Saturday, August 18, 2007

Pepsi cans! WHEE!

Hey, this is interesting. Jamie sent me this virtual gift with this note: "PEPSI! How they expect anyone to get caffeine nowadays, pleh?!" Then hellsings_home sent me another virtual gift with this note: "This is to apologise for not being as "active" about your journal as I was before. XD I think you'll like to send them around yourself. ^^;;"
(free sponsored gifts are cool, haha)

What will you get busted for?
You'll be busted for ... breaking and entering into a toy store
'What will you get busted for?' at

What is your special ability?
Your special ability is ... being able to kill someone with one punch
'What is your special ability?' at

HAHAHA. Sweetest result EVER! :D

How long until you get married?
You will get married ... 11 to 15 years from now
'How long until you get married?' at


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The first tie in 13 years, bubble tea, changes, and more!

I was really late in meeting Eric because of the bus route changes due to construction. So annoying! We discussed my socks, BC Lions football, how it's my fault that everything goes wrong (whatever!), his repetition of things a few times in a row, and a Pho dinner. It was really busy at the bank, so Dylan and he decided to do things another time. At Pho, we met Jen / Karen C. / Stanley - it was an interesting discussion! We did get into the endearments we called our guys. Karen thinks BABE is cute! Jen can't use "sweetheart" since "sweetie" is pretty damn close, and Karen has a bunch of public / private nicknames: she can use "wife" on Ivan once to see his reaction, haha. Discussed SLB last night, vegetables, TRANSFORMERS / RATATOUILLE / SPIDER-MAN / BATMAN, Greg's picture (rugged longshoreman type), how Korey liked last weekend, when Jen would get to meet him (maybe at my birthday thing!), lots of red sauce, limes, my having Karen's carrot soup, and Stanley wanting a $3000 guitar.

Went to church and saw Karen Lew - SHE IS BACK! Sheena said that she heard a lot from Karen Choo last weekend about my boyfriend, so she hugged me while telling me how happy she was. She'll probably get to meet him next month. Went downstairs and talked to Randal a bit about last night, before we started worship and Bible Study. I was pre-occupied thinking about the memories of last week, and Chuck teased me about it while we exchanged phone numbers. Andrea knew he was being goofy, for sure. Yeah, you'll meet the guy too if you're free whenever I schedule my birthday thing! Jeremy made some neat art out of his styrofoam plate, we learned Frances is four months pregnant (can't even really TELL that she's due in January!), Jen offered her house as backup for the "beach / barbecue / beer" outing (which Dylan can't make it to because of a conference his friends are attending - I must buy chips), and Andrea was amused at what Auntie Beatrice thought would be a good workshop - yes, let's all talk about marriage! Jeremy asked what kind of marriage they'd be discussing... what do you THINK, dude? Teresa asked us her usual round of questions - not sure what K would have made of her, but sooner or later he'll be asked those too!

After Fellowship, I went upstairs when I sensed the other group was done. I wrote a few birthday cards since Jon had given them back to me after Committee meeting, and gave them to Vanessa (for Pat) / Cindy / Darren, who also got his sister Erin's card. Karen and Darren were hitting each other with the cards, while Vania looked on in great amusement. He was trying to tell her that she missed a lot while she was gone (like the grad banquet), and I jumped in with: "Yeah... you totally missed the chance to meet my new boyfriend!" She asked his name, and I told her - guess she'll have to meet him next month, too. Then Darren tried making a new girlfriend up too, but didn't do so well when Karen asked what her name was... let's hope he doesn't bring home an Irish lass because his mom wouldn't be too happy! Eventually, it was time for Dragon Ball - I said hi to Mike, Chrystal, Citrus, Christon, and a restless Angus. Steph asked where Eric was, so I went downstairs - he was with Karen Choo, discussing Fellowship money matters. I told him to hurry up since we were going to Dragon Ball, and then shushed Dylan who was going on about stuff with Jeremy and Jon. Me, I don't mind loitering... but there gets to be a time when enough is enough!

At Dragon Ball, we discussed mango-red bean (mine), taro-Horlicks-Ovaltine (Jon's), and supreme milk tea (Christon's, which I must try)! Karen had a bunch of pics on her digicam, Dylan didn't know why he was looking at a Swarovski crystal catalog, people misheard Christon's "eight maybes" (for the corn maze outing) as "eight babies" (who in the fellowship has eight babies?!), and Steph refrained from bubble tea because she's trying to get in shape for RCMP stuff. We also discussed the 45-45 TIE in the football game, China, budgeting, and a bunch of other things - $3000 is a CAR, maybe... but a guitar? Oh, Stanley... we forget he's only going into Grade 11 as a junior Daniel Fellowship member!

