Saturday, August 22, 2009

Rice bowls are NOT going to be dropped on the floor! / Chicken drumsticks do mix with prawn shells!

Grandma took her radio into the bathroom with her. Why?! It's not like I'm going to steal it while she's in there! Actually, now she's taking it EVERYWHERE with her. What the heck?! I thought I'd be a good granddaughter and bring out the rice bowls first; she wanted me to bring the soup bowls out instead! Fair enough, but I'm just not going to DROP the rice bowls in the middle of the kitchen floor in order to do that! Then she wanted to put my chicken drumsticks in my bowl, but I figured they should go on my plate. She objected to that, saying that they were mixed in with my prawn shells. WHATEVER! It's FINE!

Kenny Z. added me on Facebook, and he's one of Hien's friends - interesting! We were discussing the redrum icon, I guess! Added Hannah W. while I was at it, also. Helped Grandma to water the plants / herbs, too.

Facebook quiz taken from Jane:

Leslie took the What College in Utah Should you be in??? quiz and the result is Weber State University. YOU SHOULD BE A WILDCAT! OGDEN SHOULD BE YOUR HOME!

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Dreaming of swinging on ropes, and a bag full of books

Note: LJ Soulmate Blogquiz, by Amber.

Erin finally got my "lazy" wedding reception RSVP of three weeks ago, which is a good thing! I had a weird dream last night where a bunch of us were shepherded into this brown building, and told by a bunch of Secret Police types to find our way to the gym on the bottom floor by using the stairs only. Jen tried to obtain a map, but she was told that it would be cheating. So we went up and down the stairs, but found that they all stopped short of our destination. There were no elevators that we had access to, which was disappointing. My sister finally found a rope setup that required us to jump to a net and navigate it, then to the first red rope, then swing from there to a blue rope, then to a yellow rope, then to a green rope, and finally to the gym floor.

I was quite happy to leave stupid Raymond in the lurch when he complained that I was taking too long to sing. Deal with it, and grow some patience! He looked way too pale, and was wearing an unflattering white sweater anyway. When I reached the bottom, I was greeted by Eric H. and Danny, who wanted me to talk with them unobtrusively. Of course this could happen, so I went. We wanted to set up a time to meet up, but Chung Yan distracted us with a bag full of books: romance, one with a heart on it, history, literature, and more! Some of the books were NOT in resellable condition (one had its cover almost completely torn from the binding), but it was still okay for home use! The dream ended when we were discussing various aspects of life and bubble tea.

Not sure why I had it - I borrowed a bag full of books from the library the other day, and talked to Eric H. for ten minutes yesterday. Haven't talked to Danny since July, and he and Eric don't know each other anyhow. (last saw Chung Yan at the grad banquet, and Jen on Wednesday night at bubble tea) I remember liking Raymond's white sweater, but that was another lifetime ago... and yes, he IS stupid, so that's very accurate. Although I do note that red, green, blue, and yellow are the Awana colors - and Danny is a fellow Awana leader, so maybe that ties in with the orientation email. WHO KNOWS.

Facebook quiz taken from Angela:

Leslie took the What Ice cream flavor are you? quiz and the result is Vanilla. This may not sound so exciting, but everyone loves you. You're a classic!

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Beefcake the Mighty, Oderus Urungus, and New York City dog poop

Talked to Eric H. briefly about the $180 2010 Olympic jerseys, and compensation. Then Corey decided to tell me more GWAR news...

Corey says: well, there's a brand new GWAR album out
Flami: learning about martyrs says: newer than the stuff you sent me?
Corey says: it came out like 3-4 days ago
Corey says: and it has a song sung by Beefcake the Mighty! this is nothing new, but Beefcake is now Casey Orr again, who is the 2nd long-term guy to play Beefcake, but did most of the songs sung by him, plus he's the lead singer in X-Cops. so that's cool. he left quite a while ago
Flami: let me guess... it's a revolving cast of characters as to who plays who?
Corey says: no... they generally stay the same, but they've changed members here and there
Corey says: there were a ton of different people at the very very start since it wasn't even a serious band at first :P but after that, it settled into long-term people for each character.. Oderus wasn't even the original singer! he was in the band from the start though
Flami says: well, I guess seniority does have its perks, haha... ;)
Corey says: there were two singers before Oderus... Johnny Slutman, and Joey Slutman. Johnny didn't last long at all, Joey not much longer.. if you have the Let There Be GWAR album (not sure if you do or not :P) he's on the first few songs... sounds totally different
Corey says: but the main current characters have had different humans in the suits... well, Beefcake (bass) and Flattus Maximus (guitar) have... the rest have been around forever

Poo nugget for this weekend: Doo You Know? - No Poop in the Big Apple - In August 1978, New York enacted Section 1310 of the Public Health Code, and thus became the first city to enact a "Pooper Scooper Law." This required dog owners to collect and dispose of their animals' waste. Violators of the law are subject to a $100 fine.

