Saturday, October 13, 2007

Poisonous insect dream / Bored Bob / Two wins in a row!

All I remember of my dreams last night / this morning had to do with looking for stuff for my brother and a lot of zombies - the white fluffy cats led us around the yellow building to poisonous insects with silver pincers. I woke up when one of them pinched me in order to inject poison into my veins: I could see my hands swelling up! No idea WHY that chose to invade my subconscious!

At Awana, Ian said that he'd had piano lessons earlier. Bob was pretty bored, so he helped us out with office tasks like looking after the scissors. Little Sean let me hold his hand for a while, which was nice. Mike said that my dragon hat was cool - I told him that I was a fire dragon, which he said that he'd have to look up. (Chuck will have to do that too, haha) Told Emily that she had to add me to Facebook, haha. We all discussed next week's Awana conference - we'll be so sleepy! When I got home, I re-read an email Darren had sent us from Ireland - Ivan knows what hashish is, and I'm not sure I want to know why he knows this! =/

For once, I remembered that there was a hockey game on: the Canucks had won 5-2 yesterday (after a dreadful 8-2 loss to the Flyers), and were winning 4-0 when I tuned in. Unfortunately, we gave up a shorthanded goal AND our shutout bid, but we still ended up winning 4-1. The three stars were Daniel Sedin (two goals!), Markus Naslund, and Henrik Sedin (three assists!). Ah, I've missed listening to hockey games - so neat. :D

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My beer money debt is FORGIVEN! Yay for good friends!

Just before I left, Corey told me that a turnip must have eaten my brain - thanks, dude. Exactly the dose of encouragement I needed, NOT. Eric bemoaned all the backed-up traffic while we listened to the hockey game: it was 3-1 for us, and then 4-2 because Raffi Torres scored on his own rebound, then Morrison did an end-to-end rush to score on the Edmonton netminder 20 seconds later! The radio volume was pretty loud at one point, which was explained as Eric turning the volume up really loud in order to hear ANYTHING at a reasonable noise level.

Talked to Jeremy about mooncake: he'd forgotten that he wouldn't be there last week when we talked last Monday, but it's all good. Later, he forgave my beer money debt, which is great! I could tell Chuck was kinda going to tease me about things, but we kept the discussion to mundane topics such as the week / weekend. Said hi to Sheena, Dawn, Jen, Dylan, Andrea, Calla, Grace, and Cindy. Poor Cindy has laryngitis, but came prepared with paper on a clipboard: one sheet even had a pre-written message of "Hello! How are you? I have laryngitis. I mustn't speak till Sunday since I need to rest my voice!" (Steph later said Cindy had written that she'd burned herself yesterday, and couldn't even let out a scream - maybe some of it is mental!) Talked about relationships, tact, vulnerability, forgiveness, impatience, and security during Bible Study as I doodled during the latter half - Andrea says she likes it when I read, but I'm not sure why, haha. Sometimes you can tell if a person's about to do something bad, but don't say anything since you assume they're competent enough to figure it out themselves - that creates a huge mess. Eric and Chuck tried speaking for Cindy, and we made Stephen Hawking jokes: "The text-to-voice technology is much better now, so maybe he just likes that personality - it's his signature voice!" Signed birthday cards for Jeremy, Raymond, Dawn, Vivian, and Grace behind their backs - hahaha.

Afterwards, I talked to Janette about Super Pokes on Facebook - man, I abuse that application like mad! Stanley tried getting us to leave, with limited success. Sam got 12 people to go to McDonalds with him, which led Jon to later try telling Mike K. / Margaret / Christon to go to Eric's for burgers on Sunday. Said hi / bye to Mike T., Cordia, Danielle, Isabel, Karen Lew, Vivian, Nathan, Randal, Joey, Sheena, Chalaine, and various other people. On the way home, we discussed that 25-game suspension: when even your coach says you deserve it, it's bad news for the Flyers! Stupid vicious cross-check on Ryan Kesler! Also talked about deductive reasoning, resolution, laptop battery use, buns, condiments, salad, and more. Interesting times, as usual - Stanley said he liked my dragon cap, and Chuck wondered what a fire dragon was: IT IS I! HAHAHAHA... :D

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Friday, October 12, 2007

Cat Bible, Linux Mahjongg, Facebook messages, Committee redux?

