Saturday, August 13, 2011

Deborah Goldman and the Plaid Test

Noticed that Deborah (devils_sidekick) unfriended me from Facebook and LJ! Oh well, that's fine!

You Are Well-Rounded

You don't label yourself, and in truth, you pretty much defy labels. You fit in with almost any group.

You're still figuring out your place in the world and how you want your life to shape up.

You strongly appreciate beauty. So much in this world is exquisite to you.

You are more realistic than most people. You see the good and bad sides of everything.

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Friday, August 12, 2011

How Should You Change The World?

Mei Lin activated her FB account again, so all's well. :D

You Should Change the World By Promoting Compassion

You feel deeply for people, especially the less fortunate. You wish everyone was more compassionate.

You work hard to be the change you want to see in the world. You think it all starts with you.

You value personal growth. If you're not changing, it's likely something is going wrong in your life.

You enjoy helping the elderly and animals. You get a lot of satisfaction from volunteering your time.

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Seeing CHINESE ERIC! / Menstruation tea / Martial arts movies

Eric called, so I was pretty much ready ten minutes later for Nathan's dinner / martial arts movie / discussion / research night at Jeremy's! We discussed the barbecue (prep) and how this real life would interfere with my solitary downtime. I'm not going because I don't feel like being on high alert, and because I don't feel like interacting with people! We picked up Cindy (of course), Jon, and Harmony on our way to Jer's - Harmony gave me some UG soap and some "menopause tea" they'd found in Amsterdam at a tea shop. Apparently, they gave Steph some "menstruation tea" - I don't want to know! Once we got to Jeremy's - showing Cindy THE way to get there - I SAW CHINESE ERIC! It was GOOD to see him! We chatted about Teunis (with Jon putting in HIS opinion), his birthday being next week, his health, kale chips, SERVANTS, Wong Fai Hung, Subway, Jamaican patties, Camembert, sausage, Dianne, and other things; it was nice that he was thoughtful to grab me water on multiple occasions, haha! (I ignored Randal as per protocol)

Cindy had thought "Chinese Eric" was Stanley's brother Eric T., which I found amusing! After the martial arts clips, we discussed the Wednesday SERVANTS block party a while ago (it was pretty much what I expected), the Skeena BBQ (I'm not going!), 150 corn cobs, 300 chicken wings, our memories of the past, Europe's FINAL COUNTDOWN, a weird continuing story game from Nathan's ODIN therapy cards, what being "Chinese" meant to us, Christon's personal trainer, the stock exchange, Mark travelling to Kelowna, Jon's Mission camping trip for the thing Jenny Lee told me about (he and Harmony do love communication!), Sunday's townhouse dinner (Nate can pick me up for that since he's also doing Jon and Harmony the same favor), and other things. Eric drove me home; on the way, we discussed my NOT going to the BBQ / my "excessive" need for downtime / STARCRAFT 2 / Christmas music / FINAL FANTASY / obsession and focus / my being "drunk." When he got home, he linked me to some FINAL FANTASY prelude video.

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Poisoning someone's drink = math problem! (Janina is different!)

Janina's package arrived this afternoon: the envelope had interesting stickers of headphones, cows, dogs, butterflies, wells, buckets of water, the JACK AND JILL nursery rhyme, children, and "BE AN OPTIMIST PRIME - NOT A NEGATRON!" Hahaha! Inside was a card with various things: an "Experience the new better game" blue blank card with a pinball machine, BABYSITTER'S CLUB / Twisted Whiskers (cats / dogs / fire hydrant / bones / hairspray / "Dander B-Gone" spray) / scratch-n-sniff banana stickers, a "Mr. Lunch" cow / chicken / mouse with cheese envelope, a "World's Bliss" Maui postcard, a "What Dreams May Come" Hawaii postcard, a Raven Images wizard with a crystal ball postcard, a fairy postcard, a "Don't Freak Out" postcard, a "Let's Turn This Into A Math Problem" postcard featuring arsenic poison into a beverage (HAHAHAHA!), and a "human body" postcard featuring an "eater" / Diet Pepsi bottle / "lack of Diet Pepsi warning system."