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Friday, August 17, 2007

Dream: Netspeak and clouds on signs!

I'm sitting here eating potato salad and feeling a bit sad. But then, what else is new? Things had better be okay on the Hydro Flame Planet by the time I leave tonight - if not, at least Fellowship will provide a distraction! I think this is a familiar ache, however; it reminds me of a few years ago, in fact. Yes, I need to hear someone's voice and talk to him since it'll be reassuring! Unlike last time, I won't call a lot just to hear the voicemail message because those pauses are ANNOYING and I don't wish to disturb K with too many calls. Maybe one more call now since I did say I'd call him today (on Eric's advice) - but I'm done after that. I've already called him once, and that should be enough. I don't think he'll break up with me, but my irrational self HAS entertained that prospect... NO!

I had one of those weird dreams last night, too... since I always have odd ones, I can't blame it on the monstrous dinner we had! Note to self: There's another dinner with Erin's family at the townhouse on the 23rd, which is next Thursday. It'll be good to see Erin one last time! Dream details to follow.... no idea where the heck this came from!

* Anita in a black cop's uniform, also five months pregnant
* Sophia trying to protect Anita and Jeff from being gunned down by these anti-cop people
* everyone getting into a shootout, which resulted in the anti-cop people dying
* my being in Grade 7 again and living on a Julia St. in a brown house
* said street had a square green sign at the corner, featuring a Rejected-style cloud with "ROFL" underneath
* I expressed horror at living on a street whose signs boasted Netspeak
* I went with a group of "children" (really, my friends at younger ages) to a convention where they tried indoctrinating us with Netspeak - we were successful in avoiding it
* K showed up and proceeded to chastise us for not accepting the new wave in chat style, but we stood our ground and managed to defeat him with dragon laser beams

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Thursday, August 16, 2007

You want to combine avocado and kumquat at Dragon Ball after Shanghai Wonderful?! EW!

In the Bookworm game I've been playing for the last few days (Level 56 so far!), I find it amusing that the first two words in the four-letter bonus word category are homonyms. AILS and ALES, indeed... :D

Randal parked at the wrong end of the apartment complex, but we managed to find each other all right. Seems he got confused by the Pepsi vending machine, haha. We got to Shanghai Wonderful, where Randal waved to Eric - Diven didn't seem to recognize the red Hyundai Accent, but he was probably preoccupied with finding a parking spot in the tiny space. (the two of us ended up in a pay parking lot [halfsies] - some others parked at the mall instead!) I was pleasantly surprised to see Adela, Ivan, and Stanley join us... but Nathan said that Dawn and Jen sold out on the group! Danielle's in another province, and Jeremy was at band practice... apparently, Joey also changed his mind about coming!

We all laughed when Erin phoned Steph to tell her how disappointed everyone was because she wasn't there - you'd have pictures for sure if that happened! Various "Richmond is the best!" jokes were thrown around, mainly for Eddie's benefit.... Eunice will tell him what we want him to hear, haha. Eddie said that he liked SLB - just not the juice inside! I had to correct him and say that it was SOUP! I think we ordered at least 11 SLB steamers (the quality's just as good - if not better), while Christon asked Stanley what various things on the menu were. We also had surfboard noodles, a BIG plate of mu shu pork (Christon: "That and half the noodles for the wrap were totally unnecessary!"), some Chinese wrap things, crispy fried rice, two vegetable plates (Nathan: "Hey, we have to POO later!"), duck, mushrooms, and other things. We also tried ordering fried green onion pancake, but they didn't have any - apparently, that's only for dim sum. LAME!

One of the main topics of discussion was the 35-steamer night from February... Tony was a BEAST! Yes, we had a tally sheet that time! After that, at least a few of us felt like we were on drugs because of the mass amounts of MSG / pork that we ingested with our dinner. Stanley said that might rival the time he had two Bon's breakfasts at once - SO GREASY, IS MY STOMACH GONNA EXPLODE?! He also said that Joyce would be a natural for these outings since she can outeat all the guys at dim sum! I've heard tales of her eating prowess before from Steph, so I can believe it! He told me that Jeremy was the first white guy he'd known who was more Chinese than white: "he's an EGG!" Hahaha, so true! We also discussed smashing Jeremy's old non-working guitar for a church fundraiser - maybe we can even get someone to volunteer to have it hit against their head, haha.

