boards. When we went to the washroom, he had a little door (like a pet door) that he could walk through while I went in the normal way.(shower stalls and benches were around, like in public pools) There were stairs and ramps galore on the ship, and it was pretty red and gold. We were joined by some lady with a pompadour hairstyle - she wanted to go to the ship's restaurant in order to leave a zillion wrapped gifts (green! blue! red! gold!) for Tom and her Myspace friends. Her daughter said that it wasn't a good idea, but was shot down by her mom instantly. Apparently, she'd had a crush on Tom for years ever since they met in school, and he didn't know she was on this ship.

* After going on a little boat with Nicholas and the kid, I came back to find the lady going on various elevators and ramps, trying to find Tom. She was quite the sight with her sequined outfit AND her pile of gifts! We found the restaurant and she left the gifts with the table where Tom and the others were going to sit. Then we ordered some food, since she wanted to see what their reaction would be. They accepted it graciously, but still were too busy for her. We walked around the ship until Helen reclaimed her kid. I joined Helen at her invitation, and instantly time-traveled back a few years...

* One floor was dedicated to 1892 doings, another floor was dedicated to nothing but chocolate and candy since New Years Eve was coming up soon, and yet another couple floors represented the "present" time. I went to join some friends of mine on the "present" floor, and found Raymond / Terry K. / Henry arguing over musical scores. Someone got me a plate of food, and Henry decided to share some of his with me also. After the argument was settled, Henry decided to throw his turkey gravy-soaked plate down a floor. Good thing it landed on a green dust sweeper receptacle like the one my mom used to have when she swept the floor! I decided to do the same after having a warm discussion with someone else about how a fluffy pink sofa stuffed toy with eyes shouldn't be named Arturo. (it looked like a SESAME STREET puppet!) My plate landed right next to Henry's, and nobody really said anything about that.

* I took Arturo and went to the "chocolate and candy" floor, where all the stores were doing a booming business. It was PARTY TIME since it was a CELEBRATION, and some people were even trying to dance on the tray conveyor belts. I soaked up the party atmosphere for a while, then went to a room where a minister was busy extolling the virtues of chocolate and candy. He was telling everyone to be careful of the yellow cake, since that would be for others who abstained from sweets and such during Lent - there wasn't even any blue frosting! I looked at pictures for a while, then went to see how the plates were doing - they were still there, and someone told me to clean it up from the marble floor. In answer, I pressed a few buttons on the nearby wall which zapped me to the 1892 floor.

* A certain kid was an admiral then, complete with wig and pointy nose / shoes. He wanted something from the future (my time) when he would be king. I asked him how that would happen, and he said to go to a certain ramp on the "present time" floor. Accordingly, I did - the king asked me whether I remembered his request from the past. I said I did, and he ordered me to get something. Going to the place where my friends still were, I explained my predicament. Someone helped me out by producing a parrot, but explained that I might want some 1892 white socks with a dotted / striped pattern to wear first. A few magic tricks later, these socks were conjured up. I wore them and took the parrot and Arturo to the king. That was acceptable to him, and he showered me with gifts to take back to my place. The dream then ended... no idea why I had such a subconscious journey!

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Firefox browser disappeared twelve times in four hours - SO ANNOYING!

THIS WISH (INSULIN PUMP) HAS BEEN GRANTED! YAY! The person wrote an update saying THANK YOU! Whee! :D

Andrew rocks on Facebook, haha. Eric said he might install Windows XP for me this weekend, so that rocks too. Downed power lines at "my favorite intersection" and "industrial strength denial fabric softener," indeed... my Firefox browser also disappeared 13 times in six hours, which was VERY ANNOYING! I even started a new session after the sixth time! WHAT THE HELL?! I'd reinstall it (temporarily installing a new browser), but if Eric's gonna do the Windows XP thing... hmm.

