Saturday, May 17, 2003

Ganesh and Vishnu

The wedding was very nice.. I liked the service. (it didn't really include an exhortation, as such.. might be one of those United Church things, though) Talked to Kenneth after the wedding: apparently, he wants all manner of.. different.. things at his wedding to make it more interesting. Ganesh on one side, Vishnu on the other (these Indian gods, one with six arms); fireworks, Roman candles, and firecrackers shooting out of a Chinese dragon's mouth (like the ones you see at Chinese New Year); a skylight in the church (otherwise those pyrotechnics could burn the ceiling of the church and be a real fire hazard); and clear windows to replace the stained-glass ones already in the church. After listening to all of that, I told Daisy (his girlfriend) that she'd better watch out if she wants to marry this dude. ;) She prefers not to listen.. which is probably just as well. (then again, Kenneth's always been lovably crazy :P)

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Is Alex going to be at his ex's wedding?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ADA.. I hope you have a good one today! :) All those church memories from a long time ago.. woohoo!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ARTHUR.. I hope you have an awesome one today! :) We had great chats, and I remember you fondly.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LILY.. I hope you have a good one today! :) Yup, I still remember your birthday.. even though you only went to our church for a very short time.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RENIT.. I hope you have a great one today! :) School memories.. I remember when I thought your name was Irene.. oops. You, Nick, and me in Math class.. woohoo!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ROANNA.. I hope you have a really awesome one today! :) Definitely have great church memories of Gloria, Kent, you, Nina, and Vicson.. yay!

Going to a wedding today.. that should cover me for food. ;) I'm very happy for Lauren and Warren, of course. Now, is her ex Alex going to be there? Hmm.. guess we shall see. But the happiness and fun times should be all good..

Edit: No, I'm not going to make any predictions as to what kind of wedding drinks I'll consume at the banquet. Contrary to what certain people think, I am NOT an alkie at these events! Aiyoh.. maybe I'll probably stick to wine, though.

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Friday, May 16, 2003

People Who Have Given Me Cards That I've Kept

I'm in a nostalgic mood again, like I was last week with all the scrapbook posts. This time, I'll spare my readership and only do one post like this per day till I'm done.. I hope. :P

These posts are about the cards received from various people over the years. I still have them, of course... this is just to memorialize them online, heh. I'm just putting what they actually wrote in the cards.

This post will just cover a list of all the people who have given me cards that I've kept.