Then the discussion turned to DISGUSTING bubble tea combos at Dragon Ball, and incorporating durian into various things to make them taste "better." Adela didn't think much about that, and neither did I! Jon kept saying that we'd convert, but I don't think so! While discussing these hilarious concepts, we were easily the loudest table in the place! Stanley had tried guilinggao-peppermint last night, Christon still maintains that the Oreo cookie-guilinggao-green lotus combo he got for Jon recently was the most disgusting EVER, and Eric said we could get Ovaltine and Oreo cookie! Eunice said maybe Ovaltine and Horlicks could work, and apparently Jon had a four-flavor combo last night involving avocado and kumquat. He told Erin that the Dragon Ball lady would look at her funny if she ordered something weird, but Erin could just point to him and things would be good since they KNOW Jon orders interesting stuff! Jon even said that we could go for Dragon Ball afterwards, but we managed to dissuade him after one look at the huge mu shu pork plate! Stanley said that he could take home some leftovers since his dad needs lunch tomorrow, but I ended up with all of them. It's like when Jon was in Toronto and ended up with a lot of stuff because he was a student!

I managed to catch up with Adela for a bit after she mentioned a client who wanted to insure his violin and bow which was worth half a million dollars! She's also in a long-distance relationship (one year and three months!) with a guy named Frederick in Hong Kong; they met through a high school friend. Hers is worse than mine in terms of distance! Erin later tried to determine the mock Bible verse we'd made up that one time at Shanghai Wind, but none of us who were there could remember! Then Jon joked that Nathan could have all-you-can-eat SLB at his wedding reception / banquet along with all-you-can-drink vodka... that set off another hilarious tangent about weird music that's only good for the first five seconds, plus using a straw to drink out of a huge SLB. When Eddie took a dough wrap, he discovered that it had a hole in the middle! Very weird, so we joked about quality control and finding weird stuff inside China products like cardboard and lead! We also had a multi-spout pitcher of water, which Eddie found hilarious!

Erin asked Randal whether he was the president of the David Fellowship, which earned her a blank look and LOTS OF LAUGHTER from at least half the table! Stanley said that she just got OWNED, and Jon made jokes about how Dylan bought air time for commercials on PRAISE 106.5 when Chuck Swindoll had his program - no Florida recounts here! Talked about Fellowship programs - if my potato salad buying was for naught, I'll not be impressed! Later, Erin told us that her dad had been unpleasantly surprised when twenty people came over yesterday: "Brenda, this food isn't something you'd serve them... just get pizza!" "Eric, we can add cream of mushroom soup and stuff to the rice and things first!" Stanley, on this rather interesting way of serving food: "Erin, remind me never to go to your house for dinner!" Hahaha, we had a good amusing time out!

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There is much killing to be done here...

More things than usual make me think of GWAR. Certain comments, children, death threats (see subject line), and the shuffle on Winamp will all do it for me! On another note, I'm glad I reversed my stance on something. Hopped into the shower to do more thinking, and then called my brother to bug him about the August birthday cards after that. Then I saw a call from K on my phone - meh, I'll catch him later! Randal just called from Richmond Centre, so he'll be here soon. YAY FOR FRIENDS! :D

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Nathan is very, very wise...

"Eat strategically," he says. That is very good preparation advice for an SLB night! Late lunches are NOT ALLOWED! All I had were two chicken Alfredo Bistro rolls, anyhow. Thank goodness he also attempted to talk sense to Galan, since of course we can't accommodate EVERYONE! Having a second night would be more ideal, haha - and if he can't make it to that one, that's his own problem then! :P

Feelings = better! Always a good thing... can't wait for SLB-induced happiness to take over. Mmm, pork.... :D

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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Getting pissed off?! HAHAHA.

Hilarious quote of the night: "Now I'm pissed off that you won't let me get pissed off, but I CAN'T get pissed off since you said so. But that makes me even more pissed off, and I think this cycle will end with something exploding or a paradox that causes the end of the entire multiverse... and it's all your fault! You like killing everyone in every parallel dimension on all the billions of planets in the universe? You sick, sick person! I just hope some alien race out there detects this and has time travel technology to go back in time and slap you upside the head before causing this."

Right... I don't think so, even if they use time travel. It may send them to an alternate but nearly identical dimension.. hopefully, that still works in my friend's opinion. Just reminds me of GWAR's The Obliteration of Flab Quarv 7! (they were supposed to destroy 6 according to the navigator, but got 7 instead :P)

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The bus stops can CHANGE, Grandma... aiyoh!

The bus was late, but I still managed to meet my grandma, as impatient as she was to get into the bank and start counting her money / viewing the contents of her safe-deposit box. Mom just wanted her to wait, which she complained about afterwards. If they hadn't waited, I would have had no idea where they were! She's also stingy, but that's because she probably calculated the cost of Chinese lunch / mango bubble tea at Flaming Wok (good stuff, if a bit thick) / strawberries and nugget potatoes at Richmond Farm Market. Heck, she even balked at paying a quarter for hot water at Flaming Wok - uh, they have to buy the cups somehow? I had to go to A&W to get some, which was free! While I was at the mall, I finally got my glasses straightened at Eyeworks - if K wants to try them on again, they'll be less crooked and a bit cleaner too! Haha, I thought of calling Eric in to take a picture, but there will be other times for that! (K wanted us to go to the photo booth at the bus depot, but we had the luggage to watch...)

