Saturday, September 08, 2012

Psycho hosebeast / Chinese Eric planning! / RED ROBINS

I decided to call Chinese Eric at about 6:50, and he'd just got in; we had a great 45-minute conversation, though! As I thought, he HAD called me a few nights ago at 11 PM, but he just wanted to see if I'd bumped into Nathan again since that guy doesn't respond to messages. Nope, I hadn't seen him! White Eric's pizza crawl idea might have been good last week if I weren't feeling terribly! After telling him about the resident who THREW FOOD AT and SPIT AT different care aides today, I updated him on James... so HE says that his ex-girlfriend Little Miss Giggles was basically a psycho hosebeast who was possessive and jealous. She was telling him that she loved him within two weeks, was talking about moving in and having children, and was basically bad news. SEE WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU'RE SELFISH?! Needless to say, he didn't have a very warm welcome from me last night when he told me that he was back online. ("Do I know you? Oh... it's YOU.") Eric concurred with me: BAD NEWS!

We talked about hockey, CFL football (the Lions won today), early birthday wishes for the weekend, cold and windy Hong Kong winters, Havarti, guys exposing themselves, his guy perspective ("they're not running towards you - flasher with trenchcoat!"), lockout talks, TLC reality shows, JERSEY SHORE not being like the SOPRANOS (Mafia!), MSN possibly dying like ICQ did, poker, the blackout on local football games, and birthday dinner details. It'll be the first time he'll be at Kwong Chow without his family, hahaha. Aaron C. suggested Chuck E. Cheese or the River Rock casino, but one's too far and the other's too expensive! Eric's down for two dinners in two days, so Red Robin's is ON! Not that I have to run my own birthday celebrations by him, but if I want him at both (and if he doesn't mind), it's only considerate to take your best friend's opinion and preferences into account! So it's Red Robin's - no Chinese food twice in two days for ME if I can help it, haha. Made a FB event for it, too. Replied to Mandy's emails afterwards, too. :D

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Copa Café, Uncle Michael, Aunt Leslie, and DRACULA

Mom and Dad were late picking me up, but we were on our way to Dogwood pretty soon. Apparently, the Terry Fox run is next week, so I should tell white Eric in case I ever decide to go to church. Mom thinks I should, but we'll see - I can make my own decisions. After feeding Grandma some chicken congee and special tea, Mom found out that Uncle Michael and Aunt Leslie had gotten lost! Grandma seemed to have a good appetite, anyway. Of COURSE Mom made me sit in the middle... sigh. Turns out we went to Copa Café for lunch, and Mom was surprised that I'd been there before! I let Aunt Leslie hold hands with me while walking to the restaurant... Mom let me order a mango bubble tea since it was only $2 with a meal (normally $4.50), haha.

They talked in Chinese about what to do around here, Kin's Farm, Yvonne, Lillian, Aaron, Auntie Kwai, Grandma's health, shoes, Wails, and more. I got a ribeye steak with Paris-style sauce; I'd have ordered a steak with black pepper sauce, but I thought Mom was getting that. She got some other noodle dish instead! Oh well. Aunt Leslie ended up being "sneaky" and paying for the meal, and also gave Mom a LAI-SEE envelope for baby Ayler: Mom was polite and said NO to everything (especially since she apparently told them that SHE'D pay for the meal), but it was already done! Got home to do some editing and posting, heh. I should call Chinese Eric soon in case I join everyone for dinner tomorrow, haha. Also decided I was done with ontd_pucking ... OFF-TOPIC STUFF RULES! thehockeypool FOREVER!

Mom, upon hearing a news story about a kiddy Transylvania movie: "What kind of name is DRACULA?! Why would you have that name?!" My explanations that Dracula is a CHARACTER in a KIDDY movie fell on deaf ears. AIYA!