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Friday, August 21, 2009

Pizza prank phone calls, farting videos with THE POOTER, and metal music!

Jack Strat's pizza prank phone calls - Youtube is in Chinese over here again, man! Jack Vale Films - from Corey, of course. Also made a playlist of metal music: so far, I have GWAR / Children of Bodom / Nightwish / Ministry on there. Of course I plan to expand it!

Corey says: I have a fart prank channel I could give you with over 100 videos, but I don't know if you'd like that one... it's only farting, not pooping, so I don't think it's hardcore enough for you
Flami: learning about martyrs says: ... I think you're crazy
Corey says:
fine... there's the fart stuff (he uses a thing in his hand that makes fart noises and "farts" on people in public)
Flami: I wish it would play automatically
Corey says: it should... or you can make it do that
Flami says: how?
Corey says:
there's a "play all" button or something
Flami says: I'm blind... I don't see it
Corey says: make sure you're in the real Youtube video window, not the channel bullshit that it tries to make you use.. click the video as it's playing, and it should open up a new window, then the playlist stuff is on the right by "related videos" and all that
Flami says: I can't get to the real Youtube video window!
Corey says: just click on the video and it'll open up
Corey says: that should work... I just did a regular Youtube search and clicked "playlists" in the result list
Corey says: there's over 100 episodes now, and that has 95 videos, but that should get you started... if you really need more farting after 95 videos of it, you can just go to his channel page and fill in the gaps
Corey says: also, the new Youtube channel pages fucking suck, and they all play videos in the same page like that, so you can't even go see comments or whatever. that's going to be mandatory soon, so they're totally getting rid of the old style that actually worked

Grandma also wanted to know whether we needed to be afraid of people coming in if we left the sliding door open that leads to the backyard. I don't believe so! HAHAHAHA! At dinner, she seemed obsessed with the idea that my sister had a boyfriend because Steph has a picture of a boy in her room. I went up there myself, and I don't think any of the photos there qualify! Had shrimp brains, though!

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Timmy's Kitchen and Timothy's - do you see a pattern here?

Leo G. added me on Facebook - I remember him from school, man! Not sure how he knows Adela, though... and why do I have MARIO music stuck in my head?!

Steph left for some lunch plans, and then she went to work. I was going to have a Sidekicks, but called Jon to tell him that he had some mail over here that he should pick up. He said that Grandma was convinced we didn't have any milk, and said that we'd be going out for lunch after they did some grocery shopping. Yup, he'd heard about Grandma hijacking Eric on Sunday after lunch at Tsim Chai - not my idea! When he did get to the house, I gave him a real-life RSVP to the Sunday Dinner, and then discussed milk expiry / cleaning / Harmony playing with the dog while Holly and Peter are in San Francisco / tomatoes / vegetables / kettle chips / health / taking the newspaper and other things. Since he was taking various things (and Harmony did that from her parents' house too), I took all the Sidekicks since they were for my use anyway. I still have three at home, so this makes nine... yikes! Parmesan Pesto x2, Chicken x2, Three Cheese, and Homestyle Cheddar!

Picked up Harmony and then went to Timmy's Kitchen for lunch. It's the only Chinese place in Steveston, so it was okay that I went there for the second time in less than 48 hours. Had a different meal, including tan tan noodles - and more dou mew - plus ginkgo nuts or beans! Nice! Jon told Harmony the "freaking out cousins at Congee Noodle House" story... eating a bowl of mini jalapeno peppers is GOOD STUFF, man! Discussed the Canada Line, out-of-town friends, my comment on their Evite (SITTING ATTRACTION!), and various jokes about durian / his wife being fat since she drinks a lot of beer. Of course, this is how we amuse ourselves!

After that, we went to Timothy's for some gelato. Grandma wanted something small, but the kids' size was not small enough... she wanted to walk onto the docks to see what the boats were selling today. Fair enough, since it was some exercise! Saw salmon, fish heads (almost made Harmony want to be a vegetarian), prawns, BC spot prawns, a boat named SILVER DRAGON, and more. Discussed coffee ice cream, the small group outing, Coldplay's Clocks remixed by the Buena Vista Social Club (Ry Cooder!), mango gelato, white chocolate with raspberry gelato, a BIG bag of salmon, and other things. Grandma was going to get some cheap fish heads ($1 a pound), but she got too impatient to wait in line, even if there were only a few people ahead of us - prawns for $5 a pound it was!