Grandma asked whether my "friend" was in Calgary: no, he's in Kamloops. Then she asked whether he'd bought me any presents: not as such if you discount meals / cabs, but he was briefly entertaining the idea of winning me a stuffed animal from the game machine at Denny's! (I didn't tell her that since I lack the Chinese skills for it) Denny's isn't ghetto, despite my brother's taste - if you want ghetto, I can recall a trip to the Vector offices of Cutco knives! Thanks, Erin! After the "no" answer, she commented about how he should have paid for his portion of lunch on Sunday because my parents were obviously treating gwei jie. (Eric) I've learned to ignore such comments since she just wants to have something to say. A bit later, she referred to K as my boyfriend for the first time (possibly because she'd been talking about how Harmony phones Jon a lot) while asking what his name was. She actually made a pretty good try at "Korey," so I'm surprised. Then she asked about his last name, which she refused to even ATTEMPT. It might be hard for her even if it is relatively common. Asked whether we'd met through the computer: she's forgotten the answer to that, so I told her that Eric had introduced us. She wondered whether we'd known each other for a year... no, just since June!

Went to the townhouse very briefly, which caused her confusion when the bus stops had been changed around. You can tell when I'm getting impatient with her and the language barrier because I start talking to her in my usual rapid-fire English (which she can't understand) in an exasperated tone, haha. Grandma: "But that's the bus stop I usually take! See? There's a BENCH! The sign says 407!" Me, in Chinese: "That's not the stop anymore. *switches to English* The sign is to tell people that the stop's changed... there's construction and the route isn't what you're used to. Come ON... I know the stop is this way! And no, the bench a block away at the restaurant we went to last week is not a stop, either!" Had a Revello popsicle while at the townhouse and talking to my parents about money / Korey / cell phones and plans / taking Uncle Eugene out for a meal since he was fixing Dad's computer.

My parents drove me home before they went out, where I found an email from Nathan saying that SLB is reserved for tomorrow night, along with a hilarious primer on how to pronounce his last name with OOMPH. Alan had replied to that to insist that next week would STILL work out for everyone as a better timeslot. Live with it, Galan! Andrew had also messaged me on MSN to ask when the "regular season" of Awana would start in September. Even if he was still on when I saw the message, I wouldn't have been able to tell him! That is actually something I'd also like to know, along with whether any Richmond people have signed up! Before I go check Facts About Multiples and possibly label more Blogger posts (no GJ RQ!), I'll leave you with parental tidbits:

Dad's idea of relationship advice: "He's going into pharmacy? He'll be so busy that he won't have as much time to talk to you!" (we'll work something out!)

Mom's idea of the same thing: "See what happens when you relocate to Kamloops! Oh, and you should be careful since I don't want you to get hurt: whites, blacks, and Mexicans love wholeheartedly - they might not be in it for a long time, though!" (K just called, so I scooped him on the contents of this post - and he says I don't have to worry about that! :P)

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You snooze, you lose!

Last night, I called my brother to bug him about the late August birthday cards - I knew I should have written something in them before handing them off to him! We also discussed those breakfast locations (which would trump Denny's in his opinion), cabs (NOT high-maintenance!), the bus depot, errands, SLB night, family stuff, Eric calling to make sure I didn't die on any escalators, and how they'd need a ride on Friday since Sam's still in Hong Kong / Eric and I are going to the beach with our small group. Later, I learned from my mother that Grandma REALLY wasn't happy at lunch on Sunday - I could definitely tell, even if she didn't make any comments upon returning home. Oh well, I'll spend some time with her today and NOT press her on the issue! Not surprised that Korey would want to pass on that, given her cultural bias and mindset - we both know it's racist to dislike your relatives dating outside their ethnicity, but not much we can do about her! (she'll be a most unhappy camper at the wedding, yikes)

Then Korey and I had a most interesting conversation - it was pretty sweet, in more ways than one. I got an email from Randal about the PNE being free for a few hours when it opened - that reminded me about our SLB night, so I emailed him about that. He's taking Thursday off, so he can be there anytime... he even offered me a ride, which I took. (later, Eric thought that he should report this to Korey - hahaha, he already KNOWS!)

HAHAHA. Nathan replied to the SLB email by using Alan's own words on him! As Galan says: "You snooze, you lose!" (Galan is this old nickname derived from gai lan - Chinese vegetables) So right! It's not OUR problem, hahaha.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Level 31 tile scramble / Can't spell my name without those letters!