A tally of all the people who have given me cards that I've kept

Belinda L.: 1
Eric Bin: 1
Frances Chan: 2
Serena C.: 1
Elaine Litchfield: 1
Reisa N.: 1
Carina N.: 1
Leni R.: 5
Lisa Vanderstelt: 1
Mimosa C.: 1
Parents: 14
Megan C.: 1
Erin C.: 5
Erin's parents: 1
Serena's parents: 2
Auntie Bessy C.: 1
Wendy Lim: 4
Elaine Marr: 3
Uncle Richard and Auntie Gloria T.: 6
Anita C.: 3
Joshua Fellowship: 2
Vernon C.: 3
David Lee, Sophia M., Teresa C., Anita C., David Marr, Vernon C., Alex L., Frances Marr, Lily L., Frances Chan, Karen Choo, Lauren C., Jenny S., and Lesley C.: 1
Anita C., Esther C., Billy L., and Tony L.: 1
Connie Lucas: 11
David Marr: 2
Frances Marr: 2
Rich N.: 2
Don and Susan C.: 3
Lesley C.: 6
Karen, Kelvin, and Kenneth K.: 3
David Lee: 1
Vania S.: 8
Teresa Chan: 2
Wayne, Susan, Vivian, and Karen L.: 2
Winnie S.: 3
Daniel T. and Alexandra C.: 1
Uncle Cho Kai, Auntie Anna, Mimosa, Tilia, and Ficus C.: 1
Uncle Reuben and Auntie Christine C.: 2
Lily L.: 1
Sohan M.: 1
Karen Lee-Harris: 2
Irene L.: 2
Susan Ng: 1
Uncle Tom and Auntie Allyn T.: 1
Hansel and Cathy W.: 1
Ken and Hia Wong: 1
Stella W.: 1
Alex L., Lauren C., Anita C., Daniel T., and Teresa C.: 1
Rie N. and Yumi N.: 1
Karen Choo: 7
Belinda and Byron L.: 1
Daryl L.: 3
Pat Lew: 1
Rick, Wai-Mui, and Hannah W.: 1
Jason Yeasting: 1
Helen Kwan: 1
Joy Moon: 1
Eva C. and Dorothy H.: 2
Tilia C.: 1
Helen Chen: 1
Esther C.: 1
Lauren C.: 2
Newspaper delivery: 1
Bentley and Lynn Leong: 1
Natalie K.: 3
Dawn and Geoffrey W.: 1
Kelvin Chan: 2
Ellen C.: 2
Shirley C.: 3
Sarah and Hannah L.: 1
Denise and Julie M.: 1
Elizabeth M.: 3
Elizabeth and James M.: 8
Nina S.: 5
Dawn W.: 4
Mike Wu: 1
Andrea T.: 9
Lynn L.: 4
Alex L.: 3
Billy and Stella L.: 2
Jenny S., Esther C., Connie S., Chung Yan I., and Karen Choo: 1
Larry and Sandra C.: 2
Yazmine L.: 7
Denise, Brian, and Julie M.: 6
Yumi N.: 1
Auntie Catherine I.: 2
Mel and Frances M.: 2
Dennis W.: 1
Lydia L.: 1
Denise and Brian M.: 1
Fidela C.: 1
Jon N., Nathan T., and Desmond Chan: 1
Alan Q.: 1
Shannon Norman: 7
Auntie Betty, Dawn, and Geoffrey W.: 1
Jenny S.: 1
Sarah L.: 1
Dawn's family: 1
Jocelyn W.: 1
Chrystal C., Calla S., and Emily C.: 1
Nathan T.: 5
Daniel T. and Michelle W.: 1
Vanessa C.: 2
Winnie, Jenny, and Connie S.: 1
Dianne and Cindy F.: 10
Tim and Maxine F.: 3
Billy L., Stella L., Helen C., Sophia L., and Winnie S.: 1
Uncle Y.C., Auntie Catherine, Chung Yan, and Chung Ming I.: 5
Eddie L. and Eunice T.: 1
Mark H.: 1
Cindy Yang: 2
Karen Chan and Jason Yeasting: 1
Minli L.: 1
Becky L.: 2
Cheri N. and Bob Kew: 1
Steph N.: 4
Phil Y., Melia Y., Chrystal C., and Emily C.: 2
Ivan and Karen C.: 1
Rick and Nina S.: 1
Mark H. and Joe Y.: 1
Larry, Sandra, and Joshua C.: 1
Lisa Truttman (Wolfie): 1
Lee and Lily L.: 1
Lauren and Warren T.: 2
Emily (romanticanarchy): 1
Dan Franzen: 2
Vivian and Karen L.: 3
Candy B.: 10
Cindy Fang: 1
Alyssa C.-T.: 1
Steve and Carol B. (Viper and Nutty): 5
Joe Yu: 1
Morgaine A. (youarethemusic): 1
Amber K. (randomlancila): 2
Marie (cheerygemini): 1
Carmina N.G. (on_the_ground): 4
Amy Stead (amy_star_): 2
Aaron Adams (declared_insane): 1
Darren Morrison (dfrancis): 3
Mary O'Malley (maryomalley): 1
Kelvin and Evelyn K.: 1
Ethan Ho: 1
Mike, Amanda, and Ethan H.: 1
Melia Y.: 2
Danny and Helen K.: 1
Joe T. and Helen C.: 1
Chrystal and Emily C.: 1
Vivian L.: 1
John and Sophia L.: 2
Citrus W. and Danielle L.: 3
Eric Ho: 3
Jessica Lai: 1
Kathy Adams (sadsong): 1
Misty (mistyf2003): 1
John Abbott (snooooopy): 6
Sara Bond (adrianaslyth): 1
Heather (gypsydove): 1
Carolee Reynolds (theonewhospeaks): 1
Lizzie Hartman (lizzie9208): 1
Andie Benson (mangoes): 1
