Saturday, August 06, 2011

Harmony's goodness, the Grouse Grind, flyers, and the Skeena Terrace BBQ

I ignored a call from my parents, and decided to call Jon to see what he'd wanted yesterday evening. Turns out Harmony called "out of the goodness of her heart" (he sounds SO MUCH like Mom here!) to see if I were going to Fellowship. You people are crazy! He also invited me to the Grouse Grind tomorrow; I don't think so! Eric then bugged me again on MSN to say he was leading worship tomorrow... OH GOOD GOD, NO! At least HE isn't going to the Grind in the afternoon! Talked about my "being on crack" / my being "a silly goose" / my being "drunk," handing out flyers for some BBQ at Skeena Terrace (NOT NORMAL!), helping people, "wild accusations," Mr. Creep, Raymond, Randal, Dave Wong, Korey, Mark dating someone (not that I care), Q-Bert, and more.

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2572 tabs, LJ downtime, KFC sides, Eric bugging me, Steph being a lard

Eric bugged me on MSN yesterday afternoon about my phone and the agenda; I wasn't going because of my current project, which he figured wasn't worth it. "Just reset the passwords," he said - I was determined to get more than just a few links back, though! Right when I was going to get more, LJ gave me an error message! NOT AGAIN! But the staff fixed it in good time, so I was able to resume my project. Turned out to be 2572 tabs of stuff... wow! Went to bed at 3:45 AM as a result, haha. When I got up, I called my sister, and we updated each other on certain things like Lisa and bombing. Turns out the dinner with Nathan is on Sunday night... I guess the actual date got away from me, as usual!

You Are Mashed Potatoes

You like the simple things in life. You think complexity is a lot of fuss and often overrated.

You take the slow and steady approach whenever possible. You never like to be in too much of a rush.

You are conventional and orthodox. You are the most normal person you know.

You like and prefer solitude. You are your own best friend.

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Friday, August 05, 2011

Google Chrome problems and gratefulness

Had to solve a Google Chrome problem when I got up, heh. Had to delete all my browsing data, so I'll have to spend today getting that back... *sigh*

You Are Very Grateful

You are thankful for every little and every big thing in your life. You give thanks as often as you can.

You know that anyone can focus on what's wrong in the world; you prefer to focus on what's right.

You see life as a gift, as bad as things may get. Gratitude is a way of life for you.

You want every one of your days to mean something. You don't waste your energy on things that don't matter.

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Trolling, TEAM FORTRESS, Wisconsin, Chris, NO SEA SALT / MALT VINEGAR!

Paid my phone bill as soon as I got it in the mail, since I'm responsible like that! Decided to join Kenny and his friends in a gaming / trolling Skype conference call because I could without complaints! Talked about Christmas music, TEAM FORTRESS, penis, vagina, DETACHABLE PENIS, drugs, height, Italian last names, my last name's pronunciation, Yahoo IDs, Wisconsin, Hotmail passwords, Hien, fried chicken, hand sanitizer, singing videos, adding Chris to FB, going crazy, and more. I'm not buying sea salt / malt vinegar chips again because THEY'RE TOO SALTY... yeah, you'd think I'd know that by the name! Finally finished the dungeons / space adventures and revenge projects - not sure what to do now, and also am not sure what I did before these things took over my life in late November / early December! o_O

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Thursday, August 04, 2011

Kenny, trolls, Trevor, Janina and surprises, dream of pizza hair products, and spheres

Talked briefly to Kenny on Skype yesterday about trolls / the free life / conference calls, then contemplated a TROLL BANNING project for the dungeons and space adventures. I decided not to go through with it because the list was simply way too long! Also discovered that Trevor has deleted his Facebook account again; he does this from time to time. Janina used FB chat to say that she sent me a surprise package, so I will definitely let her know when I get it! :D

Had a dream where I was shopping with Cindy; we discovered pizza-scented hair products, so we had to try those! I was also asked out via email by a band producer that I'd been getting to know: "Let's go out - $340 per band - good deal!" Then I was going to say yes, but then I woke up - not like that would happen, anyway!

You Are Quirky

You don't think you are weird, but others do. You have your own definition of normal.

You have a strong personality. You are who you are, and you're darn proud of it.

You act spontaneously, without planning. You don't like to commit to any one thing.

You are a calm and steady person. You may be whimsical, but you're also well-grounded.