When I got home, I called Eric to let him know that I wouldn't be at the small group outing. He's not sure if he's going to the Sunday Dinner, so I'll talk to him about it at church - yes, he can bring his stupid friend to the outing if he wants. Said friend really doesn't like outings, though... more fool, him! Mom emailed us from Edinburgh again - not quite as cute as the other email, but it'll do. ;)

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Why would I dream about black creepy worms?!

Note: How will you be suspended from LJ Mememgen, by Anonymous LJ User.

Grandma is out of here, which is fine. Unfortunately, the phone rang - which explains why I'm up now. Probably a good thing, since I had a dream which featured my parents, and creepy black insect-worm hybrids with silver feet that made noises and scattered to rooms' corners!

Your Soul Is Connected to the Winter

You approach life with a zen-like calm that other people envy. Nothing rattles you.

You are smart, thoughtful, and very serious. You don't stress out, but you don't take much lightly.

You like to keep to yourself, and you've been called shy - even if you don't consider yourself that way.

You prefer a cozy, quiet life filled with ideas, books, and maybe a few friends.

But I said my ideal weather WASN'T snowy! What the heck?! o_O

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Piercings, musicals, sleeping positions, and outhouse synonyms

Facebook quizzes taken from Candy, Janina, and Kelly:

Leslie completed the quiz "What Sexy Piercing Suits Your Personality??" with the result Belly Button Piercing. You and the Belly Button Piercing have definitely been making eyes at each other. You like to have something to show off. At the same time, it can also be just your own little secret. You can probably be found at either in a bikini at the beach, or sunbathing at your neighborhood nude beach. "This has been an elaborate exercise in navel gazing." ~ Dana Milbank.

Leslie took the In which musical should you live? quiz and the result is Mary Poppins. You have a positive spirit, and you're a bit special. Nobody can really figure you out, but you are popular anyway. You carry around a lot of weird things that normal people wouldn't even dream of having with them. You always have a good answer to everything, and you have your own style.

Leslie took the What does your sleeping position say about your personality? quiz and got the result: The Crab. You have strong compulsive tendencies, and stubbornness. You are persistent and goal-oriented. You are serious and hold strong beliefs, and try to have things done your way, and will use force to gain compliance. You are tense and focused in order to get things done. If you sleep with your hands in fists, you could be showing hidden aggression, and are usually a "my way or the highway" kind of person.

Poo nugget for Friday, August 21: Outhouse Synonyms - Longdrop, Biffy, Thunderbox, KYBO. (Keep Your Bowels Open) Whatever you want to call it... when duty calls, you are happy that it's there!

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

I do not dump excess rice into other people's bowls, Grandma...

Spent a good time just reading, and then Steph brought Grandma home. At least I convinced her to eat the leftovers, but wasn't so successful in getting her to let me microwave all of them. I got my way on the noodles / lettuce / ham / vermicelli, dou mew, and chicken... but she stubbornly insisted on reheating the rice on the stove because I was already using the microwave for the other stuff. JUST WAIT A FEW MINUTES - IT WON'T KILL YOU! Then she claimed that I dumped my excess rice into her rice bowl while she had her back turned for two minutes. Um, why would I do that?! Crazy, especially since I haven't done that in a LONG time! Helped her water the plants and herbs again, but it's pretty sad when your 89-year-old grandmother has more strength than you do in order to turn the garden hose on! =/

I called Jon to see what time he wanted to pick Grandma up tomorrow since she was making noises about the hairdresser again. He called us back, and apparently the plan is to pick her up at 9 AM. After the last couple of days, it should be fine for me if she wants me to come along - Jon might need the translation help if Harmony isn't there to provide it, haha. Before Steph left to hang out with Karen and Margaret over a meal, she said that she'd keep an eye on Big G so I could go to the Sunday Dinner - she can go out with work people later at night! Hey, I'm staying home tomorrow night since Steph is working, after all.

Randal sent the entire list a question about durian and things like that. I take it that Jon doesn't have much response since he expressed a bit of frustration in his reply. At least the dinner will be at Jeremy's, which is good - unfortunately, his dining table is small. I don't know how I'll deal with eating in close proximity to certain perfidious blackguards - at least Eric had a big yard! I'll figure it out, I guess... and I'll RSVP in real life tomorrow, which totally owns email in this respect, har har har.