Farrah Fong (lilaznffairy421): 3
Maryann: 2
Eric M.'s family: 1
Christine Bogart (occipitaldruid): 2
David Sinrilus (omni_sinrilus): 1
Dave He: 2
KQ (sjenkins): 1
Christon S.: 7
Sheena and Chalaine S.: 2
Nathan T., Danielle L., and Citrus W.: 1
Randal C.: 6
Charlotte G.-C. (charshark): 3
Julie S. (julie709): 6
Jasmine Cochlin (surrey_sucks): 2
Danny, Helen, and Nicholas K.: 1
David, Rosenda, and Ian M.: 1
Kim Imke (kimmers_81): 1
Sara Wills (sparkle_bint): 2
Kelli E. (): 7
Melissa Sims (): 1
Yolande H. (): 2
Cecelia (): 1
Brynn Kennedy (irishvampire13): 1
Stephanie Gates (pandorabox82): 1
Shannon S. (tearfulgoodbyes / __shae / a_brandnewme): 1
April Lynn (angeldrummer7): 1
Katya Zykova (katzk): 1
Courtney Ritchie (bjornskjold): 1
Ana Coil (glamourcorpse): 2
Kira Botkin (kazulanth): 1
Amy Ye (exclamation_pnt): 1
Sheryll T. (sheryll): 4
Stasia Smith (stasia): 1
Pat Bisceglia: 1
Caitlyn O'Connor (anas_dance): 1
Auntie Esther Tse: 2
Clara: 1
Rachel Bennett (cynicalsiren): 1
Nyssa E. (giggles_19): 2
Daphne Bekiari (sinjah): 1
Sarah G. (Tonks): 3
Billy, Stella, and Benjamin L.: 1
Jon and Steph N.: 1
Kevin L.: 1
Auntie Fonda L., Auntie Tracy S., and Vania S.: 1
Eric M.: 3
Jen: C. 1
Mike T., Emily C., and Chrystal C.: 1
Deborah Goldman (depine1pssets / devils_sidekick): 1
Taru Rouvinen (tarutar): 1
Natalie H. (chibi_blackie): 2
Kaitlin Olson (_rck / triptastic / samoth / norsk / lordworm / deathwhispered / oligarchist / opaeth / nun / deformed_foetus): 2
Matt Kirk (jarethshair): 1
Alessandra Poletti (dru_it): 3
Jamie Reiter (corporatebeach): 1
Denise Morris (rostand): 1
Lyndsey Nicholson (fenellaevangela): 1
Samara Mondor (mystic_notions): 2
Jenessa Serna (cuteapple): 1
Kristin Brenemen (wyldkyss): 1
Marilynn S. (_angel_of_nite_ / headless_maids / mini_m00se2531): 2
Marie Smith (reebee): 6
Jenna M. (jennaxrose): 1
Billy Schmalfeldt (fdolarhyde13): 1
Janina P. (pinkfloyd63 / mrshannibal): 13
Harmony H.: 2
Dylan L.: 1
Anita C. and Jeff W.: 1
Sheena S.: 1
Chris Hoskins (dingo727): 1
Kitty B. (bornwitch / dutch_kitty): 3
Amy Capuano (letmypidgeonsgo>): 1
Jennifer T. (tehgreenfairy): 4
Sandra Therrell (thepooloftears): 1
David Fellowship: 1
Andrea T. and Chuck W.: 1
Eric Ho and Fay Q.: 1
Vivian S.: 3
Uncle Y.C., Auntie Catherine, Chung Yan, and Karen I.: 1
Irene Wolfson (sweetkitty): 1
Jennifer Houle (poeticgoddss): 1
Ana Rodrigues (daphne486): 1
Timothy Fellowship: 1
Savina Kalanj (bodha): 2
Gena Sturrock (dont_deny_me): 2
Ginny Frey (ginnyjf): 1
Kimberly Welsh (mo_love_99): 1
Winnie, Kenny, and Megan T.: 1
Christina: 1 (a random holiday_wishes person)
Mandy D.-R. (a_phoenixdragon): 1
Kadri Korp (bad_habit): 2
Hannah L.: 1
Citrus W., Danielle L., and Vanessa C.: 1
Billie E. and parents: 1
Teunis Peters (winterlion): 1
Amanda R. (zuridea): 1
Greg and Audrey E. (gi_janearng): 2
Sara H. (thegirlsheriff): 1
Shi Ikeda (mypetconcubine): 1
Heather Lacitignola (mileena): 1
Jonne Bunny (jonne_bunny): 1
Alexis Fraser (fraserette): 1
Katie J. (touchofgr3y): 1
Diane Stoddard (the_fuzzy_bunny): 1
Krista K. (geek_dragon): 1
Becca Cerrito (heyfashion): 1
Casey (chickabimbo): 1
Heather Parris (swingthevote): 1
Jane Knox (justsurvive): 1
Deb L.: 1
Sheryll T. and Nyssa E. (sheryll / giggles_19): 1
Heather Coursey (catgoddess): 1
Jon N. and Harmony H.: 3
Ben and Erin C.: 1
Andy and Megan K.: 1
Paul Regan (sherbetsaucers): 1
Shelley Shearer (always_bryn): 1
Christy Curro (snoopdawg): 1
Jillian Richard {priestessdiary}: 1
Karen L. and Lincoln L.: 2
Deb and Dylan L.: 1
Chrystal C.: 1
April Woychyshyn (abw92): 2
Karla Macanuel: 1
Dylan, Deb, and Declan L.: 1
Stanford H. and Calla S.: 1
Dawn and Eni M.: 1
Steph and Lisa N.: 2