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Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Chicken strips, green tea ice cream, and bleach / NO MORE DRY CRANBERRY JUICE!

Went out to get some chicken strips from KFC with BBQ sauce and plum sauce for lunch, then got six butterfly pastries from Maxim's Bakery (buy six and avoid the HST? SWEET!) before getting a pina colada bubble tea from Big Orange. Headed to Mario Gelato after that to get green tea ice cream, then went to London Drugs for on-sale Soothing Escapes air freshener (which sprayed properly this time when I tested it at home!) / on-sale bleach / on-sale toilet paper / index cards / on-sale Ziploc bags / sponges. Got home and discovered that I'd stupidly left the cream cheese and pumpernickel bread on the counter - UGH! I had to throw those items away (it's HOT today) along with some other things, anyhow. Checked my email to find that Jon, Christon, and Gino had emailed us about tonight's fireworks - I don't think I'll go because of the crowds and such. I also discovered that pure cranberry juice is WAY TOO DRY for me - NEVER AGAIN!

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Beefcake the Mighty left GWAR?! / Casey Anthony / Fried chicken and pizza

As soon as I read that Beefcake the Mighty (Casey Orr) had left GWAR, I let Corey know via Skype message. :O :O :O [literally my face as I read the news, heh] I got up to a message from him saying "well, he's left before, and come back before :P Beefcake and Flattus change "human disguises" a lot." So I had to tell him "Some of the fans on Facebook seem to think he may be going back to some project called Rigor Mortis. Then there was another post a while later calling us all "fools," but I figured that was normal for the band, haha. There was a funny suggestion saying that they should replace Casey Orr with Casey Anthony "because you guys need a real baby killer in the band," haha."

James buzzed me on YM last night, so YAY for that! We talked about my noodles, manners, pork chops, Rush being on the radio RIGHT when he said hi, his stepdad's craftiness, and cutlery. Also talked about tortillas, slurping being acceptable in both our cultures, personal stuff, pizza, Youtube videos, black men and fried chicken, Church's Fried Chicken / KFC / Popeye's, bidding me goodnight, and more. It definitely wasn't weird talking about food, although now he makes me want fried chicken. Guess I'll be going out today to get that and a few other things!

Your Summer Vacation Should Be the Beach

You are laid-back and always ready to go with the flow. Plans change, so why even make them?

You are a ton of fun, and you love to bond with others. You make instant friends with people.

You are very charming. People simply enjoy being around you.

A casual beach vacation is perfect for you. You're always down for a little more rest and relaxation.

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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Poutine and spelling / Alena, Cristo, Brey, Siobhan, and chicken pot pie (dream) / Dorks

James buzzed me on YM last night, so of course I talked to him! Discussed Teunis, yucky stuff, the police, LJ, spelling, Google Chrome, poutine, and more. Went to sleep and had a dream that Alena, Cristo, and Brey (from DRAGON WARRIOR 4) had to do various things over and over again on a rooftop. I was pulled away by Siobhan, who was crying about something in a washroom. Her friends and I tried reassuring her that one mistake did NOT define who she was! I also remember chicken pies for some reason, so that's what I'm going to have to eat now. :D

You Are a Bit of a Dork

You aren't a total dork, and in fact, your dorkiness may be invisible to the outside world.

You have a few dorky habits, and you're okay with that. You're happy being you.

You are probably a bit of an introvert and an intellectual. You don't go along with what the crowd is doing.

Sometimes you feel like you don't belong in any one group, but you're pretty content to hang by yourself.

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Chinese Eric, improving health, Flime haircut, plus Randal being too inclusive

Chinese Eric said hi on MSN, and told me not to worry about Korey being in town, since he doubts he'll stir anything up. I'm not worried, but it is still good to be cautious! Talked about BC Day, grandmothers, Jon, Harmony, catching up, bubble tea, his health improvement, and headaches. Always excellent to hear from good friends, I say! Speaking of Harmony, she sent us two pictures of Flime: before and after a haircut. I like the "before" picture better, as the "after" picture just looks like his hairline is receding already, hahaha. Then I heard that Teunis got an on-sale microwave; somehow, I'd never peg him as a person to get such an appliance! He says that he's starting to find that it saves time when he's in a big rush and needs to heat up food... gee, I could have told him that a few months ago, man!