In my current Bookworm game, I haven't needed to scramble the tiles till LEVEL 31. Whoa! Jeremy can't make it to SLB since he works till 6:15, and has band practice at 7. Too bad! He included some "it's too bad that v = dt" thing at the end, which I assume is a math geek joke. Crazy person....

Now that I feel a little less like dying, here's a quirky survey from Kaitlin via the Myspace bulletins. (I may need to revise my opinion on not needing any more rest since it just took me three tries to spell "bulletins" properly, and I just misread "8:12" as "8:32"... *weep* I also know I need to eat something else other than kimchi and a Bistro roll, but I probably shouldn't!) Think I may have done most of this before, but some of the answers have at least changed a bit! ;)

1. Spell your name without an E, R, S, H, K, I, M, L, A, N, Y, or T? What do you know... that is actually IMPOSSIBLE! Hahaha!
2. What is your status? TAKEN! Booyah! :D
3. What's your favorite number? 12.
4. What's your favorite color? Blue, purple, black.
5. What's your least favorite color? Grey.
6. What are you listening to? AFI, High School Football Hero
7. Are you happy with your life right now? In general, yes.
8. If you were to be any animal in the whole wide world, what would it be? A dragon! If we're not getting into mythological beasts, then maybe a lion. ROAR!
9. What is your favorite subject in school? Let's see what it was years ago... probably Band or English.
10. Are you usually outgoing? Depends who you are and what my mood is at any given moment.
11. Where do you wish you were right now? In K's arms. (yes, I know this is cheesy - shut up! :P)
12. What should you be doing right now? Sleeping, I suppose.


Can you blow a bubble?: With the bubble solution stuff... not with gum.
Can you wiggle your ears?: I don't think so.
Can you roll your tongue?: No.
Can you touch your tongue to your nose?: No.


Did you ever want to be a doctor?: No.
Did you ever want to be a firefighter?: No.


Do you like roller coasters?: Not really.
Do you own a bike: No.


Does your family have family picnics?: No... what kind of question is THAT?! o_O


How did you find out about Myspace?: A variety of people.


Last person you hugged?: Hugged Korey goodbye at the bus depot yesterday.
Last thing you said out loud?: "UGH! You have GOT to be kidding me!" (in reference to a particularly egregious horrorshow of bad grammar seen online)


What was the last restaurant you ate at? Denny's, for breakfast yesterday.
What was the last thing you bought? Potato salad and baking soda at Save-On.
What was the last thing you had to drink? Some Dasani raspberry-flavored water.


Who was the last person who texted you? N/A.
Who was the last person you held hands with? Korey. I know Eric had a field day teasing us about it, haha... I bet Chuck would have too, if he'd seen us! At least Andrea and Grace think we look cute together. (everyone say "aww...") What can I say... I like our contrasting skin tones! (genesis of current less-wordy MSN name ["Flami: liking skin tone contrast since 2007"], in fact!)
Who last talked to you on the phone? Eric, making sure I didn't die on any escalators when making my way home from the bus depot.
Who was the last person to leave you a comment? Myspace: Jeremy S. LJ: Jasmine. GJ: Shannon S.
What shirt are you wearing? The "POISON!" one which made Jeremy think of Snakes on a Plane.
What pants are you wearing? The red fuzzy ones.
Have any tattoos?: Nope.

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Eating? What's that?

Wow. What with one thing and the next, I don't think I've eaten a meal or indeed anything much since yesterday's breakfast at Denny's! Maybe I should make myself some lunch soon... or try to finish off Dallas' KIMCHI! That'll be some good stuff! :D

Nathan also just emailed us an Shanghai Wonderful SLB confirmation list: he, Eric, Jon, Christon, Erin, Eunice, Eddie, Jeremy, and I are all in for 6:30 Thursday night! He himself is coming from Langley, so isn't sure whether he'll be on time - hopefully, one of us (the Richmond Crew?) will be on time to grab the table! Good to know before he makes reservations on Wednesday, for sure. He included Steph on the list, but she's not going because Mom invited Vivian (who got back last Monday-ish) to dinner. People who "can't make it" sold us out, and some people have lousy excuses such as being in another province - as Nate says: that's what PLANES are for, people! Maybe K can make it next time - like in December or something! Alan thinks we should do it next week instead because he thinks it would work better for everyone... knowing Alan, he probably just means himself! :P Meanwhile, Danielle wants to know if August 12 is no longer on the table... silly girl!

P.S. I *really* hope that stress illness is not returning. That would be BAD with SLB and a beach outing later in the week!

Which wild animal are you?

You're a horse

Well done! You are a a horse. You would just eat some grass, and then maybe have a bath - your choice!