Karen and I rescheduled our plans. The new date is next Thursday the 13th - good enough for me if it's not snowing or flooding! I also impressed my sister by saying that I was eating frozen raspberries. :D (she, Karen, Margaret, and Vivian S. had a good time at the Spice Girls concert last night...)

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Monday, December 03, 2007

LJ Tag Limits / Spoz / Dream of baby nephew looking like tuna sashimi

WHAT?! LJ NOW HAS A TAG LIMIT OF 1000?! ACK! Good thing I can still use my existing 39,000+ tags, but what if I accidentally create a new one? For communities, this isn't good either! What if it's a music / icon / lyrics community? And the tags were supposed to be an aid to the memories section, which went down all the time in 2005... *grumble* (stupid redrum, too!) LJ's also been bought by SUP - yay for Soviet Russia jokes! :P

Talked to Spoz yesterday, which was actually neat. He's been going lunatic over his photolab job, which he plans to quit with two weeks notice - boss prone to rage blackouts, staff leaving in droves due to that, doing the work of four people during the avalanche busy season?! Never mind that he's doing this full-time job along with full-time art... his weekend blog entries take something out of him as well, so he feels like a zombie at 4 AM on Friday. No doubt! Been backdating entries also, haha - maybe I'll move to another site with no tag / icon limits? Haha.

I also had a weird dream last night: it featured Harmony and Jon in the church basement with a bunch of people. They weren't married yet, but they were going to have a baby VERY soon. In fact, she was due to give birth that night. Mom and Grandma (looking younger) helped with making her feel comfortable since they (and everyone else present) didn't seem to have a problem with the baby being born to unmarried but committed parents. Once things got going, Harmony expressed disgust that Jon was going to eat Pho (with plenty of green onions and cilantro) right next to her head. She grew even more discomfited when Jon decided to take some of Jeremy's tobacco and sprinkle it in the soup broth... and then he wanted to share some with everyone, especially Harmony! Apparently, this was an ancient way to ease the birth pains of an expectant mother - Harmony declined since she had powerful sedative drugs given to her by actual doctors, heh. This happened at 6, and the baby was born at 11.

When the baby was born, it weighed 10.2 pounds - Harmony said that this was a good thing because that was just under the weight limit of stuff which she could push out of her body. They decided to name the baby Henry James, no matter the famous writer with the same name. Mom said that they'd received a beautiful white card with purple flowers on it already, all the way from Toronto. It had nice black calligraphy done with a quill pen, and was very lovely: they decided to display it on the church kitchen table temporarily. The baby was very orange, even with a mini orange T-shirt: someone diagnosed the problem expertly by saying that the baby looked like a nice piece of tuna sashimi! Quite so... but there wasn't a thing people could do! People were milling around the basement... someone came up to me and declared that she couldn't decide who was hotter: Uncle John or Uncle Johnny! (Kelvin's dad or Mike / Margaret's dad) When Steph heard that, she advised Margaret to cover her ears and cringe / wince, which she did. She was helping people "translate" Bibles into Klingon by putting white stickers with light blue borders next to the Chinese words. The two uncles came up to the podium with a silver cross under it, and wanted everyone to vote on who was the best good-looking. Thankfully, my dream ended then. No, I haven't a clue why I had it - unless it was reading some thread last night about how someone wants to name her hypothetical children Caroline, Flora, Henry, James, and possibly Clare / Claire. o_O

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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Rain and Youtube reaction videos are good, but flooding isn't!

I've just heard that the weather forecast is going to bring rain and increased temperatures more in line with what we expect in Vancouver for this time of year. Pretty good - maybe Karen and I *can* meet for lunch on Tuesday at Oakridge White Spot after all! Of course, there will be flooding and such when all this snow melts - maybe water turbidity will resurface like last year! Haven't noticed any brown water, though it might get bad tomorrow! Maybe I'll go throw a snowball at stuff for the heck of it while I still can... it's not snowing anymore, which is good. *goes outside and looks like a dork*

That honey brown lager I had the other day was pretty good. I shouldn't have any more right now, haha. Maybe later! Gotta give people owed monies, and use the Gmail calendar to its full functionality! No, I haven't a clue why I wrote that sentence. Ignore it, since I'm being random. K seems to find my easy amusement to be funny at times, which is fair enough.

