Saturday, April 17, 2010

Avril Lavigne, Linkin Park, and mystic creatures

This thing just restarted!

Are you obsessed with Avril? by SPBabe96
Do you own a tie?
How old are you?
You:hate her poser ass

Which Member of Linkin Park are you obsessed with? by ambrosiadanielle
Your Name
Pick a Number (1-100)
Which Member of Linkin Park?Dave
How many times a day do you think about him?10
Does he think about you?of course

If You Were A Mystic Creature (With Pics) by Evil_Dead
Fur or Scale ColorRed, Black, and Purple
Mystic PowerElemental Control
Good, Evil, or NeutralNeutral (Good and Bad)
HabitatPit of Fire

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Weddings and dominance (not related)

I got up ten minutes before my alarm, so it's probably a good thing that I decided to go to Joe and Jeannie's wedding... otherwise, I'd be complaining that I got up so darned early! Hahaha! At least I've changed (into the clothes I wore last night - the green bling sweater works!), and have written a wedding card. Thank goodness I have spares! According to my Facebook feed, Phil says Joe isn't freaking out because he's been waiting for this all his life. Joe says it's his wedding day today, and Daniel says it is going to be T minus two hours before vows are exchanged.

You Are Not Dominant

You tend to be quite passive and submissive, sometimes to the point of being meek.

You like to go with the flow and not cause waves, but you also don't speak up when you should.

There's a fine line between being assertive and being aggressive, but you're not even close to crossing it.

Stand up for yourself, and go out and claim what's rightfully yours. You'll be happier if you take charge of your life.

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Hawker's IS Southeastern Asian goodness! / Animal titles

Taiwan conversation:

[22:32:10] Flami: is it 2 AM there yet?
[22:32:57] Corey: it's 1:32 PM :P
[22:41:47] Flami: crap! see, I *told* Eric that I couldn't even get the time in Taiwan right :P
[23:04:23] Flami: I had some lamb curry rice tonight - very good stuff
[23:34:39] Corey: I had some beef noodles with seafood with them instead of beef since Jane's mom accidentally put the wrong thing with them
[23:34:39] Corey: still good, though :P
[23:35:00] Flami: hey, it works
[23:36:02] Corey: it sure motherfucking does
[23:39:19] Flami: COREy
[23:39:20] Flami: Y
[00:04:00] Corey: LESLIe
[00:04:01] Corey: E
[00:04:45] Flami: COPYCAT :P
[00:05:08] Flami: and in case you're wondering... no, I have not gotten your envelope yet :P
[00:13:41] Corey: well, I got a package from my school at home since coming here...
[00:19:48] Flami: well, the mail must really be screwed up then
[00:36:46] Corey: Canadian mail seems to really suck
[00:39:12] Flami: yeah, maybe
[00:40:34] Corey: we've had stuff take forever before, plus I've had eBay customers in Canada mad at me for not sending stuff, when really the Canadian postal system was just taking forever :P
[00:42:35] Flami: yeah, like the time you tried to send me a DVD in time for Christmas - nope, that was three weeks late! :P

I tried to call Dave at about 5 or so to advise him that I'd just be taking the bus to Hawker's because I definitely didn't want to delay dinner. Since he was apparently not available to answer the call, according to the recording, I quickly left (and deleted) a Facebook comment to that effect. Then I called Eric to advise him that I had dinner plans; he wanted to know whether I'd be going to Fellowship - I said yes, and we'd figure out how later. Promptly left, and realized that I could have used the ATM at the Canada Line station instead of going to the hospital. Blah... I think that's what I'll do next time!

Got to Hawker's in plenty of time, so just decided to wait around in a chair. To my surprise, Christon came up about five minutes later, and started perusing the menu outside. I greeted him, and he said that Wesley had convinced him to come for dinner. We went in first to secure a table, and order lamb curry rice with Southeastern Asian food... we both had Snapple peach iced tea, and talked about his work stress. If things would go as planned at these sites, it would be much easier for the engineers! Dianne came in directly from running, and said that Jeremy had inspired her to try running for half an hour straight. Wesley came in later, and we talked about a bunch of stuff before wondering where Dave was. I told Wesley that the last I heard from him, he'd called me to say that he was going to call HIM - so I really didn't know.

A while later, Dave finally came in, making our quintet complete. Christon said that Wes had emailed their entire small group to invite them to this dinner hangout, but the thing was that he'd sent it at 4 PM today. Yeah, I don't think that will get a lot of responses either! Dave seemed to be looking at me from across the table, which was fine. We shared some fritters, which were pretty good. Christon had to leave early to pick up Jen and Karen, but the four of us "crashed in the car," as Dave put it. Well, Wes and I bused there, while Dave drove, and Dianne ran... the car was the best bet for getting to church! Discussed the retreat, man-boobs, Tim's, courses, free food, cost, what Steph did with her friends, nasi goreng, the hockey game, Afghan Flying Horseman and various other restaurants (Dave wants to go there - Dianne and I think it's too expensive!), food, money, my taking shotgun, DJ Flip Out, what was in my bag (book / wallet / other stuff), Lululemon running wear, and more. I saw Dave scratch his back while walking in front of me to the car - haha, I pretended not to see that, while listening to Wesley and Dianne talk about stretching and almost leaving a backpack in the restaurant!

At the church, we wondered where we'd be - but we checked out the decorations for Joe's wedding tomorrow, then Wesley saw Randal in the chapel across the hall. Dave asked me where the chapel was, so I told him to follow me. Once inside, he wondered if I were sitting with him - sure, if you decide where to sit, and then move one seat over so I have space! The back row definitely works! As for the Living Waters talk, it was okay - touched on personal stories and why the speakers were that way. I think I was trying not to bother Dave (as per my new vow), and it seemed successful. He wondered who would make chairs with little envelope pouches on the back - I really don't know! Later, he leaned toward me and wondered whether he should be on the Fellowship directory if he wasn't in the church directory! (and wondered what had happened already - I don't know!) After the talk, I said hi to a few people before telling Dave that I'd be back. As I explained to Eric when I got back, I had to go to the bathroom because a girl has NEEDS! (he said that he'd heard I went to dinner with some people, and then I disappeared just then... I didn't want to say it had to do with a certain kind of cycle, especially not in front of Dave!)

Dave wondered what people were doing now - no idea. He just wanted an excuse to drive the family car, haha. Went outside to the foyer to talk to Danielle, Calla, Stanford, and Johnny about weddings and such. (Johnny to Calla, on parental vetoes: "Don't tell your mom anything - just surprise her on the wedding day!") Johnny only needed the number from the back of my Chapters card, which I gladly gave him. I noticed Citrus and Danielle hugging - I guess it's not as awkward now as when they first broke up, but might still be. Danielle said that she liked my hat - I told her what my dad had said about it ("you should get a different style instead of two just the same!") - crazy good intentions with advice! If I'd wanted two different styles, that's what I would have bought! I went back in the chapel to say hey to Harmony - she didn't feel right about crashing a dinner and dance, since that's where Jon's gig was tonight.

Later, we saw the speakers' kids - they were so cute! I casually asked Dave whether he liked kids - he said he did, and he used to do the Sunday School thing. Sounds good to me for obvious reasons, haha. I told him that I'd had to laugh when he offered to pick me up - I know now that he thought my family lived in the Cambie area, but that isn't the case! He showed me a number on his phone, which I verified as mine. Said he'd tried calling me - probably I was out by that time, I said. As advertised, he DID try calling me at 5:47 - I checked my phone at home to clear the display! Then he left me a Facebook comment: "Southeastern Asian goodness. Where you at?" I WAS IN TRANSIT! (but of course, I didn't expect him to know that at the time!)

On the way home, Eric wondered whether I was going to Joe's wedding. I hadn't made any plans as such, but since it was just the ceremony and not the banquet, I decided to go because I've known Joe for years! We discussed the dinner, Martin, calling people, changing my mind about things, tonight's talk, figuratively leaning into people (I sure wasn't doing it literally!), Henry, Awana, whether I would just stay out after the wedding, deciding stuff later for Andrea and Chuck's wedding, whether my parents were going to the wedding (probably...), Freudian slips, and more. He has to check if he's doing anything on Sunday morning, which is fine with me. For some reason, I had trouble adding 12 hours onto the time of 10:04... I am such a ditz! Of course, I know it's easy to add... that's not the problem!

