Saturday, July 14, 2012

Swimming in armor / Onstage with dancers! / Perverts! / STELLA! / Torturous sounds

Troia Castle is governed and protected by women!

Yes, we know our armor will rust while swimming in the town of Troia!

Here's someone who's secretly watching the swimming girls in Troia, and he tells us to find our OWN place to do so:

Cecil onstage with the dancers, after he gets his 10,000 Gil membership pass in the pub item shop:

After the show, my all-male party (Cecil, Cid, Tellah, and Yang) goes into a secret passage backstage... and the dancer calls us all perverts since we're in the dressing room!

Let's go to the pub proper, and see what this random character has to say: "Stella! You're so beautiful! ... What?! ... You're a man?!" Hahaha, I think he's really drunk!

The Dark Elf, in the Magnetic Cave's Crystal Room: "GAH! What is this torturOUS sound?" That would be the melody from Edward's Twin Harp, which will allow my team to re-equip themselves properly with metallic armor and weapons, and allow them to get the Earth Crystal!

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Photos not viewable with browsers!

I can't view any Facebook photos and pictures in ANY browser on here right now; Firefox, Chrome, and Opera all return empty boxes for those things! Good thing I finished my bestiary work hours beforehand, but I was planning to use Facebook photos tomorrow so Chinese Eric could see pictures of Ayler and Vegas / the wedding IF the hangout ends up happening! I guess I can still use it, but he'll have to be content with thumbnails. Yes, I deleted my cookies and cleared my cache... I somehow don't think that this problem will resolve itself overnight, but I'll be pleasantly surprised if so! Maybe this is Friday the 13th at work... spooky!

Edit 1: Some other people on Puckheads seem to be having the same problem.


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Friday, July 13, 2012

Starbucks / CALM not COME / Paladin in Mysidia! / Fat Chocobo / Cagnazzo

Replied to another one of Mandy's emails before settling in to work on my messy FB bestiary albums, and that went a little quicker than I may have originally thought - nice! Vanessa got on MSN to advise me of Starbucks and their free drinks promotion today; I knew about that, and it was cool. Deb finally emailed me back about baby Declan, since she and Dylan had had relatives from California visiting for the last bit. "We can aim for August when things COME down," she wrote... I believe she meant "CALM" down, haha. Too bad the baby's been sick and clingy since Wednesday, though!

Someone named January H. added me from the Puckheads - interesting! I thought that Kaitlin had a VANYA RAINA alterego, but upon further investigation, I don't think it's her. This person has Reeha as a mutual friend, and I only thought it was Kaitlin because she went by "Vanya Rasputin" before on FB. Oh well, the person's now been blocked because I feel like it. :P [Eric also tried to get me out of here, but I'm not sure how well that's going to work!]

Cecil's become a Paladin atop Mount Ordeals!

Everyone in Mysidia hated Cecil as a Dark Knight, since he forcibly took their Water Crystal at the beginning of the game. After you become a Paladin, this guy in the armor shop has the funniest reaction: "I told you, you can't use the armor here until you become... a paladin... ? When did you... ? How... ?"

Gotta love the Fat Chocobo (this one in Baron's Field of Chocobos) who stores your items when you run out of room in the 48 item slots!

Cagnazzo on Baron's throne: "Your who? Oh, you must mean the old duffer who refused to surrender this kingdom."

The twins Palom and Porom became stone of their own will... :(

Tellah's ESUNA spell has no effect because of this...

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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Kwong Chow GOOSE dinner / AWESOME talking!

I had just enough time to upload pictures to Photobucket and do a bestiary entry before the parents picked me up; I'll concentrate on the messes which are my FB albums later. The Kwong Chow dinner was good; we had goose, pork belly, veggies, congee, eggplant (bleh), rice, prawns, and other things. Discussed Ayler's cute yawning, bathing the baby, Grandma, the lards going to Russia, vomiting, stress, Ayler being so hungry that he could eat his hand, the direct translation of "I'll beat you to death" (Lisa was HORRIFIED!), threatening the baby (we'll give him lots of sugar before we return him to his parents!), Aaron L. (he came by for a bit), poo / medicine (NOT abusing it), fans, chopstick skills, playing scales to calm the baby down, O CANADA, Vegas bags, leftovers, food, and more. It took some time to get Grandma to her room afterward; perhaps it's a good thing she doesn't know that her next-door neighbor died!