I'm going to have a dumpling for dinner - NOT like that disgusting movie Nathan and the guys watched some time ago! Speaking of disgusting, I finally found out what "2 Girls, 1 Cup" is finally about. Corey tried to convince me that it was about Ubuntu / Linux help - I didn't think so! On the bad baby names forum, someone's said that it's about 2 Girls eating out of a fresh cup of poo in a somewhat raunchy / sexual way. EWWWWWWWW! Now he's trying to get me to watch various reaction videos on Youtube - maybe I will. (someone making horrified faces as they watch, and a girl who gets her mom to watch it... those links are safe... Youtube doesn't let people post stuff like that.. it's just people watching and saying "OH MY GOD, THAT IS DISGUSTING!!!" and stuff, usually with people laughing at them in the background. :P Here's a reaction video where a guy scares the crap out of his little kid with one of those things that makes you concentrate on the screen until something scary pops up... the poor kid starts crying! Some redneck parents making their two-year-old watch the scary maze game... at least the other kid wasn't a BABY! Parents making their eight-year-old play the maze game, while the dad calls him "fart face" and "pimple something or other" when he loses at the maze - I think you have to finish the maze for the scary thing to pop up.

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Dream of a Christmas presentation and hugging Benny!

I had a weird dream yesterday. Almost no idea where it came from, unless I've been doing too much thinking about Awana and Christmas! (the Benny part might come from seeing Anthony the other night) Whoa... it's really snowing now! Good thing that church and stuff was cancelled! Wonder how early my sister will have to leave for the Spice Girls concert tonight... she's not going to waste $101.75 in concert tickets! (I guess...) I also adore my blue fuzzy socks (my sister has an identical pair, in green) which I got last year - yay for staying warm and toasty, as Corey says!

* A bunch of us were outside church, and playing with various kids. Little Nathan was weaving around us, chasing his little friends. His dad called him "Devlin" when calling him to come to their black van... somehow, we all knew that "Devlin" was his secret name used only in situations of extreme stress. Then a couple of other kids saw Phil and Grace, and said that they were together "too much." Um, they're relative newlyweds! Of course they're supposed to spend lots of time in each other's company!

* Went inside the church to find seats for the Awana Christmas presentation. I was in the front with Sam, Benedict, Joey, Danny, a very pregnant black-wearing Anita, Margaret, and the other leaders. The pews were crowded, but I saw my dad crowd into a pew next to Auntie Susanna and ask her how it was going. After a while, I noticed Benny, whom I hadn't seen in a long time. He went over to where we were, and gave me and my brother long hugs. That was very comforting and reassuring. Steph came over and said hi, and he gave her a hug too. Eventually, any of us who'd known Benny were drawn into a giant group hug. The kids noticed and wondered when we'd get out of their way, haha.

* I helped the other leaders with setup, and got my dad to help some people with carrying this huge Santa / winter-themed wrap over their heads so they could place it near where the kids would be. This glasses-wearing girl with long hair whom I knew had grown attached to me over the past few weeks asked me if I could stay with her, so of course I said yes. Teresa asked me to take a digicam picture of her two pink-wearing daughters Gwyneth and Evelyn. I snapped a good picture, and placed the camera back on the pew.

* After the presentation, the uniformed leaders led the kids out around the Christmas tree. We all went to the basement, where we saw various shampoos and cleaners on the shelves. The stuff on the top shelves were for sale, while the stuff on the lower shelves was for our personal use. Interesting Christmas presents... everyone had more than enough for themselves and their families, which was what counted! The dream ended in a frenzy of giving / receiving gifts... no, my subconscious is NOT normal!

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