Got home, and almost promptly called Martin - from the background noise, I figured he was still at church. I know Eric said that I could have let him know that I was looking for him after getting his guitar, but that's okay. Turns out that Martin can't drive me since he isn't coming from Richmond, so then I called Ada. I figured that the family wasn't doing anything at 10 PM, so I was okay if I called the house phone. Her husband answered the phone, so I got him to get Ada for me. They're going to the wedding as well, and haven't figured out if they're just staying away from home. Guess we'll see each other tomorrow and figure things out then! Billie also said that her mom Tara said thanks for the birthday card - sweet!

Trivia fact for Saturday, Apr. 17: Which four Oscar-winning Best Pictures have animal names in their titles? One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, The Deer Hunter, Dances With Wolves, and The Silence of the Lambs. (1976, 1979, 1991, and 1992)

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Friday, April 16, 2010

Henry being sick, phone numbers, surprising Hawker's plans, and brains

Henry called to say that he's sick (sounds like it now that he said something!), and he can't drive tomorrow. However, he thinks Martin is going tonight - terrific. Guess I really do have to go now. DARN YOU, HENRY! *shakes fist*

I've come to the realization that I need more phone numbers... yeah, like that isn't totally gonna be awkward, even with seemingly chill people like Wesley and Dave! Eric called twice, but I wasn't in the mood to answer the phone, so I called him back. He thinks I have a phobia of the telephone (so not true!), but wants me to meet him at Cambie / Jacombs at 6. You people are conspiring against me!

Edit: As it turns out, Dave is down for Hawker's on Main (which always seems closed on Sundays when we try going) if Wes and I are! He left me a quickly-deleted comment with his number, so before calling him (he was on the highway - oops), I looked up the directions on Translink. Doesn't seem too bad... just take the Canada Line to King Edward, and then take the 25 for a few minutes to Main. I just need to go to the bank beforehand to make sure I have enough cash! (note to self: PAY HYDRO AND SHAW ON WEDNESDAY!)

Edit 2: Dave called me back, and he wanted to see if I could get a majority vote as to time (5:30? 6?) since Fellowship started at 7:30. I told him that Eric had a practice, and Jon had a gig - "You and me and Wes? Hahaha! Okay! I'll pick you up when Wes calls me back!" Then it was my turn to laugh: "Hahaha.. no, man! I live in RICHMOND!" "REALLY? I thought your whole family lived on Cambie!" No, my friend... definitely not! That would just be Jon and Harmony, man! I'll just bus there, how about that? Hahaha!

Edit 3: Went to the pharmacy to ask if there was an ATM around, and they directed me to the hospital. Turns out that it's in the rotunda - there were plenty of signs, except near where I usually come in! Oh well... took out some money, so this should be interesting! I've decided to just bus to Hawker's, and meet them there. My thinking is that whenever Dave calls me back, I'll have to be there. No use in delaying dinner any more than it has to be, especially with our timeline!

You Are a Brain

It's not easy to stretch your brain, but whoever said that life was going to be easy?

You work hard to learn more and challenge yourself. You find thinking hard to be fun!

You enjoy long-term projects and complicated problems. You are good at wrapping your mind around complex problems.

People tend to be jealous of your big brain, but they don't see how much work you put into being smart.

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Joe's wedding was great - now I get to relax!

When Eric picked me up, he gave me a LOOK - "that's your wedding attire?" You got that right! It works, doesn't it? Seems he thought I might wear what I did to Jon's wedding: no floral hats and dresses for this time of the month, haha. It's true that he was in a suit and such, but none of that for me! For some reason, we started discussing Mr. Creep - Eric thinks that I need to work on saying his actual name because that would make him more of a person or something. I said that I'd stumbled upon him on Facebook, and preemptively blocked him. No, I wasn't talking about Stumble Upon, the website. When I told Eric what his middle name was, he said "See? He's EARNEST, too!" NOT THAT KIND! Managed to get there ten minutes before the advertised start time of the wedding (even on the oily rainy roads), and we figured it wouldn't start on time. He wondered whether Jon and Harmony's wedding had started really late - not sure!

We sat with Dianne after we signed something at the front; Dianne thought I wasn't going to come. Well, I changed my mind! Discussed middle names, void cheques (his second in the checkbook already!), "Backwards Male," and more. John came with his sons, and told me that Ada wasn't feeling well. Ian and Sean kept themselves occupied by playing a DS game, heh. Sean told me that the program was all in English - that's what I thought until I saw a Chinese translation of the Scripture reading, so I showed him that. It was a short wedding, done by the same pastor who did Phil and Grace's. He also kinda pronounced Joseph with a "Z" sound... COME ON, PEOPLE! Jeannie seemed to have trouble with English (as far as the vows went), but then she IS Korean! Joe said "for richer or poorer, for richer or for worse," which caused people to laugh or facepalm. He IS sick, after all...

When I got out of the sanctuary, I asked Eric where he was going - he was putting his card and cheque into the bowl for such things at the front. I told Ian and Sean that they had missed the best part, just for fun. Ian asked me what it was, so I said that Joe and Jeannie got to kiss - the "EW!" expression on the face he gave me was totally worth it, hahaha! Talked to Auntie Vonnie, who confirmed that her son Joshua had a child now. John said that he wouldn't go to Awana because it would be too long a day for him and the kids. Then I went around to get food and talk to various people, looking for Melia in particular. Managed to find her later, excusing myself from Awana since I didn't have a ride - she said it was fine!

Talked to Lauren, who knows that Jon is married; I told her to watch out in Burnaby in case my sister is ever on duty there, haha. She tried re-introducing me to one of her kids, but of course he doesn't remember me. Helen liked my green bling sweater, and wondered if I'd ever wear what I did to Jon's wedding again - maybe at Andrea's wedding. Maxine had her invitation, so I refreshed her as to the date. Dianne, Eric, and I talked to Irene for a while - I didn't know there were such things as prophetic schools, but my interest had waned by that time. Said hi to Tim, Keenan (PICKLES!), Winnie, Jenny, Connie, Lily, Connor (spilling water everywhere), Chung, Karen I., Mattias, Katherine, Grandma, Cindy, Lucas, Auntie Gloria, Uncle Richard, Auntie Ena, and more. I think Auntie Ying tried to say hi to me, but I was so focused on looking for Eric and shrimp tails that I probably accidentally ignored her! Whoops...

Chatted to Emily Lam, Phil, Grace (wondering where Jon was - not playing piano!), Jon's friend Matthew Martin, Sarah, Julie, the twins, Judy (the kitchen is a strategic location for eating!), Lesley, Frances, Isaac (baby's first wedding!), Helen K. (volunteer week / the boys / finally eating / walking), and Emily Choi. I went to the bathroom to take off my Awana uniform, which I was wearing under my sweater in case I could make it. Then I went into the sanctuary just in time for the last call of Joe's friends for the wedding photo. Later, Eric said that I'd been stripping instead - well, I wasn't about to say THAT in the church! Ate sandwiches, shrimp tails, spanokopita, chocolate, and more.

Eric and I left together (I didn't know John Law had a kid!), and (once we were in the car) discussed saying people's names, communal lunch, random surprises, tomorrow, Christmas carols, craziness, and some other stuff. After I'd been home for a few minutes, Eric called me to say that he'd checked stuff, and he's doing sound tomorrow. He also played me the DARKWING DUCK theme song: "See?! It says that when you're in danger, you can call DW!" YOU ARE NUTS! I changed my alarm before I forgot, and now plan to relax this afternoon by catching up on stuff like the CL forums and Wordscraper!

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Teaching demos, feedback, stupid laws, and left legs

Steph was texting the score updates to Joey, since the poor guy (who got an internship at Ipsos-Reid) was stuck at Joe's wedding rehearsal - she'll do the same on Saturday night, since he's stuck at the wedding banquet! "People shouldn't schedule weddings when the playoffs are here, man!" Hahaha, so true!