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Blogging, rice cookiers, and Charles Ng

Steph drove me to the Brighouse library (when I was thinking Steveston), where I wasted no time in getting a bunch of books while returning my old ones. She's at Daiso looking for a rice cooker, and I should get off this express Internet station! Am going to borrow All the Fishes Come Home to Roost: An American Misfit in India (Rachel Manija Brown), Committed: Men Tell Stories of Love, Commitment, and Marriage (Chris Knutsen and David Kuhn), Under the Knife: A Beautiful Woman, a Phony Doctor, and a Shocking Homicide (Diane Fanning), Twisted Triangle: A Famous Crime Writer, a Lesbian Love Affair, and the FBI Husband's Violent Revenge (Caitlin Rother), Uncle Jack (Tony Williams and Humphrey Price), Line of Fire: Heroism, Tragedy, and Canada's Police (Edward Butts), Who Let the Blogs Out?: A Hyperconnected Peek at the World of Weblogs (Biz Stone), No Kill, No Thrill: The Shocking True Story of Charles Ng - One of North America's Most Horrific Serial Killers (Greg Owens and Darcy Henton), On, Off: A Novel (Colleen McCullough), with possibly more to come later! Must remember to put all these things on Facebook's Visual Bookshelf at home, too.

Edit: I found another computer (FROST) since I wanted to flesh out this entry, and extended their time since there were only two minutes left - yes! I saw Auntie Esther (Rachel and Lisa's mom) downstairs at the DVD machine, too. SWEET! She had a very old-style blue-and-white library card, which I remember from AGES ago... nice!

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Housewarming, orientation, vampires, the Offspring, and a sadistic mind

Harmony and Jon sent me an Evite for their housewarming, on Aug. 29 - then Melia sent us a reminder email about the Awana orientation, just a week later (on Eric's birthday) in the fellowship hall. Nice!

Facebook quizzes taken from Candy and Kelly:

Leslie just took the "What dark creature are you?" quiz and the result is Vampire. You seem sad a lot, you drift to corners, and solitude is the thing you crave most. (ha ha) People don't realize how dangerous you really are. Not that you seem all sunshine and happiness by any means, it's just that they think you're faking. How annoying. You do have an aura that makes people slightly adverse to wanting your company, but they are also curious. You could completely mess with their minds if you wanted to, but you don't... usually.

Leslie just took the "What is your theme song?" quiz and the result is You're Gonna Go Far, Kid by The Offspring. Whoa. You have quite a temperament problem, but you do know how to deal with things. Not many people are gonna want to stand in your way.

Leslie just took the "What kind of mind do you have?" quiz and the result is Sadistic Mind. You often find things funny that others would gasp at. However, it's not all bad as your unusual mindset could make you a good thinker, artist, or something similar. Or you could be evil, or at least evil to most other people. You might have a lot of energy too, and enjoy sports.

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Miscarriages, scanning photos, and Jim Morrison

I hate it when I misread the clock and get up early! Thought it was 10:36, so I went to take a shower. When I came downstairs, I was surprised to find my grandma in the kitchen. Looked at the clock, and it was 9:03. *ew* Discussed phone numbers, Vivian, Jon, the hair guy, and heating up ham sandwiches with Grandma before Steph drove her to play MJ. Later, Steph scanned various photos since she couldn't get over her childhood chubbiness. Talked about Karen, (boiling) corn, salad, sausages, leftovers, the library, running errands, the news, a gender test on a South African athlete (is she a woman?), an 11-year-old having a miscarriage due to sexual abuse by her uncle, and other things.

Had a dream last night where I was trying to get to know Edmond better. He allowed that I looked familiar from four or five years ago - I told him that it was from Awana. Then his sister Sabrina came in, and told me that Eric was looking for me. Turns out Eric wanted me to keep people distracted while he went into an ornate living room to talk to my ex. (AGAIN?!) Later, Dad told us all to leave since it was our time to hang out in a neighborhood that looked like Rosehill / South Arm. So Jon took us to a place where we had to line up to perform in a crowded club. Jeremy and Christon had brought multiple shoes to toss at the audience, who then tossed them back at us. We had fun, but it was a weird dream!

You Should Watch a Drama

You are thoughtful, philosophical, and introspective. People fascinate you.

You crave drama in everyday life, and it's probably better for you to sometimes get it from a movie!

You're the type of person who can talk for hours, and you never mind a movie that's heavy on the dialog.

You analyze every aspect of your life, and you like a movie to provoke you a bit. You'd rather be disturbed than feel nothing.

Facebook quizzes taken from Candy, Shannon, and Kelly:

Leslie took the Who is missing you the most? quiz and got the result: Your Mom. She is missing you sooooo much, she wishes she had more time to spend with you. (Right. Whatever.)