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Friday, September 07, 2012

Horses in castles! / 17 notifications! / Uncle Michael

I called Eric to see if he was going to the BBQ; surprisingly, he said he wasn't, even though HE sent out the Evite! Odd... he said he was doing something. Hmm! Later, Mom called to say that she had actually talked to Uncle Michael and Aunt Leslie, and they're okay with each other - astonishing! (I have my doubts, of course) Turns out they called Mom and Dad when they got in yesterday, and said that Yee Poh had given Grandma some money to spend. That's nice of her, though! Maybe we can have lunch or dinner with them tomorrow. Also told Mom about what Steph had said about Big G and Havarti, so it doesn't matter to me if we go to Kwong Chow instead next week!

EDIT: Apparently, nobody can make it to lunch with Uncle Michael and Aunt Leslie tomorrow except me. Oh yay, another family thing! It'll make for something to tell my rock, after all. ;)

And now I got an unexpected YM message - DAMMIT!

"You think having a horse will get you in to see the king?" OF COURSE, Reidock soldier!

THIS is why I had 17 notifications after an hour of gaming yesterday... DAMN YOU, JAMES!

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Skull clouds, 6304 Sack Glitches, GOD!

These clouds are in the shape of skulls near Archfiend Mudo's castle at the beginning of the game!

While buying Antidotes in Lifecod and putting them in my Sack, I noticed a 6304 Sack Glitch! I don't think this has to do with codes, either.

Now every battle restarts?! Man, I gotta figure out what's causing this before I get to a boss battle where I can't just run away... o_O {I did... it was the "recruiting monsters" code, so I toggled it off}

What the hell is a STENGTH seed, game?!

Nobody can see me in the town of Torukka, so the priest at the church asks if I'm God. To have fun, I say I AM GOD! The answer I get is: "... Please answer me. I've been faithful." HAHAHA!

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Thursday, September 06, 2012

Castle Reidock restarting / Amor water / Blood

I had to restart the game (finding another translated ROM, by NoProgress) because it refused to do anything past the point where I finally got the Mirror of Ra and went back to Castle Reidock! UGH!

The waterfalls in the DRAGON QUEST VI town of Amor have turned to blood!

Demon Mirrors can transform into your party members!

The mayor's daughter Judy in Livecod: "I never noticed that you were so handsome, FLAM. I was all wrong about Rand. I want to become your wife instead! FLAM, will you marry me someday?" OH MY. o_O

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Wednesday, September 05, 2012

A&W Chubby Chicken / Greaseballs / KFC / Microphones

Went to visit Grandma and pick up the pants which Mom said she'd shortened - two pairs, which is fine. Tried them later, and they were the right length, anyway... PHEW! I wheeled Grandma closer to the big-screen TV so she could actually see the classic movie of the afternoon, and she wanted to know whether I was hungry so I could get stuff to eat from there. No, I definitely wasn't! I told her that Uncle Michael would come tomorrow, but she didn't say much to that beyond "Oh, we can talk then..." On the way home, I decided to pick up some A&W Chubby Chicken from the mall food court. I've never had it before due to a long-ago conversation (in 2000?) with Dennis, who described it as "feeling like greaseballs in the stomach," but it seems okay to me for what it is. Then I plan to have taro ice cream... or maybe the Peanut Butter Burst one! SO UNHEALTHY, HAHAHA.

When I got home, Vanessa got on MSN and said she was bored; I'm not the "online bowling" type of person, though! I still haven't found my microphone... it's been ages since I talked to Kenny on Skype, so that's why I don't remember where I put it! Probably near the stuff on the floor, however! While we talked about KFC / McDonalds / Church's Fried Chicken, I found out that Photobucket works again - GLORY, HALLELUJAH! I told Mom NOT to get into a loud argument with her brother in the middle of the nursing home, haha. We'll see what happens...