The card itself had mini dog stickers, squirrel stickers, dog print stickers, bear stickers, bird stickers, "Excellent!" cherries stickers, and a sticker of Elmer Fudd playing basketball. She said, "Leslie - thought of you the other day, and threw together some fun stuff. I made the pinball machine blank card, and two of the postcards. Speaking of which, I hope you like the wizard and fairy postcards. The other two postcards are from a book of funky / odd postcards. I've been wanting to send you some different postcards - not just the usual city / town / state ones. I hope you like the stickers... I made the bear sticker at the bottom of this page - I figured it went along with the paw stickers. Haven't seen the new HARRY POTTER movie as of yet. Lately, we've been watching CSI and Law & Order DVDs. I love those shows - I find them to be the equivalent to comfort food. Off to do some grocery shopping! Have a cool day! Love, Janina."

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D and C = running away! / Exotic cupcakes

Finally figured out how to run away from battles on this FINAL FANTASY ROM - pressing D and C simultaneously will do it! I've amassed a bunch of money, but this will come in handy later on!

You Are an Amaretto Chocolate Cherry Cupcake

You have a deep desire to leave your mark on the world. You want to change things for the better.

You are an object of fascination for many. You shine brightly and boldly.

You are youthful in spirit and appearance. You refuse to grow up!

To be honest, danger excites you a little. You believe that anything that is worth doing has some risk.

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Chrystal, Vanessa, white Eric, FINAL FANTASY 4, and martial arts movies at Jeremy's

Called Chrystal at work, and we set up a dinner get-together for next Tuesday (the 16th) at the usual place (London Drugs) at 7. Hopefully, she won't be running TOO late, hahaha. She did thank me for calling, too. Then Vanessa used MSN / Facebook chat to say she'd be in town for a bit these next few days, haha. Discussed appointments in White Rock, Coquitlam, Bed / Bath / Beyond, drinking glasses, garage sales, Indian stores, her friend out in Maple Ridge, and more. Everything seemed to work for hanging out with her while she ran errands until she mentioned the Maple Ridge part, haha - maybe next Tuesday for lunch, then!

I called Eric while this conversation was going on, and he said that he'd go to Jeremy's tomorrow night for the martial arts movie discussion. Yes, food and drink will be provided, but Nate didn't say what. Then we discussed my background music, FINAL FANTASY 4, Cecil, Cid, Rosa, Yang, Rydia, Tellah, and some of the other characters before he switched to Spanish to say that he could pick me up at 6. At least I don't have a real problem with language switches like Teunis, haha - yes, I still commented on it because that's what Eric expects from me these days!

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My heart's uniqueness / Tuxedos

Your Heart is Free

You fall in love freely and easily. There are many people you could imagine falling in love with.

You are a glass half full type of person. You see opportunities everywhere.

You enjoy being admired and pampered, but you don't always reciprocate. You are happy to just receive.

You have a positive perspective on life. You are an optimist, and you don't judge people.

You Are No Nonsense

You are extremely logical and rational. Your mind is practically like a computer.

You have strong insights about the world. You are quite wise and philosophical.

You have no patience with inefficiency. You hate to wait for anything.

You don't have any room for fluff in your life. You abhor superficiality of all kinds.

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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Butter chicken poutine, cheap Canada T-shirts, and "relationships"

Kenny said hi on Skype, and Mike T. buzzed me on Facebook chat to talk about grinding / WOW - haha, nice! Avoided something quite handily, too! Ryan M. (eyeheartnewlife) also called me sweet for caring about him - that's what I do for my friends, man! Went to Richmond Centre (just got the bus in time!) to browse Chapters briefly, then went to Sears and got some underwear. I saw a display of cheap Vancouver / Canada T-shirts at the dollar store, so I got one since those things have been sadly missing from my wardrobe for some years! After that, it was time for lunch at the food court, which now offers free wi-fi: New York Fries with butter chicken and root beer it was! I was glad to get home since it was hot outside! Called Mom to tell her that Teunis can't make it to Sunday's dinner because of an emergency. Of course she thought that I hadn't told Teunis earlier about Sunday's dinner with Nathan (*rolleyes*), and who also wondered how my relationship with Teunis was. I DON'T HAVE ONE WITH HIM, AND DON'T LIKE HIM THAT WAY ANYHOW!