I asked Corey how his teaching demo went:

[02:05:58] Flami: so how was the demo?
[02:12:22] Corey: ,kk,kmnkbkdifdoknkkkvnllkninnknnkkniihibibbnbib
[02:12:33] Corey: well, okay...
[02:13:23] Corey: I think I got a decent reaction from it, but I'm clearly not an amazing / comfortable / experienced teacher. I also only got through 25% of my material before running out of time (and the big thing was making them talk a lot, most of which was supposed to happen in the other parts)
[02:14:35] Corey: but the teacher (the real teacher :P) that watched me (not a manager or something, oddly) said I did a good job of keeping them interested, and kept their attention well, and used sentences like "when you have your own class, you'll get plenty of practice to figure out pacing, and new ways to teach" etc.. which sounds good
[02:16:15] Corey: but, I don't think she's in charge of hiring me, so I don't know :P depends on what she told the real boss, I guess. from what she told me, I'd guess she told them I'm inexperienced (they know that), but promising with some practice
[02:17:09] Corey: they also don't require teaching experience, so if my methods are good, then I'd think that's pretty good. I've gotten along just fine with everyone I've met there so far, and the boss (I only talked to her briefly on the phone) seemed friendly enough and spoke English really well
[02:23:03] Flami: that sounds better than the other place
[02:26:25] Corey: the other place didn't give me any real feedback... they just said "okay, we welcome you to work here"
[02:26:39] Corey: but this place is a bit worrying because they really don't tell me a damn thing
[02:26:53] Flami: oh
[02:27:01] Corey: the TEACHERS have been nice, but the people that actually work there (bosses or non-teachers) barely speak to me
[02:27:19] Corey: so it's been great with the students and other teachers, but I don't think any of them are in charge of hiring me
[02:27:27] Corey: it was also odd that nobody watched my demo
[02:27:53] Corey: I'm sure they'll ask the teacher her opinion of me at least, but I figured someone in charge of something would be in on that
[02:28:59] Corey: but, the online reaction to this place is that they're totally legit (most places are not.. for example, the job that screwed me over was actually illegal in the first place since the government has declared it illegal for foreign people to teach kindergarten for whatever reason)
[02:29:34] Corey: aside from that, the online reaction to that place was almost completely negative
[02:29:53] Corey: the only complaints about this place is that some teachers felt unprepared to teach there, just kind of thrown into a room with no plan
[02:30:02] Corey: and sometimes you don't get enough hours
[02:32:46] Corey: those aren't great, but I'll take issues like that instead of stuff that will get me deported
[02:32:46] Corey: those are actual normal work complaints, not illegal or shady stuff
[02:37:52] Flami: that does sound a bit odd, but the actual complaints about this place seem to be normal
[02:38:34] Corey: they rarely enforce the "no kindergarten" rule, but you get deported if you're caught
[02:39:14] Corey: they openly advertise that they have foreign teachers to attract students, and they openly hire foreign people (and don't tell them it's even illegal most of the time).
[02:40:10] Corey: some places actually have airlock type doors, so they can block inspections for a couple minutes before letting the police in, so they can ring a bell that signals the foreign teachers to get the hell out, or get to an older kids' classroom immediately
[02:41:16] Corey: supposedly, the police don't care about it at all, and generally put their kids in kindergartens with foreign teachers. the people want their kids learning English from an early age, so they grow up actually knowing it well. someone in the government basically doesn't like foreign people, and says that puts too much stress on the kids
[02:42:37] Corey: the law is pretty retarded as it is right now, though. basically, there's no fewer foreign teachers, and 99% of the time, the foreign teachers don't even know they're doing anything wrong. with this law, though, someone that doesn't like the school can report their foreign teachers just to screw over that school... or some government official can ruin the day of some foreign people whenever they feel like it
[02:43:12] Corey: they should enforce the rules, or just not have them
[02:43:52] Corey: and now, dinner part one :P then probably an interview for this school, but maybe just observing a class again, and dinner part two later with Jane :P

Trivia fact for Friday, Apr. 16: What notorious Revolutionary War figure is memorialized in a national park with a marble bas-relief of his left leg? Benedict Arnold. The sculpture, in New York's Saratoga National Park, is on the site of a fierce battle that was won by the heroic future traitor, who was shot in his gout-ridden left leg during the fighting. There is no direct mention of Arnold in the bizarre tribute, which is inscribed "in memory of the most brilliant soldier of the Continental Army..."

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The Canucks take a 1-0 series lead against the Kings! / NO TALKING TO RANDOM MEN!

As I start to write this update, it's 2:55 AM. Yes, I should be in bed, but odds are that I won't sleep anyhow given the last couple of days around here! (besides, I already have written the update that's to come after this one) I caught the right bus out of here in time to take the 430 almost directly to Steph's place. When I got there, it turned out that Ceci and Angela were at Metropolis watching HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON. Steph treated me to an apricot beer, some pizza, asparagus, a healthy carrot-pineapple muffin, Dole apple juice, and Bits and Bites for snacks during the hockey game. The Kings struck first, but the Canucks managed to tie it up again - also on the power play.

Then we traded goals, and it was time for Luongo to do some intense saves in overtime - like the one where he somehow knew the puck was about to go into the net, so reached around to bat it out of there before it crossed the goal line. By this time, Steph had driven the girls home, and they figured that they'd have put the puck in the net if they tried to do that! Oh yeah, for sure! We had some grapes, and Steph figured that Angela should stay away from her if it was going to be overtime because intense active cheering would NOT be good for her stomach area! (she's pregnant) After a while, we went to meet Jon and their church friend Silas at a downtown izakaya place called Kingyo - of course, Jon was late! Listened to Regina Spektor on the way there, while telling "Mom stories" to the girls - peanuts, kissing, tentacles, and other things! HAHAHAHA, she doesn't really care, we're sure!

Talked about weddings, being drunk, sushi, sashimi, Wesley / Jose at gelato, Harmony and desserts, Starbucks logo, Kikkoman soy sauce, hot pot, veggies, food, cupcakes, Angela not being able to eat raw stuff right now, Living Waters / Regent / different people / judging / one small part of ministry / brokenness (of course we all have it - that's not my issue!), gelato, my sleep schedule, Toronto vs. Vancouver, lychee-mango alcoholic drink, gin and tonic, embarrassing me, salad / rice / pork / duck / raw salmon, Phnom Penh, the States / Seattle / shopping / narwhal horns, Nathan staying up to watch the game (he's going to kill himself one of these days), and more. It was a good time, even if we did leave after midnight - luckily, the Canada Line was still running after we dropped off the UG at home! I probably just missed the last 407 bus of the night, which was fine.

What was NOT fine was some random man attempting to make conversation while we waited for the same elevator. He seemed to be talking to himself even before he saw me, and that alone made me on edge. (it was about 1 AM or so) Just because I'm wearing a Canucks jersey doesn't mean I want to talk to you about the game, and just because I'm waiting for the elevator / going into said elevator doesn't mean I want to talk to you about your missing change purse! I understand that some people just want to talk to others, but I was focused on my own personal safety, especially past 1 AM with barely any other people around!

He let me off the elevator first, and then I simply stood at the nearest bus stop while he muttered to himself about some other bus stop. When it seemed like he had gone, I set out for home on foot. Got home at about 1:35, and I checked Facebook and LJ. Found that Tara Talmey had unfriended me (no big deal - we didn't interact much), and found that Wesley had invited Dave Wong to Hawker's tomorrow before Fellowship. You guys make me SO jealous, man! I had to leave a comment to that effect, haha. Guess I should go to tomorrow's program - especially if Steph and the girls might show up... and I'll have to see if Johnny needs my Chapters card, too!

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Alot is better than you at everything! / Sore muscles and redrum / Sleep and hockey

Via grammar_whores and theferrett - The Alot is better than you at everything ... SO AMUSING!

Well, I went back to bed at about 10, and slept till about 3:15 or so. At least now I know why my midnight shower was so painful! I guess I can now add sore shoulder muscles as a harbinger of redrum, because I really did feel as if I needed a massage in that shower! But of course it would be inappropriate to ask for one, especially in that context! Of course, I haven't worked up the nerve to hug Dave, even if he DID call me "Les!" for the first time in about a month or so! I'm not even going to go there, hahaha.

Steph says that I should have a better sleeping schedule. I swear, this insomnia is NOT my fault! Sleeping pills or unwinding (as Kevin and I were discussing on Sunday) only do so much, and if I need a lot of sleep after a busy weekend, you bet that I'm going to get it even if it throws off the entire remainder of the week! She tells me that they're watching the game at her place, and then going out - that sounds better. It starts at 7, so I guess I have a couple hours to make up my mind whether to go or not! Gotta keep some cash aside for Sunday lunch, since I'm still opposed to going tomorrow for the Living Waters presentation on gender and sexuality! I bet I know exactly what "sexual brokenness" means on their website: "get gay people to NOT be that way anymore!" Ugh.