Got home and brushed my teeth (plus replied to Mandy's email) before calling Chinese Eric, which was awesome as usual. He said he had an interesting question to ask em, which consisted of his wondering if Saturday was a good time to FINALLY hang out! It was a good coincidence that I called him since he was going to message me, haha. Of course, I told him that it would be a pretty good time to do a LOT of catching up, especially if he has relatives and people coming into town for the summer. He definitely wants to get a hangout tentatively scheduled before that happens! It seems both of us were looking up how long it's been since we last hung out, and a LOT has happened since then! We also talked about the baby, parenting, some TV show called "WHO THE FUCK DID I MARRY?", serial killers, the Green River Killer, Joey Buttafuoco, Finland / Teemu Selanne, aging NHL players, sleeping in hot weather, fans, the heat in here / Las Vegas / Russia / Saudi Arabia, NOT being sick before trips, his condition, big pharmacies, bottled water, and conspiracy theories about the cure for cancer. Discussed his hanging out with me and Nathan and others to "bridge the gap" between his five Hong Kong years and now, crazy Chinese translations, crackers, hockey, Roberto Luongo, Iron Men, Henrik Sedin, Daniel Sedin, Gordie Howe, Marty Turco, Martin Brodeur, Jonathan Toews, dumb reporter questions (the players aren't going to give you an off-the-cuff answer!), summer conditioning, and more. It was definitely a great conversation!

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Pop-Pan crackers, KRACKER flatbread, giving up on FFVA, water everywhere!

I went out to buy hangers from London Drugs, then some pork and vegetable dumplings to steam. Came back with those items, plus two boxes of on-sale silverware service settings ($12 off!), Kellogg's cheddar cracker-chips, two boxes of on-sale DOCTOR KRACKER flatbread (sunflower seed, flaxseed, and sesame seed / pumpkin seed cheddar), an apple pie bun, a BBQ pork bun, a box of butterfly pastries (from Kam Do Bakery), beef jerky, frozen cheesecake slices, two boxes of sesame Pop-Pan crackers, two boxes of spring onion Pop-Pan crackers (GOD BLESS CITY FRESH MARKET!), on-sale coffee creme wafers, and on-sale chocolate creme wafers. o_O Richmond Public Market and Grand Asian Value Supermarket near Tsim Chai didn't have Pop-Pan crackers!

Note to remember: CITY FRESH MARKET will have Pop-Pan crackers!

How the heck can I be between floors in the sunken Tower of Walse after I defeat Famed Mimic Gogo?! You can't see my party since they're drowning in all that water! I think I officially give up on FINAL FANTASY V ADVANCE...

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Tasty worthless teapots, Skittles rainbows, Bartz doubles, my back

Ghido the Turtle Sage: "The shock of the two worlds merging sent everything topsy-turvy... including me! I'm a bit old to do much on my back, I rue." HA, I bet. ;)

"The wind and ocean are done for! Now our ships are as worthless as chocolate teapots, and not even as tasty." - a dock worker in Carwen

Ack! It's a double Bartz in Carwen! Actually, it's the Famed Mimic Gogo (on his way to the sunken Tower of Walse), who is a master of impersonation - no wonder the party saw him as a green-haired woman!

In the Pirate Cave, someone says he'll soon be tasting the rainbow since he's still seasick! (NOT a reference to homosexual behavior, but SKITTLES!)

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Toilets, 50 SHADES, RICE, Walmart, and Vanessa

Hester came by in the afternoon with Rob the handyman to fix the toilet handle; it worked on a test flush, although now I have to be careful about how much it will flush! Oh well. I also got some much-needed money in the mail, which is a good thing! Vanessa got on MSN at 4 to see if I wanted to go to Walmart tonight; sure, even if it meant a quick trip to the bank before it closed at 5! (I showered when I got home within fifteen minutes - she wanted to go before 8 because HELL'S KITCHEN and MASTER CHEF might be on tonight, and she has to work at 5 AM) I wouldn't have minded if her friend Wayne came along, but he couldn't. She wanted me to buy her copy of FIFTY SHADES OF GREY for $5 as she'd lost interest in it. Says that perhaps that'll loosen up my parents a bit - I highly doubt it, considering my dad doesn't seem to care for Lisa's stepmom Sandy because she wore spaghetti straps to lunch one day in Vegas when it was 37 degrees C... however, I'd have bought it for laughs if she could have broken a $20. Next time!