Later, Randal sent us an email implying that Harmony might get lonely with all the guys around - that's never been a problem for me personally since I've always gotten along better with guys! (AND I DO FUCKING EXIST!) He also copied Deb, Connie, Tracy, Vivian, Shally, and Vania onto the email, and referred to them as "sisters" - THEY'RE NOT USUALLY A PART OF THE NATE GATHERINGS... AND THEY'RE FRIENDS, NOT SISTERS! Nathan might need a few more female voices for the research, but that's for HIM to decide, not a perfidious blackguard! PLUS, there is only limited space at Jer's! WTF. At least Deb says she and Dylan already have plans - HA!

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Monday, August 01, 2011

Vanquishing DNS lookup errors! / The Circle Doodle Test

I vanquished the DNS lookup error by simply waiting for it to disappear. If I really DID have a misconfigured network, SOMEONE would be getting complaints on MSN right about now!

You Are Amazing

You know what the good things in life are all about. You keep things simple and focus on what's important.

As long as you have people to love and a roof over your head, you're good. You don't need much to be happy.

You are content with your life as it is. You don't fall into the trap of thinking stuff will make you happy.

You try to live well and with meaning. You are very deliberate.

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Blocking Shannon, Pusheen the cat, Queen song reflecting me

Before I took a nap, Shannon Norman buzzed me on Yahoo; I didn't realize she had my contact info, so I blocked this ex-friend of mine! I remember that Nina, Emily, and I also talked about Pusheen the cat - NICE!

Which Queen song most reflects you? by joflo1331
Which of these most embody you or your life?
And the Queen ballad that you belong to is...Somebody To Love

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Sunday, July 31, 2011


Since I finally got my tags page to completely load, here are the stats for the six tags I used in every entry during the past six months and change:

Teunis: 1061 (840 in Blogger)
Visitors: 1131 (1073 in Blogger)
Johan Hedberg: 855
Peter: 1085
Winterlion: 1030
Houseguests: 686
(the last time I did this)

Silly Eric called me at 9:25 to see whether I was going to church today, hahaha - it was a nice day, and YAY CHILDREN! We discussed my "need" for a ride to Richmond later (Dylan? Deb? Jeremy Y.? Ivan?) - WHY THE HELL IS KOREY BACK IN TOWN EVEN IF HE'S MOVING FOUR HOURS NORTH OF POWELL RIVER?! (Diven later said he didn't want to disturb me, but I insisted upon knowing the truth as to why he recommended I stay inside for two days...) Also talked about my "return from being a hermit," marijuana, his not being on crack, going the long way, what I'd done yesterday, Christon's email about the fireworks and my feeling too old for them (what if Mr. Creep comes?! NOOOOOOO!), Spanish, and whether I was "drunk and crazy." Conversed about my grandma's opinion on snow, how late we were, it being better that I didn't know Korey's new location because of my mutterings about firebombs directed at slow traffic / murder, crazy shit going down, and more.

When we got into service (narrowly dodging Mr. Creep), Pastor Tom was telling us something about psychological disorders and narcissism. I wrote to Eric on my bulletin that I knew someone who suffered from that, and it sure wasn't Mr. Creep! (Eric had written on his bulletin to ask whether we were too close to Mr. Creep, heh) While I was writing my tag prompts on my bulletin, Eric wondered whether those were the ramblings of a crazy person! Then I learned that there would be no Adult Sunday School in August - wonder what we'll do then, haha. Eric told me that there was some good news even if I felt like I should have stayed home today, too: Korey's Greyhound bus was late, so he'd be staying for Sunday School! Then he wondered whether I was okay as I started laughing when Pastor Tom told us about killing and salt, hahaha - OF COURSE I AM!

After service, I said hi to Harmony... we both said hi to Grandma, who wanted to eat lunch with us. Too bad Jon and Harmony are tired from last night! I looked for Dylan and Deb, but they were nowhere to be found. Eric pointed out Natalie, but her brother Ivan had a full car, and Jeremy Y. had a meeting later - I went upstairs to see whether I could find Ian and Sean, saying hi to Benjamin and Stella on the way. I found them, so I waved hi to Sean (the autistic one didn't seem like he wanted to talk), while Ian said that they'd go home to Richmond after lunch. Since his parents John and Ada were downstairs, I returned to see them almost right away. They also had a full car because they didn't take the van to church today - crap!