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Funky Nail Polish Color

I don't even WANT to know why I'm up now. UGH!

High-scoring word of the early morning:

PERM (100 points) - against Karen C. [3W, 5L on P used twice, hook off OI to make POI]

Your Funky Nail Polish Color is Blue

You are a calm and cool person who is content to do your own thing.

You tend to get lost in your thoughts. You're usually daydreaming about something, someone, or somewhere you love.

You don't take anything or anyone too seriously. You prefer to hang loose whenever possible.

You are a deeply introspective person. You're the type most likely to think about why the ocean is blue!

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Limp jerky, teaching at a school for adults, fanatic basketball people

High-scoring words of the night so far:

MIAOUED (132 points) - against Larry S. [3W, 4W]
LIMP (509 points) - against Mark F. [2W, two 5W, hook off LAID to make PLAID] {a good deficit-erasing word!}
JERKY (115 points) - against Susan S. [5W] {a good deficit-erasing word!}

More relevant Taiwan conversation:

[23:06:41] Corey: sorry, I had to eat lunch, and then Jane's parents wanted to talk to me for a really long time about my teaching demo today :P they want to help me a lot, but really, I need more time to just work on what I'm going to do :P
[23:07:12] Corey: but I told them about what I want to do, and they seem to think I can handle it, so that's good at least :P
[23:07:30] Corey: this is tonight at a school for adults, not kids, so I hope I get it
[23:08:09] Flami: so what do you want to do? teach at the school for adults instead?
[23:23:53] Corey: I think that would be better, yeah
[23:24:14] Corey: this is only part-time, so I probably need to find something else to do too, though
[23:26:27] Flami: do you know what the work hours and pay would be like?
[23:28:39] Corey: not yet. probably evenings, I'm guessing just 1-2 classes per night. I think they have decent pay, but screw you on things like a 50-minute class with a 10-minute break, and not paying you for the break in the middle.. but, this is one of the few schools that seems to be totally legal and upfront about things, according to people online
[23:29:25] Corey: so it's probably a pretty decent place to get my ARC (work visa, which is tied to your main job... if you lose that job, you leave Taiwan, unless you find something else in like a week or something :P)
[23:29:59] Flami: yeah, that doesn't sound too bad, considering the alternative
[23:31:51] Corey: evenings might sort of suck because then it's harder to do private lessons (since that's when adults are off work and available to pay me for private lessons), but I should be able to line up some of those.... the rate on those is $1000 per hour :P maybe like $800 for Jane's friends, I don't know
[23:34:05] Flami: so what do Jane's parents want to help you with?
[23:37:37] Corey: just trying to tell me how to introduce myself and stuff, but I already have that crap figured out
[23:38:01] Corey: so you can help me think of some more "Useful Phrases" :P
[23:38:48] Corey: these are things people would ask during a family reunion, and the answers
[23:39:22] Corey: "Our English teacher is kind and pretty. I like her very much"
"Same here." <- bold phrase [23:39:51] Corey: "Well, to cut a long story short (bolded phrase :P), we are going to get married next month" "Congratulations!" [23:40:18] Corey: I'm trying to think of a few more examples like that with some slang phrases like that, since that looks like the angle it's going for here Trivia fact for Thursday, Apr. 15: Why did a fanatic fan of basketball great Larry Bird ask to have three years added to his expected 30-year sentence for robbery and shooting with intent to kill? Eric James Torpy wanted his 2005 sentence to match the Boston Celtic star's jersey number: 33. The judge - in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - obliged.

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hockey game tomorrow? / Difference between relatives and family members / Icons

THIS THING JUST RESTARTED! (and I was in the middle of editing, too!) Steph called me again, this time to invite me to watch the hockey game with Ceci and Angela tomorrow. I wanted to know who else was going - very important, because I don't want to interact with stupid idiots! She seemed to get annoyed... too bad. We'll see.

Relevant Taiwan conversation:

[20:16:59] Corey: what's the difference between a relative and a family member? I have to teach both of those terms today. I'm trying to come up with example sentences ("fill in the blank" questions, basically)
[20:17:16] Corey: I know what those two things are obviously, but they're pretty similar...
[20:17:58] Flami: hmm... you're right... they are pretty similar
[20:18:56] Flami: and I'd Google it just to see what happens, but my browser just crashed :(
[20:19:17] Corey: I live with my family members.
[20:19:25] Corey: I went out of town to visit my relatives.
[20:19:28] Corey: boo yah
[20:19:47] Corey: I think that's what I'll have to do (I Googled :P)
[20:20:15] Corey: people usually refer to their "relatives" as extended family more than their parents or siblings or whatever
[20:20:30] Corey: I meant I Googled and found nothing, but I just came up with that :P

Favorite Color
Favorite Number(s)
Icon for Monday...
Icon for Tuesday...
Icon for Wednesday...
Icon for Thursday...
Icon for Friday...
Icon for Saturday...
Icon for Sunday...
Birthday Icon...
Your Overall Icon...

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I know I sleep too much! / Dessert Menu... YUMMY!

I don't know why the heck I got up at 5:30 PM today... o_O
Called my sister since she'd tried calling me earlier - she said she'd emailed me about it too, but she / Angela / Ceci had lunch today. Probably a good thing I wasn't awake if a certain other person turned out to be involved! She said my sleeping in so much is gross - I actually agree, but what can I do? She shouldn't have been talking to me anyhow, as she was driving. Ah well...

You Are Expressive and Quirky

You are a very dreamy, imaginative person. You can't help but paint pictures in your mind.

You are naturally very creative. In fact, almost anything can be a creative outlet for you.

You're extremely unique, and you couldn't be normal if you tried. Your mind just works in a different way.

And while you may be different, you don't feel angst about it. You are surprisingly placid and together.

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Models on the moors! / Hot and sour soup / Abstinence problems? / Friday the 13th

High-scoring words of the night so far:

MOORS (287 points) - against Marie H. [two 5W, hook off BOUND to make MU / ON / OD]
MODELS (201 points) - against Toni S. [4W, 5W] {a good deficit-erasing word!}
ADDIBLE (108 points) - against Isabelle S. [two 3W] {a good deficit-erasing word!}

Relevant Taiwan conversation:

[00:02:54] Flami: so how's it going by yourself?
[00:25:07] Corey: uh, okay, I guess :P I still have over half my Coke and two bags of chips, and Jane's aunt bought me PEARL MILK TEA today (BUBBLE tea, as I learned today, is something else where they shake up tea and it has literal bubbles, so apparently, you are totally wrong!... except the place where I get chocolate pearl milk tea calls it bubble tea, so I don't know, but I had a talk about that today with Jane's aunt's English teacher
[00:26:10] Flami: you're subsisting on Coke and bags of chips?!
[00:26:43] Flami: I guess I shouldn't talk, since I had Coke and chips today, too - but at least I had noodles and a pot pie as well as other stuff :P
[00:26:55] Corey: no! but it's hard to go buy stuff like that without her here :P
[00:27:34] Corey: I can get to 7-11 and the chocolate bubble tea place by foot without getting lost, but I don't really know how to order the bubble tea. 7-11 works, I guess, but it's still kind of weird :P
[00:27:54] Corey: I get more weird looks if I'm walking around by myself than if I'm with someone
[00:28:43] Corey: but I did get "excuse me, Corey, handsome boy?" from a lady in Jane's aunt's English class today :P
[00:29:44] Flami: yeah, I can understand how it's hard without her there :P
[00:29:59] Flami: HAHAHAHA, what?!
[00:32:13] Corey: most girls ask me if I'm single, or get really shy around me, causing other people to tease them about liking me. :P
[00:33:00] Flami: you know what they say sometimes... Chinese girls like their men as their rice... white and hot! :P
[00:37:09] Corey: okay, so it doesn't work on cold days
[00:43:26] Flami: is it cold there?
[00:43:49] Corey: uh, a little. it's been windy and humid, so it's kind of cold in the evening
[00:47:27] Flami: makes sense...
[00:54:46] Corey: I know sorry in Chinese! it's the same thing as excuse me, apparently. like in Japanese. I still haven't learned "please"
[00:55:47] Flami: I forget what it is
[00:57:31] Corey: doy bu chi (probably spelled way wrong because the pinyin versions of Chinese words look almost nothing like what they actually sound like, making it a pretty shitty way to write Chinese so foreign people can read it)
[00:58:22] Corey: the Japanese system for writing in Roman letters is EXACTLY what it sounds like in Japanese. what the hell, Chinese? :P
[00:58:40] Flami: I know there's something in Cantonese which is KINDA similar to that, but that doesn't "ping" me as also meaning "sorry" ... I dunno
[00:59:49] Corey: if people ever say "sorry" in English here, someone will start saying "sorry sorry.. hahahhhaa." Sorry Sorry is some song I don't understand except for the Sorry Sorry part that's in English, and apparently it's really well-known and funny to say
[01:01:21] Corey: you don't know the difference between "ni" (you) and "nin" (apparently also "you," but slightly different?), do you? Rosetta Stone yells at me when I get those wrong, but I have no idea whatsoever what the difference is... it's completely in the language you're learning, so there's no explanations :P
[01:02:38] Corey: Jane's dad told me that Chinese is way easier than English since we use too many words, and they just have "ni, wo, and ta" (you, me, him / her), and "ni men, etc.." for multiple people. Rosetta Stone has shown me like 5 ways to say "you" or "that person" or something along those lines so far...
[01:04:30] Flami: I can't tell you about that song since I have never heard it... and Jane's dad would know
[01:05:37] Corey: well, I'll probably ask him later, but that might be hard to explain :P adding an extra letter to a word, or even a suffix is usually hard to get across to people here
[01:05:46] Corey: you have to spell it out
[01:07:16] Corey: I can probably ask Jane tonight too, if I remember :P we've been doing video chat on Skype. she can't figure out how to call home, so I've been putting her on Skype, and letting her parents talk to her on my computer once in a while
[01:12:51] Flami: ah, Skype... that is the one memory dragon which I haven't been able to kill or replicate
[01:14:02] Corey: what does that mean?
[01:17:26] Flami: well, okay... I lie. I need to do other things besides that, but I don't want to get a disease :P
[01:17:55] Flami: and that means "Skype was one thing I did with the ex - and I haven't done it since"
[01:18:24] Corey: what? :P you can use that to talk to whoever you want, you know
[01:20:21] Flami: I know.... but I haven't...
[01:21:15] Corey: well, get on there right the fuck now
[01:24:03] Flami: I don't know if I have it
[01:24:28] Corey: well, go get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[01:25:36] Flami: I had it before... not sure if I deleted it in a fit of rage
[01:25:49] Corey: why would a program make you mad? :P
[01:26:00] Flami: MEMORIES
*snip of irrelevant conversation*
[02:09:37] Corey: Jane's niece just came in here and called me stupid!
[02:10:11] Flami: why?
[02:10:30] Corey: that was after I tried to impress her by telling her she was eating bread (in Chinese :P), since she's always trying to teach me Chinese. I think she was mad that I was messing with her camera, though :P
[02:10:48] Flami: what are you doing to her camera? :P
[02:11:16] Corey: she tries to teach me Chinese a LOT, but she rarely points to things or whatever, so she's usually just trying to force me to repeat random Chinese words in a teacher voice, and I have no idea what they mean because she doesn't show me :P
[02:11:40] Corey: she had the flash on, so I was blocking it with my hand because it's bright :P I also took it away to take a picture of her with the flash on
[02:12:36] Flami: well, she's five... so I guess her teaching methods have lots of room for improvement. :P as for the camera, that doesn't sound too terrible
[02:23:17] Corey: well, usually if she bugs me, I pick her up and hold her upside down or something, so I guess she got off easy :P

Billie and I made plans for the end of the month, after her GJ friend Sammie Ann leaves town. We'll have hot and sour soup at a Chinese restaurant near my place. Also talked about sex, health problems due to abstinence (??), and other girly things. :P [and her new boyfriend]

Trivia fact for Wednesday, Apr. 14: What is the greatest number of Friday the 13ths possible in a single calendar year? Three. The last time there were three was 2009; the next time will be in 2012. This year, there will be only one - in August.

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Disability seats and Netspeak

People Who Sit in the Disability Seats When I'm Standing on my Crutches reminds me of my own rant on a similar subject.

This is an image that Candace sent me. My only beef with this one is the lack of an Oxford comma. Otherwise, it's amusing!

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Shorts, underwear, whiteout, mouthwash, scissors, bubble tea, and more!

Called Barry earlier - I might as well take advantage of waking up at a reasonable time! He says the agency doesn't really do shared accommodation or roommates. Oh well... I went shopping, and bought underwear at Sears / scissors and a fridge magnet about chocolate for Harmony at the dollar store / on-sale mouthwash and whiteout at Shoppers Drug Mart / shorts at GARAGE. Also got a strawberry bubble tea at Big Orange, while marveling at the number of kids around. Apparently, it's science fair day at the mall for the local elementary schools.

Also saw some signs around about electronics recycling on Earth Day - if only I could drop off three monitors and one TV at the mall then! Not sure if the electronics recycling people will come by my house if I called them!

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Sheet metal, Learn From My Fail, jeans

I'm up now because it sounds like someone's been laying sheet metal across the street for the past hour. Annoying! But I got some more money today, which should help with certain purchases! Learn From My Fail shall be my amusement today, hahaha!

You Are Flares

You are a true free spirit, and you enjoy playing with fashion. Your look tends to be eclectic.

You tend to be a bit rebellious. You're more likely to dress for yourself than dress for the occasion.

You are both peaceful and jovial. There is a happy calm that surrounds everything you do.

You are broad-minded, well-read, and well-traveled. You are open to anything that comes your way.

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Blocking Mr. Creep just in case / Sci-Fi

High-scoring words of the night:

BOOTS (225 points) - against Joseph E. [two 5W]
CARBS (176 points) - against Mark F. [two 4W]
AIRSHOT (444 points) - against Suzi C. [2W used twice, two 4W, hook off MOB for a plural] {a good deficit-erasing word!}
PETITE (110 points) - against Nicole P. [5W, 2W]

The recent news broadcast confirms that Eric wasn't lying last night, because the first two playoff games against the Kings are indeed on Thursday and Saturday. DAMMIT! He sent me a "CALL IVAN!" email just for fun - crazy person! Then I checked my FB news feed - now I know Mr. Creep's middle name, thanks to Richie adding him on there. Time to block him preemptively, plus Joe and Nancy too, just because. :P (and Mr. Creep's profile picture is all in dark shadow... probably a good thing, since nobody would want to see it in the light!)

Trivia fact for Tuesday, Apr. 13: What special Hugo science-fiction achievement award was presented to astronauts Neil Armstrong, Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin, and Michael Collins in 1969? An award for Best Moon Landing Ever. It was given to the Apollo 11 moon mission crew members at the 27th convention of the World Science Fiction Society.

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Monday, April 12, 2010


President Taylor gazes pensively outside the window of her office inside the United Nations building. Jack calls, and apologizes for failing. Luckily, Weiss isn't in on the call, otherwise he would have started berating Jack and blaming him for the end of the world. Taylor tells Jack not to blame himself, and then tells him that the peace process is probably dead. You see, without Hassan, the hardliners take over. Apparently, the IRK vice-president is even more useless than Dan Quayle. Samir is alive, but an EMT gazes suspiciously at the camera once Cole is done talking to him. Luckily for him, only the cameraman sees him, and he doesn't say anything. Man, that guy is really unreliable, isn't he? Sure enough, Evil EMT Guy injects Samir with some stuff. Even the EMTs are full of moles. Renee and Jack look sad. Well, there's one way they can cheer themselves up... Torture Samir when he regains consciousness. Man, they're going to be upset about what happened with the EMT.

Jack says he's done, and is going home. He shakes Cole's hand, and tells him he's a good agent. Just don't expect an Emmy nomination, Freddie. The Russian ambassador is stirring up trouble, and tries to enlist the help of the IRK's ambassador, the one who had been detained by Hassan earlier. The ambassador says he believes in Hassan's vision, and is determined to see it through. How magnanimous of him. The Russian ambassador calls the Evil EMT Guy, and it looks like they are part of the plot. What a shock. Evil Russian EMT Guy is worried Renee recognized him because, apparently, he dealt with her when she was undercover all those years ago. They're getting some mileage out of Russian Renee, aren't they?

