Saturday, June 09, 2007

Staying home again, cake, death, and the end of the world (plus more from Mingle)

At 3:45, I took matters into my own hands and called Henry - I got voicemail (no idea what that's supposed to mean), so I called Melia to let her know. He hadn't called me - in fact, the only phone calls I got recently are all some scam number from Manitoba! Oh well, I can't do anything about it! (that's why I didn't tell any of the Awana crew that I'd see them tomorrow - I thought something like this might happen again) This really leaves me nothing to blog about since none of the blogs I check regularly has really updated except for one (who talks about figurative death, oh my!), and I'm too lazy to search for exciting new quizzes. Nathan just remembered he double-booked with some school friends for a barbecue, but we can still use his house and make stuff without him. If it rains, we might have a chance of seeing him! Haha, guess we'll see. Hopefully, we finish that cake tomorrow since it's not going to be any good past that date. Maybe I should cut and eat some of it now, but that would look bad! (hence why I'm not doing it!)

Was last seen being abducted by aliens
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What will you be doing when the world ends?
Crying in the corner in the middle of the highway
'What will you be doing when the world ends?' at

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Meh, I never claimed to be good at science!

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I'm still here even if I talk to him! / Red Lobster Cheese Biscuits

Left earlier than usual to browse the Bay and see what dark towels they might have. Ended up in the clearance section, which suited my budget best - why spend $15 on a bath towel if you don't have to? I bought two for only $12: one is green and the other is this dark red color. Wandered around American Eagle and looked at their clearance section before meeting Eric: yes, this is the last time he'd see the pink shirt I was wearing since it was old and kinda dirty! Too bad it had a pocket in it which proved useful, but maybe I'll find something like that again in the future. He told me that Karen had called him half an hour earlier while he was still at work, wondering whether he was driving me. No, but he would later.

So he handed me his cell phone, saying he'd input her number already since she wanted to talk: fine by me if you turn down Team 1040 so I can actually hear what she's trying to say! I do believe she thought I wasn't there when I asked Eric how long it would take to pick Korey up, haha. I'm still here - keep talking! She wanted to meet me for dinner at Pho, which I had no problem with. Eric and I picked Korey up from his aunt's house and talked about McDonalds (he felt bad about asking Aunt to make stuff), rent for the house, Vancouver being expensive, plans, his mom not being the best, what we'd be doing tonight, how long it would take, which Pho item Eric would like, and various other things.

Got to the church and waited around for 6:45 to hit. Said hi to Dad, Angus, Margaret, and some others meanwhile. Steph thought Korey was Corey from Colorado - haha, no. Korey seemed enthralled by the prospect of Eric singing since he'd never really heard that before, but was disappointed we weren't doing a Starfield song. I led him to the Pho restaurant when it was time to go over there, and told Eric where we'd be - he knew, of course. Saw Christon and Jason Lau doing takeout, so said hi to them. We ordered when Karen had barely sat down, but we'd been there for more than a few minutes - enough time for us to decide! Karen and Korey bonded over the Pussycat Dolls, Britney Spears, Mandy Moore, Christina Aguilera, and IDOL. (which he's tried out for - both American and Canadian versions!)

When I told this to my brother later when he asked how the meeting had gone, he was definitely not impressed! We also talked about flourless bread, his not liking water since it was disgusting, Eric's special diet, soup, noodles, the English translation of some Vietnamese stuff (I'm perfectly calm and NOT bossy! :P), Jello shooters, chips, and packing stuff for later. Saw Dawn, who said that Eni was back - oh good! Apparently, the McDonalds had killed Korey's appetite, but it was all good - I drank the carrot soup which he couldn't finish!

Went back to the church, where it was almost time for Fellowship to start. We said hi to various people before that happened; like I told Korey, he got to meet a bunch of other crazy people! He thought it was funny when Eric paused and said "um" a lot in his public speaking since he really is a shy person. I said hi to Randal and commented on his red bag - might as well buy something for those extra souvenirs on a trip, haha. When we went downstairs, Korey asked Eric what he was doing - he had to finish up some stuff, so I told him to go with us. Listened to some announcements, especially about the barbecue in a couple of weeks - I gotta respond to the Evite soon!