Number of people: 325 (97 male, 222 female, 6 organization)
Number of cards: 568

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Mom's so clueless that it's funny!

My mum just walked by and heard an ICQ message notification (from Corey.. I don't talk to the dude enough :P) coming from the computer. Her reaction: "What? Someone's coming over?!?" Hahahaha.. no. (that would be "ding-dong," NOT "uh-oh!") Yes, I did tell her what it was.. but her cluelessness was pretty funny. (as it is most times ;) )

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Good taste in movies, the career I'm meant for, what kind of mom I'll be, and more!

Okay taste. Not as good as MINE but not terrible, either.
No, your taste in movies isn't too bad. I might still go see something with you, or rent what you recommend to me.
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police / law enforcement
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That's what my sister wants to be...

2nd What kind of mom will you be quiz...

uptight mom - just chill a little... a sneeze shouldn't mean a trip to the hospital... and a kiss goodnight from a boy doesn't mean you need to get her birth control!!!
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What's funny is that I put jumbled keystrokes to answer the question, hahaha!

you're fierce
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what's your next girlfriend's / boyfriend's name going to be

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What Star are you?

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Uh, sure... I had no idea WHAT this quiz was talking about anyhow!

She is the reason for the saying "big things come in small packages." She is really sweet, but if you take her big-ass sunglasses, she'll kick your ass! (I would know)
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Oh dear... several interesting choices there!

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Man, that does sound interesting. Too bad I'm not Irish, though!

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Random Name and Title Generator / 80's Music Quiz

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HARMONY.. I hope you have a really good one today! :) Definitely remember all your food allergies (peanut butter, chocolate, milk, nuts, etc.), and that you were great friends with my sister in kindergarten and Gr. 1 or so.. and again in high school in Gr. 9 or 10.

This generator gives you a shiny new name and "noble" title to go along with it. It's pretty cool and all..

Random Title and Name Generator

Even when I'd clearly marked down "female" in the sex field, it sometimes turned me into a GUY!

Sometimes it would insert random middle names into my title, even when I'd given it no middle names to start with.

And sometimes.. it gave me things I just did not like.

But here are a few that I did like:

You shall henceforth be known as:

Warden of Beef Jerky, Flami Nina Brolx

Warning: Not a substitute for the Federal Witness Protection Program.

Agent of People Who Say "Turn That Frown Upside Down", Ms. Subroutine Ragnar Hamsterette

We'll bring you the thrill of victory, the agony of defeat, and because we've got soccer highlights, the sheer pointlessness of a zero-zero tie.

Associate Goddess-In-Training of Silly People Who Don't Like Using Calculators, Alena Y. Perez

The Monkey-Man will MAKE you believe!

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Thursday, May 15, 2003

Yanking teeth out, forked tongues

Went for sushi last night.. it wasn't bad at all. Especially since I'd been craving some sushi since last week.. woohoo!

Oh, and for those of you who are wondering about my MSN name of "yankin' me teeth out with pliers".. please rest assured I'm not actually doing that. (I would never do so) It's a song reference.. go Google "Crash Test Dummies He Liked To Feel It."

Yesterday, I saw a picture in the paper of some dude with a forked tongue. Now, we've all heard of the dude on the Internet whose tongue actually IS like this.. has pictures up somewhere and such. But this is a 19-year-old New Yorker who had his tongue split with a piercer after doctors refused to do it. As you can imagine, it looks pretty gross.

Oh, and thanks to the people who came along to entertain me yesterday.. you're golden.

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Wednesday, May 14, 2003

I need entertainment!

I'm bored as all get out now..
I had Cerowyn entertain me for a bit..
but that was only for about an hour or so..

so come along and bug me NOW..
coz.. in a couple of hours, I'll be outta here..
ya won't have the chance again till who knows when..

(yup.. sounds like someone else's thoughts.. but they're certainly all mine, too :P)

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Vernon helping me with a P2?

well.. I might get a P2 (my dad's old computer).. that is, if I ever get up the nerve to ask Vernon about transferring all the stuff on this computer to the other one.. and transferring the computer over here.. it'll certainly be a step up from this 486 that I got soon after moving in.. (thanks, David!)

don't know when I will ask him, though.. heck, I was in his car for half an hour the other day (and STILL didn't even ask, aiya!).. eh, maybe this weekend or something (might include it in his birthday card, hehehe).. and no, it's NOT related to man issues.. I've known him for at least 15+ years, so I'm definitely comfortable with him as a good friend of mine.. you bet!

so if Vernon's reading this.. any chance you can do it?