We talked about Vegas, work, melted cheese and tank tops NOT being a good combination, water, Stouffer's, the bad fertilizer smell, the air show, Wayne S., babies, health, Newfoundland pride, Metallica, Victoria, and more. She bought some gum and other sugar-free things for her diet, while I bought Uncle Ben's rice x6 (only $2 each - long grain multigrain rice / fine herbs and a veggie medley / roast chicken / tomato risotto / grilled Mediterranean risotto / wild brown rice), frozen veggies (corn / green beans / Lima beans / carrots / peas), Peanut Butter Burst ice cream, Silhouette cherry yogurt ($2), Crustini x3 (Philly-style steak and cheese / turkey bacon club / chicken, broccoli, and cheddar) ... not bad for only $32! Of course, I'll get hangers at London Drugs some other day; perhaps tomorrow or something.

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Monday, July 09, 2012

Hangout delays! / Flickering flames, odd springs, and heavy stones

Decided to see if I could get the emulator VirtuaNES to work for me this afternoon, since I wanted to play the NES rom of FINAL FANTASY III, which didn't work on Nessie. I found a walkthrough by KleenexTissue50 which seems to be helpful, anyway. Chinese Eric called me, so I called him back a while later: his doctor's appointment has been changed, so he wanted to know if Thursday was okay for a long hangout time. Unfortunately, I have that combined family birthday dinner for Dad and Lisa, so this is another "stupid" (his word) thing delaying our time! Hey, he agreed with me... if he wants to jot down questions so I don't get TOO sidetracked by stories (even though it's all good), I don't mind! I wouldn't make up excuses to get out of spending time with him, and he knows that! Considering we haven't actually hung out since the Kings eliminated the Canucks in Game 5 on April 22, it'll be even sweeter when we DO! I'll call him on Friday or Saturday, then...

Bartz in Ghido's Cave: "Cripes! This stone inside the treasure chest is heavy!"

Galuf's flame has flickered out inside the Guardian Tree of the Forest of Moore...

Lord Kelger the wolf man back in Quelb when your party is on Floor 3 of Castle Exdeath: "It's nearing the time for that longest of rests..."

Where my FINAL FANTASY III party makes a potentially bad decision to drink from an odd-colored spring... luckily for Darren / Graham / Jeremy / Roland, it's a healing pool of water!

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Toilet handle / Moogle Village! / New Bal shops

I called Hester about the toilet handle this morning; she and her husband came to take a look just now, but they didn't have any new parts to replace the lever. Maybe the plumber or handyman can do it this week, or at least I hope so. She asked me some questions about breakfast / lunch / dinner / family, observed that I'd lost weight because my face was smaller (?), and thought that the asshole Paul was my boyfriend - THANK GOODNESS, NO! Apparently, he'd mentioned to her that he worked for the police station... WHAT A LIAR! I don't go for tattooed ex-cons, thanks!

It's the Moogle Village in Galuf's world! (the party is wearing a Moogle Costume that they found in one of the trees) They're so cute! :D

Welcome to the newest shop in Castle Bal! Unfortunately, your party gets forcefully thrown out by the REAL merchants, but they give you a Lamia's Harp.

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Sunday, July 08, 2012

Sweaters, BOOM, Hester, genetics, grammar pictures

Finally sorted through my closet and those sweaters; pink things, a brown wool toque which I'll never miss, some socks / sweaters / (T-)shirts, Christmas-themed PJs, pink skirts, and the like all had to go! Actually, the disability knapsack had to go, too. Then I discovered that the toilet handle malfunctioned; I'll call Hester about it and the plumber tomorrow, for sure! (100% certain that she'll tell me to "flush it tenderly - not with a BOOM BOOM BOOM!") Got weird phone calls from Oregon and Washington, too. Later, Chinese Eric tried calling me again, but I missed that till half an hour later! No big deal; we then had a great 45-minute conversation about the Chinese farewell banquet going over my friends' heads last week with the skits / singing, racist Stuart / Carol by association (and the whole backstory), Marissa, Caleb, Connor, Nashville and the Predators, my being very familiar with White Spot since I was there twice last week (oh yeah!), fajita salad, genetics (the first child always looks like the dad so he won't run away!), and learning things in high school which won't apply to life till much later.