Leslie took the "Which Twilight Boy is for you?" quiz and the result is Jasper Cullen. He's the sexy guy in the back of the room. He doesn't prefer the limelight, but don't be fooled. Once you get to know him, he's a complete love machine. He's very protective of you, and won't let anything that appears as a threat come near you.

Leslie took the What dead rock star are you? quiz and the result is Jim Morrison. You are brilliant and extroverted, but dark and disturbed. You enjoy fire, snakes, and the occult. Stay away from Paris unless you want to end up next to Edgar Allan Poe. And try to keep it in your pants, okay?

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READER'S DIGEST going bankrupt?! / BBT Outing / Potty Training Stats

Apparently, Reader's Digest is going bankrupt. I grew up on those things, man!

Steph came home with Grandma, who wanted to invite Jon out for dinner TONIGHT... you can't DO that! Jon was not free, but he did remember about her hair appointment - that'll be Friday, then. Grandma still wanted to go out for dinner, so that was okay with me and my sister. Steph told Grandma that she'd be going out for dinner tomorrow (with Karen Grace), which is fine by me. Then she invited me out for bubble tea at e.tea (on Rupert) tonight with her and Karmie (turned out to be the women's group) - sure, why not? Jon emailed us about a ramen Sunday dinner which Christon's all excited about - he was having beer with him and Jeremy tonight, apparently.

Discussed how Grandma should just order something at Timmy's Kitchen, the library, Andrea / Chuck, Calla, uploading pictures, New York, Eddie / Eunice, Erin's wedding, Connie, Sheena, Grace, Phil, Tim, UP, Jen, Keenan, Joshua, weight, chariots, love, Timothy camp / VBS, Happy Valley, matcha, mango / passion fruit / Wayland, Harmony, Joe, engagements, and more. Jen told me that Korey's going to be in Vancouver tomorrow according to his status - well, he doesn't know where I am (and I hope Eric's not dumb enough to tell him!), so that's good. Picked up Hannah T. and Natalie from Lesley's on the way back, as well. Fun time out, for sure!

Poo nugget for Thursday, August 20: Potty Training Statistics

Age% Potty Trained

Girls seem to get the hang of the potty faster than boys. 70 percent of girls are trained by age three, versus 50 percent of boys.

You Are Sam

You are a bit of a mystery - both to others and even yourself.

You're still coming to grips with who you are. There are parts of yourself that you still need to accept.

You are a caring and protective person. You can't help but be concerned about the people you love.

You are a bit of a loner. You are still searching for deep and meaningful connections in life.

Facebook quizzes taken from Steve L., Candy, Jemima, and Diane:

Leslie completed the quiz "Which Doctor are you?" with the result You are the Eighth Doctor! You are a Byronesque figure who is arguably the most human and romantic of all of your incarnations. You encourage those around you to seize life instead of withdrawing from it. You also seem to enjoy giving people hints of their own futures, probably to prod them into making the right decisions. As with your fifth incarnation, your youthful, wide-eyed enthusiasm actually hides a very old soul with perhaps a darker side. In fact, you have exhibited a much darker personality, perhaps due to the rather nightmarish adventures that you experienced. You've proven extremely prone to bouts of amnesia, possibly due to a particularly traumatizing regeneration. You have a penchant for sleight of hand, managing to "lift" or pickpocket various items from certain people you meet.

Leslie took the Which Judas Priest Song are You? quiz and the result is Leather Rebel. This song shows that you don't care what people think of you, or tell you what to do. You like to live free. This song is an awesome song, and you ROCK!

Leslie took the I will try and guess your middle name!!! x quiz and got the result: Dawn. (Not even CLOSE, man!)

Leslie completed the quiz "What soda are you?" with the result Mountain Dew. You are the crazy soda, Mountain Dew. You are constantly filled with energy, and bouncing off the walls. You will be the life of the party and everyone knows who you are. You are constantly in and out of trouble, and always causing some crazy fling. You do cause trouble in class, but people love you for your sense of humour.

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Yes, you have to pay to go to the bathroom in Glasgow!

Hey, Mom emailed us again! All grammar and such is preserved. :P

Hi Kids,

Last night was the first time ever that I have enough sleep since we left Vancouver. We were in Gasgow yesterday and was raining heavily most of the time so we join the hop on hop off bus and just go round and round for 2 times. The scotish accent was so difficult anyway so we didn't mind the repeating and we actually after two rounds may be understand 60% of what the tour guys says. One more funny thing we had to take a train into Gasgow and everybody wants to go to the bathroom after the 45 minutes trainride, and we found out we have to pay 30 pences in order to go, so everyone back out except Molly who cannot wait. It was a sight to see all the men and women digging into their pockets and purses to find the exact changes!