(yup.. this is absolutely THE most indirect way to ask someone for a favor that I've ever heard of.. :P)

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Celebrating Mum's birthday... eek!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ALEX.. I hope you have a really good one today! :) Sure wonder what became of you.. the memories are all good, though!

Shortly after I posted that last entry, my sister called to tell me that we had to celebrate my mum's birthday.. um, woohoo? Not that I'm really averse to celebrating it or anything like that, but I was kind of hoping for a quiet day spent by myself. (my first reaction: "do we HAVE to make THAT big a deal out of her being 55?"). Being with family won't be TOO bad.. but we have to eat dinner at 9:15 or 9:30. That is not exactly when I usually eat dinner. Guess I will have to change the way I do things just for tomorrow.. AIYA. (yup.. you guessed it.. I dislike changing the way I do things)

I definitely hope my sister won't try to hold hands round the table, or that my mum won't try to sing. Being in public is no bar to them doing embarrassing things, you see. Oh well, if they do happen to do these things.. I have a secret weapon: laughing out loud for no reason in a hysterical fashion. ;) (actually, no.. I won't do that.. I'll just look at my watch a zillion times and hope the evening ends very quickly) Don't know if I'm looking forward to it.. too much family time can't be good. :P

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Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Taking things way too seriously

Okay, so apparently everyone took the "bug me now!" directive way too close to heart. Currently.. I'm trying to juggle five IM conversations (Spocko / Kody / Sarah Moore / Greg / John Manos), posting here and on the UB, and checking out other sites for people. Aiya! (oh well, at least I'm not bored.. guess that's a good thing :P)

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Finished diary changeover bollocks!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BRYANT.. I hope you have a really great one today! :) All those memories.. church, bubble tea, spicy stuff, video games, food, that Gloucester Café food combo, Photo Hunt, etc. I definitely hope to see you around sometime!

finally finished the "diary changeover stuff"..
was going at it hardcore all day,
the only extended break I took?
going to Tim and Maxine's earlier tonight..

so now, you can bug me if you wish..
I won't be quite so preoccupied..
(or hopefully not, anyways..)

now, all I have to do is eat..
eh.. maybe when I get up..
but it feels GOOD to be done! :)

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Monday, May 12, 2003

Tallying and calculating

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PHIL.. I hope you have a great one today! :) It's been good knowing you all these years in church.. choir memories rule!

if you find it hard to track me down online in the next couple of days or so..
don't think the worst..
more than likely, I'm tallying / calculating / writing things down..
all the usual "diary changeover" bollocks, y'know ;)

but if you want to talk to me, go ahead..
I'll more than likely be not too far away from the computer..
(except maybe for tomorrow night.. I just might be at Tim and Maxine's, then.. )
heck, you'll provide a nice distraction.. ;)

this is what is known as fair warning..
I am NOT responsible if you don't read this..
so there! :P

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Sunday, May 11, 2003

Josh Adams' odd intrigue

Hmm.. again, only one hilarious quote this week..


"You know, I had to scroll a bit to see the entirety of that status message. You had me oddly intrigued when I could only read, 'I eat dic..' " -- Josh, trying to twist my YM status messages (as per the usual when he sees me log on). (Wednesday, May 7) [for the record, the entirety of that one read: "I eat dictionaries" .. and NOT something else! :P]

anyone taking bets on how many will appear next week, with a wedding / banquet to liven things up? ;)

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Mother's Day

Mother's Day today.. woohoo. We are going to have the cheesecake as part of breakfast.. what can I say, my brother came home too late to surprise Mum with it. (yup, I'm REALLY going to get her out of bed at 1 AM to surprise her with a heart-shaped cake.. NOT!) It'll be the usual Sunday stuff going on anyhow, since we usually go out for lunch on Sunday. But no gwei loh places for us, since we'll have Grandma with us.. and she doesn't like non-Chinese food all that much. Never mind what my sister was half-joking about earlier: "Oh, she'll agree to almost anything if Jon's with us.. 'oh, no gwei loh food.. wait! Jonathan's with us? Okay.. let's go to White Spot for lunch, then.. my treat.' Maybe she'll say that!" Somehow, I don't think that'll work.. even with the old Chinese lady favoring grandsons because they're boys. ;) Ah well, Chinese food is fine.

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