Two links today, courtesy of Corey and my friends list: Crazy Indian Video with English subtitles and Cat Bible. I know I don't normally link to those stupid cat macro things because they abuse grammar and such, but at least this one can make fun of them - it IS amusing, and reminds me of the Old Testament humor book that Nathan got me for my birthday last year!

Finally, I have found a Linux game I don't totally suck at! I have AisleRiot Solitaire, Blackjack, Chess, Five in a Row, Four-or-More, FreeCell Solitaire, Frozen Bubble, Gnometris, Iagno, Klotski, Mahjongg, Mines, Nibbles, Robots, Same GNOME, Sudoku, Tali, and Tetravex. With Corey's "encouragement," I was trying them out over the past few days - then I tried Mahjongg (tile matching with Mahjongg tiles :P), and figured I could live with it. Same GNOME, FreeCell, and Gnometris aren't TOO bad - but Mahjongg is where it's at for me! Once I get Windows again - if I do - I'll need to get the Mahjongg Windows game, even if it isn't timed / adds 30 seconds to your time for viewing hints / keeps a record of your scores / shuffles the remaining tiles (adding a minute to your time) when you can't find a match. Maybe there's one like that for Windows, haha. Difficult, Confounding Cross, Pyramid's Walls, Red Dragon, Tic-Tac-Toe, Cloud, Four Bridges, The Ziggurat, and Easy... here I come! Hahaha.

Interesting - David S.'s brother just sent me a message on Facebook. Apparently, he'd seen the conversation between me and David on that discussion board, and thought that not many people would be able to talk to him and be so understanding. Justin and Teresa also added me on there, and I've been talking to Sabrina about Awana Conferences and her two years with Chris. All good as another method of communication, haha. Dylan's also just sent some of us (me, Alan, Jeremy?) an email about continuing to pray about serving on Committee next year - I remember the time I had with Lily, Maxine, and Lesley way back in 2003-2004! I'd like to think I'm better equipped for serving now, but if I fall, people will be there to really encourage me! YAY!

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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Facebook talk, using 300GB hard drive, Thanksgiving 2007 photos

I spent a lot of time on Facebook yesterday: David Shaler, David Sinrilus (omni_sinrilus), Farrah (lilaznffairy421 / farrah), Rachel B. (cynicalsiren), Natalie H. (chibi_blackie), Danny, Monica (chibongo), and Aaron P. added me as a friend on there. Talked to people about medical issues, long-gone days of feather duster abuse, failing at Facebook searches, drama, etc. Got up this morning to find two messages from Korey, and Angie talked to me about her relationships, too! Since GAIM refused to send my response back to him, I had to resort to a Facebook message - STUPID SWITCHBOARD ERRORS! Jon sent us an email: Sunday dinner is at Eric's this time, so hamburgers and Nate's weird salad dressing it is! (although Nate's going to bring his homework, hahaha)

I have a made a very fortuitous discovery! Turns out Eric DID install that 300GB hard drive that I bought from Timothy (fuelharp) - no wonder I have 258GB of free space on here! Corey seems to think I can use that for porn - not for me, thanks! Since Eric's not sure that I can recover anything off the 40GB hard drive, maybe I'll just leave it alone for now. Hey, Steph's sent us a bunch of pictures from Monday's lunch! I think my mom was having a little TOO much fun with raisins and mooncake... o_O

Two lotus mooncakes! How refreshingly normal, haha.

That pig mooncake almost looks like it's contemplating its fate...