We also discussed Jon / Harmony / Ayler, the wedding banquet food yesterday, catching up in a more enthusiastic fashion, tentative hangout plans on Wednesday, the summer weather starting now, renovations, noisy lawnmowers when all you want to do is rest, my not boring him with intense detail (GOOD!), killing time till the weather cools down, how he helped his parents with stuff recently, weird flavors of milkshakes / ice cream, eating rat / snake meat, the gelato place (which he isn't supposed to go to), apple pie ice cream, French fry ice cream, his having curry chicken for dinner, my having dinner later, and more. I told him that Christon had a LOT of England / Scotland photos with Nathan - yes, it's much easier these days without camera film restrictions! Of course, we said that it was always nice talking to the other - he wants to see if he can get Jon / Harmony / the baby out to a dinner buffet one of these days. Hey, the baby will be free - what's he going to eat anyway? NOTHING THERE! If Eric calls me on Tuesday or Wednesday, it'll be all good! I know he's still a bit hesitant on using MSN in case his friends don't get his messages: he says both Nate and I have experienced that, which I totally believe to be true. Got back to the computer to find a dodgy Facebook friend request: NO WAY!

Some grammar pictures which Kaitlin, Julie, Ryan, and Veronica pointed me towards:

San Antonio Marriot Rivercentre: "U R HERE"?!

This was on an actual product. REALLY?! (N and M could be easy enough to transpose, but...)

You had me at your proper use of "You're":

Yoda is reading "GRAMMAR FOR DUMMIES."

I believe in fighting corporate greed with properly spelled protest signs!

You were so attractive until you texted me with your hideous grammar!

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Dwarves, Void stars, Lone Wolf, Chinese Eric! / "We've already stopped the engine, Cid!"

Got up at 7:15 AM due to the sunny weather; I managed to stay awake until I decided that I really was out of it at 8:40. No church for me, I guess! Went back to sleep, and had a bit of a nightmare about my FINAL FANTASY games (dwarves and the stars of the Void) being erased! At 11:25, I was more refreshed; I replied to Mandy's email, and found a surprising MSN offliner from Chinese Eric: I *knew* he had called last night! "Hey... I called... talk later." At least that made me smile; since I plan to call him later anyway, it's all good. :D

"Hey, hey... help a brother out... how 'bout you open this door?" Okay, sure! Then the excited blue-haired guy runs around the Walse jail cell in circles; he runs into the wall and passes out. You shouldn't let the pickpocket Lone Wolf (the guy next to him - also in FINAL FANTASY VI) out of jail, because he'll steal two Cottages in Tycoon Castle, a Blitz Whip in Jachol Cave, a Cottage in Surgate Castle you can only obtain when on Planet R, and a Cottage you can find in Carwen, but only when on Planet R.

But we've already stopped the engine on Karnak's fire-powered ship, Cid Previa!

"It ain't over till the fat lady sings, and the orchestra hasn't even started tuning up yet!" - Cid's grandson Mid, on getting into the Desert of the Shifting Sands west of the Library of the Ancients (solution: SANDWORM DEFEAT for a BRIDGE!)

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Eddie and Eunice's wedding

Saw Grandma briefly before going over to Jon and Harmony's, where we saw Holly preparing to take care of baby Ayler for the afternoon and evening. He was a bit fussy, but that's to be expected. Baby seemed to like looking at my blue-and-green wedding wear, though! He was staring at it, haha. The wedding and banquet were at the Capilano Golf and Country Club in West Vancouver... lots of traffic wanting to go to Stanley Park, for sure! It was a pretty casual wedding, and I caught up with Winnie and her two kids Avery and Wesley / Pauline (she left when she was 17, and she's 41 now - yes, Richmond HAS changed a lot!) / Steph / Lisa / Phil / Grace / Jane and Amy (Vegas, motherhood, the nice weather) / Jeremy / Sam / Emily / Karen Choo / Rich / Vanessa (Prince George and hicks and the radio!) / Alan / Tracy / Denise / Daniel / Michelle / Uncle Richard / Auntie Gloria. SO MUCH DIVERSE FOOD! Butter chicken, dim sum, very fresh fish, etc. - I couldn't finish my plate! Had some room for dessert, though. Got home with the sweaters / towels (I'll sort it out later), only to discover that I'd missed a call from Chinese Eric! I can tell since it says "BLOCKED CALL" - and of course, I couldn't call him back since it was 10:45 already! Oh well, maybe tomorrow. Have also made a decision to restart AGAIN! *sigh*

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