Jamot (the IRK ambassador – I looked it up) and Taylor try to convince Mrs. Hassan to take the reins of power. Let's just say that she's not jumping for joy at the new job offer. With so many people out of work, you'd think she'd show a little more gratitude, right? She eventually agrees to take her late husband's place, and how soon until we find out that she was the one behind all of this? Hey, it beats running for election. Taylor's homeland security aide, Woods, calls Chloe directly, and tells her Bubba is being relieved because of his overall incompetence. Woods offers Chloe command of CTU, and she resists. Ultimately, she takes the job, and I have a bad feeling about this. How soon until she clashes with Jack? Chloe goes to talk to Bubba, and he handles it well. Actually seems relieved. Wouldn't you be? Finally! No more bumbling field agents that don't know how to maintain a perimeter! Now he can chase his dream of being a shrimp fisherman.

Jack and Renee are back at his place, and she lets down her hair. You know, because her hair was getting tired. Renee starts off by telling Jack he's off the hook for his promises to her. Jack doesn't say anything, and just starts kissing her. He picks her up, and carries her to his bedroom. Smooth! And they're done... Just kidding. How much respect would you have lost for Jack if that had happened? Evil Russian EMT Guy sets up shop across the street, and starts spying into Jack's bedroom. So, he's not just a murderer, he's also a voyeur. Just keep your hands where we can see them, buddy.

The Russian ambassador meets with Taylor, and wants to know how they'll continue with the peace process. Taylor says Mrs. Hassan will sign it in her husband's stead. After all, her name is Hassan, too. If the signatory line just says Hassan, then they're in business. The Russian ambassador is skeptical, and says he'll pull out of the agreement. Once again, Taylor voices her suspicions about the ambassador, and says she'll take it up with Suvarov himself. Hey! He's still the president, after all! Taylor meets with Warden Norton, and she fills him in on the details. Taylor asks Warden Norton for help, and he recommends Charles Logan. Apparently, he still has close relations with the Russians. You know, even though he handed 20 canisters of nerve gas to a gang of Russian separatists that spoke with English accents so that they could detonate them in Moscow.

Bubba says his goodbye, and tells Chloe he should have listened to her all along. He wishes Chloe luck, and leaves. Cole then calls, and tells Chloe that Samir is going into cardiac arrest. Chloe immediately shows off her chops, and theorizes that someone at the scene must have drugged him. Cole acts like this is such a revolutionary concept. You know, like having more than two facial expressions. No sign of Jack and Renee. Not even on the split screen welcoming us back from commercial. Man, those two are taking their time, aren't they? Mrs. Hassan tells Kayla that the party has decided to name her acting president, and Kayla isn't happy about it. The vice-president is really getting shafted, isn't he?

Logan is in the UN, and meets with Taylor in a conference room. Is it just me, or does it look like Charles has a black eye? Did Martha punch him out? Maybe it was Pierce? That would have been awesome! Anyway, Logan makes a snide comment about how the Russians appreciate him more than Americans do. He also makes some promises about how he'll get the Russians to go along with the peace agreement, and insinuates that he'll use any means necessary. They rehash some of Logan's past transgressions, and he seems somewhat defiant before taking responsibility for his treasonous actions from Season 5. Not sure how to read this scene. Unlike his appearance in Season 6 where he seemed sincere, he seemed a little disingenuous this time. Who knows? Maybe he'll come through. Either way, it's good to see Greg Itzin back. He's a hell of an actor.

Jack and Renee are engaging in pillow talk, and they seem happy. He seems out of breath, and even winces a bit when he gets out of bed. That's right. Stab wounds, gunshots, and torture don't bother him, but sex with Renee makes him weak? I guess we've found his kryptonite! Jack goes to get a drink, and Evil Russian EMT Guy sets up his rifle. Chloe calls Jack's cell, and Renee picks up. She tells Renee about Samir, and she immediately puts two and two together. Before she can say any more, she gets shot, and I don't know if I can handle this. Jack carries Renee out of his apartment, and waltzes by his window. Of course, Evil Russian EMT Guy can't hit him. Jack puts Renee in a taxi, and they head to the hospital. Probably better than calling the EMTs. After all, they're full of Russian moles.

They're already at the hospital, so either Jack lived really close to one, or there was no traffic in Manhattan. At 9 in the morning. Jack wants to know what Chloe and Renee were talking about. Chloe starts to tell him about it, but the doctors come out of the emergency room. That can't be good. Well, I'll look on the bright side. Maybe they were able to remove the bullet and stop her bleeding in less than 2 minutes. Hey, if Jack can beat rush hour traffic in Manhattan in 3 minutes, anything's possible, right? Silent clock. Noooo!!!!

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CL, cardboard boxes at a store, Conor underground for ten years, Rick the Temp on TV

Had a dream where Jon, Christon, Jeremy, Dave Wong, and others came to rescue me from a very angry person who was not impressed that I'd punched her in the face a number of times. We went shopping at a store which even had an aisle for cardboard boxes and things like that - Dave just was generally affectionate, which was fine. Christon was wearing a blue sweater, and Dave was wearing a blue-and-yellow one... we eventually picked up some cheese at this Superstore-like warehouse, and were ready to go do something with it. However, Sean and Conor's mom Pauline came up to me and asked if we could help keep an eye on some kids at a combination pool and playground. After putting the cheese in a nearby fridge, we set off for the play palace.

There was a sign warning that the decibel level would be pretty loud, and it was true advertising. Lots of kids were on waterslides and regular playground equipment. After a while, Pauline yelled for her children (to be heard above the noise), calling them by their unique last name. Sean came when called, but Conor was lost in the mass of little ones. We tried finding him to no avail. Turns out he had gone underground through a secret entrance, and wouldn't emerge for about ten years! Every day, his family went back to this place, calling his name - they figured he had gone underground after some advice from a psychic. She assured them that he was getting adequate food from a secret source, and would come back up when he was ready. He just wanted to explore stuff in a safe manner, and didn't hate his family.

One night ten years later, my dad and I were at the site, which was still being used as a rather high-traffic playground and pool. Conor emerged from underground - he had long curly hair by this time, but still had a baby face. He ran in my direction, so of course I hugged him. His parents and brother (who also had long hair and a baby face) showed up after I called them, and they were jubilant to have this reunion. My dad called someone on a cell phone, and then we followed a tow truck with cars on the back already - my sister wanted us to do so, apparently. After that, I went with Conor's family to watch weird countdowns on MuchMusic, featuring Rick the Temp.

Possible triggers, which I think cover it pretty well:

* always having to yell to be heard above the noise of the kids at Awana if I want to talk to Chrystal during Game Time
* seeing Conor's family on Saturday and Sunday (but that happens all the time)
* seeing Jon / Christon / Jeremy / Dave yesterday (but that also happens all the time)
* seeing a little playground on the way to Alan and Tracy's party room yesterday
* the PSYCHIC DETECTIVES show that I've been watching lately
* being at Superstore to get Subway and various things
* seeing Rick the Temp (who used to be on MuchMusic!) on ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT
* my feelings toward my mother
* Eric wondering whether the mice had a food source here (they MUST, but it's not like I leave food lying around on the floor!)
* Christon's bringing cheese to yesterday's party

Got two more replies to my CL ad: one was just "Yes... I still have the lovely home for rent... do you still need it?" I won't bother with that one. The other was a bit more detailed: "Hello
I have a house at No2 Rd Richmond.There is a master bedroom upstairs for rent.Monthly rent is $600.00,includes utilities(electricity,water,heat,TV cable,wireless internet and laundary,very close to bus stop and shopping.It you are interesting,please contact me. Thanks, Luke" Definitely could use a space bar there, but I'm not going to be picky about that for now!

Your Cowgirl Name is Mary-Ruth Delta


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Shave the police! / Lots of amenities! / Grapes to raisins!

High-scoring words of the night so far:

POLICE (704 points; two 4W, 5L on C and P), SHAVE (154 points; 5W, 2W, hook on PLATEAU for a plural) - against Angela V.

Posted a CL ad about renting, and got this reply back within twenty minutes. Does this sound okay?

Newly constructed 3 storey Condominium in super-clean, quiet, well-decorated and safe neighbourhood. Very Spacious One bed room "ground level suite with Bath/shower Included". You will have your own separate private entrance through large posh backyard. Parking is Available on and off street.