Here's a mooncake in the shape of a pig!

Wow, that almost looks like one huge eye!

Yes, we know exactly what people in the family are thinking right now when presented with THAT view of the pig mooncake....

A better view of the BEHIND, if you know what I mean! ;)

This is when Mom started to have a little TOO much fun... and she didn't even have a lot of the Scotch ale or the ice wine!

... thanks for bringing the Thanksgiving discussion down to a new level, Mom...

Aerial view of uncut mooncake:

Mooncakes, in the process of being cut:

Completely cut mooncake, ready to eat! Yum!

Steph and Viv looking normal...

Steph and Viv being crazy! I *told* you that they weren't normal... :P

Eric and me with the Terra chips...

Mom and Dad:

Randal and Jon:

You got a
Scooby Doo
What is your Retro Lunchbox? at

Your car is a VW Bus
'What car fits you?' at

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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Dream of sextuplets born in remote snowy mountain hamlet / Silly banter!

Last night, Korey and I actually bantered for a long while. We were being silly, exchanging song titles back and forth which had to do with love: Oasis' Wonderwall, Whitney Houston's I Will Always Love You, Aerosmith's I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing, Seal's Kiss From A Rose, Bon Jovi's Always, etc. I thought of something else this morning, and changed my status to reflect that: Neil Young's Cinnamon Girl. YAY! Now he's just putting Bush songs in my head... haven't heard Glycerine in some time! Of course, I made sure to tell him how much I appreciated the silly banter, haha. Talking to Andrew and Michelle C. now, too - yay for quirkiness and carnival fishies!

Had a crazy dream last night, oh my!

* Daniel, Nathan, Korey, and a bunch of other people were at Billie's house - it looked like Kendrick's house, only with an intercom / alarm system. Perfect for relaying messages to people on other floors when you wanted to be lazy and not walk all that way, haha. Everyone was busy with food, games, talking - it was a regular happening party!

* Jon's friend Fred showed up at the front door in a blue outfit, lugging a brown suitcase. We all knew he was Jon's friend primarily, yet he introduced himself to me as K's friend. Everyone welcomed him in after exchanging looks, and resumed their activities.

* Suddenly, there was a news bulletin on the TV that caused everyone to take notice. All the Snowbird buses which were supposed to take people around town were seriously delayed because of snow! Billie's parents supplied us with lots of oranges before they took us around to where we needed to go.

* We found a running bus, which was going to take us up to the mountains for a long time. First, all our belongings had to be weighed and scanned, including food items. I had a LOT of books to keep me occupied: royalty, 365 Directions / Questions For A Christian ("fake books" by Eugene Peterson, whom I misheard as PATTERSON, and thought that I'd call Peter PATTER from now on, eek!), anecdotes, history, etc.

* On the bus, this woman with curly blonde hair said she HAD to give birth to sextuplets. "If one water sac breaks, all six of them will break! HELP!" So we quickly made room for her delivery, and told the bus driver to find a more appropriate location for it. He found a remote hamlet in the mountains with a church, which suited us just fine.

* We saw apparitions / people outside lighting candles to guide us on our way in the darkness, and people in the bus invoked prayers (against superstition?) - we wondered if this would be a good birth.

* When the babies were born, the woman said that she'd adopt them out to the generous hamlet dwellers if we could all stay there - after a quick discussion, that condition was agreed to. The babies' names were printed in the hamlet newspaper, along with our story.

* One of the babies died, and the adoptive dad (Shawn) said "Man - God" as very simple words over the grave. He buried the baby in the local cemetery, hiding the plot among other local families in case grave-robbers came and desecrated it. ("They'll as soon search six tiny graves rather than 200 large ones!")

I am clueless as to where THAT came from! O_O Now I'm so bored that I'll maybe make one more Facebook photo album, hahaha. Speaking of, Mark Hainsworth and Sarah Rowlett have friended me on there - yay!