Bible Study was all right - I never read the numbers in the genealogy of Nehemiah 7, Jeremy did, and Dylan preferred to skip over the names! Jeremy and I amused ourselves greatly over calculating the exact number of people, haha. Korey amazed me by sharing some personal details about his life with us, whom he'd just met! (except Eric - they've known each other for a few years) We responded well, and let him talk it out - brain explosions are not good!

Talked to Christon and Sheena about kid games, and asked Grace when her birthday was - the same day as Chalaine's, so it should be easy to remember! Thank goodness I had a spare birthday card at home! (also asked Steph [who noticed my Memorial Cup hat] to sign Alan's card since it was late, and asked her to give Amos' card back to me - I'll give it to him tomorrow if I'm at Awana) Alan says he's going to propose to Tracy in July - Jon and Grace talked about long-distance relationships and communication - so important!

Grace and Phil are going to honeymoon in Maui, and have moved most stuff in except five Texas suitcases - nice! Smelled some AWFUL Fendi women's perfume that didn't get auctioned off - Darren, Melia, Cindy, Angus, Joey, and I all stayed away from THAT area of the basement! Listened to Dylan and Korey talk for a bit, then confirmed that Joey should ask Chris to bus to his house instead of the church tomorrow. Yelled to Michelle that her husband Daniel had been looking for her - she definitely knew, since he'd called her at least once! Told Korey about the small Richmond Crew here - us four and Sam, basically. Jeremy says he's in for the Sunday dinner - I don't know if it's at Nathan's again, but that would be convenient!

Asked Korey for his email address - of course I want it if he's leaving soon and has already made an impact on me! He then gave me his cell number, too - his email address serves as MSN info, which he doesn't prefer over talking on the phone. Seems he's the opposite of Eric (and me, to an extent): an introvert who vastly prefers MSN to the phone since he hates talking on the darn thing.

Jon joked later that he would lose interest in talking to him very quickly if all he says (to keep up with the message flow) is "hi" and "lol." Yeah, I can agree with that - but I'll definitely give it a chance! (damn telephone long distance fees even between here and Vernon, haha) He was pretty tired from being up since 6:30 AM with no sleep - he also had to travel between Powell River and here with bus rides and ferry trips. Maternal manipulation and guilt trips aren't good, especially if you've suffered loss and she's never been there! Yikes!

Eventually, our car went to Dragon Ball - Jon had already been there once today, after he dropped Mom off at a garden show. Steph thought it was a bit excessive, but Korey DID want another strawberry-banana bubble tea before going to Vernon on Monday! He wants to try chocolate-peppermint and pineapple-mango next time he's here, heh. I got honeydew-lychee, Eric got blueberry-peach, and Jon got another weird concoction. After Steph had a bunch of water from my water bottle (which Eric had to put back in my knapsack bottle pouch), she decided to get a mango-lychee after all. Luckily, we could get a table after we ordered, so I went outside to yell that news to Eric and Korey.

The number placards at Dragon Ball have been replaced by a low-tech version, yikes. Talked about Texas Hold 'Em (Viv brought her stuff to play with my parents, haha) / certain insane Facebook pictures / money (Steph took Korey's $20 bill to pay for his, and Eric paid me back my $6.50 for dinner, and gave me back $1.25 that I'd left in his car on Sunday) / church / crying / provocative Chinese magazines / gas prices going DOWN ($1.10?) / shopping with Eric / Eric's parents being in Seattle helping Kieran drop some stuff off / how I was sarcastic like Jon / how Kieran supposedly is adopted because he didn't look like his parents / Eric's hating CAPS LOCK on MSN / having expensive clothing taste. Good times, haha. (Old Navy is good for Korey - but jeans somewhere else for $100?! Dude, wear 'em on Sunday so we can check you out!) Now I'm home, and of COURSE Corey thinks Korey is an impostor and calls me a traitor and accuses me of cheating on him. Yeah, right! Then he wondered if I did certain things with him - other than (thinking of) joking about coupledom, we did NOT! AIYA!