Personality Test Results

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White diamond / Tag-team teasing

I got a white diamond in Bookworm earlier by using two blue sapphires on the word VIVA (first two letters), and then I used it on the A in the word AIM. Also, Deborah informs me that May 21 is Defenestration Day. :D

Eric called me earlier tonight before Committee meeting / while I was napping to ask whether I'd got home okay without having to go on any escalators, then asked whether I'd talked to Korey yet. I'd avoided escalators (YAY!), but hadn't talked to Korey - he'd called while I was still out running errands. Thank goodness for his loving concern! Of course we'll talk later - probably before SLB night on Thursday to arrange rides and such for that and Friday. Here's to more direction-giving, haha.

Andrea and Chuck called me from a drive home to tag-team tease me about Korey. It was Chuck's turn to play the innocent, this time about what happened this weekend: Andrea said that he was being goofy, which I knew. Talked about Facebook, the picture she took on Sunday (she'll give it to me), our looking SO CUTE together, what Korey and I did this weekend, banquet pictures from Phil and Grace's wedding, Jon's "ring joke" on Sunday, talking on the phone and MSN a lot, and my general happiness in the relationship. It was an interesting conversation, and I'm glad they thought about me!

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Monday, August 13, 2007

Caffeine makes me awake enough to say goodbye over a few hours!

Eric and Korey picked me up shortly after 9, and teased me about slamming the door / not being used to getting up at that hour. In the last few weeks, it's gotten a bit easier to be up before noon, haha. We decided to just go to Denny's on Marine Drive - so much for Jon's breakfast option list of last night over MSN / the phone, haha. As we got out of the car when Eric dropped us off, I confirmed that Eric would be at SLB night on Thursday as he teased us about stuff. At least I'll have a ride, maybe?

Talked about last night, the lunch, thoughts, dessert, coffee, creamers, Sunrise Service, my eating more than he did (we TOLD you that we were eating machines!), French toast / pancakes / hash browns, Grace being happy for us, nice people he'd met this weekend, Janette and Andrea rapping, the Vitamin C song GRADUATION, Vanessa's song for Cindy, jalapeno spice in the morning, hot and sour soup, taking a cab from there to the bus depot (across the street from the Main Street / Science World Skytrain station - don't go to the Sinclair Centre at Waterfront, but go the other way!), and MSN. Interesting conversation, for sure!

Took a cab to the bus depot, where I hung out with him until his bus left at 1:45. Ran a few errands for him while we talked about stuff, which resulted in confusion over money and batteries (double or triple A?) for the mix CD in the Discman... let's just say that running back and forth seven times from where we sat to the gift shop makes me look like an idiot! (got myself some raspberry-flavored water, and somehow didn't mind the mingling of our cash in my pocket, haha!) I don't know much about batteries, that is for sure! (headphones and such are awkward for me, but at least escalators won't be an issue in this relationship...) He thought I was sleeping - not really, with the noises of the depot around me! Checked the time on his phone a bit, looked at the pictures on his phone, and went to the cappuccino bar at around 1 since it was closer to the buses.

Had mango-banana and strawberry-banana smoothies with some banana bread while talking some more. He wanted me not to be sad since we'd be seeing each other in a little over a month: I know, but I'm still a bit sad at his leaving! Talked about communication, sweet stuff, Jon and Harmony, being quiet at lunch, cool people / accents (Scottish ones are thick!), birthday dinners, his ticket being in a female name, school, only here for one day and a bit next time, and some other stuff. It was worth spending the extra time with him, for sure!

Got confused as to direction inside the Waterfront Skytrain station - not Canada Place! (gee, I *wonder* why it doesn't look like what I'm used to?!) After a bit, I found familiar ground and went to buy potato salad / baking soda at Save-On in Richmond... also priced Bailey's with mint (so popular, yet almost $28 - not in my budget right now with SLB coming up!) at the liquor store! New bus stops were a bit confusing, but not by much. Got home to find an email from Cindy, and a phone call from Korey - I told him I wouldn't be home within an hour, haha. Oh well, I should call him back before I do some laundry! Somehow, I'm missing a toothpaste tube - I also found a dime in my bathroom sink. Not sure how those things happened... o_O

Matt's away message really resonates for some reason, containing the lyrics to the Mr. Big song Just Take My Heart When You Go. Yikes!

It's late at night, and neither one of us is sleeping
I can't imagine living my life after you're gone
Wondering why so many questions have no answers
I keep on searching for the reason why we went wrong

Where is our yesterday?
You and I could use it right now
But if this is goodbye

Just take my heart when you go
I don't have the need for it anymore
I'll always love you, but you're too hard to hold
Just take my heart when you go

Here we are about to take the final step now
I just can't fool myself, I know there's no turning back
Face to face, it's been endless conversation
But when the love is gone, you're left with nothing but talk

I'd give my everything
If only I could turn you around
But if this is goodbye

Just take my heart when you go
I don't have the need for it anymore
I'll always love you, but you're too hard to hold
Just take my heart when you go

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Don't ask how we get lost to / from the washrooms...