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September 2007 Bubble Tea Tally / No RESIDENT EVIL in the dark!


strawberry-banana @ Dragon Ball (Saturday, September 1) [twice in 24 hours]
watermelon-blueberry @ Dragon Ball (Sunday, September 2) [thrice in 48 hours]
mango @ Hollywood Café (Sunday, September 16)
lychee @ Pearl Castle (Monday, September 17)

Talked to Corey about Linux and a game called FROZEN BUBBLE that's like Bust-A-Move. Also figured out stuff in the Terminal (thanks, Eric!), and finally understood Feisty Fawn in Ubuntu - at first, I thought it was Eric's alias for the system, haha. Corey had to reinstall Windows on his machine since it wasn't working / wouldn't boot up, and I could understand it was very annoying! (his mom has a Rosie O'Donnell Barbie doll - AIYA, HOW SCARY!) Then Korey came on with a "hi, beautiful" - of course, I had to tell him what I thought of that particular endearment! Seems he'd had a dream about our dancing on the ceiling - oh my! Says he installed RESIDENT EVIL on his computer, and warned me not to play it in the dark all by myself - it apparently gets REALLY scary that way! I'll take his word for it, haha. Had a very interesting conversation afterward, and that's all I will say. ;)

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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Stress death dream / Most outrageous sports moments

Had an interesting dream last night: A bunch of us were on a cruise ship, and we decided to explore the pool deck. We were having a lot of fun on the cruise, when Derek called on the last day to inform Erin that their grandma Paula was dead. That definitely put a damper on things, so we went to collect Pastor John's kids from their arts and crafts session. Josiah, Hannah, and Noah were acting up: scattering papers and various art supplies all over the floor, defacing other kids' artwork, having multiple temper tantrums, etc. We reprimanded them sternly in front of everyone else, and dragged them out of the room after we made them apologize. Rosanna and Samantha's mom exclaimed that her necklace (with white seahorse beads) was about to shatter, and break it did right in front of our eyes. Everyone tried to help her pick up the pieces, but to no avail. After we disembarked from the ship, we were immediately pressed into duty as runners at a central bank which coordinated US war activities in Iraq. There was this one girl who was billed as "the only sister in America without any patriotic duties" - she was dressed in a red-and-green shawl, cape, and covering. She turned red pretty soon since the call centre duties exhausted her because she was running around all over the place. Turned out she had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and was dead soon after from all the unaccustomed stress. Eric and I then plotted other things over GAIM - oh, the humanity! o_O

No, I don't have a clue why my subconscious decided to process the new pastor's kids as unruly hellions. They seem nice enough, if a little quiet / shy. That's perfectly understandable, though! I have an idea what the shattering necklace meant, however. AIYA.

Went to the Hos for dinner last night. It was nice to see Holly, Peter, and Myles again; also, it was nice to meet Harmony's parents and Myles' girlfriend (of nine months) Brittney H. Steph saw a half-finished puzzle laid out on the living room table, and instantly was captivated even if all the pieces looked the same after a while. Holly's had it out for months or a year, which explains the puzzle piece-shaped imprints on the cardboard! Poor Myles didn't really want to get involved, and wanted to keep his 33% winning ratio - one out of three ain't bad! We watched various sports stuff, including the 50 most outrageous sports moments - Mike Tyson biting Evander Holyfield's ear, anyone? Had a good dinner, topped off with various ice wines and some beer. We got to interact with Harmony via webcam - I was amused when Auntie Wing Yee told Myles to be polite when he commented that all Harmony could see from a certain angle was people's butts! Steph and I made fists at Jon, and told him that he could pay the ultimate price twice over! Talked to Harmony about how my parents had dressed Jon up as a little girl once - so funny! Discussed green colors, meeting people at church Fellowship, relationships, "ugly" wedding dresses, beading, hockey, cursing the Canucks, baseball, pillows, soup, ARCHIE comics, massage therapy, the Pussycat Dolls song ("we can reprise Jen / Andrea / Sheena at Holly and Peter's wedding for the FAMILY discount as long as we get to sing the REAL THING!"), the Spice Girls concert on Dec. 2, Awana (No Awana theme song at their church?! That's BAD!), photos, etc.