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Friday, June 08, 2007


Had an odd dream that featured Eric coming to pick me up in the snow and ice to meet some friends for a show. However, I wasn't quite ready yet, so he waited. Once I was, we sped over to the building where some of our friends lived. I played with Hannah and Priscilla in their rooms for a while before we absolutely needed to leave. Once we were out of the room, we saw Henry - my mom was looking for me, even though I didn't want to see her. Turns out she wanted to give me some green glasses prescription forms, which were signed by Eric's dad. I took them, and promptly lost them somewhere even though they had an old pair of glasses enclosed. Nobody I was with said anything, haha... they all supported me in this!

Henry, Eric, Hannah, Priscilla, and I went to meet the rest of our friends in a lineup - we all had to stay together, which was hard when I initially was dealt a ticket that wasn't remotely close to my friends. I read the Baby-Sitters' Club book #186 (Hannah's - it was white) while Melia changed to her official ticket-taker's uniform and urged us to come up to her line. She reached inside a huge box that had tape all over it, and gave me a new ticket while voiding my original with pink highlighter. We saw Jeremy looking resplendent in a blue and gold uniform with silver buttons - he waved, and invited us to come stand near him since it was going to be a long wait with multiple lineups. Just as we did, someone found the pair of glasses and forms I'd stashed somewhere - I tried to disavow knowledge of it, but my mom was pretty mad. Therefore, I found myself flying up the wall to a high position, and stuck to it. She was yelling at me to come down - it was HILARIOUS since my friends could also do the same thing. The dream ended when Melia and the other ticket people escorted my mom (with her forms and glasses) out of the building for being a nuisance. HA! No, I don't know where the dream came from. But it was pretty cool, haha.

Jon's sent us an email: he talked briefly to Nathan about the possibility of another Sunday dinner this week. Says we could have time to watch one movie that he borrowed from the Richmond Public Library, and Nate could make some Jamie Oliver dish - OLD MAN CHICKEN, haha. He promises we won't take three hours to cook the food: that was something else last week with the water that took forever to boil, and the white sauce that wouldn't thicken... I'm in with my strawberry cream cake if anyone else is! Sam and Joey are going to Chris' grad, where he will be wearing a suit (unbelievably rare event!) and giving a valedictorian speech - fun times!

Eric just got on MSN and told me to be at "Cambie and Jacamundariacobimbo" (the latter sounds like a BAD baby name!) at 5:45 since he's leading worship. I seized the grand opportunity to yell at him for implying we were all hicks, haha. He thought I was freaking out (not really - I'm entitled to!), and figured that being alive wasn't necessarily a prerequisite for being awake. Well, I'm not a zombie either! He wanted an answer so he could go eat lunch before he fainted - go eat, you dork! First, I made him apologize for personally calling me a hick (yes, he did do that in the conversation), or else I'd assume he has a death wish. Quoted "Man does not live on bread alone" at me - I know, but there is a certain physiological response! He'd have cash for Pho if he deposited a cheque and got cash back, which reminds me that I have to cash mine from last week. Says he has to pick up Korey on the way - he's coming tonight, but Eric joked that he doesn't know how long we two can inhabit the same space. Last time I checked, we weren't two conflicting masses! Oh well, guess I'm going out earlier than planned (especially since my soup just about almost had a disaster!), but that's okay - I can look for certain stuff while I'm out!


Recipe By:
Serving Size: 1 Preparation Time: 0:00
Categories: Salads, Dressings, Cake mix

Amount Measure Ingredient -- Preparation Method

1/4 cups Mayo
1/4 cups Bottled Hidden Valley Ranch
1/4 cups Wish bone Italian Dressing
1 tablespoon White vinegar
1 tablespoon Water

Combine all ingredients with wire whisk until perfectly smooth and creamy.
GREEK DRESSING - Add 1/4 teaspoon cumin powder, whisking well.
CREAMY CAESAR - Add 1 teaspoon anchovy paste or 1 tablespoon soy sauce and 2 tablespoons sour cream. Refrigerate dressing, tightly covered, to use in 30 days. Do not freeze.

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Thursday, June 07, 2007

We are not HICKS at Fellowship! AIYA!