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Photobucket uploading, YES or NO, Mira, sheds

Well, at least I can upload pictures to Photobucket, even if I can't see my resulting albums. The pictures are at least viewable when I test them, so there is that. I flirted with Flickr (which I've had since September 2006?!), TinyPic (which was bought by Photobucket), Image Shack, Picasa (connected to Google), Zoomr (which isn't accepting new registrations), and some more sites. This afternoon, I was also responsible and paid my phone bill.

"Who the blazes are you!? This is my house, not yours! Mine!" is NOT a Yes or No question! Too bad that we've already stolen the Antidote from your pots, and a Wooden Hat from your dresser!

In San Marino, "I've been waiting for you to come. I'm Mira. And you are.... ?" is NOT a Yes or No question, haha!

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Invisible hero! / Beautiful King Reidock / True Mountain Spirit



Innkeeper: "What, you think it's weird for someone to run an inn in a cave!?" Why, YES!

THE HERO IS INVISIBLE! (after rescuing the Spirit Crown maker Bilte, and falling into the Phantom World)

It's the true mountain spirit in Lifecod, telling the hero of their destiny and power! "Can you hear my voice?"

Rand proposes to Tania, but she says they're too young at 16 and 17...

King Reidock is very beautiful, even though he's a man!

"I wonder where we could find a horse strong enough to pull the Reidock royal coach..." is NOT a Yes or No question!

"Um... you're not thinking about taking that horse inside the castle, are you?" YES! (but we're supposed to answer "no")

You can search bookshelves in this game, but most times, these books are all boring!

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Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Master Dragon, Patricia, Nikki, Ojiron, beloved rewards

To my surprise, Julie S.'s friend Nikki C. added me to Facebook today. INTERESTING, haha. Patricia (and Sean?) also made me wish that I was at Superstore for the quirky chip flavors, even though I probably shouldn't spend any more money!

After you restore peace to the DRAGON QUEST V world, you can ride on Master Dragon to a bunch of places!

Old man in Santa Rosa: "Woo, that was a good meal. My wife likes to blame me for eating everything, so this time, I really DID eat everything!"

Nameless Mountain Village tavern: "Not sure if I was supposed to know this, but Bianca actually isn't Duncan's real daughter..."

"... something about him finding her abandoned on some mountain... Oops! Maybe I wasn't supposed to tell anybody, either!"

Granvania Castle: "Reward: 10,000 gold to the person who returns the beloved Queen Martha or King Papas to us - King Ojiron"

Borongo in Granvania Castle: "Myaaa? Gorogorogoro..."

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Monday, September 03, 2012

Great Desert King Slime fusing!

The Slimes are fusing in the Great Desert!

The Slimes became a King Slime!

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Cora's at Ironwood, huge crepes, sourdough, hand creams, EB Games, and more!

Got up at 8:20, even though I couldn't sleep till after 3:30 AM. That's what coffee is for, to make me feel remotely human! Vanessa sent me a FB message to say she'd be by just after 9. As advertised, she picked me up for breakfast at Cora's in Ironwood. The crepes were indeed huge, and the place looked bright and sunny for children! I had one with mounds of fresh fruit (strawberries / kiwis / bananas / oranges) plus chocolate spread - Jen's Wayne and Vanessa were surprised that I finished it! Talked about health issues, brain aneurysms, brain tumors, Canada Day, memory issues, treatment, Ladner, sourdough toast, jam, screenshots, latex / gelatin allergies, smoking, gas prices, personal stuff, banking, homemade soap (winter mint / vanilla?), Victoria, spina bifida, 50 SHADES OF GREY, 7-11, Segways, walking, Richmond Centre, and more. It was nice seeing Jen and Wayne again, for sure!

I had to get hand cream at Bath & Body Works since we went to Richmond Centre later... it was 3 for $10, when they're normally $5 each for a little 59 mL tube! Midnight Pomegranate, Fresh Lemon, and White Citrus... :D Since we were there, I also went to Sears again to get more JESSICA knee socks - 3 for $10! Went to EB Games to see if Vanessa could find BUST-A-MOVE... nope, but I did see OBLIVION for $14.99! Not that I play that game, but it was just interesting to note. :P Kim went to Tim Horton's to get a raspberry lemonade before they dropped me off.