It was a pretty good time out, for sure! I got home with Mexican cashew nuts, a cookbook, an ensemble, chips, and more. Well-supplied, indeed... I've had the thought that I'd like a book about someone's culture - not just a cookbook, so we'll see. Encouragement is the way to go! He said that he'll always love me even if we break up and remain friends afterwards - I could say the same. I like it when he calls me "beautiful" as an endearment - NOT because I'm fishing for compliments, but it makes me feel special. :)

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Monday, October 08, 2007

Is the Booty Logo and anus REALLY appropriate discussion?!


Thanksgiving lunch was amusing, even if Jon thought the conspirators from last year would almost all be there. (oh, shush!) Mom wanted us to call Randal since my sibs told him the wrong time yesterday, but we didn't. Despite our telling Vivian and Eric NOT to bring anything, they did - BAD FRIENDS WHO ARE NOT WELL-TRAINED, haha! She mentioned star anise, which reminded me of Jasmine. Then Jon brought up the Sunday dinner at Christon's where we told him that the last person to sit down would pray - he wasn't too impressed since HE was the last person because he was serving food! Somehow, Nathan's infamous comment about wives made it into OUR conversation (just in passing) - as I said, that brought us to a new low, one which we hoped never to experience again! The comment WAS very Nathan-esque in nature; Jon thought the first-years would be scared off by it, but Julie seemed to think it was at least amusing! We watched football, told Eric that I owed him a lunch / dinner since he did so much work on my computer the last couple of weeks, talked about church things, brought up Chinese food / turkey-chicken-duck / deep-fried Southern turkey / veggie burgers, tofurkey (BAD REVIEWS!) / the dinner at the HoHoHo house tonight, discovered that Randal and Steph both know Emily Chow's friend Melody C., tried getting Vivian to speak the Chinese that my sister taught her (with limited success), and had an interesting tangent about eating dogs / cats / cockroaches / rabbit. (I know Ty ate young dog when he was in China - he seemed to think it tasted good, as did my mom before she found out what it was she'd just eaten! Let's just say Grandma tricked her - she never really ate the old cat!) Half a free-range turkey with cranberry sauce / stuffing / potatoes / yams / corn / ice wine / Jeremy's Scotch ale was quite enough!

Then there was the conversational thread about really old men being attracted to younger women - old men keep trying to hit on my sister at the gym ("nice work!" "...."), and she once received a present of Manchester United stuff from a 70-year-old guy at work! EW! "From a friend who's a secret admirer," indeed! Mom brought up the news story of the 73-year-old married guy who had an affair with a 21-year-old massage therapist in Hong Kong: he ended up strangling her when she asked for too much money, then committed suicide by jumping out a window. Vivian didn't like the story of my mom's co-worker who keeps her dog pregnant pretty much all the time so she can sell the puppies for travel monies. We wondered how long a dog's gestation was, but Eric wasn't helpful. I changed the desktop on my mom's computer to the Booty Logo Resurrection, which got the expected reaction from her ("ugh!") - haha. After Vivian and Randal saw it, I changed it back to the Kandoo frog. Randal had seen that before, haha. I thought it was VERY fitting for our family! However, Mom got her chance to shine when she presented us with a mooncake shaped like a pig: she mispronounced "anus," and came up with the idea of raisins as "droppings." We were trying to tell her that this wasn't exactly a family-oriented discussion, but she was having too much fun. There are pictures, which my sister should upload later!