If anyone had told me how much I'd enjoy listening to Danish metal gothic darkwave stuff, I'd have done so sooner! At first, I wondered why I couldn't understand it, but now it's cool. :D

The Anaheim Ducks won the Stanley Cup over the Ottawa Senators. Interesting... and if Eric finds a way to blame me for this one, I'll kill him. :P He's already made everyone in the Fellowship sound like a bunch of hicks when he used "y'all" in a Bible Study reminder email earlier this week. If he picked it up from my sister, so much the worse! UGH.

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Deep down you are: Dependable and modest

Your partying style: Understated and polite

Your company is enjoyed best with: Cold or wild meat

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White diamond on a vile fib, dog biting dream, new cream cheese

I got another white diamond in Bookworm yesterday by using two blue sapphires on the word FIB. (the blue jewels - not Awana ones :P - were on F and I) Then I had to use it on the next turn because of a flaming tile landing on top of the precious item - VILE it was, with the white diamond being the V. Wonder what would happen if you could possibly use TWO white diamonds in a word on that game... probably (virtually) impossible! o_O

I had some insane dream about being in a house where each floor was symbolized by either a planet or an animal. The crowded basement represented Mars - there were chairs and boxes all the way up to the ceiling, which Rich and Chung had to remove in order to get to the floor of the Mercury level. There was a shower on that level where the ultimate controls were on a bright red dial, which I inadvertently turned every which way while someone else was taking a bath - I'd flown down to that level, y'see. Then there were biting dogs on the fifth level, where we had to stay since we were being punished. The dream ended when my alarm woke me up - at least I eventually DID sleep before then!

Went shopping and forgot my debit card AGAIN. At least this time, I actually did have it at home! Barry wondered how it was different than the last time: there's your answer! I can avail myself of solutions and stay positive, unlike certain other people who would make a scene and yell! I noticed Ben and Jerry's Peanut Butter Tracks ice cream, so got that on impulse. Also got strawberry cream cookies (fruit in the centre), a small purple body pouf (the white one is getting kinda old :P), several Sunday-friendly (let's hope?) Bistro frozen things (and a baked item), shrimp marinara, a new Del Monte sherbet / frozen yogurt concoction, the usual stuff, sundried tomato and basil cream cheese (it's good - I just had some with a crumpet), and some Red Berries cereal. Should be sufficient for the next few weeks around here!

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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Redrum, being better, and dreams of suspension and house shootings

I think I'm getting better, since reading about kids' private jet flights with a bunch of food is actually making me hungry! I'm NOT going to test my body's reaction to spicy stuff again, so I'll take it easy and just have tomato basil soup. I'll see what happens if / when I need to have Pho on Friday: no #24 or hot sauce for me then, I'm guessing. On the flipside, I also have redrum. Thank goodness it didn't result in an incident like August 2005! Yay for good shower timing, too! But talk about a drain on your energy - I may just rest after this!

I had a weird dream, which can actually be blogged about! (the dream I had the other day could NOT be blogged about here, trust me) Henry showed up in the courtyard to pick me up for an Awana leaders outing. Some 51-year-old hobo named William (complete with salt-and-pepper beard) wanted to come along with us for the ride. We told him that he couldn't unless he deposited his trash into either the blue or yellow HUGE disposal units. Apparently, he couldn't do that since they contained a bunch of sentimental possessions. Henry and I looked at each other and discussed it - finally, we agreed to let him in.

We opened the windows against the discernible smell, and traveled to a suspension bridge. The blue supportive railings on the bridge weren't very steady, as Chrystal and Melia found out. I found that out too, but had to accept the help of our strange follower linking his arm through mine in order to get me off the bridge. (the other guys - whom I'd trust way more - were already helping the other girls) Then we all went to a picnic in a clearing, and asked the hobo why he'd come. He wanted to be around people who would accept him: fair enough, but we told him that he couldn't come back home with any of us since the cars were all full! (true enough, as some people had other things to do and the car arrangements were changed) We thought he seemed accepting of this, as he had no choice in the matter.