To day is the only sea day and I am surprised not too many people in the computer room. Yesterday I bought a UK made Manchester money bank with Rhinado's picture on it. I hope Step would like it. So far haven't see any Manchester or England jersey yet, may be when we are at London we will be able to buy one. Today there's a sale going on board and I bought a green watch for Harmony and a blue watch for Leslie. They are both fancy bracelet style watches so it's very easy to put on.

We check the Giddledish (wrong spelling) in Scotland yesterday and they were selling at 31 pounds that means around $60 Canadian for the 1 lt. So I bought the one on broad for $35 US and I got 10% off because they just changes the buy 3 bottles get 10% off into buy 2 bottles get 10% off. I had the other bottle spiced rum for cooking. So $31.50 US for a 12 year Giddledish is a very good buy indeed.

*personal stuff redacted*

Such a long e-mail but I don't think there will be anytime in the next couple of days that we will have so much time on our hands.


Mom & Dad

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Dream: Singing one note at a time in concert / MARIO, DRAGON WARRIOR, and BREATH videos

I had a weird dream in which Eric and I were trying to figure a game out on the computer. Just as we had figured things out, the computer restarted! It was fine, since we had to get ready to perform at a concert. For some reason, my ex had been invited, so I studiously avoided looking at him in the audience. Ivan, Sarah, Jon, and other people were getting ready: we had to play music, and sing songs one note at a time. Sarah had to put on a costume which resembled a lion. When we were backstage, Daniel tied my shoe for me before we moved our setup including music stands to the next room, totally in the dark. Afterwards, we were going to sign cards, but I accidentally inscribed two cards to Grandma. One was supposed to be for Nick, as a Permanent Member, but we had no extras. I was saved from consequences by the phone ringing. UGH!

Permanent Member:

You Are Mocha Iced Coffee

You are bold and confident. You enjoy taking risks, especially when the rewards are great.

For you, there's nothing better than the taste of sweet success. You crave power.

You have a dominant personality, and most people are drawn to your strengths.

You are very creative and inventive. You follow your passions, and they rarely lead you astray.

I've been busy adding various MARIO videos to my MARIO playlist, now that I've figured out how to create them... PHEW! Also found a Breath of Fire II playlist, and Dragon Warrior 2 playlist - I remember those games from years ago, man!

Let's Play Mario's Wacky World - Stages 1 - 3
Let's Play Mario's Wacky World - World 3 Part 2
Let's Play Mario's Wacky World - The Grand Finale Part 3
Let's Play Super Mario TKO - Part 1
Let's Play Super Mario TKO - Part 2
Let's Play Super Mario TKO - Part 3
Asshole Mario Stage 2
Asshole Mario Stage 3
Asshole Mario Stage 4
Asshole Mario Stage 5
Asshole Mario Stage 6
Asshole Mario Stage 7
Asshole Mario Stage 8
Asshole Mario Stage 9
Asshole Mario Stage 10
Asshole Mario Stage 11
Asshole Mario Stage 12
Asshole Mario Final

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Greek food with Grandma! / Violent Diarrhea

Learned via Facebook that Sarah Rowlett's mom Connie died on July 20 - damn, I hope they're holding up pretty well! I know she has a bunch of relatives: Rachel, Aaron, Stephen, Jessica, Ken (dad), David (nephew), Jeremy, Michelle, Beckie, and more. So sad! :(

Went to Kisamos with Steph and Grandma for dinner - so good! Lots of leftovers for tomorrow - discussed Grouse Grind, calamari, coolers, senior Fellowship, lamb, rice, Harmony, Karen Grace, Cindy / Fidela / Darren's birthday, Grandma being positive when she said the food was good, Jon, and other things.

Poo nugget for Wednesday, August 19: Number Three - Explosive Diarrhea - Impaired digestion is the likely cause of diarrhea when a bowel movement's explosion is particularly violent. In lactose-intolerant individuals, ingestion of dairy products results in the production of copious amounts of gas and liquid stool. If severe enough, the expulsion of these "contents under pressure" can cause your significant other to run for cover. (POO OF THE MONTH!)

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mushroom soup has invaded my DREAMS! / PAPER MARIO playlist

Okay, I have to make mushroom soup now. It invaded my dreams! Dreamed that I was making two different batches of mushroom soup from different cans. I had other cans, whose sealed contents were in danger of drying out. Most troublesome were the cans which looked like they should contain corn, because they were green and yellow. Not so! Nathan and Danielle arrived to rescue me, so I took the opportunity to ask them how they felt about each other. In the dream, they said that they were exploring the possibility of a romantic relationship, now that Nathan's ex-lover was safely dead. We rescued one pot from burning, and picked up a couple of good guys on the way.