Went into the fellowship hall to dodge Mr. Creep, nod hi to Gino, say hi to Dianne / Reigan / Jinny / Darren C., tell Eric of my findings, talk to Amanda about the fireworks, give the chocolate Easter eggs to Emily and Nina (who's thanked me via FB wall post already), and say hi to Mattias enjoying some watermelon! Calla and Stanford jokingly tried to steal his baby brother Marcus (who cried when we touched him) - even the grandmother (Auntie Catherine) gave tacit approval by moving out of Stanford's way! Apparently, Karen I. had a mother's instinct since she turned around when Stanford was a few feet from the door! Chung Yan was even FACING him, but he didn't do anything while Stanford moved toward the entrance! We wondered whether Marcus looked more like Chung or Karen, but figured that it would be better if he looked like Mommy, hahaha. Harmony, Jeremy, and I discussed Mark's whereabouts ("he's in Abbotsford seeing some girl") / texting / coffee to get rid of faded dye (as per Jeremy's grandparents) / blue dye fading to purple / the rainy weather (at least it DID clear up later!) / my demonstration of the NG LUNGPOWER by yelling "WHAT?!" when Jon asked what my reaction to his reasons why I wasn't at church was / tell Harmony about the fighting and "life and death."

When I went upstairs to the Toddler Sunday School, I saw Mattias (who cried when I took a Minnie Mouse phone away from him, but showed me lots of toy food with a smile) / Anastasia / Ada (who complained that hand sanitizer hurt) / David (who showed me his Batman toys) / Evelyn / Ramen (who showed me a drawing of Mickey Mouse) / Shira / Arthur / two new kids named Emma and Denise. Poured them water, looked after them with Auntie Bessy when Jessie had to leave early, looked out the window when Mattias noticed (Handydart) buses and trucks, admired their puzzle skills, and gave some stickers out. I saw Sean and Conor, who said that Anastasia was their cousin - I didn't know that! Got downstairs to find Eric waiting for me - on our way out, I told Nathan W. that I'd heard he'd had seaweed yesterday, and he did say he liked it! Eric and I discussed my being "drunk," my REALLY going to the closed liquor store / bars when Sunday School was in session, my staying inside ANYWAY for the next two days, Carmen, Geoffrey, Vivian, confronting Randal, decency, walkthroughs, FINAL FANTASY 7, "torture," feeling the need to do something, and other things. It's nice to have uninterrupted blogging time back once again. :D

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Banner and abuse nightmare, vocab compliments, periodic elements, and July 2011 BBT Tally

Mom and Dad got home at 11 last night, and gave me gumballs (wedding favors from Michael and Juliana's banquet) / Nesquik chocolate milk / jalapeno cheese slices. I also got an apricot, a nectarine, two walnut pastries, and a muffin from Grandma. Good thing that she forgot about two towels! At least the parents thanked me for spending all that time with her! She was still up with the (English) TV on since she's afraid of thieves getting in - she figures that they'll be deterred by noise. When her Chinese radio is on, it can be a bit louder than my OWN radio can get... Teunis should count himself lucky, haha! Dad drove me home, and my erstwhile housemate Teunis was at least right about the wireless network connecting automatically when I plugged it back in here from being out!

Why the fuck did I have a nightmare that involved Steve B., Candy B., free coffee, flying low over buildings with a lot of banners hung between them and construction, and my sister counselling a kid who was being secretly abused by his dad?! WHAT THE HELL, SUBCONSCIOUS?! Now I'm just having the muffin for breakfast while catching up! Two people on ONTD (whitegirlthin and nicolesnitchie) complimented me on my lexicon when I used the word "perforce" in reference to using Mom's desktop instead of the wireless connection at the townhouse, hahaha. Jon (who's playing piano) and Harmony called just now to wake me up - yeah, I'm awake, people! Harmony called me an ug, so I said that she's also an ug since she's MARRIED to one! CRAZY!

You Are Oxygen

You are highly observant. No detail slips past you.

You follow the rules - even if you don't particularly like them.

Beyond being a good leader, you are good at inspiring others. You push everyone you know to be a little better.

You are polite and courteous. You always mind your manners.


strawberry @ Big Orange (Wednesday, July 6)
pineapple-mango @ Big Orange (Wednesday, July 13)

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