Then the location switched to a shootout in someone's house, much like 24. There were flickering red beams that scanned everyone in the house, and determined whether certain people would be allowed into certain interrogation rooms. A suspect's mother (Karen Bennett - looking like a female version of Nick Nolte under arrest) objected when she wasn't deemed worthy to watch her son being interrogated, but a black / mixed-race kid was. Jack Bauer tortured her just for being racist, haha. Eric M. showed up to help rescue me from this mayhem, and the beam found nothing wrong with him. We were caught in the gunfire against a white background when my dad (who had never shown himself up to this point in the dream) appeared in front of us, telling us to "RUN!"

Run we did, knowing that he was sacrificing himself in a hail of bullets from uniformed men. We encountered trouble with people guarding shelves full of clothes, but we managed to fly overhead and shoot them before they shot us. Then we spent a little too much time looking at the clothes and the weirdly-dated coins that had fallen from them (2140? 2018? 215 B.C.?), so Jack Bauer had to come to our rescue. He swooped us up and deposited us outside, along with our knapsacks and my blue Corona Extra hat. Eric looked inside his knapsack to discover an old lady and an old man in there whom he thought were dead! They rushed back in the house while we just split to safe haven; in this case, his car and then a faraway park where our friends were waiting for us. We told them what had happened, and spent some time remembering my dad. Afterwards, Megan C.'s baby (also named Megan) woke up and we all wanted to play with her. She asked the ladies whether she was doing right by baby Megan if she breast-fed her. Everyone seemed to agree, and this was where THAT dream ended! o_O

I have NO idea what triggered this one. Excessive thinking about Henry, 24, and Anita's upcoming baby? Haha, weird stuff!

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I have discovered that having hot peppers is a bad idea for me right now. In other news, I hope they still have them at the store tomorrow! (although I'd have no idea who I'd get to open the darn jar since I don't expect to hang out anytime soon with people...) A contradictory whimsical person - that's me!


Recipe By:
Serving Size: 1 Preparation Time: 0:00
Categories: Sauces, BBQ, Cake mix

Amount Measure Ingredient -- Preparation Method

1/2 cup Chunky-style Prego sauce
1/2 cup Del Monte Ketchup
1 tablespoon Dijon mustard
1 tablespoon Vinegar
1/8 teaspoons Dry mustard
1 tablespoon Chili powder

Combine thoroughly and refrigerate, tightly covered, to use within 90 days. Or freeze to thaw, and use within 1 year. Serve with a chicken sandwich.

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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Peanuts and water: the sickness diet!

At least I feel a bit better today, although I still haven't consumed anything beyond peanuts and water! Oh well, I'm conserving what strength I might have for shopping tomorrow - yes, I know I should eat something OR postpone things. :P

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May 2007 Bubble Tea Tally / Ranch-Flavored Oyster Crackers Mix

Having bubble tea more than 24 hours after it was bought is generally not the best idea, but I'm going to finish it because I sunk money into it via Eric, haha. The pudding chunks are on the bottom instead of floating around, and the pearls are hardening / all sunk on the bottom / refuse to go through the straw. Oh well, I think I did this last with a fruity flavor a long time ago... and didn't let more than 12 hours elapse between buying and consumption. I think it would have been better this afternoon, but I certainly didn't feel like consuming much of anything! At least it was kept in the fridge, which could explain things. Time for sleep again, but not before I give you the May bubble tea tally!


green apple @ Peanuts (Wednesday, May 16)
banana with coconut jelly @ Estea Beverage Club (Wednesday, May 16) [two in one day AGAIN!]
pudding @ Bubble World (Friday, May 18)

Ranch-Flavored Oyster Crackers Mix

Recipe By:
Serving Size: 24 Preparation Time: 0:00
Categories: Copycat

Amount Measure Ingredient -- Preparation Method

1 package Unsalted oyster crackers
1 can Mixed nuts
1/2 package Fish crackers
3/4 cup Vegetable oil
1 package Hidden Valley Ranch Mix (buy or make your own ranch mix)
1 teaspoon Lemon pepper seasoning
1 teaspoon Garlic powder
1 teaspoon Onion powder
2 teaspoons Dried dill

Preheat oven to 250°F. Mix oil, dressing mix, and all seasonings together. Pour crackers into large baking pan. Stir in fish crackers and nuts. Drizzle oil mixture over it, and stir well to coat all crackers and nuts. Bake for 15 minutes. Do not overbake. Store in air-tight container.