I was woken up by Grandma telling me that she was going for da-pi, and to make my own meals. I kinda figured that out last night, but no biggie. Now I can watch / listen to random Youtube stuff all day, and not have to worry about dodgy awful Canto-pop! Steph says that dinner is definitely doable, so that's good at least!

Let's Play Paper Mario playlist

Jekyll & Hyde - How do you relate? by ScytheandRoses
Your name
Henry Jekyllspends all of his time working in the lab.
Edward Hydeslits your throat.
Simon "the Spider" Stridesees you as a rival.
Lucy Harrisis attracted to you though you threaten to kill her.
Emma Carewseems to think you are rather foolish.
John Uttersonwill assist you in awkward social situations.
Sir Danvers Carewis willing to accept you.

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Microwaves heat up cold food, Grandma! / Someone saw my ex at work?!

Grandma's sister called her from Hong Kong today, and I cringed because the two phone calls in thirty seconds would wake my sister up. I'm sure she can deal with it, though! Then she told me that Steph needed to eat dinner, or the food would get cold - yes, that is what the MICROWAVE is for! Snacked on a few figs - those are good!

After some time, I finally decided to post my "crazy ex" story to Crazy_Exes. Someone who commented said she might know him - once I posted a picture, she said: "I remember seeing him around work! I didn't work directly with him, but I do remember seeing him! *nod nod* He was on MSN when I was still at Stream, and I can remember seeing him pacing around his cubicle with his headset on, and a few times he was walking through the aisles wearing an orange safety vest helping new agents out. And in the cafeteria, he always seemed so full of himself, strutting around like he owned the place! It truly IS a small world! BTW, I love your necklace ^_^" That is definitely what I remember, his strutting around like he owned my place! Yeesh!

Facebook quiz taken from Kaili:

Leslie completed the quiz "What is your symbol?" with the result The Jolly Roger. Commonly known as the skull and crossbones. Historically, the flag was flown to frighten pirates' victims into surrendering without a fight, since it conveyed the message that the attackers were outlaws who would not consider themselves bound by the usual rules of engagement. You disregard the accepted codes and morals of society.

Poo nugget for Tuesday, August 18: Dr. Stool Says - Waving the Red Flag - Specialized tests can detect microscopic amounts of blood in your stool... as little as 0.5 mg of hemoglobin per day. Be careful, though. What you eat may affect the results of these tests. Red meat can make it look as if you are bleeding when you are not. (animal hemoglobin is detected in the stool) Another surprising culprit? Horseradish.

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Monday, August 17, 2009

Paid Time Extension / HARRY POTTER and pregnancy

Grandma fell asleep on the couch, but she woke up a few minutes before Steph came home to sleep herself! I'll go take a shower in a bit.

Which Harry Potter Star Will Get You Pregnant? (Girls only... well duh, I don't think guys will be getting pregnant anytime soon) by snapes_girl15
Your Name
Your PartnerNeville Longbottom
What will you have?Boy
When?April 21, 2015
What will you do with the baby?kill it
Chance it will happen again...

You Are Fantasy / Sci-Fi

You have an amazing imagination, and in your mind, all things are possible.

You are open-minded, and you find the future exciting. You crave novelty and progress.

Compared to most people, you are quirky and even a bit eccentric. You have some wacky ideas.

And while you may be a bit off the wall, there's no denying how insightful and creative you are.

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Dream of Steph, Ian, and Sean / Kangaroos, methane, and global warming

Helped my grandma water the backyard and its plants / herbs last night. Might have overwatered, but it was kinda fun, hahaha! She came downstairs at 12:30 AM to say that she couldn't sleep because she was sore, and because she forgot to put some sauce back in the fridge - oops! I'm also thinking about mushroom soup, haha. Just now, I helped her identify some Very Cherry mix - definitely not something you'd want to include in your egg noodles / ham / Chinese veggies / lettuce at lunch! She got cranky because I couldn't find her special "fancy" pair of chopsticks: any of the other pairs without the intricate design up top will work just as well for picking up your food, lady! Then when I found them among the wooden chopsticks in an entirely different drawer, she wondered where my head was. *sigh*

She did say that she was going to da-pi tomorrow, and Steph would take us out for dinner afterwards. We'll see whether Steph actually said that, since Grandma's been known to forget / confuse things! Grandma asked if Steph had any "friends" - not to my knowledge! She's also under the impression that I need more noodles since I didn't have breakfast... nope, I don't want to be too full after eating! I do believe she thinks that my breakfast and lunch are collapsed into one single meal; if I'm hungry in the afternoon, there is PLENTY of snack food here, believe me!