After the company left (Viv had to go to a group meeting - she wished she could stay here instead), my siblings lifted Mom up into the air with some resistance - man, we should get an action shot of that one of these days! I also checked Facebook, and discovered that Sanne and Chesh had friended me on there - sweet! Left Darren a comment about his message to Jon, which involved only being able to finish half a beer. Jon laughed at his terming that "an improvement," which I expected. Also left an encouraging message to someone who needed it - yay! I *do* appreciate the good things, y'know. ;) Time to answer emails now!

My mom and brother both saw this picture:
Jon thought it was gross, because he's seen the Rejected movie, and my mom initially thought it was cute until I told her what it was. "It's one guy bashing the other guy with his own ripped-out stomach!" Hahaha. It's what you get for telling me that you're "rehearsing" a fart, even if you mean "releasing!"

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What do you mean, it's not 100% confirmed?!

Talked to Dan for a long while before I left - that was good, and we ought to do that more often. Seems we both have certain things in common, and he has missed talking to me. He tried talking to me last week, but couldn't. My sister says that she's getting me Windows XP for my birthday, which is pretty cool. Inadvertently found out that my parents think I'm not in a real relationship, which sucks. That's all I'll say here. Mom also got me this black cap with bright yellow writing on it... a couple of dragons, "dragon" in a cool font, and the Chinese character long (dragon) - that was cool, at least. She also got me a stuffed leopard since cougars are apparently hard to find... according to her, I should just ignore the rather obvious spots on the thing. Yeah right! Got to the townhouse to find that Jon was affecting an "emo" look, if wearing his hoodie with the hood on was anything to go by! Steph's just out with Rachel, who's back in town. Cool stuff!

My mom told me to enjoy myself tonight, because tomorrow I'd learn to cook turkey. So then I joked that it would be torture tomorrow because she'd sorta implied that I wouldn't enjoy myself tomorrow at all, and she didn't take too kindly to it. I guess she doesn't get the humor. Jon assures me that Harmony is on Facebook, but I can't seem to find her! (08/08/08 is a superstitious wedding date!) Lawrence had better remember to mail Anita's card to her in Buffalo, or I'll be very unamused! I also found some really long brittle hair on my sister's desk - yummy scrummy! :P

Speaking of Facebook... Mark Ho, Lanie, Olivia, and Connie have added me on there. Sweet! And speaking of turkey, my mom's just informed me that we need to get up at 8:30 because the turkey needs to be in the oven at 9:45... I hope for patience and love, but we'll see. Apparently, Jon's bringing a rose wine to the Hos.

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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Do I have to learn how to cook turkey?!

This morning at church, I said hi to Citrus (who's going to Hong Kong next week) / Sam / his brother / Danielle. I remembered that I had to send Danielle / Nathan / Eric / Karen an email (which I'm currently composing right now), and the subject of that has made me sad on more than one occasion. Oh well, maybe one of them will help me! Talked to Randal and Dianne about the casserole cookbook - where do you get turtles around here except for pet stores?! It's good talking to Randal! My mom's invited him for lunch tomorrow, so we'll see on that one. He's not sure what he's doing with his parents, which is fine by me. He'd written some things for the missions newsletter this week, which was cool. I love my friend! Talked to Sheena and Christon in the rain afterwards, and then everyone went to Sunday School EARLY. Had two kids named Terence in the class, which got a bit confusing. Said hi to Hannah, Natalie, Karmie, Dylan, and the kids. Waved hi to Megan, who's living in Surrey now - Steph said that she saw her talking to Phil after service, which is a good thing. Went to Pho for lunch, and tried the curry chicken that Jon got last time - pretty good for what it was, haha. Vivian S. is coming over tomorrow for lunch - Mom wants me to sleep over so I can learn how to cook turkey. I didn't want to, but I guess maybe I should humor her for once. Not like you HAVE to cook turkey at Easter / Christmas / Thanksgiving, but whatever.

Edit: Have written email, and Karen's called me / replied to say that her heart goes out to me; she's also given me advice and such like I knew she would.

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