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Monday, June 04, 2007

Dinner overload / Dreams of babies and drugs / Progresso Italian-Style Bread Crumbs

Man, it's been years (2001?) since I've done the "eat a lot one day and eat barely nothing the next" thing. In my defense, I'm not going on a sudden starvation diet - although I do wonder about the people who were walled in to starve to death in the old days! (and about this person who got wedged behind a bookcase and died there more recently) When I got home yesterday at 11:30, all I wanted to do was to quickly check my friends list and then go to sleep since I felt really tired. (alcohol, waking up before 7, and having a long day probably all contributed to things) I was going to write this update when I got up this afternoon, but quickly found my endurance sapped since I felt tired and almost pukey: honey-roasted peanuts and water to my blood sugar's rescue! Clarified things with Andrew just now: it's understandable that he leaves for church at 9:45, but my living in Richmond means I have to leave earlier!

Yesterday's dinner at Nathan's was pretty good, even if we had to eat two hours later than anticipated. The white sauce wouldn't thicken, so the guys dumped some cornstarch into it. Like I told Jeremy, "THE WHITE SAUCE THAT JUST WOULDN'T THICKEN! That would make a good horror movie!" He laughed and agreed: just have a skeleton standing at a pot in mid-stir! Eric said hello to me, and told me that the wedding did go ahead as scheduled. He brought his Victoria buddy Korey, who confused us at first when he called Eric "Clarice." Turns out it's his spin on a Victoria nickname since there were two Erics a few years ago, haha. (SILENCE OF THE LAMBS?) Pepperjack, aged Gruyére, habanero, and probiotic cheddar cheese - yay! We joked that Isabel's parents would yank her out of her second home at Nathan's if they found out that she drank some white wine while underage - "we thought it was free room and board, but now we know the truth because they're contributing to the delinquency of a minor: OUR DAUGHTER!" Discussed Jen and her boyfriend, watched crazy Youtube videos ("Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show" x2 [Isabel: "Hey, they have a website!"] and Stephen Colbert singing in Korean) and vetoed Christmas music on Nathan's laptop, observed that the music on Jon's new CD was very ambient and could put you to sleep (not good if you were on drugs), laughed at the party in the kitchen (everyone except Korey was in there at one point!), discussed my blog (Jon: "Mediocre honey-roasted peanuts?" Me: "That's my blog!" Jeremy: "Hey, you could stop blogging about your life and just do videos from now on!"), laughed at Jon documenting stuff with his digicam, and found out that Jeremy's bottle of olive oil contained 6000 calories. ("I think it would just flow out of you after a while, and you wouldn't feel too good!")

We had three baking dishes full of macaroni and cheese / Gatorade / tea / water / Belgian beer / lots of salad (build your own!), discussed STREET FIGHTER II / STARCRAFT characters (Ken / Ryu / Chun Li / E. Honda / Saget), clarified Japanese / Korean eating habits (soy sauce is bad, but Christon's dad is a chef...), referred to a tinfoil spill as "rolling out the silver carpet for the mac and cheese," and yelled hi to Phil via phone since he was moving today near Christon. Later, I went downstairs for a bit to escape being social and also to rest on the couch. Said bye to Christon, and then to Jeremy - 5:30 AM comes early, even if he IS getting faster at biking to work! He also accidentally crashed his bike into the closet in the foyer after I told him that my mom thought he and Jen would be a good match - no matter that Jen already has a boyfriend! (she never objected when someone called him that in her presence a while ago!)

Eric thought that I should go home with him and Korey, so I confirmed with my brother while telling Nathan that they could have my chocolate / Smarties ice cream. We stopped off at Dragon Ball since Korey wanted some bubble tea - Eric ran in the rain while Korey and I stayed in the car. We discussed his weight, his cane, his accident, my being related to Jon, how he'd met Nathan and Jon before, his feeling that Jeremy rambled (my sister thinks so too), his being the outsider (I felt protective of Eric and didn't like Korey's telling me stuff at dinner, yet I was all social a while later - go figure!), how Eric didn't live in Surrey, how long I'd known Eric for, his own age, and Vernon / Ontario / Powell River / new jobs. He seemed really surprised when I told Eric that I wanted pudding bubble tea (which I still haven't touched!), but it's all good. After we dropped Korey off and talked about Victoria friends / mistakes / pregnancy, Eric asked me about Mondays. I have no idea, haha. He told me exactly who called him "Erice," discussed some of our other friends, said that Jeff wouldn't be pregnant with Anita's baby (crazy!), asked if my bubble tea wouldn't melt if I saved it for later, figured that alcohol made me into a psycho (no), thought that I poked him with a pencil / my fist a few times when it was really the green bubble tea straw (I stayed in the back after we dropped off Korey since he wouldn't fit in the backseat), and made plans with Jon for the return of his blue bowl. Definitely good times!