After my last entry, it was K's turn to take a nap on Eric's bed while I half-watched Eric play STARCRAFT demonstrations. I didn't mind that K held my hand as he rested. Eventually, we all used the washroom to change into grad banquet wear: much was made of my dragon bling necklace. Good thing I was able to just slip it over my head and not have to ask for help with it, but I would have if need be! Watched a bit of MEAN GIRLS, then Eric looked up the dinner location before we got going. I found it amusing when Eric asked if I were allergic to cats when we got to the house; I've been over a lot through the years, and this is the first time I get asked this question? Haha. My siblings are, though!

Grad banquet was fun as usual: we saw Joe, whom I got to cut my chicken for me. K said he could have done it, so I'll keep that in mind for future reference. Better than my potential splattering of food all over Cindy, heh. K seemed to get along with Janette's parents, even if he wanted to sit by Nathan (who'd slept in this morning) and Eric in the cramped corner. He wouldn't have been able to get in or out as easily, and we got a much better view of the roasts and such! Discussed his plans, the cold weather in winter, Christmas, his birthday, aloofness of people back east, his bad work shift, lack of sleep, etc. Talked to Erin about missing my birthday, two-year-old birthday cards found while cleaning up, and how we used to lock Steph out of my room on Rosehill Drive. Seeing Jon as Emily in Mike's skit of how they met was amusing, as was Joey and Darren's song for Ivan and Chris. Got Grace to take a picture of us: she congratulated me and said she was happy for me.... then she asked if we had Facebook; he does, and I don't! Then K had an idea to take a picture with me and my sibs - Steph rolled with it, and told us to take a "third wheel" picture. Eric looked hilarious enough doing an impression of someone who was frustrated with being the third wheel, haha. ("head in hands" pose!)

Turns out Auntie Esther and I both have a bad sense of direction: I got lost on the way TO the washrooms, and we both got disoriented on our way back. K thought something was wrong when I briefly put my head on his shoulder: nope, I just wanted that contact! :P Besides, it's something I won't be able to do in a bit, so might as well do so now! Steph brought a pop-top bracelet for K, who asked me to help tie the blue strings... I know I'm hopeless at that, so got Erin to help him instead! Mingled a little; could have done more if I didn't want to make sure K was happy. Eric came by later and noted that Korey was on the wrong side to hold hands - yeah, I've noticed that myself with our opposite hands, but not much we can do!

Went home afterwards, and Korey asked if I'd talked to my parents yet about what they thought of the lunch. No, but I called the house and ended up talking to my brother about breakfast arrangements for tomorrow, Korey, and MSN. Jon gave us a few options like the Rhizome Café, De Dutch, some place on Broadway / Main, etc. He doesn't think he'll go since he has a lot of work to do AND he wants to save money since he just committed to lunch and possibly dinner out as well. Sounds good to me! We'll miss each other more this time round, for sure. Jon told me that Korey appeared to have gone offline (which was true when I checked the window), and said to say goodnight for him - he'll see him around next time for my birthday, definitely! Korey just called to tell me to get up at around 8:30, and they'll pick me up later on. That should be fine, as long as I don't get lost on the way home... whenever THAT is, since his bus leaves at 1:45 from the Greyhound bus depot. Apparently, this depot is across the street from some Skytrain station, so I'll see where it is tomorrow. (if that's the case, it'll be easier to transit from home to there if I ever go to Kamloops!)

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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Apparently, he looks hip and we look cute together!

Eric and Korey picked me up late, but that was okay since I used the time to read about Jack the Ripper. Apparently, Eric thinks I was plotting his demise, but that isn't true even if I gave him a death threat for referring to me as a cougar on the phone! Talked about last night, sushi, plans for lunch, being late for service since we couldn't make it in 10 minutes, grad banquet and dressing up, etc. Got to church service late as predicted, and held Korey's hand through most of it... he didn't seem to mind when I moved our hands from the pew to my leg since the hard surface was killing my fingers! It gets interesting when I'm standing as directed and he's still sitting down, but we managed - I'd have stayed seated, but I like being able to see the words to our worship songs on the Powerpoint slides. :P Talked to Andrea, who smiled at us - Grace later said that we look cute together, which is cool. Said hi to Randal before going out to the parking lot to chat with the usual bunch of people. Andrea took a picture of us, we met Karen's friend Polly and her kids (who are Karen's godchildren), talked to my sibs about lunch, told Chris that he looked darker than usual, discussed work with Jeremy (we both went for sushi last night!), interacted with little Hannah and Joshua (he had a collection of rocks!), and introduced Korey to Uncle Peter / Mike. Went to the toddler Sunday School class earlier than usual, where Korey seemed to get along well with Auntie Tracy - Rachel's grandma seemed happy when I introduced her, and Rachel loved her cute beaded necklace! Talked about God, pharmacy, school, Kamloops, family, translation, soya sauce chicken, Vania, support, good friends, Eric, and more. It was interesting, for sure!