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In love with Ludman?! / MY FAMILY IS ERIC!

I tried calling Chinese Eric at 9:45 while reading old emails, but his mom said he was sleeping since he was tired from working. Not a problem! Then half an hour later, he got on MSN to say that he wanted to write me to say that he was busy tomorrow because stuff came up.... NO FAT DRAGON FOR YOU! At least I appreciate that! He wanted to know how long Nate's stay was; I had heard until the 9th. When I said I probably wanted Grandma at the birthday celebration this year, he figured that it would be a close family thing. Yes, but I had to tell him that HE was PART of MY FAMILY! (reaction: "cool cool - THANKS! *thumbs up* ") Updated him on Grandma, too. He hopes the weather will cool down when the kids are back in school, and I had to tell him that I was thinking about that the other night for him! "The nights will be cooler again, just for Chinese Eric!" Hahaha! He asked about the dog, too. It was a nice chat, for sure! I know he was kind of tired, so I didn't mind if he needed sleep at midnight!

Jon emailed us to say that FAT DRAGON is probably flexible; I looked the directions up on Translink, and it involves Waterfront Station and then four possible buses to Powell Street - CONFUSION! Then he sent another one to say that we could shelve it for a later date where more people could make it, even if Nate's leaving soon. Should be good times, then!

The Hero has to choose between Flora or Bianca, but says he can marry Flora's father (Master Ludman) instead! "So what you're saying is that you're in love with me?! Er, I'm flattered, but really, you best think that over."

"Congratulations, Lord Simon... you're to be a father very soon!" YES? NO? HAHAHA! [this was taken from the hilarious LP thread... I'm not playing the game again just to get to this point once more!]

This guy Pusan was going around on a mine cart in Torokko...

... for TWENTY YEARS?!

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Sunday, September 02, 2012

Canucks FB friend suggestions / God has disappeared, man!

Vanessa called me at 4:45 to say that 9:30-10 AM tomorrow would be good for the crepes plans at Cora's in Ironwood with Kim, and she'd call me in the morning. Sounds good to me!

This drunken priest in Ruraphin's tavern says God disappeared a long time ago, and requests another beer from the Sister. Hahaha, just my kind of person!

Facebook friend suggestion #1: Kevin Bieksa! (spelled wrong, so probably not real)

Facebook friend suggestion #2: Daniel Sedin! (probably the real thing, judging from the profile) Little Clara, Uncle Cho-Kai, and Shannon Tweed are also on the list!

Facebook friend suggestion #3: Maxim Lapierre! (Dolly Whittle is also on this list - with Bobby and Milli as mutual friends)

Facebook friend suggestion #4: Ryan Kesler!

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Editing filtered entries / Crazy pizza crawls / 002 When

After I'd finished editing some filtered entries last night, Eric got on MSN to see whether I was going to church. I said that I'd heard he had some kind of meeting afterwards, and he told me that I'd replied to that Evite. Oh yes, I vaguely remember that now. He also thought I'd gone crazy, or was metamorphosing / disappearing. NO, DAMMIT! Eric said something about eating lunch at the meeting, and then getting together with Jon and Nathan later to do a pizza crawl with Christon. JFC, I'm not made of money! I didn't feel like going, anyway. Turned out that I couldn't sleep, so took melatonin - end result was waking up at 1:45! Whoops, hahaha.

In Oracle Valley, you can open the jail doors with the Magic Key, and this prisoner is grateful: "I've been incarcerated here for over ten years, but this is the first time that anyone has ever spoken to me. As a token of my gratitude, why don't I tell you something good? 002When you go to the casino, the second slot machine on the right in the very last row pays out the best." THE "002" THING IS A GLITCH, I TELL YOU!

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