My dreams were pretty insane - a bunch of us had to listen to AC/DC, Natalie Imbruglia, Destiny's Child, and other artists while dumping our luggage in a central location since it was toxic. We all yelled at my mom when she expressed objections to a "drug lunch" - that was really our term for mountains and sandwiches. Baby Amanda had lost six pounds, and Frances held baby Andrew while noting that he was probably sick because it was his sister's birthday since it had happened last year, too. We wrote about Joshua, similarly-titled songs, Ministry's RELOAD, and tried getting Randal to help buy us a bunch of groceries because we'd pay him back via cheque later on. So weird!

Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show 1
Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show 2
Stephen Colbert sings in Korean to try proving a point to Korean singer Rain

Progresso Italian-Style Bread Crumbs

Here's a really easy one that clones the most popular brand of seasoned bread crumbs. Just throw all of the ingredients into a small bowl, mix it up, and you're done. Use the finished product for an Italian-style breading - when frying or baking chicken, fish, pork chops, eggplant, etc. - just as you would the store-bought stuff.

1 cup plain bread crumbs
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon parsley flakes
1/4 teaspoon garlic powder
1/4 teaspoon onion powder
1/4 teaspoon sugar
dash oregano

Combine all ingredients in a small bowl. Makes 1 cup.

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Sunday, June 03, 2007

She's expecting a BABY?! Oh my...

Note to self: Next time T and I are in Richmond, tell him to go to Langley Farm Market in Lansdowne for his groceries. They have a way better selection than the Richmond Farm Market in Richmond Centre!

This morning, I saw a "no bed" message from Corey. Uh, I had to make sure I got at least SOME sleep before church, and going to bed at 1:30 is already pushing it when you consider how long it takes me to fall asleep sometimes! (the sun thing didn't help, either) On the way to church, my mom gave me even more clothing / Mexican caramel lollipops from Vivian S. / a cool Memorial Cup 2007 cap. When I got to church, I said hi to Grace while telling her that I'd heard my brother had terrified her the other day in the parking lot. Guess sneaking up behind her is his idea of a proper welcome to Vancouver, heh. Decided not to bother someone, especially since he was busy talking to someone else. (I am SO vague these days!) Nathan sat with me while Jeremy sat with Jon just behind us, which was fine with me. Rob Stewart spoke, and Daniel expressed surprise at a non-Nehemiah passage: we wouldn't have sped through that book just to focus on Isaiah! He also told us that our rhythm on a black spiritual was good for a bunch of Chinese people - Nathan and I just looked at each other and wondered what the heck was up with THAT assessment!

When we read the Scripture passage together as a congregation, Nathan and I both noticed Jon speeding up. It threw me off a couple of times, and Nathan gave him a LOOK. ("hey man, it's too slow! haha") As this week's Powerpoint person, Citrus had problems keeping up with the rushed sermon - oh well. I saw Winnie and told her that I had given her sister Connie some cards for baby Megan - she asked how on earth I remembered. It's fairly easy, haha... although I've slipped with baby Keegan and baby Gabriel. (next time, haha) Said hi to Emily Lam, and asked how Awana had been yesterday - she asked where I'd been, so I told her that SOMEONE forgot to tell me about a funeral. (oh well, at least I left a message on Melia's cell)