Room is furnished with Fridge and Microwave included. HI-Speed Nitro internet 25mb/sec connection included in the rent. Utilities depends on how much you spend a month on gas and electricity per month. Laundry is optional.

Located in the heart of downtown Richmond connecting to garden city road which leads to major highways. 2 minute drive to Richmond center and Lansdowne Mall. Number of Asian restaurants, grocery stores nearby. Also minutes away from all bus transits and sky-train station. Fit City and Fitness world is also within reach.

There are two people living in the house. We are working professionals in our 20s and very easy going. There are no children in the house, so you'll have your peace of mind. Please call [number] if you would like to make an appointment to see the place. Please note Sundays are the best time to check the place out. All Other days, it has to be after 6:30 PM.

Rent is firm $600/month. Very reasonable and low compared to the current market price for such a good location and so many amenities included.

Of course, it can't be minutes away from ALL "bus transits," haha. Besides the roommates thing, it SOUNDS okay... but then, I don't know!

Trivia fact for Monday, Apr. 12: How many pounds of fresh grapes does it take to produce a pound of raisins? About four and a half.

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Goodbye, Richie - you'd better come back from Calgary to visit lots!

Eric picked me up after 6, and I told him that I'd tripped over the (spare) computer monitor before leaving because I was too stressed having to leave in a hurry. I really need to get rid of them! Too bad I can't just haul them out myself under cover of darkness... they're too heavy, and I'm not THAT strong! We talked about whether I'd network with Ivan tonight, chilling in the afternoon, my not really needing to buy any food from Safeway on the trip over because there would be lots of leftovers (I told Christon later that I'd felt kinda guilty), Mr. Creep, cards, and whether Dave Wong would make an appearance. He thought that I shouldn't have laughed at Dave's cannibal joke earlier in the day - hey, it was FUNNY, and it isn't like he advocates it in real life! Or at least, we both hope not, haha...

We walked to the party room, which was NOT Alan's entrance that we were somewhat familiar with! Joey / Raymond / Jose / Shally wearing a SHORT SKIRT / Wesley / Christon / Richie / Sonya / Phil / Grace / Stanford / Calla / Dave and Yvonne / Dylan / Deb / Kevin / Vivian / Connie / Jen / Randal / Alan / Tracy / Pastor John / Karmie / Mike K. / Mike T. / Emily / Melia / Angus / Andrea / Cindy / Dianne / Wesley / Ivan / Johnny were there already, and foosball / pool / ping-pong games going on while everyone talked. Put my jacket over Eric's after he'd draped his on a chair, and noted that Ivan was there. Eric made the same observation, and remarked to me that I could talk to Ivan about Friday night - I DON'T THINK SO, BUDDY! Daniel greeted me, so I said hi to him and his wife Michelle while sitting in a chair to relax. Figured I should have worn my sneakers instead of my wine-colored shoes with slight heels since I DIDN'T have to take my shoes off like I'd originally thought! Oh well... a lot of people were signing a giant card for Richie, so I did that too. (some were wearing Canucks-related clothing to bug Richie, hahaha)

A while later, Grace said that we were going to say grace... someone made a funny, and wondered if she were going to say it! That honor went to Pastor John, although Daniel thought it should have gone to Richie: "It's the last time I'll ever hear you pray, man!" There WAS a lot of food: pizza, fried chicken, pasta, sushi, cookies, cake, brownies, salad, fruit, chocolate eclairs, and more! Went to the couch to eat, since I needed a table! Vivian and Jen broke my alone time - no, I wasn't bored if I wasn't eating... just observing the room at large as per usual!

We were likening this farewell party to a wedding since there would be cake after dinner, gift presentations, and a special video which Yvonne put together. The video was pretty humorous, for sure! After the cake-cutting, we took a group photo. Talked to Mike K. about school, discussed life with Brian (who was late), signed a petition about human trafficking as per Deb's request, joined Melia and Emily in "beautifully decorating" the giant card (REJECTED references!), watched people play foosball, and talked to Phil for a while. He said that the guest speaker was indeed here for another week, and humorously sympathized with my wondering who the speaker was on the TV since Eric and I were late for service! Guess I have to prepare for another cringe-inducing sermon next week!

Kevin gave me some money back for the Pocky and Pretz, then wondered about my energy level - downtime tomorrow, for sure! (after Women's Group / Committee Meeting / Fellowship / Awana / church and the farewell? OH YEAH!) Discussed hockey playoffs and Jon's whereabouts with Tracy and Christon. Jon called from a Canada Line station to say he'd be there at some point. I asked Wesley where they'd ended up going for lunch: the Congee Noodle House, which was boring for some reason. I guess it's no Hawkers or Reef, haha. A while later, Jon and Harmony finally did show up - of course, they had beer and some (smoked salmon) cheese to go with Christon's bleu cheese and goat cheese! Christon was disappointed with one of his cheeses, but he DID get it from Extra Foods and not the cheese shop...

A bunch of us tried Monster Ale, raspberry beer, and more while looking at the bookshelves in the party room - interesting stuff, like Miss Piggy's views on life! Jon was busy eating some pasta (sharing it with Harmony) in addition to the stuff which Kevin had packed for him. When Wes came up and wondered why Kevin had packed so little pasta for his lunch tomorrow, we all started laughing! Jon said he'd top it up, which Wes was fine with. Everyone hugged Richie goodbye when we left, since we'll miss him when he goes back to Calgary! Wishes were exchanged, and he was right - it was a bittersweet night! (his mom and sister [three kids and one more any time now] are here, but his dad is there - along with a new job)

On the way home, Eric tried convincing me that the Canucks playoff Game 2 (the one that his family has tickets for) was on Saturday and not Friday, since Phil had looked it up on his phone. In turn, I tried convincing him that he was a little too late for an April Fools joke - he should have gotten on that a couple of weeks ago, man! He said that I now had no excuse for not going on Friday - and that the Living Waters guy had spoken on his own struggle with pornography a few years ago at the Renew / Redefine Conference he went to. (so, not ex-gays) Who knows - he might be planning on speaking about ex-gays on Friday! Maybe I need a particular plan... hee hee hee! Then he tried convincing me that staying longer than Raymond didn't mean anything - it does to ME, haha. After that, he wondered whether I was shifting my weight in the car, and doing something to its springs - I took that as a "fat" comment, of course! CRAZY! I said I'd see him next Sunday when he dropped me off, and he corrected me - of course, I said he was a LIAR. Maybe I'll look it up myself - we'll see.

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Cholera / Yes to Pho! / Soda / KILL BILL characters

High-scoring words of the day so far:

CHOLERS (107 points) - against Angela V. [4W, hook off BOA to make BOAR]
RAX (110 points) - against Sandra B. [5W used twice to make RAX and XU]

Said yes to Dylan's Pho Evite, and also did some more stuff. Just in time, since Eric's called to pick me up for the second time today!

What Soda Are You?? by jsizzle626
Your Name
Your Fave Color
Your Father's Name (first)
Your Father's Name (last)
You are

Which Kill Bill character will kill you? by Beatrix_kiddo
Who will kill you?Budd
When will she / he kill you?April 15, 2024

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I'm not really putting things off.... hahaha....

Eric apologized for being late, but I expected it. We mainly talked about shenanigans, hockey, installing Windows 7, CAPRICA, theme songs, Mr. Creep, being 35 minutes late or so, food, and other stuff on the way over. My assumption that he wanted to go home for lunch was indeed correct - I just don't want to spend more money! When we got to the church, he waited for me as I crossed the street (said hi to Jeff) since I was slower, so I did the same while he dropped some stuff off in the kitchen. He was surprised that I hadn't gone in yet, but I didn't want to look like a loner, haha.

Some guest speaker (I think he's affiliated with Trinity somehow) was talking about a pit when we came in and sat by Dave. I tried to focus on the "love and forgiveness" aspect of the message, but kept getting distracted by his mispronunciation of "Joseph." Who pronounces that with a Z sound instead of an S sound?! When he said that we'd continue talking about Genesis 39-41 next week, all I could think was "PLEASE don't say that name too much then, sir... ugh. It just makes me cringe!" Waved to little Mattias, said hi to Frances and Denise, and glanced at baby Isaac (who REALLY looks like Mel!) before he got very unhappy because the worship music (which had a lullaby element) stopped suddenly. You could tell that this was a baby which was less than content since he started screeching! I noticed that people from the next section over (Jon / Christon / Jeremy / Harmony) were laughing about it, haha.