Had a weird dream where my sister was helping to keep order in a downtown Skytrain station, and she told us to get right on the next train and never look back. Accordingly, we did what she told us to, and then were transported to a playground where Ian and Sean were with their friends. We read to the kids and tried getting them to be quiet when the pink Bibles were the topic of discussion. Weird! Had the dream because I was viewing Ada's pictures of Sean's sixth birthday party (before I went to bed last night), and because Hannah and Hilary were comparing their "Young Women of Faith" Bibles yesterday. They're exactly the same, but one looks slightly newer than the other.

Poo nugget for Monday, August 17: Saving the Planet, One Fart at a Time - Kangaroos have stomach bacteria that eliminate methane from their intestinal gas. Scientists want to transfer these bacteria to sheep and cattle, thereby helping to combat global warming.

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

The HOLY MO-FO Trailer! / Tsim Chai with WHITE MAN!

Here is THE HOLY MO-FO trailer, which Nathan spent lots of work doing for Jon's grad roast on Friday night!

Facebook quiz taken from Michael:

Leslie took the What age will you DIE? quiz and got the result: You'll die at age 103. Nothing to complain about; you lived a happy and lengthy life.

Found out this morning that Steph was driving us to church, so I called Eric at 8:45 to advise him of that fact. Spent a good ride to church, eased by Fit-Overs. (talked about detours, Jon and Harmony's housewarming, and the rest of grad banquet) Got to the parkade, and smiled at Joshua and Keenan. Greeted Jeremy and Christon when I got into service, and didn't shake anyone's hand this time around. Gave the USELESS HISTORY book to Phil, since I won't see him next week - good thing I finished it at breakfast this morning! The sermon was about violence and our own individual dark sides - very nice! Afterwards, I heard about a Vancouver police officer being arrested for incest... EW!

Talked to Chrystal, Connie, Margaret, baby Mattias, Uncle Peter, Andrew, Shally, and others in the fellowship hall. Mattias was distracted by other little babies (whom we didn't know) getting food from the snack table, so Margaret said that I was trying to mesmerize him with my key. He did reach out for the thing, but never actually took it! Chrystal's been having a good summer, and was going to hang out while people kayaked this afternoon somewhere. Connie is doing fine, too. Andrew wants to watch DISTRICT 9, and some R-rated movie after that.. oh my! Guess he's of age now, heh. Shally's just too warm, and joked that she was having hot flashes already! Taked to Jen, who wanted to know if I looked Jason up yet on her Facebook - nope! Spotted Silvester, so had to say hi to him!

Steph said that she could now pick Grandma up from next week's free lunch for seniors - we'll just have lunch on our own while that's going on! Told Jeremy that Jon was planning a Sunday Dinner at his place - of course nobody's gotten the email yet! When Eric heard that I'd brought a book about stupid people, he joked that it was about me - nope, it's about people like my former boyfriend, man! I asked what he'd do since he had no Sunday School, and he joked that he'd cause mischief - AIYA! After helping with the toddlers (I saw Annie's son Ewan again!), I went downstairs where we were pretty much ready to go. Chatted a bit with Karen and Lincoln before we left. Grandma got cranky when I informed her that Eric and I weren't going to Tsui Woo - I need a break from that place, and I'm sure she'll survive not eating there for two weeks!

Eric wanted to go into Richmond for wonton mein, and Tsim Chai it was! (beef with black pepper sauce, satay beef, Ovaltine, Hong Kong-style coffee, and tea!) I had to act as translator, which wasn't too bad. Discussed my being "evil," her wanting to go grocery shopping later at the nearby Asian market (poor Eric!), whether he wanted anything from the store, cute babies (I don't eat them - cute or otherwise), his parents being away, French, traffic being my fault, slamming the door for her, bread pudding, and more. Waited around while Grandma bought tofu, vegetables, and other things from the Chinese market - at least she thanked him when he dropped us off! I said that I'd see him next Sunday, and he wondered why I wasn't going to the small group outing: my excuse is that I have to keep an eye on Grandma, phew!

Turns out that I got home earlier than I normally would, which is very nice. Steph was up when we got in, so I discussed some things with her: planters, rice cookers, garbage bags on the floor (not me!), dishes, Grandma offering me 1.5 bananas on top of lunch, rides to work, non-Sunday schedules, lack of sleep before appointments, and more. Pretty good, and we'll see what this week brings us!

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