After service, Jeremy and Jon were discussing the macaroni and cheese ingredients / shopping list with Nate - if dinner is at Nathan's, they'll be able to invite more people! Talked to them and Jen for a while, then asked Jeff what was new since people were congratulating him on something. He told me that nothing was new, so I asked Phil - Anita's expecting a baby in November (she's about 3.5 months along), and that was the big news at Awana yesterday. When I jokingly confronted Jeff about this after congratulating him, he said that it wasn't new to HIM since he'd known since March - well, it might be to ME and others! (I just called my sister - cleaning up at Alice Lake - to tell her about this... she was very happy to hear it, as might be expected of someone who loved the news of their wedding!) Jen and Jeremy went off to the 7-11, so I asked Jon if he was going to the new church site prayer thing - we all were, so that was good. Went over to where Melia, Chrystal, Angus, Emily, and Mike were - I asked Melia if she'd gotten my message. She had, and told me that it was okay. You bet Henry didn't tell me! Oh well... Chrystal hadn't set up a lunch date for our small group since they hadn't met at all, but maybe we can do so next week! (just wait - Awana ends in late June, so we may well not have had any lunch meetings, haha!)

Said hi to little Benjamin, a crying baby Keenan (Mommy's fault that she let someone else hold him), and an ant-hunting Megan. Talked to Stella's cousin Peter for a bit - he'd introduced himself on Friday, but didn't recall that despite the fact he remembers my name... so amusing! It was way too hot to stand around, so everyone left early - or maybe we ended late. Went to toddler Sunday School, where everyone was hyper. After that, I went to the new church site prayer function, and talked to Kevin for a bit later. (job interview Tuesday - yikes!) When my parents and I got back to the church, I stood in the shade and talked to Andrew about how it had gone yesterday. The guys killed THREE daddy longlegs, and got "smited" twice because of ice cream bars in the freezer and maybe a big bag of chips which they plan to eat next week if it's still there since it may be someone else's. Adam told me that his brother liked rap (Akon, Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent, etc.) - as long as they don't seriously believe the messages in that kind of music, then that's just this side of okay! (haha) Told Amos that they had Slurpees with cappuccino now at 7-11, which might be interesting to try once.

Soon afterwards, my family went to the #9 restaurant at Lansdowne for lunch. (yin-yang, noodles, and buffalo wings!) Jon told me about Steph's reaction during a prayer meeting to Melia and Angus getting engaged: "They are definitely engaged! I read about it on Facebook!" Mom thinks white wine is too expensive, after hearing Jon tell Christon to get some if he liked. Eh, it's all right... but Jon's correct when he tells Christon to go outside for a few minutes since then he won't feel like eating anymore! (their Mexico meeting ended around 3!) Jon says that Harmony's favorite color is green, told Cindy about the change in dinner venue (and joked that someone else should know), and said Nathan told him that a litre of whole milk was five dollars at Safeway - Mom thought that was impossible! (he got it for $2 with tax) He also bought a licorice bar - it may be the same concept as fennel and star anise, but I dunno about eating that thing! When I got home, I found a message from Andrew sent at 9:35 - "What's up?" Going to church at that time, dude! Now I need to get ready to leave soon - thank goodness I had time to blog and catch up on stuff!

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Popeye's Red Beans and Rice

It's way too sunny outside, which resulted in my waking before 7! Trying to pull the blankets over my head in order to get more sleep just didn't work - sometimes I hate having an east-facing room! I NEED COFFEE! Guess I'll see what happens later with the dinner thing, which will be cool. My mom seems to think that Eric will go and be our ride home, but he'll be TIRED from a wedding in Victoria and bringing his friend along. Maybe Nathan will be... however, I don't have any preconceived notions like SOMEBODY does!


Recipe By:
Serving Size: 6 Preparation Time: 0:00
Categories: Beans / Red

Amount Measure Ingredient -- Preparation Method

1 cup Uncle Ben's long grain rice - cooked
2 cans Red chili beans in chili gravy-- 1 lb. each
1 tablespoon Chili powder
1/4 tablespoon Cumin
1 Dash garlic salt

In saucepan, heat beans without letting them boil. Stir in chili powder, cumin, and garlic salt. When piping hot, spoon chili mixture into 6 small dishes, adding a few tablespoons of hot cooked rice to each serving. Season with Chili Seasoning Mix, if desired. 270 cal, 5.9 grams fat, 60% fat.

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