After service, Eric asked Dave if he wanted his bulletin - he didn't hear, so I hailed him. "Les!" he replied - always a good thing to see his smile, haha. Hasn't called me that for a bit, either! I smelled coffee in the fellowship hall, but it was unfortunate that I saw Mr. Creep at the coffee dispenser. UGH! I was GOING to put my stuff on that side of the room like usual, but had to go across the room so I could have peace. Contented myself with some grapes, talking to Andrew about his term paper (85% is GOOD considering the quick research on fetal alcohol syndrome!), discussing the diarrhea stuff with Adam, saying hi to Vivian / Lawrence / Hien, and offering dark chocolate eggs to Harmony / Wesley / Dave. Wesley says he ate a regular pack of those, and was sick of them... understandable! Dave said stuff about BMX later - cool for him, but not for me!

Steph came in later, and tried being affectionate in front of her friends Ceci and Angela. They're in town for a week, and Angela is pregnant - she's due in August. When Steph wondered if I'd go to lunch with them or show up at dinner tomorrow, my answer was quick and to the point: NO! She thought I was being bad, but hey... I prefer my sanity and safety in not being around fake nice people like our mother! (of course, I didn't explain this) Went outside to say hey to Richie - said hi to Connie and Auntie Esther too. Offered a grape to Mattias, but his mom Karen said that he has to be careful not to swallow it whole! Oh yes, those aren't toddler-friendly... but I know him and liking food!

Told Andrea of my Awana-related concerns about her wedding banquet. She now says that Eric is going, and Auntie Rebecca / Chrystal / Emily are too! (but Melia isn't) Should be okay, then! Finally got some coffee when enough other people used the dispenser - no contact for me! Saw Allison eating some Smartfood popcorn when I finally went upstairs - I remember that stuff! The kids in the toddler Sunday School class (Amanda / Harrison / Amos / Ramen / Shira / Conor / Esther) were busy drawing, playing with toys, and talking. Conor pretended I was a road: "Trucking... oops, the truckie fell down!" Hahaha, cute! Amanda said she was drawing cards for her sister - and Esther drew random things.

Auntie Ying wanted me to NOT stick the stickers on the homework, so to avoid yelling at people, I moved so she wouldn't bug me. When I got home at 1:40, I finished tearing stuff from the workbook - and decided not to punch things out since I suck at it! Gotta love executive decisions, haha. *wink* I showed the kids a pencil sharpener, and then attempted to tell them about plants. They loved the broccoli tree on the teaching aid, haha. I didn't mind if Conor wanted to hold it, since he's cute! At the end, a bunch of parents thanked me, so that was fine. Picked up a bunch of stuff that Amanda had forgotten, and gave it to her downstairs.

I noticed Dave looking around for people upstairs again, so said hi. He said he was looking for Josiah, and wondered if there were any more "fellowships" (Sunday School classes) upstairs - it seemed they were all over by then. Josiah was nowhere to be seen when we got downstairs, and I assumed Eric was still with the food class. We moved to the foyer, but of course that was where my mom saw me. I kept my answers to her as short as possible - no, I wasn't going to explain my feelings to her in front of 100 people, OR in front of Dave! Harrison bumped my knapsack and said hi - cute kid, I guess. When I asked Dave what his plans were later, he was joking: "Cannibalism - you and me!"

Dianne and Wesley came up to us later, and wondered if we wanted to go for lunch. I said that I was waiting for Eric, and then we'd probably go home. ("Hawkers... MARINE DRIVE IS FAR!") We went into the fellowship hall when that Sunday School class was done, and Dave figured that he might see what his parents were up to if nobody wanted to go eat. In order to give him some privacy, I wandered across the room, then out of there. While Jon, Jeremy, and I were talking about the conditions of chicken coops / BARAKA / debeaking / fighting, I said hi to Grandma. Steph said that Grandma wanted me and Jon at lunch with Ceci and Angela - I wasn't going even if Jon and Harmony would be there, since I'd have to be in the car with my mother afterwards! (that's why I say hi to her at church) But I didn't say that, instead confining myself to the "dinner!" excuse, haha. Jon and Jeremy had a field day with that, unfortunately.

Andrea talked to Eric about her wedding invitation, and about the steel-based / blue-collar economy in Hamilton with Jeremy. Eric said that the wedding website had an overflow error when he tried to RSVP - oops. When we finally left, we talked about mice / avoiding Mom / rental market / Raymond going to the airport / waving at Randal / Mr. Creep / bad thoughts controlling my mind / playoff games / forgetting stuff as regards Ivan, Dylan, and Richie / putting things off / 80s FRINGE music / blogging / names / Joe Yu's wedding invite. Interesting times, indeed! I also told him that I was epically awesome, and that was what made these rides so cool. He said that it was instead an epic fail - YOU WISH! "Epic fail" only applies to when I try slamming your car doors, buddy!

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I know the "homo" joke, man! / Weird call from Candy / Procrastination

Relevant Taiwan conversation:

[21:15:30] Corey: anyway, just tell that kid he's a homo, and see what he says. if he disagrees, keep insisting that he really is
[21:15:38] Corey: then after a while, you can explain what a homo sapien is
[21:16:28] Corey: that's one great thing about Jane :P she doesn't know any of those stupid kid jokes, so I can ask her if she's a homo sapien, and she'll say "NO!!!"
[21:27:24] Flami: that wouldn't be appropriate (telling Matthew that he is a homo) because it's a church program :P and I'm supposed to be an example to the kids, besides.
[21:28:11] Corey: a homo sapien isn't anything bad, don't be crazy
[21:35:12] Flami: you said a homo, not a homo sapien
[22:11:28] Flami: disconnected again
*snip of irrelevant conversation*
[00:12:46] Flami: your MSN is crazy
[00:27:06] Corey: no, yours is :P you're the one that seems to keep going offline without it showing me, which is what happens when I'm at home, too
[00:31:16] Flami: yeah, but you seemingly don't get entire messages!
[00:36:45] Corey: well, the internet connection has been a bit weird for the last few days here, so part of it might be my end
[00:38:23] Flami: could be....
[00:44:42] Corey: so did you get my message about being stuck here alone until Thursday? Jane's off to Korea and China on business
[00:48:44] Flami: no, I didn't

Soon after my last post, Candy unexpectedly called me. I almost forgot I had the phone on, so wondered who'd be calling me past 1 AM! She talked to me about some band named Step Echo, the drummer Brian Hamilton being really good, commenting on a video, his not missing a beat when one of his sticks broke (so he brought out the big ones!), wondering why I tagged her (I was going to write a status message anyway about how Dave Wong would like Oddee - and added her in), non-flash / non-tungsten pictures, and being up for about 22 hours. Of course it's going to kill you if you get up at 6:30 AM, and are still up at 4:15 AM! Sarah G. saw my status, and told me to say hi to Candy - I did indeed do that!

You Shouldn't Procrastinate

While procrastinating is a good strategy for some people, it doesn't really work for you.

Deadlines make you feel pressured, and a creeping deadline is a recipe for disaster.

Instead, you should just plug away at getting what needs to be done finished... even if it's painful.

Once you've completed your task, it will be a huge relief. And then you can go have some fun!

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No Mui's, the laundry cost going up, FB drama, flying fox

High-scoring word of the night so far:

PIRATIC (140 points) - against Milka S. [5W, 2W]

Called Eric, who still isn't sure if he's doing sound tomorrow... but going with 9:15 unless he tells me otherwise? That works! Got some email from Steph about Cattle Café and Mui's - I'd rather go home after church with SANITY relatively intact, since I do have a dinner later. I'm pretty positive that Eric and I won't be ON TIME to Alan and Tracy's, but hey... you never know!

Found out that the laundry cost has gone up by fifty cents - I'm not impressed! Way to throw my careful system of backup laundry money into chaos! What am I, an arcade machine?! Speaking of laundry, I have also discovered that I need to buy some new panties - I'll do that with May money, I guess. Also, Chris W. says that Scott posted some crazy lies on a friend's wall - I sense drama, and not the good kind!

Is It A Good Idea To Microwave This? - via Craigslist forums. NICE!

Trivia fact for Sunday, Apr. 11: What is a Malayan flying fox? A bat - one of the world's largest, with a wingspan of more than six feet. Its scientific name is Pteropus vampyrus.

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