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Monday, August 08, 2011

Vizzed Rom Site for Retro Games / Mandy / My Facebook personality

Found a rom site and plugin for FINAL FANTASY and a TON of other retro games! I save as often as I can! Mandy (a_phoenixdragon) also finally emailed me back, which is good!

Your Facebook Personality is Outgoing

You have a bit of an outrageous persona, but you are also a person of substance.

You have a wide variety of things to share on Facebook. And you sure share a lot.

You hate to be bored. You like to keep your mind busy, and you're always looking for new things to do.

Whenever you have a few minutes, you like to post something on Facebook. You love to express yourself.

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Sunday, August 07, 2011

Jeremy and Eric disappeared on us! / Skeena Terrace, really?!

Eric picked me up earlier than I was expecting (DAMMIT), and we talked about sanitizing the car / OBLIVION / MORROWIND / Mark / the Grouse Grind / the Skeena Terrace BBQ / FINAL FANTASY II and other video game music / cookies / what I'd immerse myself in next. (I don't know what that would be!) Got into church, said hi to Pastor Tom, and greeted Jeremy and Mark when they came to sit in the usual pew. Of course Nathan W. was being lazy during handshaking time, but I didn't care! Jordan and Thomas came in later to sit by him, too. Jeremy said that we should take Mark on a tour of Richmond via the Canada Line: hot pot would definitely be on the agenda for that one, haha! After service, I said hi to Joshua / Keenan / Isaac (who let me hold his hand) / Frances / Micah / Megan (who told me to look at her teeth - she had some missing!) / Cameron (who had biscuits!) / Connor / Victor / Maxine and baby Emma / Hien / Vania / Chris / Sabrina / Stanford / Deb while dodging Mr. Creep a lot.

Mark and I also discussed the fireworks, Lindsay (a city in Ontario), his girlfriend, Queens, Abbotsford, and life before realizing that we didn't see Jeremy or Eric around anywhere! He checked the kitchen and the foyer to no avail, then I figured that maybe they were counting offering (after I had cucumbers in spinach dip) - they were indeed doing such! Mark said that he's seen ME now, and Jon - but not the two of us together! Noticed Sheena on crutches, discussed the wedding with Chrystal and Auntie Catherine, and said I'd call Chrystal this week. I told Eric that if they were just going to do something for an hour, I'd just go upstairs to Toddler Sunday School as usual... he heard me! (NO GRAD BANQUET - NOT ENOUGH GRADS?!)

As I was going upstairs, I noticed Gino / Christon / Geoffrey / Enoch, but didn't talk to them. Saw Ramen (who was excited about his brand new watch), Shira, Ada, Jessie, Auntie Ying, Rachel's grandma, Anastasia and her dad, David, and Evelyn in the room already. Discussed stickers, getting together in September, toys, drawings, coloring, and more with people. Rachel said that her budgie died because her dad fed it lettuce - yikes! She also has a hamster, which is still alive. I said hi to Nina and Emily, who haven't finished the chocolate eggs yet - figured as much! Got downstairs and was bored since people weren't back yet... said hi to Grandma, who wanted to go for lunch. Introduced her to Rachel's grandma, heh.

I did manage to discuss Calgary and the freedom of independence with Dianne (leaving the door open when you go to the bathroom!) before Pastor Tom entertained us with birth / hospital stories. FINALLY, the group came back at 2 - Cindy said that they'd had Pho, but people were excited about the BBQ over there. Harmony wanted to know if I were going hiking - NO! Eric and I discussed making food this Friday, French words / my being "DRUNK," Randal's / Mr. Creep's features (NO), Nathan's thing on Thursday, the hot weather / doing things in the afternoon, and more prior to his dropping me off and wishing me a good day / week. Now, I get to do laundry! YAY.

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Summer Sense of Style

You Have a Easygoing Sense of Style

You aren't vain or hung up on your appearance. You like to look neat and polished, but you aren't obsessive about your looks.

You roll with the punches. You try to keep things light and breezy.

You are easy to please and often delighted. You are open to new possibilities, and you tend to like a lot of things.

You are self-effacing and unassuming. You are free of swagger and bravado.