After Sunday School, I decamped to use the washroom. During that time, Korey was apparently "cornered" by a couple of people, including Auntie Susan - she's really nice, so no worries there. Made him meet Andrew after I admired Natalie's seashells, and talked about VBS for a bit before he left. (Facebook and Youtube!) Went outside to talk to people there - talked to Vivian and a bunch of other people we'll see tonight at the grad banquet. Wished Jeremy luck with his jazz gig tonight, discussed roastings and time constraints with talks, and then left in two cars for lunch. It proved to be interesting: Eric said that Chris thought Korey looked hip, he got introduced to a bunch of family in-jokes, got to see Eric's clumsiness in action, discussed hanging out later at Eric's, Jon not being impressed that K called me "babe" (whatever), noodles, water, tea, forks, chopstick technique, sushi, bubble tea, church, Sabbath work jokes, etc. It wasn't too bad - we saw Eva and Ruth Chen, whose brother Sam is married now!

Went to Eric's house with the guys after lunch, where we dissected the meal. Eric told me not to turn into a witch in his house after I laughed really hard at a GARFIELD comic about Jon going out to the kiddy pool in cold wet swim trunks / the neighbors wanting to call the cops. Watched TLC and All Saints on Youtube before taking a short nap on Eric's bed. Looked up transit and Greyhound stuff while Eric was using his laptop in the living room - K and I talked about a bunch of stuff, too. I used the computer after K did while he and Eric were playing STREET FIGHTER, and used the IE window for Children of Bodom / X-Ray Spex videos: the former got branded as "babe, you listen to devil worship music!" Haha, you KNOW it! In fact, that's where I'm blogging from now! It was nice holding hands with K, and I'll miss that when he leaves!

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Who CARES if I'm dating outside of my race?! We don't!

Eric and Korey picked me up, and announced we were going to Richmond Sushi - fine by me, since I don't have a secret love affair with Sui Sha Ya in Lansdowne! Discussed the quality of the food, bad people who think Korey doesn't really have a girlfriend, supposed "dirty looks" we were getting from strangers since I was obviously dating a non-Chinese person, kimchi and sashimi being Korey's "favorite" items (meaning NOT), teasing about secret girlfriends / boyfriends, tomorrow's plans (PICK ME UP and we can HANG OUT after lunch!), jokes about tapes and parental grilling, looking at the person who asks you questions, what my dad looks like, repeated gags in PINKY AND THE BRAIN, and Steph's joking about Eric as the third wheel becoming reality. Korey doesn't know how Eric and I can stand some stuff he absolutely hates, but that's what makes people different! He ate a lot of tempura, which is something I can only take so much of - but I did have SOME. There are different degrees of being the third wheel - tonight's events were fine, but sitting somewhere as two people are making out is NOT the best thing ever! Interesting discussion, especially when Eric decided to render the time in Spanish... Korey decided to count in Japanese just for us, haha.

Then we went to Rose Garden Café a bit early, where Eric and I found that it had changed since December 2004. Chinese Eric arrived a bit later, and we all set in to discussing Kamloops / hockey / God's mysterious ways in bringing people together / Fay in Edmonton till the 25th taking care of an 85-year-old. We also talked about the grad banquet, shady Pho, movies (SIMPSONS / RUSH HOUR 3), dessert, Nathan / Jon / Isabel. I suspected that Korey was trying to feed me dessert, which I later confirmed with him - it was FINE since it wasn't a big glob of stuff! We were so tired that white Eric was trying to prop his head up using his bubble tea straw - that HAD to be a good photo opportunity. He should bring his digicam tomorrow, and remember Jon's pan flutes! Good thing he defended my lack of directional sense: I don't drive and don't pay attention much! When I got home, Korey called to see what I was doing.. not much, but we get to hang out more tomorrow! Corey thinks all we get up to is buttsex (NO), and thinks that my obsessive nature will help him get extra points in GUITAR HERO... I wish? Haha. Dan congratulated me on a little thing, and Eric M. thought that it was hard for me to eat one-handed. Well, good for Korey if he's left-handed since I'm not... but I can manage if I don't need both hands for something! (passing plates, drinking from full cups, etc.) It'll be interesting times tomorrow, definitely. Corey signed off by telling us crazy kids to behave ourselves... don't worry, we have and will in future! :P

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